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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EST

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consider this, did the a & e act out of conviction or cawardes, when it put it's biggest star on the shelf. more hours at work than anyone else in the world, add into that vacation days left unused and an inability to put down a smart phone and email an email. are americas working too hard. and target tarted a data breach puts 40 million credit and debit cards at risk, why can't major corporations stop hackers from getting air information. did the a & e network show courage of cawardes. 67-year-old phil robertson, the patriarch of the duck dynasty clan isn't known for being politically correct. >> my idea is happiness is killing things.
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>> women are like lab bra core retrievers they all have quirks, you stay married to 145 years you learn to go with the quirks. >> and the a & e network learned to go with the robinson family after it became a ratings phenomenon. averaging 14 million viewers a show. a self-described bible thumping christian, he paraphrased the bible when he said the following. start with homosexual behavior and morph out with with that. beast quality, sleeping around with this woman, that woman, the male prostitutes the homo sexual offenders, the greedy, the drunk cards the slanders, the swiped hers, they won't inherit the kingdom of god, he also insisted that the black people he grew up were happy, and didn't resent whites. here is part of what he
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said. i never with my eyes saw the mistreatment of any black person. preentitlement, prewelfare, you say were they happy, they were godly. they were happy. no one was singing the blues. the human rights campaign, the ncaap, and glad all abouted to those comments. but robertson has his defenders clinoiding former alaska governor sarah palin, texas senator ted cruz, and louisiana governor bobby ginnedle. the governor has some harsh words for a. & e. to highlight miley cyrus over the holiday. >> i think there's hypocrisy on the left when the left is tolerant of every viewpoint except those that disagree with them. so here you have a network saying we will allow miley cyrus to be on this special, and they are trying to silence phil for spiking up and saying his mind? >> does he have a point. for more on skype, he is
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a senior editor with the american conservative magazine, with me from cleveland ohio. and political science professor at hiram college. jason,ly start with you, did a & e do the right thing when they put him on this indefinite hiatus. >> well, they did the right thing for money, but not politically or morally. stereotype, it is not something we made up. i the only imagine the things they say on the cutting room floor, if you are trying to get people that represent this older way of thinking you should have just kept them on the air, and say we ripry minded him, and kept him on. no one believes it is about conviction, it is about cash, they think they offend add couple of people, i think it is ridiculous. >> do you agree? was this an act of
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courage or a case of corporate cawardes? >> cawardes. they knew -- i think what phil robertson was said was having vulgar and stupid and offensive, but he is a 67-year-old self-described red nick, fund mend callist christian, you knew what you had here. >> they had a choice, when you are run a corporation like this, this is hate speech. some of the things he said not only about african-americans is outrageous. they didn't do their due diligence, they were made sometime back, they should have known this, but i am very surprised at the republican politician whose are coming up comparing this to miley cyrus. >> let's goat to that in a moment. the point about villages by christian made these
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comments before, and we found something online that he said a while ago. talking about guy people while delivering a sermon in 2010. >> they committed indecent acts with one another, and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions. they are full of murder, envy, strife, and hatred. they are insulate, arrogant, god haters. >> that's extreme as anything he said to g.q. are any of us shocked that he made these excepts? no. >> go ahead. >> no, they can't. this is what you are buying. when we get jersey shore, we expect a bunch of sexist behavior, when you watch family guy, you
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watch a bunch of suburban humor from kids. this is what you are purchasing. i do not think it is honest or sincere to fire this guy, or to suspend him. if they want to do it because of a good p.r. move, i don't think it is hate speech, i think it is just ignorant. >> his comments are simply rooted in the bible, he said thursday in a statement this is a quote, my mission today is to go forth and tell people about why i follow christ, and also what the bible teaches. and part of that teaches is that women and men are meant to be together, however i would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me.
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what he believes is the same thing that pope francis believes although said in a much more angry and vulgar way, it is basically what pope francis believes that the catholic church and orthodox christianity teaches. the hope is that -- i think there's a real double standard going on here, a robinson from rural south louisiana. >> does he have a point? he bunches it all together. i thought we had reach add point in society, that he is very crude in his comments about the female vagina, and a male's anus, etc., and
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that how can a man not want one as opposed to the other, we have come a long way in these conversations and giving a platform as if this is an opinion that's an accepted opinion. i think is wrong. this is clearly hateful towards people that live a lifestyle he doesn't agree with. >> jbs 25 years ago -- i guess it was cbs, jimmy the greek after he made some racist comments on espn dropped rush limbaugh in 2003. no i think it is difference, and those examples make it clear, those are news organizations. even if it is sports news, and they have an obligation to say look, there are people who come
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here that need to be interviewed and therefore the attitude you are express willing going to have a negative impact on people who have to work here. duck dynasty is about people who think this way. no one who watches this show is remotely surprise he has this belief system, so the surrenderly say i can't believe he is a big got and a racist, we have to hide him so you can bring him back, it is completely disingenius. be honest. when dog the boundty hunter was caught by a racist was anyone shocked by that? no. an entirement programming believing he doesn't have believed they hired him for. >> that goes to the point that you think that everybody lives in the back words of louisiana is a racist. >> no, i am not saying that, i am saying they hired him because of the believe that he and his family have. >>
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it is dishonest to sa say -- it is completely different from being a journalist. >> the center are religious liberty and free speech. according to the senator, phil expressed his personal views and his own religious faith. if that he was suspended from his job. in a free society, anybody is free to disagree with him, be tough main street media should not behave as the thought police. former governor alaska governor sarah palin agreed chiming in with this, saying free speech is an endangered species. those intolerance taking on the duck dynasty for voicing his personal opinion, are taking on all of us. rod, your reaction to that? >> i think the mix up with sarah palin -- i think she make as good point in this way.
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phil robertson he stood up for orthodox christian beliefs, it is no big deal for him. because he is wealthy, but what about all the people who may make one mistake in the office place, or say something that expresses their faith that doesn't fit -- they are going to lose their job. and with nothing for them to fall back on, i think there needs to be a lot of push back, not to depend what phil said, but to be less intolerant and besides he doesn't do this on the show, my kids can watch his show, they love his show, if he did that on the show, i would feel a lot different about it. >> isn't she being hypocritical? she and many of her allies were screaming bloody murder when martin bashir made some very awful comments about her. >> and he should have been fired.
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what he said, the way he literally attacked homo sexuals as though they are leading a evil lifestyle. to come and support that type of speech is outrageous. >> there's a huge online backlash. when whilely cyrus does he is twerking and very sexualized routine in august, again, that was something that had been rehearsed. mtv knew exactly what she was going to do, still a lot of people were offended, so should someone there have been fired? or is that a different case? because unlike robertson, her kind of outrage again, it sells songs and draws viewers? is. >> right, no, it is completely different. first off if you are
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watching mtv music awards you are expectable to be offended. the second thing is, i care nothing for what sarah palin and ted cruz want to say because it is completely disingenius, these are free market capitalists and the decision that a. & e. made was a free decision. their decision is this will offend our audience, this will effect advertisers therefore we get rid of them. they would love to claim this is a liberal backlash, but it isn't. they are embarrassed that their own side has resulted in this man being shut up. people are saying this could turn into something similar to chick-fil-a. big backlash on social media, there's a bag phil facebook page, that says it has 100,000 fans that have signed a petition.
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will the back lack effect this? >> i think that phil will leave the whole show. >> look, chick-fil-a is threing, it has moved on. in a week from now we won't be talking about this. >> jason you agree? >> ask paula dean, ask dog the boundty hunter, this duck may be cooked. they may be in trouble. >>
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what's trends? is. >> advocates say the death penalty could become a thing of the past, i will tell you more coming up. and what do you think? join the conversation on twitter at a.j. consider this, and on our facebook and gobble plus pages. >> start with one issue ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america
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hearing this i'm sure from patients. does big pharma impact the doctors in their decision to not offer alternatives to the pill here? >> i think that there is evidence that if you have interactions with pharmaceutical companies, it does impact -- and there's actually pretty good studies based -- that have looked at physician prescribing patterns and interactions with big pharma. i think one of the luxuries i have is i'm in academic medicine, and we have a policy that we don't interact with pharmaceutical companies. so i hope that gives me a better perspective. and i think a lot of these doctors aren't having these conversations with their patients because i have countless patients who come to
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me and said they have never heard of iud's. so i think there is some impact of that. we know there's an impact of that. and it makes it challenging, you know, to -- to have a completely unbiased view even though we as doctors like to think we have an unbiased view, there has been evidence that shows that they do impact us in some ways. so i think it's important for us to go out and educate our providers too. there is no one size fits all birth control, and there are a lot of options that work for women. >> we want to take a closer look, are there unique challenges facing women in minority communities when
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largest breech incond history, how does this happen? >> yeah, this is a big deal. the the way it looks that criminals maybe got access to a server that is responsible for processing all the credit card transactions within the retailer. so the bad guys basically got access to the mainframe, the main server that it seems all that data all year long.
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tart department figure this out itself. they were alerted by others that there was a breech. so i am not on the up side, so i don't know what systems they have in place, to scan into alert them. scans for flaws or mall ware on a minute by minute basis, at least daily, and -- and it looks like that did not discover what had occurred. >> what do these guys that get this information, these hacker dozen? will they basically get credit cards and turn them into their own, and charge things on our accounts. >> that would be the base
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case scenario for them. they would clone the charges and make cash withdrawals in some cases place orders online, and so forth to get products and services and turn that stuff into cash. they will also broker this data, which mines they will sell blocks of 10,000 or more credit card numbers to others push the fact is, with 40 million credit carts they are probably not going to get to all of them before the credit card companies cancel those cards and reissue new ones. >> tongue they will do that? is given i'm one of those 40 million that shopped at target in that period of time, what does this mean for consumers? will we all see notices? >> yeah, i am one of those consumers and so is my wife, my wife said what should i do, i said go to target, just pay attention to your credit card statement. and more than likely, we will get mushroom credit
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cards like you. and because -- if they notice 40 million, then chances are they know there's 40 million numbers they know what they are, and they will turn around and they will contact all of the issues banks and say hey, you were part of our breech, and then those credit card companies will reach out the the consumers, you and i, and issue us new cards with a letter saying we think it was involved in a breech, and you will get that anywhere from the next three weeks or more. >> i don't think they will just cancel all of those cards. i i do think it will time to flesh out. what card numbers were breeched so over the next three weeks to threen't mos or six months that's when most people get the notifications.
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otherwise you check your statements. i check my statements online weekly, i do that all year long, some people check them monthly, via their paper statements and i also check my statements via a mobile application, so american express, the city bank, and others they all offer you a mobile application. [so are retailers in general doing enough to protect their customers in. >> so retailers themselves fall under the payment card standards. means they have rules and regulars, set by governing bodies that require them to have minimum standards of security. and the majority of the big retailers, far exceed the minimums and go way
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beyond that. it is the smaller moms and pops that may not have the resources that don't meet up to the minimums. an organization like target, they are doing everything they should, i'm guessing they are, to protect our information. >> but they obviously got it from them. we have sort very sophisticated people out there, are they going to keep finding ways around it? >> that is their job to do so. so keep in mind, we say there's no such thing as a 100% security. that security is a journey, it is not a destination. you never fully arrive there. but you strive for that. is the security professional's job is to minimize the risk, and our job is to minimize our risks. >> how much can they
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minimize those risks in. >> this is the first breech in so many years. we haven't seen this in quite some time. >> and straight ahead, are kids with better test scores smarter than others in the surprising new study that raises some major questions. and later saving mr. banks is getting major award consideration, but is it president obama reducing frail of walt disney accurate. we will be right back.
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was -- prince william was dating kate middleton. >> ross shimabuku is here with sport. >> dennis rodman is in north korea to train basketball players for an upcoming player. he wants everyone to know he's not a joke. this is the same guy who dressed up in a wedding gown and will rite a book with his bff, kim jong un. the 52-year-old rodman, who never shies away from the spotlight arrived in north korea >> al jazeera america is a
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who was the real walt disney? the new film looks at the man behind the legend, as he adapted the book into a film with it's author. it's a rare film
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portrayal of disney, take a look. >> . >> how accurate is the film made by disney's film studio? let's ask bill wyman who joins us from phoenix, he is a former mpr arts editor, bill, good to see you, the film portrays symptom of the rougher edges, they show him smoking. entertainment weekly and variety both call the film square, but it has gotten some pretty good reviews. >> it is a very very enjoyable piece of outrageous corporate propaganda, so basically have to take it on that
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terms. and disney was two things, he was a visionary. he seemed to tap into something deeply american, he works so hard, he bet the farm time after time that he would do this, he put his money where his mouth was. at the same time, this is a disney movie, and i think that both -- for example, it does show him smoking but it doesn't mention that he died of lung cancer, but i think they are a little pretty soft around the edges. it is a little bit outrageous, that they make a movie that excuses that kind of procedure, when that's the way the movies have always done
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it. >> something his late daughter dianne tried to fight. she said he was becoming a corporate mascot, and she opened a museum to show his human side. how much has disney gone too far in trying to make its founder more of a myth than a man? >> that's a really interesting question. disney is a borg. it is a shark. it is very focused on cross synthesis, and cross poll lynn nation, and that's why you see so much promotion. tremendous been dedicated to family entertainment. so i wasn't that much offended by the portrayal, because it is enjoyable, and also it is disney movie.
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they are not going to explore the darker side there have large been charges that he is anti-similar metic, that portrayed the wolf as a jewish peddler, also been accused of racism because of some imnagery in the song of the south. is some of it a question of applying modern day standards to a guy who lived in a different time those were produced back in the 30's and 40's. >> i think it is fair to say, and i'm not one for whitewashing anyone's background, i have to say, of all the great movie moguls. all of these guys that grew up with power in these -- each of their own magical kingdom, walt disney is by all accounts one of the more ben nine. the worst thing that happened to disney -- not the worst thing, one bad thing is there was a terrible
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strike, this blew apart his pray term aspect, and he became very antiunion. he had a couple of weird associations but i think by any statements carefully standards he was one of the nicer, more visionary way of any of those great moguls of that era. >> in real life, she was difficult, she had big differences over the direction of the film, let's that ache loop p responsetible is not a word. >> we made it up. >> well unmake it up. they hide is
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super -- they would hate this new word, and it does show conflict between real conflict that exists between them. >> well, she was a very very complicated woman, and i think in a way the movie almost does her a little more disservice than disney. because they demonize her a little bit, the screening i saw -- she was very complicated. she grew up in australia, lost her father at an early age, and that informed the mary pop pins books. she was a poet. she worked for the british government, she spent summer and other indians in america, she did all these extraordinary things she was very very complicated woman, she had relationships with men and women, and she adopted a single child. but that single child had a twin, and she was
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supposed to adopt the twin to too, and decided she wouldn't adopt him, and that led to problems with both kids. >> exactly. >> she actually hated mary pop pins. and she refused to give disney rights to make sequels. we have to remember an artist has the right to make -- -- i hate this presumption that she of course she had to let him make a movie, in the movie, it is portrayed she was unfinancial pressure do go along with it. but it is a deal you make with the devil. >> and the deal with the devil, i tried to read mary pop pins to my kids and i was surprised at how much different and dark terrorist books are. than the movie.
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