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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 21, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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go ahead according to police source he several top ranking policing forces were part of the is conditions attacked in anbar
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province. egypt's, mohamed morsi and more than 100 others are being accused being complicit to the attack that led to their escape. this is third set of charges brought about against morsi sidges his, anticoup protests across the country. the violence intensified in cairo against friday's protests, l shells were released against the protestors. also fired against a strategic location in aleppo. up to 81 government soldiers were killed. the u.s. ship which will play a major part of destroying syria's chemical weapons is,
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early in the new year. >> while the voyages continues so foo does the international effort to bring an end to the two and a half year conflict. russian diplomats disagree on whether iran should be involved in the involved in the be geneva conference. our james bay has the story. >> key issues still to resolve. >> for the 22nd of january. >> no answer. after spending hours in intense negotiations led by special representative lachtar b-rahimi, the answer was yes, the talks will take place on january 22nd. but there was one stick point.
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>> we haven't agreed yet, that it is no secret that we in the unts welcome thunited nations we participation of iran, but our partners are still not convinced. >> i don't remember brahimi said he was dismayed that violence is still intensifying, and he is well aware that many of those fighting against the assad regime is opposed to the whole idea of negotiations. >> not going to represent the vast majority of the vast number of people fighting on the ground against the assad regime. >> there's no way the people who have come to begin with, will be
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fully representative of. we know that. but this is a process. we -- with i hope that it will be as representative as possible. >> it's clear the unresolved issues were not sorted at this meeting. will iran be allowed to go to the talks? who will be in the two syrian negotiations. there are still a lot of work to do before the january 22nd negotiations. james bays, al jazeera. >> we look at religion an the law in tajikistan. we'll have the latest from the club world club, coming up later.
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>> president obama say he may make changes to nsa programs a bulk collection of phone records. he was considering stripping the nsa's ability to trip data. >> we need this intelligent. we can't unilaterally disarm. gives people greater insurance that their -- assurance, could be redesigned in ways that give you the same information when you need it, without creating these potentials for abuse. and that's exactly what we should be doing is to evaluate all these things in a very clear, specific way, and moving forward on changes. >> a dane irk organization has been expelled from bolivia, accused of meddling. accused of taking sides in one
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of bolivia's largest indigenous operations. also expelled for trying to undermine the rule of eva morales. 21 years since pan am flight 103 blew up over lockerbe. jailed for life for the attack but released from jail on compassionate grounds in 2009. in libya, for the first time russian orthodox priests are planned to take part, aliasha,
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what's happening behind you? >> it was a rather peaceful couple of days here in ukraine and actually nobody expected that today things could pick up but apparently they did. according to various reports everyone expected pro-government protestors to try to remove one of the barricades, i went to the politicians of that bear caitd which is approximately 3 or 400 meters this way. a medieval scene, one side of the barricade i've seen around 200 men wear crash hellments, many of them wearing military hellments, preparing them for progovernment attack. there were also 50 generalists
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presently. apparently nobody married from the pro-government side. the tension is still running high, it is so present at the euro-meiden square. russian orthodox church is apparently taking side. many it has already started. a protest and they call it very strange name for that protest. antieuro march. protestors, by are antigovernment fro testers will march close to this judiciary.
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what will happen after but yes for the first time, russian orthodox church decided to take sides. ukrainian orthodox church aligning with the protestors a number of months ago. given ukrainian patriarch was clearly giving them support. sue. >> thank you, l aliosho. journalists in germany are hoping to hear from russia's most famous protestor. after ten years in jail for tax evasion, he was par don't by vladimir putin on friday.
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>> 24 hours ago he was a have prisoner the in a russian penal colony. the pardon of president vladimir peurnt was signed in the morni morning. he was released after receiving the last ten years. >> i would like to thank everyone who has been folg ugos case all these years for the support you provided me, my family and all those unjustly convicted and continue to be persecuted. his imprisonment became a imol or the what critics say is the kremlin's abuse of the judiciary for uncommon ends. named as prisoner of conscience
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by amnesty international. 50-year-old hortokovsky, his company ugost was broken up and sold off, after his arrest on fraud and tax evasion charges. his arrest seen by russian commentators. >> he suddenly attracts the whole world to himself as a russian president who can pardon. >> he announced, including the punk group pussy riot and are
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over russia's human rights record. at a time when his country will be under microscopic examination from thousands of journalists and tv crews as they arrive for the sochi olympics in three weeks' time. >> abortions, change in law still needs to be approved by parliament. the are abortions will be allowed in event of serious disformat or risk to mother.
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continuing to make its way further eastward. we are pulling away to warm eastward, some very cold air coming right out of canada. l should be around minus 9° celsius. , look at the contrast, 19 celsius, massive contrast which could well lead to some severe storms and tornadoes. easing across into arkansas and tennessee. big area of snow on the back edge of this system. violent storms and tornadoes are going omake their way into saturday and southern, that wet weather setting in right in the
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appalachian mountains. extending across the great lakes all the way towards the canadian maritime. as we go through monday, that winter weather starts to push its way through, real possibility of some flooding coming in here over the next couple of days. hopefully sue it should improve towards crirm christmas. 16 people have been detained, many have already been questioned, in the inquiry which posest the biggest i against the prime minister's rule. victory against evil. now is pouring water in a south korean restaurant a full time
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job? what about the workers who burnish your nails? as it tries to cut the unemployment total the jobs market is changing as wayne hay reports. >> what type of water would you like with your meal? in south korean restaurants it soon may become common. a water smel sommelier. >> under a government plan to increase employment figures, some jobs that were considered part time like a water expert and server will now be legitimized. increasing the number of people
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in letting overnight, will encourage smaller industries to grow. >> by adding 100 jobs to the official list each year, the government hopes to increase the employment rate from 64% to 70 by 2017. the newcomers will be allowed their own training facilities such as one to teach man cures and pedicures or nail art as it's known in south korea. in at the moment there isn't a national license for nail artists here in korea. but now the government will recognize it as a proper job and they also heard there would be a national license for nail artists. >> it is hoped the new plan could reduce it even further through reducing potential markets. >> we have to experiment, that kind of new market creating, and new potential creating jobs and
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industry in other areas. >> if they do, those who specialize in pouring water in a restaurant may be given the respect they feel they've always deserved. wayne hay, al jazeera, seoul. >> it's been wonderful record for ducks. weighing more than a ton and 18 meters tall, the giant version of the bathtub toy was created by a dutch artist, before it waddles off on its next stage of the world tour many. still to come. an ancient architectural masterpiece in istanbul. protesting against bus fare rises in brazil, they want cash spent on customer services not
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on soccer. more coming up.
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>> you're watching the al jazeera news hour, the top stories. the united nations has evacuated its dead from south sudan and sent reenforcements there. 13 people were killed when 2,000 armed youths overrun a u.n. base on thursday. at least 37 people have been killed in battles diseamp.
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in central african republic. while returning to our top story, unrest in sudan. joining me is chief of staff to the spln secretary general. thank you very much for joining us here in the studio, a political row is the key now that they try and the bring these two together, sit down and talk, are we at that stage or are we even past that stage? >> you know i believe we are at that stage. our lives are at rick. vice president and former president, it's a political
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issue not an the ethnic people. i believe they are in two different island. president is in one island and former vice president is in another island. the key is to get them on abridge. these are people who have fought who knows exactly what is at risk and they could forget about all their differences, they're trying to save the country. >> who could help mediation that talk, that mediation, who couldablybury them to the table? rather than relying on those in the country? >> doesn't matter who brings them. the detainee needs to know who's call, react, how to call president silva but dial up needs to take place. there are people in camps people
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in hiding, if nothing the done, this could get out of hand. >> i know you could make the point, this was not ethnic rivalries. even up north there's a fear that some groups may even try and take over the oil fields up there. it has become ethnic outside of juba. >> it could lead to that, more to that but at the moment it's about politics, about discussion, about how to solve it and it's about trying to bring the two differences together. and i believe that there's people who are innocent who don't know anything about politics. they don't care. they don't know silva, they know about their lieives and how to take on their life and this is who we need to save at the moment. >> you sai they don't know anything about politics but how do you pull that back?
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>> it's through dialogue and through courage. we need to forget who's dinka, who's not, there's a report about a plaque state, a lot is at stake at the moment. >> you say a lot is at stake. if they don't get around the table, what could happen? >> a sferl war. south sudan doesn't only house amir or dinka. let's say juba for instance of what took place beginning on sunday and monday, there are people that are not amir not dinka. what has the country why do we have to go through this? i mean it's about president selva is the legitimate president now.
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vice president machar has been accused of the coup. i believe through -- if there is no dialogue we can take this in our own hands. i hope that mediation take place. i hope that ministers bring the two together and i hope that the two detained leaders can come out come to the table and try to get the country back in safe hands. >> chief of staff to the secretary general, thanks for joining us. kenya's delaying the case against the former president. after elections six years ago. the case appears to be falling poort. some victims are wondering if they will ever get justice. >> it is almost six years since nancy was raped but she still comes to the community center in the slums she lives in to move
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on. >> tell me i'm good, i'm not good. >> the mother of six says she's not happy that the case against president uhura kenyata appears to be falling apart. >> i don't want money, i want justice. i lost everything, everything. >> accused of orchestrating weeks of violence which followed the 2007 pel presidential elect. he was not president at the time. prosecutor asked for the case to be adjourned, she said one witness was no longer willing to testify while the other confessed to lying. >> having considered the evidence i have come to the conclusion that the case against mr. kenyata does not stand up
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for trial. >> adjourning the case against mr. kenyata will be seen as a blow for theicc. >> they argue that the cases against kenya's leaders would undermine efforts to combat armed groups who have stepped up claims against the country in the mamg traj the did i, vice president william rutu started earlier this year. it is not clear if thursday's decision would have an effect on his trial. >> would it involve prosecution because you have 90% good evidence, so even if i was bensud i would not be obliged to prosecute, i would be obliged to do just this.
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>> the prosecutor is not willing to withdraw charges against the president just yet. al jazeera, nairobi. >> have protestors in dge rio de janeiro, live coming. >> what you here behind me is people chanting and money should be spent not on the world cup but for education and health care. they're also saying that public transportation should be free. now, these protests really caught a lot of attention over the summer when they started in sao paulo and they had spread all throughout the country in
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rio and such cities. as we get closer to the world cup, these protestors have promised to keep up the fight. we will have to see how this develops in the coming weeks and months ahead. >> sex workers are celebrating in canada. political and religious leaders are criticizing the rule removing restrictions on prostitution. shiman ratanzi reports. >> restrictions on prurgs which is legal in canada are endangering the lives of sex workers, the unanimous decision, they are. they will need to take the security precautions needed for a safe working environment.
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>> this is the first time in canadian history that sex workers are truly persons, we are truly citizens of this country. and now, we can work in our legal occupation, in a legal manner. >> but the laws remain in place for now. the justices have given parliament a year to draft new laws to impose limits on what they called the community prostitution without endangering sex workers. nor dick model. >> to prevent us from being vulnerable to the procurers and the pimps and the brothel keepers. responsible for their exploitation and exportation of
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women's inequality. >> what that means that someone who is doing their business is trying to do so with someone who is boird the law. they are finding those clients are more likely to be dangerous. >> the chief justice admitted that sex workers will continue to be at risk in canada. shia brazanzi, al jazeera. >> comes as antigovernment protestors continue to protest in the capitol, ruining their protest that the prime minister should step down. tajikistan, reporting from
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the capitol, an attempt to clamp down on political opposition. there. >> tajikistan is a secular country, but religion plays a huge part in its government policy, which means bringing students back from unrecognized institutions abroad. >> asian institutions, they know they are, so thef go ant decide to control this procedure. >> a 25 years umbuja who was studying in classes in iran. all teaching programs here are approved by the ministry of education which says that it is necessary to avoid conflict between followers of different
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ideologies. >> if their parents don't comply and bring their children back they are fined and if they still don't act there are enforcement agencies for that. >> laws governing religion affect every member of society. women are banned from praying in mosks. and the parental responsibility act states that parents must prevent their children from taking place in religious activity until they are 18 years old. dozens of mosks and venues have been shut down across the country yet tajikistan is building a mosque that will be the center piece. when completed it will be able to hold up to 150,000 people. the government hopes it will draw people away from the more radical places of worship. but critics say it is just another way for the government to control how people practice
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their faith. aimed at stemming political opposition, the modern islamic renaissance party, they claim they were enable to take l part in certain durations. >> these laws in fact have the opposite effect. young men leave the country, may emigrate to russian, or join organizations banned by the government. >> tajikistan is the poorest of the normer soviet states. many tajiks here feel the government should be focused on improving their lives instead of undermining them. >> coming up, it's nine meters long and frustrating for 100
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years. find out what, shormt.
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>> welcome back. first, it was a cathedral, now a mosque, now a museum and a major tourist gathering. it's one of the wonders of antiquity. opened in 537 ad, the aya sophia remains a seed of beauty, when
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faati the ottoman sacked europe. until the new republic of turkey, in 1934, turned it into a museum and banned all overt worship both christian and muslim. >> that was enough for him to imagine it as belonging to none of those faiths. but to the entire world. to the citizens of istanbul and to the visitors. >> asatook wanted a modernizing secular state, free from the dictates of religion. but there are greg feeling that his views are no longer right for modern turkey.
5:48 am
calling for it to be opened as a last place of worship but own as a mosque. >> this has been in hands since 1443. it shouldn't be plit sized, just because aya sophia is not just for turkz. >> priessments prime minister says he's hopeful for a change in, decades of secular rule turkz discovered did not defend human rights enough but more human rights also means the freedom to be much more religious. there is no doubt about the symbolic significance for what's being proposed for aya sophia, that would make it one of the top five mosks in the world
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along with member ga and al aksa. does a museum achieve that? that's debate in turkey. anita mcnaught, al jazeera, turkey. >> now let's go with spots. >> thank you very much. welch club in a state of confusion. their leader has told the manager to resign or face being fired. mckay has had a series of disagreements. the manager was absent from the press conference where his assistant refused to discuss mckay's future. >> he's prepared. we're going through same training sessions that we do. players have been just as norm
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as nothing's imorch, anything different, that's all. >> also on saturday, manchester united face contaminate, manchester city traveled with fuulham. >> it's very important for this team to win away. we won the tour guess capital 1 also, the last two games we draw and we won. i hope we continue the same way. >> barcelona's star has launched an attack against the management. in charming of the catalan site's finances, world player of the year contract. in response, nessi says he doesn't know anything about
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football. goal keeper victor valdez has lt weighed in on the unrest surrounding the club. >> translator: there's a media mechanism now aimed at bringing a negative image of us that includes the whole team. not only those you call stars. we should start protecting each other, the way we did in the past years like when we were accused of doping after testing negative in thousands of tests. either we do that or have the feeling things will be bad. >> the final world cup takes place on saturday, aiming to be first pearch site to win the event. now face european giants. size of their task is hard to overstate. this squad cost more than 50 times more than that of their
5:52 am
opponents. >> we know how important is for the country, for morocco. tomorrow the country of this country's coming to the game. so that's are means how important is the game. but is good, is good to play football, good atmosphere, good supporters. >> king por has swept all four -- singapore has swept all table tennis games. jan jian of singapore beat in the men's event, 24 minutes to clinch the men's event. over to johannesburg, where it's lunch on day 4 on the first test, currently 358 for 6 in
5:53 am
their second innings and lead by 394 runs. in the nba, l.a. lakers have responded well after losing kobe bryant to injuries. minnesota lead 54-51 midway through. the lakers going ahead in the second half, 81-76, the shooting guard got 25 points overall, with l.a. winning 104-91. the top team in the indiana pacers, demolished the houston rockets, tailsman paul george did the damage. are grabbing four ry four rebou. locarlos beltran, has proven
5:54 am
he's cities useful with the bat, hitting 24 home runs and 84 rbis this season and appearing in the world series for the first time. >> it's a great honor for me to come back to the city, long time ago, my first game, i learn about the city and learn about everything. having the opportunity to come back again as a yankee really means a lot to me. i grew up being a yankee fan and william fan. in the nhl, the new york islanders, in the third period, helped to a 5-3 win. it's their first pressing victory in the last po while the rangers have lost six of their seven games. that's all the sport for now,
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sue back to you. >> thank you farrah. the crossword which has provided light amusement. >> these little bachelor boxes what do they mean? confusing us over coffee. the crossword has been causing headaches for exactl exactly 10. this was the first one, the writer didn't copyright it. which is a 15 across major fail. phil does his with a cup of tea every day. less problem-solving more problem-creating. he is a crossword creator. >> the end of the production should be the penny drop moment
5:56 am
is the absolute goal of any cryptic crossword crew, the moment you get it and say yes, that's brilliant. >> here is one clue that has had a fan flummoxed. wrongly disturbing a place in wales. have a think. the answer is coming in just a moment. here's a hint. it's a place and speaking of places, this place has its own unique relationship with the crossword. this is blechly park. some of britain's brains were working on the ultimate puzzle, cracking german codes. finding people appropriate for the task, the goal was to complete in under 12 minutes.
5:57 am
>> cross word people were quite good at filling in the gaps. recognizing that five of these letters form part of the word and two of the letters in the next letter group form parts of the word. >> time's crossword champion, can get through not one, not two, but three in half an hour. a tip from the pro: it's all about technique. >> you can get through if the devices that are used with the key word and you can play with the clue and figures it out. >> here is the answer, guessing it is one thing, pronouncing it is quite another. after all, it's just for fun and phil lavelle, al jazeera with a massive headache. >> stay with us on al jazeera,
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another full bulletin of news is straight ahead. don't go away. nce william
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>> you know what they say, it's the most wonderful press conference of the year. >> the last hurdle before vacation. president obama closes out the year with a final give and take with reporters, dominated by health care missteps and controversy over n.s.a. surveillance. >> in south sudan where the violence is getting works the obama administration has dispatched an envoy to mediate the ethnic conflict. >> in canada prostitution has a boost. the supreme court saying prostitution laws are unconstitual


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