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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we'll see you next time. >> hell >> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm tony harris. >> crisis in egypt, the harshest backdown yet from the muslim brotherhood. >> festivities - thousand spent christmases in shelters. >> i want my package. i want it today. christmas disappointment, ups blames bad whether for missing a deadline. >> many happy returns brace for the afterholiday rush and brace
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for deep discounts. >> and we begin with renewed tensions in egypt. it appears there won't be reconciliation between the military backed government and the muslim brotherhood. they have been branded a tourist organization after 15 were killed in a suicide bombing. >> we have more from cairo. >> after a cabinet meeting to discuss the muslim brotherhood, egypt's deputy prime minister announced the decision. >> translation: egypt's cabinet of ministers has resolved that muslim brotherhood be declared a terrorist group and a terrorist organization as defined under article 86 of egyptian penal code with ethics. namely enforcing all penalties
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prescribed to acts of terrorism. works or action or any other form. >> yet a year and a half ago the muslim brotherhood's political leader mohamed morsi was inaugurated as egypt's first democratically elected president. it was the high point for the group, and lasted barely a year. >> since then mohamed morsi supporters have gathered element daily under the banner of the anti-coup alliance, demanding that the military-led government would withdraw from power and reenstate him. under a wide interpretation of the new decree, all demonstrations would be regarded as supporters of terrorism. >> from the begin of the military coup, he has been calling anyone opposing him a terrorist or a terrorist organization. >> i'm not going to make a difference. we are protesting with the street with the egyptian people.
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opposing the military coup. >> the government chose to make the announcement a day after the bomb attack in mansoura that killed 16 peel. the brotherhood condemned the bombing and others claimed responsibility, the government accused the brotherhood being behind it. analysts believed declaring them to be a terrorist group would have a profound effect on egyptian politics. >> it can't lead to democracy, but author airianism. we are talking about a group with millions of supporters. >> immediately after tuesday's bombing thousands of people marched in solidarity with the security services that are the targets. most peopling ready to live with it for the sake of stability. >> egypt's military-backed
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government has been increasing pressure on the muslim brotherhood. president mohamed morsi was ousted in a coup. on-july 3rdrd. huge demonstrations broke out across the country. arrested the muslim brotherhood spiritual leader. he was charged with inciting charges. the government banned the muslim broadwhere are and ceased assets and accounts. mursi and 35 others are charged with conspiracy, and they are accused of working with hezbollah and hamas. 16 people were killed in a car bombing in mansoura. the government labelled the group a terrorist organization. the government is trying to prevent more attacks and stop attempts derailing elections for
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the spring. >> jarrod says the egyptian regiment has been cracking down on the muslim brotherhood since july. >> the dollars is linked to the mansoura bombing. the bombing was commenced but it is important to stress there's no evidence linking the brotherhood to the bombing. and it's clear that this decision is a continuation of the strong clamp down on the muslim brotherhood and others that have been going on since the military coup in july. there's another group in the sinai claiming responsibility for this, an i'lling-linked group. >> yes. that's correct. a group based in the sinai. they are a jihady group, which
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claimed other acts, including an assassination attempt against the interior minister. they claimed responsibility for the attack. the procedures and the judiciary has not weighed in with their conclusions or their suspicions about who might be behind mansoura bombing and the bottom line is we don't know. the government is seizing on the moment to continue with a crackdown. >> when mohamed morsi's trial opened in november, the opposed president accused the judiciary of calling for a coup. given the recent history, where do you think corp challenges are likely to go. the egyptian tradition is enormous. you are judges of all kinds of political persuasions.
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in the past the administrative courts have been a vehicle for the public to bring their grievances to the public. including mubarak's regime behaviour. it's hard to predict at this point what the outcome will be, but what we know is this is a judiciary that is fierce about its independence vis-a-vis the executive. so it's -- >> difficult to know. >> so should this declaration withstand the legal changes as you mentioned, a number of lawsuits expected. the political arm. muslim brotherhood in egypt, the freedom and justice party. how might that declaration impact that party. >> the important thing to remember at this point is that, you know, as you mentioned the muslim brotherhood has a political arm, which is the freedom and justice party, and it has a huge network of social services, ngos and an appar at
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us of social movement that has been around for decades and is not going to disappear overnight because of a legal designation. that, for me, is the take away here. that the government can label the muslim brotherhood in any number of ways. it's going to be very difficult to uproot a large organization overnight. >> how will this decision by the government play in the neighbourhood. i'm thinking as i ask the question of qatar and the u.a.e., just off the top of my head. >> yes, of course, qatar has, you know, publicly supports the musl muslim brotherhood. the u.a.e. - currently there are prosecutions against egyptians in the u.a.e. for activities
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with the muslim brotherhood. we can expect players like qatar and the u.a.e. to react as in the past. we can expect the u.a.e. to back the government in this party. either tacitly or implicitly and expect qatar to support them. i mean, in terms of international support, that's an important point because a terrorist designation doesn't have teeth if they have international backing. we'll have to see how the state department weighs in, or the europeans. those powers, whether they also make a designation, would have consequences as to whether international funds can be frozen. >> a spokesperson for the state department still needs participation across the political spectrum. >> it was a tale of two video messages. there was britain's christmas greeting from the queen and then
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commentary from former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden. phil ittner watched both of them. >> speaking for under two minutes edward snowden wished great britains a merry christmas and transitioned into the theme of his address - privacy or the lack thereof. he said the great british author, george orwell, had no idea what real capability, modern technology would allow governments to snoop into people's private lives and warned that a chilled born may live his or her life, never knowing what personal privacy is. >> the conversation occurring determines trust placed in the technologies that surrounds us and the government that regulates it. together we can find a better balance. and remind the government that
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if it wants to know how we feel, asking is cheaper than spying. >> in contrast the queen gave a traditional address, speaking for a great period of time, reflecting on the last year, 60 years since her coronation, and certainly a moment us year when it came to the addition to the royal family. >> my own family is a little larger this christmas. as so many of you will know, the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future with renewed happiness and hope. >> during the address they showed previously unseen footage of prince george from his christening earlier in the year. it was an historic moment because you saw in one room four
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monarchs or future monarchs. >> the queen's address has been going on for roughly 80 years, and will have been watched by more people in the u.k. live than will have watched edward snowden. certainly the potential is there for edward snowden. >> pope francis used his christmas day greetings to call for peace in war-torn areas, including syria. >> let us condition to ask the lord to spare the beloved syrian people further suffering and to enable the parties in conflict to put an end to all violence and guarantee access to humanitarian aid. >> pope francis prayed for a better world. tens of thousands gathered in st. peter's square to here the
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pontiff speak. >> in bethlehem many travelled to the place where christ was born. >> this is a town why tradition has it that jesus was born. there are 2,000 christians in the holy land. for many in bethlehem the christmas is not merry. >> this family doesn't need reminding they live in occupied bethlehem. all they have to do is look outside the window. the israeli wall that separates the west bank surrounds their home on three sides. every time the mother walks out the front door, this is her view. the wall is 30 feet tall. on this christmas morning, her son did last-minute decorating. they try and have a normal
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christmas, but their thoughts are on that wall. this wall is 10 years old. israel built it after the second palestine uprising, when a neighbourhood fought israeli soldiers. since it built the wall, that's been safer, but for clair, the last decade brought hardship. >> we wish that the christians, real christians, will demolish this wall. and make it real peace. that's what we want. >> in her ground-floor shop tourists pack her shop. she sells souvenirs. the family's economic fortune plummeted since the construction of the wall. >> where you able to by your
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children presents this year? >> no, no, i couldn't. they said, "why, mum?" they were waiting for the gifts this morning. i apologised for them. >> like so many here, chair celebrat celebrates 2 miles from the spot where jesus was born. she attends christmas parades and christmas morning mass. a local archbishop is praying for piece. back at home that's the same message 16-year-old daniel sends to american kids who were lucky to open n presents. >> we pray for piece because there's no peace any more, i guess. so -- >> on this day clair prays for
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the wall to come down. she prays for peace. even if it feels a long way off. in spite everything that she's been through and everything that she's seen, clair told me that she's hopeful for the future because, as she put it, her faith is still strong. >> and the war-torn central african republic, people try to maintain a sense of normalcy by holding christmas event, zun fire raged across the capital. violence between christian fighters and muslim rebels killed more than 1,000 people. syrian refugees in jordan attended christmas services. more than 1 million syrians fled to the country since the fighting started in 2011. there has been reports of christians targeted by hard-line groups fighting within syria. >> all they wanted for christmas
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was electricity. it didn't happen for a lot of people. hundreds of thousands, across the country. from the u.s. to dan da, continued to battle power outages and fierce storms knocked out the service days ago. several thousand left shelters for their homes. crews hope to have power restored by tomorrow. >> kevin is here with a look. with snow, gusty winds, it's difficult to get the job done. >> we had new advisories. that's here to the north-west. what we are looking at is dense fog advisories. a lot of people are getting back on the roads. for a bunch of eastern washington towards oregon, a lot of people - be careful. it's a tricky situation. we are looking at a new problem, the snow coming into the areas
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that lost power. you can see it coming across quickly. the accumulation will be between 2-4 inches. the interesting thing is term tours are coming up over the last 12 hours. toronto, you are 25 degrees. here in new york we are 30, about 25 degrees. the reason is the winds now are all coming in from the south. it's bringing temperatures up with it. we'll see more snow across parts of the great lakes. you saw the snow, you are breaking out. here is some good news for you. we'll see tomorrow's temperatures, still low. chicago at 14, and over the next if you days, we'll see another cold weather outbreak. temperatures will go below freezing. not well below freezing, but below zero. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> in the caribbean, search
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efforts for victims of a capsized boat ended. 17 migrants drowned near the kak os islands. the migrants are believed to be from hatie. delayed delivers. custody merits outraged after holiday packages did not arrive on time. christmas is just about over. the huge discounts are about to begin. in just a few hours stores are hope. >> i'm currently stationed in kandahar. i'd like to wish with a happy holiday and merry christmas to my wonderful husband kevin. i love you, miss you. and michael and connie, my parents. happy holidays. i love you, hope to see you soon. happy holidays.
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>> they told my husband he was here, he is not here, it went be here until wednesday night. >> i want my package. i want it today. i have done everything >> this is not good. people in texas and other states are upset at ups and fed ex after their packages didn't arrive in time for christmas. a shorter period of time for shipping, bad whether, and people buying last-minute gifts overloaded the system. one driver said this was the worst system. ups would not say how many packages were delayed. most packages should arrive by tomorrow. >> christmas is not over. retailers are offering discounts online. some stores will open early tomorrow. 5am, really.
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maria will tell us more. >> i won't be there, but macey's and jp pennies told customers they could get bargains online, offering 20-75% off items, and the same sales at the stores tomorrow - offering free shipping, two for one. this has been a disappointing season for stores. retail sales within falling for the past couple of weeks. store visits went down 21% last week. retail sales dropped 3.1%. analyst peter shift thinks consumers will see lower price tags in the coming weeks. >> discounting will continue in the new year. retailers will have to mark down their inventory a lot more than they expect. they loaded up on stock. i think they are waking up to
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reality that the consumer is in worse shape than they believe and can't afford to buy all that they stockpile. >> you won't see a sale on everything. one of the more popular presents are gift cards. you'll see a lot of people tomorrow, going in to cash these, use them up. >> boy, i could have purchased you one of those for christmas. my bad. i'm in line at 5am. appreciate t. >> you are. >> thank you. >> i have to tell you mean retailers who will be tracking the after christmas shoppers the moment they walk through the door, it's not about preventing shoplifting, but understanding a shopper's habits. >> each time a shopper enters a store it leaves a digital footprint. it is like gold to retailers,
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who mine the information about customer behaviour to improve the bottom line. >> it doesn't bother me at all. >> the privacy i have really isn't there any more. it seems like more and more things that we do, the more and more your privacy is taken away from you. >> this device is a fusion of a camera. retailers like victoria's secret mounts the equipment in stores, above the entrance. as i walk into a store with an intif from brick stream. this smart device is noting whether we walk in as a group, adults or children and records how long we stay at a prominent display. >> how many people come in my store and convert to sales. that's a benefit. secondary is relative to merchandising. where do people go, stop and dwell. information gathered can trim
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the time customers wait online to check out. this newly released smart device will shop truckers via their smartphones. shoppers restore ids, store it and monitor them as they so shop. >> nobody wants to be trapped. for the retailers to help themselves to a consumer cell phone it leaves a bad taste. the concern for consumer privacy prompted the washington think tank and the future of privacy forum to work out an arrangement with tech companies. companies have been provided instructions on how to opt out. these measures are a first step to cope with this technology. >> shoppers may have adapted to
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leaving their footprint out there. >> big brother is out there. it will get bigger. >> chicago or honolulu, it is a big debate where president obama's presidential library should be built. >> thousands are dead after 10 days of fighting in south sudan. coming up in a report from a town in the front lines in the central african nation.
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>> welcome back everyone to al jazeera america. i'm tony harris, here is a look at your top stories at this hour. ups and fed ex say they hope to have any delayed holiday packages delivered by tomorrow. a shorter shipping period. bad weather, and people buying last-minute christmas gifts overloaded the logistic system.
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the lights are coming on for thousands left in the dark. thousands spent the holiday in shelters or in the dark. utility crews are making progress, but snow and winds are slowing down repairs. egypt's muslim brotherhood is criticising the decision to declare it a terrorist organization. they say the move is based on false accusations and will not have an impacts on its work. >> the united nations is asking for money to take care of people displaced by the fighting in south sudan. the u.n. aid agencies will need 166 million in the next three months. thousands of people decide since the violence 10 days ago. the u.n. will send troops to end conflict between the government and rebels. >> the government says it retook
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the town on tuesday. the first foreign journalist reach reached bor, and some of the images are difficult to watch. >> collecting bodies is a grim task. these men defected and joined the rebels. al jazeera cannot verify this. some of the bodies are starting to decompose. the killings happened during days of fighting due to troops and rebels. officials say riek machar tried to topple president salva kiir. he is on the run with other rebels. >> they are moving together. they collected all the cars, the government cars, the cars of the ngos and others, and from oil limited.
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almost over 100 cars - small cars and trucks. they have moved with them. they are moving together with them. >> riek machar denies allegations made by the government. people here have experienced violence before. in 1991 a power struggle between the founding fathers destabilized a community. government forces recaptured bor from the rebels on tuesday. it is quiet. >> people are taking advantage of the calm. they are going the houses and then heading back to the u.n. base for safety, even if it means walking past dead bodies. foreigners and locals are not sure if it is safe to leave. >> we are waiting for the security. >> the bullets were coming down like rain. people raided the house and installed everything. the bank was looted.
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more u.n. troops came to south sudan. people hope they arrive soon and that the violence ends. the focus can shift to counting the number of dead people and late acts of crimes against humanity. >> now to turkey where the prime minister is shaking up his cabinet. the announcement coming hours after cabinet resigned. it also comes after the prime minister faces calls to leave office. we have more now from istanbul. >> hours after three senior cabinet ministers resigned over a corruption scandal. it was announced a major cabinet reshuffle. >> translation: some of the ministers asked to resign because of developments. some of them quit as they will contest elections and some of the changes are my judgment.
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earlier interior ministers resigned with little fan fair. the departure is one of significance. the resignation was announced on live television. he advanced not only to criticise the prime minister. the prime minister chose to ignore the call. >> money transferred to iran and bribery. many believe the scandal stems from a power scandal between the government and this man. the influential based cleric, said to have many followers one turkey's place and judiciary. the government dismissed police
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officialsed involved in the investigation. the government means in turmoil. such a step is unprecedented. unexpected. one can only speculate that this will chatter the ground. >> during the 11-year rule, this is the first time the ministers resigned, asking the prime minister to resign, was a close friend of his. for some, this is the first crackdown in the government. the main question is whether recep tayyip erdogan's popularity will be affected ahead of the election in 2014. >> now to ukraine where we are getting a first hand disturbing look at the beater of a journal. >>. a week repeatedly ramming into
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the journalist's car in kiev early wednesday morning. the journalist says after she stopped the car three people attacked here. the incident took place hours after she published an article on the assets of top government officials. look at her. the government was accused of resorting to violence that stopped activists. this man calls himself a commandant of kiev's independent square. he organises infrastructure that keeps the place working. >> how much does it cost? freedom has no price. truth has no price. freedom. free thinking, and a democratic ukraine. >> running the protest for the past month cost $5 million. >> half comes from big business,
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30% from small businesses, and the rest from individuals. the business donors want to stay out of the sight. >> people do not want to be open, because their business disappears. businessmen who support protests are hassled by the police and other authorities. >> in the evenings and on weekends the number of demonstrators swell, but not by much. >> we have people protesting. the main thing is ukraine is boiling and our goal is to shake up those in power. make no speak, this is not a repeat of the 2004 orange revolution that hosted the prime minister, now president, viktor yanukovych. >> 2004 was well organised because, you know, politicians had their own structures. they could run it well. >> demonstrators say the strength of this process is the grassroots foundation. that is one of its downfalls. with no person or party in
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charge, there's no clear message or plan. >> opposition leaders created a new people's movement. the movement of mydon or square is supposed to spread support. those go back to the region. the regional will carry on the course. the people who remain plan to put more direct pressure on government institutions and officials to ensure the ideas born on the square don't die here. >> the family of a californian teenager in the middle of a legal battle brought christmas to her. 13-year-old jahi mcmath is brain dead, say doctors, after complications from a tonsilectony. the family is fighting to keep her on life support. relatives will wait until tomorrow to discuss the legal battle.
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>> the president and first lady visited with marines and their families at marine corp based hawaii. the first couple based the troops and family for service and sacrifice. mr obama has a little more than three years left as pit has not stopped hawaii and chicago looking behind 2017, both hoping to host the barack obama library. hawaii is stepping up its efforts. >> this is the south shore, with waikiki on one side and downtown on the other. it's a low-key spot popular with locals. but off the beaten path for tourists. a plan is taking shape to transform that, transforming the water front into president yam. >> there's two lots that are possible sites for a presidential center. >> this man is an associate
11:40 pm
professor at the university of hawaii, helping to spear head the statewide effort of the 44th library. >> barack obama is the first global president. hawaii is a cosmopolitan city. this is a good place to tell his international story. >> while hawaii can suffer from the stereotype of sun and sand with little substance, the sheer number of visitors makes the state a contender. >> 8 million tourists come through hawaii, mainly more the natural features - the beauty and the ocean, but they often look for something educational and civic as well. >> hawaii's vision for the presidential library is as big as the pacific ocean. >> the presidential library
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includes a library and museum. nowadays we have palliative of things that would enhance the line are and museum. one could be a policy school or institute and a learning academy looking at cultivating the next generation of thinkers and leaders. >> while history showed the presidential libraries are located in the commander in chief's home state, which has many looking to illinois, his political home town of chicago. hawaii's governor says the president's ties to the 50th state run deep. >> he took his first breath in hawaii. we think he had a unique perspective. the governor is quick to point out he doesn't view this as a competition. the principal object is not to compete, but to compliment the motivation in putting together a
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comprehensive library system. a series of components that will reflect the president's true legacy in history. >> the question of where that history will be housed will not be decided by committees in chicago or hawaii or politicos in the belt way. it will be up to the president himself. >> chicago is also making is a strong case for having the presidential library built there, saying this is the president's adopted home city. it's where his children were born. chicago is where his political career is born. the university of illinois has put in its bid as has the university of chicago, with president obama taught law school. no word from the president as to when he will decide. >> ross is here - that's good. >> i hope getting homesick.
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>> that's great. so, look, we have pro-basketball. it's christmas day, and we have a bit of a controversy. >> the players work out hard. we are talking about the right to bear arms. here is the deal. the n.b.a. is in the spotlight. it's broadcast in 250 countries in 47 countries. the league tried to make a statement. unvaling the short-sleevoursies to cover up arms and tattoos. >> cover them up. >> the shirt, yes. >> it's awful, awful, awful. hey, instead they are putting a big logo on the front with names on the back. numbers on the sides, whatever. >> fans are not happy about the new threads. lebron james says the sleeves will mess up the shooters saying: >> for the first time since 1997
11:44 pm
kobe bryant could not lace it up. he's recovering from a fractured knee. the heat took advantage. dwayne wayne for lebron james. he was like santa cause. if you thought that alley-oop was great, which it was, this is better. off the backboard, lebron uses his left hand for the jam. watch your head. "i wish i could jump that high." >> just once. >> that's why i do cross fit. not helping. >> the heat win 109. the brooklyn nets in the first year jason kidd has been a major disappointment. despite having the highest payroll as coach, they were worked by the bulls. this team play with no effort, energy or passion. that is something you can control. after the game brooklyn's
11:45 pm
98 million point guard, hoping the nets will wake up from a bad dream. >> i'm surprised how the season was played out. it was a nightmare. the way the injuries have been, the things that we talk about every day. the lack of effort and energy. i didn't see that being a problem. we'll put this in again. >> what is this? >> it's a new uniform. >> san antonio who pick it up against the rockets. he shaved his head in support of a cancer patient that he met. they chipped in with 21 points. doing damage. supermen, double dipping with 15 points. now the spurs made it a game in the fourth, and got within three points. that's when number 13 took over. big game jane from arizona state. lighting it up. lock et cetera went on to win 111 to 98.
11:46 pm
>> how good was serena williams. at 32 years young, you could argue that the queen of the court had the best year ever. naming serena. it's the third time winning the award. serena won 11 titles, raising grand slam championship total to 17, and pocketed 12 million in prize money. the athlete of the year will be named tomorrow. we'll throw out names - peyton manning, lebron james, tiger woods. >> what about raphael nadal. >> andy murray. >> remember where you heard it first. >> next up - being eight. how one boy is using a popular drink to help the homeless. plus, a pope in pictures. a look back at the iconic images of the year.
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>> we are looking at nasty conditions going through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. the snow in this area, across the lakes, into new york, into pennsylvania. travel could be tricky. some of the interstate towards the north. there's a lot of people. this is where we expect to see the snow.
11:49 pm
thursday, to the east of the lake ontario. localized up to a foot of snow for some people. in new york, snow-showers on thursday. we'll start the day at 29. we'll see the snow. as we go towards the rest of the week the temperatures coming up. thunder storms on sunday. again, temperatures dropping down as a cold front moves through. across the morne parts of the united states we are going to see chicago starting off about 14 degrees. it will get warmer as well. as we go towards the weekend things will change. monday - expect only a high of about 7 degrees.
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>> being eight. there's plenty to see and learn. in a sense, honesty, hope. in the latest in our series being eight. we meet an 8-year-old california boy who found a way to join cool aid into christmas joy. this 8-year-old is doing it one at a time. >> like other kids his age jackson evans loves christmas. >> do you want to put blue on it? >> the sweets, the decorations. and the chance to have fun. but this 8-year-old knows not all kids get to enjoy christmas the way he does. >> it was, oh, homeless kids, they don't have toys. he says i have lots of stuff and want to give them things they can have for fun. >> i said, "come on, i want to help the homeless."
11:52 pm
she said, "fine." >> jackson set up a cool aid stand. she said, "are you raising money for yourself?" i said, "no, for the homeless kids." five stands, three months later, he and his friend raised over $3,000. they brought toys for the kids at the bakers field homeless center. >> this is remote control. 7-year-old josh was a kid that got a present. he lives at the shelter with nine brothers and sisters. >> he gave me a ninja turtle. >> someone at an age where mostly they think about themselves. christmas happened, because he cared. jackson doesn't grasp how much he helpsize children but says it's cool to aid kids.
11:53 pm
>> i'm going to want to do it again next year, and the next year and next year - until i'm 20. >> that means smiles is toys for homeless kids. >> all this week we have been looking back at some of the years's dramatic images captured in still photographs. jonathan cline the ceo of getty images tells the story behind the picture, beginning with the new man at the vatican. >> calling him the people's pope - this photo sums it up. i think it's very interesting that everyone around him wants to take a photo, to capture that they were there. he seems extremely engaging and connected with people. there's real joy on everyone's face. it's the special moment for them to be that close to the pope at a weekly audience. it captures one of many moments where he's interacting with people, connected with people,
11:54 pm
and is not a distant, if you like, ivory tower personality. the excitement about this individual is tangible from the photo. i don't need to read an article to know from the photo who he is, and the impact he is making. he also is very camera friendly, which we like. you look at the photo and the first thing that goes through your mind is what is going on. >> this is it 3,500 people getting married. at the same time in south korea. from 200 different countries. and you have to wonder why? the background to the story is it's called what used to be called the moonies, but now it's the reunification church started by a chap called moon. he died. this was the first big wedding with ceremony since his death. i understand some of these people may have met each other a few moments before.
11:55 pm
it makes a great photo. it's amazing. it looks like it's something from a movie, or a set. it's a real photo, it happened, it wasn't set up. they are dressed the same way, all look extremely similar. that's part of the whole idea. why is this one of the photos of the year? it's because the photo is so unique. when are you going to get another opportunity to show thousands of people getting married dressed in the same way. >> getty image ceo jonathan cline. we'll see some of his company's memorable images tomorrow. >> he knows when you're naughty and when you're nice, right? well, sometimes. >> you're a mean one, mr grinch. >> santa is not so nice either, sometimes. that is coming up next.
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>> you know, we cover a lot of important and serious stories in al jazeera america. it is our mission. that said, we like to have a bit of fun. no harm in that. tonight, on this christmas,
11:58 pm
while the bosses were away, we are taking a look at the other st. nicks out there. i'm talking about bad santa, there are more than a few of them. >> you're a mean one. >> let's start with the green guy, who sneaks down from his lair to steal everything. >> if you were santa, you could do magic. >> you want to do magic. let's watch you disappear. >> billy bob thornton wears the suit. he's anything but jolly, a boozing, womanizing theme, crude and comical. it's his best work. >> heavens. >> in "home alone", the santa was slacker than bag. young, not too bright. the only gift he offers was a tich tack. >> don't spoil your dinner. >> we saw hollywood's version.
11:59 pm
trust me, they don't compare to the real thing. take new york's santa con 2013, a day and night long trek around the city's bars. for these six guys in red, the evening ends not with a sley ride but a slug fence. it added to a scene outside a pub in ireland. this bad santa stumbled out the door. don't know if he made it back to the north pole. and then this guy, gives all the santas a bad name. and this is a surveillance picture. seems this santa held up a bank in florida. cops are searching for them, trying to put him behind bars this christmas. >> okay, that was fun, right. once again, merry christmas. >> we'll be back in a moment with a look at the headlines and then we'll get you to "america
12:00 am
tonight." >> >> welcome to al jazeera america, here is a look at the top stories. egypt's muslim brotherhood is criticising the interim decision to declare it a terrorist organization, the move is based on false accusations and denied it was behind the deadly suicide bombing in mansoura, and the brother hood's mohamed morsi was forced out from office six months ago. >> last minute orders and bad weather are delayed for security aids leaving presents missing from trees around the country. a unit parcel service says walmart and amazon are


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