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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 26, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> death and confusion in south sudan. the government says it's in control. people are still too scared to go home. >> hello, welcome. you are watching al jazeera. also on this program - paying tribute to war criminals or honouring the dead? china protests as japan's prime minister visits a controversial war crime. >> in turkey protesters demanding the government resign over a corruption scanning, and clashes with the police.
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>> half a million homes without power. an arctic storm brings a winter wipe out across much of north america. >> we begin in south sudan, where bodies are littering the street in a town taken by rebels. bor was seized and briefly held by fighters loyal to the former vice president. the government says it is now safe for residents seeking refuge at the u.n. base there to go home. al jazeera's haru mutasa is the first international journalist to reach dore. her report may contain disturbing images. >> collecting bodies will be a grim task. these men defected. it cannot be verified. >> some bodies are decomposing.
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the killings happened during days of fighting. officials say riek machar tried to topple president salva kiir. he is on the run with other rebels. >> they are moving together. they have collected all the cars here, the government cars, the cars of the ngos, and oil limited. almost over 100 cars - small cars and trucks. they moved with them. they are moving, together. >> riek machar denies allegations made by the government. people here have experienced violence before. in 1991 a power struggle between south sudan's founding father and another destabilized the
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material. forces were recaptured. it's now relatively quiet. people are taking advantage of the calm, going to the houses to solve what they can. then they head back to the u.n. base for safety, even if it means walking past dead bodsies. the u.n. base is packed with thousands - foreigners and locals. >> we are waiting for the security. >> translation: the bullets were coming down like rain. people raided the house and installed everything. the bank was looted. dead bodies over the streets. >> more untraps -- u.n. troops were coming to south sudan. then the investigation can begin withed dead bodies and who was responsible. >> breaking news out of egypt. state television reports that several people have been injured in a blast on a bus outside azar
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university which exploded. we'll go peter greste, our correspondent who is in egypt for us. do you have more for us? >> i'm afraid not. there was an explosion on a bus outside the university. we don't know what the cause of the explosion was, or what the target was, or if it was anything beyond an attack on public space. we don't know if it was an attack or accident. the problem is that in this highly charged environment in the wake of the government's decision to declare the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization, these incidents take on significance. we need to be careful about jumping to conclusions. it is possible that it is some kind of attack. i'm afraid that until we get more detail we won't be able to
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say what was behind this and what it means. >> peter, this comes soon after there was a blast at a police headquarters, and as you say, the latest developments regarding the military government branding the muslim brotherhood as terrorist organization. can you give us an idea of what the security situation there is. >> at the moment the security situation, particularly in cairo, is stable. police and authorities mobilized extra security. i think they are conscious of the fact that this is becoming a volatile environment, as you mentioned. there was an horrific explosion on the security services, and the security services building at mansoura. all of these things at to an increase in tension. this explosion certainly won't help either of those concerns. a lot of people are worried about how security is developing, as we approach the date for the constitution, on
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the 14th and 15th of january. authorities are aware of the potential for trouble, and if it does turn out to be an attack. as looks certainly possible, then i think it is going to throw the whole question of security around the referendum into some serious doubt. >> and, peter, can you just give us context here. the university has been the center of a lot of the protests. are there any lines drawn to the bombing that's just happened? >> well, as i said, as mentioned it happened and they are trying to figure out what is going on. because the atmosphere is so charged, the university has been the focus of a lot of student protests, that's where a lot of security services will be looking to. they'll want to see if there were kengss with terrorism, that
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this was an attack by either groups allied to the muslim brotherhood, by conservatives or militants or an attack by groups who were, perhaps, seeing themselves as supportive of the government and targetting organizations and individuals who they see a supporting the brotherhood. we don't know. we'll have to wait and see what more information we get. >> peter greste in cairo updating us on the latest news out of egypt. thank you very much. >> china and south korea condemned the japanese prime minister for visiting a controversial war shine. shinzo abe went to yasukumi. we have more on china's reaction. >> hugely controversial. visits by senior japanese
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politicians to the shrine receives a severe rebuke from china. people have been surprised at the strength of the wording of the statement from china's foreign ministry scribing this was a brutal offence against chinese vehicles and other asian victims of bar crimes. it warns japan it will face the consequences of this visit, without urging what the consequences could or might be. it's true to say that relations between japan and china are as bad as they have been for a number of years, and there's a stepping up of rhetoric from both sides. it probably plays well to conservative hawkish elements in china. china has been cit siffed for an air defense zone in the east china sea, and the way it's been pursuing its claims to islands disputed by japan, playing to
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the conservatives that would defend the actions as being the right of china to defend its interest, pointing to this visit by shinzo abe as being the villain of the piece, the person who visited the shrine which they say glorified and honour's japan's milt tarianism. >> the government has been urged to postpone the elections in thailand. it failed to stop protesters calling for her to step down. running battles with demonstrators was fought with police. they tried to storm a gymnasium of the thousands of troops have been deployed across bangladesh. their job is to prevent more anti-government protests. the opposition is boycotting the polls and calls for nationwide
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strikes. >> clashes between protesters and police conditioned into the night in istanbul. riot police used smoke grenades and water canons that gathered to demand the resignation of the government. >> three senior government ministers forced the prime minister to carry out a major reshuffle. we have the latest from istanbul. >> hours after three senior cabinet ministers we signed over a corruption scandal, prime minister recep tayyip erdogan announced a major cabinet reshuffle, replacing 10 ministers. >> translation: some of the ministers have asked to resign because of the ongoing developments. some quit as they will contest mayoral elections. some of the changes are my judgment. >> earlier interior minister
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paul kagame, and armando gulouza resigned. there was another resignation exposing deep divisions in the government. it was announced on live television during an interview with a local network. he asked prime minister recep tayyip erdogan to resign, a call the prime minister ignored. >> police are investigating allegations of illicit money transfer and bribery for construction project. many believe a power struggle between recep tayyip erdogan's government and this man, a u.s.-based cleric. set to have many followers within the turkish police and judiciary. the government release will either be involved or was
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linked. >> the government in this case is in internal turmoil. such is a step was unprecedented, unexpected and one can only speculate that this will shatter the ground even more. >> during the 11-year rule, this is the first time three ministers resigned. for some, this is the first crackdown in the government. the main question is whether recep tayyip erdogan's popularity will be affected ahead of it elections in 2014. >> more than half a million homes in the u.s. and canada are without power after days of snow and freezing rain. temperatures dropped to minus 15 degrees celsius. there's no sign of a shaken in
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weather. >> it may look like a winter wonder land. for many across canada and the u.s. there has been little cheer. hundreds of thousands of homes have been left without power by an ice storm sweeping down from canada. a combination of blizzards and the coal has taken its toll on electricity and transport networks. many accidents as road users lose control of their vehicles. in cleveland inclement weather caused a 28-car pile up on a main arterial road. a main concern for the emergency services is getting the power grid online. >> a lot of people don't have heat. pipes will freeze. the sooner we get up there and help, the better. >> many in vermont spent much of christmas day in the cold and dark. firefighters went door to door to check on residents and let
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people know about shelters. >> across canada and the u.s. many resorted to using generators to stay warm. that increased the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. for the moment there's little chance of a let-up. forecasters say these conditions will not ease for several days. >> and there's nor come on al jazeera, including - once considered a gem of south-east asia, myanmar's economy is regaining its shine. are core citizens being left behind. >> as 2013 draws to a close, we look at the street protest.
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>> hello again. you are watching al jazeera. here is a reminder of the top stories - south sudan's government is encouraging people in the town of bor to return to their homes. thousands are sheltering at a u.n. base to escape violence. china and south korea condemned the japanese prime minister's visit to a shrine. 14 war criminals are honoured at the yakasusi shrine. >> five people have been injured after a bus exploded outside a university in cairo. security forces diffused a
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second bomb in the area. >> now returning to the violence in south sudan. haru mutasa was the first journalist in bor and has returned to the capital. there are diplomatic efforts to get both sides to meet and talk. the king and present, and the ethiopian prime minister will arriving. the idea is to get salva kiir and riek machar to sit and talk. people home for a peaceful solution. people want to try to move on. people are trying to get on local flights, heading to bor to see if the relatives are okay, to see what is going on in the town. there's a sense of desparation, and that people are tired. they want the fighting and violence to end. >> the syrian rebels are accusing the rebels of dropping bombs in aleppo.
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more than 300 have been killed in the biggest city, and in the past week alone. aleppo has been bombboarded by government troops battling to get control of the city. >> chadian government sources confirmed the killing of five peacekeepers. chadian soldiers have been accused of siding with the rebels. we have more from the capital. paying the price. chad is burying its first soldier killed in bangui in the latest violence in the central african republic. he died when a protesters threw a handgrenade at his patrol. that was according to government sources. >> the peacekeeping role in the southern neighbour has become a controversial issue, part of the central african republic
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population and political task accused the troops of siding with the rebels. chad decided to redeploy hundreds of soldiers from bangui. it's an attempt to reduce friction with protesters in christian areas. but the anti-chad hate red affected its expatry ots there. thousands have fled what they describe as acts of unwarranted revenge, and returned to the capital. the government denies negative involvement. >> translation: chadian nationals lived in central african republic for decades in perfect harmony with the local population. now, people would like to consider chad responsible for everything that happened there, and peaceful chadian merchants and murderers that considered to the construction of that country are being incrim nated. they have become scaip goats.
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>> chadian authorities believe if the situation in the central african republic continues to deteriorate the numbers of chadians fleeing may reach hundreds of thousands. >> the crisis affected chad 's southern boarder, where an estimated half a million chad expatry ots are concentrated. >> we still have families in the central african republic. we fled from there in tweet. now we have serious concerns about the fate of remaining relatives, because of what is happening. the previous conflicts were about politics. an issue is between muslims and christians. >> southern chad has a sensitive multi-religious mix. fears are mounting that a spill over from the crisis may
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reignite a civil war during the 1970s. >> myanmar and experiencing a surge in economic growth. after being denied entry for years because of sanctions, foreign investors are flogging. we have more it from the commercial hub. myanmar's economy, once considered the gem of south-east asia is regaining its lustre. profits have doubled in the last two years. >> when the new government took over it opened the country and the market. more tourists are coming into myanmar. tourists were able to bring more money and spend more. >> since a government took obvious, it introduced a wave of political, social and economic reforms. encouraged by the move western
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country suspended sanctions. foreign investment has been pouring in since. even though the world bank named myanmar as one of the worst places in the world to do business, citing a lack of transparency, it is seen as one with enormous potential. >> people want an instant reaction. it's a step by step process. give them a chance. >> mindful of a need to attract foreign vestment, the government introduced tax breaks, land leases and promised to draft new laws. >> the world bank forecast myanmar's economic growth for this year and the next. it's worried about inflation. with the country being one of the poorest in east asia, the rising cost of living could affect the majority of the population. it's mainly food and
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accommodation crisis. an impending increase has people more worried. worried enough to stage small protests in some cities, the government agreed to postpone the price hike, but says the increase is necessary. >> translation: increasing electricity prices will have a direct impact. once the price increases, the price of goods will go up. >> it's a balancing act the government will need to be mindful of, how to keep the economy going while making sure poorest citizens are not left behind. >> heavy rains in st. vincent killed eight as a house crashed into their home. half-a-dozen people are missing, and dozens of homes and several
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hotels have been evacuated. >> in the caribbean, 18 haitian migrants died when their boat capsized off the caicos islands. 32 of the 50 on board were saved. police intercepted a boat and were towing it assure when it overturned. >> a musician is creating an artistic space in a ruined building and we had a look around. >> hundreds of crumbling buildings, slowly and painstakingly being restored to colonial glory. are renowneded cuban musician is renovating this power station too house his dream - the factory of cuban art. >> it's a place that would allow cuban artists to enhance their work, give it greater value. a place where they displayed art
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and lives. >> this former power station is being slowly and painstakingly renovated. they found fame at home and abroad. but this artist had to struggle to be heard. there are a lot of talented youngsters out there with nowhere to perform. >> with his own money and the support of the cuban authorities, the factory of coupan art will be home to music, photography, cinema and art. >> there's a public hungry for culture. all in the same place. remember when i was at the school of the art. artists, musicians and
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photographers were related to the same energy. certainly not of this quality. >> the dream is slowly coming to fruition. and then you e merge from the roou jips, that it's hoped that you allowed cuban art to breathe and survive. >> okay, let's get more on this bombing in care. . peter greste joins us live. what can you tell us? >> what we understand is an improvised explosive device went off inside a device. it's not clear what exactly this device as targetting, who set the device and was aiming to hit. we understand it there were five injuries, none serious. we understand five people are
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suffering burns. >> the security sources cordoned off the area. at the moment that's all we have. >> this comes on the heels of another coming a week ago. which caused a bit of destruction. is there a sense of the security landscape is changing. >> there is certainly a feeling, a sense that the security situation here is deteriorating. it exploded a couple of days ago. it was a massive bomb blast. certainly the biggest blast since the revolution in 2011. it comes the day after the cabinet declared the muslim brotherhood to declare it an organization. a lot of people warned of a backlash. we need to be careful. we don't know who set the devices, we don't know what the security services response will
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be. clearly it comes at a time of a highly charged political environment when people were going to be interpret these things in the worst possible way. at the moment we know there has been an explosion, and it looks like it could be a response to yesterday's announcement. we need to get more about what it means for the country. >> thank you very much. peter greste, updating from cairo, where there has been a bomb blast. a second device has been found. we'll get you more on that story after it comes in. >> in pakistan a u.s. drone strike killed at least three suspected fighters in north waziristan. pakistani officials say the strike happened before midnight on wednesday. and finally, events have been held across china to mark the
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120th anniversary of mao tung. he was one of the most divisive figures. a leader, regarded as a father in modern china. his revolution cost tens of millions of lives. >> more americans are getting back to work. also, firsthand look at the full-time pursuit of freelance jobs. plus how some investors are putting a price tag on how much you're worth and what you might earn in the future. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> this is reene


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