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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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"inside story" is next. remember, check us out 24 hours a day at today, the inside story. hello, i'm ray swarez. after a brief flirtation and political opening, egypt is again cracking down on dissent, and is the streets of egypt cities again burst into chaos, the new military
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led government has moved against it's most powerful adversary. we will talk about the future and the fate of the muslim brotherhood on this edition after this background. >> most recently a home made box blast add bug, wounding five people. >> while i was driving the bus, an explosion hit the bus and all bus windows were smashed and four people were injured including one in a serious condition. on tuesday a suicide bomber hit the police headquarters killing 16 primarily police. the day after this attack, the temporary government declared it's top political a terrorist organization. saying the brotherhood is behind the latest violence.
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we declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist group. the importance from the criminal law, the muslim brotherhood has denied the claim saying itdy nounsed violence decades ago, and that the military led government is trying to make it a scapegoat. the organization tweeted wednesday worthless decision from an illegal government without any evidence and will not change anything in reality. tuesday's blast that the police compound spurs mob attacks on shops and homes nearby, tensions in egypt continue to rise, after the country's first democratically elected president leader muhammed morsy was ousted in july. morsy is now standing trial with other top muslim brotherhood leaders on charges that could lead to death sentences. this is not the first time the muslim brotherhood has been outlawed by the government. the political party was
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first banned in 1954, as a result it turned to establishing a large social welfare network around the country. providing educational and healthcare services to poor rural areas. it was legalized after the fall of long time dictator. the overall death toll since his oust in july of this year is estimated at over 1500 most killed were morsy supporters including hundreds gunned down by security forces after a protest vigil was cleared. at least 350 members of the security forces have also been killed in bombings and shootings since this summer. for the latest we are joined by peter who joins us from cairo.
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welcome to the program, has there been any reaction from the muslim brierhood beyond that tweet? from the brotherhood on air talking about or rejecting the statement, remember, that the brotherhood has never accepted the military government, they have all the described it as a coupe, and they have also insisted that all of the statements are illegitimate. they have said that they will continue to oppose the government, using peaceful means in their words. but i think what they say is they are not terrorists, they insist this is an act by an illegitimate ors. >> does the designation by the government of the brotherhood as a terrorist organization, represent an escalation beyond simply efforts in past decades to mar januaryalize them, or minimize their effect on national politics? >>
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we have seen the interior ministry going on air today, saying that anybody who is protesting in the streets anyone who is advocating in favor of the muslim brotherhood, anyone who is passing out pamphlets belonging to the brotherhood, will be imprisoned for five years. they have also gone on to say that the muslim brotherhood leaders anyone whoens finances them, or provides information could spend life behind bars. so it is a very very serious shift. we have already seen 23 people arrested because they were handing out pamphlets on behalf of the brotherhood. this is not just a rhetorical shift, this is a very serious clamp down, assets on their affiliated groups and anyone who supports them. >> affiliated groups.
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so this could throw a pretty wide net on what's now the egyptian opposition? >> absolutely. it is hard to know how that will be cast. we know the muslim brotherhood newspaper has been closed down. the freedom and justice parties political reign is going to be closed down. we know they are literally thousand -- more than 1,000 charities are thatry filluated with the brotherhood who have been working inside the poorist areas. we were out there talking to one of the groups saying they have virtually underground. even a plot of the people who are normally receiving their support have said no, we don't want to get your charity, because we don't want to be closely linked with you, even though we need
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your support. with it's charity work, or political, whether it's publicity work, all of that has stopped all together or been driven under ground. a lot of the commentators say this is really only likely to increase not over support, but also covert activity by the brotherhood with the help of their supporters. joining us from cairo, thank you, stay safe. we will take a short break, when we come back, we will look fourth entire the muslim brotherhood, you are watching inside story, stay with us.
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here is more. >> beneath the fluorescentsun in a former meat packing plant is the latest trim in farming. they call it "vertical farming." these fields grow on floors on at industrial park and farmer john adel and his staff agrees user. >> my shipping proceed did you say
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1500, 2,000 miles to get are. >> the plant of the indoor -- as the indoor formers call it doesn't grow corn or soybeans but mustard, high end micro greens on the plates of white-napkin restaurants. these fish supply the vert liser that number issues the
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>> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. many worry that the gains made in education will not stick in the future. aljazeera's jane ferguson takes us to a school in kandahar city that was long considered a success and is now facing closure. >> it's a place offering more than these girls know, a quality
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education in real tangible skills, a path away from positivity and early marriage and towards university and a career. since 2002, the modern stud has been teaching women languages, like management and computer skills. that they are skills that speak of ambition which in the heart of tallle ban country is remarkable. >> we are a unique school, preparing women to go to jobs. our school is preparing women to go to universities. i'm phil torres. coming up this week on techknow.
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joining me now from london is mow hamed sudan, the foreign relations secretary and spokes person for the muslim brotherhood, mr. sudan welcome to the program. what does the muslim brotherhood intend to do now that the military backed government has made this declaration that your movement is aterrorrist organization? >>
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when someone stole the bauer from the real presidents and the government, and he is saying that those people are thieves or those people are terrorists. then it is something coming from illegitimate groups. is then not only the egyptian people would not recognize this, but also the community will not approve these and accept these kind of fake rules or laws but whatever under -- it is something coming when anyone wants to make a declaration, like this should go with the international organize like a new end or like -- but it is not like just a mouse getting this and let us -- let's go with the how they did it.
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from six months ago they try to promote the street. just to make them violence, or commit violence, but it could not do this. even a lot of massacres -- >> sir, let me jump in there. >> yes. >> because you have noted that this government came to power without the legitimacy given by the election. >> yes. >> and they expedded a government from power, and that's true, but in a way that's past history. illegal to be a member of your organization, and now you risk five years in prison, haven't they set the bar very high, where only the most faithful members will dare to become an active part of your movement? >>
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the egyptian already broke the wall of fear. they never care with this, nothing, they are still in the street. nothing has killed them. they get the declaration, no, no one will care of this. the egyptian people, i understand as well that those people are in the power now in egypt, are legitimate even their government is legitimate, those people are thieves, they stole egypt, they stole the legitimacy of egypt. they store the power, they kidnapped the legitimate president. and also the legitimate
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governor. >> but sir, they have the honor and the weapons and the means to control the streets to continue to suppress the muslim brierhood what is the next response. >> accused to have the army, to send the muslim brotherhood for 30 years behind bars but he never scared us. and we work again, as positions for 30 years we were -- going to the parliaments and we have a lot of parliamentarians. through phone operators terms and the council, the uhm err parliament, and they never scare us. movement baric established like five mar usual codes. through his era, this never scares us, and we
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keep going, we will keep resisting this kind of bloody coupe. we are working together among the people that are anti-coupe. that's very very big presentation from the egyptian people. again, this kind of bloody coupe. >> i don't think that they accept this besides the international community, and the muslim brotherhood not only in egypt, we are more than 80 countries in the world. thank you for for joining us. >> the west or whatever. >> that brings us to the eend of this edition, thank you for being with us, in washington i'm ray swarez.
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welcome to al jazeera america, i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. our prominent lebanese politician is dead. assassinated in beirut. deadly clashes between egyptian security forces and student protesters. and japan approving the relocation of a controversial u.s. military base. ♪ we continue to follow that assassination today in beirut, a


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