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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 29, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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gls this is al jazeera. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello there welcome to the al jazeera news hour. from doha and london these are the top stories. a suicide bomber attacked a russian train station. more than a dozen people are killed. tension remains high in south sudan, the rebels moving on the city. >> weeks of protest in kiev.
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and protestors march on the capitol. >> a head injury in a sea accident. >> a suicide bomber has attacked a train station in southern russia killing at least 15 people, another 34 have been injured. it happened in the southern city of volgograd. comes just months before the russian winter olympics are set to start. >> a body lice on the ground -- lies on the ground as merge services the blast captured on camera. the station was packed with thousands of people leaving on their christmas holidays.
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inevitably, the attack killed and injured dozens of people. >> according to preliminary information the power of this explosion was the equivalent of 10 kill greams o kilograms of t. prevented the suicide bomber from getting through the metal detector into thing hall at the time there were lots of people because three trains were late. >> seven people died on a suicide bombing, the woman behind that was from the republic of dagustan. sochi lice just 400 kilometers from the troubled districts of chech nachechnya and dagustan.
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troops and security person brought into the region in attempt to lock down these wilkes. in a video earlier this year, leader of the russia's muslim separatists urged his members to use maximum force to disrupt the sochi games. he warned of new violence. his group claimed responsibility for the attacks, including the 2010 moscow underground attack. as the violence continues to claim lives ordinary russians may well be wondering when the next attack will come. >> peter shap is live for us from the russian capital. peter please keep us up to date
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on what is the latest. >> it has gone up by one, 15 dead and 34 injured. one of the injured was a young girl who was just nine years old, her mother sheltered her from the blast. if she hadn't been stopped with the medical at detect -- metal detectors, there would have been carnage on the platforms, absolute carnage. it is suspected that possibly the target of this attack was this moscow express coming into volograd. obviously there is going to be concern about security and there's speculation among police at volgograd that there is a militant network that is able to
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provide the logistics and the bomb making to the so-called black widows, widows of former men who died in the insurgency. that is something the government will have to work on very, very closely. >> this comes at a very sensitive time just weeks before the olympics in sochi. >> that's right. this is an obsession for vladimir putin. there will have to be further drafting of security arrangements here. 30,000 troops and security personnel like i said trying to lock the place down. not just the site of the olympics, sochi, but in the cities around in north caucasus. and which could become very
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vulnerable. this is something the kremlin cannot accept that there's going to be any problems over these winter olympics. >> peter sharp live for us near the russian capital. south sudan says 20,000 armed militia from the white army that's a group said to be loyal to former vice president riek machar is locked in a power struggle with president salva kiir. largely from the ethnic group the nuer. mohamed ado is live from the capital juba. what are are you hearing mohamed? >> well, news about the thousands of white army militia
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marching towards bor, according to government officials these militia is less than 50,000 kilometers. from vice president riek machar but the control of it was taken by government forces a phi days ago. -a few days ago. the white army is called so because of the white ash the men put on their faces. they are tribal militias who come from a subtribe of the nuer community of former vice president riek machar. so far government officials in bor are telling us that government forces have taken positions in and around the town waiting for white army to attack. now the white army has been responsible for most of the
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volatility and violence in the jonglei state involved in cattle reswrestling, and the spiritual leader told them they will have to attack bor and take it otherwise all of them will go blind. >> controlling these fighters, could they fighters be heading to bor under their own steam, not because they have been told to do so by riek machar? >> well, riek machar says the men are allied to him but he says they are not white army. he says they are men who have turned their backs on the government and the south sudan defense forces so he doesn't deny that the men are his supporters. the only thing that he is denying is they are members of
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the ethnic militia, the white army. what we know at the moment is that most of this fighting started after riek machar's falout with president salva kiir, that is why the government says these men are acting on the orders of riek machar. >> okay, mohamed, thank you very much. mohamed ado live for us from the capital of juba. central african republic, thousands have people have immigrated to chad. muslims and chifntmuslims and cn targeting one another.
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car bomb from the lebanese capital on friday. >> an honorary medal from the lebanese president. other lebanese dignitaries lined up for a former farewell to the former government minister and ambassador. security was tight in central beirut as mourners gathered. the bodies of he and his bodyguard, hariri, the former lebanese minister, was himself the victim of a car bombing more than eight years ago. these mourners said they would remain defiant. >> i intend to participate in his funeral and that we do exist. if they think they can kim us all we are still standing. >> we don't want political
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parties. it's enough, we don't want hezbollah or anyone else, we want a real government. >> reporter: among people here, age are at the assassination of mohamed chata but despair there is very little they can do to stop assassinations like this in the future. march 14th alliance told the crowd that the way things were before the assassination would not be after his death. >> translator: we have a date with you at the squares for democratic and peaceful action. we decided to liberate our company from the occupation of arms. we have decided to liberate our country. >> senora was referring to the arsenal of weapons held by the pro-hezbollah government. support of a new government that doesn't include hezbollah. and it also wants to pressure the group to give up its arms.
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although chattaness's funeral, supporters out on the streets, whether protestors take to the streets or not, war-weary lebanese are bracing themselves for more trouble in the coming weeks. rula amin, al jazeera, downtown beirut. >> car bomb has gone off at an army intelligence building, in a province with 100 kilometers north of cairo. it is the second attack on security forces in the nile delta in less than a week. and for a second day egyptian security forces have gone inside al asah university.
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firing rubber bullets at protesting students. peter tell us about this latest attack on security forces. >> well, we don't have a great deal more information but the security services have told us that there were three men that were spotted leaving the car apparently left the vehicle packed with 20 kilograms. debt necessitated the device before escaping. authorities say they have cordoned off the city and are in search of the people who were responsible for detonating the dwis. we don't know which group was behind i.t. nobody has made any claims of responsibility and the government has yet to make any statements as to who they think was behind it. >> and yet another protest at the university in cairo. does it appear that the protest movement still has momentum or
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is it in fact losing steam? >> very difficult to say at this stage. what we saw were demonstrations dedicate at the university. we haven't seen too much activity in other parts of egypt. that would seem to be some fairly major clashes. we have seen police move through the university dorms, firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse any groups of students who were trying to congregate and form a critical mass and launch their own demonstration. police say at least 32 people have already been arrested but it's hard to know just how much longer the students can sustain these kinds of protests and keep having people getting arrested. and whether or not this is going to spread again into further parts of the cup. i think there are a number of naments who say we -- analysts who say we can expect more
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demonstrations to continue before this dies down. just how much momentum the protestors have whether they can bring the balance of political opinion behind them or whether the government can maintain its momentum and crack down and get support for its crack down on what it's describing a terrorist movement. >> thank you peter, peter gress everyr live from cairo. there's lots more to come from the news hour, including anger, protests against the next week's election. getting aid into syria ask getting to be increasingly challenging. and england lose to australia again. series white wash, details later in sports.
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tens of thousands of antigovernmental protestors have once again gathered in the ukrainian capitol kiev. celcelleenselena welcome. >> jennifer glasse is live for us now in kiev. jennifer, big demonstrations today but not as big as we've seen previously. what can you tell us? >> that's right, cellee celine. 18th government demonstrations for five weeks now just entering
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our sixth week, here on the square because it's a sunday about the opposition leaders spoke on a stage behind me and several thousand people came out. the square was pretty crowded. but there was also another demonstration about 13 miles, 22 kilometers outside the city near the president's house. >> hundreds of ukrainians took their protests to the streets. trying to reach the palatial residence of viktor yanukovych. trying to get him to hold elections. demands have gone unabsenced. >> we're not here for money, we're not here for any kind of privileges. we're at independence square for ourselves, for our families, for our future. >> reporter: demonstrators first converged on independence square after november, when yanukovych refused an association deal with the european union. the demonstrations were tens of
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thousands, but they have waned. even with hundreds of riot police blocking the road to the president's house the demonstration was peaceful. the question now is, what's next? the demonstrations seem to have run their course. and opposition leaders are relying on a new civil society movement to take the momentum started here and turn it into real change in ukraine's cities and region. >> and jennifer with as you mentioned these numbers dwindling, presumably that eases a little of the pressure on president yanukovych. what does that mean from the opposition movement? >> the opposition is relying on this new civil movement. they say that the people of ukraine have changed. they recognized their power and they are going to take these ideas that started here in independence square home to their cities and towns and pressure the government more and more. the government has shown no inclination to change anything, the opposition leaders think that the demonstrations really are running their course.
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the next big events we're expecting here on independence square is new year's eve where they've asked people to come out and celebrate but what they hope is real change in 2014 they would like to force early presidential elections which aren't scheduled until 2015. they say they have lots of support and they will continuing pressuring the government any way they can. >> jennifer glasse in kiev. now some of the other news from around europe, asupertax on high ernlers, 75% on people earning more than 1 million euro a year. the many promote has brought protests. a ferry bound for the netherlands, passengers were
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prepared to abandon the ship sick people were air lipted to hospital after breathing in smoke. the boat was able to return safely to port in northern england. protest at a russian arctic oil rig has left greenpeace through from st. petersburg to warsaw, the activists were freed on bail in november and pardoned earlier this month. pope francis has called on catholics to show solidarity with refugees around the world on his weekly angeles prayer. up to date with the news in europe, let's take you back to dna. >> thank you very much, selena. bangladesh death of a 21-year-old student.
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opposition activists have rallied in the capital taka banning large political gatherings, protestors want the government to resign. more from daka expwhrp a very -- >> a very tense situation in taka city, people are afraid that there will be more confrontation and more sproinls, ruling party members were taking part with police and clashes with opposition member in the capitol city. that is something we saw in the district in the last two months but not something in the capitol within the last one month. with the opposition leader vowing with the continue to march for democracy, next day and the day after, nature of the controversy may take another dimension. with election looming just about a week away, along with the fact
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that most citiics and people are saying that this election has not legitimacy, parties participating in the election in most day? most are asking how. >> the party of myanmar's opposition leader ann son runnir presidential. the national league for democracy said i.t. was undemocratic. protestors say they want prime minister yingluck shinawatra to resign. since 2005, the country has seen various rounds of street protests. this one, similar to the ones in 2005 and 2008, are target ed at
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the shinawatra family. still calls the shots through his sister, the current prime minister. just like in 2006, the main opposition party will boycott snap elections scheduled for february. some analysts believe the decision is tactical. >> youth right victory, being government is not because they win the election. therefore, they probably felt, been, it's impossible for them to have a big chance to win. in this coming election. that maybe in the back of their mind, whether they admit it or not. >> but the boycott could prompt a crisis just like it did seven yeerlings. under thai law, unopposed candidates have to win at least 20% of eligible votes. in 2006, several seats were declared vacant because of this. prompting the constitutional court to annul the results. before another election could be
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held, the military staged a coup and removed then prime minister thathaksiingsm. >> the fact of the marty is, we have nothing to gain from a coup. we are not going to be part of the government, any power structure, if there is coup. what we are trying to do is somehow regain a trust that all political parties have lost given failed politics of the last decade. >> reporter: after the coup appeared that supported thaksim, rounded another, which ended only after the military moved in. politics in thailand is never a straightforward affair and recent history has shown no matter which side wins, the
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rifts stay open long after. florence louie, al jazeera bangkok. elections in south africa will be held next april. many will not be voting for his party. how race divides the country. >> this is the capetown you won't see in tourist brochures. mixed race known under the apartheid system as colored. the western cape is the only province not held by the anc. in 1994, they supported the national party which introduced apartheid. the party considered to be predominantly white. tiny aaron raf says these people
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were treated better under apractitioner tight than blacks so feel marginalized by whites. >> came into the area in pursuit of jobs and other facilities. in many respects what happened to colored people is they identified with the europeans and disassociated themselves. >> some people we spoke to at this market said race is an issue but it comes down to who governs better. >> translator: it's because people watch tv, read the papers and they see corruption in the anc and fraud and it's the people inside governments that do those things. >> reporter: just like the annc has struggled to reduce there discrimination. drug abuse and a big gang problem but it also seems as if the people here have no intention of exchanging their
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voting patterns at next year's election. on this side of table mountain the complexities of apartheid are difficult. tanya capetown, south africa. >> coming up after the break: why the price of this play station in brazil cost five times worldwide. the plan to attract more tourists in 2014, that report still ahead. in sports, nicholas anelka is in trouble, details with jo. cruz police. their locked, loaded, armed with
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a computer program that could change everything. >> we found that the model was just incredibly accurate at predicting the times and locations where these crimes were likely to occur. >> alright, where are we going? >> put your hands behind your back. >> can science predict crime before it happens?
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the stream is uniquely interactive television. we depend on you, >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> so join the conversation and make it your own.
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>> the stream. weeknights 7:30 et / 4:30 pt on al jazeera america and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> hi there, welcome back. the top stories are here on al jazeera. at least 15 people have been killed in a suicide attack in the southern russian city of volgograd. the explosion held just --
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happened just weeks before the government held winter olympics. white army is trying to capture the city of bor. lebanon's former finance minister has been buried in beirut. mohamed chatta was killed on a car bomb on friday, he was a staunch objector to the lebanese government. the suicide bombing in southern russia. no one has claimed responsibility yet for the blast but similar attacks have been linked with islamist groups, leader doko imaru is one of russia's most wanted men. umanov has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing almost three years ago,
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often employ female suicide bombers known as black widows. joining us live from london, thank you very much for joining us here on al jazeera. now, who do you think might be behind this latest attack? >> very doubt really that it is as you say, the chechnya separatists, who are under orders to maximize attacks against what he described on a video that he distributed as the satanic games which begin in sochi early in february and are very much a major prestige project, not only for russia but
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of course for president putin. >> doko umanov did post this video. why volgograd though? >> well it's a city of a million people. it's not absolutely on the border. it's a much softer target than moscow. we already knew that such a campaign was likely to be launched. also, there is a basis of muslims amongst the population there. and it's been used as you reported only in october for a similar type bomb by these black widows who are sometimes attributed to be genuine widows of chechia chechnyan militants,h
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began with the russian occupation which began in 1994. >> well this latest bombing will not have to be on soviet soil to attract attention. >> no, exactly. and that's what i mean by being a softer target. sochi itself will be as heavily guarded as anything, the russians can manage. but these days, of modern communication, you don't have to go very far away and do the same thing to get maximum world publicity. this is already leading the news around the world, and has come only days after putin was trying to gain kudos by announcing an amnesty and appearing at a marathon press conference as the rural of all russia. is. >> this sort of negative publicity will be the last thing he would want.
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christopher walker thank you very much for speaking to us. the u.n. has been flying aid into syria from northern iraq for past two weeks but those flights are about to end cutting off a crucial life line to thousands of people caught in the war. imran khan reports from the kurdistan region of northern iraq. >> reporter: the pallets of cargo are loaded, final plans begin. much needed supply of blankets, sanitation and the flights began on the 17th of december for the u.n.hcr, they say i.t. has taken a massive effort. >> now we are transporting it to syria. >> reporter: getting all the
10:36 am
permission to run aid flights has been a difficult business. dendar zabari was part of those talks and is saying the kurdistan government has been part of the transportation of flights. >> united nations offices in geneva, as well as with the syrian foreign officials. it has been an iraqi, us and syrian agreement. for only facilitated that flig flight, to the airport. >> back on the apron and the old russian cargo plane dating back to the 70s and its mainly koranian crew are ready to go. they won't let us get onto this
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flight and that gives you an indication of how politically charged these flierts. all the relevant players will discuss whether to try and keep what they're calling a humanitarian corridor open for more of these flights into syria. but these flight is have evenly been allowed to take place is a success for the u.n. agency. political will that needs to come from damascus, baghdad and the kurdistan regional government. imran khan, at pakistan regional airport. musharraf faces treason charges and is scheduled to go on trial in january. from our reporter has been talking to him. >> after four years in self
10:38 am
imposed compile, pervez musharraf returned to pakistan by in his own words to save the country. since then it would appear his real challenge has been to save himself. the former military ruler has been named in a number of criminal cases stemming from the time he was in power, allegations that he was involved in the assassination of the former prime minister benazir butto. the case stems from the state of emergency he imposed in 2007. during that time he detained several chief justices, sparking widespread disapproval.
10:39 am
the man he ousted in a military coup in 1999. >> in government, he can influence, he is showing vendetta, i expect justice from the courts. >> you say nua sharrivua nu shaa vendetta, explain to me. >> either it's being done by him or the ex-chief justice and they are both being vindictive. if you see all the cases that we're talking of of, benazir case, now this article 6 all of them smack of injustice and some, some force behind the scene influencing justice.
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>> genera >> general me musharrif -- >> they are extremely disposed to me and they are very, very -- >> about what? >> about whatever is happening to me and aol musharraf's leel troubles are far from over, he vows to fight until this is over. >> you can watch that interview on talk to al jazeera. the crew of a russian ship, a chinese ice breaker called the snow dragon failed oget through
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but may make another attempt in the next few hours. an australian ice breaker is also on the way. high taxes mean many things and more expensive than anywhere else in the world. gabriel allesandro reports from sao paulo. >> largest individual joe game show in lat ifn america. it is the annual brazil game show and this year video fanatics waited in line for up to four hours for a chance to get to try this, the soon to be released sony play station 4. but in brazil the gaming device will cost about $1900, making it more expensive than anywhere else in the world and five times more than the suggested retail price in the u.s. 60% of the price sony says is due to brazilian taxes. >> if i have the opportunity to buy it it will be abroad.
10:42 am
>> it's going to be sold initially to the brazilian elite. for it to become popular the price has to be reduced. otherwise, no chance people can buy it. >> reporter: but it's not just imported video games that are expensive here. everything is, from eating out to buying groceries to new cars, expect to pay more in brazil. there are lots of reasons for it. but some of it is because brazil has some of the highest taxes anywhere in the world. >> translator: the tax rate in brazil was 36% of gdp. and this is equivalent to the taxes paid in developing countries that have better services. today we have a big government bureaucracy and the people's taxes end up supporting this bureaucracy. the government ends up consuming a lot of the wealth. >> reporter: in downtown sao paulo this meter calculates how
10:43 am
much brazillians are paying for goods and services every day. that's about $550 billion just in the next two minutes or so that you're watching the story that meter will go up by about $1.3 million. at this credit counseling center the line is out the door. representative of a slowing economy and people increasingly in debt to paying for the spending from the boom years. rising inflation and a slow down in consumer spending are changing the economic dynamics in this country. but back at the game show they're anxiously awaiting to buy the fanciest new games when they hit the stores but here they have to save a lot more money to pay for them. gabriel alesandro, al jazeera, sao paulo. >> tolstoy in the digital worl world,.
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>> and seven time formula 1 racer is injured. jo will be here with the detailed.
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>> welcome back. with its ancient ruins and untouched landscapes, iran is home to some of the world's best cultural pleasures. but largely unseen by foreign toutourists, things have change.
10:46 am
soraya lenny has the story. >> dizin is 3600 meters up and one of the country's major attractions. locals know it and now foreigners are catching on too. >> i think it's really nice. so much better than in germany. there's always sun and the snow is really good. >> the location is really great because of the mountain and we are astonished little bit positively spoken because the mountains are really high and snow quality is great. >> iran's president is aiming to attract 10 million foreign visitors each year an increase from the current 4 million comprising mostly of religious and medical tourists, and with iran's good ties to china, many are likely to be from there. >> now you know china has developed very fast and the people's leading is go high and most of chinese want to go
10:47 am
abroad to have a visit of some other countries such as iran. >> reporter: but in order to handle more people the country needs investment including on the ski fields. >> translator: the equipment is old, over the past 27 to 28 years it's remained the same and just three new facilities have been added. but the ski field has so much potential. the whole million can be used. i hope investors invest more and make it bigger and bigger so we can introduce it to the world, secure its future and make money. >> reporter: it's not hard to see why dizin is seen, more than 2,000 people come here every week, iranians and foreigners as well, iran's national teams for skiing and snowboarding mrs. use these slopes for training.
10:48 am
with four seasons, the government knows tourism is a largely untapped sector. that's why the current government is reorganizing the tourism industry. to take advantage of iran's diversity and this year's increase in the number of visitors. >> translator: i think there are two reasons. first it's related to the presidential election of hassan rouhani. the other reason is the safety and stability that iran enjoys compared with other regional countries. but the most important issue is that there is a new attitude for cultural visitors to come visit iran. for instance, this christmas season, more than 200,000 visitors have decided to spend the holiday in iran. now more and more tourists arriving from abroad they are learning to share them for the benefit of all.
10:49 am
soraya lenny. al jazeera, iran. all right jo. >> michael shoemaker has received a serious head injury. in the frenc french alps. shoemaker retired from competition. on the brink of an ashes series white wash after a comprehensive win from melbourne. four t on day 4. england were let down badly by
10:50 am
their captain al stair cook. who dropped two catches in the first hour. take it on the chin if the celebratingors would find a better man for the job. 5-nil route of the 2006-2007 series, in this week's final sydney test. >> that's what kind of we need in sydney now, we need an outstanding hundred and an outstanding fiver, team that's struggling at the moment. >> i think it's a very special win for a number of reasons. obviously the fact that a lot of people thought we would come here complacent and not have the same willpower to continue to play as we played in the first three matches. we found ou ourselves behind ine game and turned that around and win convincingly today. i think the boys have a lot of
10:51 am
credit. farewell test match, ca cala srveg, removed independent yah's opening, trail 98 runs with eight wict wicts wick et ceter . french spornts ministers described the celebration as disgusting and antisemitic. the salute is athe signature gesture of a french comedian. a nazi salute in reverse. in the days other early game evanson had a two-win.
10:52 am
chelsea takes on liverpool also on sunday. frank lampard is likely to return. surprisingly though, manager josie maringne. >> is the reality of the last years. so leave us there, leave us there, comes we do our job, we try to finish top four and if you manage to be in the top four, let's see what we can do. >> well it's a huge day in the nfl. the last of the regular season. sunday sees teams fight it out for a place in the playoffs. some have already secured their places in the playoffs. five teams are guaranteed places in the top, but baltimore miami, pittsburgh and san diego will fight for their place a little
10:53 am
later. in the national football conference there is still six teams vying for a place in the playoffs with only carolina, san francisco and seattle having made it through. all 32 teams play this sunday. norwegian skier axel svindal won the men's downhill race in italy on sunday. the victory is his fourth of the olympic season and takes him to 195 points ahead of two time have olympia champion. tennis's cup, needed just 57 minutes to beat anna belle rodriguez, rm straight sets 6-2, 6-2 which gave the czechs an
10:54 am
unassailable 2-0 lead. that was combined to win the mixed doubles 6-3, 6-4. and poland has taken a 2-0 lead. 6-3, 6-7, 6-2. in 7-6, 6-3. plenty more on our website, check out we have a year in review section for you to look back at some of the best and worst sporting moments from 2013, plus we have got blogs and video clips from our correspondents across the world, ldges/sports. >> thank you very much. well he was the russian master novelist whose works inspired many great thinkers, including ma hath ma gandhi and
10:55 am
martin luther king. can david cheda has been to tolstoy's estate outside moscow. >> reporter: this is the voice of the 19th centuries russian writer leo tolstoy, widely considered one of the world's greatest novellives, such as war and peace and anna karenena. this remarkable footage shows him in his final years at his country estate. we caught up with his great great granddaughter at his house in moscow. now the tolstoy museum. she was in the middle of a photo shoot for a magazine. she has been behind the push to put a new generation literally in touch with his heritage online. >> translator: i wanted people to return to reading tolstoy with all the ways that modern
10:56 am
technology now offers. this is part of our heritage. not all of it has been on the internet yet but it should be available to everyone. only 2,000 copies of his complete werks were ever published, bshes works were ever published, impossible to buy. >> it is this russian company charged with getting tolstoy's works online. not only his writings but diaries and letters and less well-known works. thousands of readers from around the world have volunteered to help. tolstoy's country estate only attracts a small stream of visitors these days. it is hoped the project will reignite and boost their numbers. night the house everything has been remarkably preserved.
10:57 am
it's as though the distinguished writer has just stepped outside. as he's expected back at any minute. [ bell ringing ] >> reporter: perhaps tolstoy's most famous quote comes from the opening of: every happy families are happy alike. every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. at the end of his life, tolstoy said, i don't need any money for my work. i want to give it to the people. his will is now being granted and in a way he could never have foreseen. david chater, al jazeera. >> do check out our website for all the latest news and lots more al jazeer, gr
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now. studies based -- that have looked at physician prescribing patterns and interactions with big pharma. i think one of the luxuries i have is i'm in academic medicine, and we have a policy that we don't interact with pharmaceutical companies. so i hope that gives me a better perspective. and i think a lot of these doctors aren't having these conversations with their patients because i have countless patients who come to
10:59 am
me and said they have never heard of iud's. so i think there is some impact of that. we know there's an impact of that. and it makes it challenging, you know, to -- to have a completely unbiased view even though we as doctors like to think we have an unbiased view, there has been evidence that shows that they do impact us in some ways. so i think it's important for us to go out and educate our providers too. there is no one size fits all birth control, and there are a lot of options that work for women. >> we want to take a closer look, are there unique challenges facing women in minority communities when
11:00 am
... >> welcome to al jazeera america. i am del walters. these are the stories we are following for you: a suicide bomber striking at a train station in southern russia. at least 15 people now dead. >> in south sudan, military maneuvers that could jeopardize a possible cease fire in a conflict that has displaced tens of thousands. also, it was once one of the most glamorous prices ski in the world. the efforts to put iran back on the tourist map. >> with big games in college football, a look at the most valuable team in the ncaa.


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