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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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check check >> iraqi police break up a sunni protest camp and 44 members of the parliament quit. >> hello, welcome to al jazeera, live from doha. also on the program - russia ramps up security after two suicide bombings in as many days. the latest from one of the hospitals. >> five political prisoners released in myanmar. all the others will be freed soon, say the country's leaders. >> a warm welcome home for the palestinians released from an israeli gaol.
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>> we begin in iraq where the sectarian conflict between sunni and shia muslims appear to be worsening. dozens of sunni mps have resigned. 20 people have been killed between protesters and security forces. these are the latest pictures from ramadi. police removed tents put up by the protesters. >> violence in fallujah killed another 10. iraqi sunnis say they have enough of what they call marginalisation by the shia led government. >> in the city of fallujah, armed men burnt a military vehicle, taking control of government and security officers. other gunmen blocked a highway into the city to stop government forces from approaching.
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all this happened as 44 iraqi members of parliament announced they'd resign. they are demanding the army get out of ramadi, the largest city here, and that a prominent sunni politician be released. >> i received the resignation from members of parliament. i'll do my best with the government institutions and international community. we are asking the government to answer the demands of the protesters, and to pull back their troops. >> in ramadi the army cleared protesters from their year-old sit-in. >> last night there were 30 al qaeda members there. we don't know who gave them the information. they fled when they found out the government forces were approaching. most of them ran away. >> sunnis say they are being treated unfairly by the shia
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dominated government. there has been unrest for months. >> we hold the government of nouri al-maliki responsible. we condemn the military for firing at unarmed civilians. we asked tribal leaders not to get involved. >> there has been trouble in the capital baghdad. protests and roads blocked. gunmen say they took control of a road and set military vehicles alight. the government wants the violence contained, especially with elections due in april. now it's struggling to do so. >> the exsild vice president of iraq gave up his post. he is calling on saudi arabia to help the muslim population. >> enough is enough. everyone has a cause, but we face two main problems. we lack a unified project on a
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country that supports our course. those on the other side of the divide has a project and state that is backing them. we need a gulf country that is supporting our cause. i say this in front of all. saudi arabia should play a role. >> two people have died from sunday's suicide bombing in russia. security has been stepped up ahead of the winter olympics. authorities are linking the two events. suggestions are already being made on who could be behind the attacks. >> you will until recently insurgents confined activities to the rural areas of the northern caucuses in an attempt to create an islamic state. the two attacks - the one at the train station and the trolley bus attack on monday - showed that the insurgents have the reach to hit soft targets in big
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transportation hubs like volgograd. the head of the ffb has arrived in the city and evidence here is pointing to the fact that both those attacks were carried out by the same group. the explosives found at the scope, the shrapnel used are both almost identical. now the work begins to try to find out where this team is. there are reports or are reports here that investigating officers believe there is an existence of a cell of insurgens in the city, which is able to supply food, accommodation, logistics, arms, ammunition and explosives. >> palestine prisoners have been welcomed back home after being freed from israeli gaols. the 36 inmates are a batch of 104 being released. victims' families in israel are
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protesting their freedom. the palestine president is delighted. >> translation: this day is a happy day for all of us. for our people, our families and for our hero prisoners who were free today to live free. they were free in the prisons. >> not everyone was happy. dozens of israeli demonstrators gathered in jerusalem to celebrate the release. >> there's more fighting on the outskirts between the sudanese down of bor, it was seized shortly by supporters of riek machar, but was retaken by the government forces. >> tell us about the latest fighting, mohammed adow.
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>> we hear that there is fresh fighting in bor, the capital of south sudan's jonglei state. the government defense forces confirmed that the fighting began early in the morning after rebel forces loyal to former vice president supported by tribal militias known as the white army attacked. and it's been confirmed that fresh fighting caused displacement to people, going the u.n. base. most of the fighting is taking place in bor and malabbinga, the capitals of south sudan's oil-producing religions, in malabbingal the fighting cost a massive destruction and high death toll. the town is in the hands of government troops, displaced
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residents are not confident enough to return to their hotels. >> recent fighting turned bus lipping malabbinga into a ghost town. apart from government soldiers, the town is almost deserted. this is the commander of the government forces who control it. the fighting was a continuation that started in juba. we withdrew from the town when they attacked. three days later, they began looting. we recaptured the town from them. >> bodies lie in the street, eerie reminders of the battles that took place there. >> in a town square, dozens of bodies are buried. hundreds lost their lives. some of the residents told us the rebels set up a base outside the town, a claim the military commander denies. >> if you head in and heard
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gunfire, we are in control of malabbinga, we'll defend it. >> the town center was the worst hit. this is malabbinga's main market. here some of the worst mighting happened. we were told that the market was looted during the fighting and after it ended. >> most of the jobs at the market were banned. days later some are smouldering. with south sudan's poor infrastructure and transport network, it will be a while before supplies of food and medicine arrive in this town. >> translation: we are hungry, there's no food in town. those with money have nowhere to buy food. >> most of the residents sought shelter. it's unlikely they'll return to their homes, at least as long as the rebels are nearby. >> with the latest fighting what hope is any that a deadline for
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a ceasefire can be met? >> well, the fresh fighting is a huge setback for the efforts by leaders to try to bring the two sides to talks to negotiate a peaceful solution to the crisis engulfing south sudan. east african leaders have given until today for riek machar, the former vice president to talk with the government. it looks as if the deadline will go without anything being had. the capacity of the rebels seems to be, to get as much before. these publican leaders - all the other countries, five of them have borders with south sudan, and the forward is that if the counter conflict continues, it could upset the ability of this
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country. so they are saying the force - they might deploy the support of government troops in dislodging the riek machar forces. >> thank you for that update from juba. coming up all the latest from northern island, where the latest peace talks between loyalists and nationalist leaders failed to reach an agreement. a dignified burial for the victim's of uganda's civil war.
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>> hello again. these are the top stories this hour on al jazeera. in iraq the shia muslim-led government cleared sunni protest camps in ramadi. 10 were killed when security forces raided the anti--government sit in. 10 mps resigned from parliament in protest. >> security is being increased in russia in the rup -- run up to the winter olympics. after attacks in volgograd killed 30 people. >> palestinians are welcomed home after being freed from israeli gaol. they are the scan batch released in the hope they it will start
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talks between palestines and israelis. >> we have a report on how this affects people. >> this woman has been waiting for this moment for 21 years. nobody could stand between her and adnap, he's been released from an israeli prison. the first person he hugged was his mother. >> we asked how she felt. >> translation: my heart is trembling. >> 10 miles away bella remembers the day her life changed forever. she was wearing this dress. >> i give the life for the terrorist. >> in 1992 bella was walking in a jerusalem market when 21 adnone approached him. he stabbed an israeli boy. bella shielded him. >> translation: i felt a wait on
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him. i knew they would kill me. they said if you don't go on the side we'll kill you. >> for 27 minutes he has adnan's shield. >> israelis spit op her. >> translation: i chose to santify life, mine and the terrorist. as part of the ongoing peace talks israel agreed to release palestine prisoners. >> as a welcome home gift, families are building him a house. they know what bella did and they thank her. >> translation: she had shown humanity. we would have done the same >> some labelled bella a hero. because of her parliament made it a crime to yell, "death to arabs." then came the death threats >> translation: i was socially
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ostracised. >> bella stands with israelis protesting his release. adnan's family call him a hero. >> i'm proud of him, happy with what he did. >> that shocked bella. saying she'll only wear the dress in adnan announces violence, only if there is peace or she'll be buried in it. she doesn't know which will happen first. if bella focuses on the past, adnan starts his new life. >> with this reception, it's as if i was never imprisoned. >> bella helped to give him this chance. he feels he doesn't need anyone to save him any more. >> myanmar's president appears to be making good on his province to release political prisoners. five from released and more next week. it's a result of monday's
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presidential pardon. conterms of government and other offenses. let's say the prisoner release and pardon is for the government of myanmar to redefine his image. >> 200 that are facing investigation at the moment, and that are also subject to imprisonment. but it's interesting to think about what is happening at the moment. there seems to be a significant effort pasted on appearances. the government of mean par is working hard to get the form right, the appearances right. the timing is consistent and with a plan they have for 2014 to be a significant year for myanmar. they have the chairmanship of the association of south-east asian nations for 2014. they have a relatively
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successful south-east nation games in which myanmar came second, which is an extraordinary achievement from myanmar. they are proud of their achievement in their new capital, and there's a lot of effort put into making the country look like it's successful, making the government look like it's successful and part of this is because of grave fear about the success of aung san suy kyi's party, the national league for democracy. >> south korean leaders joined china and denouncing a japanese prime minister's visit to a shrine. yasukuni is a symbol of japan's aggression during the world war ii. >> 100,000 people were killed during uganda's long civil law. the rebels lord resistance army
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targeted civilians. they were chased out of sudan. many bodies are now being laid to rest. we have this report. >> patrick's mother lucy was shot dead by rebels from the lord's resistance army. he is going to dig up her grave and take her body to the ancestral home. friends and family are here to help. she was killed when rebels attacked a camp for the displaced. they massacred people living there. >> everything was put on the civilian. >> the survivors fled. those that could collect the bodies of loved one have to bury them elsewhere >> on 19 may 2004 the rebels attacked. running into the camp shooting
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at people. others were forced into the hut. there's a memorial here that lists their name. mane were abducted. the area was deemed unsafe. very have to take the dead with them. they couldn't be buried in their ancestral home. >> people believe the spirits of the dead can affect the living. the blood thought to cleanse. the ritual gives the family peace of mind. >> the war left northern uganda poor. a charity paid the cost of transporting the victims to their rightful resting places. >> back then a coffin was out of the question. now with outside support there's more dignity. >> lucy's remains are laid to rest in the proper location. nobody here cries. that's on done at the time of
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death. emotions run strong. >> i have lost a mum. i have done my best to please the soul of my mum. she will be glad with me, she's not neglected elsewhere, she's at home. >> home is now a place to celebrate lucy's life. the goat is cooked and eaten. neighbours and passers-by are welcome. we are invited to join. killings and abductions left communities shattered. reburials help to put some of the pieces back together. >> three soldiers have been killed in a car bomb explosion in yemen's southern city of aiden. the attack targeted the security headquarters. nobody claimed responsibility, a
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day after clashes between the military and tribunalsman in the south killed -- tribunals men in the south killed eight people. >> loyalalists and nationalists have been talking though the night to resolve outstanding issues in the peace protest. discussions in belfast focus on three themes - the past, parades and flags. u.s. peace envoy and chair of the talks says although an agreement has not been reached, significant progress has been made. all parties are optimistic that a deal can be reached. >> from showdown to shutdown. 2013 was the year u.s. lawmakers chose to govern by crisis. they are now paying the price. congressional approval ratings are at a low. midterm elections due in 2014, the chances of an yest may be
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unlikely. >> what is good about your community, the fact that they are building it up. >> on most days this community organiser is working to solve washington d.c.'s residents bigger problems. as a community organiser she trains people to get more from the government, including the u.s. congress. she's frustrated with her elected representative. >> they are not working for me for the average american citizen. it's a view shared by most americans. approval rate inks, 24%, some of the lowest in history. by most accounts 2013 is the most pretuctive year. >> despite heated debate over pressing domestic issues, politicians could not agree over gun law, to allow $11 million
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undocumented a chance at citizenship. the u.s. congress passed 60 bills, fewer than the 295 passed. truman labelled then the body a do-nothing congress. despite congress members collecting a salary of $170,000, most issues were unaddressed. >> they have done damage to the country. they hurt our economy, the international economy. they have left children in the cold, not going to school, making sure people are not eating and made the defense department not ready. >> some of the biggest stories to come out of congress had little to do with legislation and a lot to do with political point scoring. instead of taking up high priority issues. the party voted more than 40 times to repeal president obama's health care law, forcing a shutdown in october for
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16 days. >> i do not green egs and ham, i do not like them, sam i m >> the upper chamber was not much better. their ted cruz held up legislation for a day to protest health care reform, reading at times from a book with dr seuss. >> there is no justification. if - when i got hired to do a job, i get fired when i don't do my job. the pay is cut. they don't suffer the consequences. it seems unlikely 2014 will be better. in 10 months the majority of congress will be up for election. politicians will focus not on legislative, but on campaigning to keep their seats. >> a flight from florida to cuba
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landed. nine passengers were booked on a small private charter to havana, visiting organic farms in cuba. >> a massive cloud of smoke caused an evacuation order. crude oil caught fire along with another cargo train. not that long ago new york was one of the most violent places in the world. crime figures are the lowest on record. outgoing mayor took the credit but community leaders see it differently. ♪ say can you see... ♪ >> new york's finesest and newest. the 171 officers graduated and they are safer than ever. >> if you compared this decade to the previous era's murder
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rate. we can say we have saved more than 9,200 lives. up until last sunday there were 300 whom sides, down 50% from 2001. 1001 shootings, down 2%. mayor michael bloomberg and political chief ray kelly say it's because of stop and frisk and operation crew cut targetting people. focussing on people, crews, drug cannings. turns out to be effective. >> in brownsville there's a different way of thinking. this is one of new york's violent neighbourhoods, home to the streets and online. >> shandook used to run with a crew. >> i was looking forward to it. every day i got up and found any way of being violent.
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i got into it. >> he served a total of 15 years in prison. then he got out, clean and married. now he works with community leaders stopping boys from getting into gang violence. >> who is doing the work. it's going on daily, in total to the communities, the mothers, the children. going up in the schools. >> when a 1-year-old boy was shot in brownsville the n.y.p.d. had no leads. within a few hours locals led them to the shooter. >> the intersection is known as the belly of the beast, surrounded by seven different housing developments and street crews living in and around the area. the app mosty is so strong, but if you wind up on the wrong side of the street you are walking into trouble. the violence inspired a concept called occupy the borders.
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>> the n.y.p.d. are the only ones to be congraduated over the city's impressive crime statistics. >> and a reminder that you can keep up to date with the latest news on our website.


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