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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> good afternoon, and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford, here are the stories that we're following for you rite now. fighting for fallujah, a key iraqi city, no more u.s. troops on the ground, says the u.s. hundreds of thousands of people serve search for a safe haven in south sudan. opposition boycott, then dangerously frigid temperatures in green bay where nfl fans gear up for what's the coldest nfl game on record.
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is good afternoon and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford. deadly sectarian violence continues to escalate in iraq from the capital to its western provinces. in baghdad today, another series of suspected sunni militant car bombs killed as many as 100 people. meanwhile, battling iraqi security forces right near fallujah. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. will support the iraqi government but wouldn't put any more troops on the ground. the anbar province is notorious for, slammic state of iraq and the levant are reportedly still in control of two key cities there. al jazeera's imran khan has the story. >> the iraqi army is ready to go
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into fallujah and fight the group isil. other tribes disagreed saying isil fighters were in fact protecting fallujah. the standoff is the indication of the standoff of sunni tribes and the shia led government. now nouri al maliki, has the upper hand. >> the army provides the tribes with all the weapons they need against the terrorists, one or two days to expel the armed groups. >> reporter: but one or two days may be optimistic. surgical air strikes against the isil fighters. getting rid of the fighters there will prove to be more challenging. only adding to the worries of
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the iraqi government are increasingly vocal critics of the prime minister. >> we call on the government to call on the demands of the people, demands that are not related to terrorism by any means. worse things may happen especially of what's happening in the region. >> reporter: the reason for the criticism is simple. general elections are scheduled for late april. all the political parties will be looking to get themselves into the best position they can around forcing prime minister maliki into the situation? imran khan, al jazeera. >> at least 16 people have died in election related violence in bangladesh. despite pretty tight security heading into those polls. 300 parliamentary seats are up for grabs but the main opposition party is boycotting the vote leaving more than half
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of those seats now uncontested. more than 50,000 troops are deployed all around the country and the u.s. and eu refuse to send monitors, because the conditions are not set for full and fair elections. all calm in the capital dhaka. >> to rm the constitution of bangladesh. >> the opposition once held an election like this themselves. this time they should have taken part for the sake of the country. >> reporter: outside the capital a quite different picture of polling stations looted and burning. and victims of political
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violence, hundreds of dead and thousands injured in the past yearful of them innocent bystanders, violence that has been the, prime minister under virtual house arrest and sheik hasina who didn't need to vote her own seat was uncontested. streets were quiet, eerily so. this was no ordinary election. among those i spoke to, one young man of a generation that expects more of their politicians. >> we need a leader actually, we are lack of a good leader. a good leader could solve this problem very easily. >> reporter: the outcome of this election isn't in doubt of course but the question ofcy,
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the government will plain the opposition for its boycott and for political violence that may have prevented many from voting. but add to all of that heavy international criticism and it's clear that the government will struggle to establish any credibility or popular mandate moving forward leaving really only one likely prognosis for the months ahead. this may are more days when the streets of dhaka are deceptively quiet. more days when the threat of violence keeps people in their homes and away from work. more uncertainty in a country that desperately would have liked to put the turmoil of recent months behind it. jonah hall, al jazeera, dhaka. red cross says most of the country's displaced people are now located. the fighting began last month
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when south sudan's president accused his former vice president of trying to overthrow him. the attempted coup triggered fighting between rebel factions divide along ethnic lines. secretary of state john kerry says the negotiations have to be serious, they cannot be a delay tactic, to continue the fighting on the ground at the expense of the people of south sudan. we will work to avoid force to gain power. u.n. bays in juba, it's the only refuge they can find. more than a thousand people have already died. 200,000 others are on the move because of fierce fighting between rebels and the south sudanese army. the hope of peace lies in neighboring ethiopia where negotiators are trying to thrash out a deal.
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>> we envisage a rapid agreement of the cessation of hostilities, in order to create a conducive atmospheres for discussing outstanding political issues. our people have suffered a lot during the struggle for our independence and do not suffer again at our hands. >> but the rebel delegation is striking a more cautious tone, making a list including release of their political leaders. there political detention, there can be no conducive atmosphere for peace talks. displr the conflict is drawn along ethnic jiens. in july, the president salva kiir who is dinka dismisshis vice president, riek machar, who is nuer.
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>> we need a cessation of hostilities. and that must happen now, people are suffering and dying. and we cannot afford to tolerate people suffering in that way. while politician he haggle. >> after several days of delay, boast parties finally meet at the table on sunday but history is not on their side. for generations, the two tribal groups have battled for dominance and resources. now, they have to decide how to bring peace to the world's youngest nation. that won'ting easy. jerald tan, al jazeera. >> fighting continues in the rebel held region of northern syria. for a third day groups of engaged in clashes with the slawmentiislamic state of iraq e levant. al jazeera nina hoder has that story. >> reporter: syria's armed opposition is pushing forward with what seems to be a
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coordinated offensive against the islamic state in iraq and the levant or isil. the group has been pushed out of its bases, against forces who believe isil hasn't been working for the forces of their revolution. created many states in many areas of the rebel held north imposing their own laws which many in the opposition believe are brutal. irvetionsil for its part has -- front lines if attacks against it continue. warning that regime forces would then be able to retake aleppo in an audio recording the isil said i.t. was being stabbed in the back by some groups involved in a conspiracy that seeks to get rid of al qaeda before planned peace talks in geneva.
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rebel commanders deny they are waging this war on behalf of the international community but there are some who believe i.t. has to do with geneva. >> what we are seeing is who is going to be the negotiators with the regime, and so far there is no unified opposition. actually there is a lot of in-fighting in order to produce a negotiator. >> reporter: the syrian national coalition, the main opposition party in compile has thrown its support against this battle. i.t. has asked the international community to recognize revolutionary forces in the fight against al qaeda. the syrian conflict has spread throughout the region and so has al qaeda's influence. the islamic state in iraq and the le vanity first emerged in iraq a few years ago. the vacuum caused by the war in syria allowed it to set up base
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there, now it has a presence in neighboring lebanon. it at a tacked shia supporters, the war against isil may not have only been declared in syria authorities in iraq and lebanon are also trying to wipe out the group. this may not be an easy battle. ooh another reminder that the war does not have borders. al jazeera, beirut. >> wheel there's progress towards peace in the mud east there's still lot of work to be done. he met king abdall abdalla ii. in jerusalem hammering out a framework of an agreement. direct talks between the two resumed in july after a three-year break.
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doctors treating former descrairl prime minister israel sharon, are say he is fighting for his life. he was the third prime minister. religious schools to study arabic, some of these institutions are now forcing their children to beg. >> at this time of the morning most children in senegal are gettingetting ready to go to sc. but these boys are preparing to go out and beg on the streets of the capital, dacca. getting a bowl is crucial. they live in an islamic school, are their parents sent them here to study the koran. they beg for six years, he says he's insulted and rejected every day but he has to keep trying.
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>> you go back without anything one time, they beat you, but after several times they beat you. >> out on the street it's tough. some boys get slapped or hit by cars. some boys are sympathetic but most don't want to know. meanwhile back at the darra, the marabo urveg agrees to talk with us. >> it's not my choice, i wish i could stop them begging on the streets. if i had the means i would stop this but i don't. i have no other solution. >> the boys say they don't know what happens to the money they collect. but it's not spent for food. they have to beg for meelings too. after several hours of begging it's time to pray. there are about 20 boys living in this darrah, it's cramped and dirty and they actually only do
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religious studies for a couple of hours each day but for their parents who are poor and living in rural areas sending them here means they have got fewer mouths to feed, it's worth begging on the street so they have a chance to move to the city and learn the koran. ♪ ♪ are in this i >> reporter: this is what perhaps parents hope for when their children move to the city. they get three meals a day and they don't beg. but for an estimated 10,000 in dacca that's a distant dream. strong opposition from religious leaders, some of whom profit from the schools and so the boys grow up trapped in conditions of near slavery, malcolm webb, al jazeera, daccca senegal.
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search for survivors continues in india after a building collapsed and killed 14 people. the nent happened ot san, at least ten people were pulled out alive overnight but authorities are still investigating just how many workers were on site when the five story building collapsed. a renewed push for democracy in thailand where thousands of antigovernment protestors took to the streeghts in bangkok. they are threatening to shut down the capital in a bid to schut down elections next month. accusing the current prime minister being controlled by her compileex island brother. elections will -- exiled brother. al jazeera still demanding the release of our cleeks being held in very egypt.
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bay her mohamed and peter greste, being held on suspicion of joining a terrorist group and spreading lies harmful to state security. al jazeera however says the allegations are fabricated. up next on al jazeera america, daidges russly frigid games in green bay, one of the coldest games in u.s. history. stay tuned, al jazeera america will be right back.
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>> don't miss the best of "talk to al jazeera" revealing... >> he said he was gonna fight for the public option, he didn't do it... >> shocking... >> forget the democrat party and forget the reublican party, they're all one party... the conversations people are talking about. >> talk to al jazera.
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>> from our headquarters in new york here are the headlines at this hour... >> a jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour >> a deal in the senate may be at hand, and just in the nick of time >> thousands of new yorkers are marching solidarity... >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour... >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. breaking news... sports... business... weather... live news...every hour, on the hour only on al jazeera america >> good afternoon and welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford. record breaking temperatures are expected across the plain states and the midwest and dipping into the southeast, might get as cold as 35 degrees below zero, fahrenheit.
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kilmeny duchart reports. >> just how cold are these temperatures, once it drops to negative 10 degrees, frostbite can occur within 30 minutes. negative 35°, your car's antifreeze may no longer work and at 40°, only five minutes for frostbite to set in. >> for the first time loss of sensation, followed by pain and then complete loss of sensation. >> doctors say to avoid cotton and wear fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin. they are warning people to stay indoors. as far south aas tennessee, there metro schools will delay start of school because of forecasted temperatures. minnesota has closed schools for the entire state the first time done in 17 years.
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some states in wisconsin are following suit including milwaukee and madison. including some areas in iowa. new york jfk airport was closed this morning after an airplane skidded off the runway while landing. carrying 35 people from toronto, 72 officials say the plane slid into the the snow shortly after landing after 8:00 a.m. this morning. flights were cancelled due to ice on the roadway and freezing rain. in north dakota where some of the lowest temperatures are expected people are advised to stay off the roads and at home unless absolutely necessary. >> hold off on getting groceries, if you can hold off without the necessities, don't go on the road, if it doesn't warrant it, an emergency. >> and bundle up football fans! sunday's nfl football game is expected to be the coldest in
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nfl history. if 49ers will face off against the green bay packers, wind chill of minus 20. fans at the stadium are encouraged to wear at least three layers and drink hot fluids not alcohol. temperatures are expected to last early into the next week. i can't believe it! >> i don't know if i'm ready for it. >> i'm not. >> let's turn now to our are meteorologist eboni deon. eboni. >> this is an area no stranger to the cold air. we've had just a reinforcing shot over the last several weeks and now our lateliest blast, bringing the coldest air we've seen 15 to 20 years, it's been just that long. from the northern tier, we have below the freezing point, teens and twes below zero i should
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say. north dakota into minnesota it feels like we are at minus 27 at omaha, minus 24 at minneapolis, minus 41 in fargo but it's only going to get worse. in fact in the nighttime hours, nighttime temperatures are going to drop minus 27 in fargo it will feel like minus 62. deep south is where we are already seeing a little bit of snow. snow coming into some northwestern areas, arkansas, no snow into florida but we're going to see that l chill moving into oregon. e. >> thank you, eboni. we'll tell you about sisters unusual adventurer when we return.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford and here are today's headlines. in iraq a series of bomb attacks have reportedly killed at least
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14 people. the attacks in the iraqi capital of baghdad, are from a car bomb in the mostly shia neighborhood. more than a dozen people were killed in india after a five story structure crumbled to the ground on saturday. so check this out. a pair of florida twins have completed a nine year journey through their home state. natasha guinane is here. >> from key west to pensacola, and the almost 800 miles in between these twins have seen just about every possible view of florida, it started as a whim. >> i said to her wouldn't it be nice if we could go to some of these parks that were right in our area. and she said: >> why don't we make it a mission to do every single park in the state park system. we didn't think we were actually going to do it but we decided we were going to make it a mission.
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>> reporter: the mission to visit all 161 state parks in the state of florida, took them nine years. when the 71-year-olds first embarked on their adventure, they had an object. >> we never thought we would finish. >> of course as the years ticked by, the miles caught up to them. their husbands were patient chauffeurs. the ladies were proud to report they didn't get stung once by a mosquito. the husbands, not so lucky. >> i think it was a good way to see florida, not the commercial part of florida. we learned that the topography of florida is flat. >> in may of 2013 they finally finished their statewide trek. >> i was a literal sad that we had no more parks to visit but then we have gone back and visited some of our favorite
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parks. >> it was a sense of accomplishment. >> martin morris a park service specialist for the past 34 years had never met anyone who accomplished a similar feat until he met the twins. he wishes more people would look up from their gadgets to enjoy the ultimate experience of the great outdoors. >> we are part of this natural system. we have to continue to understand how we are connected to the natural world. because if it fails, we fail. >> these sisters and their journey can teach us all something. whether it helps inspire people to make goals and commit to them or simply to take more of those moments, to breathe in the fresh air, bask in the sunshine, and enjoy life new. natasha guinane, al jazeera, hope sound, florida.
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>> well, the wintery weather continues to impact much of the midwest with that snow coming down heavy at times in and around st. louis, all the way north ward in illinois, indiana and into michigan, right along that frontal boundary where we have a lot of snow, around that we have rain, around the atlanta area, cloud cover that we're reducing our visibility so not only are we seeing approximate on the ground, road conditions not that great, we are also seeing airport delays through credit are chicago and philadelphia, an hour or more. then you get into newark we've been dealing with deicing so that could cause isolated delays as well, closer view of snow that is falling, half a mile in st. louis at times, into the northeast with that moisture surging northward, the air has been cold enough where we see light freezing drizzle, freezing rain in effect through the early part of the afternoon. morgan. >> thanks so much eboni.
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the stream is up next. i'm morgan radford. hi, i'm lisa fletcher, and you are in "the stream." we'll look at why non-violent protests could lead to historically harsh punishment. ♪ our digital producer, wajahat ali is here, bringing in all of your live feedback through the show. today we're taking an interesting look at what against.


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