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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. the u.s. supreme court putting a stopto gay marriage in utah. in washington it's back to work. dealing with issues like unemployment insurance and the nomination of janet yellen. and that arctic winter blast has a lot of you shaking in your boots. those state officials in utah who oppose gay marriage winning a victory in court, at least for
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now. putting a stop to same sex marriages, putting a stop to the decision, this is the rowe v wade decision of the 21st century. why? >> those that feel it is a federal constitutional right to marry, as many say it is your federal right to choose, left to the state to determine whether gay people have the right to marry. it is that old tension we have between federal and state rights. >> sonia sotomayor, is it just the luck of the draw? >> federal justices divvy up the districts, this is a procedural decision she's made.
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they just stayed the law and the judge has made the decision in the state of utah. and she said everybody hold on while this appeal proceeds. the law will remain as it is in the state of utah. they haven't decided anything substantively in the u.s. supreme court, although i predict they will. >> what happens to them? >> those people are essentially in limbo. >> so they're not married? >> well that's the question. are they married as a constitutional matter or not? and that's the problem we had in california if you will remember when prop 9 went back and forth and that's what sonia sotomayor wants to avoid and the supreme court wants to avoid by issuing the stay. hundreds of people in that issue. we wait until the legal process
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settles out. we have the procedural track and then ultimately we have the expansive track. this really was a procedural decision. eventually we'll get to be substantive. now we go back to denver where the 10th circuit court of appeals will make a decision about the constitutional merits of the case and then eventually it may get to the u.s. supreme court for a decision again on the merits. all she said today is that we will wait and see, what the court decides in the state of utah. >> if you look at the polls, america seems to be deeply divided on this issue almost straight down the middle. so even if the supreme court rules further down the road and decides, will this issue go away any time soon? >> well, we have seen generally once the court rules on issues, for example, 1967, on interracial marriages. >> in loving versus virginia. >> in loving versus virginia.
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then society tends to follow what the law dictates. if the court were to determine that this is a constitutional right under the u.s. constitution, sentiment would probably follow. >> jamie what happens next? >> next we go to denver. the 10th circuit court of appeals, for that circuit, 10th circuit would make a determination what the judge said in the state of utah. then there will be another appeal, i will bet you that it will eventually get us to a federal court decision, next season. >> jamie thank you. >> my pleasure. >> the vacation is over for the president and members of congress. the senate getting back to business today, the house going back to work tomorrow. and topping the agenda in the senate is that vote that will restore the unemployment benefit for 1.3 million americans. libby casey, who is for and
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against it and why? >> well del, democrats are for it, republicans are generally against it. out of work for more than six months this was put into place during the recession so people could look for work and still get benefits and have more support while they pounded the pavement trying to get a job. and getting these reinstated phone we have a solid pay for right into it. no not paying for it without knowing where the dollars and cents are coming from. democrats are pushing this as a top item. the battle played out on the sunday talk shows yesterday. senators chuck schumer and rand paul battling it out.
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>> what i've been saying right along is we have to figure out how we keep people from becoming long term unemployed. >> i think it's a bit insulting to long term workers when rand d paul says, they are just hanging on with unemployment benefits. >> now del the first rote comes today, it's procedural but it needs 5 republicans to join the democrats. so far only one republican is a vocal proponent of getting these reinstated. some are signaling they are interested in this, some ploardz, some from high unemployment states but watch for that critical vote late this afternoon. >> libby what else? >> the confirmation hearing of janet yellen but there are a big list of items that congress comes back and faces del.
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we saw congress come up with spending solutions but the real detail work of hammering out a dozen appropriations bills is going on right now. committees hard at work getting the final details put on how exactly the money will be spent. and that could come up with some hiccups and some fights too, so watch for that to unfold in the next couple of weeks. and the farm bill, that's huge, rural parts of the country, dependent all over the country that uses snap, the food stamp program, that's got to get dealt with this month as well and whether or not congress can get anything done on congregation over -- on immigration the next couple of months. >> libby casey thanks very much. frigid weather affecting people as far south as atlanta and that is where the salvation army already setting up a
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shelter for those who want to come in from the cold. robert ray is there. robert what prompted the move today? >> yeah del, temperatures like no other. haven't seen temps like this in about 30 years. tonight it's supposed to be in the single digits, somewhere between zero and 5°. so the salvation army along with many missions around the city of atlanta have set up temporary warming shelters and places for people who have nowhere to go. can you imagine, people in the south are not prepared for this kind of cold anyway. many of them don't have insulated homes like they have up north. being on the street, unbelievable in these kind of temperatures. the wind chill could be close to 30 below. one weatherman said anecdotally often the air that he's been on the business for 40 years and never seen anything like it here in atlanta. so later today once the sun starts going down, oh, sorry ma'am.
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the salvation army expects about 100 people to line up here and go through this gate where they'll have temporary shelter tonight and rest well and hopefully be out of harm's way because tomorrow it's supposed to be even worse in the morning. and atlanta public schools here have already cancelled classes, can't have kids waiting at the bus stop especially in these temps. del. >> dave warren in atlanta. atlanta is not the only place dealing with the frigid cold. how far do these frigid turns stefnlt panned when -- extend and when does it end? >> temperatures are going colder and colder. they're dropping a lot quicker than they'll climb. that spin? that polar vortex, the vortex coming from the fact that it spins and poles, that's where it's coming from. once in a while it breaks off and moves south.
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that dense colder air easily moving to the south. continuing to pull even more polar air in. the surface air is near new england, temperatures will be dropping quickly in philadelphia and new york. in fact tuesday, wednesday, it spreads, and the color changes, color warms a little bit once it's over the u.s. here. it will being getting a little -- will be getting a little warmer. the numbers coming up with the national forecast a little bit later. del. >> dave warren thank you. one of our producers have been being questioned, mohamed fahmy one of three of our staffers who have been held for nine days n now. peter greste, another staff
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member. three being health separately at torah prison outside of cairo. iraq callings for residents of fallujah to drive out what he is calling terrorists. the islamic state in iraq and the levant are battling forces to control ramadi and fallujah. imran khan reports. >> guns and rocket propelled grenades they say they are willing to face any challenge. shelling campaign the fighters say were carried out by iraqi army forces. troops have circled the city, and are led by tribes led by sheik abu al richa. there have been attempts to withdraw the army from the cities and go to the islamic state in iraq and the levant in
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the anbar desert. the i.s.i.l. rebels were trying to bring the battle to cities of ramadi and fallujah because there's no security there and they know they will be thoroughly defeated in the desert. >> there's no time limit on the attack. for much of 2013 the sunni groups protested. prime minister al-maliki, this was seen as a provocation to the sunni tribes. now in april 2013, the i.s.i.l. was formed taking advantage of the political power vacuum and waging a bloody campaign across the cub. the i.s.i.l. format safe havens across the iraq-syria border. the anbar tribes unofficial many
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accepted their presence. by that time al-maliki had had enough. sunni tribal rivalries came to the fore, and now encouraging them to take on the i.s.i.l. fighters themselves. will this solution be able to bring peace to the region? perhaps not. perhaps when al qaeda and others opposed, they merely regrouped in other areas. imran khan. al jazeera. the woman known as jihad jane will be spending many years behind bars. the 50-year-old had agreed to kill a swedish artist who had offended muslims. gave col eenl rose a reduced
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term because she cooperated with investigators. next. being used on the black market. radioactive water, leaking into the pacific eververyday? >> join america tonight's michael okwu for an exclusive four part series, as we return to fukushima only on al jazeera america
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>> take a look at business news, wall street starting off mainly flat. dow down eight points. a spoig report on the private sector putting a drag on the market. senate expected to vote to confirm janet yellen as the first woman to head the federal reserve. she's got a lot on her plate as the end of the central bank bond buying stimulus program. >> janet yellen has to decide when it's right that the economy can stand on its own, doesn't need all the support from the
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fed anymore. >> j.p. morgan chase close to the deal in that bernie madoff case, allegedly turning a blind eye while working with madoff during the enormous ponzi scheme. a record for boeing, the airplane maker saying it delivered 648 jet liners in 2014. this is the most ever in one year. most are the dreamliners. a large part of the internet is becoming a black market and technology that is readily available is helping users get to it and remain anonymous. john hendren takes a look at the hidden internet. ftc. >> reporter: there is a pleas place on the internet so deep,
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so dark, so utterly anonymous it has become a black market for crime. >> you have everything there, hits for hire, you can kill people, you can buy drugs you can buy people, there is everything that we in society say shouldn't exist in civilized society is there. if it's not there ask for it and somebody might provide it. >> reporter: for a price, you can offer up false i.d.ness, real u.s. citizen ship and murder for hire. >> you can pay a assassin, for $6,000 plus. >> just don't ask him to videotape it. this killer has standards. there are teenagers for sale. unregistered guns you can make on your 3d printerrer or have delivered to your door, or che checkout carts from happy customers. >> drug world where you can go through and purchase whatever
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you would like. cannabis, still larchts. stimulants. >> it's unbelievably easy. onion router masks the computer's address. >> you've connected through a bunch of machines in the world. >> and by bitcouncil, a digital currency experts say is untraceable. there have been arrested and the fbi's shutdown of the slick road, replaced two months later by the slick road 2.0. >> to bring pregnant mothers to the hospital or to save homeless people. a car is a car, no one goes
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after ford or chevy or jaguar, your car has been used for criminals, can you stop it. >> so are free speech advocates, the green party. an era when the nsa has tapped into our phone records, the original free speech on the intrpt, john hendren, al jazeera, cambridge, massachusetts. >> ross ulbricht, said to be the mastermind of the silk road, awaiting trial. coming up on al jazeera america: >> the administration today, here and now, declare declares r on poverty in america. >> it's been nearly 50 years,
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lyndon baines johnson evoking the memory of jfk.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are the top stories. the supreme court putting a stop to same sex marriages in utah, giving the time for appeal of the rulings. 2014 is an election year and shaping the elections there, an extension of jobless benefits and confirmation of janet yellen to head the federal reserve. tribal allies have retain ramala, the iraqi military is set to regain control of fallujah from fighters connected
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to al qaeda. wednesday is the 50th anniversary of the landmark speech of lyndon johnson declaring a war on poverty. >> and this administration today, here and now, declares ununconditional war on poverty n america. >> the speech came less than two months after the assassination of president kennedy. >> our aim is not only to relieve the symptom of poverty but to cure it. and above all: to prevent it. [applause] >> reporter: poverty had been a major concern of president kennedy and with a country still grieving, and almost one in five americans living in poverty, johnson declared war on poverty. university of texas at dallas professor mahai nedeen wrote a
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book on the subject. he said johnson's war on poverty speech was one of his best and the timing was perfect. >> johnson realized he was not going to be a loved president. therefore, it's much easy to continue the line of a president that was more than admired. he was loved and whatever. and take his agenda and make it yours. all the time, making sure that you give enough credit to the person. >> let us carry forward the plans and programs of john fitz jarrod kennedy. not -- phil torres jerald cepped. not because of our sorrow or our sympathy but because they are right. >> to help convince congress to help invest on the war on poverty, johnson took his plan to the people. known as poverty tours, johnson went to see the poorest of the
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poor in places like the mountains of virginia. >> it helped with the legislation and every time you played these little theatrics, you are going to have success. >> five years after the law passed, poverty dropped from around 20% to around 11%. today it's back around 15%. that's more than 46 million americans according to the census bureau. >> the richest nation on earth can afford to win it. why cannot afford to lose it. >> the world's poverty is yet another war that america is not winning. we cannot win the war on poverty for anyone else. those who are affected by poverty can be empowered in order to get out from this condition. >> professor nedeen says he believes that president johnson had the best intentions, the war on poverty had an impact not the
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impact that the country was planning for. five decades later, and trillions of dollars, poverty persists. >> it is down right cold for many of you across the country, freezing for many. here is dave warren with all the details. >> the temperatures get colder and colder. quickly drop and then slowly start to climb back up. quickly dropping in the mid east and atlantic and southeast. minneapolis 13 below. the cooler the cold air, this vortex is right over the great lakes, the northern plains and will slowly start to push east, we had, rain across the east coast, cleared out, snow has gone on, dry area, just cold over the next 24, 48 hours. here is where the action is with the temperatures dropping down to 'nother below with the wind chill.
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that's what it feels like when you factor in the cold air plus the wind. it really can drop the temperature what it feels like to you. 40 below in minneapolis was 50 below, frostbite hypothermia can occur quickly. areas to the east will see the wind chills drop as well, as that cold air pushes east and the wind chill picks up. climbing to four tomorrow, not quies as windy, snow in the forecast, zero to 16, 29 to 34, 34 to 37, back over the freezing mark, you have to wait until the end of the five day forecast to see that. new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c, dropping as we go through the hour of the evening, down below the freezing mark, just before midnight, could be the high temperature for tomorrow, because it does not climb much, single digit temperatures in philadelphia, easily seeing wind chills below
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zero when you wake up tomorrow morning. by 1:00, 2:00, albany at 12, washington, d.c. at 13 and that will come with a bitter cold wind. 13 to 25 to 34, back above freezing, friday and saturday the clouds come back climbing into the upper 30s and maybe closer to 40 degrees by the end of the weekend. freeze warnings. could see record slow temperatures, near orlando with the freeze watches and warnings in effect for tomorrow morning. >> dave warren, thank you very much. this could be the new fashion trend in cycling a rig righting glove, with eight rows. a former google inventer is behind it by the way. he's also using kick-starter to get his gloves off the ground so to speak. we want to thank each and every one of you for watching al
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jazeera america. "techknow" involving spider decoys, is next. way. this is a show about scientists. let's check out the team. kyle hill is an engineer. he's on the trail of something decimating bee population. >> crystal dilworth is a molecular neuroscientist. she shows us california's hi tech grapes - how science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an


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