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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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only on al jazeera america check check > hello there, welcome to the newshour. we are here in doha. these are the top stories. >> egyptian security officials say bad weather delayed the trial of mohamed morsi. this seen a few minutes ago outside the courts. >> more questions about the safety of indian railways as fire sweeps through a sleeper train killing nine. >> north korea celebrates kim
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jong un's birthday by announcing elections - with one candidate in each constituency. >> the coldest it's been since 1896 - imagine being homeless. >> at the trial of egypt's deposed president mohamed morsi has been delayed until february. security officials say bad weather delayed the helicopter fight from the prison, where he's held in the city of alexandria and was supposed to have been brought to cairo. these are the latest pictures from the police academy, where he was expected to appear. >> bernard smith reported extensively from cairo and is with us in the studio. the weather looks good in the pictures, in the capital. did anything at all happen in court. >> the stage was set for mohamed
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morsi and 14 others to go on trial. a litany of charges that the president faces, and one of the main charges is the incitement of killing of protesters in december, 2012. nobody appeared at court. mohamed morsi didn't appear. the authorities say bad weather stopped the weather transporting him from alexandria to the courthouse. we have seen live pictures from alex and it looks clear, but the authorities say the fog stopped the helicopter taking off. >> no trial until february. protests going on in various parts of egypt, aren't there? >> there has been regular protests across cairo and egypt since the ousting of mohamed morsi back in the summer. there's an an ebbing and flowing of the intensify of the protests. there were some in nasser city. there's a strict protest law in
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egy egypt. these days they are small scale. they happen in unannounced areas and disperse quickly if the security services show up. a lot of caro, carrying on with -- cairo, carrying on with business is normal. >> will security forces tighten security. it's a big month. the constitutional referendum held next week, and it's the anniversary of the referendum. >> the constitutional referendum, authorities want a good turn out to give legitimacy to the constitution, and a peaceful atmosphere during the anniversary, to force the resignation of hosni mubarak. the authorities keen to keep a lid on the situation in egypt. >> thank you. bernard smith there with the latest on what is going on in
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egypt for us. >> and just a reminder that we cannot report from egip because our team in cairo has been arrested without charge for 11 days now. >> let's move to anbar, where many have been forced to flee their homes. >> these are a few of hundreds of families looking for safety. after days of intense fighting between armed fighters, tribesmen and government forces. women and children caught up in a conflict they couldn't occur. >> there was bombing and street fighting. we left out of fear for the children. >> translation: my husband brought us here, looking for a safe place for the kids. >> this is what they are trying to escape. the military is determined to regain control of the two main cities in anbar province. for over a week armed forces of
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the al qaeda-linked israeli state have taken control of most of the ramadi and fallujah, and warned anyone against helping the iraqi government. residents say all schools, colleges, hospitals and hospitals have been closed. the markets are shut, and fuel supplies are running out. as the government struggles to regain control, its allies, including the u.s., only gave assurances of material help. >> i believe we have left it in a place where it was capable of moving forward. because of chemical issues internal to iraq, the security situation evolved into something in our mind that is concerning. >> the politics is divided, the shi'a-led government fighting what it calls terrorists. >> iraqi armed forces will never withdraw from anbar. they didn't come from there.
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they were already there. >> the recent events maybe tackled terrorist hyde outside. >> the sectarian nature of the government led to these developments. >> the iraqi troops faced trades and many armed men. the troops faced civilian issues, which are the responsibility of local police. it created chaos in anbar, and the situation is out of control. >> and as the troika of troops, tribesman and fighters fight for control, the people continue to suffer. >> for more, imran khan, who has done a lot of reporting in iraq joins us here in the studio. we are hearing that a deal has been made in anbar province. what do you know about that? >> it was an interim agreement, announced through the mosques of the local area through the area
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this morning. what the tribal chiefs have decided to do, in conjunction with the government and army is to allow the army to refer further back from anbar and mountain operation with the local police forces to get rid of the i.s.i.l. fighters and tribes loyal to them. the police is a better acceptable way of the working than the iraqi army is. the iraqi army is divisive for a lot of tribes in the area that see it as a tool that was shi'a led. the police forces are more acceptable. what they are going to do is they'll go in and take over police check posts and get the police in the area so security can return. you saw the pictures of the humanitarian situation. one of the things they are hoping to do is get people into their homes. that means there was a change in tactic. we saw the army surround the anbar province, fallujah and
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ramadi. the iraqi army presence was divisive. that was a preliminary agreement. the police checkpoints will be set up. once that happens, they'll look at how they'll go into fallujah, in particular, and fight the i.s.i.l. and tribes loyal to them. >> maybe hope much security being restored in anbar at some point. >> yes. >> another deadly day in the capital, baghdad. >> 12 killed this a house in eastern baghdad. we don't know the reasons. it could be local mafia, or a religious group going against the target, where they thought it was un-islamic. 12 killed in one night is not extraordinary for baghdad. the car becomes are happening, security is dangerous there, and this is making people of baghdad nervous, people across iraq nervous, because a common thing you hear from the iraqi people
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is if the security service, if the police check post and army cannot protect themselves, what hope do they have of protecting us. an attack like this, may not be to do with the sectarian violence, it is unnerving of the iraqi people, because they don't have the security they need, and elections are coming up >> elections due to be had in april. how much of what is happening is do with politics? >> politics is key. nouri al-maliki has been speaking in the last hour, saying the elections will happen on time. you spoke to so many politicians and hear the public estimates. you realised they are saying an operation like the one in anbar, means that sunnis can't come out to vote. they won't have their voices heard in an election, allowing the dowa party, dominated by nouri al-maliki an advantage. that's why he's going in, a lot
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of toing and froing and accusations. sebbing tarrian pol -- sectarian politics are coming to the fore, with the groups all accusing each other of jostling for position. a lot of this is to do with the election, and the election, prime minister nouri al-maliki says will be held on time. there are many analysts and world folk in iraq wondering whether they'll be held on april 30th. >> thank you imran khan for keeping an eye on what is going on in iraq. >> we are getting pictures showing the aftermath of an air strike in duma. wounded children and an injured baby is being pulled out of the baby. more than 100,000 have been killed since the conflict in
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sudan in 2011. >> a fire swept through an express train in india, killing nine people. the blaze began in the second-class carriage, travelling from mumbai. it's not clear what caused it. we have more. >> we are hearing of reports of a guard standing on the side of the a railway track at the time, seeing the train go past and noticing a fire. the train was stopped and emergency services moved in. it's still early hours in mumbai in terms of reaction and official statements. this is one of several that we have seek in recent weeks. >> there has been a new development in the diplomatic row between india and the united states. india has threatened to close down a popular bar and a bowling alley at the u.s. embassy in new deali, part of the row with the u.s. over the arrest of an
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indian diplomat in new york. devyani khobragade was accused of visa fraud and underpaying her nanny. she was strip searched during her interview, which caused an uproar in india. >> it was birthday celebrations for kim jong un. he chose the day to announce the elections would go ahead. the parliament has little power and there'll only be one candidate in each constituency. >> former n.b.a. star dennis rodman defended his decision to play an exhibition game in north korea for kim jong un. >> when we come back to america, shake our hand because we tried to do something nice. that is it, guys. we are trying to do something very nice. >> south korean analysts say
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dennis rodman's antics in the north play into the hands of kim jong un. >> mr rodman likes to think he's emulating a ping-pong diplomacy in the 21st century as the chinese and americans did in the early '70s. dennis rodman is not a diplomat. kim jong un used him for propaganda purposes. i don't think that much good is coming out of this. frankly speaking, nobody is communicating inside. this is basically a show for kim jong un's propaganda procedure. >> this is the author of, "melt down", the inside story of the north korean nuclear crisis, and a senior fellow. he's been to north korea 16 times and joins us from kuala lumpur. welcome to the program. you were in north korea in july. has it changed under kim jong un, and how stable is it with
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him at the helm? >> what was striking when i visited last summer was the sense that pyongyang had become something of a boom town. there were more cars in the street, new buildings, and a lot more restaurants. there were clearly north koreans with money. part of the north korean elite seems to be doing better under kim jong un, though it's hard to tell where the money is coming from. the big question is in the wake of the execution of kim jong un's uncle, jang song-thaek, and this public revealing of high-level disputes and conflicts within the leadership. where this leads kim jong un, as north korea marks his birthday, you can make a plausible argument that would the execution of jang song-thaek has done is to help kim jong un consolidate his power, ease out
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of position, people associated with his father kim jong-il, and begin to bring in people who are allied to him, supporters of him. in that sense it may have increased his hold on power. you can make the argument that the kind of information released about the nature of the splits, the factionalism shows cracks in the system, and we don't know how to judge it, we'll have to see over time whether this means that kim jong un has a stronger grip on the country or whether there are cracks in the elite that will cause problems. >> a lot of questions, as you said. the most reclusive country in the world. an election it to be held in march. is that about consolidating his power. moving out the old and moving in new people. >> well, the election is the though.
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the outcome is ordained. kim jong un will get all the support he needs. it's another important step for him in consolidating his power and sending a signal. what is important to watch is the policies he pursues. on the one hand he's made it clear that he wants to continue to build up north korea's nuclear capability, and improving the economy. that has nos changed despite the upheaval of jang song-thaek and so forth. we see whether, moving forward, whether he developments the economy and foreign investment and other thinks he talked about doing. >> dennis rodman back in pyongyang for kim jong un's birthday. a criticised visit.
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your thoughts on this interesting relationship? >> it is a weird sort of relationship. kim jong un was a basketball fan, his father was a basketball fan. rodman has no credibility in the states, he's seen as a crown. he's the only condue it into kim jong un, and the only person doing an exchange with north korea. their receptivity suggests there may be an opening for other people to people exchange. that requires force from the obama administration, and right now attitudes in washington about north korea are so negative that that will not happen. the talk about how this should help to break down barriers will not go anywhere. >> thank you very much. mike there, speaking to us from kuala lumpur. >> there's a lot more ahead on the program, including forced to
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squat in derelict buildings or under trees for shelter. thousands displaced by the violence in south sudan. and the 55,000 people a night in shelters across new york. the number of homeless people is higher than at any time since the great depression. >> in sport, an unwelcome third straight loss for manchester united. details later with jo. >> the cold snap sweeping across north america is seeming to make the impossible possible. welcome to hell. a rural town in michigan that rit rally is frozen over. the small community is living up to the phrase and keeping temperatures as low as minus 30. >> 30, below. the neighbour was stuck up
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there. she called a snow plough and it got stuck. they called the tow truck. the tow truck to get the plough out. >> in new york city the temperatures dropped to minus 16 overnight. we have a report on what it means to be homeless in brutal weather. >> it's a full house at the barry mission for the homeless. cold conditions, the shelter opens the chappell and dining room to accommodate extra demand. monday night temperatures fell to minus 15. the shelter took in 179 people with nowhere to go. >> signed in the volunteer looking. >> matt helps to run the mission, but not before struggling with addiction and homelessness. many years i fought it off. there were folks approaching me in a way where i didn't feel bad about where i was at.
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>> new york's homeless population has been growing, and is at record levels, figures not seen since the 1930s. shelters take in 55,000 people. that number includes 23,000 children, suffering the most in extreme weather. >> children can't go to school and get a lot of meals which are provided at the schools. that puts pressure on a family's budget. >> a parallel decline in housing and low income wages has been blamed for the increase in homelessness. an increase in domestic violence are considered contributing factors. >> the new mayor has been in the job for less than a week. he's making policy changes which one group says will have an immediate and direct impact on thousands of homeless people. >> bill de blasio reinstated the code blue policy, a law guaranteeing shelter for anyone. whenever the temperature drops below freezing for more than
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four hours. centres are open 24 hours. people can drop in any time, bypassing registration processes. numbers of vans looking for homeless has increased. >> if you see a homeless person in distress or someone that needs help call 311. >> in the us there's officially another 2.5 months left. without a roof over your head, it can seem colder. >> let's get the latest weather conditions from everton at our weather center. is there a reprieve in site for the u.s. >> i'm pleased to say there is. we'll see something of an improvement as you go on through the next couple of days. little showing up on the satellite. cloud making its way through. a bit of the snow over the n couple of days. let's put the isobars on the the weather front starting down the
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plains, pushing towards the eastern side of the country, marking the boundary between the cold air and less cold air towards the south-eastern corner. cold enough anyway. new york at the moment with temperatures around minus 12. buffalo minus 14, chicago minus 17. lower wind chills you'll notice. atlanta minus 8. we'll see temperatures recovering through the next couple of days. this afternoon in atlanta, minus 8, picking up to 6 degrees celsius. that's an improvement. new york minus 5. minus 22 in winnepeg. go on into thursday, the colder air. it's pushing its way to the canadian maritimes. temperatures closer to what they should be. up to freezing by that stage. balmy, i am sure you agree. as we go up through friday, chicago getting above freezing,
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winnepeg to 5 degrees. atlanta into double figures. in terms of the weather ahead, it is quiet. areas of snow making its way towards the remainder of today, sliding further south wards and through thursday. temperatures picking up to freezing. getting up to 6 degrees celsius by friday. wintry weather across the central areas. >> okay. thank you very much. >> three weeks of fighting in south sudan forced 200,000 to flee their homes. some are hiding in camps, others hiding under trees, buildings and swamps. so far there's little progress between a peace deal with the government and rebels and neighbouring ethiopia. >> we go to the south sudan capital of juba. what is the latest.
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>> right, apologies, we have lost communication there. we'll speak to her later. moving on to some other news now, out of senegal and fisherman say foreign boats are stealing livelihoods. a russian boat was boarded. local fisher many are struggling to catch anything. >> after six days at sea, this is their catch. these men return to the sea to make ends meet. >> no matter the position, the ocean never failed us. it's given us food. that is changing. fishing is not as easy. west african waters are supposed to be the richest fishing grounds. resources are depleting, this is
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why. off the coast of the senna gal are industrial fishing boats operating illegally. greenpeace says they fish in a day what 50 commercial vessels catch in a year. they damage corals, destroying the ocean's food chain. what they don't need they throw overboard, the rest is sold in europe. this is from russia, others from spain, portugal and china are believed to do the same. no one is here to stop them. >> known as bottom trawl, the european parliament rejected a bid to ban it. more european vessels are feared to enter these waters. >> translation: our ocean is looted. i don't have the means to stop it or keep an eye on our waters. >> with global fishing on the rise, trawling in booming. lax regulation in the processing
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factories means there's no way to verify who caught it and how. >> paged and processed some will be sent the asia, most will be flown to europe. selling at rock bottom prices in the frozen food sections. >> decisions taken in europe will affect the lives of millions in senegal who feel the vast resource slipping away from them. >> still to come here on al jazeera - struggling to stub out the habit. we report from the world's most populous country on why more people are smoking than ever before. from caracas we'll tell you about the latest victim of venezuela's crime wave. later in sport. basketball star lebron james makes the day for one n.b.a.
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>> welcome back. these are the headlines this hour. in the trial of egypt's deposed president, mohamed morsi, has been delayed until security officials say bad weather delayed his helicopter flight of the he was supposed to fly from the city of alexandria where he's held to the courthouse at the police academy in the capital of cairo. a fire swept his hand through the express train in india.
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the blaze broke out in the early hours of wednesday morning when most passengers were seen. the north korean government will hold parliamentary elections in march. the rubber-stamp alleged commitle power and opposition perties are banned. >> three weeks of fighting in south left hundreds of thousands to flee their home and the peace talks that seem to show little signs of protest in ethiopia. we go to the south sudan capital of juba. what is the latest? >> to find out more about the security situation, i'm joined by colonel, the army spokesperson. let's start with juba. there's rumours that forces loyal to former fingerprint riek machar may be heading to the capital. what do you know about this?
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>> that is not direct. after failing to capture juba and overthrowing the government. they withdrew. they have been declaring that they wanted to come. they tried to overtake by force, but the rup ours are not true. >> where is the situation. >> they are fighting these rebels that are trying to come towards juba. fighting has been on and off. they still hold bor. >> when i was in bor, thousands of civilians were in the compound. are they being affected by the fighter. >> definitely. concentration of military people in the camp - it's not good.
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>> last time you and i spoke, the army managed to recapture bor from the rebels. how did you lose it? >> they mobilized the white army and used human waves, our soldiers are not acquainting or fighting civilians. sol of them are not armed -- some of them are not armed. the army was engulfed in that mess. they need to organise and the forces pulled out to organise to fight in a better way. >> thousands have been displaced, running to bases and camps. a lot of people are worried, hoping the talks in ethiopia are
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fruitful and that there's peace on the ground. >> that report from juba. >> more on egypt and the status of our team that's been held 11 days without charge. officials say they will not transfer detainees because of security concerns. >> mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed will be questioned by state prosecutors on thursday. the network is demanding the release of all its staff locked up in egypt, including two from al jazeera arabic and al jazeera. nicole johnston reports. >> three of al jazeera's egypt based staff are held in custody. the network demanded their release. mohamed fadel fahmy, peter greste and baher mohamed are accused of spreading lies harmful to state security and joining a terrorist
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organization. al jazeera rejected this. >> they suggested our reporting is bias or colluding with one side of the story is outrage ourks there's no just -- outrageous, there's no justification for holooking up e team. >> here is one of peter greste's last reports from cairo, talking about the government's decision to declare the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. >> overall what the government was trying to do in this decree was to create order and stability, clamping down on what they say as acts of terrorism, but it may not have had that effect. >> peter greste has reported across africa. >> he previously worked for the bbc. mohamed fadel fahmy has reported for cnn, the "new york times"
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and the red cross and is an author. and baher mohamed on the right is a freelance producer who worked with a japanese television channel. >> we are grateful for the strong support we received from around the world to help us release the team. once again, we are calling on the egyptian authorities to release them immediately. >> al jazeera has covered both sides of the egypt story. it reported on the first moved against the muslim brotherhood since it came to power. a street campaign calling for former president mohamed morsi to resign. it was in tar rear square when millions protested against mohamed morsi. since then it looked at the growing popularity ahead of the military, general abdul fatah al-sisi. on the other side al jazeera english covered the ongoing demonstrations by people opposed to the coup, and the crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. >> since the removal of
5:35 am
president mohamed morsi last july, the egyptian authorities have systematically repressed every media that they regard as muslim brotherhood supporters, and al jazeera is seen as the main target of this harassment campaign. >> two journalists, from al jazeera arabic and another branch of al jazeera have been held for five months. the staff from al jazeera english have been held at toura prison. they have been interrogated by prosecutors, but not charged. >> the turkish government removed 16 from their posts.
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let's go istanbul. what is going on. are the police officers being reassigned or are they being told to leave the police for entirely? >> they are recalled to angaria where they are probably sitting in a side room in a relatively passive job, contemplating the future. that doesn't mean the charge or few people have been charged with anything. what we are seeing, the best way of describing it is a series of electric shocks applied to the police and judiciary by the government in the wake of an unexpected nation-wide corruption investigation. a scandal that implicated the government and came close to the prime minister himself. this has been pushed back against by the prime minister and people close to him. in his view there is an
5:37 am
international conspiracy working with gangs within the state to quote the prime minister himself. what is happening is a reshuffling of almost everyone involved in the original corruption investigation, and a whole load of other people too. it's not possible for the governments to figure out who might be implicated if any of them are, in involvement in a conspiracy against the government, so they are simply working right through the police and judicial system, removing, relocating and reshuffling. it's an extraordinary dislocation of policing and judicial efforts that turkey has seen for many years. >> as ever, thank you very much. live from istanbul. >> a former british foreign secretary jack straw is meeting
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in iran. rations have been strained since an attack in 2011 on the embassy, things have been changes since hassan rouhani took over as president. the british delegation will meet the speaker. >> almost a billion people across the world have taken up the smoking habit. figures published in the adjourn of the american association shows 967 million spoke every day. >> a report released 50 years ago in the united states found that in 1964, 42% of american adults smoked. now that rate stands at around 18% in the more recent reports. east timor tops a list. 61% of its population spoking
5:39 am
every day. china is the largest manufacture of cigarettes. to try to help the situation the chinese government announced plans to ban smoking in public places. china is the world's largest consumer and producer of tobacco. we have more from beijing. >> with 282 million smoker in china, it is a vast problem for the government to tackle as anti-smoking campaigners tell you if all the north america indur. it wouldn't matter if the tobacco companies get a few more of the population ticking up smoking. the government knows there's a problem. it's been accused of not dealing with it effectively. in recent times there has been more stringent methods taken. we no longer see the blatant advertising open in china. now there's a directive from the communist party, ordering
5:40 am
officials to take the lead, set an example, no longer taking sponsorship money and for communist party officials no longer to be smoking in public places, such as schools and hospitals. health officials point to measures brought into place this year and next year, banning smoking in indoor public places and work places. china adopting the same measures in place elsewhere in the world. more than 1,000 people in japan fell sick after eating contaminated food. the victims report vomiting and diarrhoea after eating piecea. >> last month, some of the frozen food was found to contain a pesticide used in corn. >> a u.s. military helicopter crashed in england. all four on board were killed. the low-flying aircraft was on a
5:41 am
training mission when it came down near the norfolk coast. the helicopter said to be a hawk, a variant of the black hawk, used by special forces. >> two managers at a tyre factly have been released after being held captive. the good-year bosses were locked up for more than 24 hours. the workers are demanding higher payouts following more than 1,000. >> staff discovered drugs in boxes filled with bananas in germany. it's thought they were sent to the five laws by mistake. the largest discovery of cocaine in berlin in 50 years. >> the murder of a beauty queen is forcing people in venezuela to confront rising violence.
5:42 am
monica spear was crowned mis-venezuela 10 years ago and was shot and killed by armed robbers >> crowned a beauty queen into 2004. 29-year-old monica spear is now dead. she was shot and killed on a highway, 200km west of caracas, along with her former husband. their 5-year-old daughter was shot in the leg and is said to be stable in hospital. the president said investigators were told their car broke down after a road block was set up for a robbery. they may have resisted the attack. >> what reasons do you have to kill. until when are you going to keep on killing. i'm saying this outrage and pain. i'll take responsibility, but i make an appeal. whoever is coming here to kill will have to face a strong stiff response. >> the murders simply highlights one of the top problems that the government faces in venezuela - a lack of security.
5:43 am
but the interior and justice minister says violence is not only a problem for the government, the whole country needs to fight the crime wave. >> we will reinforce intelligence in all the capitals around the country and meet with governors to revise the plan and get them involved in a fight. >> according to an ngo called the conservatory of violence, more than 25,000 died last year, violently around the country. it's twice as much as a decade ago. venezuelans reacted, posting black pages on facebook to show their anger. in caracas many are shocked but not surprised. >> i am sad, worried, desperate, hoping to god one of our children will not be the next victim. >> this is widely because it was monica. but our children are getting
5:44 am
killed. i am outraged. >> spear was a soap opera actress living in the u.s., holidaying here, in a country that reveers beauty queens, such as venezuela, authorities are likely to put their efforts to capture those responsible, but more violence crimes are unsolved. >> at the international consumer electronics show is under way in los angeles. the annual event shows off the newest devices that will be available to consumers. >> high-tech down earth in los angeles, with 3200 consumers giving a glimpse on gadgets. most is on devices that could be used in the virtual and real world. wearable technology. >> we are happy to get the ball rolling by introducing the
5:45 am
life-ban touch monitor. >> the lg life-ban touch is an activity tracking wrist ban designed to monitor and collect fitness data. >> soon consumers will be able to use mobile devices in remote control home appliances. >> they'll text back and fourth. they said they will go away on vacation. the appliances will respond with a text message back saying they should go into low energy mode. >> this oven and stove top come with a tab the that will download messages, ago meals and ring a dinner bell. >> you can put kids' phone numbers in there so they can receive a phone message when dinner is done. the kids will probably be texting on a device or watching tv on one of these screens.
5:46 am
>> it's not enough. >> all eyes in the industry are on china with the vast domestic market, dig tating consumer trends. on tuesday china's government lifted a ban on consuls like sony's playstation, xbox and nintendo's did wie likely to result in billions in sales. the consumer electronics association expects spending on technology world wife will be down a bit this year, 1% below 2013. >> there's more ahead, including it was a job looked down upon, but now coconut harvesting is on the up in india. >> joe is here.
5:47 am
french investigators reveal more about the ski accident that put michael schumacher in a critical condition.
5:48 am
>> welcome back. so growing demand for coconuts worldwide is causing concern about a shortage in india. it's one of the world's top producers harvesting 17 billion in 2012. our report from colum, the heart of india's coconut economy. >> coconuts are synonymous with
5:49 am
carola, and it comes from the name cara meaning coconut. it's easy to see why. trees are everywhere. even here, it's not enough to keep up with demand. at the government sponsored training camp locals learned to climb the trees with the help of these machines, in an effort to increase the number of coconut harvesters. what was a job looked down upon is a popular profession. >> the trad ighitional way is h one has to climb the tree and get injured. with the help of a machine it's safer. >> it's not simply climbing trees, but work on tree maintenance and yoga before one can become a professional koeg coe nut harvester. with coconuts available in colder parts of the country, farmers have to plant and
5:50 am
harvest trees to reach demand, which is set to outpace supply. >> because of the demand, coconut tree planning is booming. >> this man has been farming here for 25 years and said previously coconut trees were shut down making room for co-ka nut frees. the trend ises reversing and the tree -- trend is reversing and the trees are back in demand. supply has not risen enough. traders are feeling the effects. times are tough at the coconut processing center. >> there's a lot of demand. we do not have enough supply. as farming cocoa nuts is popular, harvesting issicing up, breathing -- is picking up, breathing life into a new profession. >> jo is here now and time for the sports. >> thank you so much.
5:51 am
french investigators confirmed that michael schumacher was skiing in a reasonable manner for the conditions and his abilities when he fell and hit his head, leaving him in a critical condition. the speed at which he was travelling is unclear. michael schumacher has been in a medically ipp duesed coma. investigators confirmed they have examined two minutes of camera footage. it's only eight metres off the marked trail when he fell. investigations are continuing to determine the cause of the accident. >> manchester united manager david moyes is under pressure as the team conditioned a losing start to 2014. they went down 2-1 to sunderland in the first leg of their english league final. brian giggs turned the ball into his nets under the pressure of phil bossily. the captain equalized.
5:52 am
they made it 2-1 to sunderland. the second lag takes place. david moyes will be feeling the heat - united losing to tottenham and swans si on the fa cup in swans si. >> to be in this job, that's what's. you have the win in the last few days. it's been a difficult time. as part of the football management, it will never be an easy ride. i felt the support was great. sticking with the club, the manager, and that's exactly what you need when you are not doing well. manchester united is not doing too well at the moment. it's the first time they suffered three consecutive losses since 2001. they have lost three games in a week for the first time since 1992. last week's premier league
5:53 am
champions sit seventh in the cable. into lionel messi is expected to play his first match for barcelona. he been out with a hamstring and has been named in the squad tore the first copa del rey match. he faces a top of the table league match onseat. >> skier lindsey vonn is devastated she can't defend her medal in sochi. she has withdrawn as a result of knee problems. she has suffered setbacks since tearing her anterior cruciate. she will undergo more surgery in the hopes of competing in the world championships. lindsey vonn is only one of two females to win four world cup
5:54 am
championships. she won the downhill event for the last six straight seasons. four years ago she was the first american to win an olympic gold medal in women's downhill. we spoke to olympic journalist john maier and arrived by asking if lindsey vonn is the highest profile athlete. >> i think so. she transcended the sport because of her results, achievements on the slopes and now has hooked up with tiger woods, so that raises her stature more. america is not filled with ski racing fans but they know lindsey vonn. >> what next for lindsey vonn, she's 29. she expects to be fit for the next world championships in her home town. do you think she'll be around for the 2018 olympics in south korea. >> i don't think that physically she could do it if she choses too. she'd be 33. the question is does she want to. does she want to go through the
5:55 am
grind for another four years. it will be a matter of how hungry she is in 2016 and beyond. >> well, one man who will be in sochi is pittsburg penn gins star sydney crosby. he heads the ice hockey squad. canada bet the united states to win the gold medal in vancouver in 2010. >> everyone spects it win gold, it's not easier. other countries are finding ways to get better. it doesn't change our expectation. i think we are prepared to find a way to win, no matter what everyone else is doing. >> a 34-point haul has led the new york nicks to victory in four games, beating the vixens by four. >> lebron james led the way with
5:56 am
32, doing the opposition 107-88. james made the night for an elderly fan, who copped a kiss on the check in the front row. >> the san antonio spurs won their fourth straight game on the row. tim duncan storing 24, beating the grizzlies 110 to 80. >> olympic gold medallist from jamaica denies that she is a sheet. she and former men's 100 men's runner as afa powell are denying knowingly taking a banned substance. she said she didn't know the substance she took was on the banned list. the hearing will continue wednesday. >> stefan perform -- peterhansel
5:57 am
had a bad day in the dakar. the minidriver leads the standing. petterhan sell finished well down the feel. there's plenty on the website. andy flower and peterson - check out details on that address again that's all the sport for now. >> lovely. thank you very much. >> as jo said, all the latest sport and news. opinion pieces on the website. lots more ahead on thanks for staying with you.
5:58 am
goodbye now.
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>> subzero temperatures have the nation locked in an icy grip. the hampg winter weather blamed on more than -- harsh winter weather blamed on 20 defendants. republicans and democrats playing let's make a deal, trying to find a way to continue unemployment benefits. why gates is taking aim at the white house in a new tell-all book. >> it's a little bit of income that we have, if it leaves, where are we at. >> stretching every dime to make end meet. how the working poor are barely getti getting by


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