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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 8, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories that we're following for you. former secretary robert gates brighting a book that is the talk of the town in d.c. and later one of the nation's largest electronic shows coming to vegas. >> we begin former defense secretary taking aim at one of his old bosses. former defense secretary robert gates explosive against
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president obama in one of his new books. our correspondent mike viqueira is i at the white house, what dd it say. >> reporter: jay carney continuing the white house high road in response to these allegations, these accusations in this memoir of his time in washington. you're right it's in defense of the george w. bush and into the barack obama administration but he served as c.i.a. chief under bush. so someone who has been in washington a long time, someone who has a reputation as being a good soldier, someone who has a reputation for following orders and being extremely competence, that's why he lasted so long and worked for both republicans and democrats, so this comes as a shock. joe biden coming under the most criticism. we understand that jay carney is telling the president's faith and confidence in joe biden, how much he enjoys working with him
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and values his experience and abilities here in washington. but the book says that joe biden, quote, poisoned the well between the civilian leadership at the white house and military brass attempting to poison the well saying joe biden over the course of the last four decades alleges robert gates has been wrong about every major foreign policy and national security issue that has come down the pike. the white house released the statement saying that his tame in-- >> if you would let me interrupt you, i think jay carney is talking about that now. let's listen in live. >> reporter: good. >> one that the vice president would attend. one that he has had every week that they've had when they've been in town. >> we expect the photographer will be allowed back-- >> we look at request and what
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we'll make happen. we'll provide better access for photographers. and ways we can do that. back when we were having this discussion there was no question that whatever we do will not be sufficient. i think this is an example of that, but we'll always endeavor to provide better access where we can. >> what kind of heads up did gates give the white house? >> we knew that secretary gates was writing a book, as everybody did-- >> okay, mike, he has switched topics. we'll come back to you to talk about the explosive allegations in the memoir by robert gates. a stinging criticism about vice president biden that he has not done anything right in the last four decades. >> what you heard mind hey by jay carney in the briefing room.
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first defending president biden as carney is doing. saying from bosnia to iraq joe biden has been one of the finest statemenstatesmen of our time. number two, president obama also did not escape criticism in this book. gates described the president as suspicious of the military brass, of angry and resentful that the military brass boxed him in, to choosing a surge in afghanistan in the middle of the president's first term, and the president, especially secretary of state the former secretary of state hillary clinton admitted in a conversation that gates was present for that their votes against the iraq surge back in 2007 were both in the senate, had political overtones had
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political motivation, something that gates said when he heard he was very dismayed. all in all this has hit washington like a boom shell. it is very unusual for several reasons especially coming from someone who is known to be reserved official behind the scenes, hard working official not so much of a glory hound or someone who wants to make a slassplash like bob gates. >> thank you very much. the u.s. military trying to determine why two of its helicopters manufactured by the same company crashed in just the past two days. one of those accidents happening just a short time ago. an u.s. navy black hawk helicopter crashing off the coast of norfolk, virginia, they have requeste rescued the four w members on board but one is still missing. another helicopter going down in the united kingdom. four crew members on board and
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all four killed. it went down on a bird sanctuary near norfolk, england. not sure what caused that crash either. the chopper is called the sea dragon. ththe chopper on the right was e chopper that was involved in the crash in england. the variation carries the president to and from camp david and a specialized version was used in the raid that was used to capture and kilo sam bin laden. the family extends their heartfelt condolences to the families of those killed in those accidents and is ready to provide any assistance requested by the air force or navy
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officials during investigations. it is down right cold as you can see here from this image of the new york skyline. chances that it's just as cold where you are. dave warren in right now. an any relief in sight. >> meteorologist: sure is, we're starting to see that right now. 19 in new york, that is relief with winds dying down as well. it will be another cold night in store tonight but not nearly as cold as it's been. when you factor in the winds, just a few degrees colder now all above zero. there is still snow coming down. we have lake effect snows from the lakes. and we have car cold air.
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it's starting to break up and break out and we're seeing improvement there. what is developing is winter weather. the warmer air returns. we'll see what that means for the temperatures in your area. thank you very much. >> in egypt the trial of mohamed morsi egypt's president has been postponed again. the court citing bad weather that prevented morsi from attending those meetings. his lawyer is accused of dela delaying th the trial. the trial will begin in february. >> three of al jazeera staff are still in custody.
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mohamed fahmy and bader mohammed, and peter grete are accused o of. a.m. maintains their reports have been fair and balanced. peter greste is discussing the decision to declare muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. >> over all if they ar they werg to clamp down on terrorism, it may have had the opposite effect. it has made people more anxious. >> reporter: peter greste has
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reported across africa. he previously worked for the bbc. mohamed fahmy has reported for cnn. and seen on the right bader mohammed. >> once again, we're calling on the egyptian authorities to release them immediately. >> reporter: al jazeera english has consistently covered both sides of the egypt story. it reported on the first movement of the muslim brotherhood since it came to power. a street campaign which called for former president mohammed morsi to resign. it was on june 30 when millions of egyptians protest protested t morsi. since then it has looked a the growing popularity of the military general al sisi.
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and al jazeera has covered the ongoing demonstrations by people who are opposed to the coup an . >> the egyptian authorities have systematically repressed every media that they record as muslim brotherhood supporters, and al jazeera is seen as a main target. >> reporter: two other journalists have been detained for the last five months. a verdict in the case against bader is expected on thursday. the staff from al jazeera english have been held separately in a prison. they've been integrat interrogay state prosecutors but they have not been charged. nicole johnson, al jazeera.
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>> the president of south african republic michell michela will step down. fierce fighting has begun and leavinmany have left. >> there are some 10,000 people right in front of the israeli knesset. so one i--what they're asking te parliamentans to consider them migrants and fleeing places like dafur, sudan, fleeing genocide and violence and dictatorship, and they feel that israel is the
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only place safe for them in the region. israel said that's not true. you're here to improve your work status, you're economic work status, and the language used is infull straighters. president benjamin netanyahu has been outspokennespoken, saying t going to give in to demands. for years these people have stayed silent, laid low and did not protest at all, but in the last few weeks they said enough is enough. israel changed it's laws that allow the government to throw some of these migrants in an open detention facility indefinitely, and a closed detention facility for up to a year. that's when they spoke out saying they're not criminals, asking for refugee status, they're promising to continue the protests until the israeli government changes its policies. 50 years ago president
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lyndon johnson declared war on poverty. we take a close look at poverty in america. it's a problem that effects 50 million americans. we go to one of the poorest neighborneighborhoods in floride the su sun shines on everythingt their future. >> reporter: surviving o requirs shuffle, paying some bills, ignoring others and always worrying. >> with this income, where are we at? will i be at the door? will out be out of the door with my kids. >> reporter: the 32-year-old is a single working mom. she's a nationally certified medical assistant. but she can't find work in her field so she's waitressing, earning $4.33 an hour plus tips. >> it kind of makes me feel discouraged. but when i look at my kids i can't get discouraged. i have to do something. >> reporter: she pays $130 a month for her public housing
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argument and relies on food stamps. it's a life she shares with her four daughters ages 4 through 10, and her fiancé who helps pay the bills. she did not grow up in public housing. she does not want this to be anything more than a brief pit stop on a way to a better life for her daughters. they live in one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in floo florida. it's also full of families with similar dreams colliding with their harsh surrounds and circumstances. a symbol of what is possible. she lived the life of poverty and broke the cycle. now she runs miami's children initiative. she said 50 years after lyndon b johnson declared war on poverty the battle rages on for far for a many. >> people do not have the courage or the will to actually address the challenges of these urban communities.
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we have allowed ourselves to okay with saving some but not all. >> reporter: last year the miami children's initiative built a playground, repaved a road and plant trees. it's designed show that people here matter. the goal is to ensure that kids get that ticket out of poverty that she did, a college education. >> they can do almost everything. if every community challenges that and says on our block, in these treats, in our community our children are our future, not the ones at the bottom. i think we would see a dramatically different outcome. >> for wilson and her family life became tougher. her hours were reduced at her job. unable to afford gas for the commute she was forced to quit. >> coming up on al jazeera america these are just some of
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the items at this year's consumer electronic show. these are some of the items on display. scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. on al jazeera america sense for some people. >> you may want all these gadgets and want to take them home. it will be a while for a lot of them to be available to us. that great to have you on the show, good to see you, enjoy yourself out there in vegas. >> time now to see what's trending on aljazeera america's website. >> a new report out today by the american cancer society points to a 20% drop in can senior death rates, over a million lives saved in the last decades due in large part to a smoking decrease. not much attention is paid to
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lung cancer, but it accounts for more than one in every four cancer deaths. a big headline is progress among middle aged black men. from noon 91 to 2010 cancer death rates have declined 50% among black men in that age range. death rates are still higher among black men than white men >> in utah the legal battle over gay marriage intensifies. today the state saying it will no longer recognize close to a thousand same-sex marriages performed since they became legal. utah becoming the 18th state to
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lift the ban in gay marriage in december, but on monday a supreme court justice issuing a stay paving the way for state officials to appeal that law. in a statement issued from the governor's office: >> in business news we begin with breaking news about the federal reserve pulling back on the stimulus program. they discussed pulling back on the bond buying program, most stressing the cuts would not be on pre-determined path. the economy ultimately decided to start reductions because of optimism about the employment picture. the do you lowered by 76 points. that's where it was before the
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fed came up with the announcement. they have been unable to build on yesterday's economic gains. las vegas is the destination for all things high tech. nerds and non-nerds alight converge for the electronic sell. jacob ward is in las vegas, any insight on what may be the next big thing? >> reporter: what's been so interesting about being at this show is it's a longstanding tradition that tvs are the big thing, cameras, home entertainment has been the consumer electronic gadget that people have been after. but these days apple, google are pulling out of the show, automakers have been filling the gap, which is pretty amazing to see. i think it has something to do with them trying to donn the halo of innovation. he like the look.
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there has been a trio. ford showed off a solar-topped car which in theory can feed the battle ibatry of a hybrid engine. from audi a self-driving system, one that can time the lights as you drive, tell you when they're going to change. and toyota has had the debut of a fuel celled vehicle, and a three wheel little trice that nobody has been able to make heads or tails of but it looks futuristic. >> and what about drones, what's going on with those? >> yes, drones have become explosive. you have tiny toy drones, ones
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that you can held in your hand and ones the size of a hubcap that can hold things. >> greg maddox one of the players on the ballot of the baseball hall of fame. we'll tell how else might be headed to the clock of the 2014. that's next.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters returning to our top story at this hour. former defense secretary robert gates writing a tell-all book criticizing the president. jay carney responding to that book a short while ago specifically to the allegations that the president did not believe in the mission in afghanistan. >> it is well-known that the president has been committed to achieving a mission of disrupting, dismantling and defeating al-qaeda while also insuring a clear path for winding down the war, which will end this year. these are not separate issues.
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the mission and the policy included both ramping up and refocusing our mission on al-qaeda as well as making sure we had a policy in place that would wind down that war. >> also at this hour federal investigators are looking into two military helicopter >> the baseball hall of fame discussing the class of 2013,
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jesjessica taff here. >> reporter: their names were linked to steroids and there was a complete shutout, but this year no asterisks. greg maddox, a four time cy young winner. he spent ten years with the braves, a pitcher of consistency going 17 straight seasons winning 15 games and record 18 gold gloves. and joining maddux in cooper down, glavin, he gets in during his first year of eligibility as well. and also getting in former white sox slugger the big hurt frank
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thomas. with a lifetime batting average of 301 and won two american league mvp awards. then we have the alleged steroid users, barry bonds home run king failed to get in. roger clemens also failed to get in as well mcand then my piatsa likely one of the best hitting catchers in that class. and then the other big news the world sports between 2022 world cup that will take place in qatar may not be held in the usual months of june and july. the extremely hot temperatures of thtemperatureshave the fifa g
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at november. word from one of the members say the deciding factor may be the timing of the winter olympics in 2022. they havso we'll see, it's not l but they're looking into changing that. they have built in air conditions. >> with a name like big hurt, you got to get in the hall of fame. >> otherwise you might bet hurt. >> and the temperatures are putting a big hurt for many across the country, but we're starting to see them ease. >> meteorologist: the temperatures are climbing a little bit. wouldn't normally called 12 degrees a nice improvement, but that is compared to what we've seen. it was down to zero, now it's 12, 9 in new york. a little improvement.
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still this lake-effect snow happening over 30 inches of snow east of the great lakes in western new york, that will wind down as the temperatures warm up. here is the warmer weather. houston, 55, but many places at or near freezing, and we'll see rain come in that will freeze before or when it hits the ground. most likely wintery mix expected there across the southern plains. lows tomorrow warmer than the current temperature. the storm that will bring in the warmer weather will also bring in some rain. memphis at 31 just freezing mark. that's where it is now so we can easily see that winter weather overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york.
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techno is next. check us out 24 hours a day by going to >> hello and welcome, i'm phil torres, talking about innovations that can save live. we'll do it in a unique way. this is a show about scientists. let's check out the team. kyle hill is an engineer. he's on the trail of something decimating bee population. >> crystal dilworth is a molecular neuroscientist. she shows us california's hi tech grapes - how science can achieve perfection in a glass. i'm phil torres. i'm an


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