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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america, these are the stories we are following for you. lawmakers getting ready to question recommended changes. new jersey governor back in the spotlight, less than an hour away from the state of the state address. and violence again as egyptians this time going to the polls to vote on a new constitution. that is where a middle school is now the latest episode of gun violence.
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when a shooter opened fire. that's in the small town of roswell about three hours southeast of also berke. two are reportedly being treated for injuries. a suspect is now in custody. a presidential task looking at how the national security agency works said to testify before the judiciary committee today. the group is recommending a number of changes including stripping the agency of its built to store the phone records of millions of americans. libby casey, what exactly is the panel recommending beyond that? >> there are these 46 recommendations. the government would no longer with able to store that data, and say it would stay in the hand oz if phone company, and only get into the control of the government by court order. and when it comes to
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spying on foreign leaders something that the u.s. has had to deal with in the past couple of months. is that would be left to the higher authority. the president would have to sign off on any activities like that. that's something that the white house is very interested in doing. as you can imagine, dale. other items on the panel list are not as appealing to the white house. for example, this presidential panel wants to see the head of the nsa and cyber warfare not under the same roof. that's something that the white house disagrees with. >> the president said to address the same issue on friday, how will today's hearing effect that? >> well, we will see today members of this panel including mike morale the former acting head of the cia.
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who was a security advise discoer, testify and talk in detail about their recommendations and they should get a warm reception, because the head of the committee, is pushing for his own set of reforms, many of these items that the committee has the panel has put forth as well. so we will see some back and forth, giving his address on friday, the president told reporters today at the white house that he is still working on fine tuning some last desessions on that. we will see the recommendations along. and security fourses as well as privacy advocates are really at logger heads over these fine points. >> libby casey on capitol hill, thank you very much today. >> president obama meanwhile saying 2014 will be a year of action, in the first official cabinet, the president says the economy is
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improving but more needs tock done. they also praise congress for agreeing to $1 trillion budget to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. >> pleased to see the house and the senate agree to a budget. and to put forward a bill that will fund our government and also allow us to take some important steps to provide services and the help that american families need to get ahead. >> the president also saying congress needs to overhaul the immigration system and pass legislation, for those emergency jobless benefits. chris christie set to deliver his state of the state address, no doubt he is looking to put the bridge scandal in his rear-view mirror today. in september part of that bridge closed forcing
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those to sit in traffic for four hours. that speech could be a make or break one for the government. >> dell, we have been saying all someday, don't write him off today, he still remains one of the most powerful republican governors in the country, but yes, this is looking like make or break for the governor, especially as new allegations come out for him, almost by the hour now. he is going to be speaking here at the state house in trenton new jersey in less than an hour, at 3:00 sharp, to give his state of the state. and as you will see from this fillingle, there are a lot of allegations building up against him on his plate, and waiting to see whether he mentioned them in the state of the state. last summer this ad was one of many pushing tour anymore the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> because we are stronger than the storm. >> but this post sandy marketing campaign is now under scrutiny from federal authorities amido allegations that kristy put health and his family front and center of the ads right in the middle of his re-election bid.
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now in order to do this, the team spent $2 million more on production costs than the next lowest bid. giving it to a firm with which they had tied. he alerted the department of housing and urban development, telling the inspector general the cash could have been spent on victims the inspector general is now investigating. this latest end comes day after he was forced to apologize for a traffic scandal. kristy said he knew nothing about it, and apologized to the people of his state. >> i had no knowledge, or involvement in this issue. in it's planning or execution. and i am stunned by the
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abject stupidity. >> the aid responsible for ordering it was fired others were pushed down the pecking order. kristy went with to fort lee immediately to apologize to the mayor in person. he cautioned he wanted to wait and see what the investigations turn out, now new allegations are coming from jersey city's democratic mayor stephen who released emails showing that meetings with the governor and many senior appointees were canceled in july, hours after he refused to back the governors bid for re-election. an email to the mayor reads within the past hour, i have received phone calls from the lists four names all of which canceled the meetles on the 23rd. until all this came to lighted, kristy has been the big guy in new jersey politics who appeared poised as a key contender to top the ticket in 2016 for the white house. could these additional allegations make a run for the presidency more difficult? first, today, he must get
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through his state of the state. >> and late word from the kristy administration, they say the white house gave them permission for the ad in which he appears with his family last summer, and the company that made the ad said got the contract before they decided to put them in the advertisement. >> you briefly alluded to it, but we are hearing there's been another twist in the bridge scandal? >> yes, the wall street journal appears to have a photograph showing chris christie meeting with david wile steen, who is the man ordered the bridge closured last summer, now, the issue is that chris christie only last week distanced himself from him, with whom he went to school, by the way, saying he had only had a hand full of conversations with him since he was at the port authority, and now they are pictured together on 9/11, kristy office said they were there to commemorate the lost souls on the 2,007th anniversary of the attacker on new york and washington, and it has no idea what they talked about. >> live in trenton new
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jersey, john, thank you very much. stay dry. and florida man was shot and killed his wife was wounded in what appears to be an argument in texts inside a movie theater. curtis reeves the 71-year-old retired police captain said to have pulled out a gun and started shooting, an officer who was also inside grabbed reeves and held him until help arrived. egypt health ministry saying nine people were killed across that country as millions of egyptians go to the polls today. they are voting for the next two days on a referendum to revive that country's constitution. if approve there had will be new presidential elections in the summer. charles reports security, is tight. >> voters cue at a polling station in the egyptian capitol. they are being accusedded to approve a new constitution, one that would undue many of the rules brought in under the proposed president. changing that some believe would give the
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military and political elite more power over every day life. >> yes to the institution and regard bring calm to the country. many people have been lost, and may god bring us victory. >> these are some of the changes. the military will be charged with appointing the defense minister for the next two presidential terms. several give the president more powers, including making it easier to dissolve parliament. the police too will be empowered with the creation of a new council comprising senior officers. critics say this will protect the force from civilian oversight. the draft says that the state is committed to the tenants of international human rights law. egypt's army chief cast his ballot at a polling station. >> this constitution is a reflection of egypt's current situation. along with the challenges egypt and the egyptian society faces. therefore, there's a great focus on free comes, rights, without
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neglecting any segment of society. >> controversial the draft retains the militaries right to prosecute civilian whose attack it, civilians can still be tried under military tribunals. rights group say the changes also fail to ensure transparency over the military's budget or details of it's vast economic interests. the proposed constitution also bans any party based on religion. further eroding the position of the muslim brierhood who is already been pass fied as a terrorist organization. despite this, another party with a strong religious call has indicated it favor as yes vote moving away from the constitutional amendments would lead to chaos. these are olfactories that effected the parties position. we can confirm that not only are we with saying yes, but we hope that all ejinxes would also vote
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yes. >> supporters of the ousted president are boycotting the poll. protests against the military continue across the country. security forces fire tier gas at demonstrators at this neighborhood. >> we can never participate and give legitimacy to a regime which fools the people, and tries to act like it is a civil regime. while it is neither democratic nor civil. >> security has been tightened for the vote, but along with peaceful protests this violence. this was the after math of a bomb blast outside a courthouse, just before polling stations opened. no one was hurt, no one has claimed responsibility. this is the first big test of public opinions since the removal of mo hamed morsy as president. those that deposed him have called for a last turn out and a positive result, if they do vote yes, egyptians will then have seen three different constitutions.
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in less than three years. across the world, media organizations joining the call to release our five colleagues detained in egypt more than 30 outlets issuing statements producers all accuses of spreading lies harmful to state security, al jazeera continues domain tape the allegations are all false. the other two are from our sister channels. a camera man. >> a bumpy ride for mexican and american auto makers next on al jazeera america. the trouble of expanding sales overseas. >>
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which was a record in china, today's report means g.m. will likely remain the number two after toyota. test la reporting a big fourth quarter the electric car maker announcing that at is detroit auto show, saying it delivered close to 7,000 cars 20% more than
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once anticipated. the company says it is also dealing with a safety issue. regulators say a plug in adopt tor could overheat, and catch fire. and don't forget, our ali velshi is at the detroit auto show where he will be hosting real money live, you can catch it as always at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, right here on al jazeera america. for years the world's top auto makers chasing what are called brick nations that is brazil, india, and china and russia. being the r. last year overall car seams dropping and as david chuter reporting breaking into those new markets could be a bumty ride for the big 3. >> as auto sales and brick nation stall the next frontier of emerging markets appeared to be the so called future 15. countries mostly clustered in southeast asia, the middle east, south america and north africa. they boast a combined population of 1.2 billion people, and sales today
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of 10 million cars a year. expectations of economic growth mean sales could reach 14.5 million by 2020. but winning the race to these new consumers will not come without challenges for the u.s. auto makers. for starters many f othese markets already have established players. >> the government in smaller countries tend to favor local car makers. or big car makers that got in there fast. and have relationships with the government. trench makers dominate, and in south a sha they control 60% of the share. regional leader has even built production facilities locally including malaysia and thailand. toyota has taken that brand approach to to rest of asia so the big players are used to being there. >> political tensions can raise speed bumps for
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auto makers particularly american companies. emerging mideast countries represent the largest new consumer base. they also bring diplomatic complications and sanctions against iran to evolving relationships after the arab spring. the frac mennation may prove tougher for the big three to handle. >> when you get outsites there's been far more numbers of vehicles, types, far more numbers of vehicle brands. >> indo knee seans favor cars that can handle regular flooding. saudi buyers prefer suhs and pickups that can deal with harsh weather, and algerians want inexpensive durable enough to with stand road conditions. you are talking about
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1 million vehicles or less, you may even be talking under 100,000. it means you may have trouble designing that vehicle, specifically for that market without the same culture that exists in western countries these new markets can prove a tough sell for all no matter the company. >> it is really the 1900 all over again, in terms of creating demand for automobiles. so for many car maker whose want to compete in the small countries it is forming an auto industry and gets it up to speed. >> david chuter, al jazeera. >> and in some parts of the world like the u.s., the number of miles people drive has peeked and that's another reason why it is essential for auto makers to find new markets. she fears that the $765 million the nfl is offering for those concussion claims is not enough.
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helping a child's vocabulary, a program that can help children one word at a time. and first hands" from world war i, going online for everyone. to see it.
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activists show the
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jazeera al i'll dell walters here are your headlines. a presidential review panel is set to testify about the nsa surveillance program. workers recommending a number of important changes including how the nsa taps phone calls and collects the data of millions of americans. students are reuninating with family as their middle school was attacked by gunman, passing were just about to begin when a shooter
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opened fire. that is in the small town of roswell, there was no report of any fatalities but children have been injured a suspect also said to be in custody. ejamess going to the polls today to approve a new constitution, if approved it will be the third in less than three years. supporters of the deposed president are boycotting the vote. at least nine people were killed in violent clashes taking part across that country today. it is often been said a picture is worth 1,000 words. but this is a story about a thousand words changing the picture for millions of children. it is a story about how a few more words from you can change your child's life forever. >> why. >> not y. w. >> anish sha is always uh putting four-year-old caught tore the test, even at snack time. >> you tell mommy how many graham crackers there are? >> the went five-year-old single mom learned how time prove her daughter
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vocabulary. >> see if you can remember that one. >> the name comes from the researchers say sometimes kitts between higher income kids who interact many with their parents and lower income kids who sometimes don't. >> the program helps those kids improve their volvo cab larry, by teaching their parents different ways of talk to them. newell was astonished by elanna's quick progress. >> i want with so say maybe the fifth or 6th week, she called something ridiculous, and it was like who are you talking to? >> so a village taking a village. >> specializing in implants for the hearing impaired developed 30 million words after noticing some of her low income patients didn't progress as well as others following surgery. >> i realized that the difference that i was seeing in my patients really had nothing to do with their hearing loose
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but rather the language environment that they were being exposed to early on. and that difference almost always fell alongshore owe economic lines. >> the project is based on research conducted back in the mid 1990's by two university of kansas child psychologists they found that three-year-olds who interacted more with their parents and were exposed to more words were better prepared for kindergarten and tended to be better readers later. >> results from her project and found a direct corelation between parent child interaction and the number of words the toddlers use. >> she really increased her numbers, went down a little bit, off little bit, but really pretty much doubled where she started. >> she admit as strong vocabulary is no guarantee kids will succeed in school. but newel thinks it will give elanna an advantage, as well as her little brother. >> it is a star. >> can you touch senate. >> dianne, al jazeera, chicago.
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>> and the 30 million word initiative based on a study in 1995, found that children that hear more words were better prepared when they went to school. by third grade those with bigger vocabularies got higher test scotts. high pressure out west, as it increases the wind, creating damage wind and fire damage. and very dry conditions. first off the wind around the high, going down to the eastern side of the rockies here, really gusting so there's some travel problems there. some of the trucks on the highways having trouble getting through that gusty wind. across the southern plains and that wind, very dry conditions across southern california, and this is expected to say, this
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type of pat ten for at least the next few days at least, so dry weather in the time where you normally see a lot of rain or the most you can see throughout the day in southern california but seeing that dry weather with with that gusty wind, so the fire danger continues there. the ridge of high pressure, this is stationary. the trough of low pressure in the east, the storm going along the difference in temperature here, so we are seeing more snow, and another shot of cold air coming in from the north. into the 50's the cold air hasn't made it there, but it will. coming to the south wednesday and thursday, and here comes another one on friday. so the storms continuing to go over the same area. more and more cold air continues to come in. no bitter cold, but certainly not a warm up that we are seeing out west. here is the snow as it quickly moves down from the northern planes.
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minneapolis, seeing that snow, just light snow extending here that winter storm warning around the great lakes as the snow continues to come down. that storm will lift with the 40's and close to 50 degrees in fact up to 51 in washington, d.c. will be dropping once that snow clears out, we will look at more colder weather coming in from the north. there's the satellite plus the radar. we need the rain and we are not getting it out west. >> dave, thank you very much. beiges and pages of world war i history now just one economic away. the diaries went online today, the national archives is taking on the task. historians are hoping the project will shed new light of what it was like during world war i, thank you for watching al jazeera, 101 e street featuring locked up warriors is next, and
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check us out 24 hours a day, just by going to with spectacular landscapes- new zealand is a pristine paradise- ranked the freest country on earth. but this south pacific nation has the second highest imprisonment rate in the western world. a tough stance on law and order has seen the jail population double in just two decades.


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