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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> and a big ruling on concussions in the nfl. why a judge says $765 million just isn't enough. snot ♪ about 40 minutes
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ago, chris christie used the beginning of his state of the state address to make another apology of the scaped calls that have tarnished his reputation. >> now the last week, i certainly tested this administration. mistakes were clearly made. and as a result, we let down the people we are entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better. much better. >> john tarot is live for us. where the governor just delivered his state of the state address. john, good to see you, what was the focus of the speech today? >> hi, tony. well, the focus of the speech in trenton the capitol of new jersey was i think as many people expected and that is the state of new jersey.
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the governor said it was good and getting better. which is jobs and education, and taxes. the governor devoted and mentioned none of them by name. he said i am the governor and responsible for what happened. he said we will with with that we moved on to try thanked by state troopers walked right past me, to a young man who is clearly a guest of honor,
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somebody shouted out from the crowd, governor, how are you, and he turned back and i would say in a very subdued way, and said i am okay. that is the mood in which he went. let's hear a little bit more about what the governor had to say particularly here which is referenced the scandal he is now trying to play down. the last week has certainly tested this administration. mistakes were with clearly made. and as a result, we let down the people. we are entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better. much better. now i'm a governor. and i ultimately responsible for all those on my watch, both good and bad without a doubt, we will cooperate with all appropriate inquiries to ensure this breech of trust does not happen
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again. i also want to assure you that the people of new jersey today, that what has occurred does not define us or our stake. this administration and this legislature will not allow the work that needs to be done to improve the people's lives to be delayed for any reason. i am the leader of the state and its people, and i stand here today proud to be both.
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but also those another you that know me know i am always determined to do better. the governor of new jersey, well, he didn't mention either of the big scandals by name. nor the issue surrounding the jersey shore. late today we had word from the kristy team that say they the white house gave them permission for those advertisements last summer, and the company that won the contract said it never decided to put governor cristty into the ad until they had actually won the contract. we will find atmo. >> what is this about a new twist in the bridge scandal, what is the latest? here is governor is frying to distance himself. and the wall street journal comes up with a
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picture with him with david weinstein. now the point about this is it was taken on september the 11th last year, and that is day three of the traffic snarl up, and so there is a picture of kristy and david together, on day three of the snarl up. now, the administration here says look, they were there to honor those who fell on 9/11, 12 years earlier, they are refusing to say what they phone about, they say they don't know, but the point is only last week, he said he has only had a hand full of him since he has been at the port authority. and it -- well, i don't think it looks good. >> it doesn't look good, appearances. j.t., appreciate it. >> mothering the first day of voting on egypt's new constitution, the
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health minister says -- more than two dozen people were hurt, al jazeera'sny coal johnson has more. >> i think the new constitution is a step forward. it is a step forward, and so i hope that we get a resounding yes vote. >> the army chief voted in cairo, it is the first real test for the military backs government. misdemeanorble elections. >> people can vote no. but we have concerns about the environment of not allowing anyone to promote the no votes.
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industries the military will continue to be able to try civilians in certain cases and political activity based on religion is now banned. it is unclear how this will be enforced. the ultra religious party is supporting the referendum. >> moving away on the amendments would lead to chaos. these are all factors that effect the parties position. and we can confirm that not only are we saying yes, but we hope that all egyptians will also vote yes. >> now the cities instead of voting are taking demonstrators. from alexandria, to the south. hundreds of people were on the streets. many of them opposed to the coup which got rid of the former president mo
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hamed morsy. >> way can never participate and give legitimacy to a regime that fools the people, while it is neither democratic nor civil. >> in the morning there was a blast outside a courthouse, no one was injured. egyptians have another chance to vote on wednesday. whether they support the new constitution or not, the one thing most people want is stability, it's just taking a long time to get it. >> that was nicole johnston reporting we should tell you that social media played a huge role in fueling the revolution in 2011, which ultimately led to mew baric being ousted. maria is following development on social platforms during the street, maria, good to see you? >> we are looking at a lot of pictures, these are some of the lines from this morning outside the polling station. i want to show you this picture as well, this one with says that pyramid street, one of the main arteries into cairo was being closed down because of these long lines in
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the morning. and also you have this picture, this is a pamphlet that's distributed when you go to vote, and lay la writes egypt isn't considered campaigning when the military hands out tiny calendars with the logo at polling stations. this is from the defense ministry, saying thank you for your cooperation. you also have this image, this is a leader religious leader, he was voting and so you have this image of him holding up his pinky showing he voted in the referendum. you have the army chief, who was greeting his supporters this morning. and you have this image from the blast at the courthouse that you just saw earlier, i'll show you this one as well. it says broken glass, at a cafe across the street from the court, blew out windows and a few neighboring buildings and while you have people that of course are supporting this referendum, you al have a lot of people that are not, that are boycotting it. this is a demonstration
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outside a polling station. they are supported by the muslim brotherhood, and you have this gentleman, no to the referendum, and he wrotes coupe but backwards symbolizing if you vote you will be taken the country backwards. and you also have this video that was uploaded by the muslim brotherhood, part of their campaign to boycott the referendum. >> appreciate it, and we are expecting results by the weekend, we should tell you that al jazeera is covering the egyptian referendum from outside of the country, because authorities there are still detaining several of our colleagues that producers mo hamed and correspondent have been held for 17 days now. they are accused of spreading lies harmful to state security and joining a terrorist groups. they say the allegations are all fabricated. two others have been held for severaln't mos now. at least two children
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were wounded when a gunman thought to be a fellow student opened fire. police say the gunman is in custody. roxanne that siber a is here with this, we are standing by with a news conference, the latest word is that it hasn't started just yet. >> that's right. what we know so far, is police say the suspect opened fire just after 8:00 this morning as classes were starting. a witness says the gunman was a male student who shot two classmates. a boy, twice in the face, and a girl in the arm. there are unconfirmed reports that two other people may have been shot as well. the police say they placed the school on lock down, and arrested the suspect. children were then bussed to a nearby mall where parents came to pick them up. the go injured students were flown by emergency helicopter in rubbic texas which is a level one trauma center, the 14-year-old boy is reportedly in critical condition. and the 13-year-old girl is described as serious.
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>> killing a teacher and then wounding two students before take c. milan his own life. we will bring you more detames on this latest shooting as they develop. >> okay, so we are standing by is waiting for the news conference, i know you will be monitoring that. appreciate it. >> thank you. more people, who had their water contaminates are now allowed to use it but hundreds of thousands are still without tap water. the water company says about 35% of the nearly 300,000 people have been cleared to turn their water back on. jonathan martin has the latest from charleston. >> officials say it may still be a couple of somedays before all the residents are allowed to use the tap water again, the governor said it has done extensive testing and they believe it does meet federal standards. they are allowing residents to use the
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water again, but first they are asking people to flush out their systems for about 20 minutes. while many have been given the all clear, some tell us they will now bathe in the water and may use it to do things like wash dishes but still aren't ready to drink it. the governor says it is too early to monitor the impact. meanwhile a federal investigation -- the company responsible for this spill. we have also learned 18 lawsuits have been filed some seeking class action status. there's also been a temporary restraining order to keep them from removing any materials that could help with the investigation. >> something daring gang rouse and almost unbelieve salt lake taking place in mexico today. the mexican government says it will do whatever it takes to restore order. after vigilantes began taking on a drug cart tell in southwest mexico. al jazeera has more from mexico city. >> heavily armed men are now a common site.
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over the past year, so called self-defense groups have liberated dozens of towns from a drug cartel known as a nights templar. they say they needed to take the law into their own hands because the government couldn't or wouldn't protect them. the federal government intends to restore odderner the troubles state. we call self-defense groups to go back to the towns. the government will take care of the safety of the communities therefore we invite them to by sharing all the information. they have to stop the criminals. the government has sent thousands of troops over the past year, but the security situation has continued to deteriorate. >> on sunday a fierce gun battle broke out between the vigilantes and the drug gang.
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two shoot out lathed for hours. just two days earlier, residents set cars and trucks on fire, protesting the arrival of more than 100 vigilantes. towns people said they aopposed them because they are recruiting young men. the announcement suggests it is ready to take action, but disarming them won't be easy. some leaders are saying they refuse to enter into negotiations, unless the leaders of the cartel are arrested. al jazeera, mexico city. >> let's do this, let's dig a little deeper into the problem with these cartels and vigilantes in mexico. ,er. >> well, tony the knights templar is one of eight major drug cartels in mexico. but they emerged last year, claiming to fight the term particular who had been kidnapping extorting and terrorizing residents throughout the region.
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which is over here in the southwest of the country, but it's been a complex situation for the president who vowed not to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor by choosing to focus more on social issues. now, president pena has discussed manages for a force between ten and 12,000 to be deployed to the areas hardest hit, but that plan is not materialized. adding to the complexity, analysts say it is unclear who these groups are. they can be self-defense groups mixed with members of rival gangs or individuals with personal vendettas. since the drug war begain, more than 60,000 people have been killed. the u.s. has spent more than $20 billion to combat drug trafficking. clearly a very complex and costly battle. >> okay, appreciate it, thank you.
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othe city and government offices are forced to close after protests formed outside. demonstrators when the prime minister stepped down, she has pleaded for a compromise. class conflict is the a the center of the uprising, the court rules against the concept of an open internet, and it could mean that soon you will have to pay more for services like netflix, and amazon. we will look at the decision coming up, and ugly words from israel. the country's defense minister calls secretary of state john kerry mess yannick, and obsessive. now the u.s. is striking back.
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you credit, at the timeve this settlement was
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announced you said i don't know if this is enough money. >> it wasn't that much money. relatively speaking. now, it was the largest sports related settlement, but the nfl may have to pay more than that record breaking settlement. anita brody rejected the approval today saying "i am primarily concerned that not all retired players who receive a qualified diagnosis will be paid." now this has been a long road that started more than 19 months ago. if you remember more than 2,000 former players file add class action lawsuit, and that group continues to grow, reaching more than 4500 players. and then on august 29th, the nfl and representatives of those former players reached a landmark $765 million settlement, which outlined how former players could be compensated. and then just last week, representatives for the former players layed out the detail plan which stated that no player would receive more than $5 million but also
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explain that when some would receive less. which is not well received by the plaintiffs and certainly not be district judge brody. >> now the process begins anew. and decide on a bigger number here. >> they have to get the instructions from the jacque, and go back in the settlement. now originally the players who filed the lawsuit, they wanted to take the nfl to court. 65 years that's not enough money. considering the annual revenues are more than $9 billion. >> so the judge is is in essence, you can read think way, the judge is
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in essence saying you know the decision you came together on this, and take the money because the court case is going to take a long time, and you aren't slur what you are going to get. it may not have been the right decision. maybe the better decision is to go to court. >> the person who presided over those settlement arguments was actually appointed by u.s. district judge anita brody. >> wow, fascinating. >> the story still has legs. >> oh, it does. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> on walt street today a come back for the bulls after yesterday's pretty steep sell off, the dow rising 115 points, and the nasdaq also having a strong seg up more than 1.5%, investors reacting positively on retail sales and corporate earnings. the bernie madoff abare effected the bottom line at jpmorgan chase. it spent $1.1 billion in legal costs include c.
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milan those for the banks roll in the infamous upon and i scheme. in the final three months of 2013, and is u.s. now join as short list of places where he can find a bit coin atm. oh my. >> oh, do i have to explain it. atm transactions are made a long with a mobile app, and after a special code is scanned a machine sends bit coins to the phone to use as digital currency until now, bit coins were only traded online, and that business is showing no signs of slowing down. last week, megashopping site announced it will accept the virtual money, it joins other may job brands like test la, which sold a car last
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month, and blogging platform word press has been doing business this way since 2012. okay, a big ruling in the case of net neutrality or what is often called the open air net, basically at issue, whether all internet sites should be treated the same, and charged the same, the ruling says no, that means sites like amazon, and netflix, who use a huge amount of band withcan soon be charged a lot more for it. those costs, you got it, passed right down to you and me. give me -- you have been spending more time looking into these? >> i think we don't know what companies will do yet, what this does is it says that your internet service provide tear's the company that brings the internet into your house. can make deals on the side with content providers others like that, and sort of -- it
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can charge them more whereas maybe others start to throttle or it gets held up, that's the concern. s this could let companies that can afford to pay extra for special treatments from the internet service provider might get an advantage over competitors that can't afford to pay that. >> rickie, if you are in netflix today, what are you thinking? are you calling providers like verizon, and saying let's have a meeting? >> yeah, you know it is a good question, because i think what netflix does not want to happen is a sort of arms race, where companies that itself and others start having is to pay more and more for this privilege of being in the express lane, and
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if that happens another factor, without a doubt, would be the congress would take notice. no doubt about that. so just because this was knocked dow jones, that doesn't mean that congress couldn't act. no internet service need to treat all. nobody wants to make the first move, but if there is a move i think it will come from the isps. netflix, and those type of companies might get an advantage, but of course they will have to pay for that. i think it would come from the internet providers. >> if the provider ultimatelily saves hey we need more bit coin, do you expect they would pass that additional cost on? >> well, lit be quite a negotiation, to tell you the truth. and what they would have to say is you are taking up more than your fair
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share, i think that's what it comes down to. the good news is there's a lot of choice. at the moment, this is a buyer accused of spreading market for streaming video. amazon is getting into the game, competing with netflix, we still have the cable companies. there are a lot of ways to get video these days so this is a great situation for consumers not a monopoly situation that consumers will have tot usle with. if netflix were to try to rise places they may say come over here, that's the way they tend to operate. just to get more customers, so i think this is not going to harm consumers any time soon. if they notice anything, it won't be on their bill, it may be on their monitor, where they are noticing where some websites they are used to loading pretty quickly, may not come up quite as quickly including
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stripping it on the power to store america's phone records and a look at howards can reduce poverty. we will tell you about the 30 million word project, and why it is pushing parents to talk more to their kids.
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idre yang berry, do we know if it is the first of its kind, or is it.
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>> here is a look at the top story. the first part of his address today. kristy said the mistakes were made, and they let down the people they were entrusted to serve, but he says the political pay back does not define his team. or the states. two children were critically hurt? roswell new mexico when a student entered the school gym, and started shooting this morning.
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112-year-old boy is in critical condition, a 13-year-old girl is in serious condition. a staff membered asked the shooter to drop his shotgun at 1 point, which he did, the shooter is now in custody, no word yet on a motive. today is the first day of egyptians voting on a new constitution. but it's been plagued by violence, the health ministry says at least 11 people died in clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted morsy. more than two dozen people were injured, a presidential panel looking at how the national security agency works. before the senate judiciary committee today, the panel is recommending a number of changes to nsa operations. libby, this feels important, what were they most interested in learn. >> so many of these conversations happen behind closed doors because they are
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intelligence briefings so this one is out in the open. we are hearing a lot of strong opinions. swell these five men that were tasked to be part of this review panel. looking at nsa surveillance. one of those is a former acting director, and he talked about one of the big changes the panel is recommending. that the government no longer hold on to the data of americans phone records. information about who you called when, now instead they are recommending that information stay in the hands of phone companies, third parties and only goes to the government under court order, an important distinction, they are not recommending that be totally thrown out, they still do believe that data collection can be valuable. even though mr. morale admitted that data is very revealing. there is quite a bit of content. when you have the records of the phone calls that particular individual made, you can learn a lot about that person. and that's one thing that
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struck me. it's not a sharp distinction. it's more of a continuum. >> that's coming from the former head of the ceo. including the top republican, he wants to make sure that information isn't siloed, one of the criticisms of intelligence work done before 9/11 with that agency information, but weren't sharing it, there have been changes this was recommending some distinctions between who holds what information. >> review group may not have followed its own advice some of the oh recommendations if adopted collectively, example. symptom of the recommendations in the report appear to make it more difficult to investigation gait than a common criminal. some appear to
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celebrating tend the rights of americans to foreigners without good reason. >> now other senators are pushing for more privacy, for american citizens and even noncitizens who they believe should get the same privacy rights when it comes to personal data. libby, let's dive into this a bit. the president is going to announce changes to the intelligence gathering operations. are woe getting something of a preview of what is to come today? >> we are hearing what this review panel recommends. 46 steps they would like to see the government take, some on behalf of the president, and some on behalf of congress. >> just how far the changes should go.
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one example of that is a national security letter. ins a letter is given to a company under a gag order that required the company to turn over data on a customer. whether it's the customer communications or financial information, the panel wants to see changes to that. however, we just heard the director come out and say he doesn't think it is a good idea, so there's still a lot of push pull going on. it will still have to be vetted to some degree, it could change if there's another president in congress, unless they put these into law. >> let me buy a little more time with you here. i am trying to wait for our political analyst to pop up here, what's the late that is is happening on the house and senate floor right now? >> there's a lot happening on capitol hill today. outside of what we are seeing. the omnibus spending bill, is huge, this is how we see all the nuts
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and bolts of spending. remember how we saw the government shut down quite a few months ago, well, tomorrow is the deadline for getting the nuts and bolds dealt with. so we finally saw congress come up with a $1 trillion spending package. this is discretionary spending, pretty much everything except those mandatory programs. well, they are not going to quite to get it all worked out by the midnight deadline, so the house just pass add short term bill. three days to buy congress more time to deal with that. $1 trillion package, meanwhile, over in the senate, there's still fighting over unemployment, and so we are still seeing a debate rage there about how unemployment insurance benefits should be paid for, and whether the republicans or democrats will prevail in the fight. still watching those unroll all afternoon here. >> terrific. on capitol hill for us, let's bring in al jazeera michael shore, michael, let's start there with the budget.
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did it take a shut down? really, for the congress to do the right thing hire with the budget for the country. and if we dive down into this wasn't this always going to get done in a midterm election year? >> that answers your first question, we didn't need a shut down, because it was always going to get done, there's no real purpose to a shut down at that point. however, what the shut down did was create more urgency, it got -- they took their bad reviews and they ran with their bad reviews and so we can't get reviewed like this again, the budget was one with thousand 582 pages long, and they have to vote on it very quickly, so there is no way that every representative will read all of them. so there is still some sill bollism. >> so in political terms is this win win for both parties for acting responsibly? or and it a bigger win for one party over the other? >> well, it is a bigger win for one over the
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other, because one with is in the majority, and they have to go back and get more things done. even though it is bipartisan, but you are always going to find the majority gets more of what they want, it is an election year, they are going to go back to their district, having delivered on many more things than the minority party. it's a big victory is what it is. >> let's move to the unemployment insurance benefits debate right now. what do you see coming out of today's vote? >> you need about 200,000 don't you? >> lower than it's been
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at any time since 2008 a percentage wise, that's the number that the president ran on, that's the numbers that they site all the time, and i fault the white house for not seizing that moment. >> wait a minute -- >> they are not even looking for jobs now -- >> first of all, let me finish for a second, what i am saying is there is a message of optimism here, that nobody is seizing on. there are the facts when you dig deep zero an election year, i would argue that the democrats have lost an opportunity, it hasn't been that low since 2008, now going to what you are saying you are right. there are -- the job market a lot of people left the job market, the actual job search in desks not uncommon. at a holiday time, because people think in the new year, that the job market is going to open up, it is a force of human nature in the history of seeking jobs. but one of the other things they need to seize on here, is the fact that you have these long term
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unemployment, long term unemployed number numbers e short term has gone down faster than they thought, but long term that's people out of work, over 26 weeks. that's in a bad state. >> good to see you, as always, next time i have you on this week, let's talk about congress and sanctions and iran, let's do that. >> such a good story. >> all right, appreciate it. >> the white house is condemning comments by israel's defense minister who reportedly referred to secretary state john kerry as mes yannick. and obsessive. it is one thing for a government official to criticize another for what he does, it is another thing to personally insult that official. but apparently, according to israel's leading newspaper that is what the defense minister has done to u.s. secretary of state john kerry. auseed the secretary of
4:42 pm
having a messianic complex and trying to force peace on the israelis when he has no idea what it means to be living under the threat of constant attack from israel's enemies. of course, the u.s. government surprisingly and bluntly condemned his comments scaling them offensive, and inappropriate. not only that, but the prime minister government criticized his comments saying that they were not only offensive and inappropriate, but uncalled for, and damaging to relations between the two countries. now, whether this has any long term impact on negotiations that have been carried out pretty much behind closed doors for the past five months is still a big question. however, kerry recently took part in meetings in jerusalem and in ramala where he outlined steps that they would be prepared to take to help guarantee's israel security, and that apparently did not sit
4:43 pm
well and hence his comments which landed on the front page of israel's biggest newspaper. >> rosalyn jordan reporting. in iraq, prime minister says ehe will not order a military assault. he quantities to avoided more fighting and give local sunni leaders more time to expel members from an al quaida links group there. fighters from the islamic state of iraq took control of the city nearly two weeks ago, they are angry at the shiite dominated government. a chinese doctor convicted of baby trafficking is now sentenced to death with a two year reprieve. these type of sentences are usually changed to life imprisonment, the doctor admitted she stole seven babies from the hospital where she worked and sold them to human traffickers who then resold them. the french president says now is not the time, he talked about the economy did you recollect a news conference today, but brushed off questions
4:44 pm
about his private life, our report. >> he wanted to use this news conference to relaunch his presidency. to lay out his vision for revising the french economy, and reclaiming the place on the world stage. at least that was the plan. >> france wishing to maintain its influence in the world, if they want to carry weight in europe, and if it wants to keep control of its destiny it must find some economic strength. >> above all, the president didn't want this news conference to be about his personal life. but that was the subject of the very first question he had to answer. >> everyone in his private live goes through difficult times. there are painful moments, but i have one principle and that is the private business is dealt with privately,
4:45 pm
respectful of one another's private life, so it is in mother the time nor the moment to do so. >> there's been a lot of speculation in the meet yeah about how the president would deflect questions on his special live. opinion polls suggest his alleged affair has not had much impact on his popularity, but that popularity is already very low. in was a president on the defensive, defensive on the economy and defensive on his personal life. this can hardly be the fresh start that he had hoped for. >> so he promised to create jobs, to lower taxes and to reduce public spending. he also promised to tome the people soon whether they still have a first lady. >> let's do this, let's take a look at other stories, including a federal inquiry into suv fires. maria is back with that and more. >> tony, in detroit
4:46 pm
michigan the national transportation safety board is expanding its investigation into chrysler suvs. safety regulators are looking into reports of overheating and fires in jeep cherokees. the agency added the dodge drain go to the investigation because of it's similar design. a recall has not been ordered chrysler says it is conducted its own inquiry. >> warner pleaded guilty to not paying tacks on $25 million he has deposited at his sentencing today, he said he felt shame and embarrassment for what he did. and in new york, the owners of the empire state building are suing, they fouled suit today against allen henson for taking photos of a top less model on the buildings observation deck. they said heinsohn did not request permission, nor did he notify the
4:47 pm
building of his plans to shoot a topless woman, the photos are inappropriate, and objection national because the observation dare is a family tourist attraction. the empire state building wants one with $.1 million heinsohn says the view is so spectacular that he doesn't think anyone noticed the model. >> that's outrageous. outrageous. >> and as soon as i see those picturesly file a formal complaint. >> yes, you do that. >> maria, thank you. >> okay. all right. talking to your child, now may help boost their economic status later in life. on average, children in wealthy households hear about 30 million more words than those in families on welfare. this is known as a 30 million word gap. have you heard of it? 52% living at the poverty level and below have a family member that sings
4:48 pm
to them or tells them story, that jumps to 74% to people living 200% above the poverty level. only 32% at the poverty line have someone read -- who reads to them. compared to 55% of children who are above the poverty level. in chicago with the tails on the project hoping to bridge the gap. >> anish sha is always pulling four-year-old caught tore the test. even at snack time. >> you tell mommy how many graham crackers there are? >> the 25-year-old single mom learned how to improve her vocabulary through a pilot programmed called 30 million words. >> see if you are remember that one. >> the name comes from the word gap that researchers say sometimes existed between higher income kids who interact many with with their parents and lower income kids who sometimes don't. the program helps those kids improve their
4:49 pm
vocabulary by teaching theirn't pas different ways to talk to them, a device measures the number of words the kids learn, newel was astonished by her quick progress. >> actually during the study i want to say maybe the fifth or 6th week, my daughter called something ridiculous, and it was like -- who are you talking to? >> it take as village. >> a pediatric surgeon specializes in implants for the hearing impaired gobbed 30 million words after noticing some of her low income patients didn't progress as well as others. >> i realized that the difference that i was seeing in my patients had nothing to do with their hearing loss, but rather language environment that they were being exposed to early on, and that difference almost all fell along socioeconomic lines. >> the project is based on research conducted back in the mid 1990's by two university of kansas child psychologists. they mound that
4:50 pm
three-year-olds who interacted more, and were exposed to more words were better prepared for kindergarten and tended to be better readers later. >> she tracked results and found a direct corelation and the words the toddlers used. >> she really increased her numbers, went down a little bit, off little built, but pretty much doubled with she started. >> she admit as strong vocabulary is no guarantee kids will succeed in school, but newell his it will give elana an advantage as well as her little brier. >> it's a star. >> you touch it? >> al jazeera, chicago. >> coming up, this may be just the information, why the information from the hack of target is a start of a large scale attack on customers.
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world are weighing in on what it is like to be a muslim feminist. back with that story, maria. >> it all started with a 22-year-old u.k. college student venting on twitter about the difficulty of identifying
4:53 pm
as a muslim feminist. sheer she writes. muslims tell you don't need feminism, then that sparked a whole conversation, being accused of not being a real feminist, and of not being a good muslim at the same time. when some men cry about the life of a muslim feminist, because they hurt their feelings. who else is tired of being told you don't need to get an education, your husband will protect and provide for you. now i spoke to the woman behind this #, here is why she said she started it. >> it's about saying there's culture pate rackky that is holding it and we need to fight for our rights. we know our rights. if you ask them, we with
4:54 pm
are quite aware of our rights we are seeing a big difference. what's happening in reality. >> and know loan wrote this, she writes when i created the # i never thought it would blow up like this, just proves muslims have a lot to say. and she says this discussion is needed, she is thinking about creating a conference to continue the dialog. >> the target data breech that 100 million or more customers may have had information taken by hackers and this may just be the beginning. joining me now from chile, is kemp formerly the fbi's most wanted computer hacker. that is a consultant for some of the biggest -- >> so target clearly is not alone in this we are
4:55 pm
hearing four other stores fell victim, who knows how many more, is this the new reality? is no company safe. >> pretty much. this already happened if you recall with with t.j. max, and at love major brands were hacked. companies hire my firm to break into their systems and our success rate is 100%. what that tells us is secure unfortunately is really poor, and it's kind of tough to keep the hackers out. >> is it a cost issue? can it be secured more effectively than they are now, and if they can, why aren't they? >> yeah, they can. companies can definitely take steps exercise due diligence, and actually raise the bar of security to make it more difficult for harkers to break in. but target, the hackers were able to install what
4:56 pm
we call ram scraping code, this is software that the hackers installed from the point of sale systems so when you swipe your credit card, when you swipe your credit card that information goes into memory, and at that point, is when this malicious software was able to steal that information. so this was quite sophisticated. companies need to use products that can detect the stuff. >> got you. here is my last question, if you are telling me there's a more effective way to protect the companies and protect our information, why aren't the companies protecting us better? is it a cost issue? no, there's a very sophisticating adabbingers that can get past any controls. even i do this in my business as i am able to bypass these, so when companies need to do is
4:57 pm
layer their defenses to make it tougher. but consumers can take a part. if they believe their credit card was hacked i like to put an alert on my credit card through my bank. so if i charge if i create a transaction other $100 it will send me an email. so consumers can detect breeches on their credit card, they can't prevent them. another thing they can do is review their credit card statements vigilantly, and really review the statements to make sure there's not even a transaction for one with dollars. what criminals do is they will make a $1 transaction, just to see if the card works. >> kemp, appreciate it. he is all legit now, has a fancy new business in chili. stay with us.
4:58 pm
a luke at the forecast when we with come back. al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets.
4:59 pm
>> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital. >> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - all the way to you. al jazeera america, take a new look at news. of the rockies here.ast we have 65 miles an hour, reduced visibility, but also very dry, those winds really keeping southern california dry, should be getting rain this time of year, not the case. fire danger the problem there. a ridge of high pressure in the west. low pressure to the east. storms moving in, temperatures will be dropping here, headlines coming up.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. just an hour ago new jersey governor chris christie used his state of the state address to make another apology over the scandals that threaten to tarnish his administration and presidential ambitions. >> now the last week several has tested this administration. stakes were clearly made. as a result we let down the people we're entrusted to serve. i know our citizens deserve better, much better. >> testifying in front of the senate judicial committee about the nsa program. the group


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