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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 20, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> now eu, tbremple and earn soldiers already severing there. more than a thousand people have been killed in car. >> working hard since the european council in december to put together a concept for a eu military operation to support the african union, the eu france in protecting the civilian population from violence. today ministers agreed the crisis management concept of this operation, it would work in the capital bangui, for approximately six months in protection of the people. >> jackie roland is in brussels. >> this is a political agreement on a possible eu military
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intervention in the central african republic. and the important word is possible. it shows there's a political will there among eu member states but that would need to be translated into into a practical agreement, practical arrangements which would mead individual countries pledging forces. a decision on the command structure and all these various logistical structures and plus there would need to been a u.n. security council resolution authorizing a eu intervention, because the current resolution refers to the french and african. also some very practical steps involved, as we've seen in previous conferences it's easy to pledge money. it's easy to pledge troops. but actually getting things in place on the ground is a different matter. if it does go ahead, we are looking at a force of approximately 500 and the primary responsibility would be
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to secure the airport, to secure delivery of aid there, trying to tackle the violence in the other part of the country. >> in the meantime, politicians meetings in the capital bangui has elected a an interim president. >> the new head of state katherine zamba panza has an enormous responsibility and her problem is going to be that she is leading a government that has to all intents and purposes ceased to exist. it is bankrupt. she last no resources to pay for example a national army, a police force, a judiciary and so on. nonetheless, her election was greeted with celebrations by the members of the transitional council, perhaps particularly the women in the transitional council. they say that she is somebody of integrity, she is somebody who never left bangui, drought, all the many weeks and indeed months
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violence here and it is a necessary first step. if the central african republic is to get off its feet to appoint somebody competent in that position. but we should be under no illusions, katherine zamba panza is going to need help from the outside world. it will be welcomed here the decision by the european union to send an additional 500 troops but that does not make an enormous difference itself. this is a vast country and sectarian violence between christians and muslims is packeting many areas. the peace keepers on the ground are extremely hard pressed. >> south sudan's army says it has taken control of the strategic town of malakal. changed hands several times since the conflict began last month. south sudan's government has issued a road map for peace to end the country's month-old conflict. it includes a call for a cease
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fire. there's been no official reaction to far from rebel groups. >> the cessation of facilities is to be unconditional, and humanitarian access to the affected people. and among them, also, have the president has also given the point of a grand national peace and political dialogue. >> ukraine's prosecutor general warning protestors to stop mass rioting in kiev describing it as a crime against the state. let's get more from felicity bar in london. felicity. >> second day of antigovernment protest turned violence. opposite effect. this was the scene in the capitol where 18th government sentiment is high, from the
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countrcountry's viktor yanukovy. jennifer glasse joins us from the capital. tell us about this warning that the prosecutor be general has just issued? >> that's right, he issued a statement saying that demonstrators should get off the streets, echoing a statement what the president said as well, calling it a crime against the state. but despite that we have just heard from one of the opposition parties, the svoboda parties, they are calling on their members to come out on the street so we can still hear explosions reverberating across the city tonight as is violence continues. there's a front line in the center of kiev. 18th government protestors in the rebellious standoff with hundreds of riots. they hunkered down when people made weapons from anything they could find.
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those not willing to fight still came out in support, to let police know they are there. after weeks of peacen demonstration it's come to this. open confrontation on the streets of kiev. the demonstrators say they will stay here to maintain pressure on the government and few here are optimistic that the new government formed by viktor yanukovych will yield results. yanukovych agreed to results only after the protest turned violent on sunday. >> i've seen the opposition and the president yanukovych talk more and more but talking is nothing. now talking is the people of ukraine. >> we try to do something but our president doesn't want to hear us. he doesn't listen to -- he doesn't listen and that's why we are here. we try to try to try to do
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something. >> in a separate demonstration hundreds rallied at the office of the european union, demanding action, limit freedom of speech and called for dialogue. police and protestors continue a game of cat and mouse. with officers firing rubber bullets if people get too close. ukrainians here say they want to see real change and want their voices heard. they say they gave the politicians a chance. now that they're on the streets someone will have to listen. >> jennifer, the protestors seem very intent in continuing these demonstrations. what are the chances you think that some sort of negotiations will actually take place? >> well, there were supposed to be a committee formed today, a commission formed today to address this political crisis. the opposition met for hours this afternoon talking about talks and they went over to talk to the party of regents party,
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that's the party of viktor yanukovych this evening, being they will only speak to the president himself, they want early and parliamentary elections, they want prisoners set free, and other demands. but the most worrying development is that the sweeping laws passed by parliament and signed by the president late last week that limit freedom of expression here, that limit freedom of speech here have been published in the voice of ukraine newspaper. that's the official newspaper here. one of the opposition parties svoboda has stride to block the publishing of notices papers. but that law gives police the kind of powers they need to dismantle demonstrations so there's a lot of concern here about what that might mean. >> jennifer glasse in kiev forus. thank you, jennifer.
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fishing boat packed the migrants collapsed in the dark. a patrol boat tried to tow the boat but two and a half kilometers from shore two people dived into the sea sparking a rush whichover turned the bolt. and five days after dozens of migrants rushtd over the border of morocco, 50 people made a go. in a separate incident, 13 migrants tried to reach malea in an inflatable boat. one drown when they jumped into the sea as police intercepted them. the trial of two french football are pro formas accused of paying for sex with an underaged person, he didn't know they were 16 and 17 at the time. real madrid striker credit
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didn't know either. in this news hour, including new threats against the sochi olympics. and we're in bosnia talking to recent victims of a war that ended nearly 20 years ago. >> we've got all coming up in about 20 minutes, including a sneak preview, at brazil stadium. >> all this week, >> the strength of our future relies on education. >> we are creating a class of adults exposed to mediocre education.
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>> stealing education, part of our week long, in depth series. america tonight only on al jazeera america >> translator: based on our medical records she was workers in hong kong is i would say slave-like and it's vulnerable to abuse and vulnerable to expectation. >> reporter: and agencies say they were not aware of the problems until she returned home. the police accuse the agency of not providing enough evidence. >> justice for domestic workers. >> reporter: at a demonstration
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earlier in the week, another woman came forward saying she real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy...
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the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america >> welcome back. let's recap the headlines at al jazeera now. efforts to hold peace talks in the conflicts of syria appear to be near collapse. u.n. nuclear inspectors have started disconnecting some centrifuges used for enriching uranium in iran. eu foreign ministers have agreed
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to send troops to central african republic. meantime a new interim are president is elected. are being formerly president of the council of bangui. after a series of bomb blasts in the iraqi capital, reduced to scattered wreck and debris and shattered glass. no one has claimed responsibility. in pakistan the troops and police are investigating the scene of the attack in rawalpindi . six of the people killed were soldiers. taliban sue surd attack at a military base in afghanistan. a car bomb exploded in the kandahar military base. gun fight broke out. all were killed.
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israeli government has handed the remains of a palestinian fighter to his family almost 12 years after he died. killed during a palestinian uprising known as the second intefada,. >> waited nearly 12 years for her son to come home. and on monday, his flag draped coffin made it back for one last farewell. >> thank god, may god give me the strength to be with his absence. >> when 21-year-old was sent to attack his israeli for martyrs brigade. he along with a partner were killed after they fired on israeli border police. the attack also killed 23-year-old sergeant major constantine danolof, along with
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other fighters and bombers have been inalternated in military cemeteries with graves marked with numbers. first ever a promised 36 returned in this round receiving a hero's welcome. no longer just a number in a hidden cemetery, he has finally beefinallymade it home. don't see hanfar as a hero, they see him as a terrorist. and his return is considered a good quill gesture to u.s. attempts to restart talks israel and the palestinians. >> their families are still suffering and if there's goodwill we hope israel stop this violation of the rights of the families and themselves. >> according to israeli official this is the easiest part of the
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prisoner release because the prisonerser deceased. it is a time they don't want their children to ever experience. atia avowi, al jazeera west bank. >> freafn year low full year growth in 2013 was 7.7%, slightly above the government's forecast for a 7.5% expansion. however the numbers indicate the slowest growth for world's second largest economy since 1999. thai police have released footage of the man they say set off explosive, something police say was a grenade. 28 people wounded, seven seriously, near one of the major
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intersections in bangkok blocked by antigovernment protestors. >> life in prison for poisoning proceeden dumplings. lee lu teng used ingestion, unhappy with his salary and was plotting ways to get a raise. sochi olympic torch relay has been in the city of volgograd where a double suicide bombing claimed 34 lives less than a month ago. let's go back to fel felicity ir european news center for that. felicity. >> yes, sammy. now the olympic flame has been to volgograd. security as you would expect was tight, with the schedule of are
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emerged in which they said to have carried out the suicide bombings warn of an attack on the winter olympics themselves. paul brennan reports from volgograd. >> the olympic train rolled into town exactly as was planned. but the greeting was subattitude. 18 people were killed in a suicide boax blast. a second attack a day later took the total dead to 34. torch bearer andre car positive is a native of volgograd holding the torch which he now gets forever, he told me of his pride for the city. when asked about the bombings, his words dry up with sadness. >> three weeks ago i guess like the whole country we feel like is -- with pain in our-soul.
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>> volgograd station still bears the scars of the bomb attack which happened here barrel three weeks ago. and by staging the olympic torch relay as planned, resistance, that said, the release of a new jihaddist video, underscores the fact that the threat is truly real. >> the authenticity of the tape hasn't been verified but it promises to carry out more are bombings during the olympics. the people are nonetheless happy to see it. >> the bombing leaves a bad aftertaste but we should move forward. >> it was clear, many
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celebration were cancelled. >> we limit celebration along the route of this city and the special regime, right now, we make our normal olympic torch relay without no celebrations. >> the city of volgograd is a powerful symbol of russian national pride but that symbolism and its position north of the caucasus, that threat is now continuous. paul brennan, al jazeera, volgograd. >> after moving through the streets, the torch, after that it went for aspin on the local ice skating rinks with the figure skating team. well from volgograd the torch will work its way south to
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russia's troubled caucasus region. it will arrive in chem chemp che when it's due to arrive in sochi on the 5th of february. 600 people have died since the war ended in 1995. three since the beginning of this year. the government has little money to finance die mining operations and the fear is that parts of nebosnia. >> he was injured by a land mine. his son was killed. an uncle takes al jazeera to the place where the tragedy happened. >> translator: we came to find some scrap metal here so we can make some money and survive. but how are we to know there are
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land miebs here? there aren't any signs. see for yourself. >> five people have been killed in this area alone. but still, there are often no warning signs. it's estimate they'd 8 million square meters of the municipality is still covered in land mines. just a fraction have been cleared. >> if we continual like this we will need 63 years to remove all the land mines. >> it is estimated that 53% of the bo bosnian landscape, we wod need 60 years. >> making the crisis worse. >> i went to work in iraq because there was no work here. we work only four or five months in a year which depends mostly on donations and contracts.
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>> bosnia needs millions of dollars to rid itself of the deadly legacy of war. but other families like the chicos will receive traj city before that ambition is obtained. jim friend, al jazeera. >> wake up an unmanned space kraft from years of hibernation. are [cheering and applause] >> had an anxious wait of several hours burlt this time the exr rosetta stone. landing on a comet. >> three decades of work, 20 years for the team. it's also the signal that we really have to work, now, to get the return of all the hopes that the mission will succeed. >> and tara bradley has more on the mission that awaits.
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>> planets of the solar system, and now has it wakes from hibernation it's hoped its systems are intact. it's made three fly byes of the earth, one of mars, it has run around one other planet at the time. it takes its toll. they are hoping that everything will be working and functioning for its main mission to land on a comet for the first time in history. after circling the four kilometer wide rock, it will begin to amize the serd much. go to an area where we're pretty sure where the comet is goks
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erupt from. it will produce a big tail. do you land somewhere where the tail is going oflare out of, maybe damage it, interesting but risky or do you land on a place where they it will solar system formed. they had the spacecraft it will take the first close up images of a comet's surface and say the findings could help answer whether the comet's brought water, even life, to a earth. te prrvetionek much basley froem be doha. >> updates from melbourne coming up from rahul.
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. >> welcome back. u.s. president barack obama has told an american magazine he believes marijuana use is no more dangerous than alcohol. he was referring to the legalization of the drug in colorado and washington sedate. obama told the new yorker, hamp drug laws that disproportionately affected african american and latina americans, president also said legalization would be a challenging experiment.
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well, washington so-called war on drugs has failed to stem the flow of legal narcotics. instead networks have grown. they now control a network worth $400 billion a year. the bush administration allowed hundreds of thousands of guns to be passed can, so they could be traced to mexican drug cartels. the u.s. lost track of the weapons. gave antidrugs training and aid to mexico and aid to other central american countries. mexico's own war on drugs has claimed 60,000 lives in the past three years. the u.s. gives are mexico $1.3 billion to curb the drug trade. joining us live is, director of the institute for drug policies.
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what do you make of this, is marijuana use no more dangerous than alcohol? according to one statement i'm searing here, the u.s. president said if you look at the effects it has on people, it is actually less dangerous. >> if you ask any emergency room doctor. they'll tell you what is the most dangerous. alcohol is a very different story. he has a very interesting point. >> the at a pooh on drugs and not on alcohol, in this part of the world it's a taboo on both, for example. >> well, i think there are a lot of plans that are misunderstood. in the 1600s in the united states and england, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous, highly poisonous.
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yet most of us fail to understand that. we catch up with reality eventually so there's been a long period of stigmatization with cannabis use. now we're seeing past that finally. a lot of the drug war politics in the united states are generationally based, that is to say they came out of the politics and the social divisions of the 1960s and demographically that generation is fading out, it is the millennials and generation x that are taking over, and these culture wars that are so different don't work anymore whether it's gay marriage or marijuana. >> can that policy continue when you have the leader of the u.s. talking about marijuana in these terms? >> no, it can't. it's an untenable situation.
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for instance, i was looking for twitter account for the international bureau of narcotics and law enforcement, which is the state department's arm of the war on drugs, and you'd be hard pressed to see any thread, expected drugs these days which is pretty profound considering they were one of the main drug agencies in the united states. >> on the other hand, is the decision to decriminalize marijuana the problem for singling out latinos or african americans, a other types of intox can't like alcohol, is there any way forward ever, as to how to decriminalize and loosen restrictions? >> i don't think we have a
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choice. if you look at the government's own estimates, it estimates that 100 million americans have tried an illicit substance, and overwhelmingly that's marijuana, ages 12 and above. if you look at adults that's maybe half the population. are we seriously willing to punish that many people, including those who write and vote on our laws? are there that many that claim to be drug free in their lives? if a good priz ofte -- prison sentence would be good, i'd say no. >> thank you. let's go to sammy. >> former deputy second secretay general. yet to confirm whether he'll seek election for a fifth term.
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champagne previously served as an organizer in the world cup in france in 1999. >> we have to make it far more democratic. we technical government of fimpletfa, executive committee needs to be better informed, to incorporate the stakeholders, to rebalance between the continents and also what most of the people ignore, the world football league request elect a president and the football executive committee, the government of fifa, mr. obama, john mccain had just defeated, what the president would do. you understand how told it is to govern fifa in these conditions. >> in brazil the world cup will be a success despite concerns over late stadium conditions. with five months to go only half of the venues are ready.
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gabriel olizando reports. >> we are outside of this stadium, fits 50,000 people. let's go inside and take a look on how it's going. one of the most striking parts of this stadium is actually the roof. and they have 66 of these packages and they call them alleviates. and wha-- leaves. they produce a natural air conditioning, the wind blowing off the nearby lake sort of blows through here. these panels are fire resistant as well as they provide uv protection from the sun. certainly definitely one of the most interesting parts of the stadium without a doubt. something right when you get here it immediately catches your eye. this is a stadium that is owned and managed by internationale, one of the two local teams here.
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and unlike one of the host cities where the government funded the building, not here, this was a partnership between the local club and the builders. the cost was about $150 million, now it's going to be $200 million. they were delayed because of workers strikes and other issues but as you can see, it's almost done. the grass is completely laid, all of the chairs are in place. they say this stadium is very close to hosting one of its first test matches. here's the pitch or the field. this was put in more than a year ago. it was one of the first stadiums that had the pitch laid. this is grass that was imported from the united states. they are very proud of it, they say it is resistant to all sorts of weather conditions here, wind, rain, the heat. clearly this pitch is going so see a lot of football stars on it once the world cup rolls
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around. >> north korea has confirmed that it will send a men's and women's team to compete. north korea's football teams will travel to inchon to compete. it could see everton go ahead, their opponents have been attracting more attention. $4.9 million deal with the club. it follows alle anelka's, also e game in spain, on monday, 5th place athletic bilbao, take on
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relegation threated. two time finalist lee nah will attempt to reach the semi fines, the women's event, number 1 serena williams was knocked out, the third seed maria sharapova was knocked out. 45 unforced rorgs as she lost 3-6, 61, 4-6. >> the fact that i'm back and health, it's quite important, otherwise i wouldn't give myself a chance to play. i'll have to look at the positives and see where i've come. i haven't played a lot of tennis in those six months so i certainly would have loved to play a little bit more before plaing a grand slam. >> defending champion vis tor
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yah azarenka is through to the semi finals. rafa nadal did advance to the last state, however it was a hard fought win. the spaniard didn't play last year in melbourne because of a knee injury but showed notice sign of strain. a tough encounter. andy murray ended stefan robert's run in melbourne. two more in a tie breaker, the frustration got to him at one point but the scott battled through to the quarter-finals, 3 sets to 1 the final score. and how about this for a next encounter: it will be the
1:57 pm
four-time champion roger federer as he beat rupert songerer. >> the draw is testing very testing draw and i know it's tough. it's not easy for anybody now at this stage of the tournament because you don't want any hiccups right now. i hope i can continue playing at a high level. >> can't wait for that. dramatic victory in the third and final test of sri lanka. winning by five wick et cetera, to wrest a 1-nil victory. five of the nine balls to spare. that's it. more sports later. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. we're at the end of the hour. we have another bulletin, that's coming up in just a few minutes. don't go too far.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. a controversial u.n. invite to iran putting the geneva talks in jeopardy. >> drink the wawt? drink it occasionally. >> capping up to the west virginia governor about the state's water woes. >> plus one of the largest martin luther king day gatherings in the country.


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