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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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the rebels have sign add skis fire to end the fight their deal was reached in the ethiopian capitol. thousands have been killed in the fighting this broke out in december. hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. al jazeera jamal is in jube ba, the south sudanese capitol with more details. >> it's been a long
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awaited cease fire. at least now those who have fled their homes because of the violence that has raged through south sudan over the past several weeks have some hope that they may return soon, this cease fire deal just signed essentially guarantees that there will be a cessational fire, there will be permission, or both sides will allow for humanitarian aid to reach those effected. how, it will only be implemented 24 hours after the signing after the time of that signing. despite this break through, despite the cease fire, many of you say this is just a patching of a wound that continues the bleed, because there are real differences. there is also the tribe
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who he belongs to, and the other tribes, and the other tribes across south sudan. so many view that unless real accountability for the crimes committed over the past few weeks is reached, unless real conciliation reached between both sides it is difficult to see how the sieges fire would last very long. well, a new transitional president has been sworn in. she was appointed by the interim parliament earlier this week. she has asked both european and african countries to send more troop today help restore order there. barn by phillips is in the outskirts of the capitol. an enormous task ahead of her. >> she does, yes, she
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acknowledged there was only so much she could do by herself. she is calling herself the mother of the nation, and she is tellin telling e two mama lish shas. that they have to put down their arms. that disodder her not be tolerated but she admits that she does need help from the outside word. she needs more peace keepers to come here. who was at the ceremony, this is what he had to say about the possibility of more peace keepers coming here as quickly as possible. we have talked of a figure of 500 men for the end of february beginning of march, and on the other hand with the u.n.,
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the united nations, who had a request for more african and international troops. that's what we are working on at the moment. he looks calm where you are now, but not far away, i believe the fighting continues. >> well, certainly it was going on throughout the day in a couple of neighborhoods that are known as pk 12, and think teen that means how many kilometers they are away from the city center. a number of people have been killed in those neighborhoods, in fighting between christian and mous muslim militias. i think it fits a pattern which is that the christians are very much on the asen densy, it is muslim militias that are on the back foot, and it is the population whose are bearing the brunt. many many hundreds have been driven out of those neighborhoods. and their houses have been systemically looted.
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not just by militias, but by women, children, old people, taking whatever they could from those houses then in some cases demolishing the houses, locking down mosques as well, and telling us that they were determined that muslims should never come back to their neighborhoods. is kathryn needs to show some authority. she needs to show that she is imparable between the two communities divided along these lines. and yes, she needs help from outside as well. >> thank you, as ever. barn that by phillips on the outskirts of the capitol. politics have taken the center stage at the world economic iran's president has vowed to improve his relationship with the rest of the world.
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trade sanctions against iran have been lifted for six months as part of a deal restricting its nuclear program, but israel's prime minister has said that iran's change is not fooling anyone in the middle east. >> it's been described by some as the most important speech that the world economic forum has produced in recent years. this was president of iran making his most public effort yet to present a friendly face to the world. >> nobody can live on their own, no nation, no country. can resolve their problems on their own. no economic institution can grow without paying attention. no power can have permanent domination over anything. >> he is positioning himself as one of those leaders, vital to global stability and security. it was a speech that
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combined themes of conciliation, moderation, and of course, investment. >> i think those energy in particular would be a most interest. a violent and vast changing middle east, a nuclear program that further threatens regional stability, and of course the war in syria, where iran is a vital ally, yet he is not represented at the negotiating table. to constructive interaction with the world and to investment that he hopes will turn iran into one of the leading economies in a matter of years.
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this has been the show of support for that process, and his belief that it can succeed. with this speech, he shows that he is personally committed to it. and with that iran has taken in another step from the cold. >> joining us now live. what sort of reaction has there been to the speech? >> the feeling is i think
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broadly that these were fine words but that iran should be given the space to do what needs to happen next. to see whether it is willing to do what with needs to happen next. not everybody feels that way, of course, one man who isn't going to give iran quite so much space is israel's benjamin who spoke here earlier. believe me they are not reassured be i the soft words said here this morning. they get it, they understand it.
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these are a change of words with unchanging deeds. they understand that iran remains aggressive that it supports terror, that it participates that it is pursuing the -- they get it right and we get it right. we all wish there was a real change in iran, we don't see that. who have to look at their deeds. >> since the election in august, his promises of reform that led to that historic deal in geneva, in november, and many people will be looking at the words in that speech today and seeing in them the next step as i said, towards iran's
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reemergence into the international community. back to you? >> jona, there in switzerland. >> delivering a very different message to what has -- he used to give, our correspondent is in the capitol and has been gauging the reaction to the president's consolelatory tone. >> this is the second major address. he has given as the president of iran since he was elected in june last year. the first was hi address to the u.n. general assembly, the second, of course, the keynote address. now when he was elected he promised change, but not just change to do with politics and the economy, change to do with iran's image in the international world. there is what iranians think of the job, the president has done so far. as on iranian i don't feel any change. but the situation is still the same.
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there's been a positive impact compared to the past, it has change add lot in the country. considering the change of president, also i traveled abroad and there is another type of feeling now, among people towards iran. >> the most important issue here in iran is the economy. and unless the economy improves it is not going to matter what iran lacks like in the eyes of foreigners or on the stage, it was after all it was the iranians who elected him to represent them. >> they have arrived in geneva where talks between both sides are due to begin on friday. international negotiates locked up trying to find a way to end the war in syria. our diplomatic has the latest developments. >> he is a veteran troubleshooter for the
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u.n., but the task ahead for 80-year-old is massive. in this building the u.n.'s headquarters talked with the two syrian delegations are due to start on friday. it is already clear there's little if no common ground. both sides use their speeches in front of foreign ministers from around the world, to denounce each other. it's thought talks will start with negotiations about possible local cease fires and greater access for aid workers something the u.n. chief says could save many lives. >> we have been hearing terrible stories about people running out of food, being on the brink literally on the brink of starvation. people being sick and injured not being able to get health care, people fearing for their lives. >> so what is your message? to the two sides. yes, they have to graphle with these huge issues but on the humanitarian front what would you say
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to them? >> butt the people first. remember, that you are all syrians. you can be talking about your child. your mother, your father. a member of your own family. that is living through this horror. put the people first. >> win leading opposition figure told me he believes the the syrian government wants to make the process drag on and on. >> after the speech, by foreign minister, it's clear the regime is trying to buy time. we'll be keep to adhere to the main topic which is a transitional democratic governing body. >> the ambassador has been taking soundings from both delegations before deciding how to start his negotiations. it's quite likely that both sides will be in separate rooms to begin with, with ambassador brahimi shuttling between the two. >> while the polices
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continue their high level meeting fighting continues, there are reports of government air strikes, raising two neighborhoods in the largest city. in a number of casualties. >> antigovernment activists say that the al quaida link islamic state of iraq has taken over the town to the northeast of aleppo, until now another rebel group had been in control of this strategic town. >> well, coming up on the news hour. >> miners refuse to work again, but employers say they can't afford to pay more. and another gang rape in inyeah, 13 men are jailed. and in sports a swiss player makes it to grand slam final, but for one it is not roger federer.
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that story and more. well, ukraine's government has agreed to a truce with with the opposition. more from our european news center, hi there, barbara? >> thank you, the president has been meeting opposition leaders following violent clashes. now that's led to an easy truce which both sides say they are determined to keep going. she joins us live, what more do we know about this truce? >> a really frustrating day. they were due to meet the president been prearranged from a meeting on wednesday, and in fact, i was standing next to one of the main opposition leaders outside the administration building, when he was about to go
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in and got the call that the president has yet again postponed the meeting that's after he himself have gone out on a limb, brokering a truce between the two sides. men of the cloth big their way through, their prayers crowned out by the stunned grenades. the church has been a constant presence, and now the head of the church has taken sides. this medal is covers in the blood of our brothers and sisters. he refused to accept this because there's no justice, why would we receive an award from a bunch of criminals. >> began to gather a pace, then an intervention, not devine, but heavy weight at least. the man who is emerging as the face of the
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operation, crossed enemy lines to talk to the riot police. he reappears soon after with news of a truce. while talks between the president and the opposition resumed. cliff coe arrived making it clear the ball was now in the president's court. >> right now i stopped our gomes the conflict in the streets and it's due to -- starting for the initiation. and i am more than sure the next step, the power has to stop the aggression against activists and all activists have to be free. it's the main points where it is base points where we can start. >> if that doesn't happen? if the president doesn't agree, what then?
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>> sorry. it's -- you know a country everything depends from people who have absolutely power, and absolutely responsibility. that's why i come to him and say i have to show off good view, people show the view. right now there is no fighting in the streets. >> but before he could head into the building, he is told the president has postponed their meeting. >> so the situation obviously not resolved and still pends. tell us what is going on behind you now? i should point out another three hours after we saw him outside the building they then got the call to say the president was then willing to talk do them. so as we understand it, the main opposition leaders are now still in that meeting, with the president we have no clue as to how that is going, but i think they have been in there a couple of hours. the truce is holding.
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there is no fighting at the moment. we understand on the road towards parliament where there has been clashes over the last coupling of days in particular. but the truce -- that was agree there had with with the riot police, and the protestors the negotiations had a chance to complete that seems to be holding firm. what is interesting i think also is what is feeding into that meeting. from across the country, we are hearing that in five different regional administrative areas that the protestors in those areas pushed into the main buildings there, trying to occupy them, and four of those areas they were successful, the most interesting in a city -- which is one of the largest cities in the area, they even managed to persuade the regional governor to resign and sign the piece of paper although he has since rescinded that resignation, saying it happened under duress. all of those things feed into that meeting all the threats that could well take the bat toll the government if he doesn't allow some of their demands, all of these things will be feeding in, and we with look at
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what -- interest as to what the opposition leaders will come out with with tonight, and they the discussion concluded with the president. >> live for us, thank you. >> now it is back to doha. >> thank you very much. well, thousands of mine workers in south africa are striking again to demand higher wages. the walk out is hitting the world's biggest companies, mine owners say the they are unrealistic and unaffordable. it isn't the first time they have tried to take action over the pay. 34 miners were shot dead by police. the americana mines. june i don't know officials say 70,000 members will strike indefinitely. their earn just over $500 per month, but the a.m.c.u. union wants about $1,200. south africa has 80% of the world's known
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platinum reserves. jacob is the amc branch leader at the mine. he says they are striking to demand what mine owners promise them two years ago. >> it is all about a decent wage. and the management has promised when we are on strike, if you go back to work, they will fix each and everything that we demand. you can see the decent wage that the workers are looking for. >> the start of the trial of the kenyan president at the criminal court has been postponed. denies changes of orchestrating the violence at the elections in kenya in 27. the prosecutor at the court wants more time to assess claims by some witnesses in the case. >> a new power station is providing much needed electricianty, but villages who were evented for the project said they
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have been left destitute, and environmentalists fear more destruction in the word's large man grove forest. >> just a few months ago, there were thousands of people living here, now there's just dust, sand, and pipes where there used to be lush farmland. in southwestern bangladesh, the world's largest mangrove rain forest. >> we are totally opposed. whenever we have gathered to protect the police have come and beat us up. >> we used to farm fish and rice on our land, we were very happy there, but then they kicked us out and now we are living here. and they won't even let us stay here for long. >> but the government says the plant is worth the costs.
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>> our country needs energy, you will find people are willing to do whatever it takes for electricity. >> a few kilometers from the power plant, lives without any electricity, she finds it hard to read at home, so she studies at her cousin's, but she says it is heart to concentrate. >> i wish we had electricity at home, it is hard to sleep, because it is so hot, and sometimes when i am eating insects crawl into my food. >> activists opposing the project say they agree, that the country urgently needs more energy sources, but they say there are far better alternatives. >> they say india one of the partners has laws that prevent building a coal plant so close on its sides of the boarder. >> the villages here say -- the government shows no sign of
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compromising. al jazeera. still to come in this news hour. >> in salt lake city, utah, the latest u.s. state caught up in a legal battle over same-sex marriage. >> and why repairmen need a head for heights for their latest job. all because of a vote from the blue. and in sport, why the signing of this player could cost the barcelona president his job. every day, someone leaves their home searching for a better life. >> two hours in, we come upon a body. >> now, in a breakthrough television event, al jazeera america takes you beyond the debate. experience first hand the tragic journey of these migrants. >> a lot of people don't have a clue what goes on until you live near the boarder.
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>> six strangers with different points of view... >> i don't believe in borders. >> our government is allowing an invasion. >> ...get to experience illegal immigration, up close and personal. >> its very overwhelming to see this many people that have perished. >> a lot of families that don't know where their babies went. >> i want to make sure that her life, its remembered. >> what happens when lost lives are relived. >> the only way to find out is to see it yourselves. >> on borderland. only on al jazeera america. >> any of you guys want to come to the united states?
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our in-depth series on education continues. >> how does math keep boys out of jail? >> thats an indirect equation, i would say. >> algebra is the answer part of our week long ln-depth series. >> only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. here is a quick look at the headlines this hour. the government and rebels in south sudan have signed a cease fire after weeks of fighting a deal is reached after peace talks in the ethiopian capitol. thousands have died since the country in december. kathryn has been sworn in as the transitional president, the french prime minister says more troops should be sent to help stop the violence
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between christian and muslim militias. >> and a ukrainian president has met with opposition leaders and agreed on a truce that says no violence in the capital now, but the situation remains tense as antigovernment protest r toes still want demands met. police in india have arrested 13 men after a woman said she had been gang raped on the ordered of village elders. she was accused of having a relationship with a man from a different religion. she says she was told to pay a fine of $400 but the family said they were too poor to pay, and they ordered the punishment. >> 20-year-old woman in the small district 180-kilometers northwest of the state capitol. has brought widespread condemnation across the political spectrum, but highlighted yet again, the issue of women's safety and security.
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and, of course, rape. this violent attack is certainly upset many penal, not just but across the country, and highlighted again, that this will become a very hot topic during the lead up to the general election. the woman in question is now in hospital, she is receiving medical treatment, and under police guard. her statement has already been taken. the man at the center of this, an unelected body of village elders have been arrested as many as 13 of them are being questioned about their involvement in the attack and why it happened. initial suggestions say that the reason for the attack was that this woman fell in love with a man of a different religion from another village. that's one potential reason for why this attack happened. but, of course, it comes just days after a woman in the state capitol -- in the state capitol of west bengal was attacked on her way home. a professional gym
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instructor, it comes just weeks after a danish tourist was attacked here in the capital of delly. and of course it all comes on the attack of the medical student back in december of 2012, when she was traveled home on a bus. the issue of rape is a hot topic here, it will be as politicians have to discuss the issue of female security and women's rights in a country that does seem to favor it's male population, culturally, socially, and inch religiously. >> in pakistan, at least six people have been killed in a bomb explosion in the northwest of the country. it happened near an auto repair shop. that's a few kilometers south, the capitol of cairo. still in pakistan, shiite muslim mourners are asking the government to arrest those responsibility for a suicide attack on tuesday. at least 28 people were killed when the bus they were traveling in was attacked.
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the mourners have been refusing to bury the dead in protest against what they said is the government's inability to stop the violence against them. the minority shiite community has been regularly targeted over the past few years. more from the pakistani capitol. >> the community that there was not bury their dead after the deadly attack on tuesday, carrying shiite pill games on their way from iran, the community saying that they wanted adequate guarantees from the government that their people will be protected, that they will be an operation, and the culprits will be brought. in pakistan, and other cities have also been staging sit ins saying unless it does not end, that they will continue to raise those protests and ask the government that they must guarantee
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the safety of the minority shiite community, but pakistan is a country that has been hit hard, even the majority populations have been hit, the christians have been hit, and of course there will be a demand for the government to reassure the people that they are capable of protecting their citizens. >> at least five egyptian police have been killed. and the ministry of interior says the attack was carried out by men riding two motorcycles to other policeman were also injured in the incident. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. am al jazeera is continuing to call for the immediate release f oit's five journalist whose are still being detained in egypt. have been held without charge for 26 days their accusers spreading lies harmful to state security and of joining a
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terrorist group, allegations al jazeera says are fabricated. the other two are from our sister channel. a cameraman, they have been detained for over five months. well, the brother of abdullah from our sister network says the reporter has gone on a hunger strike. today i complete 160 days of captivity in jail without any charges i do not belong to any faction of ideology, i chose to be on hunger strike to send a message to journalists who choose to falsify the facts and to the egyptian that i do not mind dying for my freedom. back now with more news from europe, barbara? >> let's start with good economic news out of spain. however, the country's unemployment rate remains
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crippling high, latest figures show that a number of jobless has risen further to 26% in the last quarter of 2013. reports. >> . >> some good news to sing about, spain's economy is improving at least that's what some investors are saying. it's funny the back bail out scheme, borrowing costs have come down, and exports are on the up. >> something the spanish government is very eager to talk about. there was a very committed public policy. and also strong stretch of reforms program, and changing the trend, have reached our confidence, into the economy. >> spain's trouble with its banks have been a thorn in its side, and it's own economy nose
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dives the sector in particular of the smalls savings bank looked very vulnerable. especially when it was revealed how high risk financing built up the boom. and build they certainly did. property prices rose and rose, but the problem was that this property bubble was being propped up with money that the banks had borrowed from international markets and not from savings. so when the crash happened the land values and many people's dreams turned to dust. >> while spain has exited the bail out scheme, it has one of the highest unemployment rates in europe, the government is saying the recent drop is evidence that it's measures are working. but that reduction would seem to have more to do from the numbers of people leaving the country. there is also more debt, and the banks have
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clapped down on orders. >> you are only trust, that the recovery, no, will solve the problem, but the property -- there is no creation of employment, no, and it's clearly property and job less recovery. >> it will take more time before that can be felt across the country. italy's armly is training 340 libyan soldiers as part of a deal to rebuild the arms forced it will see up to 2,000 troops trained just this year. a military training ground away from home.
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these are some of the hundreds of libyan civilians trained in an army in italy as part of a by lateral green between the two. i fought as a rebel in the revolution, now i want to become a soldier to protect the new libya. it doesn't matter where we train, what is important is we receive good training. >> here the volunteers will learn how to jump, how to shoot, and how to fight. they arrived here as civilians they will leave as soldiers. these troops will undergo a 14 week training at the end of it they will reach infin tri-platoon level. it is a national effort aimed at rebuilding the forces. >> italy will train 2,000
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soldiers 3,000 will be trained in turkey, 8,000 in the united states. and over 2,000 in britain. this is a concrete contribution to the social and democratic development, of a new libya. the call to prayer broke the ranks for the soldiers a short break before they go back to their marching orders. with their aim a becoming the new arm ad forces clearly insight. al jazeera, the risks of using a mobile phone while driving are well documented now there's proof that using a mobile phone while walk canning be dangerous as well. normal walking posture taked a hit when you are on the phoning, increasing the likelihood of a collision. reports from london. most of us has done it, a text that needs an instant reply, all the
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work email that just can't wait to be rid. can be doing us more harm than good. >> you aren't looking at where you rah going, are you. >> don't pay attention to the road as i should do. >> researchers from the university of queens has analyzed how differently people walk when they are reading and typing on cell phones. they found people walk slower and with shorter strides but more seriously, locking their arms and elbows forcing their heads to move more, throwing them off balance. >> it is quite important so when you are walking along that you are aware of your surroundings, and actually making sure when you are at crossings you are aware of what is going on. equally there's responsibility for other users to be aware of pedestrians. >> researchers say it is
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no laughing matter as the proven imbuilt to walk in a straight line can increase the risk of having an accident. smart phone application developers have been aware of the trend with that already on the market. >> the apps combine a phone built in camera with the text function, allowing a us yeaher to essentially see what the camera sees, one may argue that it could improve ones posture, but enwith it makes this multitasking any safer has scientifically been tests. to step out of the way and stop in order to reply. a tall order, for pedestrians used to communicating on the go. >> that's all the news from europe for now. let's go back to doha. >> barbara, thank you, the latest battle in the united states over whether same-sex marriage is legal, is going on in a number of states a
1:43 pm
civil lib perty group is suing the state of utah other its attempt to stop gay marriages. 17 of the 15 american statues allow it, but gay married states in oklahoma and outtrot in limbo while the courts decide whether to allow it or not. one couple in salt lake city where the debate goes to the heart of utah's conservative culture. >> western with clark and brandon were married in the state of utah, now they are in a state of am big utety. >> you definitely feel like you are in limbo. >> the fair that are raising two children are among the 1300 couples to mary last desks after a judge unn't anded struck down utah's laws against same-sex marriage. >> the state didn't expect it, the community didn't expect it, it was just cleatly out of the blue. >> two weeks laterth utah's government and the governor said same-sex
1:44 pm
marriages already performed would not be recognized as legal. the federal government, however, does recognize the marriages. >> utah south one of the most political conservative states in the u.s. two-thirds of utahns belong the mormon religion. the church's influence permeates utah's society and culture. mormon doctrine emphasizes the importance of the traditional family, and church leaders are strongly opposed to gay marriage. they see this as the equivalent of pulling a brick out of the wall of the house, the whole wall will fall. >> mormon families are also dealing with a ruling striking down anti-polygamy law. the church renounced politic my long ago. some fundamentalists still practice it. >> there is still confusion among many mormons about whether politic my is part of the eternal plan. >> for now, conservatives are focused on the legalling court fight. >> the same-sex marriage
1:45 pm
were permanently legalized in utah, yet changes utah culture. it changes the definitions of family, and marriage. >> clark and marks say ultimately what is important to them won't change. >> to having a marriage certificate or not, doesn't change how i feel about him, orr our family. >> an appeals court will hear arguments in march. al jazeera, salt lake city. >> still to come here, after a bolt from the blue. and coming up, all the sports news, chelsea make as move in the window signing of rising star of egyptian football.
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of the rain forest ision threatening a giant eagle close to distinction, into the jungle and the southern philippines. >> looks like a lion's main, the tim mean eagle is considered a wild life treasure. but it is one that is dying out. there are around 400 pairs of eagles left in the wild. they need rain forest and large trees but now almost 90% of the country's forests have already disappeared. >> there are a lot of
1:48 pm
eagles being shot without being reported we are hoping that people will get to report that to us. so they will know the extent of the hunting. >> efforts to save them is now at a precarious stage. >> environmental groups have made public education a priority. especially in areas like this one. where a clandestine activities have long been the norm. >> gary and his friends have been poaching in the southern philippines for many years. >> they set up around eight p transitional presidents every week. they do not specifically hunt for eagles but when they get trapped they eat them. the ancestors believe that et eating an eagling salt lake a longer and healthier life. >> it is also has been a practice since people moved here in the
1:49 pm
forrest, the eagle take them. >> gary says they did not know that killing the philippine eagle would mean 12 years in prison. >> around 14 philippine eagles are being looked after. funds to maintain them are limited. it is depend on private donors. >> workers here say they are doing their best to provide assemblance of a life in the wild. hopeful that some day these eagles will know what it is like to be free. al jazeera, southern philippines. >> time for all the sports what's the late nest the tennis? it is coming up now, they are set to meet on friday with one last spot up for grabs in the australian open final, and it would be an all swiss contest.
1:50 pm
alysse reports. >> . >> it is amazing, you know. i didn't expect to make finally one time in my career, and it is happening so i am really happy. >> he had knocked off in the finals and made it against czech thomas. >> he had taken the first set 6-3, but tie breakers were needed to separate the pair, in the second, third, and fourth sets. the 28-year-old eventually outlasting his opponent, but an intimidating prospect awaits in the final by rafael nadal or roger federer. they can be good. but -- you know, against rafael is not really
1:51 pm
good, and neither is it against roger, but for sure to play a final, would be amazing. there will be a fist time final fist the women's draw as well. shocked fifth seed 6-1, 6-2. >> lit be the biggest match oof my life. there is nothing better. >> she will meet an experienced opponent who will compete in her third australian open final in four years. against rising canadian star, advancing 6-2, 6-4. >> the final is special, the final is final. just one match. >> the women's final will be played on saturday. al jazeera. >> barcelona's board of
1:52 pm
directors has been holding an emergency meeting with the club president said to be on the brink of resignation. it's alleged that he hit the full value of the transfer and come piled false contracts. he said earlier this week, he was willing to answer any questions the judge may have. any time now. manchester united not only out of the cup, they are also out of the top three rich list. they have real madrid topping the charts. revenues or more than 700 million-dollars in the 20/12/2013 season. not too far behind, with this list only looking at revenues accrued. europeans championship were in third spots they saw marry revenues rising by almost 20%. manchester city with
1:53 pm
6th on the list, they catch 80% in australian club, it followed last year's establishment of the new york city football club which will enter the major league competition. they will be renamed melbourne city, bearing the same mcfc acronym. it is it is a massive vote of confidence, to have a power house like this, getting involved they are going to bring technical expertise, and business now to our competition, we are excited about it. >> and chelsea is set to sign this from swiss side -- to man united. 80 teen million dollars to bring in the 21-year-old. he has scored in the last appearances against chelsea. continues to push his case for ryder cup selection, the spaniard who finished fourth last week, leaves the masters
1:54 pm
at the half way mark. he shot eight birdies that gives him a two stroke advantage. who was three under for the day. >> very good on a hard streak, works out very good today, again, so really pleased for that. i played good, struggled a bit, on the back ninnies seemed to get more in place, and got myself opportunities and they went in. >> and three time olympic ski jump championship is confident he will be fit for next month's games. the austrian suffer add nasty fall a couple of weeks ago. he spent a week in the hospital. but he is still hopeful of being selected. >> it will be the deadline, and i hope thatly be on the list of the association. seo that i can take part. for me personally, i will work in this direction.
1:55 pm
there are still two weeks left. and it will be the step back on turkey again. feeling very positive to start there. >> plenty more on the build up to the winter olympics and all the rest of the sport you can check that out. also details on how to get in touch with us, using either twitter on facebook. >> thank you. well, repair workers in rio de janeiro definitely need head for heights for their latest job. it was hit by lighting last week. one of the world's most famous statutes a symbol of brazil and especially rio degeneral anywhere row. but look closely, crews are now busy working on
1:56 pm
the statutes massive hand emergency repairs after it became a conduit for hundreds of millions of votes of electricity. a finger was damaged when it was struck by lightening. this is the remarkable photo of the moment it happened shot by a local photographer, any tourist visiting the statute weren't quite sure what to make of it all. >> i hope it didn't hurt too much. >> brazil's relationship with its famous icon is an emotional one, when he was vandalize add few years ago, the mayor called it a crime against the nation, the statute is 82 years old, took nearly a decade to build, and is made from reenforced concrete. it is not the first time he has suffered a direct hit, a part of a finger that's a first. engineers are busy putting in lightening records so when the next strike happens whenever they may be, any damage will be limited. >> we are going to increase the receptors.
1:57 pm
lightening protection, we will increase that and the receptors will expand across as far as the middle finger, because the clouds usually come from the ocean on the east, and usually it is the finning cher sustained the most damage. >> tourists have little to worry about. >> we with have continuous worry about the storm, we will guarantee a good repair job, and protect the statute. >> there is no telling how long the repair work will last, but more than 30 workers have been assigned to the job. they will spare no effort or cost, because after all it is christ the redeemer and the most famous sill bomb of this country. al jazeera. definitely not a job for anybody with vertigo. thank you for staying with us, goodbye for now.
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welcome to al jazeera america. these are the stories we are following for you. ukraine eagles clash is leading to a meeting of the minds. the fighting raging on in aleppo, as serious civil war taking center stage. and -- >> i felt embarrassed by it. well, not embarrassed, i just don't want nobody to know that i was in a shelter. >> and a special series al jazeera takes you into the lives of a


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