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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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♪ thi >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. with the top international stories. the united states asked syria to take immediate steps to remove its chemical arsenal. >> in london with the news from europe, ukrainian protestors continue to occupy central kiev. and president victor kovic has gone on sick leave.
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>> we look at the state's speak in drug related crime. a top story in the united states has accused syria of stalling oen the removal of its chemical weapons. the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has asked bashar al-asaad's government to take immediate action to comply with its obligations. >> the united states is concerned that the syrian government is behind in delivering these chemical weapons precursor materials on time with the schedule that was agreed to. we believe that this effort can continue to get back on track, even though we are behind schedule. but the syrian government
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has to take responsibility of fulfilling it's commitment, that has been made. >> and earlier, the u.s. ambassador to the global chemical weapons watchdog also said syria is not doing enough to hand over its chemical arsenal. a diplomatic editor has the latest from geneva, where talks between the syrian government and opposition are taking place. >> this is an important development. in removing chemical weapons from it ease territory, these comments coming. that's the international body in charge of the prohibition of chemical weapons and in change of this process of trying to rid syria of chemical weapons. only a small number of the high priority chemical wells have so far left from the port for some time. both u.n. and opcw officials and diplomates working both in the hague and new york, have
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expressed some concern, but they said in the past to me, that they weren't sure whether the delay in getting the chemical weapons out of syria was with result of how difficult the task is, or stalling by the syrian side. for the first time the u.s. is accusing syria of stalling, we will get i think more comments in the next week or so, when the next report from the opcw and the u.n. is given to the u.n. security council. >> meanwhile, syrian opposition supporters have little faith. a correspondent spoke to one journalist from aleppo. who believes the conflict has turned into a proxy war. with little chance of peace. >> this young journalist
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who works for opposition media is from aleppo. a divided city where government forces have been bombarding rebel areas as part of a counter offensive. he says he will go back home and tell his people that the talks in geneva 2 will not stop the bloodshed. especially, sad to see that all of these demands is being applied on the syrian people, rather than the regime. >> this is the first time syria warring side was face to face since the conflict began, but there are many players involved regional and world power whose are also trying to secure their own interests. >> so far there has been no tangible progress, neither on the political front, nor have the warring sides managed to silence the guns. but this is not the end.
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two the u.n. envoy is already talking about convening a second round of discussions soon. this grieving mother has no faith in this political process. the son british doctor died while in the custody of the syrian government. he was supposed to be released in december. when his family was told he committed suicide. something he disputes. >> they kill my son. that's why. >> me tried to discredit her, asking her why her sonants the country illegally, and why she was part of the opposition delegation. it wants ask end to violence first, it is a position that makes some
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feel geneva 2 will not fulfill their aspirations. >> we with want our freedom, we went out calling for a syrian state representing all the syrians not just one part of syria. >> i don't really know if this will happen in my lifetime. now as they prepare to go back to aleppo. what he takes from these talks is the hope the world sees his cause as just. al jazeera. meanwhile, more bonds have been dropped killing antifamily. activists say eight people and five children were killed in the explosion. and this is reportedly the scene in rebel strong hold in aleppo, activists say eight people were killed in the air
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strikes. an international aid has reached a palestinian camp in damascus, hundreds of residents camp are now gathering to get food supplied by u.n. relief agencies. the camp has been besieged by government forces for more than six months. we are starving we want to eat and drink. >> in iraq, at least went people have been killed after armed men attack add government building in northeast baghdad. a number of people hostage, inside the building and the security forces managed to get most of the employees out. and staying in iraq another 19 people have been killed in a series of car bombs in baghdad, mainly shiite districts were targeted. no group has claimed responsibility for the blasts. the ukrainian can president has gone on
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sick leave right in the middle of the political crisis. for the latest, let's go to lauren now in ron done. >> thank you. victor i don't know cover itch is said to be suffering from a respiratory ailment. in spite of a new law -- and they had this to say about his illness. i remember, if it is bedtime, bedtime because always a if yanukovich. some leaders have to make unpopular decision. they go to hospital. >> sick of what is happening in the country, and he is definitely -- he is a day off to think about it. maybe he sees his
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analytic specialist. i am not sure, but it is cold in here, but so many people are still standing here. and you know they are fighting for their rights and yanukovich i think it is a disgrace, that you can't take a day off, even when you are the president when such things are happening here. >> before we went on sick leave, he found time to criticize his opponents. he left a statement on his official website, accusing the protestors and their leaders of recklessness and ire responsibility. >> and now, there are accusations of vote rigging inside parliament, to force the amnesty law through. sue is in kiev and has our report. >> power limit on wednesday night, and the amnesty bill, is put to a vote. with the president's party pushing through it's preferred draft, with a majority of just 6. but look a little closer at the man on the right. he is legislature voted
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as his own before reaching to his absent neighbors. photographers catch others and the same thing. last year he tried to stop them in fraud, she is man handled on the floor of the house. it is not moving for himself personally, or herself. so this is what happened yesterday. they had some ten to 15 cars. not only for him but for his neighbor.
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>> his name is on the list that attended the vote on the amnesty bill on wednesday. apparently, he voted for the bill. >> we contacted the assistance who confirmed that he had left on monday, and has been there all week. there's no way his vote could have registered here, unless he left the voting card with another mf and he voted on his behalf. with with such a slim majority, the opposition believes that without these fraudulent votes, the bill wouldn't have passed. >> so one of these laws was adopted in constitutional wait? >> no. >> one of the protestors key demands is corruption and misrule, but they believe wednesday night, the vote was manipulated in favor of the president's party. to them it is business as usual, in the ukrainian
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parliament. al jazeera, kiev. >> rauch sha says it has identified the bombers can killed 34 people. the timing is significant, as athletes begin to arrive in sochi ahead of the winter olympic games. peter sharp reports. >> arriving at the village, the first of some 2,000 athletes from more than 90 different countries. it is just a week until is official opening of the game as run up to the winter olympics that has been dominated by security concerns following the go deadly attacks exactly a month ago. the explosion carried out by suicide bombers, and 24 hours later onboard an electric trolley bus, left 34 people dead. on thursday, russian security officials said they identified the two men carries out the attacks and in the neighboring region, where security has been particularly tight, they arrested two accomplices, who are set to have transported the bombers. >> in moscow, this is how
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the human rights organization amnesty international marked the final week es count down to the games. a ball rena in chains. for amnesty her presence in handcuffs symbolizing the violation of the rights of freedom, and present putin's rush 145 at a time when it is easting the olympics. >> while the word's eyes are on russia, we want the world's eyes to be on the way in which the government is treating civil society, and the way in which lesbian and gay people are treated in this country, and we want the word and the word's governments to make it clear too the russian government that this needs to stop. >> only necessity international signed by more than a quarter of a million people. the winter olympics has become a magnet.
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from deadly protests from islamic separatist in the south, to human rights activist in the capital, expect more of the same through ute the games. peter sharp, al jazeera, in moscow. >> dennis in moscow, he complains of state restrictions on protests. we will move it where where no one can see us. and then the colleagues went to take some photos this morning with a big poster, on the way back, they were stopped by a plain clothed security official, who sideway have violated a law, he couldn't say which law, but he threatened to call the police, and use them as evidence against us. and i think had it not been so bitterly cold, that conversation could have been longer
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steppedded in a police station. so what other that you cannot just come into the streets and say you don't agree. >> there were additional restrictions in sochi, all street actions were banned, then there was another decree saying yes you can protest, but only in certain location, and for that you needed approval from local authorities the police and intelligent services. now if the people want peacefully to express their views they should have the right 20 do it, i don't think many will brave to do so. >> still to come from europe, british lawmakers attempt to push through a ban on foreign criminals using european law to avoided deportation. plus, they will hear from south africa striking female miners who aren't only purkeing for a cage increase, but also fighting for sexual harassment. and coming up in sport, a update on the condition of formula 1 legend michael schumacher, a month on from a ski accident.
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social sudan's government has sign add cease fire. the treatment was rebel leader followed two years of fighting in the larger state in south sudan. and mining executives from across the globe are meeting in south africa to discuss the state of the industry. but the country has problem of its own, tens of thousands of platinum miners are on strike while female miners are complaining of sexual harassment. tonya page has their story. sought africa's economy is built on mining, these miners are dend maaing that entry level pay be more than doubles to one with thousand $250 a month. men and women are protesting together, many
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women with complaint of discrimination. >> they start saying for me -- maybe a key supervisor, he can have a deal, the deal is that you give the particular person your cell number, and maybe the lawyers or whatever, then you start having somethings like being in love, dating each other, then that's where they can give you an appointment. >> not only from
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accidents but from each other. >> she was raped and killed in a mine, despite her high profile case, campaigners say knock has changed. but the chamber of mines which represents employers says it has set off task to address the issues women face. >> we are drying very hard to tell women, these are the channels that you can use should use, we will support you when you come and you report incidents of laserment. >> the government wants the number of female miners increase dodd 13%, but unless the culture underground changes sending more women down the mines will just put more women at risk. tonya page, al jazeera. >> two senior police officers are the latest to face trial in two scandal. they are among more than 60 people charged in the
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largest ever corruption case. senior politicians. >> bakers and civil servants will also be questioned in the theft. mike hannah reports now from the capital. for the first time this evidence of heightened security, as the trial of two police commissioners begins. the hearings now spilling out from the high court into the magistrate's court next door, within the next week, it's expected that at least ten separate trials will be underway. the proceedings are bees closely watched by the international donors, who have suspended millions of dollars of aid in the wake of the scandal. and each week they attend a meeting to review proceedings. >> i would like to commend my president. for compromising on our deal. by allowing nationals to be part of it, because the lost moneys not only ma law we money, but also money that we have. and would like to prove
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to them that we have nothing to hide and nobody to shield all in the current government are innocent. >> we are very worried how the progress is being done, and how the donors are communicating to the executive, when the executive's hands are not that clean. >> a few rejected by donor representatives. >> to help and support, and push also, for rectifying the situation. black at the courts detailing are emerging. for example, two women named as owners of a construction company are accused of receiving government payments for work that was never done. one has been given time to find a new lawyer
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that's because the man who was supposed to represent her was arrested on monday. he is a former justice minister, who ironically, or perhaps inevitably, is due himself to appear in this court on money launders charges. mike hannah, al jazeera. >> another public bus has been set on fire, making it the 30th incident of its kind this month. police say the process of burning buss is a form of protest. time because of vandalism fears. an increase in the number of illegal marijuana farms in the u.s. has tuned the heart of california's farmland into a battle zone. marijuana i don't knows in the region are being guarded with trip wires motion detectors and shotguns. it's putting more pressure on the police force. >> mike and bill are on
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the hunt for green. >> they are guarding it presently, basically right out in the open. >> hidden among vast farmland on this day, they find cam bus behind a black tarp. >> inside that black tarp area. nobody in this whole orchard would start burning. sheriffs deputy says some farmers are now twisting that law, to fuel a lucrative trade. transforming california central valley into what federal officials say is the largest supplier of domestic marijuana. all of this that was
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scheduled or set up to be mailed outside of the state, where they can get three to 4,000 a pound. >> they have tripled in the last year. >> it isn't like the marijuana of 20 years ago, or even of ten years ago. the thc content and the way they have developed these plants is much much higher. farmers say the green rush has turned it into battlefields. arms men protecting the crops. >> this farmer too afraid to show his face, put up surveillance after police say a teenager was shot to death. trying to steal pot plants. now it is like we are in our own little compound, our own little prison. >> marijuana related crimes have killed nine people in fresno county since 2012.
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put your ground up in here. and says the move punishes patients. >> this ordinance is not the solution to fix that. because those large grows are already illegal. what they have is an enforcement problem. >> that debate continues as authorities struggle the trade. nearly 600 marijuana fields were counted last year. across the country, chinese families spring clean, sweeping out any ill porch to make way for good luck.
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in shanghai, workers and students traveling home witness with something new, that with the hint of tradition, a flash mob chinese style. i really want do go home after watching this. i feel particularly warm after working hard for the whole year. i just really want to be with my family now. >> in southwest china province, lanterns filled parks and lakes 450,000 glass bottles went into the design of this peacock. but 2014 is all about saying goodbye to the snake, and hello to the horse. the spirit of the horse has long been a path of chinese. the horse symbolizing health and prosperity. >> superstitions are strong, and while the rest of the country is on holiday, one industry is thriving p p porch tellers are in being
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demand. everyone wants to know their porches for the next year. so they can decide what to do, that's why many people come to me now. to predict their life. >> but the nonchinese among us, the traditions of this time of year can be rather confusing, so i'm prepaid a quick guide to help get you through, firstly it is not called the chinese new year. it's called the spring festival or lunar new year, and it doesn't run for one day but 15 days. secondly, on the first day of the festival, there's no sharing, no washing, no cleaning, no laundering of any kind. that just washes away the good luck, and thirdly, as a foreigner, be generous. >> craig, al jazeera,
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beijing. >> still to come in this news hour, a cruel turn of fate. how detainees in a philippines police station suffered ritual torture at the spin of a wheel. and in sport, the first athletes touched down in sochi, just a week out from the winter olympics detail as little later in the program.
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>> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? welcome back a reminder now. the united states is ausing syria of stalling on its removal of the chemical weapons. chuck hagel has asked the government to take immediate action to comply with its obligations. syria's entire chemical arsenal is supposed to be eliminated by judge 30th. in iraq, at least 20 people have been killed after armed men stormed
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the government building. police fought the attackers who took hostages in baghdad. al in the capital a series of car bombs killed 19 people. as the president goes on six leave, protestors have rejected his claim that his government has fulfilled it's obligation. they have also refused to leave government buildings they are occupying in the capital in exchange for an amnesty for political prisoners. deliberate and unlawful. that's the damning inindictment by human rights watch and the practices of the syrian government. in a new report, the group says the government -- but only in neighborhoods that opposed president bashar al asaad and his regime. dominic cane. >> in the suburbs of damascus. it has been fought over by the government and the rebels in the last few
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years. like much of syria, it present as picture of bombed out buildings and rebel strewn roads. but now evidence suggests the destruction of property here is not an accident of war. human rights watch has compile add report that claims the government is in demolishing thousands of houses here, in other parts of damascus, and in the city of ham ma. the report using these satellite images to show how expensive the damage is. this is the district in hama seen in sent 2012. and this is the same place one month later. this is part of the capital close to the military airport, seen in february of last year. move forward to july, and the contrast is clear. human rights watch says it has spoke ton the owners of some of the property whose confirmed the demolitions. the group alleged that
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the government has systematically targeted residential buildings in areas which support the opposition. the government says the demolitions are merely part of approved urban planning. >> i do not think that this is urban planning. this is mass destruction, and civilian neighborhoods, what the report points out and in my own research is that this urban planning, if you like, is strategically done in areas where the free army had quite strong presence, and was hungered down and difficult to drive them out. >> the offers of the report say there is no evidence of such demolitions taking place in areas that generally support the government. the u.n. now says almost 6.5 million people have been displaced inside syria. and that almost 2.5 million refugees have left the country since the war began. dominant cain, al jazeera. >> and security advisor
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human rights watch says the demolitions are an attempt to drive opposition out of their strong holds. >> it's difficult to speculate on the exact motivation, what is for sure, is that the government's explanation that this is urban planning efforts does not hold up to scrutiny. these areas where the demolitions took place were opposition strong holds, the demolitions took place after very often intensive fighting between opposition and government forces. and some of the demolitions took place near have teen zych military locations. and we even have the governor of damascus basically admitting that of course these demolitions was a key part of the government's strategy to drive opposition forces out of these neighborhoods. as you can see, on some of the satellite imagery, the areas that have been targeted have been completely erased. they have been wiped off the map.
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so the demolitions in these areas are complete. it's systematic. that we have documented so far is the destruction of seven such neighborhoods or seven areas that have really been targeted. and we have identified other more recent demolitions on the imagery that have not been included in this report, that we have not yet conducted enough research. as you can imagine, when an area is demolished like this, the residents three and it is challenging to find eyewitnesses to the demolition. >> egyptian court sources say arrest warrants have been issued for 12 people who they say either currently work for al jazeera, or have done so in the past. now, among those want redirect examination several foreigners. however, the al jazeera network has not received a official notice from egypt legal authority. now it has already been
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more than a month since the egyptians detained three al jazeera journalists. they have been held without charge since december 29th. they are accused of spreading false news and having linked to the muslim brotherhood, which egypt classified as a terrorist organization. the government in cairo says their cases have been referred to the criminal court by the prosecutor general, however, the al jazeera network has not been notified of any formal charges. two more journalists from our sister channel have also been detained without charge for more than six months. al jazeera rejects the allegations against all of them, and continues to demand the unconditional release of its journalists. well, turkey's currency, is lira, is showing no signs of recovery despite the central bank rising interest rates. the country's finance minister says the economy
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is not in bad shape. >> turkey's country six the lira, has been sliding for months. finally reaching historic lows against the u.s. dollar. businesses and institutions holding foreign debt or trying to buy materials in foreign currency are hurting. the economy and employment of both under pressure. financial analysts say the weakness was partly exposed by the protests of may, june, 2013. and made far worse by the government linked corruption scandals of december 2013. it was almost every analyst said turkey had to do. still, it has not yet recovered. turkey's finance miner and says the country can hope. >> if you look at turkey overall, we still have a strong fiscal position. we have healthy banking
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sector, so this is like a temporary let's say from i willty, rather than a permanent shock. >> with the u.s. federal reserve sticking to it's timetable for reducing its economic stimulus, financial intuitions say turkey should have been better prepared the r the slow down. the did you recollectish economy booms with the arifle of international hot money, seeking a new home when western economists slowed. a lot of it went into construction, now a lot of it may be leaving. >> we are prepared for withdraw. usually, at times like this, i think past mid desks 17, following the politically motivated corruption investigations, there has been some domestic demand for hard currency. >> turkey may have had no choice buzz to raise rates but this will -- making it harder to borrow locally. one way or another, thele
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boo times in turkey look like they are coming to an end. al jazeera, istanbul. >> in the u.k. politicians are arguing over how to deal with foreign criminals. let's get more now on that in london. >> debates underway in the u.k. parliament over efforts to stop foreign criminals from using european human rights laws to avoided deportation. this has divided british lawmakers. the prime minister says he agreed with the idea of a change in the law. lawrence lee at west minister for us. >> here is a thorny question about ethics and the rule of law. should the british government have the rights to strip a person of his or her passport, and render them stateless, if the government deems that person to be rah threat to national security well, it is being debated. and ministers at the states of immigration
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law, particularly european law and the way that it effects people perceived to be a terrorist threat. at the moment, it goes like this. and you have a family here, and the government sees you as a threat to national security. well, at the moment, the law says you can claim family ties and the government should haven't the right to expel you. there's so much anger about that, that the government is try tock rush through new legislation, which would allow ministers to strip that person of his or her pass pirai leaving them without any passport. if you ask what the mood is, frankingly a lot of people would be supported because they would say it is entirely unfair for people to come to britain, take a passport, but then claim the right to stay here simply because they have family.
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first of all, if someone is accused of terrorism, then why not try them in court, secondly, what happened if you render them stateless? where are they supposed to go if they don't have a passport? are they simply expelled somewhere in the outside world with no one looking at where they are. and is prepared to take passports off them, without putting them to trial. >> michael is currently awaiting sentencing after his conviction in december for the murder of lee rig by outside south london. the 29-year-old admitted in court to killing him, but denied it was a murder. >> the british army has been called in to help evaluate flooded areas in the southwest of england,
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it is thought to be the wettest january since records began almost 100 years ago. over last week's death on a boat carrying migrants. 12 people, mainly children were killed when the boat sank en route from turkey to agrees. that's it for me in london. human rights groups are accusing police officers of using a so called torture wheel. they reportedly spun the wheel to select how detainees would be abused. veronica has the details. you probably wouldn't think there is anything special about this area, a quiet middle class neighborhood. but it's now notorious. a group of policeman held suspects here indefinitely without charge, and abused them,
1:43 pm
apparently for fun. it looks like a fairly ordinary suburban street in the philippines but this house, right next to others, was effectively what human rights advocates are calling a torture chamber. it was an illegal police detention facility, not registered with anyone. and they keep people here indefinitely after catching them on drug raids. this is where the police would keep their office. and this area, is where they kept their suspects. they termed torture, into an elaborate game. they'd spin this wheel and let chance dictate what the victims perhaps as many as 50 would be beaten, hung up side down, poked in the head, or other abuses. this case is significant because the police have been caught in the act. 14 men have been disciplined and ranking provincial relieved of duty. >> it is a wake up for
1:44 pm
higher ups. to show that despite your police operations procedures despite your programs and practices human rights base policing, there are people -- personnel on the ground, who defy you. >> so are the reforms just window dressing? >> until then, the police are trying to reassure the public that this was an isolated case. >> vironica, al jazeera,
1:45 pm
manila. >> they have all the sport coming up including the master class, in dubai, as a former world number one, rediscovered his best form.
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quebec is to vote on a bill that would legalize euthanasia. the province would become the first in canada to allow assisted suicide. as daniel explains the concept remains troll, among roman catholics and some medical professionals. >> i'm not afraid of
1:47 pm
dying, i can make that decision tomorrow. >> one of his country's top micro biologists donal low died eight days after this video was shot last sent. it's remarkable plea to allow terminally ill people like him to choose whether to ask their doctors to help them kill themselves. >> in canada, it is illegal, and it will be a long time before we mature to a level where we accept dieing with dignity. >> his wife marie taylor was with him when he died. >> if you are in that situation, you should be allowed to die a peaceful death, of your own time and choosing. and we very much believe that you should be well enough to do this on your own. >> so euthanasia is illegal in canada, but here in quebec they are trying to change that, with a new bill that allows some to choose end
1:48 pm
their own lives. >> the minister behind it has intent years campaigning. >> i felt it was our responsibility to attack this issue. to really look at all that was involved. at the end of life, of course, concerning possible medical aid in dying, but also concerning the best health care you can provide to people at the end of their life. >> polls show three-quarters of quebecers favor the bill. a smaller majority of doctors also agree with its premise that proening looed suffering at the enter of a patient's life should not be the only option before them. >> i always question the fact that as doctor we with have a lot of power in our technology and all that. and we bring beam to a certain point. and then roof that we when we don't have anything to do, we just leave them alone. >> there is opposition,
1:49 pm
not at least from the roman catholic church, which has long opposed any form of euthanasia, some doctors have also expressed unease, this specialist says her job is to help patients live, not die. >> this is not good for medicine, not good for patients. this is something that is being imposed on us. they want to redefine our profession, and they want to institutionalize killing patients and calling it healthcare. >> the federal government is against quebec's move, and may challenge it in court. but with both public and parliamentary support, quebec's dying with dignity bill might just become law. sometime in 2014. al jazeera, montreal. >> and scientists in japan say stem cell research has seen a new break through. the development indicates that they are faster and cheaper ways to grow tissue to treat illnesses like diabeteses and par kin sins disease. this research carries out by scientists in japan
1:50 pm
has been viewed as a break through, because it could hail a inner rah of personalized medicine. the solutions made them go back to their embryonic state. what makes stem cells unique, is they can become different type of cells in the body. using this process could potentially then be reinjected back into the body to help damaged organs. one scientist cold us this could be a major break through. this enables scientists to quickly reprogram adult cells back. we immediate these cells that can make every single cell type of the human body, and these are vital for therapies in the future. >> the scientists in
1:51 pm
japan used mice in this experiment, but believe the approach may also work on human cells too. if it does, it would potentially make the creation of stem cells faster, and eliminate some of the ethical questions often associated with this type of science. >> it's time for sports now, and here is senna. >> thank you. seven time formula 1 championship michael shoe macser gradually being lifted from induced coma. he suffered severe head injuries last month following a ski accident in the french resort. he has been in the artificial coma for more than four weeks, doctors have now begun reducing hisseddation, in order to allow the waking up process to which schumacher's agent says could take a long time. athletes have started arrive in the olympic village in sochi ahead of the 24 teen games which began there just over a week. post russia team u.s.a.,
1:52 pm
have made it to the black resort. british athletes have been advised not to wear their team quit while traveling particularly through the capital city moscow. team u.s.a. were also urged by their delegation to keep a low profile, because of security concerns. >> i am pretty excited and grateful to be here. my first holiday, so i am very excited with everything going on, kind of overwhelmed, and i haven't thought about anything else that's going on, i noah with will be in good hands and the security i know is pretty tight. so i think we will be safe. >> they have been acquitted on charges of soliciting an underage prostitute. while a french judge ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that the men were aware, 21 at the time and who plays for real madrid had faced up to three years in prison if found
1:53 pm
guilty. threatening to boycott thursday's quarter finals second leg match. they claim they haven't been paid since sent. while the playing and coaching staff have demanded that president angel and his board step down by the scheduled kick off time of 20 -- semifinal match up against barcelona awaits the winner. there are 3-1 down from the fist leg. ten premier league clean sheets this season, but their style of play hasn't pleased chelsea manager. his side also failed to break down hammers with the nil-nil draw. the play has been labeled at 19th century football. >> the objective was won, the objective was not to come here and ply gad football, or not to come here and try to win, and
1:54 pm
feel part of equality of the premier league, the objective was to come -- it takes the point. you know. after that he is a lucky man. and -- so congratulations to him. >> . >> there you go. >> he can tell me all he wants i don't give [bleep]. [laughter] >> i'd love to say chelsea players moaning at the referee, trying to intimidate him. jumping up and down saying [bleep]. it is brilliant when you get results against him. >> serbia facing an imposing task in this week's first round tie against switzerland.
1:55 pm
on top of boasting 17 time grand time championship, both will compete in the singles on friday, novak has chosen not to compete for serbia due to exhaustion. >> playing here is something i was excited about when i left australia. i wasn't feeling too tired and i spoke on monday, and also to sam, and we talked about it, and then the decision was made pretty quickly. so now clearly it is all about just preparation and just really excited seeing stan play here after his amazing victory in australia. >> former swimming champion has been admitted to sidney hospital to treat depression, and alcohol abuse. the most successful olympian, winning five goals at the 2000-2004 games combined.
1:56 pm
he also held several world records the think one-year-old retired from swimming 2006, before making an attempt to qualify for the olympics. he has previously spoken of his battle with with depression. mcilroy has a go stroke lead after the first round of the dubai dessert classic. it is his lowest round since 2010. they have five top 10 finishes in his last sen events. world number one title is five shots back, the american has won this tournament twice. he completed the trio, he has one of the shots of the day, with an eagle on the 18th hole. >> very good, yeah, very pleased. played very well from the green. and sort of got the putter going as well, so all and all it was a good score. and i know that the scores are pretty low out there, soy need something similar the next few days.
1:57 pm
while the seattle sea lucks and broncos continue to prepare, there are some four legged friends also getting ready for the big moment in the spotlight. it is the 10th anniversary of puppy bowl. >> and she is doing some open field running. >> 66 pup byes from animal shelters in the wrights, and puerto rico, are brought together for the big match in new york, last year over 12.4 million people watched the event, which is used to promote pet adoption, while the telecast also include as fancy puppy league, and half time entertainment of female miners lean sensation known as little bud. and more on that on our website, you can check out al jazeera/sport. i knew you would love that. i could not keep a straight face. >> thank you so much. stay with us here on al jazeera, we have another full bulletin of news right at the top of the hour, also more kitten
1:58 pm
puppy news.
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welcome to al jazeera america, these are the stories we are following for you. children among the nine people who died. atlanta flaws while officials are still getting slammed about their response to the snow jam. george's governor now saying the buck stops with him. police in california taking on farmers trying to cash in on marian waythat with illegal crops.


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