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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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this anti-government demonstration, said to be from damascus was posted on a social media website. we cannot independently verify the authenticity of the pictures. more on the website >> more americans are moving from the suburbs to the city. it's a trend that will effect your life no matter where you live. and general motors in crisis mode. what the company must do for americans to trust the brand again. plus witches for hire. the search for a precious commodity. i'm ali velshi and this is "real money."
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>> this is "real money." you you're the most important part of the show. >> this week we learned that ridership on public transitty last year hit the highest levels since the 1950's besides signaling a shift of the way americans move about, it signals revitalize urban cores and redefining suburban living. for the first time in a century urban growth rate in 2011 at 1.1% outpaced suburban growth rate at .9 of a person the previous year. once upon a time suburbs grew up around commuter rail that connected residents to the inner city.
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but then suburban sprawl spread out into the countryside. forcing residents to drive miles to shop for amenities or get to work. but with sprawl came long commutes. made even longer by highway gridlock. average commute time runs 26 minutes each way. it doesn't sound like much but suburban ites contend with travel time double or triple that. with small families, fluctuating housing market middle class americans are coming to inner cities to live not just to work. areas being redeveloped in the process as america embraces the high density living that one finds here in new york or european cities. there is still appeal with space backyards and good schools, but
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now there is a more urbanized pattern with compact urban ized dwelling. before we get to that today on twitter and facebook i asked you more people are ditching the suburbs for cities, for better quality of life. what is your pick, city or suburb? alex tweets, cities for culture and cities lead and suburbs follow. lyon writes i love the city but most have terrible public schools. i also love having a yard of mine own for me it's the suburbs with frequent trips into philly, new york and d.c. tweet us or leave your comments on facebook. more people are choosing to live in cities than suburbs. author of the great book "the end of the suburbs where the american dream is moving."
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lee is assistant managing editor at fortune. >> thank you for having me. >> i didn't really realize that this change had happened where more people are moving into cities. people are still moving to the suburbs. it's not a flight from the suburbs into the cities. what is your sense of what is behind this. >> reporter: your encapsulation was one of the best encapsulation of the trend and why we're here. >> i read your book well. >> reporter: kudos for you. this data is just the latest of data that has come out every couple of months to show you that this is a seismic shift here. some people want to live in the suburbs but this is the beginning of a trend, and things are moving in a different direction. the suburbs jumped the shark, as you said. we went too far, too far away from the cities we were a part of. i spoke to a woman who moved to
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a beautiful home in chicago, in ten years she realized she had never been in any of her neighbors' kitchen. there was a loss of community. and now there is a race to development community whether that means making it possible to live in the cities with families, with young children. or whether it's creating-- >> making suburbs feel more-- >> exactly. that's one of the most important trends. we're a suburban country. not everyone wants to live in a skyscraper in manhattan. so the urban burbs is where i think the future lies. there is activity around transit oriented development. >> it has to happen. if not, if this trend continues then you start to lose property values in the suburbs. it's not attractive to live 40 and 50-mile away as they do from american cities. >> it's not attractive and it's not affordable. many of those people are going broke or spending more on
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transportation costs than their housing costs. property values are already starting to fall in those areas, and for many people, there is a whole school of people who think those communities are going to be the next slums. >> by the way. in certain other countries in europe, it's the suburbs that are not as desirable versus the city. but this does depend on infrastructure to support it. cities with the right infrastructure that's often public transit and housing stock. where do you see this--who are the cities set to gain from this? >> city narrative over all is that all cities here in the u.s. but globally as well, and certainly here in new york city, washington, d.c. chicago, lots of stuff happening in chicago. but places like providence, rhode island, columbus, ohio, cleveland, investment is going in downtown area. >> and there is property in a lot of these cities that you
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mentioned that has not been used in a long time. >> yes, exactly. >> what does the viewer have to think about this? is this something that i need to plan for when i think about my future. >> if you're thinking about selling or buying a home you have to factor these things in. there is a website called walk score. it allows you to plug in your address and gives a walkability from zero to 100. real estate brokers are adding this to their website. >> things that you can stuff, do, buy and shop. >> reporter: it means how close you are to stuff. that's exactly it. people want to be near stuff. they don't want to drive 20 minutes for a gallon of milk. it's not what everyone has to do but a lot of people have to do now. >> lee gallagher, it's a book that we're going to end up talking about for years because you wrote about a trend that is happening. the end of the suburbs where the american dream is moving. lee gallagher is the assistant editor of fortune. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> secretary of state john kerry met with russian foreign minister lavrov in london for five hours with no progress. crimea will hold a referendum on sunday whether to secede from ukraine and join russia. it's entirely possible there will be a fast move on this. russia may move to occupy crimea officially, although a lot of people think that it's already occupied, and that makes a lot of people in washington nervous. >> it was a tough meeting for secretary of state john kerry because he could not go in and represent the obama position that we're drawing a red line because the administration has some experience of drawing lines that did get crossed. the result is that the crimeans will vote to separate from the rest of ukraine. the white house has to be delicate with what they're talking about.
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the line they're talking, tough sanctions, repercussions and consequences. the foreign minister lavrov said it feels like threats. secretary kerry said they are not threats. but they are direct reaction to what the white house does. everyone is in a bit of a bind of how to react. >> that tough talk may be faced with something that actually happens next week. you know, we've seen polling indicating that americans for the first time seeing russia as a real threat. this administration is really been criticized particularly by republicans and many in congress where you spend most of your time, drawing red lines or making threats that have no follow through. do you think the administration is struggling with a way to sort of sound tough and be able to follow through? >> well, it is a tough situation because they're very specific in what exactly they'll do if, then they have to go forward in those
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threats because it doesn't look like president putin is cowering at all. he's not nervous about repercussions either to his reputation or what might have to russia's economy in the short term. congress has tried to help out by getting an aid built to ukraine. but. >> all right, well, that was libby casey. we have to pay the bill for that one and get that report next time. we'll see if we can get her ba back. whether you run a huge corporation or a tiny shop, we'll talk about the recall in the gm boardroom. and the mystical practice that farmers are utilizing to solve a big problem. keep it right here.
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al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital.
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>> twenty five years ago, pan am flight 103 exploded in the skys above lockerbie. only one man was convicted of the attack >> the major difficulty for the prosecution, that there was no evidence... >> now a three year al jazeera investigation, reveals a very different story about who was responsible >> they refuse to look into this... >> so many people at such a high level had a stake in al megrahi's guilt.
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lockerbie: what really happened? on al jazeera america >> i'm ali velshi, the news has become this thing where you talk to experts about people, and al jazeera has really tried to talk to people, about their stories. we are not meant to be your first choice for entertainment. we are ment to be your first choice for the news.
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>> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people
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don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> >> this movement is consistent with deliberate action by someone on the plane. >> the prime minister of malaysia confirms what many have been speculating, the communication system in the missing malaysia airlines flight was disabled on purpose. >> military moves ahead of a referendum vote in