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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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in the area and that's road building that's going to be a big help the search cruise as we get back to work. >> for the 10th day emergency workers will slog through the mud and debris of the huge landslide. 75 feet deep, in places, measurements show. now acknowledge that many of the victims may never be elected, in a rural neighborhood on the stilllaguamish river. >> the house is pushed all the way across. it's not livable but still intact out her. >> linking the east and west sides of the debris feel, making
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equipment and movement of people easier. the state highway buried in the mud, this is no time line when it will be cheered and repaired. >> the people of resilient. they can -- are resilient. >> they will get a break in the next 48 hours or so. making this difficult and gruesome job a little bit easier as so many people wait for answers. >> they see the mudslide and the airlinial photographs but they didn't see the people that lived in there. >> reporter: more bodies were discovered, more human remains identified over the weekend. the death count now stays at 21 and that will go up. 30 still missing in this slide and five recovering and doing better at a hospital in seattle. del. >> allen, thank you very much.
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now it's been more than three weeks since that malaysian airlines 370 has been lost. finding the pinger attached to the plane's flight data recorder would be the fastest way, the australian prime minister says there is no time limit and he vows to continue the search. partial withdrawal of russian troops, russia's prime minister dimitri medvedev is,. >> there has been some reaction from kiev to that visit by dimitri medvedev to crimea.
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ministry of foreign affairs, ds proceeprotocol that that, keepip the, doesn't believe that it is. it wouldn't be sending its prime minister there. and medvedev seems to underline that russia has no intention of giving crimea back to ukraine. the crisis in ukraine, crimea didn't really america much running in those talks. it was about russia putting forward its basic condition for a plan to federalize the country and ethnic portions away from kiev. united states making its minimum requirement the withdrawal of russian troops, the fact that crimea doesn't come up substantively anymore, is that
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it's a fait accompli, making sure russia doesn't go any further into ukraine. >> jonah hull for it in kiev. climate change, the problem only getting worse. the group of scientists at the united nations, climate change will lead to widespread hunger and drought. coming up. after a protest after the albuquerque police department turns violent. looking for relief from the violence of the local group.
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>> hundreds of protesters taking to the streets of albuquerque, a
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city of just over 500,000 residents, roxanna saberi has the story. >> one person with the group anonymous claims they'll strike again soon. the group had warned it would retaliate after the police shot to death a homeless man earlier this month. people angry about that shooting and others, shouted anti-police slogans. these pictures from social media captured the incident. one officer was reportedly injured. it's not clear if any protesters were hurt. anonymous is planning more attacks on the albuquerque website. back by the evening. a spokesman says they haven't figured out who hacked it yet. del, we reached out to the albuquerque police department,
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they haven't reached out to us yet. >> 22 since 2010. >> reporter: 22, yes. >> thank you roxann. responding to oil sightings off the shore of 240 miles southwest from where the spill originated. tar balances off the nearby beaches. -- tar balls off the nearby beaches. the dow has been up most of the session, up 143 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq on board to finish up. janet yellen says, weakness still remains in both the economy and the job market. >> in some ways, the job market is tougher now than in any
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recession. the numbers of people who have been trying to find work for more than six months, or more than a year, are much higher today than they ever were since records began, decades ago. >> the supreme court hearing arguments today on what is seen as a watershed case on the future of patents. the justices are be asked to determine what -- are being asked to determine what software can give protection. today's comments from the justices suggest they make it tougher for firms to get any patents. and in another patent case, blackberry wins. seacrest, inundate a-- >> insurgent attacks, tens of thousands of nigerians fleeing
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to niger. mohamed ado reports. >> these are the victims of the violence. they have crossed over to niger. relief from the violence but little else. thousands of their countrymen living rough under the trees. >> translator: every time there is an tack -- an attack, people die. that's why we escaped and came here. >> translator: our homes were burned along with our property. boca haram just keeps killing people. we need help from the government. >> reporter: the government in niger has granted them refugee status. fighters over the border, so many of the refugees live outside in the harsh desert
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winter. scorch hot by day, freezing at night. >> we have no food, water or shelter. the rainy season is upon us and i have no place to live in. >> the lack of formal camps have also deprived the refugees, there are at least 50,000 refugees in niger. strange forces of local population already hit by cyclical droughts. approaching the nigerian refugees, that local harams pain, northern nigeria also border chad and cameroon. mohamed ado, al jazeera. >> and the deadly ebola virus is spreading in africa.
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two new cases in liberia. 70 people have already died in guinea. ebola highly contagious and there is no treatment or vaccine. a victory for environmental activists. stop whale hunting at least for now. and shoppers get more than they bargained for. cheenup on lots of aisles -- cleanup on lights of aisles. [ male announcer ] it's here -- xfinity watchathon week,
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm del walters. these are your headlines. secretary of state john kerry, release of palestinian prisoners and restoring that mid east peace project. cyberattack, group called anonymous taking credit for crashing the albuquerque site, warning they will retaliate
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after the police shot a homeless man. this is thed the line to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. 1.2 million visiting the website this weekend alone. president obama and his ahighs organizing for action -- allies organizing for action. the hashtag, #getcoverednow. texas senator ted cruz trying to get the #fullrepeal. statistician following a suit by australia, australia accusing japan of violating a moratorium on full whaling. andrew thomas reports. >> thousands of dead whales, it all boils down to a verdict that had two hours to explain.
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japan's whaling program is not for scientific research and should end immediately. >> little attention was given to using nonlethal messed -- methods, played a role in the program's design. >> an internationally agreed moratorium bans whaling but there is an exception for scientific research. japan claimed its whaling program was just that. the scientific effort was merely offer for an object, whales might need to be killed for scientific research. but it found japan's methods could not be justified, particularly the number of whales killed. and that casts doubt on the whole scientific program.
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japan's position was rejected. >> the court at this time made it clear that the test to what is scientific doesn't depend just on one country. the overall context of the treaty and this test of reasonableness. i think japan with hindsight made a miscalculation as to what they were entitled to. ghr the objection to the program means it willing never be able to whale again. this is a big victory for australia, japan's so-called scientific whaling program was basically cover for a commercial program was basically right. one that still kills whales but fewer of them, or more politically awkward, it could withdraw and start whaling again
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without pretending it was a science. for now australia is celebrating that japan's whaling program looks to be dead in the water. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> i'm dave warren. active weather across the country. two big storms, one over the northern plains and one over the east coast. moving out, is high pressure, this storm will be clearing out, ending briefly as a period of rain or snow as the cold air comes behind this. a little break but then this storm this one, heavy snow and blizzard conditions over the northern place -- plains. high pressure will build in before this is done. this is about done but they will start to lessen here a little bit as the rain clears out. cold air coming on the western side, that's where the gusty winds, we're seeing blizzard
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conditions in north and south dakota. the storm will track to the north, the snow will push well up into canada. for now, the heaviest snow is in north and south dakota. there's the break with flood warnings still in effect, even winter weather advisories, right along the coast of maine. here is that heavy snow and into the south it's rain even severe weather, but blizzard warning, dark red, combined with gusty wind 40 to 50 miles an hour, blizzard conditions there. 74 to 19, big temperature contrast, that warm air as the storm tracks to the west will move up to the midwest and mid atlantic. dark blue, the threat will also be severe weather to the south not only today but tomorrow, then the following day, across the south this storm will create
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the potential for severe thunderstorms could contain hail or gusty wind. we're getting a break with the rain across washington, storm tracks to the south, it's dry but in the next 48 hours more rain moving into that area. del. >> thank you dave. sometimes the rain is just too much. this is where, heavy storm pounding the peninsula on sunday leaving all but boat travel virtually impossible. that rain expected to continue for the next days which will make the cleanup, even more challenging. yes that is a porsche noting in the water. celebration symbolizing purification leading up to today. the balinese new year, ends different than it dpan. the streets will -- began.
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the streets will be empty. we want to thank you for watching al jazeera america. "techknow" featuring tornado lab. and tomorrow is april fool's day. >> hello and welcome. i'm phil torres here to talk about innovations that can change lives. hardware and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way. a show of science by scientists. dr. shini somara shini somara is a mechanical engineer. as scientists test new building tines can they survive the most powerful twisters on the planets? kosta grammatis, feeding a


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