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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. >> an uneasy time in east ukraine as a deadline for pro-russian separatists to clear out passes without action. >> hello there, welcome to al jazeera from doha. lib libya's program resigns weeks into the job, saying there were threats to his family. >> search crews looking for the missing malaysian airliner -
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plans to launch into the indian ocean. >> i'm in this 2,000-year-old tomb which was recently looted, and i will be asking how it happened under the noses of the tunisian authorities. >> ukraine's second deadline to get out of buildings has passed. they threatened action. there has been no sign of that threat being carried out. this is the scene in slovyansk, where separatists are outside of police headquarters are. preparations to propel assaults to be launched are taking place. one flash point is the reason of donet donetsk, where kim vinnell reports. >> the clock is ticking in
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eastern ukraine. after launching a military operation, the government is preparing to use force region wide. >> the national security and defense counsel decided though launch a fuel-scale anti-terrorist operation involving the armed forces in ukraine. we will not allow crimea scenario to be repeated. >> it follows a week of unrest informant eased. >> in video appears to show a man taking cover after being shot on the outskirts of slovyansk. a second man sit apparently lifeless nearby. in the center of slovyansk, pro-russian activists are in control of a police station. ukrainian forces on sunday tried to retake the building reportedly because of the risk to the public of. >> we are the residents of slovyansk. the national guard is coming here. there has been a shoot-out this morning. we have nothing to hide.
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here is my face. i want to ask vladimir putin, he promised to protect us. come and protect us. >> protesters clashed with mobs. 50 were injured, 10 needing hospital treatment. >> at pro-hq, barricades have been reinforced. people have no plans to leave the state administration building, and few are taking oleksandr turchynov's comments seriously. they'll stay until the 11th, the date set by the public of donetsk for the referendum. >> once the referendum takes place, we'll see what the saying is, and then we'll decide the next steps. >> i consider oleksandr turchynov's requests illegal. what leave is doing is not right. authorities in kiev say the people here do not represent the region, and called this an artificial conflict coordinated by russia, kiev calling on those
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in the east to unite before it decides on its next step. >> on the phone outside of slovyansk is hoda abdel-hamid. our correspondent. the second deadline has come and gone. have you seen any signs of a military operation about to be launched? >> absolutely nun. yesterday on the road we saw a limited military present, military hardware moving along the road, today there's none of that whatsoever. earlier i had gone to the barricade in the center of luhansk, in front of the security building that has been taken over by protesters more than a week ago. they said overnight they were wary that something would happen. they said that they didn't think that actually ukraine reporters would want to participate in such a raid or attack g.
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what they were fearing more than anything else is that there would be some sort of provocation that would have them or would show that they are the ones who started a fight, and then if that is so the ukrainian forces would step in. they are thinking certainly of more security measures than those coming in and out the barricade is being checked. that is the thing that may be happening at this stage. >> we are seeing picture from slovyansk. plenty of people standing around outside barricades, outside the police headquarters. how much local support is there for the armed groups who have seized all the government buildings? >> i think they are calling for vladimir putin, the idea of federalism, the idea of a better life, the idea of the south-east and the south-east administering
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their open affairs locally. that is something that has wide support beyond the barricades. some people do not agree with the message. some say that they've been insecure about the fact that they are taking over buildings, they are digging their hands and they don't know where it is aimed, but the idea is that it's propagated something that is shared among many people. the item of separatists is something that not everyone agrees on. it's an idea that not everyone agrees on. even with supporters who stand there in front of the buildings. some people tell you federalism is the final game. other than that it's a stepping stone towards separatists. >> thank you hoda abdel-hamid. >> away from the action on the ground, diplomacy is ongoing on monday with another round of high-level talks with e.u.
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leaders. an emergency meeting at the security council failed to find the breakthrough with the russians and ukrainians pointing fingers as usual. kath turner has more. >> the russian ambassador to the united nations came to the meeting in a feisty and passionate mood, clearly concerned about the ukrainian deadline that russia called it critical. they said it was uch to the west, and there was huge ant anti-russian sentiment. >> the authorities don't want to listen to radicals and russia-phobic anti-semitic forces, seeing in them a threat to dignity. the crow desk russo phobia is the normal ukrainian parliament as well. >> the ukrainian ambassador to
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the united nations addressed the security council, because it was an open session. the ambassador said that russian troops were amassing on their borders, and this is a final warning cry. >> russia has not only been constantly increasing crops alongside the ukrainian border, but sent subbersive groups in to destabilize the situation. such special designated groups comprising of 10, 20 members of special forces, staff of the armed forces of the russian federation were ipp fill traited in the territory, with the ask of organise military units. all 15 members addressed the meeting. it was clear everyone was in support of the position. china took a mutual stand, saying that the best chance of a solution was through diplomatic means and negotiations. the u.s. ambassador to the
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united nations samantha powell said they are open to dialogue, but a prerec anies it is that russia pull back their treats. it was clear that ambassador power said the blame lays with russia. >> you have heart laments about instability, as if it was inorganic. this is comleetly manmade. the sandest kind. it was written and choreographed in and by russia. >> after 10, security council meetings - deep divisions here in new york. russia was worried enough to call the emergency session, but did not find to much sympathy. moscow appeared to lock for a diplomatic -- look for a diplomatic solution, but it looks like what happens next will happen on the ground. >> libya's interim prime minister resigned. abdullah al-thinni said gunmen tried to attack his family.
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he'll serve until a replacement was fount. abdullah al-thinni was -- found. abdullah al-thinni was appointed in march after his predecessor was voted out. >> two sons of muammar gaddafi are to appear in court op charges such as corruption and war crimes, along with others. >> save our islam. muammar gaddafi what is called in 2011 after being indicted for crims against humanity. his captors, fighters from a former mountain tonne refused to ex-pet it him to the hague. they are planning to use a video link for the trial in tripoli. saadi gaddafi didn't have the same high profile. he was known for playing with
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three italian clubs in football. he escaped at the end of the revolution to niger, but the new libyan deposit applied successfully for his extradition. >> it's understood there are more than 200 witnesses and a vast amount of written evidence. the gaddafi brothers are accused of killings, torture and further murders. they are accuse of embezzlement to fund a lavish lifestyle overseas. >> among 37 others due to appear in the hearing is a former head of libyan intelligence, and brother-in-law of the late muammar gaddafi. he's accused of ordering the crackdown on resistancement he's wanted by the i.c.c. libya is refusing to have anything to do with the hague and insists on trying all of the accused in tripoli. it's caused consternation amongst human rights groups, and
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other issues, such as the airing of a video, in which saadi gaddafi is seen to apologise to the people from his cell, without lawyers present. >> tests are being carried out on an oil slick which has been found in the search for the missing malaysian airliner. the australian ship leading the hunt will deploy a mini submersible to scan for wreckage on the ocean floor the "ocean shield" will stop searching for underwater ping signals that haven't been heard for six cases. aircraft experts believe the black box batteries have died. >> the safe zone is 2,000km north-west of the australia. the signals were detected 4.5 metres down, the deepest a submersible can dive. it's expected to cover 40 square kilometres on the first day in
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operation, travelling at around 9km an hour. >> we'll be in guinea this hour, in a few moments, where voters hope presidential and parliamentary elections will end years of political instability. looking for the stars - it's getting harder and harder to find the colourful creatures along the californian coast. appear
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z cl >> hello again, you are watching al jazeera america. here is a reminder of the top stories.
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>> angry scenes in eastern ukraine where pro-russian separatists seized another government building, this time in kharkiv. the second deadline to get out of buildings occupied by a number of cities and towns have passed. libya's interim prime ministerle resigned a few weeks after he was appointed. abdullah al-thinni said gunmen tried to attack his family. his predecessor was sacked last month. >> tests are being made on oil found in search of the missing malaysian airliner. the australian ship leading the hunt will deploy a mini submersible to scan for wreckage on the ocean floor. >> let's bring you more on the top scory - the crisis in ukraine. rory finnin joins us, the director of the program at came bridge university. thank you for being with us. perhaps you can help us understand why we are seeing kiev dithering over the
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deadlines. >> let me begin an answer by way of two numbers - 10 and 26. 10 for the respondents in the ukraine that want to join the russian federation. 26 for the respondents in the east which wish to say a federalized state. these are numbers from a poll released last week. i mention it now to place the current event in context. essentially what we are seeing is violence and upheave ill that is not supported of the vast major citity of ukraine stit gens. it's important for the viewers to understand because when we do so, we see how, in fact, the kremlin is waging war with ukrainian stit. the war is not contentional. it is real, however, and is escalating with every passing
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day. >> if we can stick with the situation inside the country. at the moment, we saw the interim prime minister going to the east on friday. he was offering those - those legions as a devaluation of power, to a certain degree. nothing came of that. there was no follow up. what is kiev thinking? >> well, it's difficult to extrapolate the internal from external forces. kiev is trying to do whatever it can. there has been a lot of dithering. we have to understand that the interim ukrainian government is attempting to stawell vij a situation in which of the economy is virtually bankrupt, as well as obtain e.u. and international monetary fund guarantee, it's like building an aircraft while the ship is sipping. at the same time to deal with the separatist movements in the
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east of ukraine. we can fault the ukrainian stit. it is dealing with a lot, and is dealing with it because a powerful neighbour to the north and east is seeking to detailize the state. this ukrainian state close to follow a path that is more in lion with e.u. norms of the rule of law. meanwhile the kremlin wishes to generate a situation by way ukraine will become part of the eurasian unit, rivalling the e.u. >> if that is the case, how far do you think the kremlin is ready to go. we have seen it annexing crimea very quickly. do you think it's likely to want to take more they are the tri from ukraine. >> we need to point to areas similar to the crimean situation. we are seeing various pro-russian groups assisted by
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russian personnel - similar to crimea. i think the strategic objective may be different. >> russia does not need to incorporate ukraine's east. they are trying to gain leverage against ta ukraine state. it wants a federalized ukraine, one which would apportion various region's roles to conduct foreign policy, conducive to the eurasian area that vladimir putin wants and has invested capital in. this is the game atoo. foot -- afoot. we need to be aware of it. >> thank you tofor speaking to . >> security forces in the philippines say they have killed two rebel fighters after a raid on a safe house. it took place in the southern
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philippines. six other members of the group have been arrested. the group was founded in 1991 and is blamed or some of the worse bomb attacks in the country. it was not part of the peace agreement signed last month between the philippines government and rebel groups. >> in japan more than 100,000 chickens have been killed. authorities ordered the cull to prevent the spread of the h5 virus. officials are yet to confirm if there has been human infection. there has been no reported cases of human bird flu in japan. >> syria's president said the war is at a turning point. >> state media quoted comments to students at damascus university, and said there has been a turning point in terms of national cop silliation. >> opposition fighters in
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syria's largest city claim they are making gains. they say they have killed 15 soldiers and distroud two tanks -- destroyed two tanks during fighting around an air intelligence base. al jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist. mohamed fadel fahmy, peter greste, and mohammed badr appeared in court on thursday. it's been adjourned until this month. they are accused of providing a platform to the awed lawed muslim brotherhood. they've been behind bars for 108 days. abdullah al-shami has been in gaol since august, and has been on hunger strake for 84 days. al jazeera rejects the charges. >> we hear of a bomb blast at a bus station on the outskirts of nigeria's capital abuja. we turn to reuters newsagency - a number of people have been killed. we'll go to our correspondent in
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nigeria. tell us what is happening? >> well the the details are coming through. what we no is this blast happened in a place called niannar. on the outside of the capital, a place that is highly inhabited by people who work in the center of abuja, who take public transport to come into town. what we are hearing is there was some kind of explosion. it's not clear whether it was a car bomb for another device planted. it's not clear where the explosion took place, we are hearing from sources on the ground that there has been casualties. security services and emergency services are not confirming how many casualties there may be, what we know, speaking to eyewitnesss on the ground is that the area has opinion cordoned off. what the authorities are saying is they are not clear or sure what could have caused the blast. whether it was an act of the
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terrorism or an accident. the information is not clear. they do say they'll let the media and public know what the causes are. it's difficult to access the area and it's a scene of chaos. >> we'll leave it for the moment and come back to that when we get more information on the blast that we have seen at the bus station outside the capital abuja. thank you. >> now, vote counting is underway in guinea passau after a high voter tonne out in the presidential elections. the previous vote two years ago was stopped by a military coup. we have this report from the capital. results are expected by friday. >> another chance for piece and an attempt to build a nation. people stand in line to vote for the presidential and parliamentary candidates, 13 men
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want to be president: this man holds his identity card ready to vote. he has been through the process men times since his country gained independence from portugal in 174. there has been several military coups, five in the last decade alone. he is under no illusions about what his future may homed. >> i voted because i must. only god knows who is a good leader and who has good intentions for the country. i can't possibly know. >> manuel, the country's interim president costs hays vote -- casts his vote. >> let's give the person a
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chance to vote. >> there are representatives from the african union, united nations and the west african block, finding the bloke and a security reform program. they require, of course, how you prepare for restructure, military, how the relationship civil, military relationship is redefined. >> many people are cautiously hopeful that the election will give them the change that they want. they hope that the man they worked for will be strong enough to solve the country's problems. >> he'll are to deal with a crippled economy, a destabilising drug trafficking problem and a military reluctant to dissen gauge from the politics of the country, a stuff job ahead from whoever is
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president of the state. >> a man has been arrested after shootings at two jewish community centres in kansas. >> fbi detectives are testing whether the suspects have lions to white groups. >> a roman group has been return the. >> a master gorgan was loaded. archeologists were worried about the plundering of ancient sites. >> the mask of gorgon was stolen from alzeroa. it depicts med usa. three years after it was recovered in tunisia, the culture minister is taking it home. >> translation: we are sell operating a happy solution for
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the case of the mask of goregone. it was stolen in 1996. >> the mask was one of more than 100 artefacts stolen. he is the son-in-law of the former president. it has not stopped the illegal trafficking of antiquities. >> this is all the earth they broke excavating illegally. >> this ancient tomb is being looted. this picture was taken in jan when the jars and walls were intact. the diggings destroyed some of the 2,000-year-old pottery. and the surrounding walls are starting to cave in. >> we are looking for treasures. gold, silver, diamonds. the problem is that they destroy whole sites for the sick of
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finding something they don't find. >> tunisia's rich history nation is a tart. >> these are the sites. there arous thaned like this. many are unproject and open to looting. archeologists say looting is not the only problem. the minister of culture admits archeology has not been a top priority. this is a problem of strategy, more than a problem of finance. it's a problem of priorities. we have to admit it, that's why we are here. >> the tunisian government says it's working with superpoll to track the international tracking network behind much of the looting. for now, negligence and corruption threaten the heritage. >> finally. bubba watson is celebrating is
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second win at the masters. he won by three shots at au gratin. jordan speif just missed out, and was in a tie for second. >> you can keep up to date at the website. >> new dawn in beijing, the ancient capital of the world's fastest growing country, home to the 2008 olympics. it's the vibrant centre, the super power, where the old wrestles with the new. communism clashes with capitalism and a new global economy is born, swallowing all in its past. but one thing about its people never changes...