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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> and inspiration... >> i want for women whatever they want for themselves... >> and the unconventional future of the movement >> they're many faces for feminism, including beyonce' >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america >> this is al jazeera america is live in new york city. i'm richelle carey with a look at today's top stories. banned for life. the nba said clipper's owner donald sterling did make those racial remarks and handed down the harshest fines possible. and citizens in ukraine armed
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with baseball bats. >> banned for life. the nba slapped a tough punishment on los angeles clippers owner donald sterling for racist comments he made in an audio recording. >> effective immediately i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the nba. >> we have more on today's decision. the decision everyone was waiting for. >> reporter: richelle, it was a landmark decision. but donald sterling made headlines because he fired back at the league stilling jim gray that he is not selling the team. but it is a defining moment for new commissioner adam silver three months into the job, silver had to make a statement, and he dropped the hammer on
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sterling. sterling admitted to silver that it was his voice on the recording. >> effective immediately, i am banning mr. sterling for life from any association with the clippers organization or the n nba. mr. sterling may not attend any nba games or practices. he may not be present at any clippers' facility, and he may not participate in any business or player-personnel decisions involving the team. he will also be barred from attending any nba board of governor meetings or participating in any other league activity. i am also fining mr. sterling $2.5 million, the maximum amount allowed under the nba constitution. >> right after the press
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conference the l.a. clippers posted a saying on their website saying we are one. the clippers issued a statement saying they also support adam silver's decision, and now they'll let the healing process again. long time nba player and sacramento mayor kevin johnson who is representing the player's association also embraced silver's ruling. >> these eventually remind all of us that hatred and bigotry are far from over. i hope every bigot in this country sees what happens to mr. sterling and recognizes that if he can fall so can you. >> the clipper players can now exhale and focus their energy and efforts on tonight's game five against the warriors. >> he is banned from the league. but he still owns this team. so there is still a long process ahead. how do you force the sale of this team? >> in the buy laws the owners can terminate the ownership of donald sterling.
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but it will require thre three fourths of the ownsers owners. he said he'll do everything in his power. he feels very confident and passionate, and he said he was outraged by the comments made by donald sterling. >> he started off as a lawyer for 20 years. he was david sterns right hand man. he needed to make a decision, and he dropped the hammer on donald sterling. this was the right decision according to all the comments out there. >> jonathan betz join us with more on how the nba action could affect donald steriling.
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>> the big question how do you punish the boss? keep in mind that donald sterile something worth $2 billion, he's 80 years old and he is an attorney who apparently likes to sue, and he's going to fight this ruling. he bought the clippers for $12 million back in san diego. now that franchise is worth $575 million, ranking 13th out of the 30 teams. he'll still make a nice profit if he's forced to sell. and it has big stars including point guard chris paul who just signed a five-year deal worth $107 million. and blake frida griffin worth $59 million. and it's two biggest stars remain locked in, but sponsors, not. they have been dropping out quickly over the past few days. only a third of the clippers
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money comes from ticket sales. but the scandal is apparently not hurting ticket prices at least for the playoffs. they've actually gone up since saturday about 8%. the average ticket price close to $270. so the big concern is that sterling could simply turn into an absentee owner step profiting, just now from a distance. >> you say that the stars are locked in for now. but adam silver seemed to leave the door open for possibly giving those guys a chance to leave if they wanted to. >> and becoming a free agent. they said that is not a possibility now, but they will let these players leave who do not want to work with this man. >> thank you very much. civil rights activists planned to protest outside of the game tonight between the clippers and golden state warriors. what are the fans saying? >> well, the fans we spoke to said that they're just relieved. they feel there is a huge weight lifted off this team and they
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feel like they can openly embrace this team without this cloud hanging over them. we just checked in with the ticket office and they said this game is in near sell-out. the question now is will the fans show up? take a look at the clipper's website. they're saying "we are one." that went unshortly after adam silver announced his decision to ban donald sterling from all nba games. that's the message we've heard over and over from fans here at staple center. fans who are saying sterling may be the official owner, but this team really belongs to us. >> it should an good game. i still think all the fans should come out and support the team. regardless of what he feels, we still love the clippers. >> reporter: and while fans out hearsay they support the commissioner's decision we know that there is still a protest
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planned. just across the street from staple center right befor before game lapd said they have no idea how many people, protesters, will show up. but there are extra officers on hands outside for this game just in case. there were calls for fans to boycott this game prior to the commission heirs decision, but since then we've seen a lot of former players and current players taking to social media encouraging fans to show up. we saw magic johnson tweeting, i'm all clippers fans to go out and support the team tonight. >> we heard from la mayor garcetti, he was standing outside along with l.a. grates like kareem abdul jabar saying
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that this is bigger than the game of basketball. >> i want to make clear what we just heard today is not just about basketball. this is about los angeles. the clippers have on their jerseys this city's name, a name that stands for tolerance, openness, diversity, it stands for civil rights, and most of all basketball excellence. >> and the focus out here with just a few hours to go before tip off is now on the game. the clippers team taking the court against the golden state warrior just hours from now. the question that everybody is saying will these fans show up, and how will the commissioner's decision lay into that. >> tip off is at 10:30 eastern, if i'm not mistaken. thank you very much. the south is dealing with more severe weather from the same storm system blamed for at least 30 deaths in the last three days. today people from louisiana
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state surveyed the area after twisters tore through the area. a tornado destroyed the hospital, but everyone inside did survive. >> i was in that building at that time. we felt god's protection around us. the clinic is destroyed, but we're all safe. >> people clean up from the twisters on sunday in the heartland. kevin corriveau, what an awful knew days. >> meteorologist: it is. it's been a quiet season, the reason why we're cooler than average we're making up for it in these last three days where one storm system pushed through the a panhandle. now we'll watch more this evening. i want to take you back 4 hours and show you where all that activity was located. this is where the storm damages are. the red ones indicate tornadoes.
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alabama all the way down to mississippi they have a preliminary total of 65 tornadoes in that region alone. now the system that caused these tornadoes is just down here towards the panhandle, but we're watching more activity up this evening. right here you can see this line of thunderstorms popping up, especially in the heating of the day. earlier in the day we had clear skies that allowed a lot of sunshine, and a lot of instability in that area as well. expect it to see really severe warnings up until 9:00 p.m. this evening. also down along the coast we'll watch that very carefully. the other part of the story is the rain coming out of these storms. now we do have flood watches and warnings in effect. we're concerned with parts of northern georgia. in atlanta alone over the next 4 to 48 hours we do expect to see anywhere between 6 to 8 inches of rain in that area, and this
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is going to extend all the way up to the eastern seaboard. this is something that we're going to be watching for the next couple of days. >> keep us updated. now to the crisis in ukraine. let's take a look at a live picture of the meeting of the united nations security council. this comes as the u.s. treasury sanctions against russia, but they have not flown across eastern ukraine. more than a pro russian pargeterprotesters storm headqus armed with baseball bats. barnaby phillips with the late latest. >> reporter: the pro-russian crowd swept into the government building unopposed. despite widespread rumors that the takeover was imminent, the police did nothing. they did refuse to hand their weapons over.
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then chi they were escorted awa. pro-russian groups want to hold a referendum in early may, but in order for that vote to be credible they need a large enough area under their authority. that is what is driving them on at the moment. but how fair would such a vote be? roman runs a news website in don estk. we'll go to his office. he's taking down the name plaque and staff who are too afraid to come here after a group of masked men came with baseball bats who said they should report more favorbly on the people's republic of donestk. >> i have one colleague who has received death threats. he has fled to kiev.
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>> reporter: some of those opposed to russia say they have enough. this video appeared on youtube. these then say that they are ukrainian patriots ready to fight the invaders. barnaby phillips, don estk. >> the european union has will adadded 15 more people to their sanctions list. nine of them are russian. vladimir putin said russia will not counter sanction western powers but he did say that russia would reconsider allowing western companies to participate in its energy projects if sanctions continue. today was supposed to be the deadline for a framework for a mideast process. after trying to bring both sides together the talks are off, at least for now. nick schifrin is in jerusalem, nick, it seems like the talks
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have hit a roadblock yet again. >> yes, a really rather massive roadblock. richelle, since they began they have been one of the top foreign policy priorities. there is shuttle diplomacy, press conferences, private meetings, and today's deadline passed with a whimper without even a phone call between the two sides. >> reporter: for nine months america's top diplomats worked tirelyless on mideast peace. >> this can be achieved. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry has met with israel i officials 39 times and met with palestinian officials 40 times. both sides were determined. >> i know it's going to be tough, but i also know the consequences of not trying could be worse. >> reporter: after all the
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diplomatic sound and fury the deadline passed with nothing achieved and the two sides are finger pointing. >> they were determined from day one to undermine these talks. >> reporter: the palestinians pre-fuse until today, the palestinians refuse to accept the legitimacy of the jewish people's right of self determination in a country of their own. >> reporter: despite the rhetoric both sides claim they were willing to keep talking uncertain conditions. palestinians say israelis must release palestinian prisoners, free settles and commit to three months of discussing borders. >> we're determined to know where their borders end and where ours begin. otherwise there will not be any peace. >> reporter: the israelis say the palestinians must abandon an effort to create an unity government with hamas which runs gaza, which is labeled a terrorist group. >> we said yearly to the palestinian leadership you can
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have peace with hamas or you can have peace with israel, but you can't have both. >> reporter: neither side is willing to give in, and the u.s. is frustrated and losing patience. >> there is one door, and they're making very difficult political compromises. do i expect that they'll walk through that door next week, next month, or even in the course of the next six months? no. >> reporter: kerry may wait for the two sides to find their own solution, or he may present a peace plan and in his words take it or leave it. either way today's deadline marks a failure for the u.s. and for the decades' long effort to find peace in the mideast. >> they will focus with reconciliation with hamas. they may go after de facto statehood by applying a more u.n. organizations. israelis they're considering their options including more economic sanctions against the palestinians, pulling some of
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the tax revenues that israel sends into the palestinian authority. both sides say they're leaving open the door that leads to more talks but richelle, neither side is willing to open. >> nick schifrin live in jerusalem. thank you so much. new polls show to a tough election season. david shuster breaks down the data and explains what it could mean for the midterm in today's power politics. also the white house launches a new effort to fight sexual assault on college campuses. the campaign and the numbers that prompted it. that's next.
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>> gunmen who open fired at a fedex facility in georgia was carrying explosive devices but never used them. three victims are in critical condition right now. in all six people were wounded. the police say the explosive devices did not go off during the shooting. the gunman a fedex employee was found dead after shooting himself. a new effort from the white house to help colleges fight sexual assault, they say one in five college women are sexually
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assaulted, and it's often swept under the rug. roxana saberi has more with a proposal from the white house. it finally is getting the defense that it deserves. >> reporter: that's right. the white house said that sexual assaults on campus are often under reported and often go unpunished. the federal government has largely let colleges authorities to deal with the problem but now they're getting more involved. >> it's happening on college campuses, bars and parties. >> reporter: calling on young men to listen up. >> if she doesn't consent or if she can't consent, it's rape, it's a assault. >> it's a crime. it's wrong. >> reporter: it's a message the obama administration says needs to be spread on college campuses. >> in misguided spor, short-sigd
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attempt to appropriate their college, they are under reporting sexual assaults on campus. >> reporter: most are women. many don't know how to file a report or too ashamed or afraid to speak out. >> when they were reported survivors often find themselves caught in a system where the odds of them finding justice or even finding someone who believes them are stacked against them. >> in the past years students from several colleges have filed complaints that their universities mishandled their sexual assault cases. dartmouth lodge is oncasecases.dartmouth them. >> the list of offenses is facility to us all. from sexual assaults on campus. >> reporter: he's vowed to expel the worst student offenders.
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the white house said that colleges are not doing enough. it hopes to make a survey mandatory by 2016, and this new government website will track on how campuses deal with complaints of sexual assault. it also shows parents how to report the assaults. vice president joe biden said that white house can help spread the message that. >> no man ever has a right to raise a hand to a woman, period. end of story. it is assault if they do. >> reporter: the white house said that some college men are also at risk. just over 6% of them say they've been sexually assaulted or threatened with sexual assault. the department of education has fined some universities where there have been reports of sexual assaults including yale and eastern michigan university. >> this could be an important message even in high schools as
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well. >> reporter: definitely. >> roxana, thank you very much. a new poll could hold some major warning signs for democrats heading into november's midterm election. david schuster has more. >> reporter: richelle, in midterm elections the president's popularity could have a huge impact on its political party. and the latest polls show president obama's approval rating has dropped from 46% last month to 41% now. his disapproval rating has gone up from 50% to 52%. over the last 40 years when the president's approval rating below 50%, his party has lost on average 36 seats. when his approval is above 50% his party has lost 15 seats 14 .
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when you approval for the affordable care act was 49% disapproval was 48%. when asked if it's important to have the democrats backing the president's policy or the republicans do a check on them. they said they would prefer republicans be in charge of congress. they already control the house, and the republicans will take over if the g.o.p. gains a net of six seats. trying to move attention away from obamacare, harry reid has been on a crusade to make the g.o.p. the issue and paint them as behold ton special i interests. blasting the billio billionaireh brothers, and now they open fire
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on reid. his response? bring it on. >> feel free to attack me as much as you want. i can take it. i don't expect american people to be fooled by this newest sleight of hand trick. ultimately voters will see this new tactic for what it is. >> underscoring reid's tactics, he called it power drunk billion narrows. the senate passed a bill last year that has not been brought to the house floor. house republican leaders are now saying that speaker john boehner will bring pieces of the bill up to votes in august after the g.o.p. congressional primaries are over. the idea is to keep republicans from becoming even more vulnerable to conservative tea party primary challenges. finally a tea party challenger to john boehner has just been fired from his job as an adjunct professor at a christian college. the problem for j.d. winteregg
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was an ad spoofing a cialas commercial. >> the college released a statement a that the erectile dysfunction video did not represent the views of cedarville university. now mr. winter egg is gone from his job, but his campaign continues. that's today's power politics, richelle. >> oh my. coming up on al jazeera america, the supreme court hearing arguments that could have a big impact on your privacy, should police officers be allowed to access your cell phone without a warrant? also olympic officials call brazil's preparations for the games the worst ever.
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but before they get there, they have to get through the world cup.
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>> results of analyses were skewed in favor of the prosecution >> the fbi can't force the states to look at those cases >> the truth will set you free yeah...don't kid yourself
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>> the system has failed me >> welcome back. the u.s. supreme court heard aren'ts today in two cases that could have a huge impact on our right to privacy. the justices are deciding whether police can search the cellphones of people they arrest without getting a warrant first. lisa stark has more from washington. >> many of the justices seemed bothered by the notion that police should have the right to search within's cel someone's ce after they have been arrested, but also questioned if such a search might be necessary, and if so how to draw a line between what is okay and what isn't. if police officers pull someone over, they have the right to pat them down and look for the
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immediate surroundings force weapons or evidence of a crime that suspects could quickly destroyed. but does that right extend to your cell phone, which these days could be an encyclopedia of all of your vital information. >> today people carry a lot of--when they carry their medical records, their financial records, the nature as well as the quantity of the information that gives you a reasonable expectation that it won't be completely eviscerated by general rummaging without a warrant. >> reporter: some of the justices seemed concerned about that, too. justice elaina kagan said, quote, most people now do care their lives on their cellphones. others worry that even those being investigated for a minor violation could be effected.
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justice antonin scalia pointed out, it seems absurd that you should be able to search that person's cell phone. and driven argued that police need a quick look before the data can be wiped or incrypted. the two cases before the court involved a gang member and drug dealer. in both says the police searched the suspect's cellphones that found evidence that led to long prison sentences. is there a middle ground? would it be okay to look through cellphones in only more serious crimes or only through apps. >> there is a real danger that
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otherwise the thorough search of our mobile devices will become routine with an arrest, even though most people who are arrested are never convicted or even charged with a crime. >> reporter: the justices have to balance the right to privacy with law enforcement as need to do its job. that can be very difficult in the digital age as evidenced by a light heart it's exchange in the courtroom. the justice said he doesn't even know what kind of cell phone he has. he said, i can't get into it because of the password. the justices will have a final decision in these cases in the next few months. >> let's bring in legal contributor jamie floyd. i'm sure the justices never thought they would be talking about apps and technology much less the founding fathers. let's talk about where we are now, jamie. what do you think the justices will rule in a case like this? with a weather do they fit cellphones in the fourth
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amendment. >> there is a wide range of understanding of their ow own cellphones, one justin can't even get into his cellphones because of the password. when the constitution was written, they never could have anticipated this type of technology. it's a living document, so the question is whether or not when a police officer pulls you over, in each of these cases were pull-over cases, is your cell phone more like a cigarette carton which is the precedent that they're using in this case, the crumbled up cigarette carton that police are entitled to search, or something else in plain view in your car, or is it more of a search of your home which police can't do without a warrant. if you had your lab top in your car, would they be able to then search that if it's closed and locked?
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the glove compartment in they're locked. is it more like the trunk of your car or is it more like your home. is it more like your brain? what is the cell phone? is it like your person? do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy that require police to go and get a separate warrant because you in the fourth amendment retained extra privacy in your cell phone? >> and do you have reasonable expectation of privacy? some of the things that are on your cell phone, for example, facebook and twitter, you really don't have-- >> you don't. >> you can get that anywhere. >> let's let everyone know, you have no privacy. if you put it up there on twitter, facebook and there have been arrests made, i mean, it may be hard for you to believe that people would arrange a drug swap on twitter, but it has been done. >> they can be dumb. they can be really smart but they can be really dumb, exactly. >> the police go and they arrest you based on what you posted on
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twitter, and that's perfect legit. there is no supreme court case there. it would never get to the court because you posted that publicly. this is about what you may keep privately on your phone, your bank records, precipitations, precipitations--prescriptions, and other contacts. why should my phone number for you be available to law enforcement. why should anything about you be available if i am pulled over? >> these are the things that they have to grapple with. let's talk about the fact that the president, the president has been under fire, quite frankly, for the amount of intelligence that they have gathered without people knowing, and going over people's cell phone records. is that any help to the justices if they grapple with these issues? >> well, a legal scholar would tell with you a very narrow view that the nsa and that privacy case is separate and apart from this fourth amendment privacy case. very scholarly narrow view would
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point out that the precedence that the justice also look at from this case are different from the precedences that the justice also look at for the nsa case. but a civil libertarian would tell that you citizens should be concerned and the cases are similar. both cases have to do with our privacy in this new era of technology. and what does it mean when law enforcement or government has broadly defined, looks at our privacy through the prism of the new technology to which we all avail ourselves. have we given up our privacy, and what legitimate interests do government officials, whether they're federal or local or state have in investigating that realm in the interest of protecting us all. >> everyone is going to be waiting for the decision a lot of ramifications. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> absolutely. the obama administration scored an environmental victory.
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the justices arule that the clean air act allows to enforce rules regulating smog causing pollution from power plants in midwestern and southern states. that pollution has been drifting into the air above east coast states. violence broke out in rio de janeiro two months before the world cup is supposed to begin. five city buss were torched in response to the death of a 17-year-old after a police operation. even after the start of the world cup looms brazil is under pressure to keep up the pace for the 2016 summer olympics. preparations are described as the worst every. as reported, there is no plan b. >> ririo de janeiro. [ cheering ] >> it started with so much promise, when rio de janeiro won the rights to host the
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summer games in 2016, the first in south america. but it's gone off course and brazil is facing fierce criticisms. >> it's the worst that i've experienced, but again we have to make it happen. >> reporter: rio's preparations have been hit by lengthy delays and rising costs forcing the international committee to send in officials to monitor progress. >> we haven't had to, as an ioc send people in like this before. we haven't been struggling to get them to understand the problem. testaments ar--test events are starting this year. >> reporter: local organizing committee has issued a statement refuting the criticism and saying in part we have a historic mission to organize the first olympic and paralympic games in south america.
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we are going to achieve this. until recently there were workers strikes in the main olympic park and construction of the second major venue has not even gun. there are more immediate problems. in june brazil needs to get through the football world cup and here in sao paulo where the first match is set to be played the first stadium is not yet done and we're less than 50 days until kick off. the international olympic committee said there is no plan b to find another host in 2016. instead it's putting on the pressure in brazil to lift its game and quickly. al jazeera, sa sao paolo. >> millions of londoners are forced to walk to work during a subway strike. 270 stations are closed. subway employees say plans to make ticket sales fully automated will cost jobs.
6:41 pm
the tubes managing director said that's not the case. another three-day strike is planned next week. in libya the vote for the new prime minister was stopped when gunmen stormed the building and open fired. it linked two of the defeated candidates running for prime minister. several people were injured. this is set to be the final vote to replace the outgoing prime minister who stepped down when armed fighters attacked its family. and iraq preparations are under way to hold the first national elections since u.s. troops withdrew more than two years ago. at least 17 people were injured in two bombings in baghdad. the violence has risen since iraq fighting in anbar province and there are concerns that security will not be able to prevent violence. >> reporter: people in baghdad take advantage of the holiday declared for the elections and try and relax despite the violence that has hit this city in the last few days. massive security operations are
6:42 pm
under way. the air space is closed flights, shops are shut and there is a 10:00 p.m. curfew. despite that, people say they will vote. >> i'm optimistic for two reasons. number one, i think people will vote for change. the second even people who don't want to change will vote because they don't want to feel cheated. >> reporter: baghdad is relatively safe. in anbar province, though, the army has been involved in an intense conflict with fighters and many say they are afraid to go out and vote. politicians say without security the vote will not be full and fair. the army insists it has secured the area.
6:43 pm
>> this since the first of april we have mounded an operation in two phases. we are in the second phase which is to security all the polling stations in anbar for those who are displaced. not only in anbar but across iraq. who will continue the operation until the results come through. >> polling day is just the beginning of the process. analysts say forming a government is the big challenge due to the diverse nature of iraqi society. >> when you have so many opponents inside the political process you must sit down with them and make negotiations even if they are not with your ethnic members or even if he's a christian and so on. this is the positive thing. >> but making deals and forming coalitions takes time. the important blocs are the shia, sunni and kurds. al jazeera, baghdad.
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>> a landmark double execution tonight in oklahoma. marie in es has that. >> reporter: oklahoma is expected to put to death tonight two prisoners. both were convicted of murder and rape in unrelated cases. the double execution comes after a legal battle over the source of the lethal drugs that will be used. the three drug combination dosage has never been used on humans before. the drugs were legally obtained and should not cause any pain to the inmates. wisconsin voter identification law was strict down today. a federal judge ruled unfairly burdens the poor and minority voters. the law would have required vote tours show a state-issued photo i.d. at the polls. the measure said it would cut down on voter fraud. the aclu is suing for records along the southern border. the civil rights group accuses
6:45 pm
the group of ex'ssive force along the border. u.s. customs and border protection will not comment on the lawsuit. and the colorado similar syy orchestra, a serious of fundraising concert by the pot industry is intended to reach a broader audience. they're struggling with budget problems, listeners will be able to bring their own marijuana to smoke or eat at these concerts. they start at the end of may. they expect large crowds. >> you should bring some snacks, too. >> reporter: yes, exactly. >> thank you. an update
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download it now >> the storm system blamed for 30 deaths in the heartland and south is moving east. people now clean up after the tornadoes that touched down over the last few days. entire communities flattened by the system. we look at what we can expect next, and it seems people cannot catch a break. >> this is the same expect area. we're talking about mississippi and you can see here as we go in a little bit closer where the systems were. 12 hours ago we were watching this line push through. that is now causing weather down in the panhandle of florida and
6:49 pm
in orlando. in southern mississippi you can see where those cells are located right there. if you're traveling this evening along highway ten it will be miserable, and we do have active weather there. you can see here in mississippi where that bright red is, that is a tornado warning. that means the tornado is happening or is imminent for that area. for most of the southeast part of mississippi we're talking about tornado watches in that area. it will be a very active night. it's not just the south that we're watching over the next day, it is also the eastern seaboard, and in north carolina we've seen tornadoes this evening, but it's also going to be the very active rain and flooding all the way up here towards the northeast. if you're flying to these airports we're expected to see major problems. >> the government is now giving residents in tornado-broken
6:50 pm
areas a rebate on storm shelters. >> reporter: on may 15, a monster filled the skies above texas. a twister with above 200 mph winds bore down on the community west of dallas, enveloping the hope of myrna thompson in darkness. >> i was shaken. i'm not exaggerating. my knees, because it looked like it was coming right at us because it's really dark. you could see the storm clouds from this window. >> reporter: the 74-year-old was home alone. but she remembered the words of her recently deceased husband. >> he had told me if a storm comes in this house just go to our master closet, so that's what did i. i sat right in front of this door. >> reporter: she said she felt alone and vulnerable surrounded by the roar of the storm.
6:51 pm
>> i was really scared. not scared of dying, but scared of the unknown flying through. >> reporter: when thompson emerged debris littered her lawn and roof. it destroyed nearly 100 homes and killed six people. thompson said images like these made her realized she, too, would have been lost if her home had been in the tornado past. >> the pictures don't show any bathrooms or closets. it's just usually bear concrete. >> reporter: but in oklahoma where the tornado killed people 25 years those in storm shelters survived. ones approved by the storm shelter association are built to we stand 250 mph winds. business doubled after every big
6:52 pm
storm. >> this is a product unfortunately, if it's out of sight it's out of mind. then when a storm does come, particularly if it's really bad storm people think and realize, hey, i should be prepared. >> this is my new storm shelter. >> reporter: myrna thompson spent $10,000 on this above ground shelter. >> we have batter powered lights, steel walls more than a quarter inch thick. 19 bolts ground this to the foundation, two steel bars to bolt the doors. >> i would be scared but not as scared as i was in my closet last year. >> reporter: the great grandmother of 13 said the shelter brings her peace of mind for when the next storm hits. now to make it more comfortable, she said, she'll hang some pictures on the walls. heidi zhou castro, texas. >> reaction on social media to the owners of the clippers being
6:53 pm
banned from the nba for life. plus, together again in the new "star wars" movie, and then it's "real money" with david shuster. >> companies picking up and moving abroad. a look at who does it and how. plus the money behind clippers owner donald sterling' sterlinge ban from the nba, all that and more.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> it's a century old mystery. who was the real mona lisa in leonardo da vinci's painting. using dna to figure out the exact identity. >> reporter: this is arguably one of the most recognized faces in the world. yet the identity for the model who sat for mona lisa is as mysterious as her smile. now the team of researchers hope to put a name to the face.
6:56 pm
on tuesday they opened the family tomb, the woman believed to be the real mona lisa. >> i'm sure was the model leonardo used. there were documents that suggest that is really was her. i have a heart felt certainty and reasonable doubt. >> reporter: the tomb contains the remains of her husband and son by matching their dna with the bones of eight bodies recovered from a convent nearby. they hope to single out lisa. if successful a team of for forc anthropologists will recreate the face and compare it to the painting. >> it will put mystery to end of centuries. many other women were associated with it. some even argue that this is a
6:57 pm
self portrait of leonardo da vinci himself. the results of the dna matching and reconstruction won't be available for six months. art lovers have waited 500 years to discover the real identity of the mona lisa. they may not have to wait much longer. al jazeera, florence. >> we told you earlier that clippers owner donald sterling has been banned from the nba for life. we've been following reaction on line. and it's really an unprecedented thing. the reaction has been huge. >> reporter: huge, let's start with magic johnson. he tweeted this out earlier, current and former nba players are happy and satisfied with commissioner silver's ruling. he also wrote, i wish i was in l.a. i would be at the clippers game tonight. you also have a reaction from dwyane wade, commissioner silver
6:58 pm
strong, way to take charge and protect our great league. and commissioner silver, thank you for taking care of our league great leader. and kobe bryant, bravo silver. and shaquille o'neill, way to go, commissioner silver. the nba stands for everybody. mark cuban of the mavericks says, i agree 100% with commissioner silver's findings and the actions taken against donald sterling. from the mickey arison said, great job, adam. the nba is in good hands. and dan gilbert wrote, commissioner silver made the right move in response to this
6:59 pm
unfortunate absurd spectacle. the clippers team has this message on their website. "we are one." and the miami hea the miami heae spurs all with the same message. >> all eyes will be on the clippers tonight when they take the court at 10:15, 10:30. great wrap up, thank you very much. >> a "star wars" fans will be brokalmostbroke the network beco many visitors. one of the new faces will be adam driver, layer son ford, carrie fisher and mar markhameln will reprice their roles and
7:00 pm
will be released in 2015. don't mess it up. thank you so much for your time. please do keep it here. >> it's the ugly truth about taxes in america. big corporations can cut their irs bill with a simple change of address. we'll look at how. also la clippers under donald sterling banned for life from the nba. we'll show you the cash behind the controversy. plus why is wall street so worried about witter.