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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> boko haram released a video of the kidnapped girls. >> declaring victory as 90% of f voters in eastern ukraine. 800 million indians have taken part of the world's biggest ever election. and mexican women offer home comfort to those leaving illeg
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illegally by train. >> boko haram has released video showing what it says are the first pictures of some of the school girls. boko haram leader offered to free the girls in exchange for prisoners held by the government. we have the latest. >> reporter: their kidnapping has shocked the world, now these first images of nigeria's missing girls are likely to cause further distress. in the video released by the kidnappers the girls are heard speaking in arabic reciting lines from the qur'an. three of the girls are interviewed to say they were christians and converted to islam while the third said she is muslim. it's hard to determine the location where it was shot. they also make a separate
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appearance. he said he will not let the girls g go. the video undoubt lid new cause for anger, grief and frustration. >> a short time ago we have this update. >> reporter: it is not clear who exactly are the members of boko haram that they would like to see released in exchange for the kidnapped girls. but we do know that there are hundreds of boko haram members jail you had across the country. it has become very evident that releasing those incarcerated members have become a priority
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by the group in the last few months. oftentimes in prison break attempts hundreds of people die in the process, it has been one of the primary concerns of human rights organizations, the nigerian government has not been transparent when it comes to handling boko haram fighters that it has in custody. it's not like we have seen any trials or prosecutions except one trial a few years ago. the human rights organization accused the government of enga engaging in summary executions, and extra judicial killings of these members. only fueling the anger of boko haram and it's insistence on releasing its members from detention.
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>> the search of one of africa's most notorious war ladders have narrowed. according to reports just released from u.n. security council. the leader of the lords resistance army is accused of rape and using child soldiers. >> my government shares the secretary general concern about the possibility that lra leaders have sought a safe hay no one sudanese controlled areas. we work cooperatively with the a.u. t any government should be embarrassed to be sheltering the lords resistence army. >> staying in africa. eight people have been killed in
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a suicide car bombing in a cafe in somalia. >> separatessists in donestk a y 90% of those voted and took part in the polls. >> this is the man who would be leader of a new republic in the east of ukraine. the donestk people's republic. on his wall a crude hint of things to come, borders redrawn in marker pen, huge chunk notice south and east ukraine enveloped in russia. >> they were trying to tell us that russia is the occupiers but we know it's not like that. we are one people, and the border should be open.
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there efficiently open in the rest of europe and in the nearest future there will be some kind of union here. >> and outside his office in the occupied local administration building in donestk the few people milling about were pleased with with the referendum result. >> the newly formed republic will be built as a free republic. freed from the junta. >> we want to be under putin's power. we want to join because our children keep dying. >> reporter: in slovyansk the idea of separation has taken root amid the violence. >> i'm 100% sure the people have made the right decision before i was in doubt thinking we don't need it. but after these attacks they are
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100% right. >> reporter: as they would have it inside this building the referendum has delivered a positive endorsement for the people's republic of donestk. and with that this region has taken a large step away from any notion of an united ukraine. >> reporter: there are people opposed to it all. >> i just want this to end. i don't want to go anywhere. i like it here. i've liked it for 21 years. >> but with voters in two eastern regions now claiming near total support of separation the voices of opposition have effectively been silenced. >> and we're joined live from doneskt. the voters have said one thing but it seems that the leaders are sayining is completely different now.
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>> indeed. it was an illegal referendum as far as the international community is concerned. there is self-rule, and i don't how self-rule can be absorbed into moving wit moving. a restoration of a historying justice we ask an absorption into the russian federation. eye gore gerkin, kiev said he's a serving officer in the russian intelligence. but he has popped up in donestk, and he has declared himself
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supreme commander. >> what can russia do now? the statement as follows. we request the people of donestk, but we're counting on implementation in a civilized manner. it seems that the kremlin is still hoping or advocating talks, direct talks between kiev and the separatist leaders perhaps brokered by the osce. there'vthere appears to be no ae for that type of compromise. >> italy's navy has rescued 200 migrants after the boat they were traveling on sank off the coast of libya. 14 people are known to have di
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died. another vessel sank in the same area three days ago with 130 people on board. in egypt the trial of the spirit leader of the muslim brotherhood has been observed since june 10th. activists say journalists have been detained by authorities over the past year often without trial. stephanie decker has the story of one american egyptian who was currently on hunger strike. >> dear president obama. >> for months i woke up. >> a letter to president obama egyptian american citizens who has been in egyptian jails since last august. >> i get asked where is this world country that takes such provide defending world freedom. where are they now. >> reporter: 100 days of hunger strike have left him unable to
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stand. this is sultan appearing before the judge on sunday. he is the sun of a muslim brotherhood leader who is also in jail. >> it's not how democracy works. >> reporter: this is mohammed at a protest last year. he's been held on suspicion of help to plan a series of attacks against the state. his family said he's innocent and determined to carry on his hunger strike. >> we're afraid to mohammed's life, but we feel like he has no choice. by this hunger strike he's putting the egyptians first and american second in a very hard position where the egyptian government is not providing, is not giving him or not going through the due process in the right way, and it's not coming up with evidence against these charge, and the american government isn't applying the necessary pressure that they should or they can as they've
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done in the past. >> mohammed can be seen through the bars here on a court appearance on april 1st where i was still able to stand on his own. the exact number of prisoners on hundrehunger strikes are unconf. but egypt has a notoriously tough prison system with wide allegations of torture and abuse. mohammed sol tan's case is one of many. al jazeera's an doll la abdullay has been held without charges. many are languishing in egyptian jails without charge, without trials and without transparency. >> thanks stephanie. al jazeera correspondent abdullah al shamy has been moved
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to a location unknown. his attorney has asked that he be transferred to hospital because his health is failing. three other al jazeera journalists are accused of conspiring with the out lawed muslim brotherhood. the group has been declared an terrorist group in egypt. al jazeera is rejects all charges and demands for their release. we look at boko haram and the men behind the nigerian movement. the ultimate capturing device. swiss researchers develop a bionic arm that can catch balls like a human.
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>> welcome back, a reminder of our top stories here in al jazeera. nigeria has rejected a demand by bow could had a ram to swap pictures for more than 200 school girls abducted a month ago. the video released showing the school girls taken. josepjoseph kony is hiding e border of sudan and the central africa republic. and separatists in the city of donestk are appealing to become a part of russia. 90% of people have voted for self-rule.
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more now on our top story in the abduction of over 200 nigerian school girls. >> reporter: this is believed to be a boko haram training camp in northern nigeria. the men are being shown how to use automatic weapons. their group has existed more than ten years. losely translated boko haram means western education is sinful. it's members want to create an islamic state and stamp out any activity linked with western society. for the past five years they've led an armed campaign against the nigeria government mainly in the north of the country attacking schools, police stations and other official buildings. thousands of people have been killed or wounded. the group's leader is this man, a radical ideologue who said he
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enjoys killing. last year the nigerian president declared in the three states where boko haram is strongest. this film in march where four attacks killed more than 100 students in the past year. in one incident 32 students were killed at the federal boarding school in the remote town. every building in the school compound was burned down. the international community has condemned boko haram with the u.s. government calling it a terrorist organization. >> let me be clear. the kidnapping of hundreds of children by boko haram is an unconscionable crime, and we will do anything possible to support the nigerian government to support these young women to their homes. >> reporter: many moderate muslim organizations have called for boko haram to be disbanded.
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>> at least four people have been killed in south africa as mine workers reported for duty at the platinum mine. workers at the mine have been on strike demanding higher wages. it's one of the biggest strikes since 2012 when 34 workers were killed. fans fought with rival supporters after the home team was defeated. police fired tear gas into the crowd which triggered the stampede. pressuring the cabinet to step down. they're asking for council to be set up. the demonstrators also oppose election scheduled for july. the interim prime minister is insisting the vote will go ahead. polls have now closed in the
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final phase of india's mammoth general election. we have reports from new delhi. >> it's been a national road show for all the political parties. up to 814 people were eligible to vote in phases over five weeks. there are 100 million first-time voters. >> the democracy so far has become or seemed to have become a prisoner of the political parties.
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people seem to be taking politics back into their own hands. >> voting began on the seventh. april in the northeast. turnout was high. overly a million personnel were september to safeguard the vote. there was violence in central india, but that did not discourage voters. again turn out was high, the underlying demand many expressed was to rid the country of corruption and instill good governance. the. >> people are tired of established political parties who play politics. my dream versus your dream. my class versus your class, the world over there is a a movement amongst people that they want the governments to deliver what they promised.
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>> reporter: the leader of the governing congress party dismissed others as a divisive figure who cannot be trusted among minority groups 37 there will be a case of any of these parties or their leaders have the seats to form the next administration or whether they'll look for help from other parties to form india's next government. al jazeera, new delhi. >> a thousand bangladeshy doctors have walked off the job. they're demanding the arrest of those who attacked five of their colleagues. >> reporter: this is the college hospital. it's bangladesh's busiest hospital. thousands of patients come here every day to get treatment. whenever there is an accident or if there is an emergency situation this is where people come usually. however today it's very, very quiet. that's because almost a thousand
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doctors who work here are on strike. five doctors have been attacked, and the doctors want the attackers arrested. there have been pregnant women in labor turned away. there are doctors inside offering services but they're struggling to cope with the overload. the doctors who have been--who are on strike say that they've been forced to take such drastic action. this is not the first time there is been attacks on doctors in bangladesh. there are reasons for their attacks, but common allegation in some of the major clashes have been allegations of negligence. you havthere is a growing sensef mistrust among the middle east class towards the medical profession. rumors are now rife. doctors have an image problem,
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and strikes like this which result in stories of patients suffering certainly doesn't help that image problem. >> around 18 people have died under a wall that collapsed after heavy rain in china. state media is reporting about 40 construction workers were inside the building in eastern city. and there has also been flooding across southern china. thousands of migrants christian from south america tol from south america to the u.s. a group of women help make their journey a little easier by hel helping to feed the migrants. >> this woman feeds the migrants riding the train that carries
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them north to the u.s. border. their leader norma romero has been doing this for 20 years. the train is known as a beast and carries migrants to mexico. she asked arrivals why they left home. >> i left because there is no work there. we had to leave because of the crime. my children couldn't even go to school. one modify sons has already been killed. >> dora left her children, six of them, back in guatemala. >> my children were asking me for things i couldn't buy. all i could do was given them my heart. >> norma soothes their pain the only wa way she knows how, but
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offering a home cooked meal. >> it doesn't matter where they're from. all we know that they're hungry, and leaving their family is not easy. >> reporter: norma has gained support from those in power. mexico's president has awarded country's human rights award to her. >> there are those who can't pay to ride the train. they get thrown off the train and sometimes get mutilated. sometimes they die that way. >> reporter: they only have moments to pack the food and toss it to hungry migrants riding the rails. when th the full train comes, te work is fast and dangerous. there is a russi rush of excite. >> this day like every other day they have come out to the tracks to give food to hundreds of migrants making their way north
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to the u.s. border, but increasingly many migrants are not getting on the trains because it is so dangerous. some are now walking along the highways. >> some are walking in the train's wake. the father and son left honduras three months ago. they saw migrants tossed off the beast and have been walking ever since. they hope to reach the u.s. some day. al jazeera, veracruz, mexico. >> the revolutionary armed forces of colombia has been discussing ways to end the illegal drug trade since last november. the latest discussions come two weeks before elections in colombia. now when it comes to catching, some of us are better than others. but researchers in switzerland has come up with what may well
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be the ultimate catching device. the robotic technology could be applied to a whole host of placings on earth and in space. >> reporter: in less than 5100 of a second this arm scans, calculates and moves to catch a variety of objects. the researchers manually taught the arm how to move, and then coupled it withance advance system of movement, monitoring and prediction. >> no matter how perfect, the most important part of this research is to going to predict how it's going fly through the air and where it's going to land within the workspace of the robot. >> technology in space and you have the potential to avoid the space junk disaster that appears
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in last year's film gravity. tens of thousands of object currently orbit the planet putting astronauts at risk. the ability to snatch pieces of junk from orbit could help in cleanup efforts. and it also has applications down on earth. the development of driverless cars like this one from google rely on just that to avoid collisions. of course, the controller can be used for many different applications, particularly catching people who are in danger of falling. catching objects that may fall on to people. that also applies to the robots. it needs to be able to react rapidly to incoming traffic. this is the example of catching, avoiding, keep be things from happening. >> reporter: the techniques still need some fine tuning, but
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the researchers say we should expect to see it as part of the next generation of responsive technology. >> and a reminder that there is plenty of news and analysis on our website, more on our top stories, the abduction of those nigerian school girls.