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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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consider this. the news of the day plus so much more. answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. omoyele sowore this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i'm michael eaves with a look at the top stories the leader of radical group boko haram unveils video of hundreds of ab ducted girls, vowing to keep them until fighters are freed. independence from ukraine for the east. a secret service scandal - agents accused of leaving their post the west antarctic threatens
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to collapse, raising sea levels from 4-12 feet. we are getting our first look at hundreds of nigerian school girls ab ducted nearly a month ago. boko haram released this video claiming to show the missing girls. the leader says they were converted to islam and would be held until nigerian government frees militant prisoners. we are joined from nigeria by rawya rageh. has nigeria responded to the release of this video? >> there hasn't been a definitive government statement per se. a government agency issued a statement saying authorities viewed the video and are looking at all option, considering all options in responding to that video. the interior minister reiterated
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the long-standing government line that they will not negotiate with those they describe as terrorists. it's still not clear to us whether, indeed, those featured on the video are the kidnapped girls or not. some of the families of the victims have not been able to identify their loved ones on the video just yet and a borno state official, where the girls were kidnapped from, told us they are bringing in the families to identify the girls on the video. either way, some shocking images on that video. >> reporter: their kidnapping shocked the world. these images are likely to cause further distress. in the 17 minute video released the girls are heard speaking it arabic, reciting lines from the koran, three girls were interviewed, to say they were
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christian, the third says she's muslim. it's hard to determine from the video the location where it was shot. abubakar shekau makes a separate appearance, their leader. in his second video he says he will not let the girls go, unless incarcerated members of the group are released from custody. the government maintained that it does not negotiate with what it calls terrorists. in the capital abuja protesters kept up a sit-in, and are joined by relatives of the girls. a man said two of his nieces were kidnapped and they weren't seen in the video. he said many of the girls are christians and must have been forced to put on the head scarf. he arrived for his identity to be shielded. >> when i saw, i was sad. that is not how our daughters will appear. that means that human rights
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have been infringed upon. >> there were mixed feelings, whether the government should respond to the prisoner swap, and mixed feelings about the girls. >> i was in between. i'm a muslim. in is limb, there's no composure in religion. it's a personality. >> the education commissioner of borno state where the girls were taken from has told al jazeera the school principal and families have been called in to confirm whether those in the video are the missing girls. >> reporter: one of the questions emerging is who are the prisoners that boko haram leader abubakar shekau would like to see released in change of the girls. what we know is that there are hundreds of boko haram fighters in custody. it had become evident over the past few months that a group priority was to release the
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figure. they staged brazen prison attempts, including here, not far from the presidential pal a and a violent prisoner break in march in borno, leading to violent confrontations usually, hundreds killed, and it's been a main concern by human rights groups, the heavy-handed nature by which the government responded dealing with boko haram, fuelling anger and frustration, causing them to do anything they can to release members from captivity. >> rawya rageh life in abuj rab thanks are for that report. >> chuck hagel said rescuing the girls would be difficult. >> it will be difficult. it's a vast country. we'll bring to bear every asset we can use to help nigerian government. pro-russian separatists in
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donetsk and lugansk declared their independence today, a day after referendums that ukraine and the west say are illegal. the european union moved to impose sanctions against russians and ukrainians connected to the crisis. kim vinnell has more from kiev. >> reporter: as votes were counted in the east, authorities said the outcome was irrelevant, calling the referendum illegal. with formed ballot papers, no international observers and low voter turn out. speaking in parliament, acting president oleksandr turchynov said organizers of the referendum would be held criminally responsible. >> translation: the farce that the terrorists call a referendum is nothing else but a propa gannedist cover for kidnappings, violence and other crimes. the west echos the chorus of condemnation. in brussels for a meeting to
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discuss the crisis, british foreign secretary chuck hagel said no country would accept the results. >> the votes, attempts at referendums have zero credibility in the eyes of the world. they are illegal by anybody's standard, and don't neat any standard, not a single standard of objectivity, fairness or properly conducted by a public referendum or election. people organising them didn't pretend to meet them. >> reporter: in the west they say it's an attempt to create divisions within ukraine to keep up with the presidential election. it's set to take place in two weeks, and is crucial to the stability of the country. >> the o.s.c.e. is offering a roadmap to the crisis gripping ukraine, saying the referendum in the east could make the work ahead more difficult. >> translation: it's a provocation for some, what increases the cap between the
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different actors for others. the fact remains the presidential election are an essential element of stabilization. we have to take into account the latest elements. we have to do everything possible to have a positive environment for the may 25th election. >> russia's attitude towards the election is being monitored by the european union, cautiously stepping towards imposing sanctions. russia shouldn't get involved. >> translation: why should we listen to russia, it's madness, pure madness. that's all i can say. >> i'm very worried. we had to go through horrible event in maydan. it's scary now. >> we have a constitution, and we can't have a referendum in the region. our country is united and independent. what they say means nothing. >> protests in the east emboldened by the referendum.
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progress will be difficult with authorities offering to talk to representatives from the east, but refusing to include those they say have blood on their hands. as kim mentioned in her report the e.u. moved to impose sanctions, adding 13 people to the visa ban and asset freeze list. it froze the assets of two companies if crimea. the e.u. is not expected to impose tough economic sanctions on russia until after ukraine's elections on may 25th. pro-russian separatists in donetsk say the referendum shows that people want self-rule and are doing what they can to guard the territory. jonah hull has the latest. >> reporter: this is the man that would be leader of a new republic. on his wall, a hint of things to come, borders redrown in marker
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pens, chunks of the south and east of ukraine enveloped by russia. >> they were trying to tell us that russia is the occupier. it's not like that. we are one people and the border should be open. they are sufficiently open in the rest of europe. there'll be some union here, in the near future. >> and outside his office in the local occupied administration period the few people milling about among armed men were pleased with the referendum result. >> the newly formed republic will be built as a free republic, free from the junta. >>. >> translation: we want to be under vladimir putin's power and join and live together, because our children keep dying. >> in slovyansk, the town held by pro-russian fighters, with
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forces loyal to kiev, the idea of separation has taken root amid the violence. >> translation: i'm 100% sure the people made the right decision. before i was in doubt thinking maybe we don't need it. after the attacks, the result is 100% right.. >> reporter: so, as they would have it inside in building, the referendum delivered a giant positive endorsement for the people's republic of donetsk. with that the region has taken a step away from any notion of a united ukraine. >> there are people opposed to it all, opinion polling suggesting many people. >> translation: i just want this to end. i don't want to go anywhere. i like it here. i liked it for 21 years. >> but with the voters in two eastern regions claiming near total support for separation, the voices of opposition have
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effectively been silenced. >> secretary of state john kerry with blunt words for syrian opposition leader. "the daily beast" reports that john kerry told the leaders that the international community wasted a year by not working together to topple bashar al-assad, syrian president, and the lack of coordination was a dramatic set back, 120,000 killed since the conflict beblan gan detroit mailed ballots to 60,000 creditors, including 32,000 city employees. they'll be asked to determine the fate of the bankruptcy restructuring plan, calling for cuts in retirees pensions. ballots must be returned by july 11th. the first city to file for bankruptcy was in court to try to get a judge to improve their re-organisation plan. they face a roadblock, a
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creditor who says the city is treating it unfairly. lisa bernard joins us from san francisco. which creditor is fighting and why does it feel it's being treated unfairly. >> it's franklin investment. it would be repaid $350,000 of a $35 million debt that it says it is owed by stockton. where it says the city is paying other creditors 52% or more of what it owes them. so, franklin templeton investors is taking the city to court, starting the trial today. they claim they are discriminated. if it agrees the re-organisation may not go into effect and instead of ending stockton's strategy, approximately be back to the drawing board, which
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could take another six month. the $35 million went towards building fire houses, police dispatch center, parks for the city. a bankruptcy attorney said stockton is protecting lucrative pension plans for city employees, and this is one of the points that the lawyers for franklin templeton investors will point out. that the pension plans are being protected and it, as a large creditor, is not protected. the city says cutting pennings makes -- pensions makes it difficult to hire employees. it had to cut the police force in the bankruptcy restructuring. crime in stockton dramatically went up. >> when it comes to bankruptcy, no plan is like the other. how does this compare to what is going on in detroit? >> it's a larger city, and here in stockton they are looking at restructuring 20 million,
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compared to 18.5 billion in detroit. the trial in detroit, in terms of a judge looking at the settlement to get out of bankruptcy will go into effect in about july. detroit will be looking at what the judge does, specifically in terms of pension, and in terms of treating one creditor differently to the other. >> pensioners are sensitive subjects. lisa bernard live in san francisco. in the power politics senator marco rubio now all but declared that he will run for president in 2016. david shuster joins us with more. we were talking about possible candidates for the republican party, and who will step out first. seems like it's marco rubio. >> he's stepping out in terms of fund-raisers and organizers. a number saying that marco rubio told them that he's planning to run for president. he's 43 years old and declared on tv that he has the experience
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and ready to be president of the united states. in that same appearance marco rubio took a hard right position an global warming saying he does not believe that human activities, and the emoiss of co -- emissions of co2 plays a role. >> i do not believe human activity is causing changes to the climate the way the scientists portray it and the laws that we pass, i don't believe it will do anything, but destroy the economy. >> it may sound extreme, but his position could help him with conservative activists influential in republic prime requires. many are suspicious of marco rubio given his embrace of comprehensive immigration reform. republican senator rand paul is loved by conservative and libertarian, but has a problem with moderate. paul has reached to establishment figures to soften
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his image. he told the "new york times", that the party should back down on voter identification laws:. >> mr paul is now the most property incident member of his party to restrict himself. civil rights groups call the laws an effort to depress african american turn out. >> on the democratic side elizabeth warren, massachusetts senator, indicated that she has no plans for a run in 2016. listen carefully to the verb tense she used on c.b.s. >> i'm not running for president. >> but if hillary clinton decides not to run, will you re-assess. >> you know, i'm not running for president. >> technically nobody is running until they formally declare they are in the race, and saying, "i am not running" is slightly different from saying "i will
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not run." if hillary clinton does not run, keep an eye on elizabeth warren. >> finally the comedian the star of the white house correspondent dinner two weeks ago lost a television show. joel mchale's comedy called "community" is not being renewed after its fifth season. never mind the show. he had great reviews for the washington roast, especially a joke about the obamacare website. >> it's good to see white house press secretary and boy jay carney is here. big night for jay. i haven't seen him this nervous since the president told him, "look, just go out there and tell them the website is broken, they'll understand." we under. in tv and politics, you're up one day, down the next. >> thank you david shuster. coming up, the secret service facing a new scandal -
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agents pulled off their post guarding the president. and rules to ensure your internet speed is not slowed down by companies willing to pay for faster service.
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wall street started the week on a high note. the markets rose as investors bought stocks that have slumped in recent weeks. the do you rose 112 points today. the big announcement in the case of net neutrality. the head of the fcc want to ban larger internet providers carriaging a premium for faster service. without the ban verizon and tnt could drop websites enjoying a plague field. >> we are joined now. we have a vote coming up in a couple of day, it would ban the big guys squeezing out the smaller guys. how important is it to have a level playing field on the internet for everyone to have access to it. >> this is a confusing issue. i'm not sure this the fcc says
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it will oppose a ban. they are on record supporting the idea that some providers, net flex, for example, can pay more to a provider, like comcast, to get their video through. the fcc seems to be modifying its stance. it's not clear what they'll change. there may be ways the fcc considers internet service to be like a utility. it's alarming to some. they say don't regulate the internet the way you regulate the power and water company. we need to leave it open. what is happening is there's going to be a proposed rule, probably coming out on thursday. it will contain new ideas, but be debated. there'll be a lot of lobbying from big companies, from small company, and it will be months before we know if anything changes. >> you bring up the utility
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analogy. i use that analogy if you will. let's say water is an example. if you and i buy water, you want to buy better water. it's fine, as long as it doesn't affect my price of water. if net neutrality has a provide where you spend more, where it takes away from my service, how can the fcc allow that. >> that's the whole debate. that is the so-called fast lain and slow lain, it's not just consumers that stand to lose under this scenario, it will be start-up websites, and small websites that can't afford to pay the cable carrier extra money. they may not have the money. maybe they'll be delayed. maybe the page will not load on the home computer screen, or it'll take longer. now, it's important to point out a lot of this is theoretical.
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these things have not happened. we are sort of worrying about a problem that is not here yet, trying to make sure it doesn't happen. that's the problem, is it's part to point to anybody and say that person hasn't been harmed. >> both sides fellowing up red flags to get their side of the issue. >> yes. >> rick newman from yahoo! finance, thank you. the 2014 world cup is a month away. taps are channelling -- fans are channelling their passion to a 4-yearly ritual, the collection of world cup football stickers. daniel schweimler reports on football fever in buenos aires. >> reporter: the world cup must be close because all over the world small groups, mostly boys, are huddling outside schools swapping football stickers. parents are asking why they can't apply the same dedication to their homework.
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>> it's also infectious, dragging in the whole family. >> translation: i do it for my grandson, it's a passion. i come with him, as his grandmother. >> in england, costa rica, spain... . >> if collectors don't get the stickers, they come here sunday morning to this park. rain or shine, to what has become a trading flaw, as intense as wall street or the hank sending. only here can two defenders be words a lionel messi. >> for many, it's a rite of passage, an experience represented in companies across the world. not just the 32 nations. if anyone has a spare wayne rooney sticker, i have the ivory coast national team and hugh an
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arani to spare. it's a tradition going back to the world cup. laced with novt aingia. for the italian based stickers, a multi-million industry. i, i mean my sons, remember with joy completing the 2006 album when we landed an exclusive ghanaian defender. football and stickers are a part of life. >> translation: it's great for society. in these difficult times, resulting in security, where parents leave the house with the kids, it's a perfect meeting place. >> who said that collecting football stickers was a hobby for 11-year-old boys. by the time the world cup kicks off on june 12th, the collectors, with 639 stickers in place will be experts. only needing to fill in the name
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of the eventual winners. a new video claiming to show hundreds of girls ab ducted from a school in nigeria. a radical group boko haram wanting to make a trade, but the deal is not on yet. a new deal that could help locating african warlord joseph kony - that's next on al jazeera america.
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more on the top story - boko haram want to make a trade and has given a look at girls kidnapped a month ago. the group is demanding the release of its fighters in exchange for 100 girls. the government says it's reviewing its options, boko haram claims they are the same students at the center of an intense rescue effort. nigeria's government has been
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criticised for not finding the 250 girls abducted. joining me now is omoyele sowore, found are of good to have you back. what is the reaction from the nigerian community now the video is out? is there confirmation that these girls were the ones abducted. >> we don't have direct confirmation. a spoke to a member who said the girls are. but we haven't spoke to the parents. let me tell you something - if boko haram is in possession of these girls, we are in trouble, no matter where they came interest. these people shown on the video are terrified. people have been tortured, abused, under duress. whoever they are, they need rescue, that is what is important. i have no doubt in my mind that the girls are the same girls that boko haram took. i said last week here, that they have not separated or sold them or taken them out of nigeria,
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they need to use them as a shield, for, you know, as sex slaves. these are the girls that we need to bring home. >> you said that last week. the last video we saw the leader said they'd sell them to slavery. you said no, they need them as a bargaining tool to get the fighter. if they have the girls, would the nigeria government be open to changing them for prisoners. >> the sad part about all this is boko haram is not up for negotiation with the nigerian government. they are backpedalling because of serious international pressure, and understand that the rest of the world may come after them. they can't escape that for too long. the new zealand government will be hiding in plain site. there's protesters in abuja, they have not owned up to the
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fact that the girls are ab ducted. it means that nigerian government is aloof from this problem. it's too late for them, because the rest of the world is on the case. >> one thing to note is the leader of boko haram was not in the same place as the girls were. it's a place where you think of. if you find the girls, you find him. >> that's what i said. that's the fact that he thiption thinks -- thinks about, it's a big problem. he understands that, you know, it's no longer a joke. the rest of the world is on this matter. and that means he may be in trouble too. >> what pressure does the video put on the nigerian government. we have worldwide awareness. so many countries offer their aid. the president says they'll find him, he's vowed to do it. the government there is inept, and can't pull this off. all this pressure is on them. how will they find the girls?
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>> it will be the duty of the rest of the world to find the girls. i don't think the new zealand government is capable of living where the girls are. the government of the state of borno said that he already had some sightings of the girl, passing the information on. it's been 24 hours after, 36 in a few minutes, and the government hasn't been able to approach whatever he gave them too about, to rescue the girls. the nigerian government is incapable. let me be quick and clear. the suspicion that if the rest of the world helps this girls, they may have an agenda. that has been declared as we go along. it is general suspicion, if the u.s. comes around, they may not want to leave. that suspicion is a reason why niningians are in lock -- nij jans are in lock -- nijans are
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in lockdown. after they rescue the girls and get the accolades, they have to pay a big price. you can understand the suspicion, the fact that people are cautious. it's a kes crays. i -- it's a disgrace. the nigerian government, and the army cannot rescue 234 girls in it own country - it's a disgrace. we must force the nigerian government do its duties to its citizens. >> omoyele sowore, thank you from >> the united nations says it may have a lead on where african war lord joseph kony is hiding. the international criminal court charged him with more than 30 counts of crime against humanity. the new evidence could provide a breakthrough needed to end the l.r.a. cycle of violence. >> reporter: this is a rare glimpse of joseph kony, leader
4:35 pm
of the lords resistance army, for the l.r.a. he is wanted by the international criminal court for alleged atrocities committed as the l.r.a. wamed a war a -- waged a war against the ugandan government. he's been hard to find. a u.n. report details activities of him and his men. >> we need to see how we can collectively move to make sure that the kony is removed, so that the populations, i.d.p.s, refugees can go home and live in peace. >> they are believed to be split into several highly mobile groups in the central african republic, and the democratic republic of congo. senior l.r.a. leaders are thought to be based in the nearby part of the central african republic, and credible sources at the u.n. indicate that l.r.a. leader joseph kony, and other commanders may be seeking safe haven in the enclave on the boarder between
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the central african republic, south sudan and sudan. >> joseph kony - a video made by activists in 2012 helped to raise awareness of the horrific nature of joseph kony's crimes, resulting in tens of thousands killed and over a million displaced. many raped and maimed. countless children forced to kill, and turned into joseph kony's personal soldiers. >> the l.r.a. is responsible for just about every war crime and atrocity in the book. really, in the past three to four years, what we have seen is that the tack techs of the lr -- tactics of the l.r.a. changed a bit. the violence decreased significantly in the past few years, but their history shows what they are capable of. >> an african union task force backed by 100 specialist forces
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have been trying to find joseph kony for years. in march the united states sent four aircraft to help in the search. >> translation: we must not forget the need to bring justice to the leaders of the l.r.a. joseph kony is the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by the iic in 2005. it has not been implemented. >> the lords resistance army is not the fighting force it once was. so far this year they are cred teted with just -- credited with just 65 attacks. with unrest in sudan, and the central african republic, there's concern they could take advantage and destabilize the region, as long as joseph kony is free. an apparent drone strike killed five suspected al qaeda fighters in yemen. state media says army reinforcements were sent to two regions, dozens of fighters have been killed since yemen began an
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offensive. we have this report from sudan. >> the situation remains tense across the country here in the capital. security forces fired warning shots at suspected gunmen near the presidential palace. it's the same area that was attacked twice on friday, and on sunday. the attack came hours after a drone attack targetting suspected al qaeda militants in the province. local forces tell al jazeera that the attack targeted an off-road vehicle, driving in a remote area controlled by tribesmen we cannot confirm whether those killed were affiliated with al qaeda. this is a clear escalation of the fight against al qaeda, coming hours after security forces said that they suspect al qaeda is trying to redrove and
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go to areas -- retrieve and go to other areas. to areas where the presence of the government is weak and under the control of tribesman, some sympathetic with al qaeda. exit polls from the indian election suggest a changing of the guard. predictions put the main opposition, the b.j.p. in the lead. the ruling congress party has been plagued by scandals. final results are expected on may 16th. europe's top human rights court ordered cyprus to be paid for human rights abuses committed 40 years ago. ankara has to pay damages for people that disappeared after turkey invaded cypress after 1974, leading to the division of cypress. sipry ots asked for them to pay. the ruling is not binding. >> in south sudan, the decision to push back the elections could disrupt talks ending months of
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fighting. a caes fighting between the government and rebels broken down three days after it was signed. the u.s. security council is mooting to talk about the -- meeting to talk about the progress. thousands have been killed. 1.3 million left their homes. >> a boat capsized. italian navy and coast guard shups rescued -- ships rescued 200 people. this is the second incident. dozens died over the weekend making it across the mediterranean the the deep economic crisis duds little to no the -- does little to stop the flow. >> the center for disease control confirmed the second case of mers. the patient is in garden teen in an orlando hospital. the c.b.c. says he flew in from saudi arabia via london on may
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the 1st. there has been 500 confirmed cases and 145 have died. a man in yinned was the first -- indiana was the first case in new york. in arkansas, dozens of same-sex couples lined up to be married. the same-sex marriage ban was overturned. the attorney-general filed paperwork to overturn the decision. dozens were issued licences today in case the court stays the ruling. fires in texas are mostly contained. hundred sought shelter at a church. 25 fire-department responded to help fight the fire. no one has been hurt. texas is experiencing one of its worst drought in decades. thousands of airport workers voted to join a union. baggage handlers, security officers, cabin and terminal
4:42 pm
cleaners signed up. 12,000 people worked at the airports. the decision ends three years of demonstrations, calling for higher wages. >> the secret service is engulfed in a scandal. members of a unit responsible for patrolling near the whis were called off -- white house were called off their host to protect an assistant. what can you tell us? >> it's impropriety on the part of the secret service. the allegation - secret service agents pulled off white house posts and sent on hour away to patrol the home of their director's assistance. within hours of the reports there was calls for an inquiry into the elite agency. >> you have to ask if there's a leadership culture that feeds to be ripped out. >> "the washington post" reports
4:43 pm
that in june 2011, as president obama was about to board marine one on the south lawn. two prowler agents were ordered to maryland. home of lisa chopey, who had a dispute with a neighbouring family and felt threatened. she was the administrative assistant to "the ed sullivan show", the direct -- to mark su, the director. >> when you have someone removed from a post of the that is is disturbing. >> a secret service official disputes the report asserting: . >> the report comes as a blow to a secret service reeling from a series of scandal. >> 2009 gatecrashers at a white house state dinner. disputes between agents and
4:44 pm
prostitutes in columbia. and an agent passed out drunk in an amsterdam hallway the day before a presidential arrival. a member of the family watched by the prowler team, brenda allen, said she was shaken by the experience. >> it was miserable to live there. it wasn't nice. it wasn't fun. >>. >> reporter: now, about 10 months after the cartegena incident, director sul mark sul van was the director. they'll conduct an investigation. mike viqueira live in washington. coming up, donald sterling's wife says she has no intention of giving up her and a half of the clippers, will she be able to hang on to the team if her
4:45 pm
husband is voted out? finding kids as young as kinder garden age - controversy surrounding a new bullying plan.
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donald sterling and his wife shelley are taking to the airwaves to clear the air and hold on to ownership of l.a. clippers. donald sterling sat with anderson cooper and said she's not a racist. shelly sterling said if she divorces her husband, she'd own the team. n.b.a. a looking to take ownership of the team after leaked recordings. sports attorney darren heitner joins me now. let's start with donald sterling's cause. a lot of people look at the situation from the outside in. how can someone be forced to sell anything in this country.
4:48 pm
special sports don't operate the way a lot of other companies do in this company. if you are an owner, you agree to a certain set of rules. what legal recourse does sister-in-law have. >> that is correct. every n ba applicant, anyone wanting to own an n.b.a. franchise agrees to be bound by its constitution and by-laws. within that exists an article, article 13, which allows a 3/4thst vote by the n.b.a.'s coverage. if it violates a provision found within the article. >> what we have come to understand is article 13 did is what the n.b.a. is relying on. if an owner fails to fulfil its contractual obligations to the association, to members, players or third parties. and it affects the n.b.a. there
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can be a vote and the owner can be ousted. that is what we have here. as you mentioned we can expect donald sterling and his wife to fight the grounds was presented. >> if you look at the history, the court system - being sued or suing other parties. if it does go to court and donald sterling tries to make the case, how can it have jurisdiction, if it's the owners deciding to kick out another owner? >> that's going to be a difficulty for staring going forward. what -- for donald sterling. he'll have to show that the board of governors decided to oust him, they didn't have foundation, and what we see and in the franchise agreement and documents that openers sign when they apply and are granted the rites. that they agree to the provision, one is a morals
4:50 pm
clause. if there's conduct that effects the - that is what they'll rely on. these moral clauses are the subject of dispute, because they are proudly break-in to allow an employer or the number of ba to get out of a contract. i think the courts are going to have difficulty is trying to interfere in this private association, the n.b.a., and the owner who agreed to those specific terms within the franchise agreement and by-laws. that pay be the result that the courts do not want to step in, telling the association what it can and can't do. >> let's go to shelley sterling. she want to retain her part of the team. california is a community property state. if you are married and own something, both of you own it. if she only retains 50% ownership. wouldn't donald sterling own 25% of the clippers. >> there lies a big issue.
4:51 pm
the team is held in a family trust. it's a community property state. that is something that the n.b.a. is relying tonne kick out shelly sterling, because if you get rid of donald you have to get rid of shelly sterling, they open the team in trust. because of the fact she's a non-crowing owner. the -- non-controlling owner, the action taken by donald can be associated with shelly sterling, that's what the n.b.a. will hold tonne in its foundation to get rid of shelly sterling, and donald and sell off the team to whomever is the highest bidder. where shelly sterling may have a statement is she says i'm separate and apart from the actions that donald sterling took and should not be affected. the owners agree to the number of ba constitution and by-laws. i don't think the courts will interfere. >> a group will watch this. the players' association say they will not play if donald sterling is the owner of the
4:52 pm
l.a. clippers. darren heitner joining us from miami. thank you. >> the antarctic ice sheet is melting. we can't stop it. new word from scientists that it's happening faster than they thought. first, millions cast their ball et cetera in india. ray suarez looks at what is next on "inside story." >> thank you. we won't know who won until the votes are counted at the end of the week. exit polls indicate a big change coming with the opposition party of narendra modi in the lead. he's a hindu nationalist candidate, running on a platform of indian reform. u.s.-india relations have been frayed. indian-u.s. have frayed relationship. we discuss with the ambassador of india, live at the top of the hour, join us for "inside story".
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a californian city wants to make bullying kids a crime.
4:55 pm
a proposed law outlaws bullying anyone from kindergarten to the age of 25. critics worry if the law passes children could end up in gaol. we are joined now by roxana saberi. this is aggressive. >> it is. i spoke to the city council member behind the proposal. he said national and state laws don't do enough to crackdown on bullying. critics say the law could result in a child ending up behind bars for calling another student a name. >> bullying affects for man a quarter of students in grade 6 to 12, and more kids who are obese, gay, gifted. the council is considering a law that the mayor says will protect victims of bullying and help them get bullying. >> there's a need. we want to prevent suicide. bullying is a behaviour that leads to other problems, and there's statistics that show people who do bullying are
4:56 pm
likely to be up against the justice system. >> the law would consider it a crime to: . >> it covers physical and verbal abuse as well as cyber bullying and require parents of bullies to attend a hearing at juvenile court. a first-time offense could result in there 100, second $200, a third $500 and possibly a criminal misdemeanour charge. protecting children from kindergarten to age 25. >> the idea is to nip it in the bud. >> critics say it's too forceful, worried kids under the age of 18 could be charged with a misdemeanour, leading to a year behind bars under california law. the major says it's not likely. >> we are not taking gaol time,
4:57 pm
we are talking counselling, community service, anger management. >> it's not clear how the law would be enforced. in california misdemeanours are rarely doled out. the sheriff's department will meet with officials. they'll vote next week, if approved, it will go into effect next month. >> it's a serious issue. >> new information about the state of a huge antarctic ice sheet. scientists say it is melting. >> science and technology correspondents jacob ward joins us. what is this particular ice sheet, why is it important. >> the west antarctic is a huge expanse of ice. in particular section is about 255 square miles, twice the size of the city of philadelphia. ever since 1968 scientists call
4:58 pm
it unstable. it's melting is becoming more and more rapid. the problem is that the thing fits on a big slope and slowly falls into the slope. water is getting underneath where it touches the ground. it's melting at a far faster rate than we have really ever seep or expected. >> we have heard about melting snow caps and ice sheets for some kind. why is this news so troubling? >> the liquid mass that is frozen inside this one particular section is enough to raise global sea levels over the world by four feet, which is an enormous quantity. the recent climate assessment said that 2 feet would do a trillion worth of property damage. this thing, a single largest threat - it's clear that it will melt. it will be a while between
4:59 pm
2-5 years before this gives way. that's just it. it's not taking into account all the other stuff that is melting in the antarctica. it's scary, a dark press conference. >> 4 feet of sea level, that's extraordinarily. earlier in the programme we heard florida republican senator marco rubio take issue with the notion that manmade climate change exists. he said it's not because of what humans are doing. is this report enough to turn the conservative skeptics around? >> i don't cover politics. 97% of scientists agree on the issue of manmade climate change. whether it caused this, we do know that when this glacier melts, whoever represents florida will have less territory to represent. it's all it comes down to in the end. >> remarkable news from this ice sheet. jacob ward live. thank you very much. i'm michael eaves.
5:00 pm
thank you for watching this edition of al jazeera america. "inside story" is coming up next. for more news and updates around the world and in the u.s. head to the website - >> the world's biggest democracy has come to the end of a month of voting. the scale of india's elections demand words that struggle to contain it's vast size. will indians and the world sues superlatives about the outcome? that's notice story. --that's "inside story":