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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 18, 2014 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> china sends ships to evacuate people from vietnam, after days of riots. hello, you're watching al jazeera. also on the programme - west can leaders -- west african leaders unite against boko haram. is a 23 storey apartment block collapses in south korea. hundreds are feared dead. sri lanka divided. the government marks five years
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since the victory over tamil tigers. victims demand justice. thanks for being with us. china evacuated 3,000 of its citizens from vietnam. they are being taken to safety by sea and air, following a wave of anti-chinese riots in which two have been killed. china's decision to drill for oil provoked anger much what is the latest from the evacuations? >> well, china is now dispatching five warships to vietnam to evacuate chinese that have been unable to leave. flights have been leaving vietnam, but they are full. china made this really powerful symbolic digs to send war ships into vietnamese waters to bring out the nationals.
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3,000 chinese have been brought back to the country from vietnam and have been giving disturbing eyewitness accounts of what happened during the disturbances which began on wednesday. some talked of how they were beaten within an inch of their lives, saying they were terrified by the sheer fer ofty of the services. many have been detained. a text message was sent urging restrants. it seems the vietnamese authorities are trying to put a lid on the responses. china's response has been restrained. they said this they'll dig off the slattery islands. it seems they do not want to
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allow counter-demonstrations in china. at the moment both countries want to put a lid on this, and take the sting out of it. >> we are getting reports that companies are caught up by the protests because people think they are chinese companies, but they are not. what sort of impact will it have on the vietnamese economy and the level of investment there. >> that's right. a number of factories attacked were taiwanese owned but displayed signs that had chinese characters, and the mob didn't make the distinction. it's not just taiwanese businesses, but korean owned businesses and hong kong businesses. this will have an enormous economic impact for vietnam, because taiwan is a large foreign investor, and 200 factories, remember, were attacked and the taiwanese have been pulling out nationals.
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thousands have left in the last few days, this will have a big economic impact. up until now vietnam has been an asian success story, an asian tiger. it had phenomenal g.d.p. growth, but it will be hit by what we have seen. >> thank you, adrian, live from beijing. north korea offered a rare apology for people that lost relatives in an apartment building that collapsed much the the official newsagency did not specify how many from killed, only that it happened last tuesday in pyongyang. around 92 families were living in the 23 storey building. 10,000 people held a candlelight vigil for the victims of the ferry disaster. they demanded those responsible
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be punished. 280 died, many high school students. west african leaders pledged to work together to wage what they call total war an boko haram. they met in paris to discuss the threat from the nigerian armed group, which is holding hundreds of girls hostage. we have this report from paris. >> a hastily called summit at the request of the nigerian president, grap lipping with an insurmountable problem under the spotlight. as leaders gathered to declare war on boko haram, there was news of nor attack across the border in cameroon. >> translation: the problem with boko haram is it is no longer only a nigerian issue sh it is becoming a regional problem, if not a problem for the whole of africa. we are here to declare war on boko haram. >> lots of talk of solidarity,
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but the leaders have a long way to go in combatting boko haram. president francis hollande admitted that they were a surprisingly efficient fighting force. almost nothing from the summit about the abducted group of school girls sparking the crisis. the leaders have no idea where they are. an exchange deal is ruled out. a military rescue operation is drought with new danger. the nigerian president defended his failure to visit the region. it would do no good. >> the interest now is to locate the girls. the girls are not held in chibok. why did the president go to chibok. if he goes to chib okay what for? according to the leaders, it's a bigger problem than that now, encompassing a threat to
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the whole of west and central africa from a group with proven al qaeda links. they head home with a problem unresolved. the husband of a preg nanned sudanese woman sentenced to death for aposticedes. she was convicted for allegedly abandoning islam and marrying a christian man. a judge ruled she should be hung. he is an american citizen but has not received help from the embassy in sudan >> translation: considering i'm an mrn citizen, i'm -- american citizen i'm disappointed with their position. i reported it to them, but they didn't take interest. they came late, intervened when they saw it got press attention, but it was late. >> inmates in brazil have taken 120 hostages. it started at the end of
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visiting hours as one gaol officer was closing the doors. nearly all of those hold were visiting relatives at the gaol. the prisoners are demanding better treatment and conditions. celebrations to mark five years since the end of the still civil war exposed divisions in sri lanka. the government is holding a victory parade. commemorations for the tamil tigers has been forcibly broken up. we have this report. >> reporter: the mark of the million worn by the tamil women. this woman wore hers since a marriage to a tamil tiger. she and these women i met in the northern towns don't know where their husbands are. the men were among the group of tamil tiger fighters vonding on the last day of the war. >> translation: they loaded everywhere - not just one by
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one, all the tigers were taken. there were three bus loads of them. this is a member of the northern provincial council. >> we don't want conversation, houses or property. give us our rites. that's all we ask. >> reporter: a military spokesman told al jazeera such cases should be reported, making an informed decision on each cause. questions about those that disappeared during and after the war overshadow the development drive. >> the government spent billions on roads and gas ilties. the development -- facilities. the development attracted people, like the man that owns the biggest develop. >> here, every house has someone outside. there's always an in flow of money. consumer strength. they have a consumer strength.
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once the peace comes, it will grow. >> reporter: despite positive developments, there are divisions on how the country should mark the end of the war. the government banned event to mark the tamil tigers and civilians killed in the law, and the military will hold a parade on sunday. on friday police cracked down on an attempt by tamil politicians to remember their dead. >> i think that the last few months we feel, again, that the tamils are treated again as a terrorist. >> reporter: the editor of an outspoken newspaper said there cannot be true peace without the government sharing power. rebuilding the railway line is important. many tam ills say the issue of missing loved ones many of them senior fighters, is an obstacle
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to building links. dozens of women waiting for news of their missing husbands hope the mark of the millions is not worn in vain. still ahead - how a kenyan community remained united despite a series of attacks on churches. turning office blocks into creative spaces. an art boom shaking up conventions in hong kong.
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welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. china has evacuated 3,000 of its people from vietnam, following days of anti-chinese riots in which two people had been killed. china's decision to drill for oil in disputed waters caused widespread anger in vietnam west african leaders agreed to wage what they call total war on boko haram. they promised to share
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intelligence and coordinate action against a group north korea offered an apology to relatives after an apartment block collapse said. around 92 families were living in the 23 storey building. >> at least 25 have been killed by floods in the balkans. record rain fall caused rivers to burst their banks. tens of thousands were forced from their homes. three months of rain in less than three days. the worst floods to swamp the balkans since records began 120 years ago. more than 10,000 waited for rescue as the waters of the mighty river surged across flood defense, ipp undating three cities -- inundating three cities in its path.
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helicopters plucking stranded residents from rooftops. winching aboard another precious cargo. following the rain the landslide sweeping down through the hills, cutting through communities with no warning. scores died. a death toll expected to rise. >> translation: it's a catastrophe. a catastrophe. when i saw the first two houses sliding down, and the place disappearing. you do nothing but cry. this morning, my house, everything i worked for for 36 years - it's all gone. i saved buy disabled daughter and wife, so it doesn't matter. local schools and sports center were filled with thousands who lost their homes in the once in a century disaster. >> we left the car behind, the motorcycle, the chainsaw and all our valuables. we grabbed the mobile phones and ran. >> reporter: some endured a long wait for news of missing
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relatives. >>. >> translation: last time i spoke to my uncle was yesterday. since then there has been no information. i don't know where he is, i know it's scold and wet. i -- cold and wet. i have no communication with him or my family outside the town there's a sense of urgency. emergency teams are employed to help with defences. prisoners from the gaol volunteered to help. a new flood wave was predicted to move down river, expected to strike on sunday. now, let's go to turkey where the government is switching its focus to investigating the country's worst mining accident. all the victims have been recovered, bringing the number of dead to 301. there has been anger over the handling of the disaster. in istanbul police fired water canons and rubber bullets at
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protesters. a mine come appsed in soma, trapping hundreds of workers. demonstrators marched across rome protesting. they are unhappy about labour laws and privatisation of water. laws allow them to use more workers with less benefits, and a ban to stop squatters applying for residents. an an arrest days after a man blamed authorities from violence in darfur. he was taken from his home in carr tomb. he was prime minister twice in sudan, in the 1960s, and 1980s. he leads the opposition omar party since the 1989 coup bringing the government to
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power. there are fears that the disease will spread to camps around the city. they are home to more than 30,000 people, displaced by a conflict that started in december last year. in the kenyan town muslims and christians lived peacefully for hundreds of years. an attack on a church by suspected al-shabab fighters in 2012 shocked the country. >> reporter: this pastor describes the horror of what's here two years ago. attackers armed with machine guns opened fire on a sunday service at a church, killing 15 worshippers. another was attacked with hand grenades. the pastor was not here. he arrived 7 months later when
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no one else would agree to leave the church. >> before the number used to be 200 plus. they used to come to the church. now the numbers have reduced. when i came, i found around 70 members who used to taped to the church here. now the numbers are growing up. they have grown to around 150. >> reporter: this area has a majority muslim population. historically muslims and christians lived in peace. no one claimed responsibility for the church attacks. many blamed somali armed group al-shabab. kenyan forces entered somalia to fight al-shabab in 2011. >> there could be a link. maybe it creates disharmony, maybe to cause animosity between
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the two religions. it hasn't been ataped. >> reporter: muslim leaders say the people will not bepersuaded to hate their neighbours. >> anywhere in the world, you never find the way muslims and christians live like this, anywhere in the world. we have meetings. if anything happens, we consult one another. the majority of the people of this town. it is the responsibility of the muslims here to protect each other. that is a responsibility. >> reporter: churches have increased security. if the number of worshippers is not what it was before the attacks, those that do come to pray are determined to resist outside attempts to divide the
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community. libya's army imposed a no-fly zone over the eastern city of benghazi. if follows what happened in the past. 79 were killed and more than 100 injured. libya's government accused the forces loyal to the former general of carrying out a coup. al jazeera is demanding the immediate release of its journalists who have been in prison in egypt for 141 days. the trial of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed was adjourned again on thursday. they are accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera rejects the charges against them and they are due back in court on 22 may. abdullah al-shami, the fourth detained al jazeera journalist will continue to refuse food. he's been held without trial since last august and has been on hunger strike for four months.
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in a letter he confirmed he had been placed in solitary confinement where attempts had been made to force-feed him. authorities were trying to department his resolve. he said: indians are expecting sweeming reform after giving the party a landslide election victory. the success of prime minister elect narendra modi in his home state attracted millions of voters. can he replicate it elsewhere. we have this report. >> reporter: euphoria in india
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as election history was made on friday. emerging with a party in parliament, the first in 30 years. the star candidate, narendra modi, is widely credited with the victory after campaigning on a pro-development platform. >> b.j.p. and narendra modi is for inclusive growth. that means all caste, all cedes, all state. >> voters were impressed by his physical achievements, a state he governed for the past 12 years. while the country's g.d.p. growth is below 5%. gujarat is revelling in low unemployment. it is a hub for manufacturing, and per cap ita income, it has nearly doubled between 2004 and
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2010. yet economists warn that narendra modi will face challenges in bringing prosperity to the rest of india. >> he will have to rely less on bureaucracy, because bureaucracy could be hard, inefficient and indifferent to the area. >> reporter: gujarat's development has been problematic. like thousands of residents, this woman and her family were forced out of a city slum to make way for a recreational park. officials promised them new homes. that was four years ago. >> translation: narendra modi must have given houses to a lot of people. i haven't seen anything. all i want is for them to give me a house, otherwise take me back where i lived. >> reporter: for years narendra
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modi's government has been accused of neglecting the most disadvantaged. many in gujarat have been left behind by the state's develop. with a thumping majority, rich and poor indians expect him to deliver on his promise of economic progress. hong kong is in the grip of contemporary art over. the international show kags art basal is pulling in artists and collectors from around the world and is spawning hundreds of events in a city more usually associated with business. rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: it's not what office blocks are used to. installation artist turns a flaw into a bunker themed vodka bar. >> we cooked up this idea, which was to set up a vodka place in the city. >> reporter: he is one of a growing number of up and coming
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artists given a stage in the week of arts. >> there has been artists doing contemporary art since the 50s or '60s. people weren't aware of it. >> they are starting to get aware now, once they have got to grips with the modern definitions of art. often baffling to some, it is baffling to many. around hong kong there are signs that the attitudes might be changing. after years of delays the government is moving ahead with a museum for modern art. despite inflated property prices old buildings are being converted and boutique galleries are flourishing. >> it's like a puzzle. everything is moving together. >> it made morgan decide to move back here, setting up home in one of the last unspoilt corns of hong kong, a place to be creative. this is the result. his biggest work. he admits it has some puzzled.
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>> they see nothing. photographer hate it, the work, because it's seemingly nothing. >> that's because they are not looking close enough. a work of performance, the white wall is, in fact, indented with the shapes of 50,000 tiny flags, painstakingly peeled off to leave their mark. in so doing, a new talent making an impression. now there has been scenes of wild celebration after atletico mooed rid won the -- madrid won the spanish league for the first time in many years. >> it's the first time in a decade a team other than real madrid or bassa won the league. more coming
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