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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> less than a day after dozens were killed in the nigerian city, there is another attack in nigeria. ♪ >> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm steven cole in doha. always ahead, egypt's former president is sentenced to three year's im prisonment. china and russia signed one of the biggest gas deals. a controversial film is nominated at this year's can
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film festival but will it fall foul of censors at home. >> first we begin in nigeria. it happened close to the town where more than 250 schoolgirls were kidnapped over a month ago. at least 18 people were killed in double bombings yesterday. mohammed reports. >> reporter: the target was a busy marketplace. the bomb was packed in a mini van designed to kill as many as possible. >> [ inaudible ] so by the time i [ inaudible ] a lot of dead bodies. >> reporter: a second blast in a truck went off less than 40 minutes later.
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it hit some of the initial response teams. >> lessons learned is that when [ inaudible ] there is bound to be a second explosion. >> reporter: this is the devastation caused by the blast. the goods the traitor was selling remains strewn all around. their lives are properly brought to an end. fire gutted the market, and police are saying they will have to go into them to see whether there are any bodies still under the rubble. >> it has been a flash point for violence in the past. but had claimed two years of relative calm. there has been no claim of responsibility so far. but this attack is expected to have been carried out by boko haram.
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president goodluck jonathan's spoke mans says . . . the most audacious attack was the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls over a month ago. it attracted the world's attention. the french president [ inaudible ] where nigeria and its neighbors agreed on a coordinated strategy to fight the armed group. france, the uk, and the united states committed more resources. but for the people who were shopping at this market, those plans may not [ inaudible ] while parliament agreed to extend a state of emergency in the north, more than a hundred people lost their lives hundreds of kilometers away.
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>> [ inaudible ] is in the town of yola. hamid we just heard the reports on the attack in joes. was there more than one attack? >> there was an attack yesterday and on monday. but the most recent was the one in alagorno, where 17 people have been killed according to authorities there. and locals have also confirmed that there was an attack last night, and the attackers came from the bushes. they took their [ inaudible ] and set their homes ablaze, and when they were escaping the fire, they killed 17 people. >> in the abscess of the military, and i'm supposing the military wasn't there to help, are local vigilantes trying to
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fight boko haram? >> well, there are reports of vigilantes all over fighting boko haram and in neighboring states as well, but they don't have the fire power to tackle the boko haram fighters. these are people with sophisticated weapons, apc's like [ inaudible ] carrier, and big guns that they cannot match. so basically when the military is not around. the villagers are left to deal with boko haram who have superior fire power, they have explosives, grenades and [ inaudible ], so theville ages probably won't have more than [ inaudible ] guns, machetes and bows and arrows. >> nigeria proudly says it has the biggest army, yeah, on can't next of africa.
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is there enough evidence of the army in this region in because they say they are winning the war. >> if they have the biggest army in africa, it is not showing on the ground. they may not have tehe numbers, but they probably don't have enough numbers to cover the entire northeast. you are talking about nearly a fifth of nigeria because [ inaudible ] has the largest land mass in probably the whole of the country, and these attackers having found refuge in the forrest, and there are mountains where they can hide in caves, build bunkers, and what have you, and then they can stand a lot of military fire power on them. even if that happens. so virtually even if the military have the numbers they don't know the terrain as much as the boko haram fighters know.
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>> thank you. egypt's former president has been sentenced to three years in jail for stealing public money. his two sons were also sentenced. they have been ordered to pay back $18 million in stolen money. >> reporter: once a president, now a convicted criminal. the former egyptian leader and his sons face more time behind bars. >> translator: the court orders firstly the sentencing of mohamm mohammed to three years, and orders the sons to three and four years in prison. >> reporter: they were accused of using $18 million of public money on personal uses. the sentenced angers some of mow
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ma barracks supporters. >> translator: why do they not do this to those who are killing us every day. >> reporter: there is another court case pending against him. mass protests forced him out of office in 2011 after 30 years as president. he was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of protesters by security forces. that verdict was later overturned, but then a retrial was ordered. he has been under house arrest since then. the sentencing comes before tuesday's election that acting president and former intelligence chief sisi is expected to win. >> these court rulings are a natural outgrowth of cases that have been going on for more than three years since he was
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removed. but one also wondered if it's not a signal from the egyptian government and, you know, as general sisi is about to become president that a distancing from mobarac and his sons and the business cronies around. >> reporter: but it's not yet clear if his time under house arrest will count as time spent in prison. still in egypt 155 muslim brotherhood supporters have been sentenced to prison. the charges included instigating violence and belonging to a banned group. there has been more fighting in yemen.
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at least nine soldiers and 25 rebels have been killed in clashes. they are trying to force the military to pull out of the province. to libya where the acting interior minister has denied reports that his ministerry has been supporting a coup. several buildings in the southwest of the city were destroyed. a court in moscow has convicted five men in connection with the murder of a russian journalist. three men were acquitted in a previous trial. the journal list was shot in the lift of her moscow apartment building. her writing was often critical
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of the president. china has signed a landmark deal to buy natural gas more $400 million. it has been ten years in negotiation and has is one of the biggest-ever gas deals. from shanghai here is adrian brown. >> reporter: the chinese and russia president watched intently and with good reason. this eagerly anticipated deal was the climax to ten years of negotiation. china has agreed to pay around $400 billion for a 30 year supply of natural gas. the deal provides an economic and political boost for president vladimir putin. european union sanctions over ukraine, and the annexation of crimea are beginning to hurt russias economy. the president also gets what he wants for china, more energy to
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fuel china's surging economy. the deal would pipe siberian gas to china's northeast region. there are also plans for a second pipeline passing through northwest china. russia and china have not always been so friendly. they almost went to war 50 years ago. and mutual suspicious may have been a reason why it took so long to sign a deal. a deal is the further reminder that china is the stronger economic partner. >> both sides need each other. i think in this sense, in this period, russia needs more from china, i think. >> reporter: both leaders stress relations have never been stronger. some ordinary chinese seem to go along with that. >> translator: japan is now very close to america, so china has to find a country to get closer to as well.
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that's why russia and china are very friendly. >> translator: although the two countries have had more cooperation in cent years there are still many problems between the two that need to be solved. >> reporter: what may be the biggest energy deal in history was completed on the sidelines. delegates included iran's president and leaders of the central asian republics. many are also russian gas customers. but no gas deal has matters more than this one for the two countries. nato says it has seen no sign of russian troops pulling out of areases near the boarder with ukraine. putin says he is withdrawing his troops to create what he called favorable conditions fon ukraine's presidential election on sunday. the true scale of the flooding, hundreds of thousands
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your woice. my voice. "vuh," voice. his voice. your woice? look. watch sci-fi. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. ♪ you are watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. nigeria's government is trying to restore security after a seriesover attacks in which more than 100 people have died. rescue workers are searching rubble in the most recent
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attack. china and russia has signed one of the world's biggest energy deals after more than ten years of negotiations. former egyptian president has been sentenced to three years in prison for embezzlement. his sons were also convicted and will four years behind bars. a bleak picture is unfolding in the balkans. millions of people have been effected. as the water starts to recreed the true scale is beginning to emerge. it's estimated between 1 and 1.6 milli 1.6 million bosnians have been effected. bosnia's refugee minister described the situation as
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catastrophic. barnaby phillips reports. >> reporter: in the mountains in central bosnia, this used to be a village play ground, and this was the front garden. >> translator: i wanted to stay, but some lads saved me. a bulldozer came for me, the operator lowered the bucket and took me away. >> reporter: in the local poultry farm the turkeys have drowned and livelihoods are in ruins. this is northern bosnia, and here too withdrawing flood waters reveal dead livestock. the floods came so quickly that farmers didn't have time to save them. so now the grim business of clearing up carcasses. bosnia faces another challenge after these floods. land mines. there are still some 120,000 left over from the war, but with
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so many landslides in recent days, many mines have moved beyond areas that were safely fenced off. >> translator: some mines are made of pure plastic. they float on the water. and some mines are made of steel and weigh 2 or 3 kilos, but they can be moved as well. >> reporter: bosnia faces an enormous cleanup. one of europe's poorest countries, in many places still divided on ethnic and religious lines, it is ill equipped to cope with this disaster. the future king of england has been criticized for comparing the russian president's actions to hitler. he made the comparison to vladimir putin and adolph hitler
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to a jewish women. ebay is urging its customers to change their pass words after being hacked. thousands of police in at least ten brazilian states are holding a one day strikeover pay, and demanding better working conditions. more than a thousand staff are expected to rally. only civil police officers who investigate crimes are on strike. military and federal police are not taking part. at least a thousand people living close to a volcano in el salvador have been forced out of their homes. it erupted on monday spewing ash and smoke into the air. the last significant eruption happened almost 40 years ago. the pakistani military says it has bombed taliban targets.
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the army said those killed were involved in recent bomb attacks. >> reporter: the pakistani military [ inaudible ] as well as [ inaudible ] area of [ inaudible ] border saying they were targeting positions of the taliban striking at their ammunition dumps as well as killing their fighters on the ground. a number of their fighters are also reported to be wounded, [ inaudible ] aircraft as well as military gun ship helicopters took part in the early morning strikes. this coming at a time when the taliban pakistan chief warned that he would continue to strike against the military until imposition of sharia law. the military say they were
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repriceals for attacks carried out against security forces against pakistan. >> also in pakistan at least four people have been injured in are bomb blast. one of the victims is in critical condition. al jazeera has written to several world powers asking them to help secure the release of its journalist abdullah al-shami. he has been held in a cairo prison without trial for more than nine months. he has been on hunger strike for four months and is continuing to refuse food. he has been put in solitary confinement where there were attempted to force feed him. the al jazeera letter has been sent to the u.s., french, and british foreign ministers. in it the lawyer writes . . .
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three other al jazeera journalists have been held in prison for 144 days. the trial of mohammed fahmy, baher mohamed, and peter greste is set to resume tomorrow. they are falsely accused of conspiring we the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera rejects the charges and continues to demand their immediate release. voting in [ inaudible ] general election has been tensioneded for a day after protests against lack of resources. opinion poll suggests the race for the presidency is too close to call. the president is seeking reelection and facing tough competition from three other candidates. the united nations and united states are both demanding an investigation into the shooting of two palestinian teenagers. the separate incidents were recorded on video.
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some viewers may find the images disturbing. >> reporter: from the day known as the catastrophe is no longer about how she lost her home. now it's the day she lost her son. >> translator: almost everything, everything, my baby. >> reporter: he was an athletic 17-year-old, his father looks through his son's phone and sees a happy teenager he was proud of. what do you see in his face? >> translator: all of the innocence. all of the innocents. a child. >> reporter: on thursday morning he went against his father's wishes and joined the protest of what is called [ inaudible ]. video released by two human rights organizations shows a quieter moment. that him walking in from the left. he is shot. the hospital hold al jazeera he suffered a single fatal bullet
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wound. this is where he was shot. the palestinian protesters were on this side, and the israeli forces were back that way. israel said they did a preliminary investigation and said that the soldiered felt threatened. >> translator: this was a situation where the policemen felt threatened for their lives. >> reporter: the groups that released the film deny any alteration. >> we believe constitutes an unlawful killing. >> reporter: he was wearing this backpack when he was shot. this is the bullet that killed his son, live, not rubber. the family insist he posed to
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threat. >> translator: i want the mother of the soldier who shot him to ask him to bring my son back. he is not coming back. >> reporter: she says when she saw the video, she felt she was the one shot. she won't watch it again and she waits for israel's investigation and asks for justice. a wildfire in arizona is threatening to destroy schools and building. shelters have been set up in schools to accommodate people forced to leave their homes. the uganda military says joseph kony has handed over come manned of his group to one of his sons. joseph kony is notorious for kidnapping and con scripting children into his militia. south korean police are
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looking for the head of a religious sec who is wanted in connection with the ferry disaster. they previously stopped police from going inside. the family owns the company that ran the ship. more than 280 people died when the ferry capsized last month. india has launched its first woman-only taxi service. it's a 24-hour service run by women. they hope to secure safe travel for women, and encourage more female entrepreneurs. a turkish film is being tipped to win the favorite in the can film festival. here is phil la vel. >> reporter: political statement or just a movie? definitely the latter say
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[ inaudible ]. this turkish film is being tipped as the favorite for the top prize of the can film ves film -- festival. others have pointed to the prime ministers and last year's crackdown. it tells the tail of a powerful wealthy man who dreams of playing god, who tries to control the destinies of his subjects. but for its producer it is more a reflection of society than one particular individual. >> translator: everything is a similarity with specific characters or persons, but it is from turkey, and turkey itself is a character too. >> reporter: freedom of speech is one of those issues that comes up time and time again with turkey. we have always seen that this year with the likes of the ban on twitter and youtube. but cinema often tells stories
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in a much subtler way. the question is, is that enough to grant it some form of immunity? >> if journalism and movie making gets together, that kind of domain may be seen as a threat. >> reporter: this movie about poverty and class exploitation was banned out right by turkey in the 1970s, so its makers smuggled it out and blouth brought it to the can film festival. that earned him seven years in jail. separating politics and picture even now some would say is almost impossible? >> no matter how much of democracy turkey may be, there is an oligarchy element to it. >> reporter: in the short-term
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it is hoped that it will be taking home this year's palm door. phil lavel al jazeera, at the can film festival. >> and there is our website, the home page leading on more attacks in nigeria. >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses, killing people.