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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 22, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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. >> a busy market in china becomes the scene of a deadly attack. dozens are killed. hello - you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead - young voters in egypt refuse to take part in presidential election. why they say the whole process lacks legitimacy. dozens of people entrusted to keep children safe have been arrested in the u.s. for sharing child porn.
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well, more than 30 people are dead, and 90 others have been injured in an attack on a busy market in china. that is according to the state newsagency. two vokeses, reported -- vehicles reportedly ploughed into a market, followed by several explosions. adrian brown filed this report. >> reporter: china called it a terrorism matter. 24-wheel drives drove into a supermarket ploughing into several shops. a vendor said he heard 10 plasts. facts cirque -- blasts. pictures circulating on social media are testament to the
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attack. you can see bodies on the ground. there was smoke, flames. this was a serious attack. the most serious since a coordinated knife attack on march the 1st in a station where 50 were killed. that attack was blamed on wiger separatists. three weeks ago there was a bomb blast which killed three people. now the public security minister is on his way to the province to take charge. he's been attending a security conference in shanghai that was chaired by president xi jinping. he visited this area three weeks ago, vowing to crackdown hard on wiger separatists. this, perhaps, was their response. a high-speed ferry travelling from hong kong to macao collided with a cargo ship. it was carrying 150 passengers when it hit the ship off on island. 35 were injured. investigators are looking into
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the cause of the accident. >> translation: the passenger ferry sustained damage to the front right-hand side. the cargo ferry was damaged on the front left-hand side. the passenger ferry used an engine to move back to the pier. >> torrential rains in taiwan left people stranded. people had to be rescued due to dangerous conditions. the main airport was flooded. the down pour is expected to continue for the next few days. a second round the peace talks between political rivals are due to begin shortly. soldiers are maintaining a heavy presence after the army impressed marshall law an tuesday. the army insists it's not another coup, saying they are trying to prevent fighting
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between anti-government protesters and supporters of ousted prime minister yingluck shinawatra. people in northern nigeria say fighters attacked three villages, killing 48 poemment the raids believed to be carried out by boko haram. they happened to be near chibok. a town where school girls were killed. the attack took place hours after twin car bombs exploded in a central city of jos, killing 122 people. >> reporter: outside the city the buddhists arrive - one after the other. mourners are here to bury the bodies of electives that tore through a busy market on tuesday. this woman's sister was one of many killed. >> i lost her like that. we were just able to get up out
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of her body. this is unfortunate. >> reporter: at the main market in jos red cross was looking for body parts. some on the roofs of nearby buildings. in the hours after the attack, they found complete bodies thrown by the force of the explosion. >> just like that. >> irene was lucky to have survived. she was buying food from a stall when the bomb was detonated. she says "i might be safe, but i'm not happy after seeing all the people that died and got injured. what happened here is terrible. i'm in shock.". >> this is caused by the blast the the goods were strewn all around. their lives coming to an end. fire cut the market. police are saying they'll have to go into them to see whether anybody is under the rubble.
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at hospitals across the city the injured received treatment. i don't know what happened. i just found myself in the fire. everywhere was stuck. i was rolling in the fire. and i just don't know - i didn't know it was real at first. when i realised pawn, that i was in a fire, and i said "no, i can't die here." >> i was thinking i could die. i didn't know it was a bomb. i started screaming, crying for help. >> pain. feeling pain. >> reporter: there has been no claim of responsibility, many suspect boko haram is behind the attacks. until recently the group's activities have been restricted to the north. there are fears they are spreading a campaign of violence. >> what is happening is already
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taking shape. we have to, you know, improve our vigilance. i'm afraid. >> back at the cemetery the mourners finished with the first burial. an imam leads them in prayer. "may god punish those killing our people", it's no surprise people here have more trust in god than they do in the government. u.s. president obama sent 80 soldiers to chad to find the nigerian girls kidnapped by boko haram. the girls were abducted five weeks ago. president obama told congress that u.s. troops were supporting intelligence gathering, carrying out recon scans flights. >> an anti-coup protest group
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said its spokesman has been kidnapped. the students against the coup movement says he was taken by gunman in plain clothes to an unknown location. it followed a day of fighting at cairo university between the supporters of muslim brotherhood and security forces. presidential election processes are in full string. the race between former army she have abdul fatah al-sisi, and sabhadi will be on may 26th and 27. the poll failed to inspire some voters. it's a foregone conclusion for those that support abdul fatah al-sisi, and those that don't. they are certain of an abdul fatah al-sisi victory. some young egyptians say the vote lacks legitimacy. >> i will not give legitimacy to a regime that does not deserve it. i will not participate in elections that is practically finished. >> this is a comical play that
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is pushing us towards one candidate. >> three al jazeera journalists have been held in an egyptian prison for 145 days. the trial of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed is set to resume on thursday. they have been falsely accused of conspiring with the outlined muslim brotherhood. bernard smith has more. >> reporter: peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed are expected to make a ninth appearance before a judge in a cairo court on thursday. at last week's hearing, the prosecution demanded the defense pay $170,000 to view what the prosecution calls its video evidence against the three al jazeera english journalists. the judge has ordered this evidence to be handed over, and for the prosecution to public its fee. so far, according to an al jazeera lawyer, the evidence has not been handed over. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed are accused of aiding members of a terrorist organization and
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faking reports. these are charges al jazeera rejects as ab surd. the evidence presented against them included reports from other correspondents and news channels. the trial began in february. they were arrested at the end of december, have been inee custod and denied bail. al jazeera wrote to several leading figures asking them to help secure the release of their journalist abdullah al-shami, held in prison without trial for more than nine month. al jazeera accused egyptian authorities of endangering his life. he's been on a hunger strike for four months and continues to refuse food, despite what an al jazeera spokesman calls a crude and dangerous attempt to force-feed him. the network represented calls for him to receive independent medical attention.
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>> the two remaining presidential candidates in afghanistan ever resuming their campaign. abdullah abdullah and ashraf ghani failed to secure the 50% of the vote in the first round. since then more than 3,000 election staff accused of fraud have been fired. that has raised the stakes. this report from kabul. >> reporter: preparations for the presidential run-off are well under way. these workers are preparing the sealed ballot boxes for delivery to polling stations across the country. there's more than 12 million eligible voters, and coordinating votes across 34 provinces at 20,000 polling stations will be a logistical challenge. a political analyst warns that is not the least of it. >> the situation is predictable. as i state, we are hearing a lot of indications that they are
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going to disrupt the round. security may be the first and biggest challenge. >> last week the taliban begone a spring offensive, marking the start of the fighting season. the group threatened to disrupt the poll, describing it as fake. this man says he's confident that the vote will be held on time. >> organization in afghanistan, this election. but we know that probably the taliban and other insurgents try to sabotage the process. the people of afghanistan need to conduct an election. >> others are not sure. a record number of ballots were cast. the threat of violence ahead of the run off means many may stay home on polling day. plenty more ahead on al
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jazeera. we meet the victims of the ball can floods who will take you to belgrade where it costs more than $1 billion to help the people there why israel is clamping down on ultra nationalists ahead of pope francis's visit. >> al jazeera america presents the system with joe berlinger >> mandatory minimums are routinely used to coerce plea bargains >> mandatory minimums >> the whole goal is to reduce gun crime, now we've got people saying "this isn't fair"... >> does the punishment always fit the crime? >> had the person that murdered our daughter got the mandatory minimum, he wouldn't have been out. >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested
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>> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. the performance review. that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while.
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someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. these are the top stories. in china's region, more than 30 are dead, 90 others injured in a
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serious of explosion, at a marketplace in the regional capital. boko haram fighters are being accused of attacks on three villagers in northern nigeria killing 48 people. the raids followed the killing of 120 people when two car bombs exploded in the central city of jos. >> and the trial of peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed is said to resume on thursday. the three al jazeera journalists have been held in an egyptian prison for 145 days. they are falsely acould haved of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. the european union promised to send aid to serbia following severe flooding. the country will need more than a billion dollars to rebuild damaged infrastructure. one family was left homeless. >> in a shelter this family is waiting. they lost everything in the
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flood, except their family. they are among 35,000 people with nowhere to live. it will cost him thousands of dollars to rebuild his home, money he doesn't have. >> translation: literally everything, our entire lives, has been destroyed. it's the same for all of us here. we have been reduced to nothing. the only thing we can cling to is we save our families and children. >> reporter: it will cost more than a billion dollars to help these families. this is a country in a deep financial crisis. the scars of the n.a.t.o. bombing are visible in belgrade, 15 years after the war. >> the economy minister belongs to a new government elected in march. he says it is a setback. >> it's not that i'm begging for assistance, i'm saying that it's important that serbia receives a quick and efficient response so they can resume and use the
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unique opportunity and become a credible e.u. member, a credible member of the international community. >> many countries are helping. the european union promised serbia access to an emergency fund. it has to assess the cost of the damage, and that will not arrive for six months. sandbags like these are protecting communities all over serbia. the waters are high, and there is a risk of more flooding. that makes it very difficult for the government to start rebuilding the country. the government's priority is to fix serbia's infrastructure, including power stations like this. but that is bad news for people like gordana. she needs the money now, to save what is left of her home. right wing jewish activists
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in israel have been served with a restraining order ahead of the pope's visit on saturday. after a series fz attacks christian -- of attacks christian leaders are demanding more protection from extremists. nick schifrin reports. >> reporter: in northern israel a catholic parade thanks god for protecting the image of virgin mary. today the christians feel they need protection. >> the muslims, the jews - more and more - amazing. >> we are afraid. because there was an escalation, very dangerous. >> that escalation is hate crimes against christians and israel. in this church the words jesus is garbage was scrawled on the side wall. recent graffiti threatens, "death to orab and christians and all those that hate israel",
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in this town, the top catholic official got this letter. >> you have to leave the country because your presence is a profamation to the holy land. the italian priest never received a death threat until now. >> any delay could have cost 100 people killed among. >> he sent the letter to the police, accusing them of doing nothing. >> why the authority yit didn't pay attention to the people. why now? they take enough steps to stop. >> the church believes the perpetrators are ultra nationalist orthodox jews. outside the site of king david's tomb, there's a rumour it will be handed to the vatican. >> if someone gives up one inch of that tomb they'll start a war
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between jews and christians. >> reporter: this man is considered an extremist, organised the rally and defends attacks on christians saying they often side with palestinians. >> the christians side with the enemy, people that want to kill jews. they cannot ask us why is there frustration against them. >> israeli police must protect everyone equally, and they say they are trying to protect christians. >> action has been taken in the pastly police operations and undercover operations, not just the israeli national police, but secret security services that have been involved. that's how seriously we take and deal with the incidents. >> the church believes this is not just about bliss, the holy land top officials say some israeli schools teach hate and preach exclusion. >> i am sure we have members in the government who are maybe agreed with this - with this behaviour. >> the presence of the
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christians in the holy land could be certain if there is no peace. >> as the pope arrives, some christians living what they consider the holiest place on other feel neither welcome nor protected. more than 70 people from new york city have been arrested for sharing child pornography online. many are trusted members of the community, whose job was to care for children. >> the arrests are part of what federal investigators call operation kyrene. among the suspects police officers, paramedics, nurses and a rabbi. >> the crimes are hideous. >> according to the authorities some suspects possessed libraries of photos and videos, numbering in the tens of thousands. district attorney of new york staten island makes it clear
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there's a difference between porn and child important. >> pornography is usually between two people. they show defenseless children raped or sexually assaulted by adults. they are nothing more than video taped crime scenes watched by predators lurking in the shadows of the internet. >> reporter: according to agents and prosecutors around new york, the arrests include a youth baseball coach and a boy scout leader. some are accused of seeking to abuse, including a woman, producing videos of her on son. >> the roast represented five weeks work. infiltrating and searching. peer to peer file sharing networks for people that hide in plain site. explicit images of children.
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>> the investigation widened after the arrest of brian ferneli a police chief in new york in january. he pleaded not guilty to federal child porn charges. the latest arrests were carried out in new york city and surrounding suburbs. hundreds of other arrests around the country are expected to follow once agents examine the data from 600 computers, smartphones and laptops that are seized. >> the brazilian army is providing much-needed medical air to residents. it is part of an outreach programme ahead of a world cup. doctors are delivering medical supplies. >> today the check-ups are free on the medicine. normally it is impossible to go for a consultation and it's hard to get one here. sometimes there are doctors, sometimes not.
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when there's a chance like today. we take advantage of it. >> staying in brazil, and the police force has gone on strike three weeks before the world cup kicks off. bus drivers have walked off and more strikes are planned. >> reporter: police in the capital take to the streets not to patrol, but to protest. members of the civil police, those responsible for criminal investigations stopped their work to march down the han av view where the ministry is located, in the heart of the federal government. they want better salaries but say it is about more. >> translation: the world cup is coming. we want security for people coming for the games and security for the brazilian people afterwards. >> it was meant to be nationwide. civil police in 15 of the 26 states took part.
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in brasilia they hoped for several thousand. only a few hundred showed up. some federal police not on strike showed support, saying they had not received a pay rise in eight years. with the world cup coming up. they say they do not plan to strike during the world cup, but the federal government is watching this closely and they say they'll have the army and the national force police from the ministry of justice on standby ready to deploy to any world cup host city where security situations might break down. a more immediate concern is in sao paulo, where bus drivers went on a strike, parking transit chaos in a city of 11 million. hundreds of thousands were left stranded, cramming in the metro stations to get home.
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>> several bus terminals were left empty. in other areas buses sat idle, parked on main avenues in the city. commuters sat wondering how they'd gethome. the country will host the football world, but first an uneasy tension in many cities, no one sure if or when it will go away. well, russia and ukraine may be in the middle of a conflict, but cinema seems to be bringing them together. this year's cannes film festival is showing films from both sides of the crisis. from the south of france, phil lavelle has more. >> reporter: it's been the place for protests. now it is fuelling film. what happens in kiev's independence square filled news bulletins for months. movies like this filled cinemas. the director hopes so. his movie is being screened at
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the cannes film festival, an important place to tell an important story. >> translation: i believe what happened in ukraine teaches a lesson to the world. the people who died there paid with their lives with freedom and dignity. >> reporter: there are four ukranian movies, pitched at distributors. different titles, directors, same story, same goal - sell the rights to show the films. get them out to a wider audience. there's a problem in doing so. cash, or, more to the point, a lack of it. >> this is number 102. this is the official ukrainian residence in cannes. it nearly never happened. the government in kiev cut the money it's spending on the film industry. it shows. all the countries have their doors open, looking for business, trying to sell their films. the ukranian office is different. it has absolutely no one inside. it's locked up and been like
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this for much of the time. it can only open on a part-time basis. >> parts of the budget have been cut. it cost about 17,000 euros. we have brought this money. >> up the road russia's sale office is open for business. despite what is happening at home, the feeling in cannes is that the two countries are friends. russian film bosses came by and wore ukranian flags to show solidarity. when politics divides, cinema unites. >> ukraine is an important market for russia and advice versa. >> everywhere is expecting when the political issue will stop. >> conflict and reality is a theme. ukraine's hope is the reality of conflict will bring the crowds
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in. and a reminder you can keep up to diet with all the news on the website on you can find out about the journalists who have been detained in egypt for 145 days. they are due to reappear in court later. >> immigration reform is live and then dead. the legislative clock ticking, is congress going to move? if it doesn't is the president? that's the "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez.