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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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america, these are thera stories for you. congress keeping up the pressure as it investigates alleged failure business veterans administration. and our government spy sharing too much information on a popular social media site?
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we begin in ukraine. prorussian separatist shoot down a helicopter in the east today. more nan a dozen passengers onboard are now dead. meanwhile, another rebel group claims they kidnapped a group of security monitors, david has more from the heart of the opposition in done necessarying. >> in positions near the army base, just actually dropped some shoulders off at that base, and buzz carrying others back to their main base. and we understand that onboard was also senior ukrainian army general. there's been heavy fighting all day. mortars and multiple barrel rocket launchers were being used in the conflict, but here, there have been reenforcements sent around this regional headquarters building a large contingent of pro russian separatist fighters including check
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keanes, volunteers who of course are very skilled in urban warfare. this will be the site of one of the main battles. the special forces from the ukrainian army to decide to come in. we still don't know when that might happen, but they deployed heavy weapons, they have armored piercing grenades and may also have a weapon capable of bringing down any helicopter gun ships. the only way the special forces could take this building is by using helicopters to land troops on the roof. and the checkians and the proseparatist fighters are ready for that. the call come in the report outlining everybody more problems at hospitals across the country. but one prominent republican disagrees. >> the question i ask myself, is him resigning going to get us to the bottom of the problem? is it going to help us find out what is going
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on? and the answer i keep getting is no. >> two hearings are being held focusing on treatment and care of returning veterans. key players from the didn't of defense, and veterans affairs are testifying. it has been another violent week in iraq, more than 50 people killed in car bombs and suicide attacks on wednesday alone. human rights grouped now pointing an indicting finger at the government. the latest from baghdad. >> it's the sheer number of attacks that shocked many people. 16 across the country. one of the worst with was here in baghdad, where at least ten people are killed and more than 25 injuries. >> the car bomb exploded here, carry sod many tons of explosives. >> across iraq, it was the same story. shootings, car bombs, suicide attacks. violence is now at it's highest level, and shows no signs of stopping. two government blame as group called the islamic state of iraq. but others say the
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security situation is a result of the prime minister consolidating power, and alienating the people who can help embattled the groups. >> if it is the same man, getting the prime ministry, getting the minister of interior, getting the minister of defense, and you always have the same plan, the same failure, the same power, man power, that means there is a major failure and the major fire. just like the security fire. >> they have been turned into ghost towns, the late siege since the beginning of the year to try to flush out fighters but sources tell us that large parts is at least still under the control of isil. >> human rights grouped have criticized the tactics saying that they have shelled the local hospital at least 16 times. now that's a charge this the government denies, but it is trying to put pressure on fighters inside the province to try to get rid of them from the area.
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but it seems the more pressure they put on them inside the province, the more isl fighters mount attacks outside of the province. that's a pattern we have seen. >> . with violence rising many iraqis are wondering if any lessons have been learned and whether security forces can do anything to stop the attacks. in india, two teenager girls found gang raped and hanging from a tree. people living there expressing outrage over what they call a slow response from police, so far four men have been arrested in connection with the case. the government tightening laws on sexual violence last year after massive protests following a similar attack on a student in delly. in nigeria there has been another attack linked to boko haram. police told them 32 people were with killed when gunman opened fire
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on a village. that is the same state where hundreds of girls were kidnapped from the store in april. saying he has now instructed his army to take action. and as ivan reports jonathan himself is feeling the pressure. >> during president good luck jonathan's speech, which was designed to mark 15 years of uninterrupted democracy, he mentioned the government's efforts to try and rescue and find the more than 200 girls that were kidnapped now, way back in mid april. >> is the abilities, put that war against the terrorism. >> as was expected by many members of the public there was no new information about exactly what the authorities are doing to try and bring them home. the chief of defense staff, the mill fair knew where the girls were, but
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for operational reasons and security reasons couldn't go in there and rescue them with force. in the protect there may be negotiation in the work. he wouldn't be prepared to negotiate. so now as things remain, there's still no new detailed information, about what the authorities here are intending to do to get the girls back, and meanwhile pressure to find them remains. >> meanwhile, more than 1,000 african migrants have forced their way into spain. they forced the border, that was a spanish attack morocco.ed to they are now waiting to be processed for immigration around 2,000 people have breeched those barriers so far. >> while the hunt for flight 370 back to square one, today the government saying it's now clear the search area needs to be expanded.
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crews those electronic pings were detected there in early april, it was first thought they came from the black boxes but eachs of searching have turned up nothing. and a taunting challenge for rescue crews off the coast of japan on thursday. a japanese tv helicopter capturing the shoulders oil tanker which was about a mile from port when it exploded. regional aggression that goes unchecked, whether in southern ukraine, or the south china sea or anywhere else, will ultimately impact our allies and could draw in our military. there are very real fears
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that if intentions there boil over, the effects will be felt worldwide. patricia has more. >> stretching from the strait, the south china seas reefs and even rocks are contested by six nations. vietnam, the philippines, malaysia, brunia, and china. >> one of the world's busiest international sea lanes as much as half of the shipping and oil tanker traffic passes through this patch. each country laying claim has the approved exclusive economic zone, giving them rights to national resources extending 200 gnawed 8:00-miles from their coastlines. the most controversial
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boundary, show, is china's nine dash line. they have never really explained what the nine dash line stands for. they say they don't claim every drop of water in it, but they haven't say what they do claim. >> that am big utety is a major source of tension, given the south china sea potential energy reserves. the government estimates the sea contained 11 billion barrels of oil, but china's estimates are nearly ten times higher, 125 billion barrels of oil, more than kuwait's proofen reserves and 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. asia's demand for energy is pushing exploration
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further offshore, to areas around the islands as well as the scarborough shoal. >> countries do not want to compromise on what they see as their land. they believe that they have sovereignty. >> most of the ships involve have had been fishing boats and law enforcement vessels. not naval, but with regional players beefing up capabilities to assert and defend claims over the south china sea, the stretch of ocean is likely to remain as volatile as it is vital. coming up, how do spies find new jobs in apparently some of them are using social media putting their classified information online. >> and the city of pittsburgh offering a blueprinted for the revival of detroit.
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find a spy just by using associate media. a report on our website revealed it isability only possible they did it. some employees are revealing sensitive information, involving jobs with with crass fied named and even what the programs are all about. nsa policy calls for all current and ex-employees to submit any information intended for public disclosure, which is may be based on protected information, before being published. lindsaymore ran is a former clandestine officer with the cia, she joins us now live. and lindsay, according to an article, by searching three key words disfire, ex-key score, and pin pal, 324 resumes popped up with people who worked in secret programs so are you surprised?
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>> i am not entirely surprised, i myself err on is side of caution, to this day, i practically send our family christmas letter the cia's prepublication review board so make sure there's no classified information in it, but i think that post 9/11, we saw such a proliferation of contractors and a outsourcing of our basic intelligence collection, to various contracting organizations various companies, and i'm just not sure that the contractor take their nondisclosure as seriously, or have an understanding of what is classified and what is not. for me it is unheard of you would put the name of a program, and yes, sir the edward snowden information gave us some of those, and you can see you easily do a search on these, and find that people who have worked on these programmed are
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posting them. >> edward snowden did have something to say to do this with this. but you know and i know, that these projects sit in plain view, but unless you know the specific code name, you can't find them in the files. once it becomes public so do the files. >> absolutely. and you know i am of two minds. i firmly believe that americans are better off knowing about the collection against americans citizens. but that said, now anyone from the aclu to concerned citizens to a foreign intelligence service could go on other social networking sites and be able to find who are the people who are working on classified contracts. and be able to target those people. a site lice facebook, it isn't a business networking site, but the work that it used to take foreign intelligence services decades or years to do to collect
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information on people, a lot of americans even americans involved in the spell and security industry are just putting it out there for everyone to see. in this case this information is online, now days almost every piece of data is being collected somewhere. both for government organizations and for all of us that are concerns about our privacy, concerns about the government spying on us, and at the same time, reveal a lot of information about ourselves. i think this shows what a challenge it is for government agencies who implement classified programs how difficult it is to contain those. especially as i said with so many contractors. anybody who is anybody in the area, has a security clearance, when i left the agency, you couldn't
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swing a dead cat without hitting a contractor, and that has continued to increase. so at some point, they have to think about what are the down falls of outsourcing so much. >> is this not an unintended consequence of sequester? so many of these people were contract employees and they had to find a jock? >> yeah, as i said, there was a huge proliferation of contractors, massive hiring spree, so now you have a lot of people who worked on classified programs, who might still have clearances, who are out there trying to get jobs. and presnowden they may have put these details in and it was only intelligible to other people in the spell general community, whereas now anybody knows what they mean when they use certain key words about specific programs that they have worked on. >> well, it is a tail of
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two cities. detroit, bankrupt, trying to get back on it's feet, and pittsburgh once cash strapped booming again. they are trying to recreate that come back in detroit. tearing down more than 40,000 structures, but the emergency manager says he is optimistic. is issue has been coming to us since the depression in 1931. hire we are now 83 years later. >> and there are still
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roughly 6,000 vie can't lots. trying to decide if they should be repaired or demolished. >> racing out of the fort pit tunnel welcome to pittsburgh, the former island steel capitol of the world. the city known for it's bridges is today also a sense of financial services companies medical centers and hi-tech industries. pittsburgh's mayor said it had to be flexible to survive when the steal industry left town. >> you can burn a city, you can flood a city, or you can tear the economic heart of a city out. as long as you invest back into the people who believe in that city, the city will come back. the mayor says he has talked with detroit about there.
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unlike detroit, pittsburgh never accepted federal government cash, but never the less, it has taken 30 years to row back from when giant factories like this, now long abandoned dominates the city. today only these old stacks from the steel homestead work stands in honor of a once great industry that employs tens of thousands of people. the city raised $300 million to develop this charming shopping mall, which is on the site and carries all the big brand names. but how has pittsburgh raised the cash? jeremy says 5 1/2 billion has come in in the past eight years. >> we are just seen a real influx of funds and it started with our local companies. our local businesses. doubling down on downtown pittsburgh, and committing to investing in this region. companies like that, that still call downtown home, then you couple that with
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foreign investment. >> google is making a major investment in pittsburgh, expanding the operation here. mayor says invest in arts culture and people, and the big name companies will follow, and bring with them well paying jobs. googles example is one of many, in companies realize it's because of the strategic advantage we have. which is talent. still ahead, untilled promise in the lower 9th ward, years after it was devastated by hurricane katrina.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. seven in ukraine's east, prorussian separatist said they shot down a military helicopter killing more than a dozen passengers onboard. nigeria president vowing to launch a total war against boko haram. an armed rebel group kiddalling more than 200 girls last month. president good luck jonathan says he has told his army to take action against terrorists.
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authorities are now convinced that malaysian airline is not in the indian ocean where the pings were detected. china is now urging malaysian to come one a new plan. wondering where is spring for the latest in the temperatures. >> you can see that cool air over the east. it does not feel like summertime here. dumping a lot of rain over the same area, flooding is a big problem there, and now east the showers popping un, a few have the potential to be severe. so that will be the big problem later today. this entire area, under a flash flood watch. that flooding happened
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quickly, quick up and down, that's the flash flood a few warnings are in effect. 63 in richmond, 60 in washington, 70 in pittsburgh. the warm air here is staying just west of the appalachians. so we are seeing the cool air come down from the north, only into the mid 50's. skies are partly cloudy but beginning to clear up, this happens twice a year, the sun lines up right with the east west streets. so beautiful site here tonight. the stays stay clear, happens again in july, if you want to check that out here. 85 in las vegas no rain is predicted.
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the drought actually continuing there. the drought situation across the southern plains this exceptional drought razely the area is shoulder risking a bit, but nothing changing here. need some rain, desperately not getting it. >> what do they call it manhattan hinge? >> very good. >> happens twice a year. >> thank you very much. well, it has been almost ten years since hurricane katrina stuck new orleans. the lower 9th still hasn't recovered. have many say they feel forgotten. instead it signifies it's failure.
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it is like giving a a kid what they wanted for christmas, and then taking eight way friday this them, and being like you can't have it any more. >> that's a recurrent theme. it remains uncared for. the community center then is a symbol of this neighborhood's persistent problems. it's been almost ten years since hurricane katrina struck, and still homes remain abandoned. only a fraction of the residents came back, and there seems to be very little political will to remaining a neighborhood that was once vibrant. >> this is our future church. but reverend charles hasn't given up, his church was destroyed by the storm, but he hasser severed and now a new structure is slowly taking shape. it's been a battle, but he says people are
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returning albeit slowly and in small numbers. >> people have found better lives in other communities. that's okay, but how do you built a community by giving them hope, and by somebody standing up and saying we can do this. if we work together. >> across the street a multimillion dollars community center is being built, but other amenities like super markets are nonexistence. time is running out, and desperately trying to raise cash, that has housed hundreds of volunteer workers are dwindling. >> every community since katrina has created a voice for themselves. we haven't been able to do that, because we have less than a third of the community back. >> for the lower 9th ward, it is a picture of limited progress and continues failures. it could take years before this community returns to what it once was. andy gallagher, al
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jazeera, new orleans, louisiana. and we thank you for watching, i'll dell walters in new york, talk to al jazeera is next, and a reminder you can check us out 24 hour as day, by going to there are enormos costs to having this ongoing surveil an. >> gleann greenwald has led the he said more revelation are yet to come? >> among the biggest stories are left to be reported. >> the journalist believes there is a limit to the public's right to know. everybody acknowledges some limited