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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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>> welcome to aljazeera america. i'm del walters. and these are the stories we're following for you. the immigration debate returns to capitol hill as the white house pushes for nearly $4 billion in emergency money. and no letup from the gaza airstrikes. dozens now it dead from the attacks. and a shooting stand off in texas leaves six people dead, including four children. gunman is related to those he killed.
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the issue of immigration shifting from the border to washington d.c. today. congress debating the money. funding to stop the flow of children from coming in from central america. tens of thousands have been taken into custody over the last few weeks. homeland security secretary trying to get congress to sign-off on that $3.7 billion response plan. mike viqueira is live in washington and what are they facing? >> 50,000, the number of uncompanied children who have been apprehended on mexico's border with mexico that they share with texas. 26 in detention at any given moment. and yet this crisis has entered the political realm in washington d.c., and you don't know what's going to happen. president obama, not visiting
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the valley. and $3.7 billion. he does want to beef up the border patrol and he wants to care for the young people in the detention centers now. but the trouble is that democrats and republicans cannot agree. and today mitch mcconnell took to the senate floor. >> las last night in a speech tt attempted to shift of the blame, he doubled down on a blank check, which is what he asked for. he led americans to believe that the problem can be solved if only congress would pass his last-minute request. but it's not that simple. much more needs to be done. and the president certainly knows it. >> it should be noted, del, that
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immigration reform passed that senate floor a year ago and it had billions of dollars for strengthening the border and now republicans are calling for the national guard to be sent in a while washington debates. >> the government is taking a lot of heat over how it's handling the crisis. >> there's no question about t the accusations are flying, and it's the political realm now. the republicans are blaming the president on the actions of the so-called dreamers, the children who came there on their own. and they sent the wrong message. the administration blames not only the misinformation campaign in the central american countries, which they blame on "criminal sinned cats" but they blame the president obama era law that says that immigrants and migrants from the central american country, non-contiguous countries, have to have an immigration hearing before they can be deported.
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>> mike, thank you very much. and as congress debates its way forward, texas facing the very real effects of immigration. jonathan martin has the story from the u.s.-mexican border. >> this has been the center of a humanitarian effort. each day, busloads of tired and hungry and frightened migrant families make their way to this church. and the only things they have are, there a team of volunteers are waiting. >> they can get an opportunity to take a shower, an opportunity to eat and see a doctor. >> the groups of mainly women with children come in after being detained by border patrol acts. most are from central america x. were caught crossing the border through the rio grand valley. they opened the church after seeing so many undocumented families with nowhere to turn. >> they are being detained by
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immigration, and they have a permit to travel. so we're not aiding and abetting anybody. we are seeing folks in the community that need care, so we're doing a humanitarian response. something that anyone would do, and nun protesting about it should see the face of a child, because it's a human being. >> for most families like lopez and his son, the shelter is only a rest stop. where they can catch a bus and reunite with families elsewhere in the u.s. their journey took almost two months. they were detained on monday and are set to appear in court next month. >> i want to find a job. god gave me the opportunity, the same way he allowed me to get here, i'm going to get the chance to work. and i wait. to get a better future. >> border facilities in matalan are flooded with families
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entering the u.s. illegally, as well as the children arriving alone. 50,000 children have been detained. >> these children are coming and in most case, they're coming with an adult. they brought their kids, and they also brought their nephew, and the nephew was removed and was separated because she's not the mom and they became an uncompanied child. >> the process is for children looking to reconnect with families in the u.s. jonathan martin, aljazeera america, mcgallon, texas. >> in israel, the death toll continues to climb. 84 people, mostly civilians have died. and nick schifrin has the latest. [ explosion ] >> reporter: the explosions are incredibly close. and extremely loud. and they're in the middle of gaza neighborhoods.
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israel accuses hamas of hiding fighters inside of the communities. and they are trying to avoid killing civilians, but whether by day or night, the toll is increasing. in the middle of last night, israel dropped a bomb that killed an entire family. seven civilians dead according to medical officials. five of them children. rescue workers picked through the rubble to try to save the wounded, bringing them to a hospital that the u.n. says is running out of medical supplies. >> i think israel is going out of control, more than half of those killed, 70% are innocent civilians who were killed in the process. >> israel is trying to stop this. hamas and other palestinian fighting groups have what araged israel with rocket after rocket. after rocket. one every ten minutes. never before have so many been
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fired in gaza, and never before have they reached downtown tel aviv and beyond. this is the symbol of the israeli state. and when they run in fear, israel has zero tolerance, and that's why they have bolstered them with more tanks. they are openly talking about a ground invasion. first and foremost, the rockets launched against israeli civilians must come to an end. and no country can accept this. they are spending their time in under ground garages as bomb shelters and the attribute is just beginning. >> here on the border with gaza in the background, every indication is that israel is preparing for a possible escalation. the israeli army now seas that it has up to 20,000 people, up to now it was 1500, and it could
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go as high as 40,000. and with prime minister netanyahu saying this morning that he has no interest or plans of any kind of ceasefire, it seems that the violence is only going to increase. >> secretary of state john kerry is calling for calmer heads speaking about the fighting today during his visit to beijing. >> no country can accept rocket fire aimed at civilians, and we support completely israel's right to defend itself against these vicious attacks. but deescalation ultimately is in the interest of all parties. >> secretary held a conference today on the security council on gaza, and there's a risk of all out war. >> once again, palestinians are paying the price for the continuous of conflict. my paramount concern is the
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safety and well being of all civilians, no wonder where they are. it pains me and it should pain us all to be reliving circumstances that are all too reminiscent of the two most recent wars in gaza. >> adding that the international community must do everything possible for a viable two-state solution. meanwhile, the solution to the conflict in iraq looks less likely at this hour. a boycott of prime minister nurial maliki's government. and they said that they will no longer attend any cabinet meetings. it comes a day after the sunni-led rebellion. >> reporter: the airstrikes continue for days now on what military experts say, these airstrikes are very useful in order to weaken the targets in the city itself, in any ground force. but we haven't seen any evidence of a ground force going into the
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city of mosul or the other territories in the islamic state or what they hold. there's a request of what kind of hardware is being used in the airstrikes. iraqis have two option. one of them is the cessna plane, which is equipped with hellfire missiles that they have been using and previously, they have been using the s25, planes supplied to them by russia, and they have heavy weaponry, and that's another option for them. but speaking to sources in mosul, we have heard that the iraqis are using drones. the armed drones, you think of american drones flying over baghdad. but they're here for defensive purposes for american assets within the country, so it's likely that if there are drones flying over mosul and they're being used, they're either iranian or low-grade iraqi ones. and that nides to be confirmed. no one in the government is
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admitting to use of either of those two drones, but that's what we're hearing from people inside of mosul, who have told us that they see drones flying over the city. >> at this hour, germany demanding that an american intelligence officer at the u.s. embassy in berlin leave the country, allegations of u.s. spying in germany. a man in texas in connection with a shooting rampage there, 33-year-old has kill killed six people. four of them are children and may be related to the shooter. >> it's just terrible. >> neighbors are emotional after deputies respond to a shooting in this houston suburb and find two adults and three children dead. >> it appears that it could bee' domestic dispute. >> two other children were flown to the hospital and one died when they got there. the suspect's 15-year-old daughter is in critical condition. >> two of the children may have been adopted by he and his
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estranged wife. >> despiting shot in the head, the wife was able to call 9-1-1 and said he was on the way to kill another member who worksante restaurant. one officer throws out spike strips to slow the car down and smoke emerges from the tires. with dozens of cops on his tail, the suspect turns on a road that turns out to be a cul de sac. a swat car rams the front of the sedan and another armored vehicle comes from behind. the suspect refuses to get out of his car and the stand off begins. >> he is holding a gun to his head and the standoff begins. >> after three hours of talking with the police, he emerges with his hands up. the deputies move in and arrest him. with that, the standoff comes to an end, but the investigation as to why several children were shot dead just begins.
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>> a plot to blow unan iconic landmark, the eiffel tower and the louvre, and a nuclear power plant there. the police stopped a 29-year-old algerian butcher last june, high ranking in al qaeda. coming up on aljazeera america, just trying to get to work to get a ride. and what are these english teachers, and firefighters and public utility workers doing?
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>> in detroit, the bankruptcy proceedings roll on. current and retired city employees today voting on pension and healthcare cuts. and what's not rolling is transit. half of the residents need it, and they cannot afford it. tanya mosley with the ride. >> this is how troy sampson spends his mornings, waiting to
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catch a bus to his job outside of detroit. it's 10:00, but his shift doesn't start until 1:00. >> i have to make it early to get to work. >> it's a nine mile trip, and with one transfer, it should last 45 minutes, but it will take sampson three hours. >> isn't that awful? it's awful for me. >> they hear from bus riders like troy every day. six months ago, dirks took on the job of fixing detroit's bus system. he's the fourth director in threes years. >> my theory is if you can fix the little problems, you can make the system better. >> in a city, there are only 900 buses, and at many bus stops in the city, this is what he sees. crowds of people waiting for buses that show up late if at all. >> . >> even if we put out every single bus that we have, it wouldn't be enough for the demand here.
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>> just about everybody we spoke with said they have to plan their lives around the busing late. 65%. the national average is 85%. some have complained to the city that they have lost their jobs because they couldn't get to work on time. >> there have been some employers that i called to try to get their jobs back. dirk said that his office has applied for grants to improve the system. new buss and fixing old ones. he wants to do all of this by the end of the year. >> we'll have to just wait and see. >> as for troy sampson, after waiting 20 minutes, sampson's bus sped right past him. >> how often does this happen to you? >> all the time. >> he heads to another stop on a different route that will drop him off a mile away from where he works >> so you have to walk almost a mile -- >> yes. >> to get to work on time?
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>> yeah. >> you have to get tired of this sometimes. >> you have to do what i got to do, so i can keep on. this is where we have to go. >> it's what thousands of detroiters have to endure until the city can fix it's broken transit system. tanya mosley, aljazeera, detroit. >> . >> at a high-rise in brooklyn, firefighters lining the streets between the funeral home and the church. and thousands in england today, they want an end to imposeitions by the government. he will limit union powers to call those strikes. pope francis continuing to shake things up at the vatican. he has named a french
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businessman to lead the bank. it has been dogged by scabbed scandals, and mary snow has the decision. >> a new move by the vatican to improve it's financial institution, the vatican bank. it has been cloaked in secrecy and plagued by scandal for decades. it has named the new president. and senior management is being replaced in a series of reforms. >> our ambition is to become something of a model of financial management. >> scanned alleges like the one last year, an accountant at the bank for two decades, accused of hiding millions for his wealthy friends to avoid paying taxes, and documents leading to scrumptious for the italian media. pope benedict xvi's personal
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butler was charged with a leak, and a man with close ties to the vatican was found hanging under a bridge. in recent years, there has been question about money laundering, and pope francis has made it a priority to clean up the vatican bank. >> it didn't take long for folks looking for a worldwide organization with very limited controls, to start using it for reasons other than it was intended. >> the bank's original purpose was to send funds to church groups and missionaries around the world. in order to restore that, the vatican bank closed 2,000 accounts in the last year, and result, it has huge writeoffs. it profits lunged to roughly $4 million. the bank oversees roughly
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$8 billion in assets, and as part of its reform, it's dividing it's investment business from its church payments. >> the bank is becoming more transearn and looking at it more closely itself. and the they're likely to uncover all kinds ofbutions that have occurred, not only in recent years, but in the past as well. and it's almost inevitable. >> while pope francis i avoided closing it altogether, it's being cut down to size. a ride so wild, you might have to be crazy just to take the plunge. we'll hear from one man who knows firsthand what it's like.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm del walters and these are the headlines. ago congress for $3.7 billion to fund the immigration plan. the hearing before congress, the government is trying to stem the
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flow of migrant children coming into the u.s. rocket changes between israel and gaza continue for the third day. does of people have been killed in gaza, and a cease far for the emergency council. germany is demanding that an intelligence officer from the united states leave the country. allegations of u.s. spying on germany. and a man in texas is accused of killing six people, including four children. the authorities believe that ron has quickly is related to those killed. he was in a three hour stand off in houston. a 15-year-old victim called 9-1-1 after being shot in the head. >> it's too hot outside. you can try keeping your cool in places close to the canadian
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border. we have got very warm, humid conditions, temperatures in the 80s across the southeast and stretching across the midwest. and as you look at temperatures into phoenix, mid to upper 80s for the day. the storms that we expect to see today are going to be focusing, the strongest in the upper midwest, right around the dakotas and parts of nebraska, the storm system that brought several tornadoes yesterday to pennsylvania and upstate new york, in fact causing four deaths in smithfield, new york, you can see the wind damage reports coming in from those storms that moved through, and now, again it's calming down and feeling a lot better outside for the upper northeast. the mid-atlantic still has a few showers around in southern new jersey. so for the most part, we're expecting a quieter day in the northeast. let's go to the midwest where we have a big ridge of highway patrol building in offshore, and it's pushing all of the storm
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systems well up into canada, but the problem is the storm systems are diving back down on the other side of the rockies and that's where they will be this week. but for the pacific northwest, we'll have a trend of very hot weather building in, keeping things very warm along the cascades, but the storms riding over the highway patrol, and diving down on the eastern side of the rockies. in canada, the storms will be there, and we'll have the monsoonal moisture in the four corners, and we'll see showers and thunderstorms popping up here, and that's where powerful winds creating the haboob or dust storms coming into the southwest that we saw yesterday fairly light and we'll see the gusts get a lot stronger for you. and otherwise, hot warmth stretching over into texas and
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we'll have thunderstorms popping up. but it could become severe. and again, the chance of severe weather looks like it's going to be in the central and upper midwest this afternoon and tonight. del. >> rebecca, thank you very much. and if it's too hot outside, you might rely to keep cool, the world's toll efforts water slide. you have to climb 154 steps, higher than the statue of liberty and the ride is so extreme t. they have named it insane. >> the name of the water slide means insane in german. it involves first sandbags, and then after the sandbags are done, and we know how every weight affects the slide, we sent the people down the slide. we have the riders that go down only with the manufacturer, and then we start to test with our own operations folks, and we do quite a bit of testing with the
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folks, with the radar guns, so we know all of the forces that are acting on the guests. if you are afraid of heights, this is not going to be your water slide. you're sitting on the table, and then when it tilts down, all of a sudden, you're facing down, and it feels like you're actually in a free fall. i know if you see the profile, it doesn't look like it's that steep, but it is, and it feels like a total freefall when you're going down there. it is over so quickly that you start to go on the second hill, and that's when your mind starts going, oh, my gosh, i'm on a water slide. it's an amazing experience. water splashing everywhere, and it overloads your senses. >> or you could jump off of the statue of liberty. the rip current, russia is looking ahead, in moscow, the
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2018 will be held. they are getting ready. and we want to thank you for watching aljazeera america. i'm del walters in new york, "inside story" is next, and as a reminder, check us out 24 hours a day at >> ray: the highway trust fund, the money that is supposed to keep our roads and bridges repaired is set to run out of money in months. the tax fee to that feeds the fund has not been raised in 25 years. now what? that's the "inside story."