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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[ technical difficulties ] >> at least 103 people are reported to have died in four
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days of aerial bombardment by israel on gaza. we're live now in jerusalem. give us an idea of what benjamin netenyahu had to say. >> well, as you mentioned, he said that international pressure, which is mounting, but very slowly, is not going to stop israel from what he described as acting against militants. he also said he has been speaking to several world leaders including the german chancellor, the u.s. secretary of state, and the russian president about israel's right to defending itself. he knows the first priority is to protect people and bring calm. he also said that the israeli army has struck more than 1,000 targets in the last few days in gaza, and he also said that this
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operation that is ongoing right now, is larger than the operation the israeli army carried out in november 2012, which was the last major escalation. and we also said that the operation will take time and will end when the goal of restoring calm in israel is achieved and when no more rockets are fired into israeli territory. he did not explicitly mention anything to do with a ground operation even though he was asked by journalists --
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[ technical difficulties ] >> this is the second friday of ramadan and this is as close as these men have been allowed to come to this mosque. it's about 3 or 400 kilometers away behind a police ry ryan -- line. the israelis say it's because of security. but to give you an idea of the restrictions these men faced this time last year during
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ramadan there would have been some 300, 350,000 men here. today perhaps just a few hundred men, and it is a tense environment. the israelis say it is because of security. the men here will say they are being collectively punished because of the rockets coming out of gaza. >> we are prevented to enter on the friday which is very holy for us, and we -- we -- we are -- indeed we are feeling of abusing our beliefs in this country. >> reporter: it was tense through prayers. it remains tense now that they have ended, although most of the men are leaving. but throughout the prayers and the people we talk to, you get this overwhelming feeling of frustration and anger. israel maintains that nearly 600 rockets have been fired into israel from gaza. one landing at a petrol station.
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there at least eight people were hurt. oil tankers and cars destroyed too. and this is the commercial capitol of tel-aviv. the sirens and sights of people running for cover. iron dome, the defense system seemingly taking out one of the rockets in the skies on friday. to get the very latest on the situation around the clock head to our website, and there you'll find a link to a live blog, updates, pictures and videos sent in by correspondent. and behind the headlines too. the u.s. secretary of state is in afghanistan trying to help sort out a disputed presidential election there. john kerry has described the situation as a critical moment for afghanistans. the first result showed that
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ashraf ghani had the lead, but his opponent says the vote has been rigged. >> reporter: afghans have high hopes that america's top diplomat will broker an end to the conflict threatening the first presidential election. the votes have been cast, but they are contested. karzai says the answer has to be agreed upon by both candidates and be in line with afghan law. kerry agrees. >> we're deeply interested in a unified democratic and stable afghanistan. we obviously have high hopes that the questions about the election will be resolved quickly. >> reporter: candidate ashraf ghani supports a united nations proposed plan which would review
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about 43% of the vote. >> our commitment is to ensure that the process has integrity and legitimacy. therefore, we believe in the most intensive audit possible to restore fate. >> reporter: that's what the people want too. faith in the process. some chain themselves together to block the road to kaboul's airport, demanding a resolution. the rival, abdullah abdullah, welcomed the secretary of state intervention. >> we welcome you in help save the process here. we thank you, and welcome you, and hopefulfully all of us will utilize your assistance here.
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>> reporter: but there is still a gap in the demand between the two parties. abdullah wants 11,000 ballot boxes reviewed. he says he doesn't trust the afghan commissions in charge. the secretary of state is trying to find a solution where both candidates and the people of afghanistan can trust the outcome. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kaboul. in egypt there have been protests in support of the deposed president mohammed morsi. here we see a suburb. two people are reported to have been killed when security forces moved in to break up crowds. many more are said to have been injured. this is on the outskirts of the city where the pyramids are. protesters forced to march down side streets because police patrolled the main roads. and large rallies too in the province in northern egypt, the
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birthplace of mohammed morsi, and people holding up banners as a show of support for him. chanting slogans against the new president, fattah al-sisi. three al jazeera journalists have nowing spent 195 days behieng bars in egypt accused falsely of helping the out lawed muslim brotherhood. mohammed fahmy and peter greste were sen tensed to seven years each. baher mohamed given seven years and then added on another three because he had a spent bullet casing in his possession that he picked up at a protest. al jazeera rejects all accusations and continues to demand that their journalists being freed. still to come we'll compare the weapons being used by both sides. and we'll go to erbil in the
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north to take a look at the effect that is having had on the economy there. ♪ >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they c >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation...
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>> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... r
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[ technical difficulties ] >> trying to sort out the muddle of the presidential election. he has described the situation as a critical moment with both leading candidates claiming victory. what is going on in israel and gaza is an entirely lopsided conflict taken simply on military grounds. israel fires missiles from helicopters, and drones, it has placed tanks, and has at least 20,000 troops on the border -- [ technical difficulties ]
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[ technical difficulties ] but even the iron dome, you can overwhelm the system. and it's enough that one missile goes through the system to make such damage, you know? >> to iraq now where the prime minister has replaced the kurdish foreign minister after kurdish mp's have pulled out of the capitol. they were furious by mr. maliki of accusing them of harboring what he calls extremists. this faltering diplomacy is having on effect on that areas economy. >> reporter: erbil international airport cargo terminal is practically empty. the overairport which serves the
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kurdish region is as well. on wednesday the government banned cargo plains from landing here. although it isn't the busiest of airports on a normal day, this hangar would be filled with goods, with things that are heat sensitive like medications for example. those would be put up on these shelves to be loaded on trucks, but as you can see the shelves are empty. bagdad accuses them of turning the city of erbil into a base for rebel fighters. >> translator: we will not be silent about erbil. it is a base for the islamic state and terrorist organizations.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> just the latest in a series of attacks in that area, which has forced many people to decide they will be safer elsewhere. >> reporter: it seems that these people were looking for supplies. they came here at night, burned this classroom behind me. they burned several houses as well. they stole food from the stool store, medical supplies, and stole six firearms from guards who were guarding the civilians. there has been massive security operation here in the county. more boots on the ground.
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the military has been deployed. more police units have been deployed. they have been navigating through the thick forrests looking for the attackers. since the operation began this week, 69 people have been arrested. so you can feel the government presence, but people are still fleeing from their homes. this woman's husband and 12-year-old son was shot at point-blank range. she watched helplessly. the gunmen then burned part of her house. 13 people were killed that night in her town. another nine in a neighboring county. >> translator: they asked for the sex of my baby. i told them it was a girl --
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girl -girl -- [ technical difficulties ] >> to leave. the message also applies to christians. [ technical difficulties ] >> at the same time, we are monitoring -- tech tech
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>> so the red cross has to
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reduce the rations clear >> after being infected with the virus. syria, liberia. they've all reported new cases and deaths in the last few days. the virus kills up to 90% of those who are infected. and there is no known cure. aid works in south sudan are appealing for help to stop the spread of cholera. many of those infected have been driven out of their homes by fighting in south sudan, and living in united nations camps. >> it's only been a few days. that's why you see many people here. i think there are many infected.
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>> many have died by attacks by rebel forces in east of the country. pro separatist attacks in the area of luhansk, the president said he would find those responsible and destroy them. in bosnia, marking 189 years since the worst mass killing in europe. 8,000 muslim men and boys died in 19 5 i 1995 in the massacre in bosnia. 175 victims have been laid to rest. simon mcgregorwood reports. >> reporter: every year they add more white tomb stones to the cemetery. this year 175 victims of the massacre were finally laid to rest.
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they've been doing this every year since 1996. human remains of those killed are identified using dna samples taken from family members who survived. and until today 6,066 victims have been identified and rebur reburied. >> four of my brothers were killed. we're still looking for one. as for the other three, two of them have been buried before, and today we're burying the third one, the youngest one. we've been doing this for a long time. it gets harder and harder. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: in 1995 serb forces overran the area which was an u.n. protected safe haven. 600 prisoners stood aside as you there was the order of the separation of men and boys and then oversaw their systemic
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execution. it was a crime in which the international court subsequently described as genocide. in 2011 the leader was finally arrested after finding years of shelter in serbia. [♪ singing ] >> reporter: the process of finding remains is complex and time-consuming. many bodies were moved from grave to grave as the serbs tried to cover up the extent of the killing when the war finished. body parts are spread across different locations. there are 1,000 people still missing, and some relatives refuse to bury their loved ones until their remains are uncovered an reunited with part they have. there will be many years before this annual ritual is finally over. al jazeera. >> people have been jailed in china for distributing internet
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videos which prosecutors claim inspired terror attacks. xinjiang is home for those who want more autonomy were beijing. . having a bit of a rest in brazil before the final, but there has been plenty of drama if not on and then off the pitch. the hospitality adviser. for the world company i world cup is now running from police. we have details of that. >> reporter: there has been a lot to celebrate in brazil. as fans flocked to see their countries do battle. the police say underneath it all
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an international gang was at work scamming fans out of millions of dollars. and the one man who now has little to cheer about is the head of the company providing hospitality packages at the tournament, which is a fifa partner. brazilian police are calling the british national a fugitive. they accuse him of using his position and company to scam $90 million from fans reselling v.i.p. tickets and packages. >> the company has an official place with fifa, and what is happen something absurd. >> reporter: absurd or not, wheelen said he's innocent and had already given up his passport and world cup credentials to police. they arrested 11 others and charged them with ticket scalping and money laundering,
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but wheelen is the most high profile of the accused. >> we have more details on that store, indeed, all the international headlines. not only the headlines but the background, the video, the blogs, for the entire story go to that's . >> we discuss criminal cases where the truth just wasn't enough. plus the unbelievable pitfalls of a classic tool used in convictions, eyewitness testimony. we take you to the dark corners of our justice system right now.