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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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we fast forward 10 years join us and see what you're in for. >> the stream on al jazeera america >> hello welcome to al jazeera. our headquarters are in doha. we have extensive coverage with the crisis in gaza. grief and agony. mourning the death of a son in an airstrike. one of the airstrikes was a
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center for disabled in the gaza strict. israel said it gives 15 minutes warning for striking, this family was given 57 seconds to get out. >> he have all the news from europe including at least four people killed. >> it's argentina fans are in town. the world cup is on its way. >> the airstrikes on gaza is in
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its fifth day and the delinque death toll is mounting. we know seven of the day are palestinian fighters. one of the most horrific attacks in the north of gaza. two of the patients and a medical assistant were killed. others were seriously wounded. stephanie decker went to the attack. here is her report. >> reporter: may is disabled. the her where she lives at was attacked. >> we have seen four casualties. three of them are disabled. these are overburns and their lives are still at risk. >> not much is left of this care home.
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when asked if there were any links to missiles they categorically said no. >> reporter: the bomb came true the roof and hit here in the ground floor of the center. you can see there is a mattress left. there is a wheelchair that tells you exactly where peopl what people were here, disabled people. >> reporter: many people here tell us they are no longer surprised by the brutality of this war. because no one is trying to stop
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their suffering, they say the international community is to blame, too. testify any decker, al jazeera, gaza. >> al jazeera's nick schifrin is following one family who was simply trying to bury their father who then became targets themselves. >> reporter: when it comes to this war and this is war, gazaens say, perhaps the most frequent sound is grief. [ crying ] >> reporter: the most frequent image is of children missing their uncle or a woman mourning her husband. mohammed was a pious man, his family says. he spent his time praying for his nephews and nieces. he was 66, and he helped fighters fire rockets. their silence shows their reverence. they commemorate what they call
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a sacrifice. mohammed's family said they help the fighters to make money, and also because he believed in it. >> it has destroyed our lives. >> reporter: mohammed's cousin, at a local mosque he says a traditional prayer. and mohammed's relatives came to show thanks. >> mohammed liked visiting people, helping people, and he educated his children. >> reporter: as a crowd of a thousand walked out of the mosque they're reminded that in this war the most frequent sound is the loudest. [explosion ] israeli bombs shake the earth.
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this one landed 300 feet away from us, and the aftermath part of this video is too grizzly to show. that man in blue is carrying a dead toddler. israel said the target was a palestinian fighter. at least one woman wounded and the scars felt by the children just a few feet away. the women who are inconsolable. prayers were just ending as this strike ended. you can still smell the explosive powder in the air. just a mile down, there was yet another attack. >> today israel vowed to step up its campaign which means in this war there will be more sound,
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more images like today's. nick schifrin, al jazeera, gaza. >> well, video has emerged showing a father grieving the death of his three-year-old son. this is the scene of the hospital just a warning you may find the following scenes disturbing. will let's take you live to john
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hedron, the fifth day of airstrikes against gaza, what's the situation there right now? >> adrian, it's those incidents that stephanie and nick were just highlighting in their stories that are really what people here are focusing on. this civilian casualties. everybody has seen some of it. in addition to the strikes that they just talked about there was a strike on the salam mosque yesterday, on the hospital, and in this case nobody was killed, but at the mosque 22 people were injured. we went to a home two hours ago and those people who were admittedly well-connected with hamas, they were given a phone call that said get out. then a warning rocket and within a minute and 10 seconds after that rocket that house was destroyed. some how everyone else made it out. but everyone has a story. i'll give you one of my own. two days ago i went home in the
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morning to the hotel i'm staying in, and shipping container that had been sitting on the mediterranean had been blown up. this morning i arrive to see a ship in flames after the latest air strike. those incidents may or may not be hamas targets, but it is the civilians being killed that people here are particularly concerned about. obviously members of hamas are targets of the israelis, but it's their families who are also being killed in these airstrikes. some of the people who had been neighbors of these homes say that israelis do not always warn before they strike the house. >> first of all, they say they have struck tel aviv, and we will hit tel aviv again. >> that was just a few minutes ago. we can wait for the reports of
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whether that happened. they urge journalists to watch for war crimes by the israelis. that's in reference to strikes that are killing civilians. they also issued this warning. they say prepare the iron dome because we're going to launch a new robert at you tonight. it was a three-part message that would be chilling for anybody who expects, or wants this conflict to slow down. this is the latest escalation on this side. of course, there has been a major escalation in terms of the airstrikes and sea and ground on the israeli side. the fight continues and there is no fend sight. this is just the latest volley from this side. >> john heajohn hedron in gaza.
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>> notice how much time has lapsed between the warning shot and the blowing up of the house. watch this.
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>> what are we to make of the so-called warning knock indicating that israel knows they're targeting the homes of civilians. it defeats the object, surely.
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>> supposedly what we're seeing are precision strikes and so on. but you have to--one has to think about that term of casualties we see in gaza. sometimes there are phone calls. there is the warning shot. but we're talking about buildings in many cases have a few three floors, four floors. there are a number of argument apartments in the building. sometimes people don't understand that it is a warning. sometimes they go to the house. sometimes there isn't enough time to leave the building, there are old people or young babies, so on, so forth.
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we're seeing a rising number of instances in which terrible civilian casualties result in the usage of this tactic. >> just briefly because we're running out of time. what can organizations like yours do to ensure that the israeli army is held to account if it does, indeed, breach humanitarian law? >> we document and report. we have staff and courageous people helping us document the details of these instances, and we will follow up, but we won't wait just for the follow up. it's importance for us to say at this very time when these attacks are happening to pronounce the illegality.
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>> good to talk to you. many thanks. live in tel aviv there, and while we were talking we showed you that shot there, the skyline. you may have noticed some lights in the sky above tel aviv. they were earlier telling us that the brigades had issued a warning saying it was going to target tel aviv tonight and we actually saw the iron dome, israeli defense missile system intercepting missiles above, rockets above the skies of the--the streets rather, of tel aviv. now the u.n. supreme court statement calling for a cease-fire. as our diplomatic editor explains the statement was not as stuff as arab nations wanted. >> it took three days of extre
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extremely tough negotiation not to come up with a legally binding resolution, but simply with a statement. there was objection to the words suggested. in the end these are the words reed out by the president of the security council. >> security council members called for de-escalation of the situation the social security members called for residential areprotection of civilians. >> they had wanted something tougher than that. they at one county came up with a draft resolution that called for an immediate, durable and fully respected cease-fire. they said that this statement had taken too long.
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>> this position calls for an end against aggression against our people. more than 1,000 injured. more than 130 palestinians, most of them civilians, they say 78% of the number killed are civilians. >> meanwhile, diplomacy continues in the region. i'm told that the egyptians, the qatars and the turks are all involved in the negotiations as is tony blair, the former u.k. prime minister, who is now the negotiator on behalf of the middle east quartet. i'm also told that secretary of state john kerry is also on
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their way to vienna for talks on iran's your program will also discuss gaza. but prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his country will not bow to international pressure. >> now to other news. ukraine's government said that fighter jets are bombarding to the east. with more on that we'll go to our european news center for the latest. >> reporter: yes, adrian. the army said up to a thousand armed separatists have been killed. a figure that the reps say is exaggerated. elsewhere four civilians have been killed after artillery fire hit apartment buildings. scott hidler is in the eastern city and sent this report. >> reporter: it is the escalation that everyone has been bracing for here in
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donetsk. fighting has reached the eastern suburbs killing four overnight. >> at 3:00 in the morning we were hit by a wave of explosions. ten of us were thrown to the basement by the heat of the explosion. it was so scary. >> reporter: it's unclear who fired the rockets but a separatist fighter base is very close to the four buildings hit. >> reporter: this is the main road going out out of donetsk. now a lot of these people just made the decision to leave because this fighting on saturday has come even closer to the city. >> this morning i went home to the office. >> on the other side of the city the train to moscow was getting ready to leave.
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>> the thumping of mortar rounds can be heard in the distance. one of those wa was this woman who was accepting off her children and her family. her daughter tells her she does not want to leave. >> we do not know what will happen to us. we hope that they will not bomb donetsk. but other hopes are weak. >> reporter: as the train pulls out of the station, the next time they speak the situation on the ground in donetsk could be completely different. >> we have a sense from your report of how people are feeling, a sense of shock, a sense of panic. what are the separatists doing? >> well, the separatists part of
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doing that story, very tense border check points. we went through the first one fairly tense. outgoing firing and it was a very tense moment there as we turned around and came back for the city. as we came back in that checkpoint that we went through before they had become very tense. we went around the northern side of the city, too. there were check points. as we saw in that report the railroad station, the northern side of the city. we heard thumping of mortar rounds going out. very tense and very surreal twist. the fighters here in town, hundreds of them here they're holding a dance, a mixer at
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lenin square behind me. it's very tense and that perimeter that separatist fighting attacks by the ukrainian army. >> they have reacted today. >> we're hearing seven air attacks east from where we are towards the russian border. that coming out from the anti-terror operations office in kiev. at least seven of those. we can't verify how many or to what degree the separatist fighters were damaged by that, how many were killed, how many were injured. but we know that there were at least seven. that seems to be part of a promise that the president here delivered yesterday when we had heavy losses. they had heavy losses by the ukrainian army. they said they would take the counterattack directly to them, attend sounds as show these
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strings of attacks between here and the russian border will be answered against the ukrainian army forces. >> scott, thanks. watching the situation for us in donetsk. meanwhile, eu has added 11 names to those with asset freezes. alexander borodai, and sel self-proclaimed leader of people of donetsk. 72 people in all have been blacklisted. >> reporter: one of the world's extreme adventures is about to come to an end. find out who, what, why, and
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where later. >> also ahead on the news hour. [ baby crying ] >> we'll take to you meet the villagers in northern nigeria who are caught up in the fighting between the government and boko haram. plus in sports we'll see what chance argentinian football legend gives the current team in the world cup final. >> al jazeera america presents >> what did i do? please take this curse off of me. >> 15 stories one incredible journey edge
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front lines... >> sometimes that means risking death >> getting the story, no matter what it takes >> that's what the forth estate is all about... that's why i'm risking my life... >> killing the messenger on al jazeera america >> again in doha we have our top stories in this hour. israeli airstrikes on gaza now the fifth day 105 palestinians have been killed so far. in one attack a bomb hit a medical center for the disabled. two patients and an assistant were killed in the strike. the u.n. has called for a cease-fire between palestinians and israelis. the council expressed serious concern over the crisis and the welfare of
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civilians on both sides. some are thought to be fighters. at least a third are women and children. entire families, toddlers, parents leaving behind orphaned children. take these all members of the family. killed in an attack on tuesday. six of them are children. controlling through the names we find a 80-year-old woman. one and a half-year-old, and
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others killed in gaza. >> i've never seen in my 13 years live in didga such a high level of intensity. there is more than one o 100 people killed, and 700 injured. this is all in five days. what we are seeing it's the civilians must be respected. once again sufficientlians are trapped. it is increasing hours by hours. civilians should be respected. and people doing also the health
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actors should be able to access all the places in the gaza strip. this is complex and this should be improved. we're ready to scale up at a substantial level of operation here in the gaza strip. yes, we will support the health as started to distribute kids to be able to trite more than 200 receively injured people, and we're going to do--we're going to do more. what we did to repair a water pipeline that was destroyed in the last days, 70,000 people have access to water again. >> we go to some pictures in kabul, afghanistan. a press conference is being held as we speak. these are pictures between the two afghan presidential rifles and u.s. secretary of state john kerry following a meeting between the three of them.
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second day of talks ending an election deadlock. the pro presidential rivals have agreed to every vote cast in last month's run off. john kerry announced the move following two days of talks with the candidates. he said the two sides have agreed to abide by the results. more on that later. more on the armed book boko haram has left thousands of families homeless and so far they have received little outside help. we have more on a local inter faith that brings hope. >> these displaced people have very little to survive on. taking refuge in this relatively safer part, they are being ayesed by an inter faith peace
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initiatives. this woman fled with her two sons and husband after he miraculously survived being shot in the head four months ago. >> there is no place to go back to. they killed almost all the men, took many women. we have no shelters here, no money. thank god for volunteers helping us. >> api has been acting as a relief agency. it was started two years ago by the american university in nigeria as an attempt to reduce violence and promote peace. under the three states of emergency rule. it brings together community leaders who have been focusing on and empowering women, there is a muslim imam and evangelical bishop. >> without weigh peace we cannot continue offering help.
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>> reporter: in houses of worship they have been preaching tolerance. members of the initiatives say people are being used in this part of the country. >> the main focus in the interpretation class. >> they would definitely understand what boko haram is doing is not the right thing. >> but with this being one of the poorest regions on earth building peace require more, and that's why they started jobs in training programs. it's to help
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a generation facing minimum prospects in the shadow of persistence violence. al jazeera, nigeria. >> let's get more news from europe. >> adrian, tens of thousands men and women have been taking to the streets of northern ireland for the annual jul july 12th commemoration. with violence and riots previous years there is heavy police presence on the streets. >> a celebration of religion, identity, and culture. but member memories are long in northern ireland. in recent years th they have
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tried to portray their victory over a catholic king as a tourist attraction. but the catholic community still regards the marching sometimes past the ends of their streets as triumphant and provocative. >> it shouldn't be happening. >> the police are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. 3,500 officers on duty across northern ireland, and there are riots squares in neighboring streets in case of trouble. >> last year there were several nights of rioting. police officers say there is still a risk of further
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confrontation. the marchs have been banned from following part of their route past collect areas in north belfast. as a result they set up this protest camp. >> we have six parades going up this road. we marshal our parades. we take away contentious bound, flags, we've done everything. and they have brought nothing whatsoever to the table. >> and this is the man who curtailed the march. the former head of the parade operations. >> you don't release how thankless it is until you don't it. it's one of those jobs that whatever you decide or say is potentially going to be criticized from one side or the other side. >> the argument is still on. the parade and flags remain. tim friend, al jazeera, belfast. >> activists in georgia are calling for changes for the
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country's drug laws. at the moment those convicted of possessing cannabis face up to 14 years in prison which is almost as long as a murder sentence. as we have reports from tiblisi, they're working towards decriminalization. >> it's a party atmosphere for a serious protest. organizers say that they're sick of being criminalized just for wanting to get high. outside the prime minister's office urine samples pile up to protest the hundreds of random tests that police carry out each week. >> this is our right, and government does not have the right to put their hands in our bodies, taking our urine for testing without our consent. >> reporter: fines net the authorities an estimated
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$4 million a year. and there is no distinction between soft and hard drugs. waiting to be sentenced for marijuana possession. he faces up to 14 years in prison. >> marijuana users are created as criminals. they're jailed or forced to payee another must fines, which makes life so much worse. i know for examples that rural family who had to use a fine for marijuana. >> reporter: the government has said they may need to take a softer approach. >> it means that marijuana ute will not be decriminalized. we can discuss changing articles in the law. >> reporter: according to one study, an ngo advocating changes in drug policy say drug related
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offenses are on the rise. >> reporter: middle class georgians may be in the minority in this conservative country, a number have come out to bring their voice. as far as they're concerning it's not working. >> hundreds of sailors have arrived back in london after an around-the-world race. the teams were made up mainly of amateurs. we were in the victory parade in london. >> reporter: it was like a hero's welcome. they may not have chased the world but they've certainly seen a lot of it. this race had 270 amateurs on board from farmers to lawyers to housewives. one sailor just 21 years old. the full crew was nearly 700 strong. >> i was terrified to leave.
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when i got on, it was absolutely incredible. i've enjoyed every minute. i had a great race. to come in third is. 37 this traveled around the world in ten and a half months. >> the clipper race began in the u.k. on the first of september last year. initially heading to the southern hemisphere and rio de janeiro. from there it was across to south africa, cape town before the long journey to australia. after that it was up to singapore and then to china and across to the united states. to san francisco moving around the caribbean to new york city. and from the big apple briefly to northern ireland before
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docking back at the u.k. this is it, after 40,000 miles to some of the world's most hospital locations, the heart of london on a glorious summer's day. as you can see there is a lot of happiness, pride, and a little bit of nervousness because they know many of these crew members are already looking forward to their next adventure. who knows where that may take them. al jazeera, on the banks of the river times in london. >> we'll have the latest from europe. >> many thanks. just ahead andy will be here with all the sports. will these fans still be cheering on sunday? we'll see how germany is getting ready for sunday's world cup final.
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real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul.
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>> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> time for sport. >> getting ready to go through the ordeal of their first public appearance following their 7-1 defeat by germany in the semifinals. in an hour's time the host nation will be playing one of the stranger international fixtures. brazil taking on the netherlands for the rights to be remembered as the third best team th. coach scalari said that this should not overshadow what the
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team has done. >> i cannot see how people can only look at the result of just one match. if work is good there is not a fatality, a disaster that is going to change it, but i don't want to apologize or defend what happened. it doesn't interest me. what interests me is making it to the final, and i didn't make it. >> lee wellings. >> well, the brazil january public and thbrazilian public is still hurting. the 7-1 score line and performance from the brazilians mean they can't make up for it in this game. what they can do is just get some form of consolation to finish on a high. the opportunity is there for them.
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the coach does not want to play in this game at all. and he doesn't understand why fifa has it going on. but this is an opportunity for brazil to finish what really has been a dreadful tournament for them on a high. >> the germany squad have left their training base. they'll likely use the same starting line up. in 2012 the friendly between germany and argentina, argentina won. -1. >> this team has slept players. the team does not live for messi alone, although messi can be a
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great player. he can be decisive in every game. but this team is much better organized and they have shown this throughout the tournament. >> messi will have to be at his best if his country is to have a chance. >> i believe there are very teams in the world can beat the german team and i believe argentina team is one of them. he doesn't appeatomorrow they'll need him 100%. >> the last time germany won the world cup was in 1990 when they beat argentina. and german fans not feeling quite confident. nicnick spicer is in berlin to
2:53 pm
find out how germans are getting ready for the big day. >> reporter: the victory column celebrates 19th century military. the card circling below with the modern day football victory. the historic route of brazil. they're playing a little brazilian bossa nova, it's music to inspire extra confidence nonetheless. >> germany will win because they are the better players. >> up until now they have won every game. we saw it with brazil, 7-1, and in the first half 5 to 0 oh. there is nothing more to be said. >> the fan faces the berlin gate where the wall once ran.
2:54 pm
the football euphoria is impossible to describe, there is a new flag waving pride in the nation that started when german hosted the world cup in 2006. this year people from across the country are coming here to the capitol to see what they hope will be more history, a fourth world cup win. >> we look forward to it, and i know germans will enjoy it. and we'll be happy and thrilled. we would like to be part of it. yes. >> the final comes at a time when germany stands as europe's powerhouse in diplomacy and business. you get a feeling that some might swap all that for another world cup win. nick spicer, al jazeera. >> you well away from the world cup miami heat fans are facing life without lebron james. he announced he will be heading back to the cleveland
2:55 pm
cavaliers. >> lebron james is coming home. the 29-year-old posted this picture on instagram and told "sports illustrated" i always believed i would return to cleveland and finish my career there. lebron was raised in akron," jus,, ohios, just 65 kilometers from cleveland. >> i'm happy. the best player comes to your team. that's a great learning experience for me. to play along side the best in the game. >> lebron broke the hearts of the cleveland fans when he left in 2010. but now all is forgiven. >> everybody is happy.
2:56 pm
everybody has a smile on their face. >> that's a wonderful thing. thank you, lebron, you've done a wonderful thing for cleveland. all is forgiven. >> this is a great moment in sport history. >> reporter: lebron reached the nba final in all four of his seasons there, and winning the championship twice. he's been a free agent since the start of july after opting out of the final two years of his contract with the heat. >> it sucks. like i say, he had a big fan base over here. i feel like we supported him as if he's one of our own. now he's deciding to go back to cleveland. it's like a big middle finger to us. lebron said he can't promise the cavs a championship, but for now they're just happy to have their king back. >> francis has won his country's
2:57 pm
tour de france stage eight. there was a breakaway and he powered away from that group 25 kills meters in the end. he'll be finishing 2.17 over contadore. the lead is now 1.44. there is more on our website at i can tell you i in the match between england and india there is a lead of 128 runs. we have more coming up later on but that is all the sport for now. >> many thanks, indeed. i'll be back to update you with the day's top stories. but that will do it for the news
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>> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> >> i speak today for the voiceless, those who are illiterate, those you cannot come out of prison and speak for they selves. >> i did everything an innocent man could possibly do... everything that you love is taken away from you... >> i think the prosecutor has the greatest power of anybody in our society. he has the power of life and death... >> i was in prison for 21 years... faced on false allegations against me. >> you can check me for gun powder...