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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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hello, welcome to the newshour, i'm jane dutton in doha. iraqi forces have retaken the besieged town from amerli from islamic state fighters s protesters in pak tan call on the prime minister to resign. hong kong's political future in the balance. china says elections can go ahead, but it will choose the candidates. >> i'm robin with the sport.
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all the news from the tennis grand slam. mario returns, in action to liverpool. details in about 45 minutes time. . >> kurdish peshmerga and shia militias claim to have taken the northern iraqi town after fighting with the islamic state group. the town has been under siege for two months. sue turton joins he on the phone, 20km north of amearly. tell us about the retake of amearly. >> it was a joint operation between peshmerga and shia, trying to push through the ring.
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there's a ring around the town, and it has been bepeopled for the past 80 address. there has to be air drops of food and water. people were scared that the is fighters were so close to them. the peshmerga talk about how prnt it was that they broke the siege. that is what happened. they are telling us that they go all the way around the area, the area surrounding, to clear away the fighters. have been hearing gun fire pushing away to the north, was the place we have been out is 20km to the north. hearing gun nighting. peshmergas have broken through.
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they are telling us that there's a village there, and they are trying to take back from the fighters. the push is ongoing, but they got into the town. >> the push is ongoing. any ideas at this statement what their planning to -- at this stage what they plan to do next. how significant is the battle. >> i think what they do next is reliant on what is going on. they are honest. they could not have taken amerli. they have been relentless in june on saturday. u.s. fighter jet, iraqi helicopters, and iranian fighters jets pummelled the. >> s line. the peshmerga are saying they've been led by what is going on from the air. the areas are softening up and they are pushing in. taking amerli is significant for
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moral because they are worried about the turkman residents inside amerli. they were worried that the men would die. it's a small dent really, and a battle in the whole area. there was another area, way is further to the east of amerli. they have managed to make inroads in there. they have the momentum at the moment. how long they can keep pushing and whether they can hold the positions is a different matter. meanwhile australia is the latest nation to join a growing international coalition against islamic state fighters. tony abbott said his nation will provide guns and ammunition to support kurdish forces.
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as hoda abdel-hamid reports, american officials say they have never dealt with a fighting force like the islamic state. >> the scars of battle. the islamic state group use houses as defense lines before it was forced to retreat. they came home to find this. the group's fighters moved into the village in mud august. they did not just use the house as a base. they ate the food and used their clothes, and didn't give up without a fight. this is an organization that u.s. officials say is behind anything they have seen, each those engaged in combat say they faced well-trained fighters. >> they placed a few snipers in different houses, and they did all the way, the roads, put the
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tnt. >> reporter: the islamic state may have been pushed back. it is far from defeated. kurdish forces and elements of the army did not win the battle alone. dozens of u.s. air strikes supported the counter offensive. air power does damage. it may have been an option, but it's not always the case. they control cities, population centers, using air strikes there would cause mass civilian casualties. the kurds have been battling is on several fronts, but not in the strong hold where sunni arabs live. iraqis and former members are fighting alongside arabs. >> unfortunately most of the relatives are sunni, and they support, the people here are
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disappointed in government as a revenge action, i think they supported these people. >> the air cap pain slowed their progress in this corner of iraq. is, armed with u.s. equipment stolen from the iraqi army controls territory in syria, where the barack obama administration lacks allies, the war needs to be fought on the ground on both side of the border. it's a challenge since the governments in iraq and syria are not seen as legitimate by the sunnis. >> the united nations is negotiating with syrian rebels for the release of 45 u.n. peacekeepers. the troops from fiji are among hundreds mon forking the line -- monitoring the line between golan heights and sunni held areas. >> reporter: u.n. peacekeepers are caught in a conflict of
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which they have have no part. after 40 years of monitoring the goal of no engage. u.n. soldiers are held hostage in a war. the al nusra front released the id cards of 45 u.n. peacekeepers captured last week. it's one of armed groups battling the government, and accuses the u.n. ofsiding with the dam regime. >> we cannot confirm the exact location of our troops. continuing negotiations at all levels. it is the official negotiation team by the u.n. negotiations, negotiators. and also the local negotiation by the people on the ground with local contack. >> the u.n. says it's in touch with other parties that could help in negotiation.
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>> they try to use all possible ways and means to talk with them. and we are trying to get support from the countries that have influence. >> the al nusra appears open to negotiation. this weekend they released five of the lebanese soldiers during fighting on the border with syria. it continues to hold 24 lebanese soldiers and police officers, all of whom are shia. >> the u.n. managed to move two large groups of filipino peacekeepers threatened in the conflict. the bulk of forces have been withdrawn to the safety of the primary base in the is ray oil occupied part. >> the u.n. mission in the golan
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heights and the monitoring to the zone of disengagement. technically it is at war. >> elsewhere in syria - activists say 10 are killed and 12 others by air strikes. they say five children were killed in the city after government strikes there. several other people were injured. >> israel's prime minister said he will run for a fourth term in office. binyamin netanyahu's anaunsment comes from a speculation. a poll saw satisfaction. and his face increased criticism. there has been more fighting between protesters and police, coming after violence leaving three dead and 300 injured.
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they called for nawaz sharif to step down. kamal hyder is in islamabad. what is going on at the moment? >> well, the situation is still tense. scuffles are continuing as far as protesters and police are concerned. imran khan and dr tahir ul-qadri are talking through the supporters out there, and despite the fact that the government has used heavy hanned tactics, they have not been able to remove the protesters fro the venue. >> reporter: in identify are the protesters stand their ground. they staged a sit in. they won't go on fl the prime minister resigns. >> translation: we will not return until we achieve our
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objective. they have no justification. they don't have a legal justification for its existence. the demonstrators are led, saying that seek justice for their followers in ley hor, who were killed by police. opposition leader imran khan, who accuses the prime minister of corruption and electoral fraud. >> translation: i'm here with you, with you, and have been with you the entire fight. i will be with you until we get freedom for the country. >> with allah's help, move to your final destination. remain peaceful, peaceful. maintain my credibility. there should be no violence, no destruction. no violence. god willing, you will win the war. that message was disregarded on saturday night. they broke through police lines,
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tearing down the walls of parliament. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets. the army was called in to protect state buildingsment the military has tone over in times of civil unrest. this time there's little appetite for a coup. >> the pakistani military established that they are in any combative position to run the government. if they try to do that, they fail miserably, leaving pakistan in a --tic situation. -- in a terrible situation. >> this is an elected parliament. whether it can remain peaceful or not is critical to pakistan's future. >> i know the demonstrators says nawaz sharif is not good for the country, but the stand off, what impact is it having on the country? can it afford this? >> it cannot afford political
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instability, everything is at a stand still. parliament is no longer functional. protesters so close to parliament, it is unlikely that it will function at all. a dangerous time for pakistan's parliamentary democracy. if you look at pakistan's military interventions on numerous occasions, it is because of the changing political scenario here in pakistan, the fact that a large number of people are young, no one wants a domestic hold on the parties, and is playing into all this. however people are questioning as to what good this will do for a country that is back on the road for democracy. the military was supposed to be organising a senior commander's meeting, meeting in rawalpindi. the military was seen as the beginning of an arbitrator or
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mediators. the government stepped back. more would work, but everywhere will watch to see what the military has to say. the political crisis is going nowhere, and protesters are at the venue. >> thank you for that update, kamal. coming up, russia and ukraine exchange prisoners captured on each other's soil. what does it mean for the ongoing crisis. plus date diplomat. >> if it's safe to be here, why haven't official come to visit us. people worries as ebola spreads to sepp gal. khchelsea charms to the topf the premier league. robin has that later in sport. pro-democracy activists in hong kong say they'll take over
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the city's financial district in protest against china's refusal to allow democratic elections. can't dates chosen by beijing will be able stand. >> for hong kong, the announcement for china's parliament was anticipated. the political masters in beijing clarified how much democracy they'll tolerate. a mistakesman for the national people's congress has confirmed the election will be limited to a handful of candidates. there's a need to proceed in a steady and prudent manner because the sovereignty and improvement of the country is at stake. >> a small group of people in hong kong with political motives is trying to replace the law and came up with the nomination.
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the goal is to interfere with society and spent a grate amount of time discussing the agenda. >> the decision means that only candidates that meet with beijing's approval can stand in the election. the candidates need the endorsement of half the members of a nominating committee. beijing will select. >> it guarantees on election. there'll be no uppleasant surprises. >> when hong kong was returned to china as an autonomous region, beijing promised the autonomy a high degree of political autonomy. and the capitalist system continued. but the chinese government said that deal is being undermined. part of what is calls are foreign conspiracy to turn
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hong kong into a base of subversion. >> the foreign ministry in china races the issue and warns whoever is involved in this emanuelal forces or international forces, from avoiding using hong kong. >> reporter: for china, the matter of hong kong's political fewer has been finalised. and now expects hong kong to listen. roderick is in lion, an associate fellow at chat am house. thank you for joining us. china confirming that it won't allow the fuli demics elections to go ahead. what is china worried about. >> i think china - the main concern for china is to ensure that it controls the political processes in hong kong and the
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chief executive. so they don't want completely free and open elections, they want to be clear that the candidates will be fully supportive of china's aims. >> where does this leave hong kong then is this. >> well, this leaves those in hong kong who want more open elections in a very difficult position. china has spoken, pretty firmly and finally. they can protest, and they clearly will protest. the next step in hong kong would be for a bill to be put to the legislative council to introduce essentially the china programme. and they may well oppose that. if they oppose that, and the bill does not go through, there'll not be universal suf
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rig. >> you say pro-democracy supporters say they'll take over the financial district. is this something that china will allow, when you say they'll stop people being outspoken. how far are they prepared to go? >> this is the big question. it will be a challenge for the authorities as to how they handle the protests. the future will depend on how effective and sensible the hong kong government are in handling the protest, and whether or not it does somehow provoke the central government to feel they need to take a happened in it. >> good to talk to you roderick white. thank you very much. >> thank you. despite moscow's denials
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that it has a role in the crisis of ukraine, a prisoner swap has tape placement 63 ukranian soldiers were handed back in exchange for nine russian parr troopiers captured on ukranian soil. >> in russia's region on the border with ukraine, a late-night handover. the men were quiet as they grossed a checkpoint. 63 soldiers swapped for in my opinion russian paratroopers in a sign of cooperation. >> the negotiations were far from easy. thank god commonsense prevailed. i want to stress we don't abandon our people. from the first minutes our servicemen were detained. >> the ukrainian soldiers were trying to get away from fighting when they entered russian
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territory. >> its paratroopers crossed accidentally. ukranian authorities said the unit was on a special mission. kiev maintains russia is to blame. 1,000 russian soldiers were operating in the east. terrorists would not have been capable of conducting an operation without russian federation troops they are there. several russian marines were captured during one breakthrough operation. >> the deal was reportedly stuck between ukrainian president petro porashenko, and his russian counter part during talks in minsk. vladimir putin is calling for statehood to be considered. a stark progression from his previous calls for regional powers, heeding works that the
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point of no return is near, and na point is full-scale war. >> there has been a new eruption of iceland's bardabunga vol capo, scientists say the lava flow was calm, causing authorities to issue a code red warning to aviation. let's get the whether from richard. and we talk about flooding in the area. >> it looks like at the moment there is a risk of flooding. you can see the thick cloud extending down the south of mexico to the great lakes. we have another area of cloud and rain. that makes it well for a day or so. as you look at the forecast. you have rain extending all the way up to the eastern seaboard, and as we po from sunday through to monday, you can see the part
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through to the great lakes, where the risk of showers will develop. as we take them through to a tuesday, the rain is extensive. there'll be developments in the caribbean. there's an area of cloud moving towards the peninsula, this area here. it will fragment as it moves across the peninsula. once it gets into the bay, we could see it develop and over the next few days it will develop into a psych lop. the potential for the next few days means extensive flooding. it look like being a wet spell. >> thank you for that. lesotho's prime minister has taken control following what appears to be a coup.
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the south african president jacob zuma called a meeting in pretoria to resolve the crisis. we go to lesotho, with tania page. >> calm on the streets and cracks are wide open. the army may have withdrawn to its barrack, but the prime minister is in south africa, where he accuses the military of totalling to seize power. the deputy prime minister has taken charge. they told al jazeera, he is not trying to destabilize the country. >> this is not a coup. let's get if straight. i'd not still bee a deputy prime minister, the prime minister would not be a prime minister. if there is a coup that has tape place in lesotho. >> this is the first police station the military raided. one police officer was kill, three injured, and so was a soldier. the military says it was not an
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attempted coup. it was seizing weapons it believed would be supplied to the army. >> anyone with such a government creates a crisis. i'm calling on the military to put down their arms, sit and follow the right procedures. the army that we spent so much time training and putting together. >> the 2 year-old coalition government, the first collapsed in june, and parliament was suspended. the landlocked kingdom is surrounded by south africa. the prime minister has the full backing of south africa, the regional body saddicing and the african union, but not the
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military support. without that, his problems are far from over. aide workers in south sudan are reporting a rise in the number of eplansiated children arriving at food distribution centers. the u.n. children's agency deployed rapid response taxes to supply weapons, food. a fam yin is imminent in south sudan. health authorities in senegal are trying to track down people that may have come into contact with their first ebola person. world health organisation is sending personnel and people to contain the outbreak. it is the fifth county in south africa reporting ebola. for weeks a man with ebola lived here. most saw him.
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talk to to him. shook his happened. now this neighbourhood lies in fear that some among them may be sick. >> translation: he will not come down, it's too dangerous. some tell us we can catch it from the wind. >> behind the shutters, locked up notice people live here. he is a relative. family fear neighbours' rehabilitation if he comes out. it's not just the family, but the neighbourhood. this is a working class area, many migrants go into the city to work. now that there's a confirmed case in the neighbourhood. it's here that people are scared to enter. they can't get to work. taxis no longer stop here. why has p the ministry of health
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distributed equipment. if it's safe to be here, why haven't officials come to exist us. investigators are trying to identify and test people that may be infected. >> the virus. >> there's a growing sense of unease that a killer virus is gaping ground. >> coming up on al jazeera, south korea is ray tracting tourist. a -- is attracting tourists. a plus to the economy. but not everywhere is happy. plus bolivia's fighters defying conditions. and rory mcilroy looks to chase down the leaders at the season-ending fed ex cup.
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details later.
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here are the headlines - kurdish peshmerga fighters have retaken the northern town of amearly. the town has been under siege by is fighters for about two months. china will not hold fully democratic elections, deciding to preselect leadership candidates. pro-democracy activists threaten civil unreft in protest.
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>> dozens of protesters in islamabad are standing their ground. violence left three dead, and 300 injured continuing into sunday. >> let's go to the stop story, jane arraf joins me from baghdad. i want to talk about the retaking of amearly. i know you have been talking to people that have been there or lived there. what are they saying? >> a huge relief in amerli, 150km from baghdad. they have been under siege for two months, running out of food, water, and prepared to kill themselves if the islamic state advanced further. there's huge relief in baghdad. it's a huge victory of the the spokesman say it's increased moral. it's a rare victory. it couldn't have been done without the shia militia said,
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we see an interesting combination. fighters were sent to fight the u.s., and all in all a combination that worked to break the siege. >> good news for the communities there, and relief. what about all the other communities facing the is threat. what word of them? >> that is one of the things we have to keep in mind. they have managed to take back some towns, there's a lot of fighting going on, were there isn't fighting, there are munties that have been -- communities that have been scattered. among the most endangered, the yazidi. trying to figure out what comes next. not just for the families but for their religion.
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>> lighting the sacred fires. the keepers of the flame light 365 candles here every day at dusk. this is in the mountains of northern iraq. yazidi believe it's the first place that the sun's rays touch. to the yazidi, everything here is sacred, including the trees. that man's father and grandfather watched over the shrine. it's normally a place of peace. >> we have been walking this earth for a long time. since the time of the some airians, sum earians and the babylonians. we never hurt anyone. >> reporter: with the killings of hundreds of yazidi, and the capture of yazidi women, it's a
9:35 am
place of desperation. >> translation: rescue us. your people are suffering. they killed your sons and doubters. save our lives >> reporter: the normally quiet streets are packed with families, who fled when the fighters seized their towns. fighters are less than 60km away. young people are desperate to leave iraq. people came because they are safe, but they are not sure for how long. the yazidi say they suffer for than 70 massacres. never anything like that, that makes many of them want to leave their land. >> this man break his back in a car accident in sinjar. when the islamic state fighters came to their village, his father and brother carried him.
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after several days in the mountain, they walked 12 hours down again. they are staying in the school. he tied knot inside the temple. thanking god they he gay him one more chance to visit lal, sh. in libya 10 soldiers are dead, 25 wounded after soldiers launched rockets. it happened on saturday over an area controlled by forces of retired general khalifa haftar. the country split into factions, and have become rivals. in recent weeks more than 150 people have been rescued off the coast of tunisia. we have this report. in an empty warehouse, these
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young me are waiting to be registered. some are from eritrea and somalia. they can claim asil up in tunisia if they -- asylum in tunisia. many were from eritrea, and the fighting surrounded them. >> the first rocket landed. it didn't hit anyone. a second came. 20 were killed. when the thirdnd landed, we scattered. >> the tunisian coast card rescued the drifting dingy after two days at see. this is tunisia's maritime border. migrants and asylum seekers can't cross by land. tunisia and egypt say they can't let them in. they are forced to make a dangerous journey across the waters. it's the only way out.
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there are reports that fighters are preparing to battle. there's fear that it could spill over into tunisia, sending more migrants out to see. >> we are prepared to secure the borders against suspicious boats and confront lawlessness on the seas. >> it led to that. the red crescent in libya finding 300 bodies off the coast of the tripoli since july. >> this is why so many drown. the fisherman shows me this ripped dingy. on this occasion, they managed to pull in to tunisian shores. saving the lives of 70 people on board. >> the message is intervene as quickly as possible and stop the
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human smugglers sending these people into the sea. >> these migrants are worried about their friends in libya. some have been imprinted, other in heading, waiting to talk the yes. boat. the mediterranean sea remains a barrier of treatments for a better life. >> the u.n. secretary-general says they have raised the issue of al jazeera journalists with abdul fatah al-sisi. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have now spent 246 days in an san francisco prison. they received long sentences after a trial many saw as politically motivated. convictions are being appealed, and al jazeera continues to demand their release. >> this is a subject which i
9:40 am
have discussed with the president abdul fatah al-sisi immediate after he was elected, and i have been emphasising the sponsor of freedom of teach and particularly ensuring the safety and security of journalist for the situation whichever agencies that it is working for, i emphasise that i urge him to take the necessary action. we regret we have not seen, and reporters are on the reputation. i hope they'll be released soon. >> indian prime minister narendra modi is in turkey to meet japanese counterpart shinzo
9:41 am
abe. they went to a village where the two counties are already working together. >> reporter: native japanese food after a hard day's work. at a small diner japanese workers are trading stories about doing business in india. >> they go through everything a to z and schedule everything. everything should be done on time. steams it's very difficult to do such things in india. honda, a business partner, is trying to help both sides work together. >> bridging the gap, explaining to japanese people, that they are not like others. listen to the ideas. adapt. >> dykan is one of 30 japanese
9:42 am
firms trying to adapt to india in a purpose-built manufacturing hub in rajasthan. >> translation: we are confident the exact will be in the future. the more indians na use our project, the better for us and them. >> this village was an old fort. but from fertile plains to factories of the future, it's at the heart of a special japanese economic zone, the first of its kind in india, attracting $1 billion in japanese investment, transforming the economy. one hour from here the story is ditch. a partnership between indian car manufacturer was plagued by strike by local workers.
9:43 am
the locals are cautious of the impact of development. >> when we sold the land we received around $100. >> trade between india and japan is heating up. multibillion deals could help to revive the economies of both countries. it may be some time yet before either side can toast to long-term success. >> south korea is said to become the number one destination for chinese tourists, some are going for the economic opportunities, as harry fawcett reports. >> on the slops of a famous landmark. a stream of tourists shows up. the dominant language is not
9:44 am
carr korean, but mandarin. the air is good. everything is comfortable. >> lots of korean dramas are filmed. we wanted to come here ourselves. >> since visa free entry five years ago, numbers have boomed. a boost for the number one industry. >> translation: chinese tourists account for 75% of foreign visitors. the money spent contributes to a portion of the local economy. it's not just duty free shopping. they are buying property, thanks to a deal rewarding permanent residents in return. many are partly backed by chinese money. some fear too much development is planned on an island where the selling point is natural
9:45 am
beauty. >> as chinese investors focus on large-scale developments, the benefits are getting smaller. at the same time environmental deg radition continues. >> the next phase of this resort is on hold. for the benefit that kipees money has brought to the economy, there's concern about less welcome side effects. the newly elected governor ordered reviews. backed by chinese money, and singapore yab and hong kong. he's examining large projects cross the island. work on the dream tower has been stopped as detailsar reviewed. development deals need to be honoured, but they node to be good for the locals. >> translation: it could be
9:46 am
problematic, only if they ipp vet and operate by -- invest and operate by themselves. >> attracted by the environment, ease of travel, warmth of the weather and the welcome, the chinese preps on the island is set to grow. it's causing under currents of concern. sports update shortly. the u.s. open claims another big name casualty. all the action from flushing meadows coming up.
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. >> in bolivia, a group of women are taking their fight to the wrestling wing. >> reporter: walking her daughter to the corner store, it's hard to imagine that this woman has an alter ego. that she is on a first name basis and bolivia's top wrestling cope, and every sound afternoon she dons a hat, four scarfed and a shawl and heads to the ring, engaging in ferocious combat with other female wrestlers. she is one of the indian women who and way of life, but use wrestling to express themselves. >> before it was proight for
9:49 am
prohibited for those of us to enter the shopping malls. johanna has been wrestling professionally, and has been inspired by the stars shed yolized as a -- idolised as a child. the father of her three kids beat her. so she wrestled out of self-defence. she found others to start a league. tourists and locals line up for hours to witness matcheses against those that may look like rivals, but are together in the fight for economy. >> i am more sure of myself. no one can humiliate me. >> reporter: powerful words from a powerful one jg.
9:50 am
let's stick with sport. more calm. >> football. and liverpool have knew signing mario in his day due against tottenham hot spur. signed for $29 million, could he but the visitors into the lead. the header saved by the goalie. taking the lead 6 minutes later. sterling with a back-post tap in from jordan helpeder son. goals from alberto. 3-0 so liverpool. two other games on sunday. aston villa could go third, leading hull city, and arsenal away to lester in the late game. >> khel vi joint with the terri leigh. mowerinia's side - scoring for a third. two golds, helping chelsea to a
9:51 am
6-3 win, maintaining the blue's perfect start to the often. >> also getting on to the score heat. >> they play to bin, to score. we play to win, to score. when you have two teams, it's possible to happen lots of goals. let's move to germany, and champions bayern munich dropped point. alonso making a debut. robert l, vandovski putting them into the lead. chalker fighting back, grabbing the equalizer. 1-1 the time score. leading bayern on four points. they had a better time.
9:52 am
coming from behind. that's two for leverkusen. top of the table with such points. >> barcelona and real madrid had the chance to go top. real will travel to real sociedad. atletico mad rid won:. >> tennis, and players continue a push for the last 16 place at the us open. the number one seed through. another top player jumped out. richard has the action. >> the top women's seed pay be tum bliping. in the -- tumbling. >> in the men's it's not the case. novak djokovic booked his place
9:53 am
in the last 16. eight in a row. he'll take on general assembly's philip cole schrieber. >> the serb will be joined by 2012 winner. they had a shaky performance. they had four sets to beat the opponent. he'll now face joe wilfred tsonga. >> i have won a lot against them. so, yes, it matches well. he's obviously playing extremely well just now. i'm aware that it will be a very tricky match. >> defending champion shareen williams is through -- serena williams is through to the fourth beating her opponent. the 17-time grand slam champion,
9:54 am
bidding for a third consecutive title, had to put up with windy conditions she took control of the match, taking it 6-3, 6-3. >> i can't believe i am in the second week. it's like a dream come true at this point. i'm being star castic. >> -- sarcastic. >> reporter: another player expected to make it through was viticcar. the number three seed beaten by alexander kun itch, 6-3, 6-4, the first time the number 145 beat anyone inside the top 70. golf news, ryan palm area has -- palmer has been joined
9:55 am
at the top of the leader board. he could only shoot a round 63, closing on eight underment jane day was 3 under for his round. world number one is five shots behind in a tie for 17. the northern irishman leaving him on 3-under par. >> had a lot of good putts and saves. good long birdie puts. had to grind. i didn't have it all. >> overall happy with how, you know, i played over the last couple of days. to be in contention last week and this week with 36 holes knows the hard work that i put into the game over the last 4-5 weeks is paying off. >> the first openly gay football
9:56 am
player has been dropped by his team. he was picked up by the st. louis rams. the 24-year-old failing to make the 53-man squad ahead of the openers. one of 22 players released by the rams. >> well, there was no distraction. if someone perceived or thought that it may be a distraction. they were not in the building. that is the - i have been saying that, this is a football decision. mike fit in very, very well. he was fun to be around. a good team-mate. there was no issue there. assize said earlier. i was -- as i said, i was pulling for him. >> will powers has been crowned 2014 indian car winner. 4th time lucky for the 33 earled. powell was a finalist in 2010
9:57 am
and 2012. finally able to seal the deal at the autoclub speedway. starting in 21st position. his maiden career in the title. moet g.m. champion - marquez charming bass lorenzo taking the flag, making it 11 wins from 12 races third to valentino rossy. also from the yamaha team. >> plenty more on us open tennis,, as well as how to get in touch with the team. joms al jazeera america/sport is the address. thank you for watching this al jazeera newshour. steven cole will be here with the next bulletin.
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from me jane dutton and the rest of the team. bye-bye. >> hundreds of days in detention. >> al jazeera rejects all the charges and demands immediate release. >> thousands calling for their freedom. >> it's a clear violation of their human rights. >> we have strongly urged the government to release those journalists. >> journalism is not a crime.
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