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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> shut the camera.... >> from oscar winning director, alex gibney, a hard hitting look at the real issues facing american teens. the incredible journey continues... on the edge of eighteen only on all jazeera america
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>> some kind of accommodation is going to have to be found in the weeks and months ahead. paul brennan, al jazeera, donetsk. >> new video of ray rice led the ravens to suspend him indefinitely, and showing rice, wow, punching his then fiancé and now wife in the face. he received a two-game suspension for the incident.
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>> what which saw before was horrible, then we get a greater idea of how vicious this was. the criticism was also aimed not only rice but the nfl and the ravens after receiving a two-game suspension. the release of new video has led to severe punishment for the ravens running back. >> reporter: shortly after ray rice and then fiancé now wife was arrested in february for an domestic violence incident in atlantic city, the nfl would do its own investigation. and accepted a non-guilty plea and enter a program for first-time offenders.
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commissioner goodell also met with rice and his wife who apologized for their role in the incident. >> i deeply regret the incident that night. but i'm happy that we can work together. >> reporter: goodell suspended rice for the first two games of the season. tmz released video from inside the elevator is new information for the league to examine. the nfl had requested any and all information from the incident including video from the elevator. they said this is the first time that anyone in the league office had seen video from inside the elevator. goodell announced new penalties for any prayer involved in
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domestic violence. first offend. suspension. second offense, banishment from the league for one year with the possibility of reenstatement. roger goodell said, quote, i take responsibility for the decision and for insuring that our actions in the future probably reflect our values. i didn't get it right. simply put, we have to do better, and we will. >> well, the league now plans to reexamine events that that altercation. the team was set to pay rice $10 million over the next three seasons. a spokesperson for the casino in atlantic city, which is now closed told "abc news" that the hotel gave a copy of the elevator to the police but did not give it to tmz and denied
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giving it to the nfl. >> did the league ask for someone in the office to have a look at the video? >> in the statement that the league announced today realized today they did not indicate whether they had it. they said they asked for it. they did not receive it. today was the first time they could view it. >> that's a full investigation. that's what the league office promised. did they not promise a full investigation? >> yes it did. >> there are still plenty of questions that the league will have to answer and the commissioner roger goodell around this whole episode. >> if what he said is true, they didn't see the video, then they have every right to go forward and apply more punishment. >> but if they had seen the video. >> they have now given stiffer penalties for it. they're trying. >> it was a two-game suspension originally.
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>> yes. >> thank you. coming up on al jazeera america. a rare virus that is sending more than a thousand kids to the hospital. there are fears that it might be spreading. an update is next. @
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is jew. >> a respiratory virus has sent a thousand children to the hospital in 12 states so far. it's a cold that can become much more serious very quickly. we go to where some of the first clusters were identified. diane, good to see you, how concerning is this illness? how concerned should we be? >> "r." >> reporter: parents are being told not to panic but to be concerned especially if a child has asthma or is very young. the symptoms which are very similar to the common cold, coughing, sneezing, acute respiratory distress. that's exactly what happened to a little girl in chicago.
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her 20-month-old daughter had a cough for a couple of days, and then suddenly the little girl had trouble breathing. she rushed her daughter to the doctor's office. >> they sent us here to the hospital. ever since then they've been working on us. she's been on oxygen, and giving her treatments to help her out. >> and she has been in the hospital a week already. her mother thinks that she'll probably be here another week. tony? >> so diane, what can parents do to actually protect their kids from getting this virus? >> well, basically follow the same procedures you would during the cold and flu season. have your kids wash their hands regularly. exercise good hygiene. disinfect counter tops, get a flu shot.
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just keep a careful eye on your child if he or she starts exhibiting those symptoms. those cold symptoms. >> i don't think its necessary to seek emergency room care if your symptoms are mild. put if you are developing some of those more severe respiratory symptoms, shortness of president, easing, then at that point it's important to seek medical attention. >> there is good news from kansas city that mercy children's hospital in kansas city has already seen about 500 suspected cases. i talked to the hospital earlier this afternoon. they were seeing 30 cases a day a week ago. today they're seeing about 20 cases. they're thinking that the virus may be dissipating there. >> diana estherbrook. thank you. a dip in crude oil led to some losses. the s&p 500 lost six points and
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the nasdaq gained over nine points pay. g.e. sold it's iconic brand to a swedish company. electrolux agreed to pay for the home appliance division but will continue to use the g.e. brand. in 1905 it introduced the first electric toaster. yes. millennials are skipping credit. a new study finds 63% of twenty-somethings don't have a single credit card. they say they have too much debt already from student loans. 20% of millennials who do have cards pay off their balances each month. president obama said the immigration delay is to make sure that the plan will be stable. we'll be back in a moment.
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>> returning now to one of our top stories. the white house said that president obama will wait to act on immigration because he wants to make sure that it is done right. advocates are disappointed that the president will not act now. others call it a political stunt. the president reiterated that he will act if congress does it. >> we have a senate bill that would accomplish that. the house republicans refuse to do it. what i said to them was if you do not act on something that is so common sense that you got labor, business, evangelicals, law enforcement, you got folks across the board supporting t i'm going to look for all the legal authorities i have to act. >> and joining me now for more on this is marshall fitz, at the center of american progress, a
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liberal think tank. congressman gutierrez is accusing the president of playing with people's lives. it almost never leads to fairness and justice. and to good public policy. is the congressman right on this one? >> well, i agree with him that there is never a bad time to do the right thing. in that sense i completely agree with him. there are political calculations made every day in this town, and sometimes they are the right ones. sometimes they are the wrong one. there are risks going now. there are risks delaying. i think we have to focus on the fact that the president is going to need to act, and he's going to need to go as big as he possibly can in terms of taking the steps to start fixing what is clearly broken immigration. >> let's take the president at his word here and gain some insight into maybe his thought process.
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did this step need to be taken in your view to insure longer lasting immigration reform? >> it's an open question. some people argue that if he had acted now, the senate had flipped and the republicans had taken control then the issue would have been blamed for the senate flipping. i don't think this issue would have had that impact. that was the calculation. if it had been blamed then it could have set the issue back awhile. i think his view is take this out of the white-hot kind political. >> let's talk about what happened this summer. how did the immigration narrative take place in the wave
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6 accompanied minors in a wave coming across the southern border? >> yes, it was a very interesting time. just like that. in a snap there was really a shift in the public's perception about the border. largely because the way the reporting had been sensationalized of what happened there. yes, there were lots of young kids coming. but they were not coming to the border. the border was not insecure. they were showing up and saying, have mercy on me. i'm fleeing incredible violence and a an incredible situations in my own country. they were effectively refugees, but that was turned into a narrative in actually the border is insecure and played into the republicans' talking point in not reinforcing the law. >> should the president have tackled a small portion of immigration reform with executive action, something like
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border security until more comprehensive reform could have been inacted? >> i don't think that would have worked out. >> don't do it piecemeal? >> exactly. i think he would have been hit either way and people would have complained he wasn't focusing on the right things. the republicans never would have been satisfied. i think its better, he ripped the bandaid off and said look, we're going to it hold off on this until after the election. then we're going to do what is really a--take a spectrum of steps towards fixing the system. it's not going to be just dealing with the undocumented. there will be some enforcement reforms and there will be changes to the business immigration system. i think there is a lot that the president can do. i think the public will largely support it. it will really be taking steps to move the process forward, but i think he'll also take pains to remind everyone the truth, which
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is only congress can ultimately solve the problems aflicking our broken system. >> can we go to the senate, inspanned our view a little bit and look at 2016. dems can't win the election without latinos voting in big numbers, but they can lose the white house if they win latinos and lose with independents and white males. does that make sense? >> the dems can't? yes, so i think the calculous here is pretty clear. republicans have been running a white's only strategy for a number of years. it's starting to catch up with them because the demographics are shifting so quickly, much more quickly than they anticipated. so even if the democrats just go back to say the 2004 election levels in terms of the support
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where bush had an historic run at the latino voters, say 40%. even if we go back to that time and were able to secure those same levels, because of the increase in the electorate in terms of latino voters, it would be impossible for them to win even ohio, the fact of the matter is that demographics are destiny here, and until the republicans figure out a way to actually make better inroads into minority voters in this country they're going to never be hanging curtains in the oval office again. i don't think that's forever, but i do think that's something that they got to be looking at. i wouldn't want be running as a republican presidential candy in 2016 and having to run against the president having taken significant executive action in november.
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>> yes, yes, yes, i asked a pretty sloppy question there, and you really handled it. marshall fitz, at the center for american progress. that's a liberal think tank from washington, d.c. marshall. thank you for your time. looking at news around the world. qatar confirms it has two labor researchers. one sent a message to his family saying they were being held due to a paperwork issue. qatar has come under fire after reports that workers had died from over heating and dehydration. the in afghanistan abdullah abdullah said he's the clear winner of the election and rejects any other outcome. the results will be announced in an audit to identify fraudulent ballots. a spokes moo spokesman warned
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that his supporters could incite violence, but he urged the public to remain calm. families of the mh 370 flight that disappeared met. >> for 30 people such a reunion was not possible this year. their loved ones were on the malaysian airliner that vanished march 8th. >> all day long we don't know what to do. we feel tortured. rehaven't gotten any
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compensation. >> she lost five members of her extended family and said they were physically abused during a recent altercation with police. >> one man was seriously beaten up. it was very brutal. >> this man said that his six-year-old son was a target after the pair tried to sleep the night at a support center two months ago. >> i was holding my son. the policeman came and grabbed him and threw him into the police car. he was so scared. >> police have failed to respond to those allegations, but authorities insist they have done everything they can for the families. [ crying ] >> above the grieving he reads out a poem dedicated to the missing. even know they have not given up hope. we're all expecting our loved ones to come home, he tells
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them. such open displays of emotion are frowned upon by the authorities. and by now police have clearly had enough. but they can't stifle this grief. after six months it remains real and raw. adrian brown. al jazeera, beijing. >> new york city police officers will get annual training on the use of force. maria ines ferre had as that story and more headlines making across the headlines in the u.s. >> reporter: the training comes the following of a choke hold death of an unarmed man this summer. new york police chief william brattan said that the program will begin next month and expand over 20,000 officers who patrol the streets. it will include how to talk with the public, how to de-escalate tension and how to use force if necessary. new orleans former mayor ray
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nagin went to prison today. a public defender in new orleans is appealing his conviction. 100 hikers at yosemite park are glad to be safe after a fast-moving wildfire forced a series of helicopter rescues a small brushfire exploded into a large wall fire sunday. it prompted officials to evacuate the hikers. >> i didn't expect the helicopter, but things happen. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters were working to extinguish the fire and it is believed to have been sparked by a lightening strike on july 20th. it burned 700 acres and sent smoke rising behind the iconic peak that dominates the yosemite valley. statewide emergency for areas impacted by flooding. storms flooded homes and
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highways and took out poor in some areas. phoenix with a record of rainfall in a single day with three information from midnight. the area usually gets about that much for the entire summer. >> look at those pictures. >> they're not used to that kind of rain. >> no, not at all. you're looking at the ray rice story on social media. >> reporter: there are reactions. >> that is hot. >> reporter: yes. >> for sure. the panama has worked for several years to control its epidemic of criminal gang. the success is off to a slow start. rachel levine is in panama city with more. >> reporter: hector refuses to let his guard down even during his early morning workouts. so many members of his family have been killed by gang violence. he now has a police guard 24 hours a day. after his eldest son had become with gangs was murdered hector
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denounced the killers and became a target himself. he survived several attempts on his own life but other innocent members of his family have not been so lucky. he said the makes make live a living hell for everyone in his neighborhood. >> they traffic drugs, extort us, steal from us. try to evict us. they force us to hide our weapons and drugs, if we don't do it they threaten to rape our daughters. they're animals and barbarians. >> reporter: gang activity has exploded in panama. over 90% of the murders last year were connected to gangs. the president announced an amnesty program for gang members who turned in their weapons in july. so far more than 1,000 people have participated and joined rehabilitation programs. this playground is in the middle of a battleground where gangs are fighting for territory. they live in the buildings that surround this football field, and they have names like baghdad
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and vietnam 23, but despite the government's efforts to help people get out of gangs, people here tell us that those efforts don't go far enough. >> tired of the violence these gang leaders turned in their weapons after committing crimes for years. everything from selling drugs to murder. but they are skeptical that the government understands the roots of the problem. >> people grow up watching family members get killed. that pain and resentment stays with you and you continue the cycle of violence. >> if the government doesn't give us jobs, this will never end. they need to keep young people easy and give them opportunities. otherwise it will be chaos. >> as for hector, he had no sympathy for those who joined the ranks of the gangs. he said only a heavy hand from the government will eradicate them for good. only when that happens will he be able to run without looking over his shoulder.
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rachel levine. al jazeera. panama city. >> ray rice in a video showing him punching his wife. that case and the nfl. that's next. only on all jazeera america
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>> okay, we need to bring the passion of the discussion we had during the commercial break to this now. ray rice has been suspended indefinitely from the nfl, and the ravens cut him today. take a look at this video. it reportedly shows rice punching his wife, then fiancé in this video. now wife in the face. in the atlantic city hotel. originally he received a
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two-game suspension. jamie, because i think a lot of people are under the impression that prosecutors in atlantic city in new jersey didn't do a thing with this case. but that's not the case. rice avoided trial by pleading not guilty to a third-degree aggravated assault charge, and avoided jail time by entering a pre-intervention program for first-time offenders. >> he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge than he might have been convicted of had he gone to trial. >> so was this case handled appropriately? was this case handled appropriately by the prosecutors? >> this is a sense that this was a celebrity-handled case. but those of us who work in candlelight vigil cases know this is a pretty typical disposition of this kind of case. >> really? >> well, he had no record. there is evidence that his then fiancé now wife was not going to
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testify against him. now, the video to california have been used. prosecutors don't have to have the victim to pursue the case. but without the victim on the stand it's difficult to get a jury to convict. if he's willing to do treatment and counseling with his fiancé soon to be wife, often prosecutors think that's a better as a result than pushing him to trial and a continued relationship of violence of what is often a cyclical and symbiotic relationship. >> you work in this area. >> i work in domestic violence shelters and also was a prosecutor and handled cases just like this one. >> troy, to your way of thinking was this handled appropriately? >> absolutely. prosecutors and judges bend over a backwards to make sure that there is not even the appearance of special treatment.
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there is nothing that would be worse for a prosecutor than the star witness not agreeing to testify. that's what we heard here. without her testimony they got nothing. >> troy, talk to me about how you present this kind of a case. the arguments that you make to a prosecutor, to a judge, in a courtroom, when the video is this graphic. what kinds of arguments do you make for this kind of treatment of a case and the fact that he's a first-time offender. walk me through that a bit. >> so, i watched the video again and again before coming on today. and there's a few things that i noticed. first, now, let me just say i don't want to get the nasty e-mails and letters. >> you're going get ready. >> get ready. >> there is never an excuse for domestic violence. never ever an excuse. however we could see her walking or rather stumbling into the elevator on her way in. she has what we call an unsteady gait, which is a characteristic
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of someone impaired by drugs or alcohol. we see her leaning on the elevator getting in. then when inside the elevator having the scuffle it appears she's coming at him. >> so you're setting up a scenario-- >> i just want to say its good that this case never went to trial because that would not win at trial. he popped her in the face and knocked her out. i'm a criminal offense attorney and i understand the need to defend the client, but anyone who is at home can take a look at the full run of the video. and this is one of the most--i think we have to presume someone-- >> it's clear she comes at him. >> she comes at hum but there is no excuse for a football player to not his wife out cold. the fact is. >> that's true. but is the person supposed to cower? are they-- >> yes, he's supposed to cower. he's supposed to cower. he knocked her out cold. if you watch the full run of the tape. he knocks her out cold and then
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proceeds to drag her out of the elevator. i propose to you that he took that deal because he knew darn well, and i can't curse on national television. >> well, you would. >> he knew darn well if that tape surfaced he would be in for a long prison sentence. >> you would try everything in your power not to have that tape entered before grand jury, maybe the grand jury saw it. >> certainly did. >> sure, i could yell and scream to try to not get that video in. the video is coming in. the video does speak for itself. it does appear it's a situation involving mutual combat. >> troy, let me ask you what your thoughts are oh about the decision by the nfl and the baltimore ravens to cut him and the league to suspend ray rice indefinitely. >> those are two separate issues. with regard to the ravens, i'm sure his contract has a moral and ethics clause. he did not do anything that
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would bring a negative light on the team or the nfl. now with regard to the nfl, if they knew about what was in this video prior--when they gave him the two-game suspension and the fine, then it seems like that video coming out now shouldn't cause any additional punishment. >> i agree with that. >> roger goodell said they got it wrong. they even changed their policy in the nfl that is on people that are convicted of or accused of vieness. >> i agree with tyler on that last point. if they knew what they knew now, then i agree with troy. but i do have to say one very, very important thing that we've not mentioned, and that is about domestic violence. these are the hardest cases, i think troy may agree, to defend. because you have a cycle of violence. not just in the relationship and it's a symbiotic and destructive relationship. it recurs. it recurs ove over and over
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again, and it's usually passed down from one family to the next. it's a culture that accepts it. it's gotten better from the 80's into the 90's, and now the 21st century. >> his wife apologized. >> yes. >> troy, we have to go. jamie, troy. some current nfl players are certainly reacting. boy, strong statement tots ras to the ray rice video. >> reporter: some former nfl players are now questioning who saw or knew about this video before today. london fletcher writing nfl owners need to hold roger goodell accountable and found out when he first saw this video. chris cluc kluwe said, let's be clear.
4:55 pm
the ravens releasing ray rice is because people are upset that his behavior was made public. they had no issue before. another wrote, we must speak up, stand up for what's right. i don't give a damn who you are, how much money you make, no place for this. and another nfl player says, nfl players association should demand that ray rice be banned from the nfl. i'd be damned if i had to be associated with him. >> we'll see what this photographer learned. that story ex.
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>> for 30 years an award winning photographer has been documents iceland, and the coldest places on earth. places that are disappearing. >> couldn'ting the lives of those whose worlds are rapidly changing and the unforgiving landscapes they inhabit.
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>> i can't paint. it's horrible. when i draw or paint something, my paintings are my photographs. i wanted to get something, and then i saw what is happening, thinking this is fading away. it's disappearing. i have to document that. i have to do it the way like how would a painter do it. >> in doing so rex has won dozens of awards and at times risked his life. in green land waiting to catch this hunt in mid kill knew things could things could quickly go wrong. >> he had lost his bullets. we were on the ice far away, no bullets, and wilderness all around us. we had to fight back the weather. the ice was cracking. >> this exhibition is particularly special to rex.
4:59 pm
being in a relatively small space he had to choose all of the images very carefully. these, he said, are his favorite. icelanders themselves say that rex has shown a spotlight on their country. >> i think its great. the composition, and the pictures are amazing. >> they're amazing. he's one of our best photographers. he has been for three decades. >> praise that's difficult for rex to take as he sees his work as both a blessing and a duty in the face of climate change abroad and at home. >> iceland is kind of something like you have a nose on your face, but you don't see it unless you look in a mirror. i see it more in other countries than here. but it's changing in front of me. >> a daunting prospect for a man deeply connected to this region as he watches and catches it slowly melting away.
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al jazeera. >> good stuff. that is all of our time for this news hour. i'm tony harris in new york city. thanks for being with us. if you would like the latest on all of our stories at this news hour you can head over to our website at "inside story" is next. . >> so stop me if you've already heard this one. congress won't play ball with the president on a big issue. president says he'll move ahead without congress then says never mind. well, at least until november. the president, the midterm elections and immigration reform, it's the inside story.


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