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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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the website, on facebook, google+. and you can find us on twitter. see you next time. jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. personal foul. an nfl star fired after a release of a brutal video of domestic assault. people say he's getting off easy. a new offensive. president obama is ready to outline his strategy for stopping islamic state. are it could take five years. threatening beheading on the streets of new york.
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why it took so long to respond. apple set to are unveil a newer smarter iphone. what it could mean for your privacy. we begin tonight with an nfl controversy that goes far beyond sports. star running back ray rice was cut from the baltimore ravens today, suspended indefinitely by the league. response to a disturbing video that shows rice punching his then fiancee in the elevator. michael eaves has more. john, you remember a fire storm that emerged over ray rice and his then fiancee. criticism, after he received just a two-game suspension. the release of this nud video
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however -- new video, where of the star running back and his fiancee. >> ray rice and his are wife jenae, potentially issuing its own punishment regardless of any evidence handed down by the da's office. accepted a not guilty plea on the provision that he would attend diversionary program. initial video from outside the elevator, where the altercation took place, commissioner roger goodell met with rice and his wife who both apologized for the incident and said they would were work through their issues. >> i do apologize for my part of
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this incident. >> tmz's release of video from inside the elevator appears to be new evidence for nfl to examine. the nfl had requested any and all information from the incident including video from inside the elevator but it was not made available by local law enforcement. a spokesman also said this was the first time that anyone from the league office had seen video from the elevator. in the wake of the announcement that his punishment was not enough, first offense, automatic six game suspension, second offense, would lead to banishment for one year with the possibility of future reinstatement. rice apologized saying, my disciplinary, commitment and whether we understood the toll that domestic violence inflicts
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on so many families. i take responsibility for both the decision and that our acts in the future properly reflects our values. i didn't get it right. simply put we have to do better and we will. by suspending rice indefinitely it now gives goodell, the right cmentd cutting him from the roster and speaking of the team earlier this evening ravens head coach john harbaugh addressed the media and reinforced that monday was the first time the nfl had viewed the video from inside the elevator. it changed things but he stopped short in explaining why. >> i don't want to get into all that. i don't think of it that way. >> you said it changed for you. how did it change after
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seeing -- >> i don't know if i want to get into all the details. i think it's pretty obvious. >> so michael when you see that video would you assume that ray rice will never play in the nfl again? >> i wouldn't assume this because america is all about second chances and if you are sincere in your apologies, eventually you get a second chance. also the league has already seen examples of guys getting in trouble off the field but are able to come back and play again, probably most notably michael vick. he went to prison but is in the league now. one thing pointed out john during the suspension he is not allowed to sign with any other team in the nfl nor is he able to go to canada and play with the canadian football league. they have an agreement 1.with the nfl, because during suspension no cfl teams will sign him.
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>> the white house reacted tonight in a statement press secretary josh earnest says, the president is the father of daughters. hitting a woman is not something a real man does and that's true whether or not an act of violence happens in the public's eye or behind closed doors. stopping domestic violence is something bigger than football. attorney rive martin joins us, riva welcome. do you think the nfl had access to this tape or they just got it now? >> you know john that question has come up throughout this day and for many it's difficult to believe that the nfl with all of its power access you know and high powered lawyers that they weren't able to gain assess to that tape. and people are asking the question you know whether this is about the domestic violence or the heinous acts that we saw on that tape, or is this really just about damage control, and you know, media? because it took tmz releasing
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the tape for nfl to take the kind of action that we saw that it took today in terms of the indefinitely suspension and the termination of rice's contracts. >> is it possible they knew about the tape and didn't want to see it? >> i think that's possible and i have to ask in this investigation even in the absence of the tape, a thorough investigation seemingly would have led to the same information. we know that the tape was shoand rice pulling his then fiancee now wife like a sack of groceries. what questions were asked, who were they asked and how thorough the investigation? >> they knew about the situation, what changed today? >> you know i think embarrassment. i think humiliation, i think public's outrage of actually visually, the optics of that tape i think is going to be very difficult for the nfl or the team to support what happened to
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rice. he didn't do any jail time. he had the six month diversionary program for two game -- >> how did that happen? >> a complete failure of our criminal justice system. your reporter talked about michael vick, 24 months in jail for his conduct with respect to animals. ogod knows his conduct was inexcusable. but when you compared that to the beating that that woman got on that tape, and he no jail time, all i can say is a complete failure of the criminal justice system. >> what happened tod da. >> the da, he was indicted on a felony. the da had the opportunity to oppose thatting, and push for a more sears sentence but he didn't. >> he will never be charged with a crime? is that the case. >> that case is over, double
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jeopardy is the case and there will be no criminal penalties. in a weird way there is still the civil lawsuit which his wife is not likely to ever happen but she was assaulted and in our civil courts one can seek damages for that kind of assault. not likely to happen but i think more seriously the issue of the criminal penalty here which is laughable. >> so the authorities had the videotape we think. is that right? >> we are told that the police had the videotape and possibly the prosecutor when he went in to get the indictment. you know, initially the charges were simple assault. they were upgraded to a third degree felony. we are hearing from an ex casino employee that the nfl and the ravens did have the tape. there is some confusion who had what and what time period. >> how embarrassing is this for nfl and for criminal justice system? >> i think it's really bad. it's bad all the way around.
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it's bad for women. it's bad for professional sports. think about the message at a this sends. again, it's knot team that said this kind of conduct is unacceptable, you will lose your job, which is the case if it was any other profession. but the public exposure of this video which has led to the results that happened today. that shouldn't be. this kind of violence shouldn't happen and it should be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. >> this is one case. how often does this happen today? >> it happens a lot john and women are reluctant to report domestic violence and statistically the chances of being convicted and to do any jail time for domestic violence charges are almost tantamount to winning the lottery. that is despite the 1994 domestic voirnls act passed in the federal government by bill clinton when he was president. still the number of women who suffered domestic violence
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hasn't dropped dramatically in the last couple ever decades. >> riva thank you very much. >> thank you john. >> white house designing a strategy to stop the islamic state group. on wednesday president obama scheduled to announce his plans to the nation. mike viqueria has more. >> after a month of mixed messages on the fight against the islamic state group coming from the president the vice president and top officials, the president will get everybody on the same page. he announced in an interview yesterday that he will be giving a speech on wednesday to talk about the strategy to take the fight to the islamic state group, perhaps into syria itself. in the meantime, the president is making very clear there are a couple of things that will happen. a couple of things that will not lap. first he's trying to prepare the -- happen. first thing he's trying to prepare the country for a long fight, after president obama leaves office. it will require a coalition not only of the traditional american allies, like nato and european nations but also regional
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nations with the gulf states and other middle eastern states, joining yet unnamed and unformed coalition that is still under negotiation. secretary of state kerry is heading to the region as we speak. president has said time and time again, no american troops on the ground. which brings up the question, if the president's goal is to destroy and rk undermine the islamic state group, who occupies that space? the president was asked that question, syrian themselves and when he was pressed, he said free syrian army, perhaps as long as a year actually. there are disturbing concerns and the concern all along that any arms this go to these groups ends up with the rebels. used by kurdish and iraqi forces as they try push back the islamic state group after their
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rapid gains within iraq. on monday the white house press briefer josh earnest gave a briefing. i had the opportunity oask why the free syrian army and why now? >> we have been supporting them for more than a year at least. separately, the concern that was expressed by the administration at the time, and has been -- is something that's been oft repeated is a concern that we didn't want to provide assistance to every individual who said that they were fighting bashar al-assad. >> there's been an ongoing concern from the administration that arming the vetted rebels within syria is not a good idea simply because many of those arms end up in the hands of the bad guys. the administration has even blocked arms transfers from third parties, like saudi missiles, they wanted to send to the opposition. this question will the president
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consult congress before he expands operations in syria, it is clear the president thinks he has the authorization he needs. while he'll be consulting congress, it appears now there will be no further votes in congress to authorizes an expansion of military action within iraq and syria itself. john. >> mike thank you. william braniff is executive director ever the study of terrorism and responses to terrorism. he joins us from washington. william, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> what options does u.s. have if allies won't put any boots on the ground? >> well, if in that case, the u.s. would continue to use its air superiority, and degrade capabilities of the islamic state, eventually however, they'll hit all the targets that are easy to hit and easy to find. and our options would start to
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dwindle without a coalition on the ground. >> there's some who are suggesting jordan might be the next country who is vulnerable to the islamic state. why do they want jordan or why would they want jordan? >> there are a lot of options. first its a monday a.r.m. arcky. they think the sovereignty of god should rule and not sovereignty of man on earth. but there's some historical reasons here as well. the god father of what is now the islamic state, the individual largely responsible for precursor organizations, abu massad zarqawi, is a jordannian. since 2004 or 5 there's been about five plots that have been either planned or successfully launched against jordan from the group we now call the islamic
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state. >> is though, the solution in the hands of neighboring countries, and what countries might step up? >> well, the solution has to be in the hands of neighboring countries. because the islamic state has made a practice of targeting other muslim communities and other local communities. meaning that they're not trying to pick a fight with the far enemy, the west, the united states, they're picking local fights and it is the local regimes that will suffer if they don't do something about it. the likely partners include turkey, jordan and saudi, i think because those are the three that are likely most vulnerable. turkey is important because of the porous border between turkey and iraq and syria. this is where a lot of the fighters have crossed into the conflict. jordan, they take the counterterrorism situation quite seriously and their risk of
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being targeted and saudi because they are the strong ed sunni plear in the neighborhood -- player in the neighborhood. >> is al qaeda communicating with the islamic state? >> that depends on your time horizon and who you are. al qaeda is -- has been around for over 25 years. they fought two superpowers during that time frame. they're not going to go away because of the rise of the islamic state and in fact their incentive to aare commit a high profile attack against united states, because of their fear of being eclipped by this relatively new operation, that being said, they don't control the kind of territory the islamic state controls, so they don't have the kind of attention, media grabbing power that the islamic state has at the moment but they are a deliberate and patient organization. >> william braniff, good to have
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you on the program. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> home depot has confirmed that its payment systems were hacked, anyone who shopped in its stores from april onward could be affected. jonathan betz has the story. >> home depot is one of the largest home retailers and hackers have been stealing information from it for months apparently unnoticed. home depot says it first got word of suspicious activity last week. the retailer launched an investigation with the help of banks, i.t. firms and even the secret service. and it told customers there might be a problem. >> usually they ask me if i wanted a home depot credit card, she didn't do that today. >> home depot confirmed its payment system was breached. at risk, those who paid with credit card or debit cards as far back as april.
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home depot expressed regret over the hack, they say that no customers will be responsible for fraudulent charges to their accounts. the company says it's not yet sure how much customer data was stolen. but if it started in april, the hack would have come during home depot's busy spring shopping season. almost all of home depot's stores in north america are affected, including nearly 2,000 in the u.s. however, the company says its shoppers in mexico and online are probably safe. as are customers' debit pin numbers. over the past year hackers have stolen information from millions of consumers. target was hit right before the holidays, costing that retailer nearly $150 million so far. since then p.f. chang and other retailers have been hacked. american stores are easy targets. >> the united states has the
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least secure credit card system in in the world. we still rely on magnetic strirps that contain d owners strips that contain information. >> those cards are used in europe but not in the united states. home depot says it will introduce that type of security by year's end. target's breach went on for three weeks without anyone noticing but home depot's john lasted five months. >> john, do authorities know who did this? >> they think it's the same russian-ukrainian hackers believed to be behind the target breach. and stolen cards from home depot and target have apparently showed up on the same website. >> jonathan, thank you. rising water trapping cars,
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the enormous flood. the governor declared a state of emergency. meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with that. kevin. >> this rainfall through phoenix was historical. let me put it in perspective, they received today 41% of what they would receive in a whole year and that was just in one day. this is what we're looking at. let me go a little bit closer in. notice this cluster right there. take a look at the video that came in this morning before sunrise as most of the rain fell within a 12 hour period. we're talking in some places over five to six inches of rain fell in a very short amount of time. of course this is dessert and the -- desert and the rainwater does not really drain very well in this area. come back and i'll show you where the big problem is right now. it's up here into las vegas as well as in california. we have the same problem in las vegas with flash flooding as well as palm springs. the warnings are still out. especially the ones in red.
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those are flash flood warnings. those are still up for nevada, arizona, parts of california, even up here towards utah. we'll be watching this very carefully for the next couple of hours. the ray is gotten to continue as you said, but by the time we get to wednesday we do think it will finally start to diminish. john because of this storm off the coast, norbert, once a hurricane, it was pushing a lot of this moisture up into this area and really enhancing the monsoon that is really this time of year but giving a lot more punch to the region. >> all right, kevin thank you. wildfires burning in yosemite national park tonight. near ahalf dome peak. firefighters working around the clock to put out those flames. coming up next. the mysterious illness sending hundreds of kids to the hospital. plus, many police departments around the country are bulking up but not with more officers, with bigger and better weapons.
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can literally reprogram her mind >> we can modify emotional circuitry >> is this a miracle cure? or an ethical nightmare? >> there's a lot of mystery right now... >> rewiring the brain an america tonight investigative report only on al jazeera america
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>> a respiratory virus has sent more than a thousand kids in the u.s. to the hospital. up to 12 states so far reported cases of the illness to the centers for disease control. diane eastabrook reports. >> hi john i'm at children's hospital in chicago. it is treating a number of
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suspected case of enterovirus 68. one of those patients is a little 20 month old girl, arte-sia drake. she came in about a week ago, she was experiencing symptoms very like a cold, but quickly morphed into the virus. >> they tried to stabilize us which they couldn't, they sent us here the children's hospital. she's been on oxygen and given albuterol treatments to help her out. >> now artesia has been here about a week, her mother feels she'll be here for about another week. the cdc recommends parents keep a close eye on their children, prevent them from not getting the virus, exercise good hygiene, wash their hands very often, parents should wipe down
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surfaces with disinfectant. if your child has asthma, or is very young, keep an eye on those children. john. >> thank you. the next patient with ebola is expected to arrive at emory hospital in atlanta. a third doctor is treated in nebraska, treated with an experimental drug different than given to the other two americans. the world health organization says one of its doctors has tested positive for ebola. the agency says the doctor has contracted it in sierra leone, it's the second time a doctor within the u.n. agency has been infected wil with the virus.
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ray rice, real men don't hit women but it happens. we'll talk to a victim of domestic violence. we'll talk to an arab american civil rights activist about the threat on her life. vé
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>> hi everyone, is this is al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. coming up, ray rice will not be playing football any time soon. he was suspended after video emerged of him punching then-fiancee. where police can buy any weapons, not just any weapons, military grade weapons and not many locals are happy about it. also, apple is expected to introduce its new iphone tomorrow with a lot of whiz bang technology. but will it be more secure? >> today baltimore raven ray rice was suspended indefinitely after video surfaced of him punching his wife. this sparks a controversy that extends far beyond sports and
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raises questions about domestic violence. i talked to sili abrams a domestic abuse survivor about the situation. >> every so often there is an incident, you can think back to chris brown and rihanna. this has brought this into the fold, into the attention of the american public. i think what's really -- what's very interesting about this is the fact that the nfl took a position, a very strong position, the first out of all of the professional sports leagues, i mean that's why there's so much buzz going on right now. the only thing that's changed is that now the nfl is in this uncomfortable position of having to be sarvetio essential defend themselves with the pure visual proof why they didn't take this action in the first place. >> are proathletes held to a
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different standard? >> i think they're given a pass, because they're insulated by fame, by privilege and wealth and you have let's face it the ravens have a huge investment in maintaining their commodity which was ray rice. >> jenae ended up staying with ray rice. how does that impact this? >> it's not uncommon at all. when people get into discussion about why she stays, it deflects from the greater issue which is, why does he bee beat her? on averages it takes the victim of domestic violence seven times, that's the average, seven times to leave the abuser. one of the reasons i can speak from my experience, i stayed from social stigma and pressure. i didn't want to be another statistic. i was also a statistic as a survivor ever domestic violence but i didn't want to have the double stigma of having two
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children by two men and having another failed relationship. >> when did that exchange? >> for me what changed was when my then partner touched my son. he assaulted my son. i had always drawn the line. in my mind it was what happened between he and i was one thing. if he ever physically hurt my children, that would be it. and that was when i walked out the door. >> do you think people just don't understand? that sounds like -- that's a very difficult thing for people to understand. why women or men stay in relationships that are abusive. >> uh-huh. >> and we see this woman come on television with ray rice, so i -- what sort of -- what has to happen to change that point of view? >> well, one, there has to be greater education around what the cycle of abuse is. when you think about it, before an abuser ever puts his hands on his victim, he has already
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beaten her down psychologically, emotionally, very often she is economic dependent upon him. she is isolated from her friends. very often the people that she needs the most have already left. because they don't understand why she stays. so her abuser, in fact, becomes her savior. and he will tell her that. so there is an element of brainwashing that occurs. now, in order for change to occur in our culture, for greater accountability to happen, what we need are nonabusive men, nonabusive women, to stand up, and hold perpetrators of abuse accountable. think about it. people get very uncomfortable taking any type of stand on an uncomfortable situation. >> right. >> and it's hard for someone to think that the man that's a part of their golf foursome on saturday could be the same man who just beat the hell out of
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his wife the night before. people don't like taking a position. >> we thank you for helping us to understand this, and we hope to have you back and talk more about it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> in college football penn state's football game could be back in a bowl game very soon. >> the sanctions came down after attempted coverups from sexual abuse by jerry sandusky were revealed. the ncaa said they reversed the decision because penn state is making inroads in the athletic department. atlanta hawks accuses. general manager danny perry says he's not perfect, he's got some african in him in reference to an nba player. hawks representatives in
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atlanta, comes after bruce levenson sold his portion of the team. >> the principal owner bruce levenson is selling his portion of the team. he admitted sending off an e-mail that he said was inappropriate and offensive. in the letter levenson said he was concerned about the low fan base. wanted to attract more white fans saying the mainly black crowd scared off white ticket buyers. he went on to say he wanted more white cheerleaders and to move away from hip hop music played at the arena, in favor of music favorable to a 40-year-old white man. he said by focusing on race i sent the unintentional and
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hurtful message that white fans are more valuable than black fans. llevenson's be decision to sell the team, the being commissioner said, i commend mr. levenson. atlanta hawks ceo steve coonan made this statement. in partnership with the nba we will work to ensure that a new ownership team is put in place united and committed to community. earlier this year, the nba commissioner forced donald sterling to sell the team after his racist comments were made public. robert ray, atlanta. president obama is said to announce a plan on wednesday, stopping the islamic state could
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stop -- take longer. lisa stark reports. >> u.s. has launched more than 145 air strikes in less than a month. even as they continue the president this week is expected to explain his strategy. one the administration now says could take years of u.s. effort. >> the principal goal here is to make sure that people understand what the clear stake is for the american people, and our nation. he also wants to describe what sort of tools are at the disposal of the american government as they try to protect our interests. >> reporter: the president speaking on meet the press talked tough about his ultimate goal. >> we are systematically degrade their abilities, and shrink the area they control and ultimately we are going to defeat them. >> the president continues to insist no boots on the ground, it's up to the iraqis to fight
11:38 pm
the islamic state directly. but in syria where the saud regime is fighting and the islamic state holds large stretches of land. there is a more decisive plan. >> the more i.s.i.s. fighters will pour across the border into syria and create a bigger problem. >> back here at home the big unknown is what will congress do? the administration repeatedly dodged questions about whether it will ask for congressional approval for any expanded action against the islamic state group. >> we welcome congress as a partner as we confront some of these very difficult and high-stakes national security issues. >> there have been increasing calls on capitol hill for a vote on u.s. action on iraq. >> no one wants to see an extended engagement in iraq. but at the same time, i don't believe the american people are one bit reluctant to defend our national security to defend the
11:39 pm
lives of fellow americans. >> whatever actions the u.s. takes it will not go it alone. secretary of state john kerry immediate with nine allies at last week's nato meeting to form a coalition to confront the islamic state group. and tuesday kerry will travel to jordan and saudi arabia to confront the situation in iraq. >> as we build this coalition i want to underscore that almost every single country on earth has a role to play in eliminating the i.s.i.l. threat. >> reporter: the u.s. determined to make this an international fight. lisa stark, al jazeera, washington. >> linda sarsour said she was recently accosted by a man in brooklyn who threatened to kill her. what happened? >> walking and leaving my organization a man drunk man sitting outside of my nonprofit
11:40 pm
called 911 to remove him, 911 doesn't come. gets up out of nowhere starts chasing me and my colleague down major street fifth avenue on broad day light, said he was going to cut my fing head off, see what the authorities would do about it. we took refuge into a local business. in my own neighborhood. the neighborhood i live in that i work in. >> you were born and raised in brooklyn. >> yes. >> can you talk about your reaction to that? >> when you are born and raised there, you consider that your home your community, your mother shops there, i walk home there, you don't think that happens in your community. i love my community in south brooklyn and you don't think things happen like this in your neighborhood. >> have you had this experience before? >> thank god i have not been in any part of bias incidents.
11:41 pm
i will hear people say go back to my country. or saying things to my mother, this is not your country, but where i fear for my life i've not been in that situation. >> do you feel uncomfortable moving around new york sometimes? >> personally i don't, i think new york is my home, but i look at it from the perfect of an advocate, now i get to be a victim. i don't feel uncomfortable being in new york but i feel like some people in my community do. >> the islamic state, does it make problems for americans? >> i believe these comments were to i.s.i.s. >> relating to beheading of journalists? >> he says i'm going to do it to you and see what your people feel about it. i feel it is absolutely directly related. and i.s.i.s. is a threat to everyone. but definitely a threat to american muslims and muslims around the world. >> do you think americans view
11:42 pm
muslims in america, or muslims around the world, as a monolith? >> unfortunately based on polling and not my own opinion, there are polls that say americans have unfavorable views of muslims, we are the lowest rank when it comes to unfavorable views. recently we saw andrea tarantas, say i.s.i.s. is muslims, saying on national television, there is a lot of spewing of hate in general. >> i've heard this question asked several times over the last couple of weeks. why aren't there more muslim leaders, arab american leaders standing up speaking out angrily loudly speaking out? what do you say to that? >> i say google, muslims condemn i.s.i.s, every major muslim
11:43 pm
organization in the united states, u.k. and europe who have condemned i.s.i.s. muslim affairs council, islamic society of north america, these are huge organizations. two press conferences one is going to happen in new york city and one in new jersey where muslims are standing up. what else can we do to condemn this barbaric group i.s.i.s? >> are you condemned because of who you are? >> it is not an interesting story to tell but beheadings of american journalists are interesting stories to tell. we're putting out the statement, we're asking the media to cover it. we don't own the media but, i say if you google muslims condemn i.s.i.s. you'll see many statements by influential leaders. >> a sad attack on you got a lot of attention especially in the city. do you look at things
11:44 pm
differently as a result of that or not? >> it's a sad situation actually, i'm fortunate to have gotten that kind of attention only because i'm a community leader and because i have done a lot of work in new york city and i'm, quote, an activist, but would have gotten the same kind of attention if i was a regular community member or a mom taking her kids to daycare. a platform to say these things happening to muslims we will not tolerate, not in new york city or not anywhere else. we ask our fellow muslims not to look and associate us with a barbaric organization like i.s.i.s. >> linda, good for having you. president says he will hold off on any executive action until after november's mid term elections, against immigration.
11:45 pm
but republicans are accusing him of playing politics. libby casey reports. >> the president's delay on immigration, spokesman josh earnest admits now is not an ideal time to move forward. >> by injecting it into the highly charged political debate six or eight weeks before the mid term elections is to subject this issue to gross distortion and partisanship that could alter that balance. and we don't want to do that. >> the move means more waiting for immigration advocates. >> this very clearly tells us that both democrats and the president are playing politics. and they're picking the -- their political interest first over immigrant families. that have been waiting for the president to act. >> reporter: republicans piling on criticism too. >> the president now is brazenly reaffirming in even clearer language that he will carry out
11:46 pm
his amnesty plan but only after the election in november. this is an attempt to protect his democratic senate candidates. >> the delay on immigration reform details is, however, welcome news from some senate democrats facing difficult reelection bids in november, in states like louisiana and north carolina. just what to do about the millions of undocumented migrants in the country and the children who fled to the u.s. from central america, has stirred passions on all sides of the fight. the president had pledged back in june to act by the end of summer. charging his cabinet to look into possible executive actions after the republican-led house punted on reform. >> if congress will not do their job at least we can do ours. i expect the recommendations before the end of the summer. and i intend to adopt those recommendations without further delay. >> reporter: white house officials say they believe the delay will ultimately pay off
11:47 pm
and give immigration reform a better chance of weathering republican storms. libby casey, al jazeera, washington. >> in some cities police officers look more like soldiers on a battlefield. some of the heavy armor comes from the pentagon. it can also come from a trade show known as urban shield. melissa chan checks it out. >> it's a trade show attracting law enforcement agencies from around the nation. the army, navy, air force and marines are here. you can try out the hardware. ow! it's like a very expensive paint ball toy you have. >> it's a replica of an actual m-4 where the officer can make it feel like his actual weapon.
11:48 pm
>> here, the line has blurred but officers tell us for good reason. >> the crux of the matter is that in the world and in the united states we keep having what i call nut cases with the sole intent of killing people. >> you look at the gear we have the gear that the military has, the reality is we're not rolling down the street. we have these type of vehicles, the only time we will bring it out is for barricaded suspects and that's to provide cover for us. >> in the post-ferguson period a lot of people are talking about the militarization of police. do you think there's a concern there? >> no there's no concern there. what people perceive as the militarization of police is having to meet a new mission. monday morning quarterbacking any operation. >> he was right about that. at this expo, we could not find anyone to say what went wrong in ferguson or even to acknowledge it was a problem. urban shield has started eight
11:49 pm
years ago and has received lots of interest from overseas, bahrain, singapore, brazil. one part of urban shield, the other half is training. in this scenario we are going to see an assassination attempt on a dignitary. over 48 hours scores of swat teams will go through this training event. it's this kind of tactical training that's been crucial. for example, in helping police prepare and respond to an event such as last year's bombings at the boston marathon. the acquisition of military grade weapons they tell us has done more good than harm. but on the streets the people don't buy that narrative. oakland especially has seen an odd host for urban shield. its police department put under
11:50 pm
federal oversight. >> take your military tactics and get out of here. >> my son was cut up. the military weapon when they go through a body, they tear rip your skin up. my son was ripped up. >> on this day the activists win. over the weekend the player announced that urban shield will not be held in the city next year. melissa chan, al jazeera, oakland, california. >> our picture of the day is coming up next. plus, smartphones getting even smarter. but are they getting more secure? secure?
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
>> while we are watching what is happening down here torts the interest, we are also watching what's happening in the frontal boundary, but tomorrow we expect to see several weather along the
11:53 pm
frontal boundary, northern interior towards parts of iowa, that means hail, thunderstorms, and damaging winds. that will continue as we go towards wednesday. the other thing is going to be the temperatures tomorrow. look at this. north dakota, bismarck, hi temperature of 53° while chicago is going to remain about 82. that is where the frontal boundary is going to be laying out. as we go towards wednesday that moves more towards the east, cooler air comes in. minneapolis, 59°, chicago your forecast is not any better. from tuesday at 82 over here towards are wednesday, 63, that's almost a 20° drop in temperature. we'll see you down to 59° with rain in your forecast, that's a very damp mist as well as a low temperature of 49. your news is coming up right after this.
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11:55 pm
>> an amateur historian in england says he has solved the mystery of jack the ripper. in a new book "naming jack the ripper" says the notorious serial killer was aaron kaminski, found out by matching the victim's shawl dna to that of kaminski. iphone is going to demand more trust from consumers who are concerned about protecting their personal information, jake ward explains. >> the new iphone is likely to have a number of improvements. amateur sleuths say the battery will last longer, the processor is stronger and, nfc, near field communications.
11:56 pm
it sends private data vie radio waves, using little or no power across areas of two inches. great for authentication. one user built her identification into her nail polish, but nfc into an extension of your wallet. it's been in development since 2004 and in fact it's been in the build land -- built landscape for a while. since 2007, you could pay for parking, using an nfc enabled smartphone. nfc matters because apple has more credit card information than amazon and ebay combined. if you have ever bought anything through an iphone you are going to want to use the new iphone to make purchases. but the use of that technology
11:57 pm
brings up questions of trust. intimate stuff, photographs of their kids and well, romantic moments. apple took a credibility hit when celebrities discovered their photographs out in the wild. centralize even more of your personal information in this case your credit cards into the phone and make it accessible to the physical environment and hackers around it. >> due to the proximity, hacking becomes evidence, industry standard encryption and apple has been work with the credit card companies to make sure everybody is comfortable with what they're releasing. >> now almost any transaction you might make with cash, a soda, a pack of gum, a half tank of gas, is something you'll have to trust apple to protect.
11:58 pm
medical brooks, lending his hands and footprints to hollywood's famous chinese theater. yes, there's a sixth finger on his left hand. a prosthetic joke. in the islamic state >> ...a sniper around the corner here... >> from the front lines, josh rushing reports, on al jazeera america
11:59 pm
12:00 am
on "america tonight", a growing threat and tough decision, the president worries how far to send u.s. fire power against the islamic state. as he campaigns at home and abroad, and keeps the pressure on other forces - striking out against americans. also - the new political lightening rod and the battlefield is your child's classroom. is common core the new obama care. >> if you like common core,


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