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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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protests in yemen as police fire on anti-government demonstrators. ♪ hello and welcome. i'm jane dunton. coming up, a new report sheds some light on what brought down a malaysian airlines flight in eastern ukraine. last minute complain ahead of a hotly contested referendum to decide on scotland's independence. and the wait is over for video game fans.
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destiny has finally arrived. ♪ we begin in yemen, which is at itself most critical point since the revolution of 2011, police have opened fire on houthi protesters to stop them from reaching the prime minister's office. houthi leaders say seven people have been killed and more than 50 have been injured. and fighting continues as well in the north. another warring development to this is the fact that the army has now got involved. talk us through that. >> reporter: well, there's fighting underway now in the southern part of the capitol. this is an army military base that came under attack by the houthis, they say, and it was houthi fighters trying to get
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into the capitol, and started firing at the convoy to stop them from getting into the capitol. just about a few moments ago, the committee chaired by the president had convened to make decisions usually at times of war or to impose a curfew or for the use of force, he blamed the houthis for destabilizing the country, and the decision to open fire was to try to prevent houthis from breaking into the office of the prime minister. very delicate situation. very mounting tension as we are going to see in this report. >> reporter: yemen's security forces fire warning shots to prevent protesters from getting close to the prime minister's office. the minority houthis who have been on the street for weeks say it was just a rally. but the minister of interior
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says it was an attempt to break into the building in the capitol. in the chaos that followed many were killed or injured. but defiant houthis managed to build a new camp outside of the government building. they are occupying areas near important ministries, which they accuse of being corrupt and inefficient. their leader has warned against using violence against the demonstrators. >> translator: if those corrupt officials insist on using violence, they will be held accountable. >> reporter: ambulances carry victims to a nearby hospital. security forces seem determined to break up the protest, and reinforcements have been brought in to the ministry of the
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interior. >> what do you think is going to happen next? >> reporter: well, jane just to give you an idea about how delicate the situation is here, and how powerful are the houthis, this is a city surrounded by mountains. there are four roads that lead to the capitol. all of the four roads are under the control of the houthis. at the start of this crisis they managed move fighters at the main roads. the president to make a decision to use force against the houthis, he will face this problem. there are hundreds of houthi fighters who surround the capitol, and there are thousands in the cities which are their strong hold. this is exactly why you see the president trying to weigh all of the possibilitieses. apparently he is trying to see
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whether all of the military establishment is behind him. if he decided to go for a military confrontation, he has to be very, very swift, and make sure all people are behind him. iraq's parliament has approved a new government, but the key roles of the interior and defense ministries are yet to be filled. he has been under pressure to form an inclusive cabinet. abadi's appointment followed any resignation of this man who was accused of favoring the country's shiite minority. two other men a sunni, and a kurd have been named as deputy prime ministers. jane has more from the iraqi
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capitol, bagdad. >> reporter: iraq's new cabinet is meeting for the first time after the government was formed. and one of the first tasks will be to complete the cabinet. there was no defense minister, no interior minister, and at least four other ministerial posts left unfield. the interior ministry is going to be particularly difficult. the proposed nominee was the head of a shiite militia and was heavily contested. the program involves continuing the fight against the islamic state group, and reaching out to iraqis. iraqi politicians, sunnis and kurds, as well as ordinary iraqis who are desperate for public services, jobs, a better standard of living. out on the streets they are
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welcoming the new government, but there are very low expectations here. the main front, the main battleground still out there in the west and the north of this country, where kurdish troops, iraqi troops, and those shiite militias are fighting the islamic state group with the increasing help of the united states and iraq hopes the increasing help of other countries as well. the new united states envoy has arrived in damascus for the first time since appointed to the post. he is expected to hold talks. his visit comes as fighting continues in the country. at least five people are said to have been killed after air strikes in doma. these are said to be pictures from this field hospital there. dozens more have been injured. al jazeera has k not verify the
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accuracy of this video. the afghan president is pushing for the two men who want his job to solve a dead lock. they accused each other of fraud after the first round of the election. the election commission is expected to announce the results of the second round this week. but abdullah already is reje rejecting the outcome. >> translator: time for our government is over. we want a new government. >> translator: reach an agreement and rescue the country. you both are our respectful figures to establish the new government. we are in a hurry and ready to hand over the government to you. dutch investigators have released early findings into
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what brought mh 17 down over eastern ukraine. they say it was hit by a large number of high-energy objects. the ukrainian government and rebels accuse each other of bringing it down, but they deny that insisting they don't have the military equipment to do so. that's the rebels. tim frengd reports. >> reporter: a short but revealing report. it does not explay it isly say that mh 17 was hit by a missile, but rules out virtually any other possibility. close-up photographs show the damage. the plane pierced by what is described as high-energy objects. the voice recordings all suddenly stopped at precisely the same moment. wreckage was spread over 10 kilometers. >> at this moment we are investing the objects that penetrated the aircraft. we found fragments of probably the -- the objects in the bodies of especially the -- the flight
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crew. we are trying to investigate whether they are originating from the airplane or whether they are originating from the objects. >> reporter: the allegation from the ukrainian government and some western leaders was that mh17 was brought down by a buk missile fired by russian-backed rebels. that's vigorously denied. both sides have this weapon. so further investigation here will try to establish the exact launch area, by using satellite and radar printouts. >> reporter: the crash scene is in a conflict zone and investigators have been presented from direct access. some human remains are still in the wreckage and for families the anguish goes on. a separate criminal investigation has begun here. tim friend, al jazeera, the
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hague. ukraine's government and pro-russian separatists have agreed to exchange hundreds of prisoners. it's part of the ceasefire deal which has been threatened by shelling from both sides. russia's foreign minister says the ceasefire in the east is holding and has expressed concern about an alleged buildup of ukrainian forces in the area. >> translator: the ceasefire is largely holding up. although there are some incidents. we know all who attested to the agreement are seriously worried about yesterday's messages about a buildup in the region. the artillery is on the ukrainian side of the region. coming up on the program, the u.n. warns of a major rise
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in the number of ebola cases. we'll be live in new york. and a foundation hopes to make people think of art when they think of america. ♪ >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation...
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what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. ♪ hello again here is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. police in yemen have opened fire on houthi protesters to stop them from reaching the prime minister's office. houthi leaders say seven keem have been killed and at least 50 have been injured. iraq's new cabinet is meeting for the first time since
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the new government was formed but the key roles of interior and defense ministers are yet to be filled. dutch investigators have released early findings into the crash of mh 17. they say it was hit by high-energy objects. a fourth american with ebola has arrived in the united states from west africa. the patient has been taken to the same atlanta hospital where two other aid workers were treated with the disease. the united states and britain are sending medical equipment and military personnel to help contain the ebola virus that is spreading across west africa. the world health organization is warning of thousands of new cases in the coming weeks. more than 2,000 people have been killed from the deadly virus, out of 4,000 cases, meaning the virus has a fatality rate of
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around 50%. james bayes joining us from new york. what are you hearing about the security council meeting, james? >> we have had u.n. experts dealing with ebola for a long time, but this is the first time the security council has discussed it because they are having a regular meeting in liberia where there is a u.n. piece-keeping mission. about 500 in guinea and sierra leone, but the death toll so far in liberia is 1,200, so the worst-effected country, in many ways because of the poor state of medical facilities in that country. last month they declared a state of national emergency in liberia. they put the army and police on the streets in curfew at night. and that's why they were briefed
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by the minister of defense. >> we are meeting at a time when liberia is facing the serious threat to national existence. the deadly ebola virus has caused a terrible state. it is now spreading like wildfire [ inaudible ] everything in its path. the already weak infrastructure of the country has been overwhelmed. >> it makes you wonder what more the u.n. security council could do. >> i don't think there's much the security council as a body can do, because most of their effort is dealing with threats to international piece and security. but clearly humanitarian workers are deeply involved in trying to stop the spread of this epidemic. there are concerning factors regarding security. we know, for example, the peace
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keepers there, there are 15,000 military personnel in liberia, already the philippines said it is pulling out its peace keepers because of the risk. and at the end of september for the u.n. general assembly, there is some concern about the presidents and delegations that will come from west africa, and it will be up to the u.s. as the headquarters to do some screening to make sure no one brings ebola with them. >> all right. james let's talk to you again if they come up with any kind of statement. more than 400 people have been killed by floods in india and pakistan. it is said to be the worst floods in the area for 50 years. here is our update. >> reporter: interest bridge was washed out cutting off 150,000
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people on the other side. they have been coming to the edge to say they have no electricity and supplies are running low. the army has arrived at they have started a temporary bridge hoping to be able to bring more out. but this isn't the worst part. the flooding in the rest of the indian state has trapped hundreds of thousands of people. many people are stuck on their terraces. and rescue operations only started on monday when the rain started letting up. and we don't know exactly how many people have been affected, many are like these people who have been cut off for days and there's no way to communicate them. mobile networks are also down across the state. so it will take several more days and maybe even weeks until we know the total extent of the damage here. heavy rain has damaged infrastructure on both sides of
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the border. another 13 people were killed in the city earlier this week. israel says it has fired a missile over the mediterranean sea to test a new defense system to intercept rockets. the test of the missile performed as plan, it says. it is part of a system, israel says is developing to protect itself from missile threats from the gaza strip and lebanon. al jazeera is demanding the release of three of its journal lists who have been detained for 255 days. they received long sentences after a trial seen my observers as political motivated. ban ki-moon has raised the case with the egyptian president. in just over a week, scotland will vote on whether to break away from the united
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kingdom. rival campaigns are running neck and neck. david cameron has renewed his call to scottish voters asking them to stay in the union. >> i'll do everything i can. and let's be frank there is a lot that the mr-- political leaders disagreement about, but we all passionately believe we are better off if we stay together. so tomorrow it will be, being in scotland listening and talking to people. we'll all have our own ways separately of talking about why we're better together, but one thing we'll all say is that it is a matter for people in scotland to decide, but we want you to stay. >> lawrence lee reports from london. >> reporter: the palace has stood for hundreds of years as a begone of democracy or at least
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that's what they say in westminster. but the scottish nationalists say the u.k.'s political elite has lost so much credibility that it wants scotland to strike out by itself. so with nine days to go, westminsters representatives in scotland came together to say, okay, then, if you want more powers you can have them, but just don't vote to leave the united kingdom. >> we will have the opportunity to end the policy of grievances, to apply the [ inaudible ] and creativity of the people of scotland rather than blaming someone else. >> reporter: but the scottish nationalists say they have heard all of that before, and they didn't even think this party is offering this halfway house to independence even agree on what scott should be offered. and they have all of the momentum in the opinion polls.
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>> they wouldn't give us the powers to protect our health service, or reenergize the economy and the fairness in scottish society, all of the things we can take into our own hands by voting yes next week. >> reporter: this late in the day it's also to say to them, we love scotland, but as the scottish flag was raised above the prime minister's house in westminster, it fell off. but if you really want to know how serious this is for the unionist, the prime minister david cameron was due to give a speech on wednesday, he has now canceled prime minister's questions, and instead having to travel to scotland to complain there for defense of the union. it's very high stakes, but it's all hands to the pump. lawrence lee, al jazeera, westminster in london.
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michael schumaker has left hospital in switzerland to continue its he hab illation at home. he suffered a serious head injury in france last december and was kept in an artificial coma for almost six months. he will now make the short journey to his swiss home around 35 kilometers away. the head of google has arrived in spain to discuss the right of internet users to be forgotten. they received thousands of requests to remove individuals personal information. the european court ruling in may enforced user's rights to have everything from embarrassing photos to serious criminal records removed from searches. a u.s. non-profit organization has been using art to promote the country's cultural diversity abroad.
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rosiland jordan reports. >> reporter: this painting evokes the art of diplomacy. but this is also diplomacy. the swirls, lines and pigments of the imagination. this painting is permanently on view at the u.s. embassy in berlin thanks to the efforts of the foundation for art and preservation in embassies, or fape. >> reporter: for nearly 30 years, fape has asked artists to create original works in more than 140 countries. the roster includes roy, chuck,
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close, and more. all of the work is paid for through private donations, key in a time of fiscal constraint. the artist michael singer designed a sculpture garden for the u.s. embassy in athens. >> once you enter the public realm, you take a different responsibility. >> reporter: for the u.s. embassy in kingston, fape asked the artist to create a painter honoring colin powell. >> it is nighttime sky on the night that he was born in the bronx, but it's the nighttime sky over jamaica on april the 5th, 1937. >> these artists give their works to us. so we're not buying the work. they are giving of their time and inspiration and talent.
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>> reporter: nearly 30 years of promoting cross-cultural understanding between countries lives the goodwill of people that love art. the world's most expensive video game has finally been released. destiny cost a record half a billion dollars to create and promote. fans in australia were the first to get their hands on the sensation. >> reporter: steven has a date with destiny. the destiny in question is a video game, the date, the 9th day of the 9th month, it's worldwide release. >> it's a really rewarding game. the call to action is the player is a guardian pushing back this darkness. it's something that everybody can relate to. >> reporter: that is in the gaming world. destiny comes from the company
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behind the smash hit halo, it's online trailers look like movies. paul mccartney wrote the music, and its budget at half a billion dollars was the highest ever for a game. >> it was a huge risk, but they don't expect to make their money back just over this game, they are expecting several sequels over the next ten years. >> reporter: at a shopping center in sydney, the game debuted at midnight, but before that was the countdown, the cake, and the queue. >> get the game go home get [ inaudible ] lake up and continue playing. >> waiting trying to pass time by doing other things. finally here. i'm very excited. >> i woke up at 9:00 am and thought today is the day. >> reporter: fans say it blends the best shoot 'em up, with a
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game like world of war craft, and set in an ever changing online gaming space with players worldwide cooperating and competing. >> people with here to bond with the community, make friends and that's what you are really seeing with video games these days. >> reporter: some like to be in consoles like this even as they play. it is the community within the game that is most important for destiny, only when millions are playing simultaneously, will it be told whether this is the most successful game ever. >> it's also exciting on the news front for fans of the u.s. tech giant apple. the 6th iphone is expected to be unveiled on tuesday along with other products. queues have already started forming outside of the company's flagship store in new york as fans wait to get their hands on the newest model.
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analysts are expecting a larger screen and a smart watch that could usher in a new era of wearable technology. just remember, you can always keep up to date with all of the news by logging on to our website. thank you for watching. hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you are in the "stream." the nation's top domestic security threat may not be who you think. >> oh, my god! oh, [ censor bleep ]! >> here why a new study supported by the department of homeland security, found the sovereign's citizens movement to be the leading threat. and are white supremacists gainingre


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