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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> truth seeking... >> we have to get out of here... award winning investigative documentary series... no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america ♪ this is al jazeera america, with a look at today's top stories. the president's plan to release the islamic state group, what will it take to succeed and who is else involved in and the fight against the i. s. group will also include cutting off their supply of money. we will find out how to do that. at on this somber anniversary, a new look at the heroism of the first responders.
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president obama is seeking support at home and abroad for a sustained military campaign to dismantle the islamic state group in iraq and syria, the president asked copping for $500 million to arm and train moderate syrian opposition fighters. the president also announced that he is sending another advisers to iraq rack. arab nations have agreed to help in the strategy to stop the state group. secretary of state john kerry is in saudi arabia to get arab partners to sign up for the president's plan, kerry met with ten arab nations. they would add to the coalition of western countries formed just two weeks ago. but there are pitfalls. nick joins us live to look at the viability of the president's plan, and a coalition here, nick, good to see you, the president said arab nations need to lead the way, what type of help has been offed so far?
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>> he said this is more difficult than iraq, more difficult than afghanistan, more difficult than anything we have seen, trying to go into iraq and syria, and so that will show you why. the u.s. is going after this coalition of the willing, to use president bush's phrase before the gulf war, it means a combination of things. it means financial help, places like kuwait, cute cud tar, which owns al jazeera. those countries are being asked not to allow any of the prior citizens to send money to the islamic state, saudi arabia, is being asked to combat the radical religious message that the state has spread throughout the middle east, the the entire region is being asked to support with intelligence, with military, any kinds of
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assets, training that it can give in order to defeat the islamic state, president obama was very specific last night, and secretary kerry has added to it today. the u.s. simply isn't able to do this without the help and it can't tony. it cannot be seen as being on an adventure by itself in the middle east, ands so that why you saw secretary kerry. that trip will continue tomorrow to turkey, a vital ally, and then go on to europe to solidify the sup foras well. >> so nick. let's dive into there. they spent about $8 billions to train and arm the iraqi security forces. >> what is going to be needed here to arm and
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train, the vetted opposition in syria. and why do we think that they will perform better than the highly trained $8 billion strong iraqi army. >> first of all the vetting. it's been very difficult in the past for the u.s. to guarantee the vetting of these fighters, some of them have switched sides gone to the islamic state, because the state has proven more popular, than some of the other groups are more successful, and so they brought u.s. weapons over to the islamic state. >> it's a positive cycle,
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that's what argue, but there's really no guarantee that they are going to do what they want them to do, which is to fight the islamic state, what they want to do in part, is fight president asaad, they want to go after the government, perhaps both can happen at once, but it's not clear that the priorities are exactly the same, and tony, as we talks about, not only about the training and the political coalition, not only about figures out divides, this is about the politics filling the political volumes in iraq and syria, that helped create the islamic state, we haven't seen a lot of strategy from either kerry or obama on how to fix that. >> absolutely, nick for us great to talk to you. she is professor of campaign management.
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forty-five's where we have a big question mark, because public opinion on foreign policy can be very finky, if the policy goes awry, if he is unable to change the goals that can be a problem. >> wait a minute, it is a long term strategy. it is a strategy as you heard, the president lay it out that will out live his presidency. he has made a promise to destroy them, and if the military comes if smart people come and say listen, you have given us some things that we need, but we need more, then what does he do. he is in the same position, lindon johnson was, it is a slippery slope, facially unless it
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is successful. and so that's the big question. is his strategy enough, and if it is not, he will face the question do you commit more troops to you put boots on the ground after you said you wouldn't. 20 you commit more money and time and more energy. >> but professor, we are being honest here, the air strike strikes is not f the idea is to destroy them, there needs to be boots on the ground. >> i happen to agree with you. and i think most people have said that, but the president says there won't be more. he has promised to destroy them, it isn't the military end of things. what about this ideology, what about the anger that keeps erupting. what are the plans to deal with that. so, you know, i think there are big questions here -- >> isn't that the role of the arab states. >> they have to be chiefly responsible for
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replacing the existing isis narrative. with a different religious narrative. that can't be the role of the united states. it should witness the role of the united states, but the president has now committed to sending us back in, something he said he was going to try very hard not to do, he know he is doing it reluctantly, and once he does that, where do you stop. and hence the slippery slope. >> well, the pent gone says the u.s. military conducted new air strikes. this comes as they react to the plan to destroy the group. al jazeera has more now from baghdad. >> the reaction here in iraq, has been strong and positive.
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which will make a total number of advisers about 1600, and they have training and with strategy, also the air strikes are seen as key weakening islamic state targets and then allowing iraqi ground troops to go in, the deputy p.m. also said that 24 wasn't just about jihadis verses the american state, that this was a regional problem. a regional coalition was absolutely key. now ibrahim, he is the foreign minister of iraq, right now alongside the deputy -- i'm sorry the u.s. secretary of state, and representatives from other state as part of this anti-islamic state coalition. that they are building so clearly the iraqis are very interested in this coalition. they say that it is a regional problem. how, the islamic state has reacted. what they have said.
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the the beheads that mr. president obama referred to, they said were just a rerevenge attack, they are blood for blood, they also accused obama of waging a proxy war, and in syria. and they say that's not going to effect their plans. they are going to expand the vote. >> well, part of the plan, president obama unveiled includes air strikes in not only iraq but also syria, the foreign ministry says any attack without it's approval is an act of aggression. with more now from beirut. >> for the past year, the islamic state group has proven to be the most effective troops. hundreds of arm soldiers have been killed and the i.k. controls almost one third of syrian territory. the u.s. is faced with a dilemma, how to crush the
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group allowing that to translate into strengthen asaad. by crushing his main opponent. the big question is who will benefit most, from the absence of the state when it is defeated. >> barack obama says he wanted to help cultivate a moderate syrian opposition force. to help fight the i.s. and replace them later. allocate $500 million to train it and give it weapons. it is not the first time the u.s. trie tries to nouh moderate syrian opposition. in the past, that strategy failed. the fighters couldn't deliver on the ground, weapons of the weapons and equipment provided to these groups ended up in the hands of more radical groups.
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they say they are ready and willing, but they want to make sure, western support will extend to their effort to bring down president asaad. >> damascus was hoping that the threat they pose and the need to crush it will pressure the united states to seek the help of the syrian government, and it's army, to fight the islamic state, and that the islamic state threat on the ground, could be translated into political gains for president asaad. so far, the u.s. says that is not going to happen. ouh eothe u.s. and the west will come knocking. >> the syrian regime wants to be seen as the alternative for the islamic state. some rare rabb states. prolonged and weakness dramatic developments in the next change. >> the islamic state
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group presence, the radical group will still have a safe haven, something that the president obama says he will not tolerate. al jazeera, beirut. >>s. >> they honored the families of the 9/11 victims. >> 13 years after a small and hateful minds conspired to break us, america stands tall and america stands proud. they will only grow stronger. >> scott strauss was one of many elite police
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officers at ground zero on september 11th, his story has been told before, including oliver stone movie world trade center, but now we are getting a new look. thane faced any challenges like 9/11. now we are seeing new images of their efforts that day. >> scott strauss is i have sitting the 9/11 memorial for the first time. searching for the names of his fallen friends. >> the 14 guys from our unit are here. obviously, look as lot nicer than it did that day. i couldn't tell you where we were. exactly. >> on september 11th, scott was here, part of the cities elite rescue squad, the e. s.u. or emergency service unit. the officer arrived just as the second tower collapsed.
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previously unseen images obtained by the discovery are channel, capture the serj. >> we will find the body parts. something never should say. >> hours past with no sign of life. then around 8:00 p.m., the rescuers learned that two port authority officers were buried alive. well him mena was stuck deep inside the rebel. scott was one of the first rescuers to arrive. >> we had to crawl down about 30 feet down on an angle to get to an area, had to crawl ten or 20 feet across, and had to look back, and we could see will. >> he and another officer took turns digging with their bare hands. >> he was virtually encased in rebel. we had to crawl in hands first. and just scratch away at him with our hands above our heads. to myself, i was talking to my kids. they were 6 and 9 at the time, i asked him to be good, take care of mom, be good in school.
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do their best, in life. and made me proud. >> because i didn't think i was coming out of there. but i wasn't stopping either. >> outside emergency workers form adeline, passing gear from hand to hand, down the hall. three hours later, scott emerged. will, was finally freed. >> other rescuers worked through the night, and got john out the next morning. they all became heros their story of survival, a bright spot on a dark day. >> how would you like people to remember your friends. >> the heros they were. are. >> are you a hero. >> no. not even close. heros are still being made that day, these men and women, that -- died,. >> how are those families doing. >> holding up. but they are struggling. >> how are you doing. >> struggling. >> scott retired from the emergency service unit in
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2004, he is now the mayor of a village in new york, and overseas security for a hospital. topeny scott repeatedly told me he kept emphasizing to me that he was just one of many people who helped on that day. and some sad news, he recently lost a friend, one of his colleagues to cancer, he thinks it was possibly from exposure to chemicals. >> how is his health? >> he says that he is all right, he didn't want to get into details just thankful he has spent the past 30 yien years watching his kids grow up. >> how about that. roxanne that, with us and the attacks on never breeched almost all security and intelligence systems in place at a time. since then new laws and agencies have been created to keep the country safer. randall pinkston joins was more on what has changed. >> tony, so much has changed. this have been hundreds of changes in the law, and in government agencies and departments. costing billions of dollars. some critics say much of that money is being wasted but one security expert with a unique perk
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i told me he would wrath espend too much trying to protect the country, rather than cutting back and increasing the risk of another september 11th attack. manuel has an international security firm, a former marine and new york city police officer, he was an fbi at on september 11th, and rushed to the world trade centers. >> the flames were so and the smoke was so powerful, that people were making a cognizant decision to leap from 80 stories, 80 plus stories. that was something that is not very easy to process. >> in the 13 years since 9/11, he has witnessed first hand, the response of law enforcement to prevent future attacks. new york city, took an unprecedented step posting detectives in the middle east. >> instead of waiting on national agencies such as the fbi, such as the cia.
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the nypd became very proactive set out people to gather their own intelligence in order to combat possible attacks. >> the new york police also ramped up the use of technology. to keep 24/7 watch on the city. thousands of cameras known as the ring of steel. >> and they spent tens of millions of dollars on this program. >> so you are talking something that is way beyond traffic camps in. >> absolutely. these are highly sophisticated state of the art systems. that could zoom in on an individual, see what is in his or her hand, maybe even read lips and have people translate what they are saying. to improve airport security by federalizing the process. congress also created the department of homeland security. an umbrella agency that
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was supposed to coordinate information. do we need this huge machine? is it working effectively. >> and they passed the congress act. giving broad powers can edward snowden revealed collects data on millions of americans. all of the agency the system is not perfect. >> like what happened in time square, what happened in the boston bombings. the person that goes overseas or is somehow radicalized, by islamic fundamentalists are trained or given the resources to come back here, and commit a terrorist act. >> the solution to that, says gomez, is more intelligence gathering from confidential informants. uh manuel gomez now
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dedicated his work, including six friend from the nypd who died that day. and a strike here will garner publicity that the terrorists want. >> randall, thank you. one part of the struggle, food and other supplies. that side of the story is coming up with ali velshi, that's next.
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it is believed i. s. makes the bulk of it's money through sales. as much as one to
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$3 million a day. alley, how does the islamic state group manage to secure and sell this oil. >> they have this oil that's not there. >> yeah. >> they have to sell, you can't really do this on the open market. the oil goes for about 100-dollar as barrel, what be talking to people who say that they are reselling this, sometimes at much as 75% discount, and maybe 25 or $30 a barrel. we also have heard some allegations that there are business people who are based or brokers based in turkey. who are getting this oil, or being the middleman in this, and selling it. so the issue is can you clamp down on whoever is buying this oil. well, tony, this is just normal criminal operation, how do you clap down on something that has a market price of $100 a barrel, and being sold for 25 or 30. somebody would have to be buying this on the side,
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but this is a product that doesn't come with a label, doesn't get d. intermountaina. testing. etch $50 lit be hard to do it, but it is an area that the government is concentrating on, because if you look at the ways that i.s. gets the money from extortion rackets from border crossings from tolls. from taxes from ransome and then from oil. really the only thing you can control is oil, arguably you can do some things -- it is the only one that says make sure you aren't buying this oil from i.s., but it isn't clear you would know whether they are buying i.s. oil. they are not using i.s. banking so how can they seize this operation. >> george they use to
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move money around, i.s. isn't moving money around on that system, so you can't hit them that way, the one thing is let's say turkey is involved in this. we aren't clear, these are just allegations we will try to figure them out, turkey is in large part a western facing country. you will see a lot of pressure to really apply pressure. again, we have to figure out who these people are, you will see a lot of that going through turkey. >> can't wait to see your show tonight. >> top of the hour here on al jazeera america. the european union says it will impose new sanctions tomorrow because of the involvement in ukraine. now then to minister says moscow will take similar measures in response to those sanctions. [what these sames mean is that rush are sha will found it very difficult to finance oil and gas explore ration in the years to come.
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oil and gas exploration is a capital intensive industry, it costs $10 billion to give you a ballpark figure to look into a new field, which mayle co up with nothing at all, so you need a lot of money. you will have your fields run dry, and other parts of the country, and you are will have nothing left to export. however, it was difficult for the european union to come to this, because the sanctions were drafted last friday. to keep the pressure up, so it doesn't get involved again. >> well, the president's speech last night,
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outlined his strategy to defeat islamic state group, coming up we will talk about the domestics the president is getting for his plan, and it will take years to be completely restored, but the hole in the ozone layer, highly atmosphere, is getting better.
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congress to authorizents more money to fight the islamic state group, so the u.s. can arm and train the secular syrian opposition, the head of that group is pushing american lawmakers to approve the president's request for $500 million. now congressional leaders are widely accepting this strategy, but there are some critics that say the white house plan does not go far enough. >> that's not sufficient to protect our people. we need special -- when they continue to say, there will be no boots on the ground, there's 1700 boots on the ground right now, there will be more boots on the ground.
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but they won't be in the form of combat units. but if we are going to defeat isis we will need close air support controllers, intelligence capabilities special forces and many others. >> >> john mccain, john boehner is not being any more strident than that, that almost sounds like in our political climate, like support for the president's plan. it is going to take this issue off the table. >> you think it does. >> it does, it buys the
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president time for it's policy. and again, the public when they see congress and the president in general agreement. and when it raises other issues that suddenly take on greater significant. now you have the islamic state. immigration reform is off the table, that enables them to focus more on the general dislike that people have for president obama. and enables democrats and some races to up the importance of education. women's rights, minimum wage, equal pay. >> so -- i.s. a week raying, maybe more than that, that the president utters the line who we don't have a strategy. >> he gives this speech, and your sense is that -- will congress then step forward and authorize the
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money he is asking for to prosecute this effort. they don't want to take a support for the middle east, another venture, they don't want to have to take a vote where they may be taken ownership of the policy. so the question is can the house do this in some way, to cover the short term costs. >> and the president is saying do this sooner rather than later, we need this done almost immediately. that is going to take time. >> right. >> in the short term, between now and the midterms continue the air strikes continue monitoring -- that doesn't cost extra money. the debate over congress we need another five or $600 million that can
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spill over into the lame duck session, and again that takes it all the tables as far as political issue. >> and senate republicans are helping democrats move legislation on equal pray and finance campaign reform. >> away from the microphone, acknowledged they are chewing up time on the senate floor to avoided tough votes. >> to break a filibuster although the legislation for men and women, the vote to pursue not an actual vote, but just a proceed -- that's
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preventing democrats led by senator harry reid to schedule a aprilly volatile vote before the fall recess. these will be votes on perhaps raising the minimum wage, and providing contraception coverage for women, those could be divisive issues down the stretch. but less though if senate republicans to not have to formally address them. now, there are also election politics, of course,en on the other side of capitol hill, 12 democrats on the house committee led by chairman john con juries have sent a note to nfl commissioner roger cadell questioning his handling of a violence incident involving ray rice. the letter says the nfl high profile demands the highest level of
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transparency. but that's not really congress' job to monitor the nfl. in new hampshire. disminutes is the phrase of the day. democratic senator has just released an ad highlighting her ability. not exactly a bridge builder when it comes to scott brown, here is the other ad that's running right now. cashing in by selling us out. scott brown. not for new hampshire. never was, never will be.
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uh the senate race is a great example, alison grimes said republican incumbent mitch mcconnell with this. >> >> mcconnell again airing his response add. >> senate leader doesn't just serve on committee, he can appoint members making sure the voice is heard. it is a power, grimes won't have. and as for mcconnell's attendance, 99%. alison grimes no experience, false and misleading attacks. >> and a pretty good response here, some strategists advise to deliver an attack themselves. so it will carry more weight.
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>> just to tell you myself, one year raying. his party in washington voting to shut down the government. right when colorado was recovering from historic floods. the congressman government shut down hurt colorado. >> finally, an ad controversy involving tom wolf, he is running for governor in pennsylvania. he just yanked down one of his campaign ads featuring that man. featuring allen touts the time. standing in front of that jeep, has had other gigs far more interesting than campaign commercials. he has also had rolls in adult films. they apologized for using him in the campaign ad, saying nobody in the campaign was aware of his previous acting resume.
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uh the google thing. >> used the google. >> on the internet. >> david, appreciate it. >> let's get you caught up on other news, making headlines across america today, innecessary is here with that. >> in new jersey, 30 children at a day care center, were rushed to the hospital today, after accidently drinking bleach. police say the children are all conscious and alert. there are no life threatening injuries no word yet on how they accidentally traffic that bleach. missouri has expanded it's gun rights in schools. lawmakers allowed train school employees to allow concealed guns on campuses. the new left anyone with a permit to carrie guns openly, the age to obtain a gun will drop from 21 to 19. the man accused of killing his five children is on his way to south carolina today. 32-year-old timothy jones will face murder charges there. and accused of murdering
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ages one to eight. he led investigators to a rural alabama road, where he allegedly dumped their bodies. >> other cases are still under review, and sales of marijuana have reach add new lie, they have for the first time surpassed sales of medical marijuana by close to $1 million. records show that in july, the state sold a total of $2,090.7 million, colorado has raked in 37 million in tax revenue alone from canada's sales and other related fees since the start of this year. it has been very lucrative. >> yeah.
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>> scientists from the united nations today, say that ozone layer is improving. and they expect it to be completely restored within the next few decades. science and seknology correspondent, jake, if you would, explain the ozone layer to us and why it is make rag come back here. >> it is a blast from the past, when this first came up it is basically a layer that's composed of ozone is basically created by the interaction of industrial emissions. and 90% of the ozone lived just below the strait fear. as you can see here. uh which is the very harmful burning kind of radiation, and it is why sun screen has been updated in the last few
6:42 pm
years why it has become more expense i, now, nasa has pieced together a pretty interesting look at how thin the ozone layer became above the south pole. >> there's a massive hole, and it was because of clear floor row carbons. that were in hair spray, and fire extinguisherring and things like that, and there was landmark legislation, and that has in part helped to stem the tie. even though we won't be getting burnt quite as much, it is because of greenhouse gas emises.
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all of that carbon is up into that layer. cooling off the stratosphere, and causing the production of new ozone. it is a landmark thing that all of these countries can come together, but it is in the end because of the very thing that is causing global warming that we are getting the ozone back. we respect going to roast, but there is rah crock pot effect. >> in san francisco, jake, thank you. yahoo says the u.s. government threatens to find it, $250,000 a day if it did not hand over user information to the n.s.a. that was back in 2007, but they ordered them to comply. they are now making 1500 documents. paveed the way for the surveillance program that was revealed by edward snowden. >> surpassed rounding the ray rice case, a former
6:44 pm
f.b. director how the nfl handled that case, and not guilty, of murder but not acquitted. two latest on the trial of olympic sprinter. >> tough realities... >> we chicago ch-iraq, because we have more killings... >> life changing moments... >> shut the camera.... >> from oscar winning director, alex gibney, a hard hitting look at the real issues facing american teens. the incredible journey continues... on the edge of eighteen only on all jazeera america vé
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on monday he was released by his team, and u.s. secretary spented indefinitely, showing him striking his fiance in a casino elevator. now the nfl has twoed rice for two games. before all of this was nobody,s but league officials insist they never saw the video. earlier i spoke with
6:47 pm
jamie floyd, and i asked her what she expects to come out of this investigation. >> the problem they need to stop the gaming now. he has to go. the story has become less andless about rice. >> yes. >> and more and more not only about the nfl,s but about gadell. >> yeah. >> and his credibility. he went from being the shield. >> right, suddenly now it is going to be at what he knew and when he knew it. the old phrase from watergate. >> you don't want to gate. >> you don't want an nfl gate. >> and the real problem here, and listen, i grew up on football, my father played football. i-the sport, the rot is within the nfl. >> tell me why you feel that way? >> there is a systemic lack of concern about this domestic violence problem. violence against women. and violence in general.
6:48 pm
the owners really don't care, do we think anybody cared about general nigh that april? did they kay about jena, or whether he would be on the field on sunday. that's the question they need to be asking themselves. i don't know if they will be asking that question. we have to build a fact based case to draw out some of these conclusions. and it seems as though this story is turned 180 degrees. with the news yesterday, that a law enforcement official actually gave a tape of what happened inside the elevator to the nfl. some executive with the nfl -- >> this is what the a. p. is reporting. >> that's what the a.p. is reporting. >> that changes the story dramatically. >> they have independent sources that say that an
6:49 pm
official within the nfl actually had the second tape that has surfaced. two tapes that many places in the world have seen, the first tape that started this controversy back in the spring. >> dragging her out of the elevator, which was horrible. >> second part was horrific, what we call in the law acute battering incident. and then the tape which surfaced monday, by seconds preceded that. two actual beat down on the woman. and i don't know why we don't in domestic violence cases use our imagination to think about how the woman got to be in the position she was in. and people were quite outrages tony. the question is did they see that with the two game suspension, and now they are just coffering
6:50 pm
or do they know? >> why are you saying roger gadell has to go? >> well. >> is it credibility. >> credibility issue. >> it's a public relations issue. >> yeah. >> and i don't see how he can lead the organization forward after having said on wednesday, that he didn't know about it, they hadn't seen it, and law enforcement couldn't give it to us, and then on thursday we have what seems to be a credible report. he is the face of the organization. >> jamie floyd, the nfl may soon have another domestic violence crisis on his hand, plus a basketball from the nba is in hot water for tweeter out support for ray rice. >> tony, paul george from the pacers was quickly credit sized on twitter for sending out this message earlier today. i don't condone hitting women or think it is cool, put if she ain't tripping then i ain't
6:51 pm
tripping let's keep it moving, lol let that man play. later he tweeted that and apologized. >> were thought less, and without regard to the subject of domestic violence, and it's seriousness in society. now over at the san francisco 49ers, radio broadcaster is twoed for two games after he said this during a recent broadcast. now folks on social media are also asking about ray mcdonald, the defense i tack trillion the 49ers. he was arrested for allegedly assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, he played last sunday, and the team is standing behind him for now. and tony, folks are also weighing in on greg hardy, from the carolina panthers this summer, he is found guilty of assaulting his former girlfriend his lawyers are appealing he played
6:52 pm
last sunday, and will probably play this sunday. two panthers owners defending himself and the team. take a listen. >> when it comes to domestic violence, i stand firmly against domestic violence, plain and simple. >> the people are questioning what will happen with hardy with one journalist saying at nfl commissioner can you please tell me why greg hardy has not been discipline redirect examination you waiting for a tmz video. >> no video on mcdonald, no video on hardy so far. right. and they get to play. appreciate it, thank you.
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but the judge did say the double amputee was negligent when he shot through a bathroom door killing riva steam camp, now the judge must rule on a homicide charge, more from south africa. the judge moved quickly, summarizing the evidence before lifting a huge weight from his shoulders. >> they have not proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. there is just not enough to support it. >> she cleared him of murder too, but the day ended as it began filled where suspense it is not until friday that she
6:54 pm
will rule on the lesser charge. she was media darling a double amputee who not only took on his competitors but our perceptions of disabled athletes. pistorius admits shooting his girlfriend, but only because he thought she was an intruder. the trial is the first in south africa to be broadcast live. they are nobody deserves to kill
6:55 pm
there are journalists here from all over the world. the perception is if you are rich are you can buy your way out of trouble. his fall from grays from a media darling to murder accused has been gripping to watch, there were some small cheers as he left he left court. would recollect only the world one trade center tower is almost complete, but the build c. membership is having trouble attracting tenants.
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13 later one world trade center is nearly finish, but as john reports for us now, they are having a difficult time finding tenants to fill the new building. everybody knows this is
6:58 pm
the tallest building, the tallest in the western hem atmosphere anyway. a symbolic 700 feet tall, but no one seems to know when it will open. now the port authority is saying we look forward to continued progress, and opening up of the site, including one world trade center, later this fall. as the sky scraper has gone up, so have the otherruns and the costs. since it first appeared as the vision of polish architect in 2003. when it was swiftly dubbed the freedom tower, it's gone through changes and expenses that have nearly doubled the cost from $2 billion to $3.9 billion. they still remain unsolved. it is a similar story elsewhere, the transportation hub with it's giant ribbed canopy have been slated to open in 2006. but the port authority now says it won't be finished until at least 2015, and it's cost has ballooned from
6:59 pm
2.2 billion, to 3.7. three other towers, two, three, and four, world trade center, are being built by the developer larry silver steen. only the national 9/11 memorial and museum is fully functioning and open for business. was met by the taxpayer and private donors. there was a time when the twin towers could be seen for miles away on a clear day. now, 13 years after hijackers destroyed lower manhattan, the yet to open is at least fulfilling a similar function,s rising from the ashes of ground zero. al jazeera, new york. >> beautiful beautiful beautiful. can we see it, at sunset here in new york city today? a wonderful day in the city. that is all of our time for this news hour.
7:00 pm
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