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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> we go undercover... >> it isn't easy to talk at this base >> what's happing on u.s. bases? >> the tax payer directly pays the human trafficker >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> they're blocking the doors... ground breaking... they killed evan dead... truth seeking... >> they don't wanna see what's really going on >> break though investigative documentary series america's war workers only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera america, live from new york city, with a look at today's top stories. the polls have closed in scotland, and the counting begins. we will soon know if voters there decided to remain united. as congress votes on funding top military leaders defend white house plans to defeat isil. police say they have thwart add plot by isil to carry out beheadings.
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ukraine's president says it needs more than aid from the united states, today he asked for weapons. >> in scotland, participated in a historic vote. decided whether to become an nation. today's vote could establish a state separate from britain for the first time since is 1707. lawrence lee reports. the 4 million voters have not just the future of their own country, in the voting slips in their hands. the decision they have been making reflects not syrian army a division of opinions about their own identity, political and economic views. the vote for independents would also have repreaccusations on the rest of the united kingdom.
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the landscape may noted by the unianyonists but stott land reare lies on membership for trade, as it would struggle withouting with able to share the pound, that it would not be able to afford to set up all the institutions of state the new country needs. and more positively that scottish and english cultures are into weather watch. that they are less than the sum of them. >> as the months have gone on, the campaign has made huge end roads. most scotts see themselves as more scottish than british for one thing. the most compelling that the united kingdom ruled by the classes and the political elite, which is lost popular respects cannot answer to the wishes of the people with increasingly different set of opinions.
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the question should scotland be an independent country. is another way of saying this, do you stick with what you know, and the knowledge that it is far from perfect. or do you take control with all the risks that it brings. scotland is split more or less down the middle. >> lawrence lee joins us now. and lawrence, a couple of questions here, how much -- what percentage of the population is actually eligible to vote and what do you think about turn out here? is how much of that turned out to the polls? engangment has been extraordinarily high. more than 4.2 million people have registered to vote. more or less 5 million or so that's 90 serve% of the population registers to vote, if you compare that even to the voting turn out, when scotland
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first got it's own parliaments. that us was about a 50% turn out. so there's been an amazing engangment. and frankly, all around the world, peep have looked on really impressed at the way in which the scotts have taken this complicated and let's face it, historic decision. a huge amount of dignity has gone into this. the yes and no campaign, they disagree on some fundamental decisions. the debates have been amazingly civilized and they have both said whichever way it goes it will abide by the results. one exit poll tonight has put notes on 54%, yes or 46%, that's pretty much in line with the polls from this week. if that turns out to be true, the yes campaign will have had it's high water mark, perhaps about ten days ago. >> so lawrence, why
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didn't -- the more in america, and this is one of the questions that's being asked, why didn't the entire u.k. get an opportunity to vote on this? that's the question that many english people who don't want the union to separate have been asking as well. they say -- hang on a second, it is our great britain too, it is our united kingdom too, most english people don't want scotland to separate. even though, clearly, they are asking to be towed out to see. they are asking for political independents. the terms of this, they were set by the westminster government. it was david cameron who said okay, fine, you can have this on these terms. it didn't exactly suit the scottish nationalists the terms which we said. but i think the westminster poll six set those on the assumption that it will guarantee victory for them.
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earn if as it is looking likely it will be a narrow note to independent victory. >> all right, lawrence lee for us, scotland. we will speak with a former member of the u.k. parliament about what scottishn't ins would mean there, and here in the united states. a new video is said to show a british journalist believed to be showed by the islamic state group. isil has killed three hostages in recent weeks, as you know, this comes as the senate is voting to approve funding for the plan to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight the group. mike joins us now, mike, the house as you know approve the plan yesterday in the senate and likely to follow suit here?
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a lot of people have serious reservation, many think it goes too far. and yet, strangely enough, they are backing the president. our republicans in particular particularly when it comes to the so called title 10 authorization. the president needs it, if he is going to follow through with the key element, and that is to arm and train the syrian rebels so they can take the fight to isil on the ground. mark is a democrat from alaska, he is voting no today when the vote comes down, it is in a tight race. request the three syrian army, are they a viable fighting force. here is the senate floor.
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>> i don't know. the bigger issue to me is also their countries. i understand they are having conversations and wanting to participate, but this is their country, their region. and a new wringer trillion the white house, that was revealed by josh earnest the spokesman, late last night and today at the briefing the president would, if general dempsey or another commandner the field were to come to him and say we want to forwardley deploy american advisers, in order put them right up in the action, or advice soldiers in the middle of a fire fight, americans would do that, while at the same time, the white house insists that is not a combat role. there are 1600 such advisers in iraq. >> walk us through this testimony today, both secretary of state john kerry, and defense secretary were on capitol hill, briefing lawmakers on the military, the aspects of the plan, what did kerry are and hagel
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have to say and how did lawmakers react in general. >> will be a target, logistics and infrastructure will be another target. they are going to be aiding the syrian rebels with small arms vehicles communication, and training. and as a reflection of the doubts that many people have about the viability of that force, and even the trustworthiness, they are going to see how they go, and then they are going to start supplying with them with more sophisticating weapons. and the other half, of course, is who is in this coalition, will arab nations with in this coalition.
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that was close questioning for secretary of state john kerry. >> some in training and assist, and kin neck tick activities. >> some, was the word that wasn't good enough for a lot of members of congress. they want to know who, which will be stepping up, it can't simply by the united states, it has to be narrowing sunni led cubs. sounds like something that maybe the gulf states would participate in, mike is in the white house, appreciate it. earlier i spoke with william mccants a former senior adviser, and josh rushing host of fault lines.
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i asked them for the u.s. plans to ask the free syrian army to fight the islamic state group, the asaad government, or both. the united states government is asking these forces to take on the islamic state. of course, these forces will be able in some measure go after the regime as well, because we are not going to be able to control them fully. and this is a rebellion that is able to overthrow -- they have to deal with the islamic state, if they are ever going to have a chance against asaad. but i don't think the two see those goals as mutually exclusive. >> how much concerned is being expressed among the people that you talked to? and the pulls on the syrian sort of aspect of the president's i. s. strategy? >> well, there's a lot of hand reading about the strategy. you have some that still don't want us to be involved.
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you have some who wanted us to be involve add long time, and don't think this effort is enough. even people that have very settled positions are quite worried about the consequences of their positions, because either way we go, in this, there is going to be horrible bloodshed. and unsavory things done while america is leading this effort. >> did you uh want in on this? >> talking about the consequences you brought up comparing this emto al quaida, one of the differences is that the islamic state never expressed an interest to bring down the u.s. if you bush them out of iraq, are you create add monster that is going to reach back at you. you know -- and britts
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among them, they have passports that make it easy for them to travel. so i wonder about these consequences. when you look at how we address this, will we bring the fight back home to the u.s.? >> will, if you wanted to take what is unenviably right, not able to succeed, free syrian army, and this gets at josh's point here, and make them viable, and have them walk the u.s. line on this what's the number? $500 million enough? >> no. that amount of money is not enough to do it, you will recall that president obama submitted this amount to congress back i believe it was in june. and this was when he is still calling the islamic group the j. v. team, this is not a serious amount of money, if we want to equip and prepare the syrian sunni rebel opposition to take on the islamic state on our behalf.
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this effort is going to have to be funded at a much higher level, and my worry is that the administration by not committing a serious amount of money is really continuing it's old policy and just reframing it. >> and that was former state department advice discoer and our own josh rushing with fault lines. police in australia say they stop add blot to carry out beheadings there. authorities say they are holding six people and have identified the groups suspected ring leader. we have to december plate and masquerading a a religious movement, and claiming with no legitimacy to be a state. australian prime minister says the aids were prompted by intelligence that a leader was calling on supporters to perform demonstrations dilks.
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the president of ukraine was in washington today, asking for more people in dealing with it. al jazeera has the story now, from the white house. >> ukraine's president met with the u.s. president barack obama in the oval office for more than an hour, when the media was allowed in, it was clear that the leader did not get what he came for. he spelled out exactly what he believed his country needs in the a joint session to congress. >> please understand me correctly, blankets, night vision googles are also important, but one cannot win the war with a blanket. even more, we cannot keep the peace with a blanket. and most important of our aid. not to win the war. but keep the peace. so far the white house has ruled out providing
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that assistance to the military, fearing it would only escalate the situation, and it could lead to a proxy war with russia. instead, the president is heading back home, with an additional $46 million worth of nonhe that will aid. the u.n. security council held an emergency session today to address the spread of the ebola virus. and global health leaders continue to struggle to contain the virus. james base has the latest. >> we have seen a unanimous vote, calling nor the international community to step up it's efforts to fight ebola, but it is a fight that the u. n. secretary general has said for now, the world is losing and he is called for a great deal more funding the 20 fold increase up to $1 billion his announced he is setting up a new u.n. mission. >> the spread of the disease is outpacing the response. no single government can
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manage the crisis on it's own, the united nations cannot do it alone. >> this unprecedented situation requires unprecedented steps to save lives and safeguard peace security. therefore, i have decided to establish a united nations emergency help commission combining the world health organizations strategic perspective with a very are strong logistics and operational capability. >> the security council also heard from the fort line of the fight against ebola,s by viz owe link, they heard from a doctor from a charity. he was briefing from a hospital in the liberian capitol, telling that he is having to turn away patients his hospital just doesn't have room for them, and he also said two of his own cousins nurses in the hospital had already died. coming up, the biggest, ipo is set for tomorrow
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morning. real money will tell us what to expect when shares of alibaba go public. also, apple says even police won't be able to get data out of it's new operating system. jake ward will explain how that works.
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home depot announced today that 56 million credit cards were effected by the credit breech last week. there are now, 7.3 million people enrolled in the health insurance plans using the obama exchanges. this is the first update. it includes people who signed up and pays up as of august 15th, in may the number of sign ups was more than 8 million, but not everyone has paid. the next open enrollment season begins on november 15th, and there is growing concern about
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protecting personal data on our smart phones and devicessen p apple say it's new operating system is even more secure, so secure that even the company can't unlock your device. jake ward joins us life, this seems like a radical move, what is behind it. >> well, tony, it is part of a broader trend. putting products out that you and only you can control. a trio of students they created a bike that was basically an integrated lock, essentially the frame of the bike was the lock. so if you break the lock, you break the bike, and suddenly they had what they considers to be a pretty unstealble bike, and that concept sort of goes against the motion that we have has, that the companies have control over everything. well, apple in this case is saying we are giving up control. only you have control at
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the site of the phone. when you incrypt your phone, with an i-phone lock, with the pass code, only you will have it, we can't have it. nowen android phones are are also going to be including this according to reports that are coming out today, and so everyone i think is trying to get away from this. apple basically said they will no longer be able to side step that lock. then the question becomes what's the point? >> for one thing, facebook, twitter, the other third party app makers that show up that information all gathers information about where you are, puts it on their service. and they are involved. what is stored on the phone, but there's still that goes off to servers
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as well, and they don't mention that, so the point of this i think is symbol nick many ways. i think we are entering an era, your electronics are immune, all of that seems to be a selling point, we have entered this weird post snowden era where you are selling phones based on that. >> jake, thank you. a north america's first museum dedicated to islamic art is now open in toronto. it is a project, from the the spiritual leader of the world's ishmila muslims. it features art from the middle east, al jazeera daniel has more from toronto.
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holy kerr rans alongside hand drown texts. tell tails of faith, of trade and society. objects do tell a story, they tell a story from where they are, who they are, what materials. and it's a window to a world. and that world tells you a lot about the civilizations and cultures that produce that art. of gold leaf and plate, they challenge what many may think of. the idea is to connect these with contemporary artists who will be features. over aspect is supposed
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to compliment and enhance what is on display. take this staircase. it is made of pure blue stone. so an exaggeration to say even the building is a work of art. >> as are the museum grounds. pakistan's once paint add roof at new york's museum of modern art, has transform add plaza into an explosion. one of several here to highlight the country art scene. the religious lead who brought all of this to toronto, hopes to close a gap in understanding. between those who know of the vast heritage of the art, and those who don't. it is an extraordinary phenomenon, that there's this enormous knowledge gap. and i think it is too to everybody. to try to fill in that knowledge gap. whether they are art lovers or merely curious, about a world little known to them, there's an extraordinary experience,
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waiting north american audiences, this museum. one of the world's foremost collects is found a home in most unlikely place. well, the polls have now closed. we will know if scotland -- the potential after math that's coming up. also. >> i feel like somebody trying to be released from egypt, let me people go. you are out of order. who inspire add political add today, he gets his turn to respond.
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real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi.
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>> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. this is some kind of story. history was made in scotland today. millions voted to decide whether they should stay with the united kingdom. scottish independence would mean a lot of changes for the region. more on the relation are ship with the united kingdom. gibe mooing mentum, four decades and now it has reached a critical turning point. depending on the judge come, this vote has the potential to change the world as we see it today. it could end a 3 million year union, but a long sought campaign now
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leaves the fate of scotland and the hands of anest military hospitalled 4 million voters. scotland will break away from the united kingdom to become a sovereign nation. and it's military could diminish. the plan would need the backing of the government and the bank of england. scotland has two choices create it's own monetary system, or join another one. and data shows last year, scotland spent more tax revenue per person, than any country in the u.k. they also play the factor for scotland separates it will likely gain the rights over a majority of the oil and gas off the coast of the united kingdom.
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it may go to an independent scotland. >> joining me now with more on all this is john brown, john has been a guest on our program before, as you know. he is a former member of parliament and senior economic consultant. why didn't the entire u.k. get an opportunity to vote on this independence referendum? nobody else raised it, totally irresponsibility abuse of democracy, here we have two-point witness pun million people deciding the future of 65 million people. totally undomic. and it's most interesting that you raise it. because if it was america, the population of the state i live in, in florida of 20 million, if 10.1 million florid arians voted to leave the united states, do you think america would find that democratic? outrageous.
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wouldn't you run the risk, if the south got a chance to vote on the north? we are talking about the u.k. now, run the risk of offense tri-sizing a country, how might that turn out. >> get an opportunity to vote on whether scotland gets to be independent, how might that vote turn out? i think it would turn out to be a no. question've got it on northern frontier by pouring money into scotland for 300 years. when the last item said tax revenues -- those all come from oil revenues. not from taxing people. actually, britain pays 24% more generous welfare benefits to the scottish people than it to's own english people.
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so we have paid for scotland, and as your commentator said, it would be a very serious threat to british security, if the nuclear sub base. >> yeah. but -- that security and the nuclear sub base is an important issue, what is the point you wanted to make, because it is important. and that's based in scotland, and it would cost. s of dollars plus it would take to 2028 to move it from scotland where it's ideally suited in terms of strategic location. further south to england. there's also economic issues at the heart of this vote. gains the right over the coast of the u.k. >> that's a difficult question, because it hasn't been settled yet, the great argument will
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be at the angle a which the boundary are meets the coast, and projected into the sea, that is going to take a lot especially the gas. have most of the oil. so it depends on the negotiation, how much of that oil is going to go to scotland. but scotland, regardless of the oil, i mean last year, the oil rev are knews have been declining isn't 2000. >> right. >> and last year they were down 24% on the year before. so it is going to be a diminishing revenue for scotland. and scotland is going to have a tremendous suffering in terms of people leaving scotland, wealth leaving scotland, companies leaving scotland, and no longer having the open purse of the english pouring money in. so they are going to have to raise are taxes in scotland, on individual people. john, i also know that you might have some -- you are pretty firm in
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the no column here. >> yes, i am half scottish by the way. >> that's where i was going. my heart says i am for the united kingdom, and if i had to be -- i am for the people of scotland, they are going to suffer tremendously if they leave england. and it is something that these lying politician have led them to believe on passion alone, it is like replaying the film of brave heart, and hating the english. well that was a long time ago, and the english are slightly nicer now. question so enjoy having is you on the program. >> let's bring in david schuster to talk about this, and david, talk to
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us about -- we don't necessarily we may or may not have a time. >> it is a referendum vote for the people, but what is the u.s.' take. >> the obamaed a presentation has been careful to say it is the vote for the other over there, how the president has made it clear of keeping it what it is. again, the british nuclear missles are eventually u.s. nuclear missalt lakes. so they have a stake in that as well. imagine if you had the state of colorado, and they all decided we want to become a nuclear free zone that's the same situation. scotland is so much more liberal, that that is something that could happen. the louisiana senate
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race, which play be key to determining which controlled the chamber has taken another strange turn. david has that for us, david? >> mary landrieu is facing more re-election trouble. just a week after reports that she listed her parents house to satisfy state resident aresy requirements, now she is in hot water over immigration reform. congressman bill cassidy of being soft on border security. >> why he opposed a border fence. >> really? mary landry thinks that is the threat the came of homeland securities she voted to double the patrol, build triple layer fencing and voted nine times to block amnesty. i amove this message, buzz on border security i will put my record up. >> the record include as senate floor speech, just last year, when she
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called the border fence a dumb idea. and pledges not to support it. >> i voted for the dumb fence once, i won't do it again. because i learned my mistake, when i went down there to look at and it realize we can build two dumb fences. or three dumb fences and it is not working, so i am not going to waste the money to do something that i know will not work. it won't work, there she is advertising she is voted for it, and something that he called dumb. news organizationers are hammers the political double talk on this, and this is all the latest round of tough coverage, and it comes as polls show her neck and neck in a race a lot of odemocrats are counting on for control of the u.s. senate. we told you yesterday over joe bide en's apology over the using the term "shy locke." well, a few hours after
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his apology, he raised eyebrows again, for ratters in des moines, and how he referred to asia. >> i stopped in singapore to meet with a guy named le kwanyu, who most around the world say is the most -- the wisest man in the orient. >> a lot of asians consider the term orient, and oriental to be outdated and offensive. staying with presidential politics hillary clinton if she runs will be the front runner. she has the organization, and discipline that joe biden does not, and now anticipating that clinton will be the presidential nominee, a conservative fact, has begun running attack ads against her over benghazi. break is silence, sign the citizen subpoena, demand she answer for the american lives lot in benghazi. in just one day, more than 260,000 people have
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signed on to that organization. finally back, to the midterms we told you yesterday who is running for congress, despite several melt downs and temper tantrums. i am sick of it. >> now b ost wants to be in congress. enough. i feel like somebody trying to be released from egypt, let my people do. >> he would make washington worse. let my people go, well, it is out there, here is the response ad. >> folks, you probably seen this. the chicago politician governor quinn have done, really made me mad. and what president obama obama is doing to our country upsets me as well. e. p.a. war on coal, or
6:41 pm
their epic failure to care for our veterans i am disappointed about the direction they are taking our country. and you should be too, i approve this message, because i am running for congress. political strategist says he still looks wound pretty tight, but it is an interesting approach to try to turn lemoneds into lemonade. where the challenger bought of his outburst is better well known than the incumbent. >> you are out of order. >> let my people go. >> power politics today. and this week. >> we have breaking news from cap can toll hill for you, the senate has just voted to approve president obama's $500 million request to trade moderate syrian rebels to fight the islamic state group, the house approved this yesterday. the money was attacked to a bill that will fund the federal government through december 11th.
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the word's third largest internet company will begin trading on the new york stocks exchange. alibaba holding company is looking to raise around $22 billion in it's initial public offering, investors have been hungry are to get a slice of the tech firm, real money breaks it down for us. >> alibaba prices it's public offering at $68 per share, that is the top of the expected range. sometime as company prices above the top, but normally they stay to rage. which means the company has raised nearly $22 billion making it the largest i. p.o. over, by the way, the values the total company, at $168 billion. larger than amazon. it begins trading tomorrow morning,
6:43 pm
smoothly, one hopes. alibaba is the biggsest company that many people haven't heard of, but we are getting to know it quickly. it is as we have discussed china's largest ecommerce company, a private company, although it has been financed by private equity firms that have a lot of china so called princelings on their boards or working for them. they are children. of communist party leaders. they often described as china's ebay, and papal rolled into one. very little that you can't find on the site, you can buy a 2000-ton grain silo for wheat, or a lot of toy rubber ducks. they handle more transactions than amazon and ebay combined. rev are knew for the last quarter, was $2.5 billion. now, the company was founded back in 1999 but jack maw, an unlikely billionaire, he is a fonger english teach who started the company with friends in his apartment, he owned 8.8% stake, and is selling 12.7 million
6:44 pm
shares. a widest mates on what he is worth personally. forbes list his net worth at $11 billion. but the billionaire index puts it closer to $22 billion. a lot of questions about whether this is the beginning of something. whether china can invite, this is a private company, that has now gone public into the market. it wasn't part of the government, but a lot of people have i spoken to, they don't have enough of this sort of invasion, but this is an anomaly, it is not likely the sign of something to come, $68 for shares, investors i have spoken to have said unless you got in earlier at a lower price, you may want to sit it out. we have had reports people have been selling
6:45 pm
their shares in order to give them cash to get in on this tonight and tomorrow. whoa, appropriator it, so let's get you caught up on other news making headlines today. enes is here with that. >> hundreds of mys from across the country gathering in pennsylvania today to bury the state trooper who was shot to death outside of his barracks. oa fellow state trooper -- police are still looking for the shooter, suspected to been eric phone. they say he is armed and extremely dangerous. arizona cardinals running back is out on bail today. he was arrested yesterday per allegedly assaulting his wife back in july, the cardinals team say they only learned about the alleged attack when charges were filed. guyer has been deactivated by the team. the search has expanded for a missing university
6:46 pm
of virginia student, she was last seen saturday. in this new video a man is seen following hand that graham. this person later told police he was following her because she looked distressed and intoxicated. he said he stopped walking behind her after she met with another man who she appeared to know, police are are now searching for that person. and police in california arrests 37-year-old wayne huntsman on charges of arceson. accusing of setting the king wild fire, it has now burned over 70,000-acres and is only 5% contained. the blaze began saturday and has caused over 2,000 people to evacuate police say heavy timber and dry grass is fueling the fire. crews have been working around the clock, causing massive flooding heavy rains reached all the way east to arkansas where a woman was rescued after
6:47 pm
her car stallinged in a flooded area. i didn't realize how deep the water was. >> the storm passed through california, arizona, and new mexico quickly. flash flood warnings have since been lifted. >> all right. appreciate it. coming up, an activist group is buying up student debt, and raising it and they are doing it for free, and the other big vote. massing the bill that would fund the free syrian army. as it trains in saudi arabia to the tune of $500 million. that money going to train to equip, and to arm the free syrian army. to take on isis in syria, and many are concerned whether that also means moving on to damascus to uproot the asaad reare jet stream. the president of the united states, will speak
6:48 pm
on this issue. and now the passage of the bill at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, and of course we will bring it to you here on al jazeera america. we are back in a moment. t..
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>> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... a group that sprang out of the occupy wall street as nounsed this week it has wiped out millions of dollars in student debt. it is striking greedy colleges and debt collectors. roxanne that has been looking into this story for us. this is pretty amazing stuff, and she has more, roxanne. >> student debt totals more than $1 trillion but when students default that debt is often sold off, this group of activists found a way to buy nearly $4 billion of that and then forgave it. >> that's why the rolling
6:51 pm
jubileele cos in. >> it is a project that has helped more than 2700 people. by buying them at a discount, then making them disappear. ink stead of collecting on the debt, we are going to abolish it. >> except it is not magic, when students can't pay debts they become delinquent, financial institutions like banks and in rare cases schools end up selling those debts for pennys on the dollar. the collectors hound the students. it has used $100,000 in donation to buy nearly $4 million in student debt. then it sent out letters like this to 3,000 unsuspecting students announcing you no longer owe the balance of this debt. when you get an education, all of us benefit. when somebodien is priced out of the university, it hurts all of us. >> tell me about yourself? >> the students all attended everest college,
6:52 pm
a for profit school with dozens of campuses. >> welcome to financial aid. >> it is owned by christianeeian colleges. k the government sued this week. by advertising bogus job prospects. >> i was trying to figure out where minish was in life. >> corinthian told al jazeera it lends students money at fair rates and only when they have no other way to pay. a spokesman said it is simply not true, we are sinking students into debt. >> several other colleges are also under investigation for pursuing profits while using students with huge debt. critics say this has helped make debt collectors rich. >> they are bounty hunters. they get a piece of the pie, and the more effective they are, the bigger the pie. >> they have avenues to make money. and make a lot of money. >> strike debt says it realizes it is helping only a small portion of the millions of american whose owe $1.3 trillion.
6:53 pm
but the activists say their goal was to send an important message. >> we don't think that students should have to mortgage their future to get an education. >> strike debt was dealing with loans from private institutions not ones guarantees by the government. private loans make up only about 8% of student debt. it hasn't announced which ones yet. >> police turn to twitter for help tracking down the suspects. in the a suspected hate crime. that's next, and then it is real money with ali velshi. >> coming up on real money, if america decides to put boots on the ground to fight isil, a lot of those will be filled by private citizens. i will have a look, plus, how a car could help change manufacturing as we know it, all of that and more on real money.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
>> a firsthand look at the ongoing battle against the isil threat. >> bombs are cracking off in the distance... >> this is a booby trap in the islamic state >> ...a sniper around the corner here... >> from the front lines, josh rushing reports, on al jazeera america
6:56 pm
particularly outside of america, and it runs the golf champion where courses apply to play here, due to stage in 20 since teen. and it is still -- pressure may be applied to change their policy before 2016. and some stage, i expect them to have a vote on the missing female members. what you won't get, is immediately lots of female members joining the royal. that's because there's only 2,400 places and
6:57 pm
that's not that many, what you will get, and immediately some high profile female golfers and female figures invited to join. like the former u.s. secretary of state was invited to join agus standing ovations in 2012. the irony is women have been playing here for many years and some of them are happy with the clips they are members of. at least the decision to apply is now in their hands. >> police may be one step closer to tracking down the suspects. innecessary is back with that. >> it only took about 24 hours for some twitter users to gather a lot of information for detectives. on tuesday night, police released this video, asking for help identifies a group of suspects in their early 20's. police say the group allegedly approaches two guy males and made disparages remarks. they were then held down
6:58 pm
by the group and beaten. well, it wasn't wrong before someone recognized the peep, and some of the faces are similar to the ones on the video, including what they are wearing. now, police have yet to confirm that it is them. but someone recognized the restaurant. it is just three blockens away, and using a tool on facebook, someone else got the names of people who had checked in on line. later tweeter out, got them, pretty confident, i have at least three positive i. now, philadelphia detective joseph murray, he gave a shout out to his helpers saying this is how twitter is supposed to work, i will take a couple thousand twitter detectives over any one real detective any day. no arrests have been made yet, but lawyers for some of the people in that picture are reportedly in contact with the police. saying one of the suspects was an assistant basketball coach at a
6:59 pm
catholic high school, he has since resigned. gist about out of time, but stick around, we will be back on the other side of the top of the hour, the president will be making remarks about the passage of the funding bill from the state describing room that funding bill $500 million to train equip, and to army the free syrian army, top of the hour, this is al jazeera america.
7:00 pm
welcome back, everyone, this is al jazeera america, i'm tony harris in new york city. president obama is about to come out and speak about the government funding bill approved by the senate today and the house yesterday. the bill will fund the government through december 17th. it also includes at the moment at least, it


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