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tv   Power Politics  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> every saturday, go where technology meets humanity... >> sharks like affection >> tech know, only on al jazeera america today on "power politics," the marketing of war. >> last night on my orders america's armed forces began strikes against i.s.i.l. charges in syria. how the presidentialied an electorate around a new front in the middle east. and in the 2014 campaign spending records have been broken. >> the oil billionaire koch brothers are showering millions... >> in week there was an ostrich lesson. >> at the hint of danger he puts
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his head in the sand. >> some voters are considering the powder keg issue. from temper tantrums. all that and more now on "power politics." >> he'll i'm david shuster -- hello, i'm david shuster, five weeks before election, we'll focus on the issue. policies catapulting to the american stage. groups are concerned about islamic state as about the economy. democrats were in trouble in the past week. president obama's job approval rating on foreign policy stood at 32%. then the news the united states was attacked i.s.i.l. in syria, american forces were not alone.
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>> we are joined by friends and partners, saudi arabia, unit arab emirates, jordan, bahrain and qatar. america is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with these nations on behalf of common security. >> the political implications in the united states are huge. you have to go back 23 years to the first gulf war against iraq. the white house sensing both the public surprise and pride at the developments choreographed the imagery to highlight decisiveness and power. there was president obama adds's in front of a backdrop that the white house never normally use. television crews were allowed to provide a live broadcast of the president obama using the air force base, and the next day the speech to the united nations was the headlines. >> we do not plan on acting alone, nor send u.s. troops to
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occupy foreign landsful we'll support iraqis and syrians fighting to reclaim their communities. >> republicans and democrats - the president's approval rating and that of democrats will go up. the question is can this surprise boost the democrats to have them keep control of the senate. al jazeera political contribute yore michael sure joins us. what do you see as being the impact of the new war in syria? >> we have five weeks until the plebz, as you mentioned at the top. the impact is yet to be seen. it takes the senate races, which were gming local elections and making them national. the president had taken themselves out of the election. people, democrats avoided the president because of sinking poll numbers. he made this a national issue by virtue of the fact it's a
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military strike and goes into all these campaigns. it shakes up the calculus. >> you mentioned a number of democrats. how much of a boot is it if the republican went behind the coalition in going after syria. >> it's a boost to democrats and makes the republican challenges recall kate. some are able to say "listen, i was in the military." there's scott brown, jodie ernst and others with military service. they can say "the president is doing to this way, i was in the military, this is how i would have done it." it does bring another conversation and allow the challenge to boost military bona fides. >> there was a vote in the senate about authorising the money to pay for syrian rebels, i wonder if hillary clinton took
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notice. one person who voted no was democrat elizabeth warren, setting up an intriguing matter if warren and hillary clinton run against each other. >> there are a barrel of ifs. will hillary or elizabeth warren run. if hillary clinton run, someone will challenge her. whether it's someone doing a dress rehearsal, like go your o'malley or election warren. i don't think she has to fear her. but it gives her pause when she sees warren voting for someone that is a popular democratic cry come the 2016 election. these are the advantages that you don't have to vote and a disadvantage that she didn't get to vote. >> another big political story - outside spending surpassed the mark for the most money spent in a midterm election the center
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for responsive policy says it's over $228 million with five weeks to go. the associated press estimates with all the spending by groups, the attempt i am not is over $3 million. what is the impact in terms of driving voters to particular issues? >> oh, my god. there's so much impact. issues not normally talked about by the candidates is being talked about. you wouldn't find many candidates whether you like it or not, talking about climate change. because of the ads, climate change is injected into some of the races, local races, where climate change can - people can exact change upon existing laws. you are seeing that, that is different. one thing to put this in perspective, with the exception of the 2012 election, this is already the most expensive location of any clipped in the
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history of the united states. think of bush, gore, clinton, bush. the money coming in prevent the parties making kings. that is a problem. the parties can no longer say "this is our favourite sop and daughter", and make it happen. outside money comes in, helping conservatives and liberals. it changes the dine am uk. >> al jazeera's michael sure, thank you as always. appreciate it. for all the dismroovl of president obama, it's nothing compared to the rotten feelings about congress. the 113th concess enacted 270 pieces of legislation. before that it was more. as it stand this congress is on track it be the least trulentive
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in 50 years. in the battle for control, the national rifle association entered the ad wars. the n.r.a. is on the air emphasising disdain towards new york millionaires. >> in new york, michael bloomberg sleeps safely, a team of armed guards protecting him. but he want to take away your protection. wanting extreme gun crime. michelle nunn supports him. nunn is trying to beat david prideaux. in the iowa senate race, bruce is trial to keep the seat. a demics senate pact is attacking joanie ernst over calls to privatize social
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security. >> every senior needs to watch this. >> it's good for wall street, but not iowa. >> if those are her priorities. >> she is not someone seniors can trust. >> social security is described as the fill of american politics. a lot that touch it have been run over by the voters. >> poll numbers in kentucky indicates that grimes is gaining traction against mitch mcconnell, representing everything that it wrong washington. grooms -- grimes is hammering the matter. >> he didn't show you to vote. he skipped a meeting on rural jobs, but toasted the chinese vice president for china's great achievements, and the rest of the time he created gridlock. >> tough add. in 2016 presidential campaigner
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former governor scrush is picking -- jed bush picking up i.o.u.s. raising $750,000. wednesday, he went to north carolina for thom tillis, using an appearance at a lighting company to focus on election speculation, and he is fuelling a speckuallation about a presidential run. >> i did this every election cycle. because it was speculation, no one cared then. now it's a bigger deal. i can't answer that, why it's important. i want to make sure that republicans gain control of senate. >> another potential 2016 governor, rick perry, has been excused of attending pre-trial hearings in his abuse of trial. his request left prosecutors
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bewildered. >> in my 20 years of practice i never had a defense lawyer show up saying can my client not appear. judges would laugh them out of court. >> this judge did not laugh, granting his request. heidi zhou-castro has more. >> it's a victory for perry's legal team, asking the judge to excuse the governor as it travels to europe. the purpose of the trip is to spread the word about the texas economy. according to a british think tank at which katy perry is scheduled to speak a day after the hearing. on the agenda he'll talk about foreign policy, an indication that the trip is geared towards a run at the white house. katy perry is charged with abuse of official capacity. prosecutors say the governor wrongfully threatened to veto
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crime. perry pled not guilty and said he vetoed the funding because the leader was convicted of drunk-driving. the governor should not be afforded special favors from the legal system. perry's lawyers asked the judge to excuse the governor from pre-trial hearings. the judge did not grant that over arching request but asked the governor to skip the next day in court. >> on the democratic side there are activists that would like to see attorney general eric holder consider a political run. he announced his resignationment his clashes with congress display fearlessness that activists say the party needs. >> i am sure there must have been a could reason why the to and from parts were provided. >> yes, you didn't want us to see the details. knowing the to and from. >> no, i'm not going to stop talking now.
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characterising something as... >> mr chairman, would you inform the witness as to the rules of the commit eye. >>..and is too consistent with the way you conduct yourself as a member of congress, it's shameful. >> eric holder and icer were reinforcing party politics. operation icebrid icer was to play party politics, and holder that they'd engage in a witch-hunt the. later - fbiles and issues for the voters, and the billionaires trying to get you to pay attention to issues they care about it most. next on "power politics."
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have an as mentioned the status of the midterm states are huge, if republicans get a net gain of 6 seats they'll take control of the senate. burying president obama's final two years in office. a few millionaires are trying to influence, spending hundreds of millions. ali velshi has more. >> the oil billionaires koch brothers are showering... >> the koch brothers, conservative industrialists, charles and david, are the election season nightmare the democrats wish they could wake up from. this year is no diften. in key midterm senate races like north carolina. they bought nearly 9,000 tv ads,
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hammering the opponents of tom til. >> the republican candidate that shares their wishlist. cuts in government spending and taxes and a fuel repeal of brandon bairkeith ballard. the billion -- repeal of obama care. they are expected to spend millions, mostly though the dark money organizations. they pioneered the use of billionaire caucuses. closed door seminars to raise cash from donors. past attendees include sheldon aidel son, spending $100 million in the 2012 presidential election and committed $10 million this year to karl rove's crossroads g.p.s. nonprofit. these meetings known to raise as much as $50 million a pop.
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the democrats have taken on their own hush, hush affairs to rake in money. launched in 2005, the democracy alliance ams to: it's helped steer $500 million to liberal groups. attendees include billionaire financier george soro, and tom steyr, a heg funder, who has personally donated $26 million, and runs his own political nonprofit next gen climate. steyr focussed on defeating republican candidates in season state who question manmade climate change. >> billionaires thick tom steyr who hosted reed and others at
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his san francisco mansion. >> no matter who fakes control of condepression, there are some that worry that the interests of the rich, and the influence of their dark money groups will wib out in the end. >> from the biggest players to the local activists you never heard of. soon they'll court you online. the leading vetter targeted an add network, announcing an advertising target. the guy running for dog catcher will have the ability to target pet owners, or those that buy products indicating they care about their lawn. jacob ward is joining us. tracking technology - how much to the companies know, based on where we go, about who we are. >> it's fright thing. once you are in the mechanism of it, and you see the under stating of your life, it's
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outrageous. it begins with publishing. the spying and selling of magazines. you begin to receive political mail depending what you prescribe to. now we are at a place where the data processing companies, when you sign for a home lone or you have a credit check for a car, yore data probably went through within of three companies. afl yom, a yeah fax. they collect data and sell it to people. they know when you bought your house, how good you are with your payments, they know the interests you have. and now they are at a place where they track it not just in the physical world, not just on the computer but on your phone. >> they are plital dynamite -- political dynamite, because the
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companies want to know where you are based on your interest. >> pandora, the music service - it nose what political adds to put into your musk music streams. they combined sensis data, and music to come up with predictors. it's amazing. they determined the people that listened to country, gospel and new age music, probably are republican leading. people listening to jazz, reggae are the other way. if you listen to rock, pop and hip hop they can't tell. that alone can tell people which way you are going. >> what will the experience be like for people online and trying to reach others online to get them to care about local issues. >> it's out of chrome. it will not -- coal. it's not just the broughser. any -- browser. any device you connect to the
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internet is feeding data. ex-peerion has a product ad truth. they follow you. the games you play on the xbox could pop up a political add. >> this is not doing it, but it is possible now. >> the ability to run your political ad. what does that mean for the person that has a campaign we are concerned about. >> on the transmitting side, somewhere where we have sheer volume of people and an interest in politics dictated the new market in the same way you can make a website. >> thank you as always. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> most of the money is spent on the old-fashioned political tool television ads. in the 2014 ads it featured unusual problems. candidates brandished air guns, salt chippers, geese, duck and horse. add another - an ostrich.
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>> the oblivious ostrich. at the hinned of danger he puts his -- hint of danger he puts his head in the sand like jerry canon, who said he was unaware of difficulties small business may have with obama care. unaware. one in three stopped hiring, but jerry canon still supports it. michigan is struggling - and he's unaware. >> in alaska, mark baguette is trying to fend use doug sullivan. he attacks baggage with a snow noeler. >> as a 4-times x games medallist i know something about snow machines, that's why i had a laugh seeing bag ot try to ride one. he tries to act like us, it makes me laugh. >> a woman talking about president obama - she likens him to an unreliable boyfriend.
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the theme is creative. the add panned because of a distraction. the creepy body language and eyes. >> he thinks the only thing i care about is free birth control. he won't let me keep my open doctor. i know i'm tuck with president obama for two year, i get that. i'm not stuck with his friends. i'm looking for someone that gets this is not about him. it's about us. >> wow. ahead - the character issue is front and center for voters in several places. we take a closer look.
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pass welcome back. this fall the issues are more than the economy, security and education. in a race, voters will have to make a decision about a candidates character. democrats senator mary landrieu is trying to hold on to her
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seat. she made headlines at a football game. she appeared with sorority sisters, and wandered over to where a guy in purple asked her to perform a keg stand. it involved him being held upside down. republicans criticized landrieu for encouraging the consumption of alcohol. she said critics should get a life. >> staying in louisiana. vance mcalister is running for re-election. the family values conservative was caught on surveillance video kissing a staffer. mcallister said he would not run for re-election, changed his mind and is airing a commercial featuring his wife. >> we have our ups and downs. >> a man's character is how many times he gets up. i'm blessed to have a family
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with a wonderful christian wife. >> louisiana race is expected to be close. >> in new york, republican congressman michael grimm is trying to win re-election, despite facing a 20-count criminal indictment and faces a barrage of attack adds like this. >> congressman grim let's us down. >> it's worse than embarrassing. >> if he was incident. he would have said that. >> mainlily in illinois. the character issue involves a state also lature known to be outspoken. he's running and ads are over the air waves. >> mike voss melts down in springfield. >> you should be ashame of yourself. i'm sick of it. >> now he wants to be in congress. >> enough.
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he'd make washington worse. >> voss is responding trying to term lemons into lemonade. >> folks, you probably have seen this, but the chicago politicians, governor equip have done makes me mad. what president obama and others are doing to our country is making me mad. with it's i.r.s., coal, and care of our veterans, i'm disappointed, angry. that race is an anomaly. it's the rare occasion where the challenger is better known than the incumbent he's trying to defeat. that's the show for today. a reminder to the viewers who love in iowa, absentee voting has begun. in other states - it will begin next week. i'm david shuster. on behalf of all of us on al jazeera america, thank you for watching.
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