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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 28, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton in new york. let's get you caught up on the top stories of this hour. the prodemocracy sit in in the heart of the hong kong financial center isn't going anywhere. and narendra modi in his first official visit to the u.s. in tonight's look ahead, we look at the complex relationship between the united states and
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india. the u.s. led coalition continues air strikes on i.s.i.l. targets in northern syria. the faa is warning of more flight cancellations and delays on monday at chicago's two main airports and elsewhere. great to have you with us. unpresence dented protests have gripped the very center of hong kong. this is a live look. this is monday morning and demonstrators are lined up for a fourth day of rallies. they are protesting china's decision to vet candidates for elections. many see it as a step backward for a fight for democracy. hong kong's financial future, we're already seeing it.
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half of the companies on hong kong's hang seng index help drive the $3 billion stock market. companies are expecting a massive selloff. police use tear gas and pepper spray to disperse the crowds. as of last night 34 people were injured and 78 people were arrested in the area. protesters say they must stand for democracy. >> the message is hong kong people love democracy. they believe democracy is good for hong kong and certainly good for china. and they are prepared to sacrifice. their comfort, their freedom. for the sake of themselves and their children and their children's children. >> protestors from the occupied movement say they should be able
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to choose their own leaders. failure to deliver on political reform and they want to resume political consultations on democratic reforms. adrian brown joins us from beijing and scott heidler from hong kong. what are you seeing from protesters, scott? >> well, the sun has been up for several hours here and we haven't seen any violent confrontations, since late sunday night, in almost ten years. we haven't seen any of that today, monday morning but what we have seen more of a sit in. you can see some people behind me that actually retreated underneath two bridges, it is very hot in hong kong right now. they have blocked off this main artery right here in the center part of hong kong. just behind the corner is the government headquarters, the
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central financial district has taken a hit because of what's been going on here. financial institution ve have ad people to work from home. several dozens of bank branches have closed because of the sit in. the unfolded monday, business we'll week, very business oriented city. monday morning, no violence but still thousands of protesters on the streets of hong kong. >> no violence certainly encouraging but what is the goal scott? what are the students hoping to accomplish? >> now the student movement and that's where most of these people are a part of. the occupy central movement is also folded in the last couple of days. they are joining full force with these students. what they are looking to do is change what beijing, what the china central government is going to be the election process in hong kong. there are goodsing to elections
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in 2017 for the election central in hong kong, there will be an election but they get to choose who's on that ballot. the people they want that to change, they want to select who is going to be on the ballot. the protesters are arguing that cy leong who is part of the election process they want them to resign. >> we have seen the video of police using tear gas, has the chinese government said anything about the tough approach by police, scott? >> reporter: the chinese government has said that what's been going on has been illegal. that this is a movement that is illegal because right now you can have protesters in hong kong but they have to be approved by the government. none of this was approved by the government. so that's pretty much china's stance, the central government's stance. now they haven't really festival
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specifically mentioned things, some officers look like they're military, they are not. it's only a police operation now because once and if it ever transitions where the military is going to be involved that's a game changer. that's when the central government of china is sending in troops. the government here is not asking for their help. the people's liberation army, said they which send in army if they are asked. that hasn't been done. they are on the streets, riot police are on the streets but no chinese military on the streets of hong kong. >> i want to turn to adrian brown in beijing. what's the reaction from beijing? >> reporter: well, thomas, you know beijing is deeply unnerved by what is happening in hong kong. they have a deep-rooted fear of
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student protests because of course it evokes memories of what happened here in beijing 25 years ago when thousands of students occupied tienanmen square. that all landed in bloodshed. the pictures we are seeing of hong kong are being seen in southern china, hong kong television can be seen there. relieving oxygen from that story, some sectors are not reporting the story. other sectors are. it says government demonstrators, the government denounces hong kong protest. so it is getting some coverage in english language media here but it want to deny any further oxygen to this. the government wants to send out this, you can have your protest in hong kong but nothing is good
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going to change. the proposals we are putting forward are the only proposals that are going on the table for discussion. i think it's concern that you know, no one seems to be in control in hong kong right now. beijing is saying it's certainly not us the communist country and it certainly doesn't seem to be the honoring gong government, to bring these protests under control and to bring them under control quickly because hong kong is a key part of china's economy. we've seen almost 20 banks and other financial institutions shut down today. the stock market is being affected, that is what really worries beijing. >> we're understanding athat the hang sang is going to be affected here. is there any reaction from the chinese government on how they'll handle that situation? >> well, you know it's going to be interesting to see what
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beijing does thomas. because in a way, this crisis is also a test of china's commitment to the one country, two systems principle, the joint declaration. scott was talking there about you know what's going to happen with the people's liberation army. remember there are 6,000 pla troops garrisoned in hong kong. less than a few meters away from the current demonstrations. what happens when these protests still are going on a month from now? i think it's hard for beijing to sit back and let that happen. it might want to stamp its authority on these protests, from the government's perspective they're going nowhere. >> thank you adrian. indian prime minister narendra modi is in the u.s.
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he'll be meeting with president obama for talks tomorrow. earlier he spoke to a crowd of 20,000 indian american supporters in madison square garden in new york. outside, protesters had a lot to say. shiia brittanzi has the story. >> the only person to play foul of the international act. now, as well as political and corporate leaders, from a revolving stage he basked in their adulation. >> we should all join hands from our mother india, do all you can for the land of your birth. long live mother india. >> reporter: the speech was
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beamed live into times square. where those who didn't have tickets gathered. >> i think he's popular in the young indian population. >> chief of gudra, modi did little to stop the protests of 2002. >> we have good discussions, deepen economic ties, when it comes to advancing human rights, women's rights, this is a good time to celebrate our ties. >> a at least a thousand have gathered outside madison square garden. they think he should not be treated as a rock star but as a criminal. civil rights and progressive anti-war groups. >> the red carpet being rolled out for him this raises concerns amongst us. we have basically a very strong
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pro-justice position and a type of atrocities and shadows that have been following prime minister modi since he was the chief minister of gudjara, these are things of great concern for us. >> some suggested the the adoring crowds, deregulation and privatization . >> they are the ones, that have come to america. >> from new york modi travels to washington, d.c. to meet with political leaders and president obama. it is clear that a u.s. establishment is opening its arms to narche narendra modi. shia britanzi, al jazeera, new york. >> now for the latest developments of the fight against i.s.i.l. u.s. led forces carried out
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three strikes, on racca, coming as kurdish forces try to halt i.s.i.l.'s advances in kobani. our stephanie decker has the latest from the turkish syrian border. >> the turkish syrian town of kobani lies over across the border from us. four shells landed in kobani fired by i.s.i.l, there were injuries reported, just in the past hours, we have heard more military activity, heavy weapons used and also a couple of really loud explosions. and while we've spoken with forces with the ypg, the kurdish forces protecting the asia from the i.s.i.l. forces, they seem to be firing artillery from the
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little hill in the west. i.s.i.l. has three flanks, the western side is where they are closest, ten to 12 kilometers to the east, it's a still very fluid battle and humanitarian help has been extraordinary. it is an incredibly difficult situation, they are terrified of these advance he but i have to tell you at the moment, the kurdish forces have been able to keep i.s.i.l. from reaching the town. >> stephanie decker. in an interview of 60 minutes televised earlier this evening, pouch said the u.s. forces underestimated the strength of i.s.i.l. >> i think the head of our intelligence community jim clapper said they underestimated what had been taking place in
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syria. >> he didn't say they underestimated i.s.i.l, he said we overestimated the ability of our allies the iraqi army to fight. >> that's true, that's absolutely true. >> national security advisor also indicated that the u.s. wouldn't be using forces to fight i.s.i.l. >> it's going to be more sustained because we are working with partners on the ground not sending in hundreds of thousands of americans. >> not enough to destroy the extremist group. >> at the end of the day i think it's going to take more than air strikes to drive them out of there. at some point somebody's boots have to be on the ground. that's the point. listen the president doesn't want to do that. if i were the president i probably wouldn't have talked about what i wouldn't do. we have got to get them trained
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but somebody's boats have got to be there. >> if nobody is willing to destroy i.s.i.l, the u.s. will, quote, have no choice but to send its troops into syria. >> for crying out loud, it's one of the main hubs in the country. >> when things in chicago might get back to normal. plus. mother nature steps in. the latest in the great forest fire in california. >> the list of the missing and injured after this week's eruption in japan.
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>> the fallout from a fire at a traffic control center in chicago, people should expect more flight delays on monday. in fact things won't get back to normal for another two weeks. frustrated passengers you see them they spent the weekend
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trying to get out of midway an o'hare. >> all because of one person. it's just so infuriating. it is just you know, it's sad that the it took this, but it's just so frustrating when it impacts so many people. >> the united states for god sakes, i mean it's causing trouble all over the country, you know, people trying to get everywhere. crying out loud, o'hare is one of the main hubs in the whole country. it's a scareys thing isn't it? >> charged with destruction of aircraft distributing equipment, it's a felony and he could face prison. officer in ferguson, was hit in the arm, injuries not life threatening. tensions among the police and community there still remain high.
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pennsylvania investigators still looking for a survivalist charged with killing a police officer two weeks ago. the search for eric frein, charged with opening fire and killing trooper brian dixon and seriously injuring another trooper. we talk about the wildfires out west. we need relief. >> we do, we have gotten some, we have seen rain and cooler temperatures. that's going to end but the containment of this fire is getting under control. that's about news there. this is wildfire, the king fire. you can see the visible satellite from space, how large the smoke field is right now. i want to take you down onto the ground and show you what we're looking at right now. this is about a two-week fire
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and initially they had no clue when this was going to be contained. we were looking at warm temperatures and windy conditions. right now we're looking at containment well above 80% that is good news there. come back to the wall, i want to show you something here. we are talking about 97,000 acres that have been burnt. we do expect some more. we are talking about 87% containment. but we have seen over 5,000 firefighters really tackling this fire and some of the good news is we saw some rain coming into play right here. so this is the area we're talking about, an area of low pressure right there, that is spinning, causing floods as well down towards the southwest. but we have been getting showers across the region and also a little bit of wind so we have seen shifting there. unfortunately the rain is going to be ending over the next couple of days so it's going to go back to a very dry situation. but we do think the temperatures are going to stay low. tomorrow in this area where you
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see the green, talking about temperatures in the low 70s, hi 60s. no rain until we go to tuesday, cooler conditions. but with all the rain that we have had here across parts of arizona and utah the drought situation in these states right here has gotten better. unfortunately the drought for california, nevada circulation into oregon, that is-d nevada as well as into oregon that is a high level. the area in the southeast, temperatures into the 80s today, tomorrow they're going to come down a little bit. 79° in new york, 77 in washington, down towards much of the southeast, we are looking at flooding going on, if you are traveling on highway 10, that is going to be a big problem. we don't expect this rain to go anywhere any time soon. thomas. >> wet start for many come monday morning. >> absolutely. >> kevin thank you. security is being tightened
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across afghanistan ahead of monday's inauguration. heavy security is being posted in kabul. ashraf ghani will be man inaugud as president. >> for 13 years karzai was a global statesman, afghanistan became the largest ript of international aid as the country rebuilt itself and as it prospered millions of afghan
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refugees returned to the country. for the first time in decades girls could receive education. tv programs debate karzai's legacy and while opinions are mixed, debates themselves are testament to a thriving press here. >> the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, now contributed to the political maturity of the afghan people, especially to the young generation. >> reporter: it hasn't been an easy tenure. there were a number of attempts on his life, most notably in kandahar in 2002 and in kabul in 2008. karzai reached out to the taliban establishing a high peace group, corruption remained
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prevalent and he failed to provide a peace government. >> he didn't believe in the new afghanistan, he does not believe in modern in the situation. >> reporter: his relationship with the united states and nato is strained by his age are over killing of civilians. he refused to sign a security agreement with the united states leaving it to his successor. his final year in power has seen increased violence by taliban fighters and increased opium poppy cultivation. the turnover of the government
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to his successor. >> a hospital run by houthi rebels, an offshoot of al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the the attack. at the same time hundreds of yemenis demanded the authorities take over the capital from the houthis. they have yet to leave citing a deal with yemen's president to include them in the government. coming up on al jazeera america, india's prime minister is visiting america and meets with president obama tomorrow. we'll look at the evolving relationship between u.s. around india. gay pride celebrations takes to the streets of bell great. belgrade. and the hail to the chief.
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the final day of derek john jets career.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here are the stories we're following right now. it's monday morning in hong kong and pro-democracy protesters continue their sit in. financial districts some banks have shut down and effects are felt on the asian stock market. president obama said he underestimated the powers of i.s.i.l. and overestimated the power of his allies. insisted we are not under war but under assistance for iraq. thousands of flights from chicago were grounded on friday, more problems expected on friday. an act of employee sabotage brought thousands of flights to a halt. it is sunday night and time for our weekly at the week
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ahead. addressed a crowd of 20,000 indian americans in madison square garden in new york. over the years the relations have been bumpy between the u.s. and india but gotten stronger. we begin with ali velshi. >> narendra modi's u.s. agenda, modi's hand picked six american ceos. prominent among them goldman sachs, ceo, jeff infelt. part of a charm offensive to get them to go to india. on the promise of better days for the indian economy, the prime minister knows he can't deliver without ties with
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american business leaders. >> what he's hoping to do is change the perception of india as a economy mired in low growth and lots of structural problems. he wants to switch that perception of india being a dynamic economy and fertile ground for foreign investors especially u.s. investors. >> it is an attractive sales pitch. home to 1.2 billion people and a middle class on the rise, india represents one of the world's fastest growing consumer markets. analysts expect consumer spending to quadruple, from 1.3 trillion in 2014 to 4.3 trillion in 2023. but with that potential comes concerns about the country's legendary bureaucracy and its disregard for intellectual property rights. >> there is significant concern about american pharmaceutical
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manufacturers that indian pharmaceutical manufacturers violate certain patent regulations, by reverse engineering drugs produced by american manufacturers and then sell them relatively cheaply not just in the indian marketplace but also more widely. >> complaining about protectionism, high import taxes restrict the flow of goods into india, and investment is limited, everything from retail to e-commerce to real estate, modi has scored a major economic coup. following a three day visit to new delhi, chuck hagel announced the production of javelin
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produced by raytheon and motorola. for modi the big win lies with the private sector. convincing america's ceos that his country is primed for faster economic growth is the first step in making his economic vision for india a reality. business leaders is not the only target of mr. modi's charm offensive. today he's draisin addressing 2t madison square garden. >> times between u.s. and india hasn't always been smooth, becoming one of the founding members of the nonaligned movement in the '60s, as the ties with moscow became stronger relations with washington suffered. but over the past decades, the
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nations have found common ground. while maintaining ties with pakistan is always a delicate balancing act. ways to counter china's growing economy, prime minister modi has set to stabilize, 2002 when he was chief mints of gujarat state, rights, left more than 1,000 dead. he was accused of doing very little to stop the killing. for more, and from washington, michael kugeman, an associate for relations. mr. gupta, this comes at a pivotal time. what's at stake here? >> both prime minister modi and
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president obama have an excellent opportunity to take a relationship at a pretty good forward and take it forward for a few years. over the next two days the leaders will signal that the economic relationship will drive the bilateral relationship forward. you'll get the leaders say they will reprioritize the issues. >> mr. kugeman from a counterterrorism perspective how important is this relationship? >> it is critical. dispietdespite all their disagrs and differences, particularly in south asia i think particularly with many u.s. forces, with most u.s. forces withdrawing from afghanistan this year that there's going to be some strategic space that opens up that will allow the united
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states to focus on getting that relationship back on track with india and that will certainly include security as well. >> mr. gupta. >> india is making a really strong effort to raise its role in the nation. during the swearing in ceremony for prime minister modi he invited all the leaders for the sarc countries, which is the south asian region for cooperation. especially on afghanistan as michael mentioned you're going to have prime minister modi and president obama are going to have to make sure they're on the right page as u.s. troops leave in 2014. >> mr. kugeman how does the u.s. benefit from india being a regional power? >> i think both the u.s. u.s. and india.
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(inaudible) i'm nod particularly convinced that narendra modi who has often talked about his support and how impressed he is about china, it's unclear if modi would in fact want to do that and push back against china helping as far as energy concerns? >> yes, across the board. i mean there are so many ways that the u.s. and india can try to support each other, and do things in terms of cooperating. energy is certainly one of those areas when we talk about is the united states having a lot of
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reserves of shale gas and how that can be a big cooperation point between the two countries. because india has a tremendous need for energy given its huge population its economy and the like. >> mr. gupta do you think mr. modi is ready to take that lead? >> i think he is. but what's important to realize this is a very important month for prime minister modi, he started the month in japan, that visit went very well, he had president in india, and now he has the opportunity to make the u.s. have kind of the best stand at the end of this very momentous trip that people are watching. i think prime minister modi has done a very good job of placing a position that he and president obama can set a partnership. >> incredible following and
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incredible support even on social media. i want to have a look at what he has to say in madison square garden. >> translator: i have recently announced an initiative i invite everyone to participate in make in india. >> what do you think sets him apart, mr. gupta? >> something that india has wanted for a long time, he is confident at home and on the world stage. he got an incredible reception from the crowd there. they haven't had an indian leader, a lot of young people who are on social media, his personal mission beginning as a tea seller and india's ambition to be a greater player on the economic stage. >> i'm going to stay on
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security, mr. kugelman, as far as security, what do you see as the withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan playing into the indian relationship? >> i think india is very uncomfortable that the united states is going to be withdrawing so many troops at the end of this year and according to the bawms, al obama administration, a lot of militants that have been fighting in afghanistan over the last few years, will decide they are going to leave afghanistan and focus on india. traditionally been anti-india groups, there is a lot of concerns with u.s. forces leaving, it's going to give these groups an opportunity to refocus their attacks on kashmir and on india proper. i think india is very much worried about that but i think
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at the same time n new delhi is encouraged that this will create the strategic space for washington to reengage india. where we haven't seen for years. george bush made a point of getting things right with india. but when the obama administration came to power it deepened the u.s. role in the war in afghanistan. that's not that it's not a an important relationship for obama not at all but i think with troops leaving afghanistan, u.s. troops leaving afghanistan it will create more space for these two groups to reengage. >> mr. gupta. >> i think the u.s. is very concerned, pakistan, india isn't just worried they'll have terrorists coming into kashmir but that pakistan will grow
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increasingly more unstable. we have seen in the past few months that the current prime minister nawaz sharif, that there might be some sort of change that india and pakistan could go ahead and have talks. but now no political plit politl legitimacy with nawaz sharif. >> do you think that will shift the relationship between u.s. and pakistan? >> when president shi visited india he didn't go to pakistan. in general you'll see south asia and how people in general look at it, you're going to see a shift, as michael said early on that, but keep the focus going. >> taking a look at some of the numbers showing economic
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cooperation, u.s. trade in indian groups is nearly $150 billion per year. a recent study shows that u.s. investment in india is at 28 billion and that indian companies have boosted employment by 17 billion through 68 different companies. from an economic standpoint mr. kugelman, how important is this relationship with india? >> it's critical, as you say the trade volume is already very significant, it's grown, and yet i think it could grow more. i think modi could bring us to that point. this is someone who cast himself very different from these politicians from the past who have ruled in india who represent answer ossified
11:44 pm
dynastic class and business as usual. mr. modi talks of himself as very different, when he was in gujarat, he claims it's ambition but he claims he'll take that experience and transfer it all across india. whether he can do that is one thing. but that's encouraging for u.s. investors who are so keen to get into india around invest. he's talking about red carpets not red tape. there remains to be seen how much he can do about that but i think he could propel this economic relationship even beyond what it is today. >> you bring up a good point, mr. gupta you've spoken to several businesses are they optimistic with modi in office? >> perhaps too optimistic. there was reason, prior to the election, prime minister modi's
11:45 pm
position as prime minister of gujarat, he suggested there he would hope there wok economic reforms underway. there were no really kind of bold economic reform statements that were part of the budget that came out a few months ago. so i think the direction is going to be there. i think we're going to have to be a little bit patient. i think what's going to be very important and what's going to be discussed i think with president obama in this meeting is infrastructure and investment. investment, infrastructure in india, i think prime minister modi, what he did was attracted foreign investment to other countries when he was in gujarat, he needs to do that in india as a whole. >> what will be the take away in the meeting from president obama and prime minister modi? >> to get to know each other and
11:46 pm
for each one to convince the other that they really mean business. i think the fact that modi accepted obama's invitation to come to washington after this whole business about the visa ban in past years i think that's very encouraging. i think above all this is really meant to symbolize a new start. because you said before the relationship has grown in recent years but in fact it has suffered a lot of problems and pitfalls really just in the last few months. so i think that having this meeting is meant to sn signify a new start. again this is a honeymoon period because modi is relatively new in power, there are still festering tensions and this is meant to be a symbolic thing more than anything else, both sides are ready to move on and get the relationship back on track. >> michael kugelman and gupta.
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s gentlemen thank you for joining us. talks with secretary of state john kerry. on wednesday the annual hajj pilgrimage to mecca. and secretary-general endres steps down, will be replaced bistollenberg. we'll tell you about a fast food restaurant in texas that's serving up bonuses for its employees. plus chef yu's corvette has been committing crimes in some states. we'll explain that one coming up.
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>> thousands of firefighters are
11:50 pm
on mount ontake, volcano erupted without warning on saturday. rescuers are trying to help those stranded. what is the latest wayne? >> well, that search operation, the recovery operation as well, continues to be a difficult and dangerous one. mount ontake continues to be are active. zoom into the crater, see how active it is at the moment. that eruption happened on saturday. soon after they found that group of 31 climbers who were located near the summit of the mountain all presumed to be dead. the recovery workers had to call off their operation because the situation became too dangerous. the levels of gas in the area
11:51 pm
where they were working were simply too high so they called it off but on monday morning first thing they were able to get back onto the mountain to continue their work but we're hearing now because of those gas levels and also because of an increased accumulation of ash in the area, that they have had to halt operations in some part of the mountain where they are working. a very difficult and dangerous operation. that death toll still stands at four officially because those were the four that they were able to bring down from the mountain on sunday and have those bodies confirmed or be inspected by the official police doctrine. that is the process they go through in japan. so while it is expected to rise to at least 31 at the moment still only 4 confirmed dead. >> wayne, this is an area that's quite popular with weekend visitors.
11:52 pm
>> it certainly is particularly at this time of the year, very nice weather at this time of year. we're into autumn so it's getting cooler. popular area with climbers and there were hundreds of climbers on the mountain at the time of saturday's eruption. it is thought to be very popular because it was an easy climb despite the fact it's 3,000 meters high but it's relatively comfortable for them to climb particularly at this time of year. the government says it can't rule out there might be more unaccounted for people on the mountain at the time, people that they haven't been able to confirm that were there at the time. so that process is continuing among the rescue and recovery workers. >> very difficult rescue workers, wayne hay joining us near mount ontake. thank you. a truck veered off course after driving over arow of cars.
11:53 pm
it plowed through a guardrail and into some fans as you see right there. it is unclear what went wrong. the driver is being questioned, the truck show is held every year in the town of haksbergen near the german border. thousands of marchers took to the streets for the city's gay pride parade. the event was peaceful with hundreds carrying banners proclaiming pride piece an peacd love. now activists say belgrade allowed the gay pride parade in part to seek entry into the eu. one town in texas, working at mcdonald's really pays off.
11:54 pm
heidi zhou-castro has more. >> oil so soaked into midland's economy it's painted on the walls .1. >> thank you, have a nice day. >> at the local mcdonald's. >> i basically just had the job. >> jeremiah jensen was 16 when this mcdonald's franchise snatched him up a year ago. fast food workers are hard to hire these days when oil field workers can earn a high rate of pay. >> every month and a half you get a $300 bonus. >> basically yes. >> that's $300 for good grades. jensen's boss pays them 40 for an a, 25 for a b and 10 for a a.
11:55 pm
>> they care about the teenage rs and they think it's a way to help the community and high school students. >> that's refreshing in this world. >> it is. it makes me feel good. >> but this is not corporate charity, it's basic economics, supply and demand. the population has grown by 13,000 since 2010 and the service industry is having to stretch to keep up. at the mcdonald's that includes an occasional $1,000 hiring bonus and the mcshuttle to drive students to and from home. >> is anyone making minimum wage in midland? >> if they are i have not been made aware of it. >> but not all consequences of the boom have been good for workers. the average monthly rent has doubled. >> when you see a for-lease sign you don't see it the next day.
11:56 pm
somebody snapped it up. >> affordable housing though is the last thing on jeremiah jensen's mind. the high school senior has a more immediate target. a silver dodge charger. >> how close are you to getting that? >> about $2 thousand away. >> he hopes to get closer. by putting more time behind the counter. >> have a nice day. >> and mustering up an a in calculus. heidi zhou-castro, midland texas. >> the match held in scotland between the u.s. and europeans, didn't include much constituency. rory mcilroy gave his team the edge and the u.s. was never able to recover. derek jeter led his team to one last victory today. the yankees played their long
11:57 pm
time rival team, the boston red sox. jeter was actually on the cover of today's program, boston fans say it was about showing respect. the shortstop played the first three innings before waving to the crowd and leaving the feet. take a look at this. in honor of jeter's last game, the empire state building, is lit up in the iconic pin stripes. the scrolling number 2. jeter played his entire 20 year career in new york. general motors has a warning about the 2015 chevrolet corvette. one of its features may be illegal. the valley mode louse are owners to record when they're not in
11:58 pm
the car. but secret recordings are actually illegal in some states. bull general motors will fix that spying program. i'm thomas drayton in new york. edge of eighteen is next. thanks for watching. cal tech campus >> here's a look at just a few of the students shaping the future of science >> see the latest research, discoveries and breakthroughs inside some of the worlds most advanced labs. >> how do you scale somethig you learned from a jelly fish? >> techknow every saturday go where science meets humanity. this is some of the best driving i've ever done, even though i can't see. techknow. we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america.
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>> an al jazeera america special report families torn apart, fleeing isil's brutality >> the refugees have flooded this small town... >> can they survive? don't miss primetime news on al jazeera america all next week >> i live in mosca, colorado aka the middle of nowhere. i can't always be myself. i'm considered one of the misfits. i haven't seen my mom in the longest time. my stepdad and i, we don't really see eye to eye. i really want to get out of here. i'm going to check out if i got accepted into colorado college. it is imperative that i get into college at this point. if i don't, i feel like i can't get out of mosca.


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