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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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one else will ask. >> real perspective, consider this on al jazeera america >> welcome to the news hour, live in doha. coming up in 60 minutes. the battle for central iraq, isil fighters lose ground to government backed troops. defines in hong kong. thousands of protesters on the streets as beijing backs the leaders. and hundreds killed in violence
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in eastern libbia and bangladesh,. iraq remains a country in turmoil with fighting raging on many fronts. a multinational group, isil, rebel fighters are trying to establish an islamic state in the region and have taken over parts of iraq and neighboring syria. now for the latest fighting in iraq. >> this is a rare look at the fighting in anbar press conference. for days now, iraqi army and pro government troops have been fighting against isil, entrenched. fighters fly overhead, providing much-needed air cover. the pro government forces are inching ever closer and are
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confident of victory. >> we are supporting the security forces and are ready to defend our city with our lives. we challenge isil, the tribe has 9,000 fighters, and i call on all of the other sunni honorable tribes, in mows ill cities, enough silence, and wake up, rise up and join us in the fight against isil. >> they have already made significant gains against isil. here, the sunni troops show off the captured isil equipment, including mobile phones and currency, which says that many of them are iraqy. >> some tribal leaders claim that isil fighters are iraqi revolutionaries, but they're not. they are foreign fighters who come from without the borders who are trying to establish on our land. and we will fight them until
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the last drop of blood. >> they steam to have been given a morale boost, with the coalition against the isil bases, but there are significant numbers of isil fighters in the area, so the fight is by no means over. >> for now, they're confident that the battle for anbar province is going their way, but some of the smaller towns are easier to take back. but with isil fighters in control of the two largest cities, taking back those is a challenge. >> and isil remains in control of iraqis second biggest city, mosul. but kurdish fighters are keeping up the pressure on the hilltops. >> reporter: this is the closest kurdish outpost to isil's stronghold in iraq, mosul, the second largest city.
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the kurdish peshmerga fire constantly down on the city. heavy artillery and a five pounder gun, this is the front line on top of the mountains, where 500 special forces operate. >> well, they're firing on the position, and the bad news is that we could expect maybe incoming fire. so we're going to leave right now. >> the deputy prime minister of iraq says that he thinks that the group can be defendanted. >> certainly. because they have no future. the future is ours. the future is for peace in the people. >> others are less optimistic. when isil fighters took mosul three months ago, they blew up their roads behind their advance, cutting off nearly 2 million people. >> the fighters on the front, a couple of miles from the front
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with the fighting, and they have a new road over there for us over there. >> peshmerga fighters control anything that leaves or enters the city to the east. but not the other roads that connect mosul to other territories in syria. the rebels come and go as they please. back at the outpost, the general says that 3,000 men are waiting for better weapons to match the enemy below. the morale among the soldiers is still high, but there's a lot of waiting around. >> our spirits are high, and we are motivated to fight and we are getting paid well. >> prayers are said in the desert in what is likely to be a long war. >> aljazeera, kasir, iraq. >> united nations has accused isil of what is labeled a staggering array of human rights abuses.
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the group is responsible for executions, rape, abductions, the forced recruitment of children, and sexual violence and it also accuses iraqis of violence, and the report is terrifying. meanwhile, turkey's porlment is responding to how to respond to the isil threat. inside of turkish army positions across the border, the kurdish fighters are trying to keep them from taking over the northern syrian town of cabani, and in the weeks, thousands of people have fled to turkey. on the border with syria and more. isil forces have kept up the pressure on from the fighting from the south and the east and the west. and the most intense is coming from the east with isil
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fighters using hit-and-run tactics against the forces trying to protect kabani. they will vote on two motions that will allow the kurdish military forces to take part in international forces. >> they are using tanks and mortar to take the airport, despite an official truce. the russian president, vladimir putin, is expected to approve new laws to undermine press freedom in russia. the du dumas, the russian parliament have already approved it. several people have been killed in powerful blasts, and people have been injured in
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three powerful blasts at the bulgaria explosive plant. three people were killed. workers were dismantling old military mines, and the government was warned of safety breeches at the factory two months ago. still ahead on the aljazeera news hour, how protesters in hong kong are using technology to organize their demonstrations, even when communication is down. plus, violence hits up afghanistan's capital for a second day, following a security deal with the u.s., and there are two nations technically at war, but what happens when north and south soh korea went head-to-head for football gold. thousands of protesters are still on the streets as the two
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day national holiday comes to an end. these are the pictures in hong kong, and the protesters are calling for the chief executive to step down, and for free elections in 2017. the chief executive is holding a news conference in a few minutes, and in beijing, it stands behind the territories. joining us live now from hong kong, it's late at night in hong kong, and tell us about what the scene is like tonight. >> as you said, the government office is meters away from me, but behind me, the crowd is just growing, and in fact, it's gaining momentum right now. i'm not sure if you can see how far back behind me, but the student protest leaders are rallying the crowd. and more and more people are moving in, and coming over here. it is just getting bigger, but
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i do want to mention that this is being taken very seriously by the government, mainly because we're hearing that there's going to be a press conference in the next 15 minutes. and that's at 11:30 p.m. at night on a public holiday. the chief executive and his wife are going to be meeting to speak do the press. they of course will be addressing all of the processes leading up to today. particularly the movement in front of the government's house, which starts off very quietly with a handful of protesters, and it has just ramped up. we have a look at the day's events. >> the resignation of hong kong's chief executive has emerged as the first demand of the protesters. some have taken position in front of the office to barricade the road. but the mood revealed some fractures within the mass movement. some say that they will storm the building if he does not
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resign. he's the former leader of the democratic party, involved in the protests since the start. >> they are getting very impatient, they think that the government has no sincerity for the response. they respect what the further action they're going to take. they last name use violence. >> even if they don't use violence, escalation could result in further arrests. >> i think that the government is too irresponsibility. and they never want to respond to arguments at all. so they're going farther than what we're doing currently. >> there may be disagreements on how top move forward, but there's one thing for certain. though beijing is minimally engaged, they're watching and they're watching closely. this is the military headquarters in hong kong, right next to the protesters.
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tourists, and beijing has banned mainland tour groups from going to hong kong, that's thousands lets a day, and many are still here. >> the people on the mainland don't have the will for this kind of movement. may. a will that beijing is hoping won't move to the main land. aljazeera, hong kong. >> as you said, we're waiting to hear from the chief executive in a few minutes, when expected to strike, and what's the next move for the protesters likely to be? >> well, the protest leaders have been calling on all of the people to stay here. and stay peacefully here until the morning when the chief executive has to report to work. now, they're preparing for all
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eventualities, and the government compounds with the riots here, and the protesters have a made their own defenses against riot gear, using water bottles, and wet towels, and they have been handing out facemasks just in case the police try to break up the protests using teargas and pepper gas, and the protesters have also been handing this. this is in response to a police statement saying that what they are doing is illegal, and the police can take resolute action beings. this is a piece of paper outlining what they do if they're arrested, and they have a 24-hour hotline number with legal advice at any time. >> okay thank you, live in hong kong. the tense stand off between the activists and the police are already having an impact on hong kong's territory.
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>> reporter: every day they come by the thousands from mainland, china, and whether in groups or individuals, they make the three hour ferry ride for a quick break. but one thing is certain, they're not here for the politics, but they're here for the shopping. when asked for the demands, most were nonchalant. >> i know there's a protest. and they disagree with the elections. >> everyone has got their own opinion, and i don't want to comment on who is right or wrong. >> for most mainland chinese, capitalism triumphs over knock. they prefer to spend their time in hong kong, but change. >> in hong kong, tourists have been canceled for a week. and that's 75% of the tourists here, and it could be a dent on the economy.
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first of all, these same chinese visitors could take their dollars to nearby macaw or taiwan. those affected would be small businesses like these vendors at a local market. >> a few days is fine, but it can't be too long. if this goes on, people can't make a living. >> concerns over hong kong's economy has resulted in a push back against the street protests. the blue ribbon is launched mainly by business owners, eager to change the perception that hong kong has been paralyzed by the current demonstration. >> this is not fair to everybody in hong kong, because it's not only their move: it is time for the silent majority to come out and say something, and because we want to protect hong kong, we don't want to see the streets to be occupied. >> at the same time, the blue ribbon campaigners want to point out that they're not against the demands of the street protesters. not everybody is joining in the
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campaign, i mean the riot. and we want people to know that, no matter what, we have to keep the core of true democracy. choice, discussion and respect. >> it seems while hong kong residents are pushing for democracy, some are asking at what cost? aljazeera, hong kong. >> well, technology has played a significant role in helping the protesters organize demonstrations in hong kong. thigh. the success of the mass protest boils down to communication. and hong kong is a case in point. so when it spread that the government might turn off mobile and internet success, demonstrators turned to a different technology. one is called fire chat. it's a mobile app which works like this.
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in a typical telecommunications network, the central system control, cellular and internet service, if the government pulls that central plug, the commuter has a connection, for the forbid so nearby devices talk directly to each other through the internal connection, the blue tooth. and it can be used further away with a chat room network. it was designed for situations in which wi-fi and mobile connections. such as at a concert. >> it's a tool, and had we known about hong kong before, what would change? well, probably a few smaller things have changed. but with the products, it would be the same product. >> in the course of just 24 hours this week, fire chat was
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downloaded more than 1,200,000 times in hong kong, but accessibility doesn't translate into security. because anyone can join this open chat room, the messages can be monitored. >> mesh is not a silver bullet to prevent censorship or surveillance. the same way that you wouldn't want your credit cards on, on the mesh, you do as well. >> it provides new students, as well as challenges. only for those looking to protest. but also those who want to stop it. aljazeera. >> attacking an air base in eastern libya, fighting has been reported in the city of benghazi. and several soldiers have reported to have been killed and 50 wounded. it's controlled by forces loyal
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to the renegate general. aljazeera's mohammed has more. >> we're getting reports from sources and eyewitnesses on the battlefield, on the ground, saying that four separated suicide attacks, forces loyal to renegate general, in the air base this morning, and this is part of the operation started by the region. again, it's the forces this morning, and heavy fighting is going on around the air base. now, it's clear that the revolution ears are planning to take control of the air base, which has been controlled by general for months now. as he managed to take control of the air base, this means that the momentum most probably would go to them because only
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around 30 kilometers to the south would be in the hands of the renegade general. >> gulf states have demanded that full power be restored yemen's government. in saudi rainia they say that all weapons, and military equipment and money should be returned. they seized much of the capital almost two weeks ago. there have been more taliban attacks in the afghan capital. a suicide bomber targeted a bus, killing at least three people. they are starting security forces, and a new security agreement with nato and the united states. jennifer glasse has more >> reporter: shoulderrors attacked on the out skirts of kabul. >> a suicide bomb hit the army bus, and pieces of human flesh were on the streets.
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the windows in the neighborhoods were all broken. >> reporter: a police convoy was also attacked in afghanistan south. on the canned ar highway. on wednesday, two buses were attacked by afghan suicide bombers, killing seven. the tall an said that it is putting on the pressure because of nato allowing the u.s. force it's to stay here for two years. it's signed by the new president, ashraf ghani. in the first week in power, he has held a video conference with senior army officers, who recognizes that security is one of the biggest challenges. afghans are watching the new president closely to see if he can stem the violence.
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they declared victory against invading forces but called for the attacking to continue. jennifer glasse, aljazeera, kabul. >> testing a patient in hawaii for the ebola virus. if confirmed, it will be america's second case. a man in dallas has tested positive. and as many as 80 people have had contact with him. and meanwhile, in liberia, one of the hardest-hit, 50,000 will be delivered. and a foreign minister told aljazeera nobody saw the crisis coming. one of the reasons that the virus spread so quickly, initially, cases were difficult to diagnoses. the world health organization said that for the second week in a row, the reported cases have fallen, but its pointed out that cases are being underreported from several cases effected. and overall, there are no signs
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that the epidemic in west africa is under control. all of this is being discussed in britain as the foreign minister makes a plea for help. >> a few pledges i can tell you, the cuban government is here, and they said they're going to be sending 63 doctors and more than 100 doctors to sierra leone, and australia is going to be giving $10 million. and the finnish government is giving money, and all of that is welcome. but i think there's a sense that the fight against ebola, the coordinated international response is somewhere behind the curve. if you bear in mind a very bleak warning from the british this morning, the children, they were talking about in sierra leone, five new cases every hour, and they expect that number to increase to ten new cases bit end of october. >> the annual pilgrimage in saudi arabia begins this week. 2 million muslims from around the world are expected in the
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city, and they will be taking part in the convenient. but this year, they are not issuing visa from pill games in sierra leone and guinea as a precaution against the ebola virus. less than three days, more than 100 million brazilians will go to the polls to elect the new leader. looking at the various candidates and what they have to offer. in the last of our three-part series on aljazeera. >> the sounds of the xylophone. getting ready to perform a small concert in the biggest shanty town of sau paolo. he wants the music to be perfect because the person he'll be playing in front of today is silva. he considers him the environmentalist candidate for president. the best choice for the country. >> silva has a lot to offer the poor people in the communities,
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and others like it in brazil if she's president. the propose appsle her government not only favor the rich, but those who are underprivileged. >> reporter: silva became a candidate for president when her running mate died in a plane crash. she has captured the attention of brazilians. one poll a couple of weeks ago suggested that she would defeat her pont in a runoff. some say that she's too weak to be president, something that silva has shot back at forcefully. >> the candidate going into the second round in this election is the one with a new posture. the proposals would respect the debate. clashing in attacks. silva is running an unorthodox, almost zen like campaign.
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with an unusual alliance. the coalition includes young people, environmentalists, intellectuals and religious evangelicals. many people can relate to silva's humble upbringing, and she has on her side, many wealthy elite, who think she has the best chance of beating della rusa. the shanty town cracks a smile when silva arrives. she's treated as a hero, and the music starts and everyone is swaying to the tune in good spirits. she's confident, hoping that she'll hit the right notes with enough voters to win. aljazeera, sau paolo. >> much more ahead on the aljazeera news hour, including -- >> i'm tom achermann in vermont. the first u.s. state to require labels on genetically modified ingredients, but that law is
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meeting challenges. >> plus, building successful we look at some of the winners at the world's biggest architecture festival. and a comeback. we'll have the details shortly.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> its disgraceful... the only crime they really committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> on the stream >> as afghan's experience their first democratic transfer of leadership, what does the future hold for the war weary country? >> the stream,
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on al jazeera america you. >> ebola is here. this time not in the bloodstream of a doctor rushed back after helping the stricken in west africa, but hitching a ride with a liberian headed to texas. that's inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. diseases were usually spread by boats. now everything is faster. you can get on a plane iwe