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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> all right. thanks to all of our guests. until next time, waj and i will see you online. ♪ . >> watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead. >> the battle for control, isil fighters lose ground to troops. seven soldiers are killed during violence in eastern libya. and hard times for the circus in bangladesh, were new technologies are
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staeding the audience. hong kong's leader has used a late night protestor, that he will not resign. see why the government was willing to talk & that protestors are risking serious consequences if they escalate their demonstrations. two protestors have threatened to occupy government buildings unless the chief executive steps down. for the past one to two days there have been students and other young people surrounding and threatening to occupy government buildings including the chief executive office, and government head quarters. the government and the police will continue to exercise the upmost restrains to allow these students and other young people to demonstrate. al jazeera was at that
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prez conference, more on what he had to say. >> for a man whose position is in question, he was certainly very calm as he walked into the press conference, flanked by his chief secretary kerry lamb. he said he was nominating his secretary to speak about electoral reform. now this was in response to a demand that they have made earlier on in the day. in turn, said that she was going to contact the federation and speak about electoral reform as soon as possible. he also said that he is very proud of the way that the protestors has handled themselves, saying they were well behaved but also said that he hoped the protests would end soon, as the disruptive public life and transformation. he reiterated that he was in favor to work with hong kong, in order to achieve universal suffrage. the prose fors are still on the streets, but there
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are divisions about what shape the grain vagueses should take next. >> the resignation of hong kong's chief executive has emerged as the first and foremost demand of these protestors. >> some have taken position in front of the office, prompting police to form lines and barricade the road. but the move show some fractures. some said they would storm the building if he does not resign. a former leader of the democratic party, he has been involved in the protest from the start. >> young activists are getting very impatient. they think the government has no sincerity to respond, to probably -- be respective of what form of action -- what further action they are going to take. there is again, a consensus among us, that they would not use violence. >> etch if they don't use violence, escalation can result in further arrests. >> i think the hong kong government is too
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irresponsible, which may never really respond to our dend mas at all, so i agree with the actions to go a little further than what we are doing currently. >> there may be disagreements within the overtactics and how to move this forward, there is one thing for even, even though bay gin has been minimally engaged they are watching very closely, this is the army headquarters here, right next to the protestors. >> a how long part of the retail and tourist industries come from tourists from mainland china. and beijing has banned mainland tour groups from going to hong kong. that's 12,000 fewer a day, not spending money. but some are still here. the people on the mine land, don't have the will for this kind of movement a women beijing is hoping won't move to the mainland and spread. al jazeera, hong kong. >> in other world news,
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iraq remain as country in turmoil with fighting raging on a number of fronts. a multinational offensive is targeting the group. the rebel fighters are trying to establish an islamic state, and have already taken overage parts of iraq and syria, reports now on the latest fighting in iraq, and the province. >> this is a rare look at the fighting. the days now iraqi army and progovernment troops have been fighting against isil who are enfrenched in the town. helicopters niger head, launching attacks and providing much needed air cover. the progovernment forces are inching ever closer and are confident of victory. >> we are supporting force at the security forces and we are ready to defend our city with our lives. we challenge isil, as the tribe that has alone 9,000 fighters i call on all the other sunni
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honorable tribes. enough silence and wake up, wake up and join us in the fight against isil. >> they have already made significant gains. here the sunni troops show off captures isil equipment, including mobile phones and form currency. which they say is hard evidence that many isil fighters respect iraqi. >> some leaders have been claiming that i.s.i. l. fighters are rather iraqi local revolutionaries but they are not. they are foreign fighters that came from outside the borders to establish the so called counter fit on our land, we will continue fighting them until the last drop of blood. >> the sunni troops and the iraqi army seem to have been given a morale boost, and a tactical advantage by the coalition air strikes against isil basis. however, there are significant numbers of isil fighters in the area, so the fight is by no means over.
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for now, they are confident that the bat salt lake going their way, but other smaller towns are easier to take back. and with large numbers of fighters in control of the two largest cities falujjah, taking back those areas represents a challenge. al jazeera, baghdad. >> and in news just in, turkey's parliament has approve add mandate which would allow troops to be sent into iraq and syria, to fight isil forces. let's go life to bernard smith, who joins us from the turkey syria border. we have been waiting for this mandate to be approved, tell us what it means effectively for the turkish forces. >> i think it is important for us to see how the government sees what is happening on the other -- on it's borders with iraq, and syria. from the debates we have been hearing and monitoring in parliament,
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we can tell you that this is viewed by turkey not just as a fight against isil, that's how the u.s. might see it that's how europe and other western powers may see it, but turkey sees other threats as well, and parliament we have been hearing from the ruling party talk about the threat from the kurdish b. k.k. on the border with iraq. and we have also been hearing in this debate a lot of talk about the threat from the regime of syrian president bashar al asaad. turkish president, of course, already was talking about that yesterday, how it remains a priority for him, and the turkish government to push asaad aside. so yes, there was talk, also about ore terror groups about the threat, but the turkey it is not just about that, it is act the whole security of it's border with iraq and syria. >> so according to this mandate, turkish troops would be september into iraq and syria, how soon can that happen.
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>> well, there's no indication at all, yet, that turkey has any -- turkey has not said it will send troops into iraq and syria. this is legislation which kept lemn sleighs that already existed allowed that to happen should the government decide it wants to do that. it also allows which is as significant is it allows form forces to use bases for them to launch military operations in syria and iraq as well. there's been pressure, of course, from the u.s. for turkey to allow the u.s. to use it's bases in this country. >> meanwhile, bennard, isil fighters have been closing in, not far from the border where you are, the border between turkey and syria, tell us about the latest on the ground. >> it's been a guy yeter day, that still has. fighting and we spoke to
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an activist one of the syrian kurdish fighters trying to defend that town. there is still fighting going on, they have a french around that town, and the isil fighters have been using hit and runch tactics to try to preach the defenses. they have not done that yet, we were filming there earlier on, and we did see isil vehicles moving around, we saw one -- two vehicles that were actually the iraqi army, we believe, one within --
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they have tried to several times to take the airport. putin is expecting to impose new laws that could undermine press in russia. groups say the rights could change ownership of the companies. statements have demanded that full power be restored to yemen's government. a meeting in saudi arabia, they say all looted weapons political tear equipment and money should be returned. shiite houthis rebels ceased much of it two weeks ago. in libya, suicide carbomers have attacked an air base in the east. seven soldiers are reported to have been killed by the attack. it's controlled by forces loyal to the renegade general. fighting has also been reported closer to the city. al jazeera september us this update from triply.
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>> we are getting reports from sources and eyewitnesses on the battlefield on the ground, in benghazi, saying that four suicide attacks targeted forces loyal to renegade general. around mainland air pace, this morning. and this is part of the operation started by benghazi accounts. the renegade general, forces this morning, heavy fighting is going on around the air base, now, it is clear that the revolutionaries benghazi, accounts and revolutionaries are planning to take control of the air base, which has been controlled by general hector for months now. this means the momentum would most probably go to them, around
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30-kilometers to the south, would be only in the hands of the renegade general. >> much more ahead on al jazeera, the u.s. slams the latest proposal for's jerusalem, we will have reaction.
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>> i'm ali velshi, the news has become this thing where you talk to experts about people, and al jazeera has really tried to talk to people, about their stories. we are not meant to be your first choice for entertainment. we are ment to be your first choice for the news. welcome back, you are watching al jazeera life. set by protestors for him to resign, see why long says he will not step down, but has offered talks with student
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leaders. turk question's parliament has approved a mandate authorizing the government all across military incursions into iraq and syria. to fight isil. this comes as the soldiers continue to battle. some of the heaviest fighting has been in the city and the province. in will libya, suicide carbomers have attacked in the east, seven have been killed and 50 wounded from attacks on check points near the air base. fighting has also been reported in benghazi. now the tepees stand off between activists and police now, it is already having an impact on the territories economy. ibrahim has the details. >> every day they come by the thousands from mainland china. whether in groups orvillely, they make the three hour ferry ride to hong kong for a quick
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break. one thing is for certain, they are not here for the politics they are here for the shopping. i know this' a protest, and i think they disagree with the elections. everybody has their own opinion, i don't want to comment on who is right or wrong. >> capitalism triumphs over democracy. they prefer to spend their time in hong kong pieing big, but that could soon change. >> the protests in hong kong has prompted the government to suspend all organized tourists of the territory for about a week, has given that mainland visitors make up about 75% of the tourists here, it could mean a dependent to the economy. after all, these same chinese visitors could take their valuable tourist dollars to nearby mccaw or taiwan. those who are most
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effected would be small businesses like these vendors. >> a few days is fine, but it can't be too long, if this goes on, people can't make a living. >> concerns over the economy has resulted in a push back against the street protests, the blue ribbon movement is being launched mainly by local business owners eager to change the perception, that hong kong has been paralyzed by the demonstrations. it is a time for the say lent majority to come out and say something, and because we want to protect hong kong, we don't want to see the streets to be occupied. at the same time, the blue ribbon campaigners want to point out that they are not against the dend mas. >> not everybody is joining the campaign, the riots, and we want people to know that, no matter what they want, we have to keep the core values of true democracy.
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choice, discussion, and respect. >> it seems while hong kong residents are determined to push for democracy, some are asking at what cost. al jazeera, hong kong. >> the u.s. has criticized israel's decision to build 2600 new settler homes in occupied eastern jerusalem, the u.s. president met the prime minister on wednesday at the white house. two spokesperson for who white house has said the moving is troubling and called in the commitment to peace. >> this development will only draw condemnation, distance israel from even it's closest allies. with which the prime minister said he wanted to build relations. thank you for being with
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us. are you satisfied with this u.s. response to the latest move? the white house saying it is deeply concerned is that satisfactory. >> well, as far as the statement is concerned nothing is new and the palestinians in 1967 borders must be established including eastern jerusalem. however, i think the statement that this action by israel put as question marx, israeli is a very mild statement, given the history of 21 years. the answer is strikingly clear, israel does not have the settlements to be legal and occupied territories. and the general assembly
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last week, borrowing some statements that the palestinians are the actual occupiers. there is nothing in it for us to continue in the part of our by lateral process, and that's why we are. proking the u.s. and the international community on the litmus test. >> what precisely, then, is the recourse now? this has been going on for decades what are they going to do about it. >> first of all, enough is enough. we are not continuing on such a path. so we are going to the security council and this is a moment when the international community must decide. this is a time for action. not statements. and the action is very clear, an international resolution, supported by the u.s. and the rest of the world whereby they consider the occupation, seizure, what have you to be illegal, it must be in a very particular timetable, and the palestinian state would be established.
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you know as well as i do any security will be blocked by the u.s., israel's main ally. >> then israel with it it's main support of the u.s. would have failed the action, and all these words would be just empty words and it would be a very clear indication for us and our friends to take a different rout to the operation and our freedom. >> what is that rout? whats that rout? >> international law, is a major rout. we must impose and inflict accountability on israel. impunity must end immediately, that we have a state status in the united nations, we will sign all treaties including the statute. we will join the i.c.c. and we will help israel accountable, and it isn't just about the generals who should be under international scrutiny, but we also want to put under trial israel's
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occupation, israel's communication, israel siege and apartheid system. thank you for your time, joining us there live from the occupied west bank. it's confirmed it would be the second case in the u.s. a man in dallas has already tested positive, as many as 80 people including five children have contact with him. meanwhile, 9,000 household protection kits have arrived in liberia in west africa, the worst effected country. overall, 50,000 will be delivered. and sierra leone foreign minister, that nobody saw the crisis coming. he said one reason it spread so quickly is because initially cases were difficult to diagnose. now all of this is being discussed in london as britain's foreign
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secretary, rather make as plea for international health. barn biphillips has more. >> a few pledges i can tell you, the cuban government is here, they say they are going to be sending 63 doctors and more than one hup nurses to sierra leone, the australians have said they are going to be giving $10 million, the finish government is giving money. all of that is welcomed but i think there's a sense that the fight against ebola, the coordinated international response is still some way behind the curb. if you bear in mind, very bleak warning from the british aid territories say the children this morning they were talking about in sierra leone, five new cases every hour, and they expect that to increase to ten new cases by the end of october. >> the annual pill gram page to mecca begins this week, around 2 million mouse limbs from around the world are expected. they will be taking part in islam's biggest event.
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this year they are saying they are not -- as a precaution, for the ebola virus. northwest of the capitol, workers were -- by government officials two months ago. >> there have been marital pan attacks. a suicide bomber targeted an army bus, killing at least three people, the taliban has threatened to target afghan security forces. >> the suicide bomber hit the army bus, pieces of human flesh were on the streets.
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there was damage done to the homes in this area, windows in the neighborhoods windows were all broken. >> a police convoy was also attacked in afghanistan south. >> on wednesday, two busing of troops were attacked by the suicide bombers killing seven. the taliban has told al jazeera it is putting on the pressure, because it opposes security agreements with the united states and nato that will allow international forces to stay here for the next two years. signing the deals is one of the first tasks that the government led by the mt., who is inaugurated on monday. on wednesday, met with the ininterior minister, asking for a new strategy to protect the capitol. in his first week in power, he has also held a video conference. he recognizes security is one of it's biggest challenges. >> afghans watching their new president closely to see if he can stem the tide of silence in the world year for civilians and security forces.
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in a recent message the leader declared victory against invading forces lost more f out's value after it resigned. defaulted for the second nba in 13 years three months ago. the serve leader is cliffing closing arguments in the trial at the town.
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been traveling around the country for 109 years. for many of the performers the circus is a family trade that's been passed down from generation to generation. but she worried her children will be the last to uphold this tradition. i'm not sure they will be around when they become adults. >> the children don't do to town. when child performers become adults they find they have few options when it comes to jobs outside the circus.
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technology has transported real life. televisions are everywhere, leaving the best of the entertainment into everyone's homes. just we looking at their home screens. >> this wasn't a problem, who has been in business for 40 years. when he joined the circus was thriving. >> when we started there was no satellite t.v., and there were not many on radio, there was no internet. the circus still manages to draw aal crowd, etch if sometimes it does so by giving away tickets for free. not everyone in bangladesh is hooked to their screens. >> it's nice to have an activity that lets you get out of the house. people don't get to leigh the house for entertainment in these areas very off. >> it cost the organizes about 500-dollar as day. on a good day, they say they are barely able to
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make back their money. if the numbers stay that way, the numbers will have reason to fear that the show might not go on. >> al jazeera, bangladesh. >> and a remind tear you can keep up to date with all the news on our website >> he refers to america as the greatest purveyor of violence. >> his latest book examines the surprising last year of martin luther king's life. a time when he found himself marginalized. >> white america turns on him and then black american. >> he has had a long relationship with the iconic leader. king's speeches changed the