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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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after he's gone. . >> taking the fight to al-shabab and forces of the african union try to cut the supply roots. ♪. welcome to al jazeera, live from doha, i'm darren jordan and coming up, on the program more heavy battles between syrian and kurds and isil fighters on the town of kabani, runoff vote and the brazil election but he failed to secure an outright majority. dwingingly numbers protests continue in hong kong despite a deadline to clear the streets.
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♪ african union and somali troops took over al-shabab strongholds and in the coastal town has resulted in the capture of the rebel's radio station and the fighters continue door to door to clear the town of remaining members of al-shabab and they controlled the port town since 2008. au joint defensive was announced in march and the rebel group has been in control of issomalia ke towns and cities it was forced out of mogadisu in 2011 and the port in september 2012 and used to get a proportion of the lucrati lucrative charcoal trade and this was followed by somali
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trips and links to kenya and mogadishu and it connects with government-held towns and catherine sawyer has been traveling with au troops. >> reporter: al-shabab has been retreating and has been making a major success taking this particularly by taking this port along the coast which is the main offensive operation in the indian ocean aimed to cutoff al-shabab supply from the ocean and things have been going well and al-shabab are saying people say it's not time to celebrate just yet and al-shabab still has the capacity to improve and come back. and because they adapted this warfare and the bomb barrel in the population it could cause
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frustration to the uganda troops who have taken this and say that is not phasing them. they have the technical capacity to separate the fighters from the civilian population but it's still a big concern. >> reporter: syrian kurds pushed back fighters from islamic state in iraq from a hill in kabali and turkey and this shows advancing to the town and they fled after weeks of fighting between isil and kurdish forces and turkey is closely monitoring the developments and we report from turkey. >> reporter: it's an indication of the des breaks of the syrian kurdish fighters in kabani that it took a female suicide bomber from the ranks of the fighters to dislodge isil from a position on a strategic mountain to the south of kabani and on monday
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morning the shelling and gunfire continues in that town tits relentless but they are managing to hold the line around the town and isil has not been able to penetrate into kabani and we understand the leader of the main syrian/kurdish party, the muslim was in the curbingish capitol a couple days agree goe meeting with turkish officials and out of that meeting out of reports on monday morning he asked for the turks to facilitate the movement and transport of weapons through turkish territory and into kabani and what we believe they don't want is the turkish military to go in kabani and unlikely to see them on syrian soil and soil the kurds consider theirs because they don't want the turks there. but what they do want, what the syrian kurds do want is help getting weapons through.
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this is live pictures now from the fighting or from what is happening outside kabani and these are turkish tanks that have been there a few days keeping a watchful eye on events unfolding as they battle isil fighters for this town and now turkish tank tanks and armar has been watched this outside of the turkish part of the border with syria. still in syria and opposition fighters made gains in the key areas and taken control of ahara hill and pushing north in the country side pushing the capitol the damascus and we report. >> reporter: opposition fighters are on the offensive, they stormed al-hara after hours of fighting over coming government efforts to stop them using war planes and missiles.
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. >> translator: we are fighting our killers and defending ourselves and this is being represented by the regime. >> reporter: al-hara hill is strategically important because it's situated between syria provinces and the opposition wants to build a corridor to the country side in northern which is already under its control. >> translator: god willing we will march to assad's presidential palace. >> reporter: opposition is taking control of the town of al-hara home of an army brigade and it was important for forces based in nearby hills. opposition said it killed more than 50 government soldiers and destroyed seven tanks and says it sees a large quantity of arms and ammunition. opposition forces say their next goal is to fully control the root leading to the capitol
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damascus but that could prove difficult. the syrian airforce controls the skies, a weapon that has proven fatal for the opposition and on the ground, opposition fighters continue to fight government troops and the armed group islamic state of iraq and the lavant and i'm with al jazeera. at least five people have been killed in government shelling in iraqi city of falujiah and they are targeting residential areas in the city and iraqi government is trying to force isil fighters out of there for weeks. at least 16 people have been killed in the libya city of benghazi and follows fierce fighting between forces loyal to a rent grade general a fighters from benghazi council and battling malitia from mizarati across libya. runoff will be held later this month to choose brazil's next president and in sunday's election the current president failed to win an outright
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majority securing around 41% of the vote. she will face center right candidate in the second around. he got nearly 34%. in third place was the socialist parties silver and she was leading the polls in august when she entered the race following the sudden death of campos and this is from south palo. >> reporter: she was up beat but not reelected and she did not get enough votes to avoid a runoff. >> translator: this is a simple message i have to move forward and continue in this fight together with each one of these borders to change brazil. >> reporter: the story of the night was this person who made a dramatic late surge to finish a strong second. his message to get the economy growing with traction and coupled with a strong last debate the candidate from the center right social democratic party finds himself on the cusp
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of the presidency. >> translator: my candidacy is a great benefit to brazil, everything will be planned with best intentions anden want to make the most of the coming days. >> reporter: in a country where half the people say they are not satisfied with the government and unemployment is at record lows both candidates will try to draw out their different visions for the country. >> this is continuity with some change and some change with continuity as well. so both of them are very close in their platforms. and although this looks like a conservative and more as a social program. >> reporter: 100 million cast a ballot in the national election the message from those who did not vote was just as loud and people are dissatisfied with them and distention was 20% and in south palo it was over 30%, that is 10s of millions of people that decided to vote for
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nobody. brazilians made it clear they need a little more time. they will try to give those people something to vote for in the next few weeks. gabriel gabrielle for al jazeera. they returned to work after days of protests that paralyzed parts of a city. although the demonstrations appear to be losing momentum some students say this is just the start of their campaign and mr. brown reports. >> reporter: the site of civil servants going to work would not ordinarily generate much interest but in hong kong it was a significant moment on monday morning and a turning point after days of unrest. the city leader warned of unspecified police action if government workers were not able to return to their desks. outside the office complex the barricades remain but far fewer protesters today, one student leader admits the movement is losing momentum but denies the campaign is over. >> this is not the first time
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and we don't know when it will end but this is a long-term challenge or long-term battle. >> reporter: the government tells them to clear the street and has so far gone unheeded. but the barriers were pushed outside outside the office of hong kong leader to allow a delivery of food to police. last week there were several thousand protesters here. today under a scorching sun just a determined handful. >> with the amount of people here we have no bargain powers and have less than 10 people here. so police, they pretty much can do whatever they want. >> reporter: the president of hong kong legislature, powerful in the city appealed for restraint. >> we certainly hope the government will not take drastic measures to evacuate this place
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by force. >> reporter: with government workers able to return to their desks the crisis has eased for now. but in of those students are weary divided over whether to continue their action or call it off. the protesters are angry at china's plan to vet can't diplomats when hong kong holds elections in 2017 and beijing says the campaign is doomed. adrian brown, al jazeera, hong kong. time for a short break, when we come back, i'm adam in southwest mexico with classmates and family members of 43 missing students and they have taken over highways and coming up, we will tell you what their demands are. and he is injured after crushing at the japanese grand prix. more on that. stay with us.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy
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♪ welcome back, a quick reminder
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of the top stories on al jazeera, they have taken over al-shabab strongholds in is somalia and he has controlled the area for the past six years. syrian kurdish forces pushed back fighters from islamic state in iraq from the crucial hills near kabani and thousands have fled there after weeks of fighting between isil and kurdish forces. the runoff will be held later this morning to choose brazil's president and the current president failed to win an outright majority and she will face right candidate in a second
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round. now in mexico it is still unclear whether the discovery of mass braves and disappearance of dozens of students are related. police cannot identify the bodies of 28 people because they are so badly damaged and adam reports from the state, where tension is high. >> reporter: even the army can't get through. classmates and family members of the 43 missing students took over a major highway in southwest state, blocking traffic for hours and say the government had ignored their pleas for the safe return of the students. rather than engage in a fight this officer ordered his men ba back. a sign the government doesn't want to escalate an already tense situation. minutes later a first of action. and protesters took over a toll booth and ran off workers and they started collecting funds of the families of the students.
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>> translator: these students and family members will say they will keep taking over highways and toll booths until their remand is met and that is to return the 43 students alive. >> they don't believe the bodies unneth at a series of braves contain the remains of students and feel abandon by the president who is largely avoided talking about the case. >> translator: we call on him to demand the governor of the state hand over all of these young people alive. >> reporter: missing between the ages of 18-22 and their first or second year at a rural teacher's college and seen taken away by police who they say were working for criminal groups and this mother of one of those missing wouldn't give her name. >> translator: nothing that they told us is true. we don't believe it really. we know the governor has them. >> reporter: the governor didn't respond to our request for an interview and have not
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confirmed the bodies in the mass grave are the students but a member of the national human rights commission told al jazeera he believes the remains will prove to be those of the missing youth and with the rumors and speculation experts are conducting tests, something that could take days. but family members say they will only trust independent examiners abroad. >> reporter: victims of the former leader are vowing to continue to seek justice for his crimes despite his death and he died of a heart attack on saturday and he was known as baby dock after sealing the presidency at 19 and blamed for a reign of terror but his para military force. human right watch estimates he ordered the deaths of between 20-30,000 people and andy gallagher reports from
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porta-prince. >> reporter: it has been largely muted. the news of his death has not made it in the newspapers here or on the radio stations, it's simply almost been ignored and it's quiet over the weekend but when you talk to people they say life under him was better and economy was healthier and didn't have freedom because they were scared but were fed and had roofs over their heads and they are respectful he has died but human rights activists are not happy who fought for justice and he was known and baby dock has not been seen in court since february and the case against him came to a virtual stand still and many of his former members are now in power here the government including his son. what we don't know yet is when the funeral will take place or
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whether indeed it will be a state funeral but certainly people not reacting with what we expect and many supporting and missing the days of him. aid agencies warn the 9 month conflict in south sudan a family will arrive at the barrel of a gun and the number of people would increase by a million in just the first three months of 2015, that on top of the more than 2 million who are already starving and 10,000 have died since the conflict between the government and rebel forces began in december of last year. 1.4 million people displaced and have an uncertain future and fighting pushed up food prices and many people had their livestock sold enor forced to sell it cheaply and peace talks failed and need to put pressure on fighters to end the fighting including an arms embargain go and catholic is director of the south sudan program at the aid
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agency tear fund. >> reporter: we project 50,000 children will die of malnutrition unless something is done and something can be done. since december the -- in the last nine months of conflict as you said 1.4 million people left their homes, left everything they had and have been living in communities that already did not have enough food so these communities gave everything they have and run out of food early. there is no question that beginning in the dry season and in october/november there will be a spike in malnutrition and people might die. >> reporter: the figures are staggering and 40% of south sudan has food shortages anyway, many people on a daily basis struggle to feed themselves. >> reporter: people resort to eating the seeds they planted and that grew last year. they resorted to eating leaves. there is no question that now
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the hunger gap, the pitch of the dry season is yet to come and they are already on the brink of survival. so tear fund and other agencies work in south sudan to try to prevent and help people cover from malnutrition and work with children under five. we help provide emergency feeding and work with 145,000 people across south sudan and agencies like tear fun and other aid agencies, it can be stopped. it doesn't have to be this way. >> reporter: so what message then is your agency tear fund trying to send to the international community in terms of what help is needed for all those people you mentioned? >> international community is great providing resources thus far but more are needed and it can prevent further loss of life and peace. >> reporter: al jazeera continues to demand the release of its three journalists in prison in egypt, fahme and mohamed and greste detained for
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282 days and falsely accused of aiding the out lawed muslim brotherhood and appealing against convictions, formula one driver is critically ill in hospital after crashing during sunday's grandpry and collided with a vehicle during heavy rain and richard reports. >> reporter: the aftermath of the crash that left formula one driver in intensive care with a severe head injury, drivers at the japan grand prix faced difficult weather conditions throughout the race which ended early because of the incident. one lap before the crash he suffered a spin. it was while recovery vehicles were doing this while he lost control of his car, traveled across the runoff area and hit the back of a tracker. the 25-year-old french man was unconscious as he was taken to hospit
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hospital. >> it has no give and no flex in it so the energy kind of gets dissipated back into the race car and the driver which is probably what happened in this case. so, you know, it is an extremely unlucky scenario. >> reporter: he is in his second year in f-1 coming through ferrari young driver program and now competing for the russian team and he scored their first points in the monocco grand prix earlier in the season and no fatalities since 1994. since then much has been done to improve car and circuit safety but this inis already provoking many difficult questions. some drivers believe the extreme weather should have seen racing end before the yankee's crash happened. >> it's difficult with tricky
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conditions and home the yankee is okay. >> reporter: they are left hoping for the best but fearing the worst, richard par with al jazeera. a former karate may be prime minister for a second time following sunday's snap general election and he was prime minister until last year and center right gerd party will be the single largest party in parliament but without a majority. more than 700,000 indians work in the middle east but fighting in iraq and instability elsewhere forced some to return home deep in debt and scared by experiences and we report. >> reporter: these three friends grew up together. they also went to iraq together to work at laborers and lived in bad conditions, slept on the floor and routinely beaten by iraqi employers and even had a gunpoint to their head if they complained. then the latest conflict in iraq
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began. >> translator: we had lunch and found a bomb that fell in the camp. someone called the owner who then had it collected by the police. >> reporter: as the fighting drew closer they returned home with the indian embassy's help, they each owe local employment accounts between $1,000-$3,000 and the problem is there is no work the village. village like these with limited employment opportunities are targeted by agents looking for skilled and unskilled labor, from this village 500 of 4,000 residents have gone to the middle east for work. and returned people are burdening with debt and scars of employer abuse. those we spoke to say they had no idea where they were being sent and never imagined it could be to a conflict zone. and a local travel agent says those sending workers to iraq operate in the shadows, transporting people willing to take risks to earn more money by
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dubi and saudi arabia. >> larger salaries and paying $2000, $3,000 per month. >> reporter: the head of the village says the problem is ongoing because ads promising high-paying jobs in the middle east regularly appear in local newspapers. we spoke to one such employment agent recruiting people to work this iraq. the agent said the waiting period would be two or three months because of the conflict and travel would be of dubi of $3,000 and he is limited and has a family to raise and debts to repay and says if things were better in iraq he would return. >> translator: there is a big problem now in iraq and libya, if there wasn't i would go back to work there. >> reporter: there are others here, people struggling to make end meet willing to risk their lives for a chance at a better life.
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i'm with al jazeera, india. zimbobway showcasing talent and this is in their capitol. >> reporter: recovered the movie theatre people making sure they have what they need to enjoy the show. it's not camp but this international film festival is a chance for artists to show off their work. this year's opening is out of the president directed and about the first black president. his widow came especially to see the film. and for young film makers it's a chance to learn. >> get to sort of meet people from different countries, different film makers and get to engage, you know, and talk about films. so i guess we wait all year for
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one moment. >> reporter: 67 films from 32 countries will be shown during the festivals, films about love, hope, betrayal, revenge and politics, they criticize politicians and army generals and government officials and sometimes dangerous and film makers hope that changes one day. >> reporter: some are trying to push the boundaries and tell the story of zimbobwai up and down. >> we need to get the environment to accept that my criticizing you doesn't mean i like you but i hate you and it's difficult to understand but it's because we want the best for our country and it means being self critical. >> no government funding is difficult and finding sponsors is difficult but a renewed industry. and what is a festival without
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home-grown music to help celebrate that? i'm with al jazeera. and a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news on our website, there it is on the screen, the address is al jazeera, that is al justice for sale, i'll take you inside the world of big money, on the elections of who presides in your courtroom room. and a hot houseing market threatened by the reality of america's trillion debt burden secret tapes reveal financial regulators going easy on the banks they are supposed to be getting tough with. you'll hear for yourself. i'm ali velshi, this is "real money".