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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> welcome to the news hour. coming up here on al jazeera isil takes control of anbar province. morers as university students protest the planned overhaul of the law. and bolivia's president
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morales with a big win for president. we begin with the islamic state in iraq and the levant, yet another town has fallen to isil fighters. overnight isil overran an army base in the town of heat as they made a tactical withdraw. anbar province is where isil has made gains, and haditha, al hit ramadi and fallujah are partly under their control. let's go to the iraqi capitol, what more can you tell us about this fall to isil and how significant it is? >> reporter: well ever since the isil bases were bombed on the
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border they've made significant games. you mentioned haditha, and now al hit is under patrol. control. in haditha, they abandoned their positions. they're calling it a tactical withdraw. this will be a big blow to the iraqi army. they've suffered a number of set backs over recent days. isil very much on the move in anbar province. this has led to many politicians to say that we need troops on the ground in anbar province to deal with the isil threat. the airstrikes simply aren't doing enough. also what they're calling for are more close support aircraft to go in with the iraqi troops. the official government position is that there should be no
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international troops on the ground in baghdad, but the situation in anbar is becoming ever more precarious, and people are askinger questions. >> thank you. well, towns in syrias are too close to falling to the islamic state. u.s. airstrikes have been helping to thwart their advance, we go to jamal in turkey. bring us up-to-date with the latest fighting in kobane. >> reporter: well, the latest coming out of there is that the fighting is concentrated on the eastern and southern fronts of the town there. neither side, neither of the kurdish fighters of the pyg nor the isil fighters have made real advancements in the past 24 hours. however there were reports that
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isil fighters blew up four vehicles and what have been suspected suicide attacks. they haven't resulted in any casualties as we understand. airstrikes are continuing, the kurdish fighters whom our team has spoken to are unable to verify exactly where they're taking place. because the kurdish fighters who are essentially the ones on the front line there are amateur fighters that don't have the backing of any state. in fact, turkey, who is opposed to isil and saying that it is going to take action against them also considers those kurdish fighters terrorists as far as they're concerned. we spoke with some of those fighters were the pyg who entered turkey after being injured in fighting in kobane. >> all he can think about is
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returning to defend his hometown of kobane. he's 23 years old, he and his sisters are fighters for a rebel group linked to the pkk. >> we were manning our posts when four isil fighters attacked us. we managed to kill three of them. but i got injured during the fight. >> he showed me his injury. he considers himself lucky to be alive. >> isil has so many fighters from different countries. mostly from most africa. one of those who we captured are morocco. >> in this private hospital there are several other fighters
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being treated. they refuse to tell us who was paying for their treatment, but local sources tell us it was most likely the pkk. barely old enough to graduate from high school, he is another fighter in kobane. >> there were fighters ten feet away from us. suddenly i was shot. i was alone. my friends were not near me. i vowed they would not capture me. they came near me i was going to blow myself up. >> i asked him if he was scared. >> yes, i was scared. i wanted to protect my homeland and take revenge because many of our people have been killed. >> on another bed sits ahmed. he said it is his duty to defend
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the kurdish nation. >> this is not islam. we're muslim, too. they captured our friend and beheaded him. but our faith remains strong. >> so far turkey has refused to send in ground troops to kobane. these fighters say they don't want the turkish army to intervene. what they lack in weapons they make up in con conviction. they know they're meeting over the crisis. what do they expect to come out of that? >> reporter: well, the government here, darren, finds itself in a precarious situation. on one hand it says that it does need to confront isil. it doesn't want what many in the international community consider a terrorist organization at its door steps and at the borders of this country. on the other hand they consider those to be fighting isil to be
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terrorists. they say the only solution in crisis is if there is a comprehensive plan to essentially get rid of the causes of isil. as far as the turkish government is concerned, that is the assad regime in syria. when i spoke to some of the senior ministers here they found some hypocrisy in the international communities rhetoric towards isil and kobane because other tha assad government had killed people for three years and no one went against him 37 and yet when kobane is under threat suddenly the whole world wants to move. we don't know what decision also come out of that. however, the meeting is expected to go on for another two or three hours prosecutor we're waiting to find out exactly what position they will take.
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jamal, thank you. now aircraft has dropped barrel bombs over different areas. now british politician will gather to decide whether or not to recognize palestinian as a state. what do they hope to achieve with this motion? >> reporter: as you were just saying this is a non-binding vote after several hours of debate involving members of parliament. but the people behind it clearly hope, clearly believe it can change something in terms of relations between israel and
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palestine and palestine authority. one of the members of parliament who call for these debate is the labor member of parliament graham. sir, can you tell me why this is important. >> historic debate. and it's not an opportunity for the application government to recognize their moral and historic responsibilities of the palestinian people. 66 years now since 700,000 palestinians were driven from their homes and 20 years or more of failed peace talks. this may well with an opportunity to try to re-energize the peace process. i'm very keen to put forward the arguments this afternoon, and i hope that we're going to have the support of the whole house. not this government perhaps the next one that the time is right
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to recognize palestine now. >> reporter: we know already that the government and some members of your own party believe that recognition of palestine should only come through negotiations with israel. but actually doing so unilaterally could damage the point of a negotiated peace solution in the long term. >> well, recognition should an right, not a privilege, my party is committed to that. i am hopeful that we'll have a really good turn out tonight and demonstrate the strength of feeling. certainly all across the country in response to the incursion a dreadful loss of life of gaza. dreadful humanitarian loss and suffering. i do believe that the palestinian people understand fair play. they understand the arguments, and this is the right thing to do. >> what is your feeling that that the majority of the population would back this
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issue? >> i think the majority do, my constituency in northern england are not necessarily part of the elite. my father was a coal miner, but i do think that the time is right, the right thing to do. the arguments are overwhelming. what we're proposing would not me gait the peace process but support and strengthen it. it's a positive set towards an negotiated settlement and insuring fairness to both parties. and true friends of israel would back the motion if that's their desire, too. >> if you get what you want in the next few hours, you're hoping that that would lead to other countries would follow. >> absolutely. 135 countries have recognized palestine as a state. i'm hoping given britains place on the world stage that other countries would follow suit and
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recognize. >> going forward here, if it is a positive vote we know that the government is saying that it is not obliged to take notice of this. what other means of pressure are there in terms of trying to advance the peace process? >> well, if you support the peaceful path towards a negotiated settlement, this is part of a process. i think it's putting i in an important market down. so perhaps if this government won't act upon the will of commons, perhaps the next one will. >> thank you very much for your time. well, this vote is not due to actually happen until time this evening. local time in london, according to the people who back the motion they're expecting the votes to be positive. a number of labor mps and democrats have said that they will be back this call for
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recognition. >> all right. thank you. >> now ten people have been injured in jerusalem where israeli forces have confronted palestinian demonstrators. tear gas has been fired israeli soldiers tried to clear the holy site before a planned visit by israeli worshipers. pledging $5.5 billion to help rebuild gas. israel's assault on gaza resulted in thousands losing their homes. israelis and palestinians need to keep talking to resolve their issues. >> i have been urging continuously that if we do not address. root causes, which have already
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been identified, which are already on the table for negotiations, then i'm afraid to tell you that this cease-fire cannot be a sustainable one. i'm encouraged that that cease-fire is largely holding, and there is good will shown by international community for the reconstruction of gaza. but first and foremost the parties must sit down together, the underlying issues through dialogue. >> we go to gaza. just bring us up-to-date. what is the latest, what's happening there now? >> reporter: well, it's a very sad situation at the mosque. i can tell you that in the early
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hours of the morning there was a confrontation between israeli security forces and palestinian demonstrators after a group of what's been described as righ provocation against protesters. israeli security forces used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse the crowds. we understand that a number of thebly ways to the aqsa compound were closed as well. now this really a series of clashes we've seen over the last few months. just five days ago another
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situation unfolded there as well. we were hearing from u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon. he's saying that this provocation, as he described it, needs to end. >> we know that ban ki-moon has been meeting with the palestinian prime minister. what's come out of that. >> that's right. they met, and just after that $5.4 billion was raised to reconstruct gaza. we understand that half of that money will go towards reconstruction, and the other half will be used for humanitarian needs, but also to help this new unity government. now we had a very strong statement from the u.n. secretary general, where he said that the endless, mindless suffering here in gaza needs to end, saying that the cycle of
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violence, which has gripped the gaza strip since 2007 needs to end. he went on to say that the only way forward is dialogue, and hinting at the fact that we understand that the palestinian president mahmood abbas will be going to the u.n. security council to put through a request to see some kind of timeline, to see an end to the israeli occupation. he says that the peace process, which has lasted for 20 years, both the israelis and palestinians should not give up hope, and that no one should act unilaterally. it would appear that both the palestinians and, indeed, the u.n. secretary general are pleased by the result of that cairo conference, and use the money to rebuild the gaza strip. but until they lift the blockade
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that has been in place since 2007, it's going to be very difficult to restore their lives here. >> we'll tell you about a new prime minister. and the new appointment. and protests and counter protests in hong kong get violent. we'll show you the latest. and we'll tell you more about the 2006 campaign, and we'll have details in sport a little bit later in the program. >> now yemen's envoy to the united nations has been named prime minister. the appointment may help end the political crisis after houthi fighters captured the government last month. let's go to our mideast
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correspondent. many are asking what will he bring to the table. >> reporter: this is a man who has been in the oil ministry, but he had huge political problems with the former prime minister. he brought massivery forms in the oil industry and then he was appointed to the united nations. this is a very critical ministry, you never know about the ref news and cash that they generate. all yemeni has produced in the south.
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>> so what challenges does bahaha face? he is a man from the south, isn't he? >> his appointment coincide with a politica political importance. apparently his appointment is to send reconcil reconcile tore note. this is a man who has been tasked keeping yemen together and solve problems that have evaded yemenis for decades. >> and one of the appointments that you just made, he is now prime minister. will houthies pull out from the capitol where they've taken over. >> they have said that they will wait to see the make up of the government before making a decision whether or not to pull out from the capitol of sanaa.
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>> thank you. now protests against the egyptian government are continuing at several universities. a number from arrested earlier in the port city of alexandria. protests coincide with the start of the academic year. he is a student at university and he is on the phone now from egypt. yosef. tell us about the protests. what is happening? >> the first couple of days there have been a large number of every campus in the country announcing and declaring that we're against the military coup, in the first place, and to prevent them. >> how widespread are the protests and how much support have you got? >> we have good support from
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every university in egypt and globally. people are supporting us from everywhere in the world. we're surprised how much the students have protest. now they're not going to stop until they get their rights. >> some people say that you're disturbing the education of those students who don't want to demonstrate. they just want to come to universities and get an education. >> first of all, the military and the coup will taking the lives of people. they're killing them, so that's
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first of all. secondly, we are part of the anti-coup because th this has been happening through the last academic year. we are not disturbing academic education. we want to have a good furyk and it's a priority to be alive and safe and have students speak, and we also want to learn. >> youssef. thank you very much for talking with al jazeera. . >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its three journalists imprisoned in egypt.
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they have been detained for 289 days. they're falsely accused of aiding the muslim brotherhood, and are appealing their convictions. tropical storm has made landfall on a japanese island. dozens of people have been injured by the high winds, and authorities have issued evacuation orders. hundreds of flights have been grounded. it struck the southwest island of okinawa on sunday. it is predicted to hit tokyo by tuesday. let's check on the global weather position. there are going to be intense forms. >> meteorologist: already we're seeing that cloud build. let me show you the satellite pick and that area of cloud as we've seen it make its way across parts of colorado and texas and oklahoma. for some of us it's already given us some pretty nasty weather. this is what it looks like in colorado. you can see a fair amount of snow there. maybe not so usual in the mountains, but elsewhere we're
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seeing severe weather because this area of clouds has already given us strong winds as well. it has ripped roofs off houses in parts of oklahoma. this system is going to condition its journey eastward as we head through the day. as it does so it will intensify even more. there is a risk we could see some severe weather. for many through the mississippi river valley and we could see string winds, hail and maybe even the odd tornado as well. as we head into tuesday that system will begin to pull away and we'll be over the eastern part. then the risk will be subdued a little bit. there is risk of seeing heavy downpours or maybe some hail but less of a risk of seeing damaging gusts of winds or the odd tornado. certainly it's going to give heavy rain as we go into tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you for that.
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still on the news hour, third term for bolivia's president, with a landslide victory. and we look at the postseason playoff series. more ahead.
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>> we go to the top stories here. police in iraq say that an army training al hit has fallen to islamic state in iraq and the levant. army troops retreated and we've
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evacuated the base. yemen has appointed a prime minister. his appointment may have eased the political crisis after houthies captured the government last month. in egypt several students have been arrested in the port city of alexandria after unrest in cairo on sunday. in hong kong dozens of men wearing masks scuffle with protesters who are blocking off the financial distribution. it's unclear who is behind the counter protest but the police have arrested some of them. the protest has paralyzed traffic for more than two weeks. they're rally against the chinese government decision of who stands for election. >> reporter: well, there have been successful all day in the sites adjacent to this one. it's a key site for protesters.
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they've been using it as a bargaining tool to tell the government to give them more space in other areas and the government has not responded. we've been seeing confrontation, people who have been trying to tear down the barricades. the protesters have been fort flying them. back here there has been a call to rally by student leaders. people are gathering here. feeling now that the government could be under threat as the police clearly said that they will be taking down more of the blockade. >> the president of south korea said she's always prepared to talk with the north korean government. but the north is wanting more military action if there are any more anti-among i don' anti-pyog
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leaflets sent out. south korean soldiers returned fire after some bullets in the north were shot across the border. taliban fighters in afghanistan are claiming responsibility against a suicide attack against nato troops. there were no reports of troops being heard. in iraq and there has been an explosion in kirkuk who have killed four people. the attack from the police colonel. women from european countries are joining to fight isil. in france authorities estimate more than 900 people have traveled to iraq or syria. we have reports.
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>> reporter: in this video nicolai said that his journey began when he converted to isl islam. he was proud when his brother followed him. his mother said that first he had found peace but then he began to isolate himself. >> he was said he was doing logistics, but he was often on the move from village to village. he told me that syria was a beautiful country despite the war. he said he was not interested in fighting but if asked he would go to the front line. >> reporter: then on january 2, 2014, she received a text message saying that her son was dead. it said he carried out an attack with a truck on a anvillage near homs.
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his passport was posted on social media as proof. it's also believed to supply the largest number of fighters to syria and iraq. in march 2012 police killed mohammed, he was hold up in this flat. he had just been on the shooting industry that lasted several days in which seven people were killed. the impact of that is still very much felt here and in the rest of the country. mohammed became a symbol of social justice. >> a lot, a lot, what gives us chill when we talk to 12-year-old, we ask what they want to be? they say jihad.
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do they know what they are talking about? >> it is the only cause for many youth who is lack ambition or hope. it is the only cause that give them a purpose in life. they embrace a cause like this one because there is nothing else for them. >> reporter: france is discussing anti-terrorist laws to keep its citizens from reaching the battlefield. but what they said is what is needed is more opportunities for youth. for her it's too late. all she has left of her son are memories and a text message. toulouse. >> pro russian separatists defeated ukrainian in august. poroshenko said without the
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support of the whole world russia's intervention of the ukraine can't be stopped. >> i know these talks won't be easy, but i'm ready for it. the goal is security and integrity of ukraine and restoration of peace. we will reach total peace fire with withdraw of russian troops and regain control over our border. after that political solution will open. >> the battle at the ukrainian airport goes on. it has been controlled by local armed groups. they exchanged artillery fire despite a cease-fire of more than a month ago. in bosnia nationalists are celebrating after poll results show them head in the presidential election. it looks like it will be shared from two other national groups. barnaby phillips reports from
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sarajevo. >> reporter: the only preliminary results suggest that bosnia's divisions are as deep as ever. in a race to the presidency rotates between the muslim, croatian and serb communities. 40% of bosnia's electorate actually voted. not the increase in turn out many hoped for following corruption and unemployment earlier in the year. the fdp was one of the biggest parties in the previous election. at their headquarters activists analyze the early results. given the complexity of the system it may be some time before clear trends emerge. >> these elections may produce new political leaders who will work in the parliament building behind me, but that does not mean that we should expect
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dramatic new policies. bosnia's post-war constitution was designed to share power between competing ethnic groups. not to produce strong and decisive government. the man responsible for overseaing the peace accords said that bosnia needs more time to build a stable political system. >> mass graves have been opened every few months. funerals are taking place. it's not so easy t in this country, but i think with some patience we can succeed. >> reporter: the region of bosnia controlled by serbs. some people hearsay they want to leave bosnia all together and have their own fully independent state. almost 20 years since the guns of sarajevo fell silent bosnia
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is still a fractured country. these elections won't change that even though many here are desperate for a hopeful future. >> bolivia's president morales has taken 50% of the votes. >> reporter: it was historic. the bolivian giving a third term to an elected president, albeit after a controversial court decision that allowed morales to run yet again. from the presidential balcony morales favored his victory. >> on behalf of those of us who fought for the liberation of all bolivia we thank you for your great support. >> bolivia's first indigenous president is the same fiery
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president, under morales south america's poorest nation has been transformed. socialist rhetoric and social programs balanced by mainstream economics help rich and poor benefit from unprecedented growth spurred by high commodity prices. and to the indigenous minority. >> we have the feeling that this country is for everyone, not just for a few people. everybody has opportunities in the country. >> reporter: while supporting his policies some bolivians are aconcerned that morales is accumulating too much power and may want a fourth term. on the eve of the vote i asked him if it was true that he planned to open a restaurant when this term ends? >> i would make lots more than i do as president.
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restaurant are a great business, and i would double up as the waiter. who wouldn't want to have a picture with me, a former president, and i would charge for that, too. >> reporter: president morales' popularity is unquestionable. what is the question is how will he use it. will he use this latest victory to consolidate a socialist revolution he has always promised for bolivia. lucia newman, al jazeera, la paz. >> in santiago police use water canons as protesters call for the ends of discrimination of indigenous mapuche people. voters head to the polls for
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mozambique's presidential election. hundreds are still living in a camp after escaping fighting between government forces and fighters. with the new peace deal in place they're finally able to return home in safety. >> reporter: preparing food for her three children. gun battles between government forces and opposition fighters erupted. she wanting to home. >> we left our farms, and now we rely on charity. we can't go home until the land is clear of minds and until the elections end when we know whether the losing parties will accept the results. >> reporter: the leaders were give amnesty last month when he emerged from his mountain hide out. his presidential campaign has attracted big crowds.
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but the mozambique democratic movement is threat. threatening to take his place as the biggest opposition party. many say he has negatived their part of the government. this is where vast coal and natural gas reserves have been found. they recognize the north's economic importance by putting forward it's first presidential candidate from a northern province. after the fighting these people don't just want their lives to return to normal but for their lives to actually improve. but many people here doubt the election will mean the change that they want. it is widely expected to win, yet he has been in power since 1975, so it has had many chances. adam has reopened his shop near the military base. tired of sleeping in tents some of his customers are back. the election is on his mind, too.
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>> there will always be a winner and loser. the loser should accept what happened. but even though he's beaten he has rights, too. >> reporter: regardless of who wins no one wants to return to violence. this will be a huge test of mozambique's commitment to peace. oscar pistorious has attended the first hearing of his sentence. he was found guilty of his girlfriend's murder. the hearings are expected to last less than a week. thousands of people held protest in st. louis to draw attention to say what the what they say is police racism. >> reporter: the ferguson october weekend of resistence reaches sunday, and at the
9:44 am
epiphany church of christ. >> should we just call it thus for having settled into a racist status quo for so long that we became accepting of how it's hatred has infected everything. >> one of the goals of the weekend's organizers is to build a broad coalition against police violence, and members of this congregation are on board. >> we've seen tanks and tear gas and things that don't make us feel safer or feel that they're there to protect us. >> the fact is that we pretend that everything is fine. it's not, but now we're gettings conversations from those people and reaction from those people who experience suffering. it's breaking open some things that have been under the surfa
9:45 am
surface. >> as the service ends here across town the hip-hop and resistence concert is getting under way, and the message being expressed is the same. one of the organizers of the weekend of resistence. he said the diversity of the outrage by michael brown's kill something often ignored. >> american mainstream media likes to paint the narrative that it's a bunch of young, angry black kids. but when you touch on the ground you quickly learn that it's kind of different. >> what's been happening here in st. louis this weekend have involved thousands of people from around the vicinit country and has gained international attention. >> we all step out in the middle of the street. a lot of people looked at us like that was a really radical thing to do, but at that time we're like, look, this isn't going to be one of those situations where it's like what
9:46 am
it was in the past, where we come, we sing, we pray and go home like we're going to resist. >> reporter: there is still anger here at the killing of michael brown and the investigation that followed. but the events in st. louis are not just about short-term justice but long-term change. al jazeera, st. louis. >> still to come here on the news hour back on track the sri lankaen railway is up and running again. and the positive impacts that bmx racing is having on london's youth. more on that, stay with us.
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>> welcome back. the french economist has been awarded the nobel prize on economics. he has helped to regulate industries on bank communication. he has blamed the 2008-2009 financial crisis on insufficient regulation. the north and south of sri lanka are linked by rail again. it was disrupted during the civil war, and now the 400 kilometer link has been rebuilt thanks to a $800 million loan from india. >> a historic day for sri lanka as a whole as an historic route
9:49 am
that has linked the north and south of the country since the early 1900s. but it has become under attack during the war. with the attacks in 1990 on the 30th of june the last train pulled into the station. however, an attack on the track which destroyed the tracks meant it could not go back, and that was essentially was the last of the train to run. now the government has put in a lot of resources to help build and restore this area, and the government are hailing this very much as one of its key developments sort of projects for jaffna and bringing development to this northern region. for the people who this train is all about, over many decades this was a key route of transport for people for goods, things like that, and it is very
9:50 am
much considered an important part of bringing back normalcy, helping this region to pick up the pieces after the war and head towards development and prosperity and peace. time for sport. >> darren, thank you so much. we start with euro 2016 qualifiers, and the netherlands take on iceland they have not made the best start in group a. they lost their opening match but bounced back on friday by winning 3-1. they take on a team that clinched maximum points so far. hitting something that the dutch can't brag about. >> well, it's a team which has gathered already the maximum score, which i'm a little bit jealous of. you know, this team is not just an average team. it is a fighting team, and on top of that they can play. they have some skillful players
9:51 am
in midfield, some creative players up front, you know, they keep working, they keep on trying. >> there are nine qualifiers in total taking place on monday. wales in group b, a win will put them at the top of their group. also in group b bosnia will look to get their campaign back on track. they only have one point. and italy have won both opening matches and sit on top of group h. the much publicized indian league. the new competition saw atletico take on mumbai city in front of a packed crowd at the salt lake stadium. we have reports. >> reporter: kick starting indian football revolution. the opening ceremony may have had a typically bollywood feel to it. but this country has not seen
9:52 am
anything like the indian super league. an 18-football competition played out over nearly ten weeks and featuring great players of the recent pass like arsenal teammates. up until now india's two main passions had always been bollywood and cricket. but former batting superstar and team owner are looking on, and it could be soon to add football to that list. it would have been easy for the match to get lost amid all the razzmatazz, but it lived up to the hype in terms of goals if not contests. calcutta part owned by atletico madrid winning the match 3-0. the fantastic strike by former real madrid midfielder. the new league also giving indian players like atletico goalkeeper a chance to showcase their talent.
9:53 am
admittedly the game was being played a calcutta stadium. the passion and fervor of the fans at sunday's match has organizers hoping that they have a product that could rival cricket ipl. >> in major league baseball. the st. louis cardinals look to even their playoff series. a solo home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the cardinals a 5-4 victory. st. louis has hit 11 home runs in the postseason. the best of seven natural league championship series is now tied at 1-1. >> i knew i hit the ball hard. you know, how low it came off my bat, i didn't know if it was going out or not. i made sure to get out of the box quick. you know, when i got over i didn't know what happened, but
9:54 am
when it happened we got a little excited. >> to pga tour, bae sang-moon wins the season opener. australia completed i in abu dhabi. they stumbled along in their chase but got within one run of australia's total in the final over. they would get the job done. missing three deliveries before getting out on the final ball. now cycling is one of the success stories of british sport. success in the olympics and tour de france has made riders
9:55 am
household names. the bmx race something on the rise. we have reports of how one club is influencing its community. >> in the shadow of one of the toughest housing estates is one of britain's unlikely sporting success stories. >> we turn up the racing and start winning, the whole nation will realize this is an amazing club. now you have some of the fastest riders in the world. >> at the heart of one of london's poorest areas. gangs are a huge problem. and it was badly hit by the violence that spread across the capitol. >> there was no bmx track in areas where there were gangs and crimes. it would be hard for kids to stay off the bad roads and do positive stuff. >> today it's bmx riders making headlines for right reasons. with world and european champions with more youngsters
9:56 am
to follow in their footsteps. >> olympics, i would like to become a champion. i have to train hard to accomplish that because it's not that he had. >> of course not all of these riders will go on to become championships but this club is more than about sport. it's about life and giving youngsters the best possible start. >> remember, you can do your best. repeat after me. you can do your your best. >> they can get a lot of focus, a lot of drive, determination. you turn up for this. you're late for this, school, work, there is only way for that. you get sacked. >> and bmx is now the subject of a movie documentary. four years in the making a chance to tell the story of the club and the positive effect it has had on one of london's moo challenging communities. >> in the morning when most people would be out on the street not doing anything
9:57 am
they're here taking part of the track, practicing, relating to something positive, and also making a career path for themselves because one day one of them will be an olympian. >> the olympian legacy has helped to pay for this track, so the future is looking bright. >> i think we'll see champions coming out for the bmx. >> reporter: pecham london. >> for all the latest check out there is also details of how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. that's it from me for now. darren back to you. >> we'll see you later. we'll be back at the top of the hour with another bulletin of news. bye for now.
9:58 am
>> hundreds of days in detention. >> al jazeera rejects all the charges and demands immediate release. >> thousands calling for their freedom. >> it's a clear violation of their human rights. >> we have strongly urged the government to release those journalists. >> journalism is not a crime.
9:59 am
>> america votes 2014 go behind the scenes in the all important swing states >> this could switch from republican hands to democratic hands >> with the senate and congress up for grabs... >> it's gonna be close >> these candidates will stop at nothing to get elected. >> iowa was never sent a
10:00 am
woman to congress... >> i wanna squeal! >> i approved this message >> i need your help >> midterms, the series begins only on al jazeera america >> why is the u.s. failing ostop i.s.i.l? every 67 seconds an american develops alzheimer's, the devastating effects on families. hello i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this." those stories and much more straight ahead. >> the battle for the control of kobani is growing urgent by the hour.