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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. hello, and welcome to the knew hour. live from our headquarters in doha. coming up. a day after this blast in baghdad, another suicide bombing, this time a member of parliament in 29 others have been killed. just when it looked like yemen was calming down, houthis rebels seize a key sea port.
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europe takes more precautions against ebola. and ireland make as come back after seven years of pain, the economy is finally moving forward. ♪ . >> hello, and welcome to the program. now, over the next 15 minutes we will be taking your live to andrew air force base that's outside washington where president obama is due pretty soon to meet military chiefs from more than 20 countries. patty has that story. we are also in baghdad where a suicide bomber has killed a member of parliament as well as 29 other people, and the turkish government is bombed kurdish fighters known as the p.k.k. close to the border with iraq, with he be hearing from stephanie decker, first, let's go to the iraqi capital baghdad, tell us about today's events?
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>> well, what happened is a few hours ago, the shiite area was came under attack by a driver who drove his car into a check point, exploded the vehicle there, at least 29 people killed including a key member of the political party. now, this is follows after a 24 hours of violence in baghdad. we saw a car bomb, we have also seen other shiite neighbors so in total the 24 hours is 60 killed and over 100 people injured. now, all of this comes as isil fighters inch ever closer to the outskirts of baghdad, we have heard from defense sources telling us therapy one of the western suburbs of the city. now they are not there in percentage numbers but they are there. and the governments are insisting that bagging dad is safe.
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but we keep seeing attacks like this, and many people asking the question, how safe is the city, will the still come under attack by fighter ins the next few weeks. now to stephanie decker who and on the turkish side of the border syria. we have military carrying out attacks from the air. we heard from the p.k.k. they issues a statement this is in the south eastern area, that two of their bases were hit, they say they suffered no casualties. the military tells us this is because they are shelling military outposts in that area significant because it is very tense, wering what is happening. albeit between turkey and the pkk which has come under strain because of
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what is happening to help the group there, fight isil back. this is one of calm, so lit be significant what he has to say tomorrow. >> now many people will want to know about these different kurdish groups. >> to give you more detail on who the p.k.k. are are, they are a kurdish military organization that's been
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fighting and almost 30 year insecure generalsy, it wants more autonomy here in turkey, now in early 2013, a cease fire was reached and the p.k. tk. agreed to withdraw it's fighters to the reare john of northern iraq. >> and today's events that critical town, on the syrian side of this border region in which you are, the u.s. military saying that the heaviest number of air strikes have been unleashed within the last two days. that's right. a lot of those happened today. an intensified air campaign in and around. targeting isil positions we have spoken to our sources inside the town, who say they have managed to push isil back around throe kilometers to the west of the town. remember, it is besieged
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from all sides including isil, west, south, and east, and turkey's border is to the north. so they will tell you it is a hard battle because when it comes to inside the town, the lines haven't changed, isil remains in the east, in the south, and also an assault from the southwest, isil very determined to try and take back one of the border crossings. hasn't done that yet, but as they say it is hugely symbolic and that is something we need to look into, if they fall to isil, all the curds we have spoken to say there could be a major upriding here. >> the situation, in turkey and indeed in syria as well as the situation in iraq all going to be on the table for this meeting of the top military. the correspondent so an awful lot that they have to talk about.
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>> officials tell al jazeera that basically they are not going to ask any specific countries for any specific actions. 90% of the strikes and outside critics are starting to question whether that strategy worked. they continue to march across iraq, the administration is facing questions can it work. the top u.s. general just admitted that military helicopters had to been called in to stop isil from taking the baghdad airport. sure, and had they overrun the iraqi unit,
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it was a straight shot to the airport. is helping slowing down the advance. it's buying us time, so we can continue and begin to train iraqi security forces in order to do the things we think they should be able of doing. >> the mission that is ahead of them, and the armed forces are so questionable at this stage. >> but the a bam ma administration has ruled out sending troops to iraq.
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former president, hillary clinton and two past defense chiefs say obama hasn't done enough to stop isil. the administration says the president's plan will take time, and they are betting they have enough time to accomplish their mission before isil accomplishing theirs. >> the report there. and those countries who have decided to back him, must fewer must be said to fight against isil in syria. >> it is a very diverse coalition. there is some that will attack in syria but not iraq, so they are trying to cobble this together. the question is can this coalition and tactic succeed. the white house was asked about that, at the briefing and he ink cysts that the strategy is
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succeeding. he says it is early, but he is pressed. he says how can you say this is successful when a base is falling and he says their version of success is having an impact on isil fighters. asked where it has had that impact, he pointed to missions from earlier this summer. >> now we will take you live to paris, because john kerry the u.s. secretary of state is addressing the media having just had meetings with the russian foreign minister and the french foreign minister. they are in the process of implementing. they believe it is a good format. we believe that it is a acceptable agreement.
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so over the course of the next wreaks people will measure that carefully. and i suspect the meeting in milan will flesh out further precisely what those type tables would be and what expectations have been met or haven't been met. i think also -- and the foreign minister did not agree with our judgement with respect to the referendum. our final question. >> mr. secretary, they allowed coalition use of it's military bases and yet, turkish officials have denied an agreement
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was reached. also the military has begun striking p.k.k. targets. which argue weakens the joint fight. so can you clarify what role they have. and what is their policy on this, and how tangible is it. >> and some are talking about an extension being needed. now is such an extension is possible, can you make the case for the members of congress and how -- how effective would a second year of dialog with iran be given the deficit of trust between the two? i will convert it to a short answer. i am going to meet with the foreign minister of
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iran. i am glad that all the pundits and speculators are gathering whether it can be reach. they know more than i do. i don't have that answer, and i am not about to predict. i don't believe it is out of reach, but we with have tough issues. we need to continue to have serious discussions. which we will, and we will see where we are. i don't think anything is served by a lot of speculation at this point. with respect are to the
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first pat of your question -- turkey is a very valued member of the coalition, and is joined the coalition as doing things in the coalition, that is committed to things in the coalition, and as far as i know, there is no discrepancy. with respect are to what is going on. general allen was there, he had long meetings with them, the meetings in his judgement helped to move the ball forward. sew i think that -- they have an important role to play in this process going forward. and i am confident that that is going to be further defined. on their timetable add we go forward in assigning and undertaking responsibilities within the coalition. turkey has agreed to host
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and train people. i don't believe there's any discrepancy, with respect to what they will or won't do. thank you all, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> so that's john kerry there, addressing the issue of turkey's role, a very important issue as he admitted. turkey's role in this current fight against isil. said that he is confident there has been some confusion as to whether they have allowed for the use of it's territory for air strikes to be launched from there. they have agreed to host, train, and equip people and they say there was an agreement on the use of certain facilities. that's what he said regarding how turkey will
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contribute to this battle. let's hear what he said earlier about iraq. we both reck are nice the need to destroy and defeat isil, to degrade their efforts and ultimately to defeat them. and also to counter the violent approach of isil they acknowledged as we did, both of us, have people from our countries who are are fighting in isil. let's go live now to our correspondent, and has been listening to everything that the secretary of state john derre are has had to say.
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was he saying there was some degree of agreement between the russian foreign minister? well, he was saying that since the beginning of the syrian crisis, rush are sha and the u.s. have are been on the opposite side of the divide. standing firmly mixed to bashar al asaad, but he seems to been saying this time on this particular issue, on how to confront the islamic state, and the levant, while they stand united that it has to be defeated. both countries have a number of fighters on the ground. in syria, or iraq, france also has fighters there. and a number of countries in that coalition have fighter whose have gone there so it is certainly a problem that is concerning all of the members of the coalition. especially with what happened next, if these fighters come back.
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he did say there is a need for more intelligence, cooperation, sharing the information they gather on the ground. and that's problem probably be very helpful in this fight against isil. now he did say he held meetings with the french prime minister, those happened yesterday evening and during those he spoke about isil again, he said that france was shouldering a lot of the responsibilities in fighting isil. but he didn't expand on the position, they have been saying clearly both from the foreign ministers and the president's office that they did not mind the idea of a buffer zone floated by turkey, so far
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the u.s. has been quite tight lipped about that but we haven't heard from kerry are whether that will be on the table in the future. reporting live there from paris, we have a lot more to come here, including a vote on independence for spain's region, we'll go ahead next month, but it won't be the final say. plus. in dublin on budget day, where the government is claiming the fastest economic growth in the whole euro zone. but exactly who is it good for? >> and in sport, jules admits his son's situation is desperate, following his crash at the grand prix. just as yemen looks as though it was turning a corner, it seems to have taken a step back.
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rebels have taken over parts of the port city, on yemen's red seacoast. seizing control of one of the world's busiest oil routs. more now. their home to the biggest refinery, and the sea port is crucial for shipping to international markets. shiite rebellings deployed hundreds of fighters hours after the appointment of this man. they had initially pledges to disarm once a government is formed. earlier this year, they were all in control of the city in the north,
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last july, they captured the city, and then seized the capitol. thousands of their fighters are on the move, the first sunni city to form under their control. they are also moving south towards the province. the advance was met with little or no resistence from the army. this anger, thousands have converged on the sea port city to break away from the north. but it's not only the sunnies who are worried, neighbors saudi arabia has accused iran of providing the houthies with cash and weapons to destabilize the region. that raise of a war in the yemen.
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just across the border a u.s. citizen is been shot dead in the capitol. another was injured. near the stadium, the americans work for a defense contractor, the saudis say security forces found the government and arrested him after wounding him in an exchange of fire. >> ebola is not only spreading but it is also becoming more he that will. the world health organization says the death rate from the current outbreak that is ravaging west africa has resident aren to 70%. until now 50% of infected people died. and more health workers are perhaps inevitably getting the disease. doctors without borders for instance, reports that nine of it's staff has died after being infected. and the united kingdom has started taking measures to prevent ebola virus from entering the country. airport officials are screening passenger whose arrive are, for the symptoms.
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now, these checks are mainly on people who are traveling to liberia or guinea. and in germany, a doctor has died from the virus are. the 56-year-old who was suit these had been in a special isolation unit since sunday. while working in liberia, nick spicer is in berlin. the sudanese doctor has been flown to germany last week. he shows symptoms contacted officials he was diagnosed as having it two days later. where there is a specialized clinic dealing with tropical and infectious diseases. despite their best efforts and this was a hospital that had all of the personnel you can possibly want to deal with such a case.
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he is not the first person to come out of africa with ebola for treatment. all this while the german government spelling out it's measures to deal with the spread in this country. four ain'ts if any passenger shows signs of the disease. now to good news, for the first time in seven years ireland is announcing it's annual budget without posterity measures. the country was brought to it's knees when part of it's banking sector collapsed and now as lawrence lee reports it claims the fastest economic growth in the euro zone. >> they have had much to
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celebrate. foreign giants are paid tiny amounts of tax, the banks collapse but the people paid the price. but the bank debt has been reare structured and so eventually, miner ands have what they say is good news. >> the first budget where the government can sit down and decide can we reduce the tax. can we invest in the last number of years. inside the financial center, you can see the carnage, dreadful housing in central dublin, where stories abound of people being made homeless, by unaffordable rents. not having to pay the banks back, means more money for projects like this.
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housing is the foundation for a good life. and bringing. >> ireland also has the most expensive chair care. the campaigners tell horror stories of single mothers forced on to the streets. the markets in this country, nothing is clearer than the markets decided we needed a bail out. they decided everything. so you are saying even when you say this is wrong, this is wrong, we have to reare deuce this. that the capital has determined what is going on in this country. >> ireland's prized investors are unlikely to face more tax any time soon. is that will fall again to the people to provide. the people haven't had to bail out failing banks but some of these have
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paid a reasonable level, that all of this pain could have been avoidedded but that never happened and so expectations here are so low, that the budget that by no means a give away. at the dawn of a new era. in fact, this means for the first time people will have to pay for the watt tear coming out of their taps. the economy is long extinct, it is the celtic knee knicks to see if it is a more pleasant creature. dublin. >> still to come here, home to the biggest industry yet, has struggled to host this year's film festival, find out why. and in snort, find out why he may never see the riders in his country again.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn
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this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> robert kennedy jr., >> american democracy is rooted in wilderness... >> his fathers lasting influence >> my father considered this part of our heritage... >> coping with tradgedy >> the enemy of any productive life is self pity... >> defending the environment >> global warming is gravest threat... >> every saturday, join us for exclusive... revealing... and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time... talk to al jazeera, only on al jazeera america stories.k at the top
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a day after this in the iraqi capitol of baghdad. a suicide bomber kill add member of parliament, and 29 others in the city. this is the latest in a series of the attacks targeting shiite neighbors. so far this week. there have also been 21 u.s. air strikes. meanwhile, military leaders from more than 20 countries are meeting just outside washington to discuss the battle against isil. hougthi rebels have taken over parts of the port city. one of the world's busiest maritime oil roots. they also enters the city 100-kilometers from the capitol. now on our top stories the continuing sectarian in iraq. amnesty international has accused the government of
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allowing war crimes against the sunni community and of using the fight against isil as a cover. now, amnesty says it has evidence that government backed militias have carried out execution style killings. it also says there have been kidnapping some families having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in ransome, and then once the money is handed over, many of the hostages are killed anyway. le a necessity warns it is fueling a cycle of sectarian violence. with shiite fighters exempt from punishment. a senior correspondent, and she says the government has not done enough to dismantle the militias. >> the government of prime minister has he himself said that he wants to have a more inclusive government. the government is new, it is not yet complete.
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the interior and defense, are still to be filled and again there is an adjusting of the militia leader who used to be the minister of transport in the previous government. so until now the government has not done anything, but what it should do is initiate precedings to disband the militias. these preclude any possibility of a unified iraqi army, that can serve all sectors of the population. >> now, one of those military groups known as league of the writers has denied these claims saying the amnesty report is lacking anything, and falls under the foreign agenda of the coalition. it goes on. we have fought and won over shiite, and in sunni aread.
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who reports on how many from the sunni community are not finding safety no matter where they go. tonight they have relied on government handouts to survive for a long time, but in the last four months he hasn't displaced many. they don't have much hope because he believed the state has collapsed. his family escaped in the province, when it was a battleground between the iraqi air force and dwighters belonging to the islamic state. then, a few weeks ago, isil was pushed out only to be reare played by shiite militia men. our house has been destroyed and now there are militias there. >> many who live found refuge further north.
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they are looking upon with suspicion, and some have been acued of cooperating with isil. at the same time, they say they are targeting of shiite armed groups. militia men will not allow us to return our to villages. they are care to go back. >> instead it is considered them volunteers who joined the fight against isil, on behalf or as part of the shiite dominated iraqi army. government officials insist those same volunteers will continue to support the police when they are ready to secure them on their own. they explain that the government should allow the 700 policeman from his town to return to work. they shall victims of all these groups they want to protect us. we ask the government to
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spend an official force. >> this is the house of palestinian president.
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>> this is a great opportunity to unite the rest of gaza, under one palestinian leadership. it is hard to overstate how significant it is that u.n. secretary general is meeting with the political leadership here, since 2007, when hamas seed control of the gaza strip, no world leader certainly not one with with his high profile, has come here to do just that. >> this legitimacy has already paid off. as a donor conference in
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cairo on sunday, was raised for the reconstruction of gaza, the challenges are enormous. huge parts of gaza are now rubble. the main power stations and other vital infrastructure are in ruins. and thousands of falllies still live in shelters like this one run by the united nations and visited by fans. he tells me he believes the u.n. secretary general will make good on his promise to help. >> the first shipment of construction materials into the gaza strip. israel has blockaded them since 2007, and it is hoped that with the new unity government in place, the siege will
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ease, but that's a decision for the israeli government to make which hasn't said how or if it will. al jazeera. >> now a vote on independence spain's region will go ahead next month. that's according to the catalonian president. but, it won't be a fully fledged referendum, and it won't be the final stay of the issue. now, this is the latest twist in the battle the central government over the legality of the poll. tip friend now explains. now it is a nonbinding poll but with the same name.
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which is blocked to scottish style referendum on independence despite growing streak protests. for a few hours of high drama, it appeared that the vote had been abandoned all together. bringing this response from the spanish prime minister. it is excellent news if eventually the referendum does not take place, it is a democracy, and advance country. the new style poll will be rah pro priority vote before an eventual one. when is that takes place. will depend on the legal battle with central government. the nationalism is fueled by a feeling that is contributing more to spanish wealth, than it gets back in return.
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and they want a complete break away. tempt friend, al jazeera. >> her third term in office, he said he would pursuit what he called realistic social policies after winning sunday's election around 60% of the vote. now he has maintained the popularity with a socialist agenda and is well on track to become the longest serving president. and he said, he won't cling to power and he won't run again. >> the support and the vote which is their tuesday. for now my responsibility is to continue serving the people. a mandate that is so
2:42 pm
noble, cannot be in vain. because i once said, i thought that people in elected office should not stay beyond the age of 60, why do i say that? i first won the election when i was more ever than 40, and then 50, then there is still strength to work. but with an advanced age you cannot serve well, it requires will and strength to work. during a police operation, the head of the gang, was pursued by federal forces. they protect against the students disappearance.
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>> the prisoners are are holding at least 12 guards and 160 other inmates hostage at the law gar da prison. with fives and clubs dend maaing better conditions. military police are negotiations with the prisoners. brazilian jails are severely overcrowded and are are notorious for violent uprisings. >> but as al command drove now reports some residents have succeeded in keeping the gang war off the streets. >> a glimmer of hope.
2:44 pm
they were once infamous for the violence, gangs would bring their victims to one of the houses. to cut him into pieces. he used to live next door. >> nobody could say a thing. we had to pretend to be deaf, blind, and mute, or we would suffer the same fate. >> but when a woman was butchered in broad daylight, the community decided the horror had to stop. >> with the help of local and international groups they set up an urban humanitarian zone. >> we started making contact in secret with these associations and on sunday april 13th they came and we made the move. it was something so beautiful, something we had never seen here. we were only used to fear and solitude. we were able to push the gangs out and keep them out.
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>> since then, they changed for the better. the curfews and extortion payments demanded by the gains kids are free to play in the streets and some have left to fear in run. return. they closed the door at 10:00 p.m. every night, this has helpedhe community to keep all the gang violence outside of their streets but many wonder if this experience could be replicated in other parts. >> . >> and we can't offer permanent presence everywhere. we need first to firm up
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the zone and once the community can stand on it's own feet, we can expand. >> still to come on the news hour, lights, camera, but not too much action, mumbai is struggling at this year's film festival. and in sport, we'll hear from the reigning african footballer of the year as his team looks to qualify for the most important event.
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candidates span inh elections in 2017. from the protest site. it took police more than two hours to tear through these barricades. they use power tools to take down larrys of obstacles. then bamboo, and the final warier made from anything the students could get their hands on. >> on ton of the obstacles protestors but
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more bamboo and even cement. flanked by police, the protestors fought help leslie. they were warned it would happen, but none of them were prepared for the emotional toll. >> i am becoming more and more disappointed with the government. and more ever disappointed with the police. and i am very distressed that hong kong has become like this. >> in stark contrast, just tens of meters away it is business as usual as the main protest site which surrounding the government offices. what it -- of course, we will set up off the coast. and the time of the inmates.
2:50 pm
they say that doesn't mean the result are has weakened. they have now create add new front line leer, in the path between queens way and what is being caughted umbrella square. it was the main protoast site, and they say they need to protect it. al jazeera, hong kong. >> here now with sport system. >> has admitted the situation is desperate. the frenchman remains in a critical condition at this hospital after
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sustaining brain injuries nine days ago. hi father says it was a miracle. >> now the fifth highest score of all time has 40 goals and still only 22, that was his sights set on the all time record of 77, international goals. >> now off the coast, the captain has asked his country's fans to be patient as a new generation of players
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look to establish themselves. the ivory are coast getting ready now to play the democratic congo in the latest nation qualifier. right knob they are second in group that would be good enough in morocco. i think these were like pillars of the national team. it is not easy to replace them, so we need rah little time. >> we have touched down in al jazeera. the same only six that was at home on saturday, and that was down in third place in their group. the last qualifier in 2010 and at that tournament they did manage to beat al jazeera. >> playing against algeria. i don't need to get any
2:53 pm
more pressure. it is something that they can't ask for more. i just need to go there and perform. tiger woods and phil nickelson have joined a task force the united states rider cup team. came up to lost to europe last month. they declined to join the 11 man panel, now many of the winning team, they are are getting ready for action again, the match play champion in england. they can't come here and just continue where they left off, and start winning matches as early as i can in the week.
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>> the newnba seasons begins in a couple of months time, preparing to stop their campaign without kevin. the league's most valuable player, set for long layoff after fracturing his foot. the team will have to find new ways to win games. >> i can honestly say, i did not receive any text messages from coaches around the people. it was good and training camp, there was a couple of weeks where we with still have, to try to see how we can improve this team day by day. >> . >> la last time for many years for the final time. the best efforts to inject some fun into the event, it hasn't been
2:55 pm
that poplar with spectators during it's four year life span, so one stage having to be cut short due to high pollution levels. >> the overall race winner. >> the course on our website you can check that owl forward slash sports. the 16th ever film festival is underway, and that's despite major sponsors pulling out. the festival has been saved. bolllywood star evers critics put out the call for donations. he describes the festival
2:56 pm
as a pill gram page. i believe the people who are passionate. they are the ones that support the festival. >> the festival has a minuscule budget, in comparison. and yet on that, for 15 years they have done rah fine job. they have gotten in great films they have really pushed the envelope in terms of what we get to see. >> what they get to see is having an effect on fans and film makers alike. >> but instead of trying of this year's best value want to help them evolve. by embracing international sin mall.
2:57 pm
they are doing that by helping to reare make movies. a departure from the old reputation of copying movies without permission. he is in preproduction on the reare make of a french film. it would allow to industry to let go of films something that is being welcomed by indian audiences. >> they know about the history around the world, so they come with the hunger. all of which had a high turn out. organizers this year say that shows that audiences here are ready for balllywood to take a step in a new direction. jamil, al jazeera mumbai. >>
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america for this liveera news event. in the new york, in moments we will take you to the head quarters for the centers for disease control and prevention. in atlanta. we are expected updates on the latest outbreak in dallas. and new protocol as they will be implemented in the next few days. address the media and also take questions we with do expect to also hear from some health officials in the dallas, texas area. right now we do have