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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> this is al jazeera. hello, and welcome to the newshour live from headquarters in doha. the stories we will be covering in detail over the next 60 minutes. setbacks ahead. barack obama warns fight against isil will be tough. >> we have to do a better job communicating an alternative vision for those who are currently attracted to the fighting inside iraq and syria. >> a warning to the world on ebola there could soon be 10,000
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new cases every week in west africa. hong kong police promise to investigate after video emerges of a hand cuffed protester being beaten by officers. >> all of the day's sport including the attack at the football. reaction from the bad-tempered game against serbia and albania that came to an early and violent end. the u.s. president barack obama warned there may be more setbacks in the fight against isil. he has been discussing tactics with defense commanders from 20 nations that have joined that military coalition. obama spoke of the successes the coalition has had but stressed more must be done to defeat the group. >> this cannot simply be a military campaign. this has to be a campaign that
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includes all of the dimensions of our hour. we have to do a better job communicating an alternative vision for those who are currently attracted to the fighting inside iraq and syria. it is going to be absolutely critical to make sure that the political inclusion that prime minister abadi of iraq is committed to, is actually translated into real progress. it's going to require us developing and strengthening a moderate opposition inside of syria that is in a position, then, to bring about the kind of legitimacy and sound goverance for all people inside of syria. >> well, the role of australian troops head to go fight isil in iraq remains unclear. and that's because of legal issues. australia's prime minister says he is waiting for legal guarantees from baghdad's government. tony abbott wants his forces to enjoy the same immunity as
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american troops in iraq. special operations soldiers are currently waiting in the united arab emirates. let's cross over to imran khan. speaking of the government in iraq, imran, i wonder what they think about the meeting that took plates between obama and the other military commanders on isil. also, the advance of isil in places and provinces like anbar. >> that's absolutely right. we have heard very little officially about what the iraqi government has come away from that meeting andrews air force base with and what they are thinking, but what we do know is that there are -- there is a split emerging here in bagdhdad between the shia government here and many sunni lawmakers. the sunni lawmakers are saying that iraq forces are being overwhelmed by isil fighters and isil are gaining ground by taking new territory and making a push on the town of amaria, which is the key supply line
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between anbar province, baghdad and the south of the country. they say that there needs to be a significant increase in ground troops, whether that's nato forces, whether it's american forces, but there needs to be a significant increase in ground troops in order to be able to fight isil. the official position of the government is that there should be no ground troops. now, there are 1600 u.s. advisors currently here that are in a training and intelligence gathering capacity. also, you mentioned the australians are waiting to see where they will send in special forces. those special forces will be key. if they are imbedded with iraqi army ujts, they are able to bring in airstrikes quicker than before, able to read the situation on the ground quicker and they could be a game changer, but the iraqis don't want significant amounts of ground forces here in iraq where simply t will remind people of the occupation of iraq. so there is a political disconnect that's happening between those in anbar province
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who are doing the fighting and those in the shia government that say, look, we are -- we do need something better than this but this needs to be an iraqi-led effort. >> imran khan, thank you. now, the world health organization says there may soon be 10,000 new cases of ebola every week. the warning came as top officials discussed the outbreak. erica woods has this report. i beg your pardon pardon. we will get that report to you a little later in the al jazeera news hour on those new statistics by the world health organization on the ebola vitters. let's move on to hundreds -- to jerusalem and hundreds of palestinians are protesting at the al axar mosque there. jewish worshippers have been allowed into the site to celebrate the festival of k tive. rkut. the come pound is the holiest site in judaism, the third holi
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ernesto islam. the latest from jerusalem. >> israel police allowed palestinian worshippers over the age of 50 to perform the dawn prayers. at the same time, jewish groups have been allowed to enter the compound for the jewish holiday of sekit. we understand that a number of israelian palestinian members of kiniset have stood there and are stand nag peaceful protest, we understand, with a large number of those worshippers who are over the age of 50 and they are standing there to protest against the israeli government's measures and restrictions on palestinian worshippers wishing to enter the compound to pray. while at the same time, allowing jewish groups which they say include settlers and far right jewish activists to enter the compound for the jewist holidays. we also know that a large number may be, maybe hundreds of
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palestinians are also standing and protesting against these measures at lion's gate, which is one of the gates around the alexa compound. now, these tensions have been rising in realtime recent days becau because of the jewish holidays. palestinian eyewitnesses have told us that some of the visitors among the jewish groups who have entered the compound for the jewish holidays actually pray in the courtyards of alaxa and this is something that provokes their feelings and something they also completely reject. there are fears the palestinians say that this growing trend may eventually lead to the division of aluxa compound between israeli -- between jews and palestinians and this is something that they completely reject, and this is why the tensions have been rising and, in recent days, we have seen clashes and skirmishes and scuffles in and around the
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compound. >> in libya, a militia loyal to a ren grade army general has gun an assault on the second large event city, benghazi. witnesses say tanks and jets are riv targeting a rival militia. the leader vowed to liberate benghazi from what he called terrorists. >> the heroes of operation dignity are prepared top achieve their intermediate goal, to live right benghazi. it is a city worthy of living, it has is a sacrificed and lives of march tars are fulling victim. we have taken the oath to take revenge for those martyrs whether military or policemen or civilians. we cannot tolerate to see their blood going down the drain. we must ensure that the criminals will meet their just punishment. let's bring in al jazeera from tripoli to tell us about
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the situation in benghazi because we understand the offensive has begun. >> reporter: yes, it has already begun. the current situation now in benghazi resounding, heavy ex explosions have been heard all over the city since early this morning. also, aircrafts belonging to ren gate general haftar have been flying over been benjamin trying to strike locations or positions belonging to the revolutionary ashura council. these explosions started after what the revolutionaries say a martyrdom operation but ren gates called it suicide attack that targeted one of his brigades around the dome early this morning, and targeted the, especially targeted the brigade of tanks and artilleries number
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2002004 and killed and injured a number of kalifa haftar's soldiers. the situation is tense after there was a statement releareled last night that shows renegade general kh you alifa haftar. he admitted a great loss in his forces as he mentioned. he said today should be a decisive day against tourism and extremism. there is an offensive by khalifa haftar forces. he also admitted the fact that he has been getting military support from forge send itted ut country and against revolution areas councilingsell and admitted he will quit operation dignity as soon as he achieves or his forces achieve what he
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calls victory over what he calls tourism and extremism. he said his forces have been securing cities of libya, especially headquarter for the house of representatives. he said the dream for fighting what he calls tourism and extremism has -- >> right. >> the situation is very tense because the battle is going around on around the bt air force. >> mahmoud, we will come back to you for an update joining us from tripoli and libya. hong kong's government is investigating a video which appears to show policemen beating up a handcuffed protester. there have been over two weeks of demonstrations calling for a more democratic process of choosing hong kong's next leader. there is doubt about the effectiveness of the protests. >> reporter: barriers are
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closing in. the temporary bamboo gate at this intention has been subtling moving towards the center where a small group of protesters have taken up residence. police are calling this area a high-risk zone because residents and business owners are angry over the closure of the main thoroughfare. so far, most of the protesters campaign for ddemocracy has inv obstructing major artille arter while getting worldwide attention, many are questioning how effective the movement really is. >> i think this protest movement has taken a turn for the worse because some chinese official are now labeling this as a revolution, not a protest. now, a revolution needs to be put down and i think on this point of fact we should all take
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attention. >> beijing is watching the scenes here very closely but has repeatedly said it's ultimately the hong kong government's responsibility. >> as police continue to systematically retake ground from protest sites, it is becoming more difficult hong kong's government under china has never faced a situation like this before. police are now facing accusations of using excessive force after breaking up a spontaneous protest. they say there were 2,000 protesters at the height of the confrontation. many were blocking a heavily used underpass that runs through the government's compound. this footage is from a local t.v. station. it has prompted authorities to investigate accusations of police brutality. the officers involved are accused of hand cuffing and beating up a man. the victim happened to be a member of the opposition civic party. >> you don't know if you can trust the police. i mean they are supposed to protect the
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people, but they are doing something else. >> reporter: while the protesters tried to hold their ground, it's becoming clearer as their numbers get smaller, the risk for the government is getting bigger. al jazeera, hong kong. the world health organization says there may soon be 10,000 new cases of ebola every week in west africa. the warning came as top officials discussed the outbreak at the united nations. erica wood has this report. >> reporter: >> ebola is winning the rates. experts issue a warning saying the virus's spread isn't slowing. instead, it's increasing its reach geographically and in numbers. >> we either stop ebola now or we face an entirely unprecedented situation for which we do not have a plan. >> right now, there are 1,000 new cases of ebola being registered each week in west africa, but the world health organization has warned that will likely increase five to
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tenfold within the next two months and an even more concerning statistic, while the virus was thought to be killing h half of those who contracted it, the w.h.o. says victims now only have a 30% chance of survival. those whose countries it is affected the most have called for a united approach to stop the outbreak. >> what we require is a sense of hope, a sense that the united nations and the community of nation that it represents will not abandoned the fight will not fail us. >> reporter: even with the aid it is feared it still might not be enough. >> internationally, we have a choice. it's simple. we either bring all we can muster and make them available
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to the countries so that the outbreak is tackled in as energetically as possible now or we wait and we see the reach the point with as many as 10,000 cases a week. then we will be facing a much, much tougher battle. even when we defeat at a time ebola viruses, the next crisis would be food crisis in linebiera because you don't have anyone planting now because people are not able to gather together to go to a farm to produce to plant, to plan
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anything. erica woods. >> you are with the al jazeera newshour. queueing to vote in mozambique. sweet potatoes leaving a bitter take. farmers in gaza dealing with crops. >> the continent's most important events. southern yemen has set an ultimate i am. they want the government to evacuate soldiers and civil servants before the end of november. they are calling on oil and gas companies to stop exports until
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the southern movement is in control of that process. shia huti fighters have taken over parts of the major port city and captured a city 100 kilometers south. we are crossing over to the yemeni capitol and going to speak to the editor in chief of the post. thank you for being with us. first of all, hack e-mail, let's talk about the ultimatum set by the separatists telling the governments, the solids, to basically evacuate by november. what does this mean? >> reporter: this is very serious. for the first time in years, the southern movement is finally, unified when it comes to dealing with the government or the sanaa government. this will be taken seriously. north earners do not want to
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repeat what happened when they were harassed and abused and at times killed in the south. this only shows that the false accusations of the past couple of years by international countries saying that yemen is a model state for success. this is not a success story when you have southerners wanting separation and in the north, hutis wanting to control more provinces and regions of the country. >> when you say this will be taken seriously, what is the government going to go do? >> when i say , "be taken seriously," i mean by the people. the people will start evacuating. the government is and will be stalled for the months to come. oil companies are still coordinating with the government for companies doing the same. they do not want to take these threats seriously. the president is currently sending negotiations or mediations between him and the southern movement, trying to
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halt and the southern demands are met where in the past, he used a puppet southern movement which had no recognition and that is why these are happening today in the south. they want real change and real strong activities happening in the south, not just talks as have been happening in the last couple of years during the regime of the hati. >> let's talk about what's happening and the houti fighters and the areas they control which we understand includes hudada as well as damar. this gives them quite a bit of leverage now when it comes to any sort of negotiation? does it not. >> reporter: i have been saying this all along. what we have seen today is still the begin of the journey when it comes to the houthis. they have more demands, much more to reach. today, they are clashing with
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fighters. with the support of the government, air raids, air force supporting the houthis. raqqa is a stronghold. these clashes are expected to last for months since there are hundreds of fighters right now. the houthis are expected to be the future of why i ammep. they control sanaa. they will control the foreign policy of the country. >> that's what they are aiming for. they are seeking to control the internal and foreign policy. right now, al-qaeda is gathering hundreds of sunni fighters though they are not al-qaeda fighters but they are standing in the lines of al-qaeda trying to end the spread of the houthi movement. this is why i believe the clashes will take months and months to end even if they control areas there. the clashes will continue every now and then.
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>> thank you for joining us from sanaa. european football's governing body is investigating a mass brawl at a match between serbia and albania. the game had to be abandoned after an al bainian flag was flown over the pitch by a drone. fans were banned because of long running tensions overs kosovo. joining us from belgrade to tell us exactly what happened. we understand now there has been an arrest and a subsequent release that's been made. >> reporter: well, actually, it was a very long night yesterday in belgrade. i think it's clearly visible ol my face because nobody expected this kind of incident yesterday in the match between serbia and al ba albania. nobody expected it. it was 30,000 serbian fans in front of that drone watching the
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game when that will drone appeared out of the blue, operated by, according to serbian police and according to serbian by a bro of the al bainian prime minister present there at the match at the vip lounge. it was hard to confirm that from independent sources but serbian media are claiming -- basing their claims on the serbian police sources that al bainian, the brother of al bainian prime minister was immediately arrested at the vip lounge and taken to custody where he was held for about one hour. after which, because of lawyers' strike and lawyers are on strike in serbia for more than a month. because of that, the brother of albanian prime minister had to be released because there is no lawyer. so he cannot be indicted. and after the incident, he was taken by the police escort to
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bellgrade airport and flown back to tirana with the al baalbania press covering the event. according to the local media, all of them including albanian team members had a heroed welcome back in tirana. >> i wonder what this actually means for the visit of the albanian prime minister that's supposed to take place at the end of the month but this is more than a sporting rivalry. there are long-running tensions here. >> reporter: relations between serbia and albania and before that, yugoslavia with you uneasy. i could go back to history from the early 20th century or late 9th century. for instance, last or latest visit after albanian high dignity taries to bell grade was in 1946, so almost five decades. this visit of albanian prime
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minister was scheduled a long time ago, very carefully orchestrated and everybody were eager to see that happening, hoping that the recess really cold and frozen relations between albania and serb y'all particularly because of kosovo. on the eve, it happens to the brother of the prime minister is arrested. so nobody knows how this will affect this visit to bellgrade or whether this will mean that now, albania and serbia will again postpone this long-awaited visit. >> all right thank you. we will have more on the story for you in these sports bulletin later in this news hour right here on al jazeera. russia's president, vladimir putin has signed off a new law which limits the foreign ownership of mass media. it's the latest move by the government to increase online as
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well as traditional media. a report from moscow. >> flinted russia, britain in russian, it's journalists are russians, but the business paper is published by a finnish group which owns the russian editions of many magazines. by february, 2017, they and other foreign-owned titles will have to find new russian owners or shut up shop. >> translator: when you are using a brand, it's not just an issue of shares. it's a license issue because we are all using brands that aren't ours and the agreements stipulate they choose the chief editor. it means all licenses and agreements will be an you would. president vladimir putin has just signed in a law which raced through parliament with overwhelming approval. it restricts foreign ownership of media in russia to 20%. >> that's a necessary move, says one of the law's arkansas tells
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at a time when the russian government feels it's involved in an information war with the west. >> every country in a moment of stress realizes if you own information, you own the world. if you own mass media, internet, newspapers, magazines, information agencies at the moment, you can start changing minds and promote your ideas and people will start believing it. >> it's not the only recent move do you know to exert more information that shaz are exposed to. >> google, facebook and twitter have been told to register with russia's communication watchdog, which means moving servers into russia by january if they comply those serbers will be accessible by russia's security services, but if they don't, they could be blocked. >> russia started bringing independent t.v. stations back under state influence more than a decade ago.
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but with the surge in tensions caused by the ukrainian crisis, shoo's government now seems increasingly motivated to regulate any information platform it will sees as a threat. moscow. >> let's get an update on the hurricane in the care beand cross over to richard. >> thanks. hurricane gonzalo, only the second category 3 hurricane of this atlantic season after hurricane edward. and it's produced a glancing blow across the northern part of the lesser antillies. we had 12 people injured in anguilla u.k. territory and in the joint french and dutch territory of saint martin. we had one fatality. these shots come from that e island. you see the damage that has been caused much the system now is moving away. so weather conditions are improving. it's heading in a northwesterly direction. now, what it's going to do is then it's going to turn from the
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northwest towards the northeast. the reason for that is it is going to engage with this trough of low pressure in the eastern seaboard of the u.s. and it is going to result in a direct hit upon bermuda. that's the way it looks at the moment. it's a very small system. it could go one side or the other. if we take a worst-case scenario tinies makes land fall at 1400 gmt on friday with sustained winds of 180 kph which means it's still a category 3 storm. and poor bermuda they had a storm last week, faye, one this weekend, they normally get storms about two years. there is a case of being prepared for this one. it could be a nasty storm indeed. >> still ahead on the architects newshour, rising anger in mexico three weeks after the disappeoe asperger's of dozens of disappear answer of dozens of students, breaking their 30 year play-off route. action coming up later in the program.
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another /*
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♪ here with the al jazeera ne newshour, these are the top stories, the u.s. president has warned there may be more setbacks ahead in the fight against isil. barack obama has been discussing tactics with commanders for more than 20 nations that have joined that military coalition. a militia loyal to an army general has begun an assault on benghazi. witnesses say tanks and jets are targeting the militia in control of the city. the world health organization is warning there could soon be up
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to 10,000 cases of ebola in west africa. it came as united nations security council discussed the growing crisis. polls have opened in mozambique's general election. tanya paige is in the capitol. >> reporter: some of this country's 10 million voters lining up behind me there to make their choice. they are going to be voting for a new president, parliamentarians and in provencial elections. the three candidates they have to choose from felipe nusa or they could go with the main opposition candidate alfons alfonso akama they have voted in the building behind me, or they could opt for the third candidate, the david sumongo. this is the most interestingly
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for two main reasons, first lakama signed a peace deal with the government after waging a low-level insurgency. an earlier peace deal that ended a civil war. he says he will accept the result if the it's free and fair. sot country's long-term peace and security at stake, also, the economy. mozambique could be propelled from being a very poor country to a middle income country off of the back of vast natural gas and coal reserves. whoever governs this country will control how billions of dollars will be spent. that's why people are taking this vote so seriously. >> let's cross over to london and speak to alex vines at chatham house. thanks for being with us on al jazeera. how much of a challenge is there to the ruling party in this election. >> reporter: i think the challenge will be for the majority for the dominant party so the question will be how many
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seats in the 250 seats that are up for election here will go to at a time opposition, renamo and mdm. i don't think any of us doubt that phyllis nyusi, the candidate will win. >> how much appeal does the party have in your opinion? >> reporter: a few months ago, if you would have asked me that question, i would have said that renamo was on a downward trajectory and would be very, very badly in this election. paradoxically, this limited insurgency that your reporter talked about has actually boosted the support for him. so, he may get more votes and more seats tlan we were expecting. the real question, i think, is mdm which does very well in urban areas and has been atracting some vote. will they be the second party in the mozambique? will they over take him or will they be the third party? i think that's one of the main questions.
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>> wiheard our reporter, tania saying one of the key issues at stake in this election is the economy. mozambique is known to be one of the fastest growing economies but out of the 25 million people, the majority still live in poverty. do you think that people there have confidence that these elections are going to do anything to change their lives economically? >> well that i think is one of the reasons why it's correct to say this election lex is probably the most important election in 20 years. ever since the first multi-party election in 1994. a lot is at stake including how to deal with inequality and poverty. you are absolutely right. the country remains dreadfully poor and inequality has been growing in recent years. i think that's been really the hallmark of the gabuza area, out going president gabuza has seen a country that is more divided with greater inequality. so the challenge for the next president and the next parliament in
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mozambique is how to have more inclusive growth, lift people out of poverty. >> no doubt, international investors watching this election closely. we will have to leave it there. thank you very much for joining us from london. more than 2 million french people currently live abroad and the opposition in france says president francois alan's policies are pushing more people to leave. immigration is nothing new. a from the most popular destination, london lunchtime in london. at this french bistro, business is brisk. the place is run jointly by maxine from normal andy and his two brothers. they started out in paris but maxim says they wouldn't have had the same opportunities if they stayed. he sites difficulties getting bank loans and the extra taxes employers pay when they take on new staff. >> everything was fine when you were an employee but to move as an employee that's the risky thing. to find a lotion, find the money
6:37 am
and the rest of it takes a long time and. >> officially, there are 1.6 million french citizens living abroad, but the real figure could be double that. the exodus to britain, which really started in the 1990s is actually slowing down. but with between 300 and 400,000 french people living in the u.k., london is said to be the equivalent of france's 6th largest city. >> france's right-wing opposition, the president's economic policies including a super tax of 75% for top earners made things worse. that the only accounts for a minority. economists say a lack of growth is the real problem. >> the french economy is growing. youth unemployment is particularly high, 24%. and certainly taxes are very high, particularly on businesses. the labor market is very regulated. so both if you want to start a
6:38 am
business and if you want to find a job there are good reasons to leave the country. >> someone else who has done just that is the co-owner of this bake's shop in the heart of the british capitol. >> one of the latest generation of french people to settle here who says he doesn't regret it for a minute. >> once you want to walk out, you don't really get rewarded in france. >> u.k. you can work as much as you want, first. and you -- at the end, you can you feel it will f you get reward. >> for now, britain is the place where many young french people are using to earn their daily bread. london. >> university students in mexico are calling for a 48 hour national strike over the disappear answer of their clays hamiltons.
6:39 am
did he have d t the families of the missing are demanding the government do much more to find them. rachel levine has this report. >> reporter: pain and resignation are written in their faces. it's been two weeks since we first met these families whose children disappeare at the hand of police. gone are the defiant cries for justice. parents like jiminez walked in silence. the rollercoaster left them exhausted. >> this is another march being led by the feels of the missing students. they say it's the only thing they can do while they continue to wait for answers. they are increasingly frustrated by the government. >> nothing has changed since this began. all of these marches, but we don't have any news about the
6:40 am
investigation. we don't know anything. >> as they walked for hours in the heat, they weren't informed of a crucial development a announced by a government in whom they have lost faith. >> i can tell you that in the first mass graves we found, for the very first ones, we already had results. and i can confirm that there are no matches to the dna to the families of the missing people gave us. >> jamie and his wife believe their son is alive and that the government knows where he is. they still haven't told his younger siblings that he is missing. >> sometimes it feels like it's a nightmare but i realize this is really happening and that my son is gone. i wonder: is he suffering? what are they doing to him? >> in the town of chipinsingo, many were heart ended by the attorney general's announcement. it was also a sobering reminder there are many more missing than
6:41 am
the 43 students. >> there are so many killed. who knows who they are? even here in the city, we find severed heads along our highways. we have reached the limit. it's unbearable. >> for the families, a moment of relief but no more than that. stuck in a cycle of waiting, marching and praying until they finally, have an answer. rachel levine, al jazeera, chilpansingo, mexico. >> inmates at a brazil prison have taken hostages. this was released showing them parading a dozen officers to the roof tops. >> that's where they were beating. they are demanding better conditions, sleeping conditions and food. two remaining candidates have staged a face-to-facer television debate. the most rounds in the election.
6:42 am
they will contest a runoff vote on october the 26th. gabriel reports from sao paolo. they came out swinging in the first head to head debate between the president and opposition with a lot at stake in one of the most unpredictable elections in brazil. >> i will get rid of social welfare programs and you know we are not going to end this. do you deny ounce your violent and cruel campaign attacks? >> i think the person who has done the cruel attacks is you. you have distorted reality. >> reporter: but with the focus on a struggling economy, neves had a comeback surprising even himself by obtaining 33% of the vote to get into a run-off with
6:43 am
roussef. he has momentum. it's how he has been able to capture it that has surprised many. >> it appears the millions of brazilians who were unen-tuesdayiastic about this election or any of the candidates decided at the last minute to overwhelmingly vote for nezes on october 5th. those same voters also seem to be sticking with him now. >>. >> people are suffering with the highs and lows of the political economy. brazilian society, especially the middle class and retirees who are paying high taxes, high bank interest rates and the economic conditions are tougher now. these people are most disconnected with the current government. rusfe is reminding people at every chance millions of brazilians have been lifted in the middle currently in the last decade and that unemployment remains a lot record lows. her support at the northeast of the country remains very strong. she defeated nevez in his home state on the first round of
6:44 am
voting, a sign she hopes she is on the path to be re-elected. but with less than 2 weeks until people go to the polls to vote, nobody on either side is betting how this tight election might end up. gabe recall elzondo, sao p paulo. >> still to come, more reaction to the controversial and violent football match between serbia and albania. that's coming up. clearcally albania albania
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sxwrafrn. >> hello again. israel's recent seven-week
6:46 am
bombardment of gaza killed and injured thousands of palestinian. the economic cost is enormous. farmers say their crops are rotting in the fields. their story: >> reporter: it's a bitter harvest for these sweet potato farmers. most of their crop has rotted in the ground. all they can do now is try to salvage whatever thing. there was once hope here earlier this year, the israeli government agreed to allow the export of sweet potatoes from the gaza strip to european markets sensing an opportunity, serobe followed his fields following eu guidelines. he told me hoped to make record profits from the crops but knows that won't happen now. >> we tried to keep our sweet po tate os in good condition so we could export them. but we couldn't irrigate our land or harvest on time. the whole season is lost.
6:47 am
>> despite the challenges facing farmers across gaza, around 30,000 kilograms of sweet potatoes have been exported to european markets. israel has said it will allow flowers, spietsz and other products to be shipped out as well but hasn't said when. large parts of gaza's more than 17,000 hechtors of farm land were badly destroyed duringitsis's 50-day bombardment resulting in more than $550 million in losses, losses farmers say will take years to recover from. >> inning a zones across gaza, there are scenes like this, farmland chewed up by tanks, fields and greenhouses destroyed by weeks of israeli shelling. the farming sector has struggled even before this latest conflict. since 2007, israel has blockaded gaza, strangling its economy. >> israel is constantly putting
6:48 am
obstacles in our way. we want to send produce for export but it keeps the crossings closed. now, the israelis will letting us send out sweet potatoes. >> that's not enough. we need our borders open. >> that's what people here are working towards. last month. >> the two maine palestinian faxes, fattah and hamas reached an agreement that turned control of gaza over to a unity government. palestinian officials say the deal would allow the palestinian authority to take control of the border crossings of the gaza strip including the crossing into egypt. but until those crossings are opened, and these farmlands are repaired, most farmers here don't seem very hopeful about the future. al jazeera, gaza. let's get all of the sports news with farrah. >> thank you so much. as we have been reporting, serbia's european championship qualifying match with albania was abandoned after violence involving players and fans on tuesday. a remote controlled drone
6:49 am
carrying the albanian flan was flown over the pitch. fighting broke out between the two sets of plays and fans also invaded the playing area. after a delay of around half an hour, the referee decided the game would have to be abandoned. i have a regretful situation which we will report, officials who are here, the referee, myself and the security advisor, and the circumstances are such that we couldn't restart the match. you have also seen what happened, and i cannot comment on who is to blame or what to blame or whats. i will bring it to uefa who will decide what will happen further. >> we cannot comprehend what has happened at this moment. i speak for all of my team. what is important is that we wanted to continue the game and that we were with the albanian
6:50 am
team and wanted to play. after speaking with uefa, the al ba albani a. n team said they were not physically able to carry on. >> thes how he saw events unfold. >> the game was suspended in 38 minutes of the match between serbia and albanian when a small helicopter drone carried a map with flag which serbian fans saw as a provocation. the drone flew around the stadium for a bit and started flying a little bit lower. at that point, the players tried to take the banner off the droej. two albanian players tried stois a start him.
6:51 am
toe suspend president game and top somebody send the players back to their dressing rooms. continued. so the referee and the del greats of uefa decided not to continue with the match. the fans who stayed at the stadium, there was a lot of them. they started to leave the stadium and they started leaving stadium in a calm manner like leaving any other games t there was no riots in belgrade. at that point. >> let's get more from our correspondent who is life from london. lee, has there been any further reaction from uefa? >> yes. i can confirm uefa has now opened official disciplinary cases against the serbian and the al bainian football associations. as you can see, it's a difficult matter for them to look into. it may take time for them to properly resolve what went on and what kind of punishments to dish out. this is not straightforward. if i take you back a couple of
6:52 am
years to when serbia played england, there was a similar level of violence. this one wasn't political but it involved fans. it involved players. what happens is it is not uefa officially who dish out any punishments. this is the independent ethics and disciplinary commission and they look into it. they decided that the punishment on that occasion was for the serbian football association just over $100,000 that some players who were involved until fighting on that occasion would receive suspensions. this caused an outcry of why they were not getting tougher. uefa had to appeal the their own judgment, if you see what i mean. they had to go back and say that we are not happy with what's been passed down by the independent commission. so this is what can happen. it's a more difficult situation than it might seem as well with, like, the match being abandoned after 41 minutes. when it is it going to be replayed again? behind closed doors in serbia? would they have to move it to a neutral country? this is the first qualifying match between them.
6:53 am
there is another one due in a year's time, albania and serbia play in this group. what's going to happen to that match? that will have to be moved to a mutual venue as well. the politics here, the eufa has to resolve this mess and look out for possible clashes in the future. do they start to keep such couldn't trees apart like they have done with spain and g gibralater. live for us from london. let's have a look at the other results from those qualifiers, world chap pins suffering a stumble after losing to po land. the republic of ireland german fourth in that group. north earn ireland are of group f after a third straight win. this time against greece. portugal beat denmark thanks to a last-minute goal from cristiano ronaldo.
6:54 am
ivory coast captain has asked his country's fans to be patient as a new generation of players look to establish themselves. the ivory coasts are getting ready to play the democratic republic of congo in their latest africa cup of nations qualifier. right now, they are second in group d which would be give enough to see them reach the finals in morocco despite retirement of key playersn including drogba. the supporters should understand we are a team which is being built we all know there were important players, be it my brother, k, drogba or zekora, like mil arizona of the narm team. we need a little time. a touchdown in al jazeera ahead of their qualifier on wednesday. malai lost 2-nil on saturday. >> result leaves them down in thirty plates in their group. last qualified for the cup of nations in 2010 and that
6:55 am
tournament, they did manage to beat algeria. >> for me as a player playing against algeria, i mean, i don't need to get any more vision. it's something i can't ask for more. i need to go there and perform and help me team win. >> martin crimer has an opening day in bermuda. he finished with a 6 under 65 to hold a 2-shot lead above watson who is 4 under par. 2 under 3 shots. >> is the kansas city royals are one win away from clenching a spot in baseball's world series after beating the baltimore orioles on tuesday who took the lead. >> didn't last long. alex gordon hitting this ground ball to send a runner home. third base, a brilliant catch to shut down going on to win 2 to
6:56 am
1. >> playing going defense, scoring timely runs and, you know, doing little things that have gotten us to this point. there are still some plays and i amming back like, wow. i don't know how he got there or how gordo got there but it's almost like you expect them to make those plays. >> the san francisco giants have taken a 2-1 lead over the cardinals, a throwing error at the 10th inning allowing the giants to pull off another tense 1-run win, 5-4 the final score there. surfing in the world championship tour is underway until portugal. 11-time champion current world number 2 kelly slater has won first round. the american could claim his 12th title if he wins the event. standing in his way is current ranked leader medina, aiming for his maiden world title to become the first brazilian to secure
6:57 am
the surfing crown. much more sport on our website. for the latest check out there are details on how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. >> that's it for me for now. back to you. >> later on. thank you very much for that. a european spacecraft is the orbitting the comet nicknamed cherry jerry. it has been about 16 kilometers away. it has sent images back to earth as it gets closer. next month, it plans to try to land on the surface. let's hope the scientific instruments will help understand the origins of the solar system. thanks for watching the al jazeera news hour. for our viewers over in the united states, it's back to your regular programming on "al jazeera america". the rest of our international ures, daryn jordan is with you
6:58 am
in just a moment.
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>> i wanted to be in on the big
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>> many of these invold >> more breaking news overnight, a second health care worker who treated thomas eric down can testing positive for ebola. the latest from dallas, plus we talk to the sister of kent brantley, who's blood is being used to help other patients. >> u.s. airstrikes increasing in kobane in order to prevent the town from falling. this as president obama talks military strategy