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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> more air strikes on benghazi, despite the call on u.s. and european powers to end the fighting in libya. hello this is al jazeera, live from doha. i'm adrian finnegan. also ahead: as violence claims more lives in yemen, houthis and government forces declare an
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agreement. >> u.n. poses more sanctions on the import of luxury goods. >> the u.s. and four other allies have called for the immediate end of the fighting in libya. forces loyal to chalitha hafta, dozens of people have been killed in this recent escalation of thousands of civilians who fled the violence. al jazeera has the latest. >> these gun shots are emblematic. these hims are th hills are thet battle front. a renegade former general is forcing and trying to take
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control from the dawn of libya who control most of the country. but civilians unwittingly caught in the conflict, supplies are running out. a statement says the united nations supported mission in libya, vest in li invest in libg to claim legitimacy. attacks intensified almost immediately after the u.n. chief's visit to tripoli. >> this seems clear that the international community and other countries that have involved themselves, are supporting a negotiated settlement at this time. we do realize there is a lot more mileage in the violence still to come. however having said that, this
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situation can only end. >> who also have international support but no control on the ground. while sudan and qatar are said to be supporting the, the dawn of libya its appointed general national congress and prime minister have condemned any international intervention. antiaircraft guns in benghazi have fired volleys. it's been seen as the last stand to declare what he calls terrorists. but fighters like those a group labeled terrorists by the u.s. have also dug their heels and with each burst of bullets like these, hopes of peace fade further in the distance.
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osama ben jabi, al jazeera. houthi fighters seized the al qaeda strong hold on friday, meanwhile, local political parties have signed a ceasefire deal in the city of ib. the agreement doesn't call for armed groups to leave ib. yoayoaltayatollah khomeini, made comments while meeting with a group of yemeni clerics in oman. help us draw all of this
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together and make sense of it, what is the latest, the ceasefire deal calls for end to hostilities but doesn't require any armed group to leave. >> yes, that's right. and that's why it is the main sticking point. that deal is initial, it is not final. and we understand that tribemen as well as the houthis with the local governor, they are trying to sort out the details later on, today. now, it is a sticking point because fighting could erupt any moment. there was fighting for last three days and there is an update on the death toll. it has risen to at least 40 people killed in the last three days or so. so it's a very dangerous situation and i think they are trying to agree on the final touches and details required in the houthis out because the
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tribesmen's main point is that the houthis have to leave the city of ib, otherwise they will continue fighting them. >> what are we to make of this statement of support for the houthis from iran? houthis are a minority in yemen, is that right? >> yes, they are, they form iran 30% and they have their strong hold in the north bordering saudi arabia. this is a powerful group and only gaining its military power over the last year, as it had at least six wars with the government in yemen since the -- during the president's presidency. now this is a wide belief here in this country that the houthis were always backed by iran however the houthis and their political representatives deny that. the government as well as president had in the last year or so accused iran of sending
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weapons to the houthis and that's why when the houthis go to the port city of al houdaida and they control that port authorities say to secure the weapon route to houthis. i don't think that agreement would go well with some parts of the political spectrum as well as the tribal leaders, all this has to be seen in the wider conflict in the middle east and that's one of sectarian strife. >> thank you so much indeed. now to syria. week led fighting the momentum seems to have shifted. just across the syrian border, bernard submit is there, the momentum has shifted but in whose favor? >> well adrian, some of the most
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intense fighting has been reported overnight on saturday. most of that fighting in the east of kobani, street fighting, building to building fighting and there were a few more air strikes last night as well. but spite that intense fighting there is somewhat of a stalemate still prevailing, with neither side having managed to make any gains or territorial losses overnight. the pace of the u.s. led coalition air strikes over kobani has slowed in recent days. but on saturday afternoon, a reminder that fighter jets are still circulating the syrian border town. the clapping is from kurds who have been watching this battle as it has ebbed and flowed over the past weeks. from a mood of despair that kobani was about to fall to hope that i.s.i.l. fighters will be
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forced to flee. on a hillside west of kobani kurdish fighters have an opportunity to dance, but i.s.i.l. is still there. the border area, as fighters try to win control of the crossing. some of the mortars landed on turkish soil, so much that the turkish army set up mortar tubes should it need to take up fighting. this is the only place where the u.s. campaign against i.s.i.l. is being played out in front of a local and international audience. so what happens in kobani is being symbolically significant for the united states and for i.s.i.l. but it hasn't moved yet, the turkish government. president recep tayyip erdogan reminded yesterday that he views the kurdish fighters as
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terrorists because they are connected to the kurdistan workers party. only really any sort of threat to turkey's territory then it might be tempted to intervene, only with the backing of nato. so turkey remaining in the background letting the u.s. stay the lead with the air strikes aide rap. >> thanadrian. >> i.s.i.l.'s main stronghold in syria, this video claims to show an attack on the village of tianna. three other villages were also reported to be targeted. activists say that several people were injured in the strikes. protesterprotests in hong kong e after a second night ever
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confrontations with police. mong kok district. rob mcbride is in hong kong. >> an intense shouting matches between police officers and some demonstrators and also altercations between protesters and some of the local residents, local business people in that area of kowloon. now there are thousands more people on the streets at nighttime, as we've gone through this weekend. it was during the early hours of this morning that we had the most serious confrontation with police. there were some injuries and it seems to have occurred after protesters organized on social media, responded to a call
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trying to extend their barricades to take over another important road junction. that's what led to confrontation with police and as we go through today and crowds build again, the danger is that any more calls for extension of their barricades will again bring them into direct confrontation with police. >> we'll get a weather update, next here on al jazeera then. >> india, tens of thousands of people could be left without the lifesaving drugs they need by the end of this month. >> and the spotlight on mexico michoacan district for the film festival.
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>> hello again. the top stories here on al jazeera. the u.s. and four european allies are calling for an end to the fighting in libya. sources loyal to a retired general have called for the cessation of conflicts. houthi rebels sunni tribes men and local political leaders have signed a deal in the town of ib. under that agreement, all hostilities are supposed to end immediately. second night of conflict protestors in the district of hong kong's mong kok, police
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used batons and pepper spray once again. syrian kurdish party, are having for international hem for fighting the islamic state of iraq and the levant. but no help is forthcoming. al jazeera's zena hoder explains. >> in charge of a kurdish autonomous region in northeastern syria. he is a man under pressure. his party, pyd, is at war. with the islamic state of iraq and the levant. he has been appealing to the world for weapons but first, the pyd is being asked to make concessions. one of them is giving up some power to other syrian kurdish factions that are allied to turkey. >> without political conditions don't want to do it with the
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political conditions, this is -- doesn't mean help. it means something else. we don't like, i mean, somebody, i mean, to be sharing to change the project we have, the to change the administration we have. because we would like sharing not changing, not collapsing it. >> in the hopes for the kurdish international government in iraq which is itself in a war with i.s.i.l, but so far there is no common ground. sallah muslim's group wants him to meet certain conditions. conditions they say have also been demanded by washington. >> translator: they can't be the only fighting force on the ground. there needs to be a joint command. they need to work with the
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syrian opposition. the need to end their ties with the syrian regime and turkey should not be their enemy. >> the kurdish group has been in conflict for weeks now. the fate of millions of yrnd kurds caught in the conflict -- syrian kurds caught in the conflict. what has become clear is that the pyd will have to make concessions before the weapons it wants start to pour in, zena hoder, al jazeera tuuhuk. >> five soldiers and a civilian were wounded in an explosion which happened on the outskirts of a city of lash kagan. >> the defense of the al aqsa
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mosque, broke out, earlier this week after right wing settlers were allowed to visit the compound. >> translator: assault and abuse by israeli settlers. we should stand our ground not to allow the israeli settlers to desecrate the holy mosque and we're in the process of taking action. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its journalists in egypt, peter greste, baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy. >> the international rm organization has warned that ebola will become, refugees in
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the ghanan collateral o ghanan . >> set up a management studies college but ebola has changed all of that. >> the way i see it to be like a silent wall. after we went through 14 years of civil war, trying to recover from everything that we lost, all the destruction of life and property and then this sad incidence of ebola. this disease has come up again. >> reporter: he doesn't know when he will be able to go home so he started his college here. his family in liberia is constantly on his mind. he's lost cousins to the disease and he's afraid for his wife. in the eastern part of the country. many are staying silent about
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those they have lost at home. so many liberians have been touched by ebola but it is not something they want to talk about openly. this is home to thousands of west africas and even ghanans. >> houses are very close together, the ventilation is a challenge. so it's a place where the fear that if ebola erupts here it will spread like wildfire. many people move in and come back. >> so the borders are closed? >> yes. the borders are porous. >> liberians are being repatriated. but some want to stay on in ghana as revolution. to fulfill his dream of opening
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the college back home. al jazeera at the settlement ghana. >> madagascar's former president has been allowed to stay in the country after exile. he returned this week and was put under house arrest. will be asked to take part of national reconciliation efforts. 40 people died in nepal after blizzards triggered a series of avalanches. that number is likely to rise as the weather clears and the search for missing trekkers widens. in india, more than 150,000 people who rely on free medication to treat the hiv-aids virus, may be running out. >> these daily dose of tablets
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mean life or death for nearly 2 million indians. these women rely on a free government program to get those drugs. and upcoming shortage at the end of this month is already worrying them. >> after getting my medicine i went back and only got enough for ten days. they said there's a shortage right now and after ten days there's no guarantee that the drugs are going to be there or not. >> i'm upset because of this. i said at least give us 20 days supply, we are poor, can't keep coming back and forth, leaving my children and job. >> this patient says it's ironic that india had the shortage at all. >> we had the money. india is the pharmacy of developing countries. 80% of the developing companies in the world are supplied by
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indian far m farmer pharma. >> the company which dispenses the drugs went unanswered. they're trying to boost production of the drugs while the government tries to buy more from abroad in an effort to prevent or at least lessen the shortage of the drugs. those who need them say it shouldn't have gotten to this point in the first place. >> we need to bombard with this hiv medicine, every drug, nonnegotiable. >> patients say even missing a day's dose would put their lives at risk. fez jamil, al jazeera.
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new delhi. >> banking, travel and trade, as reported, there are ways to avoid them. >> a new water park in pyongyang is the spirit of prosperity. brand-new swimming pools, 12 different types of saw saw saun. >> cannot be traded to korea. some can be imported but most think we did it ourselves. this is a lot to replace for the high class but as you can see, this is the place that are the normal families, normal citizens come and enjoying their life. >> reporter: in the last year imports of luxury goods soared in spite of u.n. sanctions and most of them are widely seen in
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the capital, pyongyang. at the equestrian center a few minutes outside the city, more and more people are coming to learn how to ride. horses are banned but the government is finding all sorts of ways to bringing them inside the country. even the definition of luxury items varies from one country to another, in this case, new u.n. sanctions imposed last year is aimed at hurting the leadership class and not the vast majority who do not have easy access to the capital's new installations. this is the first time he has brought his children to the equestrian center for a ride. he works in a government ministry in pyongyang. >> translator: with all these newly built facilities and the parks, we can feel that we are having a very happy life and a more civilized and cultured
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life, thanks to the care and love of our great marshal kim jong-un. >> what does he think that the united states doesn't want them to bring horses like this here? here no? okay. while workers may not be able to speak about politics it is clear that his place of work itself is a political statement and that the leadership of this government will continue to press on with its defiance with u.n. sanctions. >> there are many sanctions involved, but you know there is a thing that when our party and our leader decides, we do it. >> reporter: and nobody here has any doubt about that. since coming to office, almost three years ago, kim jong-un has seen the capital get new
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activities. but whether this will extend further remains to be seen. treteresa vo, al jazeera, pyongyang. considered to be the master made behind deadly attacks in michoacan state. the annual film festival is underway, attracting some of the world's finest film makers. adam rainey reports. >> welcome to the film festival, taking place in a colonial jewel of a city. heart of michoacan, a state battered by drug violence. the head of the festival though says mexico isn't just a bloody landscape. >> mexico has 3,000 years of
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history. this is one of the most important cities in mexico. therefore it makes perfect sense to make a film festival work in this beautiful city. >> some deals with violence and impunity, one is a documentary that follows mothers across mexico as they search for evidence of their children's whereabouts. opened the festival with his film, birdman a chance to show another side of the country. >> sometimes distort the reality and the perception of the people really can be absolutely destroyed by some images that represent one event in one state of one country that is much more conflict than just this. >> mexico is a complex country but its people like people
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everywhere have a taste for life's simple plur pleasures any want to take advantage of all this film festival has to offer. like this scene under the stars. adam rainey, al jazeera, mexico. >> get the latest news at plot is thickening with twists and turns. i'm chan tau chou. this week, 101 east takes you behind the scenes of the chinese film industry to explore its blockbuster growth.