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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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ally. >> rival militias are battling for towns and countries across the country. we report from the libyan capitol, tripoli. >> this is what it often sounds like in libya these days. the fighting's being done by the dawn of libya and brigades that cause the gaddafi regime. the groups have made.
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>> the fighting has caused suffering among civilians and supplies are running out. so far, hospitals in the city of kikla report over 100 fatalities and in benghazi are reports are dozens of injured and dead. the u.n. is calling for calm. for months, the efforts to bring the two sides together don't seem to be working. >> it seems clear that the community for egypt and other countries involved themselves in the conflict don't support a negotiated settlement at this time. we do realize there is a lot more mileage in violence still to come. this conflict can't end in a negotiated settlement. >> providing support to the elected politicians in the city,
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they also of international support, but no control on the ground. the competing leadership base in tripoli is said to have the support of sudan and qatar. the base is calling for more weapons and logistical help. that is what the people don't want. international intervention has been condemned. anti aircraft fires at jets and the general has control after they bomb the city. it's seen as his last stand to make it back inside benghazi to clear what he calls terrorists. fighting a group labeled as a terrorist organization by the u.s. are also fighting back. with each burst of bullets like this in hopes of peace fade further in the distance. >> as the fighting continues, people wait to hear what the
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libyan high court says about how the country is being run. monday, it is he can specked to rule on the legality of the parliamentary sessions held in the eastern city. aljazeera, tripoli. >> egypt's president said his country will work with sudan to support libya's military against armed militia. al sisi said sudan and egypt agreed to coordinate efforts to achieve stability in labor yes. he said they will support state institutions, primarily the military. sisi's remarks came at the end of a meetin meeting. >> aljazeera continues to demand the immediate release of its journalists in egypt.
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the three have been in prison 295 days now, accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, a charge they deny. they are appealing against their convictions. >> more than 1,000 health experts are meeting in berlin to discuss way to say stop the spread of the ebola virus. according to the world health organization, more than 9,000 cases of ebola have been reported worldwide. west african countries remain the worst hit by the outbreak. almost 2.5000 people have died in liberia, sierra leone have seen 1200 dead and 860 in guinea. the total number of fatalities from the outbreak currently stands at 4,500. >> we have more from the world health conference in berlin. >> before the summit started in berlin sunday, the president of lie berra issued an appeal to the world asking everybody
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single nation that could do something to help to do so. she said it doesn't matter whether that's money, clinical expertise or actually personnel on the ground in west africa. now germany has actually stepped up what its pledging in terms of cash to about $130 million, also set to send several hundred volunteers, both military and medical staff. in the last few hours, we've heard from germany's health minister, accepting that the international community did act too slowly to begin with. also, the foreign minister saying that the world wasn't prepared for an outbreak of this size, but some of the medical experts here are perhaps leaning towards the assessment of people like the doctor saying we were warning you all along, the signs were there, we were taking as, our appeal went out and you weren't quick enough. for the next few days will be a lot of calls for governments to
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coordinate their action and to get people there, as well as troops into west africa, starting to fill the gaps and to backfill, because a lot of the pressure on hospitals and clinics to treat ebola victims means people with other diseases are starting to suffer, as well. >> the ebola cries is bringing together unlikely allies. cuba's former leader fidel castro said his country is ready to cooperate with the united states to fight the disease. cuba sent 165 doctors and nurses to help treat patients in sierra leone. thousands of catholics have gathered in rome to celebrate the beatification of pope paul vi. the celebration is over shadowed over a row about homosexuality.
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we explain. >> on sunday, st. peter's square was filled with cheering clicks. for once, the pope they came for was not francis, nor was it the other pope, the america's benedict xvi who made a rare appearance. they came to celebrate paul vi, the beatification, one step short. change is hard to come by. sunday's mass concluded the 16 nod, a summit of bishops who debated the church's attitude on issues including homosexuality. their initial report stated homosexuals have gifts to offer
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the community changed the demonized language used in the past. an italian gay couple has just had their marriage officialized by the mayor of rome. they were sprayed and delighted. >> there was a revolutionary. francis. >> the church was recommended to welcome homosexuals. by thursday, it stated that gay people should be provided for within the church. then saturday, came the final wordings, stating that homosexuals should be simply treated with respect.
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>> >> a split agrees with pope francis that the church should welcome everyone, including home toe schools and those who stick to tradition. now the pope has one year to reassure the conservatives. only then it will become clear whether pope francis will perform a miracle of how the church should deal with homosexuality. >> more still to come on aljazeera, including aid, sanctions and luxury items, high end facilities, but not everyone gets to enjoy them. exploring the crazy game of football. scoring four out of five goals in the match against liverpool. still no happy ending.
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>> 21 people have been killed and 35 wounded in suicide bombings in iraq. a mosque was tarted in the tac which took place west of baghdad. kurdish forces in syria have fought off an isil assault near kobane. the group were trying to capture the border crossing. they would have cut off the occurred supply line if they succeeded. >> while much of the international focus is on kobane, across syria, the war is taking a heavy toll on civilians. while the nearby town has survived unscathed, people still
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suffer. ref the story. >> this town is filled with people looking for shelter from the civil war. people like this woman and her children. her husband recently died, leaving her with nothing. >> he lost his life in the war. i am left with these four children. they are three girls and one boy. we have nothing to support ourselves. >> there's no electricity, drinking water or even a fireplace to warm the house and winter is coming. all that protects them from the rain is a tin roof. families get by through donations. many fatherless families are helped. >> we are now helping 150 families in the area here alone. we have widows and their children. >> there are believed to be 7,000 people living here with
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more than 1,000 orphans in need of serious help. if the civil war battles have not come here, elsewhere, it's a different story. here rebels destroyed a syrian army tank on sunday. much of the area around damascus remains in government hands, but to the west, rebel fighters have accessed a side road to an important village, a vine at government and rebels are still battling for the stratusically vital capitol city. >> a massive rebuilding effort is underway in gaza after the 50 day war that left the palestinian territory in tatters. the israel government has lift add ban on allowing construction material into the strip, but many restrictions remain in place. >> this is the beginning of what
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many hope is the rebuilding of the gaza strip, trucks loaded with cement, steel and gravel are building materials now allowed to enter gaza. the israeli government let the supplies through the crossings it controls after an oversight agreement was reached with the united nations and palestinian authority. the plan restricts which materials enter, which companies supplies can be transferred through and the promise that u.n. teams will supervise all construction projects. this warehouse is managed for construction. the man says although his company has been given approvals to sell the cement, it won't be easy. >> there's a special committee to make checks of every back of ecement. it's not like the past, when we
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could sell to anyone. >> this man's home was badly damaged during the assault. he lives in one of the worst hit neighborhoods. still, he says he's one of the lucky ones. part of his house still stands, why he said construction materials should be given to people like him first. >> because our house was still standing, we were told it would be a priority to get fixed. the cement is now here, but we haven't been told anything. >> israeli officials remain concerned construction materials could find its way into the hands of palestinian resistance factions who could use them to build underground tunnels. with the need so vast, and increased international pressure after $5.4 billion was raised to reconstruct the coast allen clay, the israeli government agreed to ease its blockade for now. israeli and palestinian
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negotiators will resume indirect talks on other core issues, like the establishment of a gaza sea port and the release of prisoners later this month. for those who's homes were damaged or destroyed during the conflict, their main priority is the reestablishment of the homes. many aren't convinced it will be. >> a protest will be held against a decision for a human rights prisoner was released. she had been found guilty of committing propaganda against the government. >> the reigning government has until monday to comply with a court order requiring it to block people using certain smart phone messages services. the applications what's app, and tango are to be banned.
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some iranians are finding ways around the restrictions. >> people who use smart phones in iran may be forbidden from using popular applications. a court ruled that people are using what's app, and tango to spread what it calls offensive and immoral material. it ordered the government to ban the apps and set monday as the deadline. some people wanted the court to go further. >> we are a country that face as cultural attack. some social media sites are part of such an attack, represent ago security and ethical challenge. >> the president's government promised to ease constraints on the internet and his active social media presence is supposed to be an example. the internet and messaging apps are the embodiment of iran's conservative clerics dislike,
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unpredictability. during the recent u.n. assembly, his tweets were challenged, calling on the president to lift an existing ban on twitter so that all raines can freely express themselves on line. critics of the government accuse it of enhancing internet filtering and restricting cyberspace. the government repeated its claim to provide fast, lo cost internet for the people. >> in 18 months, we will double the internet quality. it is true that some social media sites are banned. other sites are not. there's a need to pave the way for not banning any site, because we are part of the world. >> but the raines fear more restrictions on how they communicate. many have found ways around but are still not happy with the service. >> i use certain programs to break the ban, but i need to download these programs on a weekly basis.
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>> we have heard so many promises, but the internet is still slow and bad and expensive. >> the rouhani government came into power with people hoping it might lift the social media ban on sight like facebook and twitter. now that government face as court order to further limit how people communicate. >> now in hong kong, protestors continue to man barricades after another night of scuffles with police. the demonstrations remain centered in one district. signature visits are calling for free elections in the city. the government will only allow canned dates approved by beijing to campaign. >> indonesia's first called people president have some worrying he won't bring about much-needed change. we report from jakarta. >> a rocky journey to the
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presidency. the softly spoken former furniture seller was elected president in july. since then, he's faced opposition from the countries political he elite. thousands of volunteers have decided to throw him the largest inauguration party ever. they are inviting as many people as possible to show support for the man they consider one of them. >> this is the president of the people. he goes straight to the people. he knows what we need and what we want. he knows exactly what our problems are. >> the mood will likely be short-lived. the coalition controls 44% of the seats in parliament and that's one reason they lost direct elections for regional governors. some political observers describe the vote as a
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deliberate attempt to control them. >> we were open from the beginning to work together, to build this country together. we don't need to tackle each other. the best spirit is to work together. >> his surprise move just three days before the inauguration to meet his former opponent, the general was led to the aggressive position against him. >> i've told all my supporters of different political opinions and competition cannot be a reason for us to be divided. >> has he managed to create a large and faithful following. now all in dough notions are watching if this former salesman will meet what some are calling unrealistically higher
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expectations. >> the man is very much aware of the pressure he's facing. >> although. he has already fought hard to get this far, his job only becomes more difficult after his inauguration and begins with trying to improve the lives of 240 million people. aljazeera, jakarta. >> north korea is finding ways to get around international sanctions to maintain a high standard of living for some citizens. the u.n. pass add new set of restrictions last year, targeting banking, travel and trade because of its nuclear program. we explain how it hasn't stopped north korea's elite from enjoying the high life. >> a new water park is for people here the symbol of prosperity. brand new swimming pools and
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slides, 12 types of saunas. for the government here, places like this are also an act of defiance. >> according to the u.n. sanctions, our luxury goods cannot be traded. some are imported, but most of the things we did ourselves. some are places for the high class, but as you can see, this is a place where normal families, citizens come and enjoy their life. >> in the last year, import of luxury goods soared in spite of u.n. sanctions. most of widely seen in the poupt calendar, pyongyang. at the center a few minutes outside the city, more and more people are coming to learn to ride horses. >> these horses are banned, considered a luxury good, but the government is finding ways to bring them into the country.
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>> even though the definition of luxury items varies from one country to another, in this case, it's quite clear. sanctions imposed last year are aimed at hurting the leadership class and not the vast majority who do not have access to the capital's installations. this is the first time this man brought his children to the equestrian center for a ride. he works for the government ministry. >> with these newly built facilities and parks, we can feel that we are having a very happy life and a more civilized and cultured life thanks to the care and love of our great marshall kim jong-un. >> may not have been learning about horses for a while. >> what does he think that the united states and the united nations don't want them to bring horses like this here? to hear, no?
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ok. >> while workers m not be able to speak about politics, it's clear that his place of work itself is a political statement and that the leadership of this government will continue to press on with its defiance of u.n. sanctions. >> there is a thing that's our party and leader decides, we do. >> nobody here has any doubt about that. since coming to office three years ago, kim jong-un has seen the capitol get new buildings and entertainment facilities. whether such transformation will extend further remains to be seen. aljazeera, pyongyang. >> in the next news hour, chaos at the australian motor g.p. as top riders crash out. we'll have all the action in sport.
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vargas to make amends for earlier goal. the gates open with three goals in injury time, philippe
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continue, limping ahead before vargas equalized to make it 2-2, and quite bizarrely, another goal. 3-2 the final score. >> i like to win aband in a way that we work on a daily basis, and that was nowhere near. >> 50,000 runners have taken part. many runners wore fakes to protect themselves from the dangers of breathing in the air. pollution was 13 times the level considered save by the world health organization standards, but the government said late on saturday postponing the event would be too difficult due to planning and logistics that has been into it.
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>> running in this kind of smog, i felt i cannot sweat normally. my body has been very sticky and moist. >> we have learned about the experience. >> i signed up for the beijing marathon today. we discovered a couple of days ago they were forecasting pretty bad smog. a lot of people both chinese and foreigners pulled out. my friends that i turned up at the start in a mask, anyway, more than anything just to see what would happen when they were going to announce to take care because of the pollution and how many people would turn up, but there wasn't really much. we just got going on time. it was reasonably comfortable but nowhere near as fun or enjoyable as running in nice air without the mask. i actually took it off to of a drink of water, had a look at what happened and this is the mask here. you can see this is the filter
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and this was a pristine white this morning and it's now pretty gray. i just thought what was the point and gave up at that point. >> head of the russian tennis federation describes her and her sister as the williams brothers. >> they did a really great job of taking initiative and taking action to his comments. i thought they were injury insensitive. i thought they were extremely sexist, as well as racist at the same time. i thought they were in a way bullying. >> taking a step towards qualification for the end of season, london to your finals match, an event that features the top players in the world.
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david ferar of spain beat three sets in the final. he is the closest rival to the available spot. there are two events to go before london, not a done deal yet. 17 to know had beaten the south african in his semi. no bogeys, this putt on the 17th. picks up $800,000 for the win. it's his best ever payday.
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>> the australian motor g.p. was won for the sixth time by marquez wasn't the only casualty. rossi managed at a stay upright. he claims his first win at the track since 2005. >> football's world cup is about to get underway. for many, it's been a life-changing experience. >> these are the last few hours. training has been tough during seven months and now these young that's say they're ready for the next kickoff in the football homeless world cup that begins on monday. >> i'm so nervous. this is the first time i will play at the world cup. it's the first time i'll go
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abroad. we have great expectations and have worked very hard. with a good attitude, we will prevail until the end. >> he has down syndrome but is one of the few chosen to represent peru in this competition, designed for homeless minors, kids discriminated against or youths at risk. >> we see kids that have many problems. in 2012, we took several to the world cup play in mexico. one was a gang member, another had drug addiction problems. another came from a dangerous neighborhood. >> they are motivated. the team scored big in mexico. they won the world cup leading wails. more than 60 countries participate and most players don't have resources. >> it will take the team a three day bus trip to reach chili.
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his mother will encourage him to continue, because it has been a life-changing experience. >> he's not insecure like before, more disciplined. he gets things done. he's more mature. his character has changed and this will help him in his future profession. >> athletes can only participate once and they're not the best players. they're selected from among those who showed discipline and want to improve their lives. for these kids, it's a one time chance to play at an international tournament. many may have already won the life challenge of building the foundation for a better life. >> stay with us here now on aljazeera america. we've got another full bulletin of news coming up. of course, you can always go to
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