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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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that will soon change. ♪ fighting isil the u.s. drops weapons to kurdish forces in kobani despite kurdish objections. ♪ hello, this is al jazeera live from doha, also on the program a battle rages for control of the town of brada in central yemen. a bad day for japan's prime minister, two of five recently appointed female cabinet ministers resigned. and winning the battle, nigeria is set to become the second west
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african state to be declared ebola free. ♪ kurdish forces in kobani said they received large supply of weapons to help them fight and u.s. military planes made air drops along the border with turkey and weeks of battles with u.s.-led air strikes devastated the kurdishtown and isil is trying to surround the town and take control of the border crossing in turkey and we will take you there on kobani on the turkish side of the syrian border and tell us more about this air drop. we understand three coalition aircraft were involved. >> reporter: yeah, three planes and 27 bundles of ammunition, weapons and medical aid and
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think it was dropped to the west of kobani over in that direction because the syrian kurds defending kobani control three kilometers out of town to village's out further over there and we seen pallet sks and the kurds confirming they received these weapons and grateful for them and with the weapons they now will be able to push isil forces and fighters out from kobani town and a suggestion they might want more weapons because they say if this assistance continues then they will be able to take all the kobani region back from isil and not just the town. >> president obama talked to the turkish counterpart over the weekend, how will this drop sit with turkey? >> reporter: on the presidential sources of the turkish presidential office are telling us in that conversation that obama had he explained on the
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turkish president what was a desperate situation in kobani andard -- and erdawan sees the kurds in that town as terrorists, they are ally to the wyd, a syrian kurdish political party and it's ally to tell kurdish workers, the pkk which operates across turkey, syria and iraq, a party which turkey has been engaged in a 30-year conflict and you can understand turkey's reservation and this is what erdawan had to say. >> translator: pyd is for us equal to the wkk and also a terror organization and it's wrong for the united states with whom we are friends and allies in nato to talk openly and say yes to supplying arms to a terrorist organization. we can't say yes to it. >> turkey resisted supplying
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arms to the kurds because it fears one day those arms could be used against them. it fears also creation of a tonomos region and they are afraid it will give them a sort of idea. >> live on the turkey, syria border. at least 23 youthies killed in central yemen and the rebels seized the town on friday. and in the capitol the governor of sona province resigned after they stormed his office and now to the yemen capitol and al jazeera is there and tell us what is going on in this town, oma. >> reporter: well, we understand from sources there that the death toll has risen to at least 25 youthie rebels were
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killed in bombardment or castle where they took refuge on the west of the town heavy bombardment and also fighting ongoing. we also understand from sources there that there are a number of killed from the other side, that is the al-qaeda. the other significant development with regards to rada there is a new front that is opening and it's between tribal leaders there, against the youthie rebels because this is a very sensitive tribal issue and the tribes there believe that the youthie advance is not meant to rule out al-qaeda but to take rebel territory and it is sensitive and will escalate things further. >> the governor of sona providence, how does his resignation play into the wider
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chaos right now in yemen, what is the significance of it? >> it is very significant because it consolidates what people here now believe is that the youthies are the king's makers and not only of the capitol but parts of the capitol and yemen and we understand they are oppose the governor and asking him to leave office for the last three days and they surrounded his government office as well as his home. and in response he had to resign. also on the political front adrien the new prime minister is in talks with all the political parties. however, we understand from a source who is involved in the talks that there are big differences on particular names as well as the number of ministries that would go to every single block in yemen capitol and the rest of yemen and he faces a very tough
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challenge ahead of him. >> many thanks and live in yemen capitol. japan's prime minister has told the nation he deeply apologizes for making bad choices for his cabinet and accepted the resignation of his justice minister. and that is just hours afraid minister yoko also resigned and both women were forced to step down after being accused of misusing election funds. last month they appointed five women to his cabinet in a reshuffle part of efforts to promote women in bitterness and politics and jeff is an asian study at the campus and said it's hitting the prime minister hard. >> the conservative newspapers, which clearly have been in aba corner have headlines about domino effect and this is not
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good for him since the public essentially disagree with him of all of his signature policies. the state secrecy law, collective self-defense and arms and restarting nuclear reactors, all these issues the public disagrees with him and now they are losing faith in him. i would say this is the beginning of a really bad autumn. the good news is he has no elections until 2016 so he has to deal with gubernatorial elections and basically the people oppose his plan regarding u.s. bases there. and next spring he is by unified local elections and there are deep doubts about this out in the country side so he has to try to stem the blood flow right now and it's really hard to see how he is going to do that. >> indonesia has a new president and sworn in office in the
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capitol dakarta. and he narrowly won july election on a political outside and hoping he can push through important reforms in the world's largest democracy and al jazeera reports now. >> reporter: the people's president and the people are throwing him a large party and people all over indonesia and chinese are all celebrating on this day on the integration of the 7th president of the republic of indonesia and a day and he reached out at a speech at parliament after the swearing the ceremony to the opponent and we stay divided forever and it's been a tough time. in the last couple of months the political situation in indonesia was very much divided and this is the first day of unification and a celebration where they will be big today and tomorrow the hard work will start.
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>> reporter: nigeria expected to follow senegal free of ebola on monday. more than 4 1/2 thousand have died in west africa and we report from legos speaking to an ebola survivor. ♪ kristina became a nurse because she wanted to help people. but the last person she tried to save had ebola and she became infected. she was 30 years old and pregnant with her first child. her husband thought she was dead. >> translator: this was not in our plans. she had so many things we wanted to do together. i feel lost. i feel left alone. >> reporter: the man who
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infected her came to nigeria on a commercial flight from liberia in july and collapsed at the airport in legos and taken to the hospital where she worked. he was nigeria first ebola case in the current epidemic, the index patient. government officials say eight have died from ebola and most health workers and measures put in place by the government to control this such as screening airports. it's a process everyone has to go through, this machine takes your temperature and if it's 38 or higher the machine will beep and you will be asked about countries traveled to recently. the world health organization says a country can be declared free of ebola after six weeks of no new cases and that is twice as long as the incubation period for the disease. some of these health workers
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helped and did thousands of daily follow-up visits. it's good news but nigeria is warning people to be cautious even though the president has already announced the country is ebola free. >> it's not over until it's over and means it has to be over in liberia and new gin in and, in fact, anywhere before we can be relaxed. >> reporter: this certificate issued by the government says dennis is ebola free. it's an achievement he is not yet ready to celebrate and he says it won't bring back his wi wife. i'm with al jazeera, legos. plenty more still to come on la grange geo politics could get in the way of some of the largest marines in the world and we will tell you why. ♪
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♪ hello again from doha, the top stories on al jazeera, the united states air dropped weapons and supply to kurdish fighters in the syrian town of kobani, the arms group isil is trying to surround the town and take control of the strategic border crossing in turkey. 23 houthi rebels killed in yemen and they seized the town on friday and she accepted the resignati resignation hours afraid minister resigned with allegations they misused
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election funds. in libya the supreme court is set to rule on the legitimacy of one of two rival parliaments and the country experienced a power vacuum since the leader gadhafi was killed two years ago and they are engaged in a tug of war for nearly three months. in august an alliance of armed groups seized the capitol tripoli and set up their own parliament and trying to control major institutions and that forced the government led by prime minister to withdraw to the eastern city of tabrook and most countries recognize that asably as libya's legitimate legislature but both are disputing control of revenues in the country's main source of income. and they are battling for control of the eastern city of benghazi as well as towns in western libya. more than 100 people have been killed in the fighting over the last ten days as al jazeera reports. >> reporter: this mosque is one
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of the few remaining buildings still functioning in the western mountain regions and battered towns and streets tell what happened here and many of residents of the town left after the heaviest fighting since the fall of gadhafi in 2011 but people like he had no where else to go. >> translator: the house was hit by a rocket causing serious damage and terrorized my family and damaged two cars, mine and a friends. this is true terror and it's unprecedented. >> reporter: dozens killed here in the last ten days. since the groups and forces loyal to the general are trying to take control of the western mountains. opposition fighters are backed by the dawn of libya and alliance of conservative malitia. these men are waiting for reenforcements and until they arrive with rocket launchers from all rockets and say they
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have been able to stop the advance of tribes and troops with limited cash of weapons. they show us with mortar and tank shells and hitting residential areas and civilians and hospitals. yes, we are on the dawn of libya. >> reporter: as the fighting rages on supplies are running low. the u.n. put an end to the violence to ally in humanitarian aid has gone unheard and political deadlock continues for rieb ri riebel rebel dawn of libya appears to have an upper hand but not recognized by powers and the house is by the brook and has international backing. besides the western mountains there has been more fighting in benghazi and more tribesmen are believed to join the forces but the dawn coalition say he and
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his men are remnants of the regime and must be defeated to defeat the gains of revolution and they are confident they will win the battle but the war they are fighting appears to have no real end in sight. i'm with al jazeera. at least 21 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in iraq and it happened at a shia mosque in west baghdad, at least 35 people have been injured. that attack the latest in sectarian bomb ings in baghdad and the government insists that the capitol is safe. >> reporter: marketplaces and neighborhoods like these 31 suicide bombers have struck in the last 45 days. government statistics has people worried that iraqi politicians are not doing enough to protect the iraqi people. a short walk from his home to
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his shop is dangerous. >> translator: we are living in fear. everyday i open my shop i think a bomber could attack and we shut the shop by midday and after that it's too risky to open. >> reporter: he is angry at the government. >> translator: enough conferences, enough meetings, i hope this government will change things but nothing has changed for us. for us iraqis it's a cycle of violence and death. there is no hope. [gunfire] ministry of defense is on the pr offensive and issued this video insisting that baghdad is safe and ready to face any challenge. shia malitia will be important for defense of baghdad and held rallies like this one to show how ready they are to fight but the sheer malitias make muslims nervous and think there could be a return to the kind of sectarian blood shed that nearly drove iraq to civil war a few
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years ago. with car bombs on almost daily bases here sectarian tension is a real issue and dealing with that is the only way that could will be able to build a lasting peace in this country. sectarianism is one of the reasons for the rise of isil and dealing with that will be crucial, however, there is a more pressing concern. isil fighters are now on three sides of this city. and they showed no signs of slowing down. the capitol has always been in their sight and with each village and town they take they get even closer, making people here even more nervous. i'm with al jazeera, baghdad. >> reporter: more protests at universities across egypt and cairo university students chanted slogans against the government and protesters were confronted by police. demonstrators demanding the return of fellow students who were expelled for taking part in a protest. human rights watch estimates that 132 students have been
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arrested since the academic year began just a week ago. al jazeera continues to demand the immediate release of journalists in egypt. peter greste and fahmy and mohamed have been in prison 296 days falsely accused of helping the out lawed muslim brotherhood and they are appealing their convictions. hong kong chief executive is blaming external forces for being involved in the on going protest there but he refused to name the countries he thinks are meddling and are entering the fourth week as political deadlock continues and they want free and fair elections in the territory. vie lots of the largest airline in germany have a 35-hour strike that will effect short and medium flights and disrupt travel for 200,000 people, a part of an on going dispute over retirement benefits.
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the swedish military is looking for under water activities in the water and now in the third day and it was prompted by reports of a possible intrusion by a russian submarine and catherine reports. >> reporter: it's an under water search reviving memories of the cold war. more than 200 swedish military personnel trying to locate what is thought to be a disabled submarine in the baltic region of stockholm. >> a submarine or a small one or a diver using an moped under water vehicle or people who do not have business in the territory. >> reporter: a spokesperson denied the reports claiming that none of their submarines have run into mechanical problems and it's going as planned and this is not new for sweden. in the 80s soviet vessels
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entered waters near an air base and one led to a 11-day diplomatic standoff. this is at a time of increased tension between russia and nordic states over the crisis in ukraine. last week finland accused the russian navy of interfering with one of their environmental research vessels in international waters and last month two russian fighter planes were reported to violate swedish air space and i'm with al jazeera. >> scientists and international policy makers meeting in australia to stop over fishing in antarctica and create two largest marine reserves in the world but concerns that geo politics may get in the way and as our environmental editor nick clark explains. >> reporter: life in the southern nation is abundant and far from human populations, an environment that allows thousands of species to flourish and here the global conveyer
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belt of ocean current is replenished by the cold, nutrient rich waters of antarctica, it's a living, breathing driver of life on earth. art arc ka is a huge reservoir of ice and freshwater and the water that drains off antarctica drives the entire planet and it's like a hat. thing is you guessed it change is happening and fishing boats hauling out vast quantity of krill and the fish being targeted like the about antarctica and sold as sea bass in restaurants and so lucrative it's known as white gold. the resent film documented the story. >> the most popular size. >> no socially redeeming value
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about taking the fish out and serving it on a platter to the most expensive restaurants in north america. >> have you heard of sea bass. >> they are sending it here and we are eating it? >> reporter: delegates trying to get these seas designated as marine protected areas or mpa and commercial fishing band on the wide sways of ocean. >> i think protecting the sea in east antarctica is important and the ross sea is one of the most intact large marine systems remaining on the planet and i think we have a chance now to keep it that way. >> reporter: now, the foreign policy in the world of conservation, in the past russia has been among those to foil the proposal and it is feared this year, given increasing tensions with the west, will be no different. and compromises have been made
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on the size of the mpa and with the growing movement for the preservation of this unique environment. >> you are destroying the eco system. >> we have a chance to protect it or lose it forever. >> reporter: scientists hope that conservation will win. flooding and mud slides in southern mexico killed at least six people and a state of emergency declared across six municipalities and the heavy rain caused by the tail end of tropical storm trudy. young, educated city born women are changing farming in ontario and doesn't know they look different but wants to change the way we think about farming as daniel lack reports. [rooster crowing] in the morning and time to let the chickens out in the field
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and along with their eggs chickens for meat. raising sheep, pigs, cows and growing vegetables and not the career she had in mind when she studied environmental science in university but everything changed in a single day. >> the professor brought in other farmers who were women who had chosen farming as a career and not been born into it and it hit me, i could be a farmer, i could choose farming as a career and lifestyle and it was apiphiny and i knew in an instant i wanted to farm. >> reporter: urban born women getting in agriculture after 20 years of decline and canada pros perked because of family owned farms but many farmers could be the last to grow crops and livestock on land that is becoming more expensive. getting over that barrier can be a challenge but there is help
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available, the farm start organization connects people who want to grow food with so called incubator farms, donated plots of land where all sorts of budding farmers can hone their skills. >> it's day work from across the globe and people connected to farming and having been farmers on their origin or having grown up on a farm or have no connection to farming at all. >> reporter: people like cruise who came to canada from the philippines in 1995 and worked as an animator until she began growing organic vegetables a few years ago, her dream is to own her own land and until she makes a living on a shared plot provided by farm state. >> it takes a lot of patience and passion with it and hard work is the key. it's hard work. anyone can be a farmer if they have those qualities i would say. >> reporter: for the first time in decades farming in this part of canada is attracting new
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interest and many new faces, growing food and bringing jobs and opportunity back to the country side. daniel lack with al jazeera. stay up to date and informed, check out our website at al jazeera cloik. immigration reform, dead as a door nail in congress, alive and kicking is a major issue in the elections. the military names the fight against i.s.i.l. operation inher ents resolve. the man who wrote the book on how to fight the militant says the operation is misnamed, he'll tell us why. and why hitting the rode in an r.v. could be the new normal for retirement in america. i'm ali