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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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as night falls in kobani, new fighg erupts, the heaviest in a week as kurds continue to fight i.s.i.l. from al jazeera's headquarters in doha, i'm sammy zadan. also ahead, multiple attacks kill 30 people and injur injure dozens. celebration in nigeria as it is declared ebola free but others are still living with the heartache.loss.
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plus, thieves beware, we have three engineering students who say they have invented a bike that can't be stolen. >> we begin with developments in the syrian town of kobani. that's where syrian kurdish forces are battlin battling i.s. heavy clashes have erupted in the eastern and southern portion of the city, hours after u.s. air force he dropped weapons and aid for kurdish forces there. bernard smith has more. >> reporter: aid for outskirts of kobani, including weapons and ammunition. an apparent calculated task.
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a major change of policy some after resisting weeks of diplomatic pressure to offer more help for kobani's defense. >> translator: iraq's kurdish regional government announced they are in contact with turkey and the u.s. with regard to aid to kobani, we are helping kurdish forces to enter kobani to give support. >> but warning, he doesn't believe the kurds in kobani are fighting for a unified syria. >> translator: we should not forget that the only army that is fighting for the freedom of syria is the frearms. free syriy should be the only one supported. >> in from the islamic state of
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iraq and the levant they say the weapons dropped by the u.s. are very, very good but they will need more to push i.s.i.l. from the area. >> the weapons will help but we still need more heavy weapons to push out i.s.i.l. completely. the fighting won't be over soon. with just these weapons. no one has asked us about peshmerga crossing over into kobani. if we get them and enough weapons the fighting in kobani will be over very soon. >> reporter: u.s. air two strikes have flattened the i.s.i.l. fighting. but not allowed weapons into kobani. now u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it would be irresponsible and morldly difficult nomorallydifficult no. thkurds.
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damaging psychological condition were that kobani would fall. bernard smith al jazeera, on the turkey-syria border. >> more on the view, of the u.s., tom ackerman, what have they said they've been dropping? >> well, u.s. officials are stressing that these weapons which were dropped from c-130 aircraft about 27 bundles in all today were not provided by the u.s. that they in fact were provided by the kurds themselves, and that these were probably -- and these were not u.s. made weapons. these were probably supplied from soviet era russian stock piles that the kurds had in place. so i think this was obviously sensitive to the issues of the turkey government. they didn't say where these
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flights originated from, it is doubtful it came out of inchilik air base. because turkish president erd erdogaerdogan said he was not wg to have that air base be the supply point for the kurds. the separatist forces inside turkey are not the same as the iraqi curds wh kurds who are the of these supplies, that presumably assuages the turks. there was a conversation between president erdogan and president obama over the weekend, the u.s. has not made public the content of that, other than how grateful the u.s. is for the humanitarian supplies given by turkey to the
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fighters, they are sensitive to the objections of supplying to certain factions of the kurdish fighting movement. sammy. >> all right. let's leave 30th for now, thanks so much tom ackerman. 15 people have been killed by five car bombs across the iraqi city of car karbala . people were leaving the el hairat mosque after afternoon prepares. imran khan is in baghdad. >> we are likely to see much more of this sectarian violence, the hoyle month of maharam has seen a spike in violence, particularly sectarian violence, we are expecting this to be a
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much more bloody month than we have seen in the previous years, already, we've seen nearly seven attacks, separate incidents of car bombs and suicide bombs over the last 24 hours. nearly 100 poob people have been hospitalized, at least 60 people have been killed across country and this kind of statistic getting people worried here in iraq. i.s.i.l. are no fans of the shia, they have all long said that the shia are a target for them. and they are using sectarian language and sectarian violence in order to be able to further their gains and whilst all of this is going on particularly in the month of maharam, we have gains in anbar province, moving towards the city of amarea if that city falls a base in which to attack baghdad. air strikes are making differences particularly iraqi air strikes in anbar province
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have beaten the group back but they are still a powerful force to be reckoned with there. they don't have the base in order to be able to attack the city and that's likely to be their next strategy, to get someplace that gives them a base to come inside baghdad. >> now, inside yemen. dramatic fighting, more than 60 houthis have died in three separate attacks. amen asala has more. >> an al qaeda stronghold and the fight against the houthis for the town is on two fronts. tribes men took up arms to fight any advance of the shia rebels. dozens of fighters on both sides were killed. houthis were forced out and armed. escalate this gathering in the town of el paida.
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assured of tribal force, religious scholars and politicians unite in their stance. >> we reject any armed militia which would destabilize the security and stability of the province and turn it into a front of sectarian infighting. we call on the state to call off the conflict. grr the fear of a wider sectarian conflict is only increasing, and then went on towards the south to control sunni provincest. for this tribal leader. >> translator: we will not bow to anyone to humiliate our dignity, whether they are houthis or anyone else. >> that warning doesn't seem to have been heard.
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houthis continue to stun their enemies. to the west of al baida, a raging battlefield. the province of ibb look like this after two days of fighting. houthis now are in control here and are taking revenge on their trientribal enemies. in sanaa, there is a tense calm, while the houthis continue to gain more territory and influence the prime minister is holding talks to form anew unity government to end the cries is but many fear by the time he does that yemen could slip into a sectarian civil war. al jazeera, sanaa. >> the world health organization has declared nigeria ebola-free. it's had no reported cases of the virus for the past six weeks. nigeria's president goodluck jonathan said his country won
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the battle because the people took all the necessary precautions. how slow the international community has been to responding to the crisis. they have been speaking to the authorities gathering in berlin. simon mcgregor wood is there. >> to discuss this crisis all shared the same message. this has been an unprecedented outbreak, it will wreak havoc on the economies of the countries worst affected and the death toll will continue to rise for some months to come. in terms of the international community's response, it is slowly moving into gear, much needs to be done and yes, in the initial phases the response was far too slow. >> so how do we feel about what we're seeing right now? i will not hide from you that as msf there is immense frustration about how the international
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community has failed to live up to the challenge presented by this epidemic. the international community has been woefully unprepared and for far too long i.t. has been un-- far too long it has been unwilling to listen. >> eloquently and emotional reply about how her country is suffering from the terrible outbreak. there are now only one doctor for every 75,000 liberians. the predictions are that next year her country's economy will shrink by 12.5%. her country needs more of everything. >> we need more personal protective equipment. we also need more rehydration solution and medicine to treat the symptoms of the disease. and sadly we need more body bags for people who have died of this disease. >> all the experts agree that the priority right now is to try and get this current devastating
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outbreak under control. but they've also spent a lot of time talking about the future. the need to build the health systems and infrastructures in africa and other parts of the world so that if there is a future outbreak it can be controlled. and the spread of the disease is cut off as soon as it appears. >> lots more still to come here on al jazeera including: a party for the people's president, jakarta's streets come alive as supporters of joko wododo celebrate his inauguration. plus: >> i'm lucia newman in santiago, chile. a new invention. fp ininvention.
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federal authorities have charged seven people with conspiring with al qaeda. >> since 9/11 the us has spent has spent billions of dollars on domestic counter-terrorism operations. >> i wanted to be in on the big game and to be paid top-dollar for it. that's it. >> many of these involved targeted informant led stings. >> to them, everyone in the muslim community is a potential informant or a potential
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terrorist. >> welcome back. let's recap the head lines. fighting has intensified in the syrian town of kobani with heavy clashes in the eastern and southern parts of the city. comes hours after u.s. forces air dropped weapons and medical eighth for kurdish fighters who are fighting i.s.i.l. for the town. police sources in iraq say at least 17 people have been killed in baghdad after a suicide bombing at the shia mosque and five car bombs have exploded in karbbala killing at least 17 people. ebola virus can be
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contained, nigeria has declared the country virus-free because there have been no reported cases in six weeks. let's turn to syria now, where the civil war has left millions displaced in their own country. thousands are left in camps on the turkey border. stephanie decker reports. >> reporter: there is no protecting this camp in the heavy rain. this is northern syria along the border with turkey and there are countless other camps like this. >> translator: we are being humiliated. the men, our wen, our children, our tents are destroyed. nobody cares about us. we are flooded here. there is mud everywhere. nobody is helping us, even the arab and islamic countries. only god will take care of us. >> reporter: it is difficult for aid to reach them and winter
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is coming. syria's winters are cold with heavy rains and the season hasn't even really begun yet. >> translator: over 400 tents were destroyed by the flood and we ask the international community and the united nations, just to give us our basic human rights. as you see, the camp is totally flooded. >> reporter: as the international community focuses on fighting the islamic state of iraq and the levant, these people are enduring their fourth year of war, there is risk of disease with no proper drainage or sanitation. difficult to travel to syria so there are many places that the displaced live that we cannot see. they're the victims of a war that seemingly has no end. in a place where people continue to leave their homes with little help and increasingly little hope. stephanie decker, beirut. students arrested since the
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make year began, at cairo university on sunday students chanted slogans against the government and were confronted by police. the students are demanding the return of students. al jazeera continues to insist on the return of its journalists, peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed, they're appealing against their convictions. indonesia's newly elected president has been given a festive welcome, joko wododo. 1step fassan reports.
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>> joko wododo was welcomed from people all over indonesia. >> joko wododo has promised a reform. that is what we need. >> hostile revolution against the president ever since he loss the election. >> let us say, let's work together. we need to move together to work work and work. >> they call him the people's president and the people are throwing him a huge party. a party of unification of the country hopelessly divided for many months. and tomorrow the unpopular measures will start. including cutting food subsidies, with only 44% of the seats in parliament, joko's
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government will face a serious challenge. >> some from opposition political parties but i think what joko is doing here, he is at a peek of his public opinion support and this is very controversial movement, very needed for indonesian economy, badly needed for infrastructure projects. >> for how, many are celebrating what they call the start of a new era. president joko wododo has been given five years to improve life for indonesians. step fassan, jakarta. c.y. leung refuses to name the country or countries he blames for the unrest. chinese government says only candidates beijing has approved
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will be allowed to run in the poll. while in nearby macao, attempts at starting a similar pro-democracy movement have largely failed. it's remained under tighter control from beijing. rob mcbride reports. >> the only imrels you'll see are those at the-- imrels you'ls you'll see, hardly an umbrella raised in protest or even in support of hong kong's protesters. on the sprawling campus of macao's university, one lonely yellow movement. symbol of the hong kong movement. >> translator: according to hong kong law, what the protesters are doing is legal. they don't have permission. >> for such a tiny place like
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macao, we don't need to get involved in politics. >> reporter: trying to get his students more involved cost him his job. so says academic and political activist bill chow. >> macaoese are more conservative. >> he now has to make the one hour ferry trip to hong kong to find work where at least he can take part in as much cavism as hactivism ashe wants. led to police arresting the organizers. despite attempts by the authorities to close down the referendum about 9,000 people did vote online. 95% of those wanted direct elections. but for the vast majority of people in macao, the issue is simply too controversial.
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china far to big to pick a fight with. for the pro-democracy lawmakers here, the burden rests on the students to find a voice. >> they learn from hong kong and taiwan, i think the needs in macao better connection with the young people in hong kong and taiwan. >> reporter: but for now it seems macao will largely be choosing the path of obedience. for them, a safer bet than hong kong's democracy gamble. rob mcbride, macao. 40 people died in blizzards and avalanches in any pal. nepalees officials say they have recollection cued more than 500 people. the new study suggests that the
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people who suffer from dengayay fever is five times as high as reported. krishna nadia reports. >> reporter: fighting death for two weeks. his family says he suddenly fell sick with severe stomach pain and a fever of 104°. >> there was a rash all over his body and his fever wouldn't break. his head hurt and his whole body was in pain. he even felt pain behind his eyes. >> reporter: the 11-year-old schoolboy has been diagnosed with a severe strain of dengay fever, one of 20 cases officially reported in india annually. but indications that as many as 6 million people are infected by
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the mosquito borne illness each year and their cases have not been reported. dengay fever is an illness designated since 1996, doctors are required to report new cases to the government, researchers say many in the private sector do not . >> widest transmission issues. >> doctors say it is critical to report cases of the potentially deadly are disease. >> there are a lot of blank areas or blind areas, there is no reporting of cases which is highly unlikely. dengay occurs in any part of the country. >> reporter: researchers say india is believed to have the highest number of dengay cases in the world. every year government takes measures to stop the spread of
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the disease-carrying mosquitoes but the poor reporting system is failing policy-makers. >> if you know this is the number of patients disproportionately with serious illness, it will help the government that made the policies. >> dengay already costs the country more than $1 billion each year with medical or other expenses. with better reporting doctors hope to reduce both the human and economic toll. al jazeera, new delhi. >> bicycles are the number 1 form of transportation in the world. inexpensive to use and easy to use as well, but one huge problem, easy to steal. well, now chilen students have come up with the unstealable bike.
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lucia newman has the story. >> 20% of bikes are stolen, that means 30 million bicycles are snitched every single year. these of course are all bicycles. but in actual fact they're more like sitting ducks. every single one of them has a lock. some are big and strong, some are rather flimsy but there isn't a single one of them that can't be cut. sass this security camera shows all you need is a good set of pliers and in minutes you can literally ride off. but not if you have aelleka. a bike almost impossible to steal. invented by three chilen students. the prototype. fir you lower it on a bar, put out the seat and insert it like this. it automatically locks and you pull out the key.
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>> if you saw off the tube of the seat you can't put the bike back together again because the bar can't be joined. you have the to have the lower bar or the bike will collapse and break. >> reporter: the yellka is meant for the city. >> this has an akil achilles he. does it not? >> you can use a personal code to unlock it not a key. >> reporter: with the global trend of people seeking healthier simpler lives, the bicycle market is are increasing 20% per year. they have had inquiries, for the
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description of this bicycle. necessity is indeed the mother of invention. lucia newman, al jazeera. >> if you want to hear all the news stories, just head over to "al jazeera america." this is techno, a show about invasions that can change lives. the 60s of fighting a wildfire. we are going to explore hardware and humanity and doing it in anique way. >> this is a show about science by scientists. let's check out our team, hardcore nerds. >> i am phil torres. i am an eventmologist. tonight, a special edition of techno: the revolution