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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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today. urgent health meeting. the governor in northern iraq. asks the u.s. to help combat isil fighters. south african pair olympian is sentenced to five years but he could be out sooner. new questions about nigeria's deals have gained the release of those capture school girls.
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legendary fashion designer died at the age of 82, we look back at the man, his dresses, daddled many celebrities. first, kurdish officials are calling on the u.s. so save fit falling. now this oil ridge city sits on around 10 billion oil. effective lustrateling a contested area between the kurdish and arab south. and allowed the city to be taken over by the curds. now the iraqi army and shiite volunteers have
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managed to recapture villages in recent weeks. forcing isil fighters to retreat closer to their base. in moss skull. they may not be able do protect them for much longer. the threat from the state in iraq and the lavon. there's a sickty four-kilometer perimeter around this city in northern iraq. kurdish troops who replace government forces here, when isil pushed them out of many cities in june. since then it's been a struggle to hold this territory. that's why the governor is asking the u.s. led coalition, to launch an intense attack against the group. >> to the point, i tried
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to make to our american friends when i was in washington, and when i talked to them. air strikes began in august, but there hasn't been many here. they don't just face them on the battlegrounds this is considered to be a front line. request they already have some support. >> we with have fought terrorists. we have even among students who come to take their exams. they were planning to do
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whatever isis does. explosives,ed is bombers. >> what officials fear is most is if they decide to storm through this line and storm the city. >> now the kurdish regional government spokesman in the united states, and he says it is one of the most oil rich cities in the world, and of course that makes it a target for isil. >> if they were top compromised it is a quite unique city. it has curds, it has sunni, arabs and many others. that would be a blood bathe. we have not seen anything like this. we will not if they are to fall into the hands of isis, which we are confident it won't happen, however, they can still do damage.
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they move in meise by piece, so it is making it more difficult. a lot of times major infrastructure, hospitals things of that nature, so it is making it difficult to take out these strikes because they will be collateral damage. it is unique, very diverse, you have different ethnicities you have different loyallies in it. so it -- it is a different my hat is off to the governor it is quite a difficult city to manage. but look, everyone has to agree on the fact that in most of the people and the residents agree that their security is a priority number one.
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serjly the daily lives could be disrupted like we have seen in many towns and countries. >> dozens have people have been killed elsewhere in iraq. 12 people were killed nine were injured in an attack by isil. and iraqi army shelling on neighborhoods held by antigovernment fighters, has killed at least 14 people. at least 18 people are being killed in car bombings in mainly shiite districts. he is in tehran at the moment, he has already met with the president, and is likely to meet with the heads of national security councille, with which
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effectively iran's foreign policy is also going to be meeting and other relevant dignitaries. what the prime minister will be looking for is reassurances that iran has the support of iraq, when it comes to fighting isil. that very crucial, also he will be looking to find out exactly what iran is doing when it comes to helping fighting isil. they do have a small number of ground troops on the ground. that's something they do want with to avoided, so
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they will be looking for reassurances that those slipes are protected. however, beyond all of that, there is another concern, that both partners will be looking at. both leaders will be looking at, and that's slumping oil prices. that's had a huge impact on both of the current foreignsy reserves and they will be looking at ways to get the oil prizes to rise. >> reiterated support for the leader, a group blamed for several attacks has been divided into dozens of factions each of them just linked to understand nuance.
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five tribesman were also killed. there's also been fighting in nearby eb province, where officials say alcid day fighters captured the town, but the houthies have made several sweeps last week, they took control of the key city. along with two northern provinces one month deadline to form a new government has now passed. meanwhile, dozens of people have been rallying against fighters, they are calling for the shiite rebel groups to leave the city, and for the police to regain control. a yes, ma'am mean thank you for ever talking to us, it seems have much as houthis actions the seizing of the crucial installations and other
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areas as well, has unleased this violence which seems to be care tearing yemen apart. >> yoked in the suicide attack, that targeted a house, that killed 13 people, injured several people, all of them are badly injured. and the news of all this -- the battle over yemen, is against al quaida key bases. and in -- >> what about the allegations that the houthies have not been happy with with the deal that they sign id up for, and they are trying toking get more concessions is leading to this insecurity throughout the country?
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the deal was signed between all parties like i said, al quaida attacking houthies and loyalists to houthis, should be close would you say yemen is so civil war. >> there won't be any civil war, because almost everybody is against al quaida. and we have seen what they have done -- they try to control areas but there are a lot of people that are against the houthiss and what appears their den mas for more and more power. there seems to be a lot of people against that,
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we have seen them demonstrating and calling for the houthies to leave, and for law and order to be restored. >> yeah, i heard the new report about people protesting against the houthies but i haven't seen the image of how many people it could be in the hundreds. and really people are against houthies, in they will go in their towns and not only a hand full of people going to protest against the movement. and u.n. human rights council has already set off ini question six, that ended on august the 26th. after the deaths of more than 2,000 people. and now, the u.n. secretary general is decided to set up a board of inquiry into attacks on u.n. schools and other
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facilities. i am planning to move forward to look into the most serious of those cases swell instances in which it was found on u.n. premises. >> now israeli soldiers have detained a mentally disabled child in the occupied west bank. on suspicious of throwing stones. video taken by human rights groups appeared to show soldiers roughing up the 11-year-old boy. he was allegedly held on the floor of a jeep before his father arrived and convinced them to release him. >> the men were found
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guilty of carrying out a number of attacks. in which six soldiers were killed. the defends were all members of a group. they have now been in prison for 297 days. al jazeera continues to demand their immediate release. mohamed reports. >> inside these courtrooms cells are free of staph members. they are journalists detained by the egyptian authorities for doing their jobs. a cowher sentenced them to seven years in prison, mohamed also received the seven year sentence, but was given an extra three
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years because he had in his possession a spent bullet. it's been 300 days since our colleagues peter, and mohamed were with wrongfully imprisoned. and question spite international condemnations and pleas by the men's families there are no signs of a break through. directed at how al jazeera conducted it's coverage in egypt. >> the al jazeera network was completely accredited in egypt. and all of its subsidiary challenged were accredited. when for political reasons a certain an egyptian court forced them to renew it instead. the accreditation we have now is valid until 2016, we have that court document, and we believe the lies that are being disseminated about alleged violations by al jazeera in egypt, with regards to the question of accreditation, don't
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even deserve to be discussioned. and court is due to hear the case in january, but in addition to the three men there are several others that are convinced and sentenced. some of them have since learn a request for their arrest has been sent. i covered the protests where in january of 2011, just like hundreds of other journalists there, but later on i was surprised by these fabricated accusations that i tortured a lawyer. i wasn't even in the square on the day this incident was alleged to have taken place. i consider this ruling a political punishment, for having exposed the military coupe in egypt, and it's clear my case is just a part of the overall attack on al jazeera.
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still to come, the world health organizations announced when it expects results in vaccine trials. also the man leading mass antigovernment protests called for a revolution of the fall. as he announced his next move. and in sport, major league baseball unlikely finalist prepare for game one of the world series. details coming up. for killing his girlfriend. pistorius shot rivas on valentines day last year. tonya page reports now.
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>> his defense team argued that he had overcome having both legs amputated was with now a broken man. be the judge said she had to find a balance between mercy and punishment. >> the sentence imposed is a maximum imprisonment. >> pistorius seemed resigned to it. but under the law, he could serve as little as 1/6th of the sentence. after which he may have to serve out a sentence under house arrest. we september the judgement. oscar will accept this opportunity to pay back to society.
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we are saying for now, that they could show, we are calling for an appeal. >> for ever those that aren't satisfied. there's two police courts. >> brings an aim to what had been a dramatic seven and a half long trial, and one of the final comments the judge said she hopes the sentencing brings some closure, to help the grieving process for both the steen camp and pistorius families. >> after a trial in which every moment has been watched, and die sected by millions around the world, finally, an end,
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and the privacy of a prison sell for oscar. there were two leading candidates for the vaccine. toasts on animals show it is effective even if taken exposure to the virus. results are not expected until december. the other front runner, developed by the u.s. national institutes of health and klein, is based on a chip pan ski cold virus. it's being tested on humans.
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one so prime up the immune system, and the other one with to boost it. the company says the vaccine can be manufactured quickly, because each component can be produced separately. >> now, while those drugs are being tested quarantining ebola suffering is still being put forward as the most effective way of stopping the spread of the virus. doing so means cutting off already h ever poor people from the source of income. are staying away.
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more than 20 homes where quarantined. where somebody has died of egoal la, or somebody who has had contact, are required to stay inside their homes for 21 days. it's a major health officials hope will stop the virus, but it comes at a price. >> for more, it's been a desperate time. >> she says the death and
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illness as long as what is being described as an economic catastrophe will be felt for deck kates to come. al jazeera. >> now passengers arriving in the united states, will now be required to fly into one of just five airports. all of them have got enhanced screening procedures. more now from kimberly, in washington, d.c. >> the department of homeland security has put in place new travel restrictions for passenger whose wish with to travel to the united states, from sierra lee yien, guinea, or liberia, of course those countries hard hit by the outbreak, now in order to travel from those countries to the u.s., passengers may only travel through five
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different designated airports. those airports did already have enhanced screening to try and catch anyone who may be symptomatic, now it will be a requirement to travel through those airports. those airports are new york, jfk, new jersey's newark airport, atlanta, chicago, or hair as well as washington, d.c. h have and opportunity to switch up their passports perhaps lie about their original destination, or their originating city from where they are traveling to so a lot of
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criticism, the white house saying they are considering other travel restrictions and are open to discussions about other travel restrictions but that this point, still a ruling out any travel bans from the three african west african countries. the government has appeared with boko haram appeared to be in court. there has been a number of attacks since the truce was announced. now the violence has raised questions as to whether the more than 200 girls who were abducted six months ago will be released. a government official had said that the girls could be released by tuesday. the person who is said to have sat down with the government was a name that unknown in the iraqky of the group, and
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i don't think it is possible for anyone to declare a cease fire accept the leader of the group. each time it combs up the grout has always come over to this. so if there was actually a crease foyer, the last two days from could have been more violence raised on villages. >> well, we with have also been speaking to make omari who is the head of the national center, and he says ensuring the return of the girls remained the main concern. the priority is the rescue of those girls in establishing peace, so anyone who wants to and discussing politics with the lives of our citizens. we are concentrating on making sure our citizens are returned back to us.
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but this is the government of nigeria. in schools and in the community. child victims of violence, could develop long lasting symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, the report draw as link between poverty and violence, stating that child murder rates are worst in el salvador, venezuela, haiti. it warns that 345 children under the age of 20 could die from violence each day in the
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next year, and unless something is done. having said that, the report uncovers the fact that there is no country in the world that is immune to it's children experiencing violence, so strong linkages but at the same time, a strong message about the global nature of this violation of the rights of children. and one of the things that unicef is asking for is the engangment of the public. of every day people in discussions about legal frame works we with see when there is that kind of engangment that the laws not only make sense, but they are known to people. one of them relates to, it relates to the state and others taking action
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to support parents in early childhood in the way that they are raising children. still to come, two new studies find a link between the virus responsible for cold sores. plus. a report oven whether these giant wind turbines can help the energy crisis.
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>> from being taken by the group, fighters pushed the forces out of the city earlier this year, leaving the kurdish to defend it. at least 68 have been killed in fighting they were battling al quaida
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fighters in the town. his defense believes much of the term down served under house arrest. where antigovernment protests have now been called off. the protests have severely dented the credibility of the government, and have exposed allegations of corruption. now h he tour the major centers holding sits in. lap. >> on theline now, so the revolution this is a headache that is not
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going to go away? can now be a sit in, and to go home -- our community, there pakistan and across the border, they -- and because of sectarian violence, however, they will also have been projected in parliament, saying that hi -- that it will continue until the issue of the government, now,
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earlier, also importantly -- >> i have to jump in. because -- sad to say, the qualities of the line is not really sufficient. we aren't able to hear you terribly well, but thank you very much. our correspondent talks about the manages of the cleric, the antigovernment clearer rick. who maz announced that he is going on the tour of the country, thank you. >> now hong kong has held talked with government officials but they couldn't free on how to end the weeks of demonstration. sara clark reports, there may be hundreds of a compromise from the government. >> they arrived by the thousands most if not all realistic about their limited chances.
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they have been here for weeks now, occupying streets in hong kong to demand free and fair elections. the protections began after the chinese government decided to limit voting reforms by screening candidates for the 2017 elections. >> protestors gathers around to watch and listen to what was said. >> the demands of the students have been heard lou and clear by the government, community, and the central government. >> the chief secretary insisted that the hong kong government is looking for solutions. and will report the students demands to china central government. she also said reform is possibility, only after the election from hong
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kong's chief executive in 2017. they want greater voting rights now and a road map for voting right for the upcoming election. >> in were disappoints that it delivers almost no changes. >> so no realism for us. with the government refusing to make concrete concessions they are showing no signs of am eminent withdrawal from the streets. al jazeera, hong kong.
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we remain focused and again calling to immediately release them. the government will continue to work actively on their cases. we are appreciative of the efforts of the government for the tireless efforts of their embassy. which acts as protecting power of the united states in the dprk. the prime minister, but he also has probables of energy, because it is a company beset with shortages.
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harn necessarying the power of the wind that ripped through southern pakistan. 24 companies have licensed to develop wind farms here. but so far, three have started. >> pakistan is blessed. where this wind corridor, it starts from the sea and expands up to the city which is 160-kilometer in land. and 60-kilometer in width. it's the entire wind corridor it could generate twice as much power. so this is the reason that you see there are so many turbines put on
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display to get -- to achieve maximum power. >> the energy generated here is sold straight to the national grid. the government is subsidizing the cost of leading land for companies to establish wind farms. and they expect their investments to be paid off within the five years. behind me, a turkish company is also producing wind electricity. the shot far means for hours every day, people have no electricity or have to rely on generators. the policies to reach 1,000 megawatts from alternative energy, so far it has less than a quarter of that.
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i would say the pace is very strong. if you ask me, if you really want to resolve the energy problem, apart from the commercial side, you have to go and work for them. as far as the leaders are concerned. back in the dessert the wind with has picked up, after all, more wind means more money. al jazeera. >> russian investigators believe the air crash that killed the c.e.o. of ofrenching oil company, was caused by criminal negligence. krzysztof died in moscow when his private jet collided with a snowplow while taking off from the airport. there also have been reports that the snowplow
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driver was under the influence of alcohol. >> refusing to extradite a human rights activist to moscow. nikolai was detained in july in bulgaria's capitol. the city court ruled that he could be sent back to moscow concern couldn't be sent back because of his political activities and views. now, pilots of the german airline have gone on a one day walk out. they haven't ruled out further action, the fleet short pilot went on strike on monday, more than 1500 flights have been canceled.
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now they can retire at 55 on 60% of their full pension. in the cut throat world, it's far too expensive. competition has become strongner the recent years with the low cost and the one hand side, and the gulf areas on the other hand side. so we are under pressure, and we need to change our cost structures in order to face this kind of competition. the pilot said their early deals should be respected. >> when colleagues say i can't do this job responsibly, and of
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course this job need as performance that is 100%, they need to have the option to choose earl wily retirement. this is important, and should stay that way. there are fears long term damage has been done to the airline and the german economy. it is wobbling somewhat with with some predicts low growth, and some saying it might even tip into a recession. the strikes are not helping. >> this strike following last week's train strike, that was over pay, this recent waive of industrial strife has some threatening new laws. which would prevent small unions causing such widespread disruption. we have smaller groups individual groups really who want to press their individual interests on to the economy and this is certainly a further turning down the growth potential of germany. >> it is all challenging the image of the
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resilient power house. with more strikes of all things economic, again, begins to look less convinces. scientists in sweden say they found a clear link between the herpes complex, and the risk of developing alzheimerss disease. that a weakens immune system along the elderly creates opportunities for the virus to spread to the brain a majority of the people carries the virus, scientists say the great benefit of these findings is that it will
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help focus effort on treatments to stop the disease. i think it is very unlukely that this is a single agent, or infection. so i think the many factors which lead into the development of alzheimers, the biggest of those is age, and a number of other factors can may play a role in modified that risk. so i think it is interesting 90% of people carry this in some form, and 90% don't get alzheimerss, i think this is not a major cause, if it is one at all.
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and in sport, find out who is hitting form as the tennis season nears it's finale.
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of the species living in ecuador national park are still unknown to scientists but now the threat of oil extraction means those species could be destroyed everybody before they are discovered. david mercer has more now, which is considered to be one of the most bio diverse places in the
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world. >> nor the past year, he has been follow add group of spider monkeys. every few minutes he notes what they are doing. >> we with do what they do, he tells me. when they rest, we rest. when they move, we move. the amongkies cautiously come down to scoop up mineral rich mud, after a decade watching each other, the monkeys trust the scientist whose are rewarded with rare insights into their world.
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it is the value of the oil, to agree that extraction can take place, up to $7 billion. but some scientists argue that what is above the ground could be worth far more. >> phyllis and her husband say the plants themselves doubled hold the key to saving rain forests. a third of pharmaceuticals come from nature, and just a fraction of the trees and plants have been identified. the biologists say unlike oil, it could offer long term jobbens. >> in particular, the young leaves stand out to us, as being where we should be looking for future medicines. and nowhere in the world is this pharmacy got more potential than here. >> that's life work, he has certainly cat guyed
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80 species for him this is the decisive moment, and any new development won't stop with oil. >> after the oil companies arrive, people will come looking for land, they will come to cut down the trees and hunt the animals, oil exploitation marks the start of the problems. >> back with with the monkeys sebastian's team continue their work david her ecuador. >> turning to sport now here is andy. the other match in that group has already finished and the run in this tournament, goes on, they threw away a two goal lead, 2-2, the final
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score have now taken just a couple of points from their first three games. this game as you can probably see there, played in front of no fans the russian cup sanctioned because of their supporters insistent racist abuse. the kansas city royals are about to return to the world series after an absent of close to three decades. hosting the san francisco giants, the royals swept the american league champion series with the baltimore orioles and now have a chance to win the biggest prize, for the first time since 1985. and since the turn of the century, kansas city has lost more games than any other team in the american league. that, though, is all forgotten for now. >> this is our goal in
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spring training. this is our goal in spring training and we had one -- we had one mind set, and that was with to go to the world series and win it, ands to able to be here on this stage is exactly what we with have been working hard for all season long, and we are happy to be here right now. >> that's even if he is released from prison early. in a statement the international committee has said that the sentence means pistorius is ineligible to compete for the five years regardless of whether sentence is serves. investigates his arrest on domestic violence charges. the russian will continue to be paid for practice with with the los angeles team, or play in games. the two time family cup winner is yet to be officially charged with a crime.
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>> a crime of domestic violence did in fact occur in the city. the suspect in this crime was also present at the hospital and was taken into custody, after the hospital. and transported to the police department. >> maria's chances of claiming the world number one with ranking have taken a bit of a hit. claiming the opening set after the season ending finals in singapore. sarapova coming back to take the second set 7-5, this time from the group format, not a knock out event if she is to win. the top ranking at the end of the year, but first. all future tours with with the west indies and trying to take legal action, it comes after they pulled out midway through the tour last
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week. that was before a three series had even begun replaced that series with a one day series against sri lanka. for the tankful loss, and third. the i.c.c., about conducting -- . >> some pretty disturbing scenes coming up from the european youth boxing champions held in croatia, involving one of the home fighters. on the left, has already lost hi bout was unhappy with the referee's decision, so he did this. just a few seconds here,
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where no one intervenes. initially medical assessments are saying that the ref is okay. facing a ban from the sport. i don't think i have seen anything like that before. >> that should be it. >> really, you would think. more from me later on. >> andy, thank you very much indeed. now, the dominican american fashion designer oscar who dressed some of the most famous women has died at the age of 82. he looks back on his life on and off the cat walk. with the design tore the stars and much more. >> a trend setter, his fashions were worn by celebrities, and royalty. as for first ladies he was second to none, his styles set the trend.
2:57 pm
hillary rodham clinton wore his gown in 1997, and laura bush chose one in 2005. he found fame with seems and stitches, but he started out as a painter born in 1932. he dreamed of being an artist working with anoas sell, but it soon became clear his calling was with with clothing. by the 1960's he was working for elizabeth arden, and by 1965 he had his own ready to wear label. he was a businessman, a philanthropist, his legacy will live on in his designs and what he will forever bring to the fashion world. just last week, his company appointed a new creative director, as a successor to him. he ones said every season i'm inspired by women. oscar was 82 years old.
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. >> got a lot of people running. >> this is why i'm in congress. >> i grew up cast rating hogs on an iowan farm. >> i need your help. >> we can not lose this seat. >> it's the number nationally. >> america needs a dragds slayer. -- dragon slayer.