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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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us, forest whitaker, best of luck with your efforts, they are important ones. >> true. >> great to see you. the day after a shooting, rampage in it's corridors.
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kurdish family mourn the families killed in the town of co barney. and the dinosaur mystery solved after nearly 50 years. just three days there have been shoot outs between police and suspected islamist fighters. police surrounded a house in the town where a group have been hiding out since wednesday. one policeman was with killed and another injured in that stand off. this weekend the new parliamentary elections. it is three years since the president was overthrown. the interior ministry has told al jazeera that a number of recent security operations have disrupted al quaida interest on preventing that vote.
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the operations are carried out by security forces in the past few weeks. enabled us to dismantle a number of terror cells. violence and also prevent the elections. >> in the town the scene of that shoot out, police have been waiting to raid the house of the summits. this update. security forces are still negotiating. very delicate situation the army cannot go ahead with an onslaught unless it ensures the whole area is secure as you can see behind me, this whole reenforcement, backed by the police, have sealed off the whole area, just waiting for the final go ahead.
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and launches the operation against the armed men. we don't know if they are affiliated or not. but they are saying that they are a group is going to plan many attacks across the country to disrupt the political process. can only a stable a strong government to put an end to years of instability and violence. another party has claimed that it is setting an example. >> this brings together islam and sek lurism, islam and democracy, islam and, for women. ricardo fabianny is senior analyst from the middle east and north africa.
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and i spoke to him earlier and started by asking him if enough had been done to solve the security situation. >> is they are inpersonally security problems near the capitol, obviously, does not mean that the model is broken, and doesn't work. it just means that this is going to be a long term political and social battle and it is not something that will just go away in the space of a few weeks. >> and are the parties up to that task also considering that if you just look at what is happening around you have libya, of course, with the militants there, and then you have algeria. and they were saying that it has arrested 1500 fighter whose have been to syria, and now they have come back to the country. >> the reason, definitely, in north africa, problem with jihaddism, something has been i would say
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underestimated for quite a long time by the authorities. and it is something indeed in egypt, are finally coming to accept to admit that they need to do something, and take a harder stance to what this problem is. i think they suggest at the beginning of this situation. but just seeing the first steps towards dealing with this problem, and as i say, this is going to be a long term battle against terrorism in the region. >> one of the ways that the police and the security services seem to be dealing with the situation is according to human rights organization, and human rights watch, they are saying that police brutality is now on the rye. so are they going to see some of the gains rather that have been made after the revolution? are they now going to back paddle on those gabes at the expense of
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security i think there is that risk. that's for sure. we have seen an increase in brutality, as you said, especially by police forces. something that is a little bit of a set backward, compounded with the situation after the revolution. the whole security sector is in need of reform. and is something that they are well aware of, and also the need to contrast jihaddism, and terrorism in the country. i think h will be a -- >> this was done by puig research, nearly 60% in that poll say they want to rely on a lead we a strong hand to solve the country's problems. does this imply to you there's an increase in support for democracy, and also since the elections are coming up,
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how much do you think security is going to factor into the way people vote? >> definitely there is a certain degree of disinlewisment. with with the idea of the democracy, or rather i would say the transition to democracy, that they have taken quite a while. and has not really delivered the group that the whole transition, the whole democratic process has promised. that doesn't mean necessarily that they are on the way to dictatorship or to return tother tearism, i just think this means that they want the more still government, and more clear leadership. something that has lacked. >> a message of defiance, a day of shootings near an inside parliament in the capitol. stephen harper has addressed the memberrens of parliament, saying that the main goal of the attacks was to instill fear and panic the country.
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a ungaman was with shot and killed after being chased into the parliament building on wednesday. police say he had earlier kill add soldier at the nearby national war memorial. question will be vigilant, but we won't run scared. we will be prudent, but we won't panic. here we are in our seats in our chamber, in the very heart of our democracy. >> let's find out what the response has been to that speech that was given by the canadian prime minister, and speak to john. john? >> the canadians have been simply defiant and determined to go on to live their lives it is unlikely they can do so entirely, where there's a lot of scrutiny on security of government buildings.
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these were previously only lightly guarded and today, of course, there are police all around the building. so canadians are stoic about the events of yesterday, but things have definitely changed here, and so is security encouraging troops so lead them to wear civilian guard. >> has the debate now shifted in canada, obviously yesterday when the incident happened it was all about the news developement, is there now a shift and are people questioning why is this happening in canada? >> there is, the canadians felt like these issues were ones they dealt with abroad. canada says about half a dozen planes to fight the islamic state of iraq, and the levan, that brings them into the
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fight abroad. what happened this week, in which a car ran into two soldiers killing one that has changed the way people look at things. so the debate is must we increase security here. how do canadians deal with this. some people have referred to it as canada's 9/11. that's probably a dramatic overstatement, considering the deaths that have occurred, but it gives you an idea the fact that people would even bring that up, of the mind set that has changed here. >> all right, john, thank you very much. here is what is coming up, ukraine cease fire is in doubt, but we will be life from the rebel strong hold on the separatist plans to gain ground. plus. >> threats to the limit in iraq concerns that there may not be enough fighters to help the
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felid curds. coming up in sports to hold on to her world number one with ranking. first, u.s. fighter jets have apparently bombed an isil control center near the syrian boarder town. the u.s. military says it also hit isil held oil facilities. u.k. based activists say there have been more than 550 u.s. led air strikes in syria since they began last month. and kurdish fighters have been defending from isil for many weeks now. dy spite the campaign, they are saying they need reenforcements. the grave diggers are busy. this new cemetery, near turkey's border is the
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fighters killed defending their town. it is filling up. >> today there will be three more ever. >> they are draped in the flag, hundreds of refugees have come to mourn. like most here, wants to show solidarity. but the first time she came, it was to bury her husband. he was martyred he wouldn't leave unless it was as a martyr. the chaos makes it hard to make aware of who is where. some may not even know that their son or husband has been buried today. the graves are shallow and the fighting is over, the curds want to move the bodies bury them at home.
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the funerals are a reminder that they need reenforcements but there's no indication yet. there is heavy fighting on the eastern front on thursday, but neither side apparently making much head way. bernard smith, al jazeera, on the turkey syria border. >> the defenders will soon be getting reenforcements. but there are concerns about whether it's fighters can be spared. kurdss in iraq are involved in their own desperate fight. charles reports from the iraqi kurdish capitol. these fighters fighting the positions close to the city. they are struggling to defend the front line, that stretches for more than 1,000-kilometers across iraq. a few days ago, isil attacks seven different positions along the front line at the same time.
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the pressure on us is mounting. >> the regional government has voted to send fighters to help the syrian curds try and bring back control of the town but there are questions over whether freeing troops there cut further weaken their defenses. winter off brings thick cloud cover to this region, and that could maaco legislation air strikes more difficult. we need more training and more weapons and the kind of weapons that can stop their advance. these include assurances that the weapons will not fall into the hands of other kurdish groups.
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exactly how many fighters are going, has not been disclosed. we are sending a few, and heavy weapons such as mortars heavy machine guns the only fighters will be the peshmerga, not the syrian fighters. >> the fight to take corral certainly has risks. if they are to written it back in the control of isil fighters. however, their dend mas here, for more forces and greater training shows just what a risk sending those could be. they are planning to retake three cities. the leader of the self-proclaimed people's republic is quoted as says his trooping.
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the government of failing to observe a crease fair declared last month. joining us live from the separatest strong hold first of all to tell us more about these plans to retake three other cities. achording to what they see on the ground, meaning the movement of the army. now according to the leader evers here, they say the army is moving closer to the peoples republic border and they think -- they are monitoring a build up, we have been on that road today on the part that we have been through, we with haven't seen such a build up. another reasoning they say is that after all they are three towns here in the region our part of the people's republic, and according to the
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people here, they are occupied at the moment by the ukrainian army. so we with just spoke to one of the founding members of and he told us that at the moment, they are still trying to continue through means through these talks that go on all the time with the government. but if that doesn't work, then they will have to retake those three towns militarily if that's the only solution possible. they say those three towns were within with the borders of both the donetsk regions. when they were part of ukraine, and as such they should now be part of the people's republic. quell, those regions you are referring to are boycotting the elections that are taking place on sunday, they are holding their own elections. what's being done to prepare for those?
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there will be some places where there will be elections. those are the three towns we were with just talks about. for the simple reason that they are now under the authority of kiev and the troops are in there, so there is some campaigning going on in those three towns. now for the rest of the area, they regard these elections as a legitimate exactly the same position they had back in may during the presidential elections and they are working toward evers their own elections. they will have a presidential election, and a local election on the same day, according to the leaders here, that will mark the beginning of the legitimization of these two republicans. >> okay, thank you. reporting from donetsk.
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now, the prime minister has earned of attempts by russian to destabilize those elections we were just telling you about. ordered security to be boosted to prevent what he called terrorist acts from being carried out. election monitors have been told to be alert for any attempts to violate the process. many people will be hoping the election will be a turning point after a year of upheaval. that pitted russia against ukraine, in november last year, ukraine's president abandon add trade deal be the european union in favor of closer ties. that brought protestors out on the streets. on the first of desks there were 300,000 of them gathered. the protests then continued and then erupted into deadly fighting with police. dozens are killed. from roof tops. a day later.
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with the neighbor russia. let's speak to alexi. joining us live from kiev, thank you for being waywith us. just give me your tame on the elections that are going to be held on sunday. in kiev. >> well, elections are important, because this are democratic elections. we with had democratic elections in may. presidential elections and now it is about parliament, it is very important that think procedure and competitive. so many parties are participating including those which are criticizing which actually those parties which were associated with the former president. so in this sense, these elections are competitive. but according to polls digger these elections a majority would be won by
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pro european and pro democratic forces. including the party of the president it is clear these parties would want the majority as to the elections, this would be your next question. >> no, you brought up -- we will talk about him in just a moment, but you seem very optimistic about these, even as you know, there are 14 districts in the east of your country, that are not taking part. yes, yes exactly, that's what i am going to talk. so first of all, this -- regions which are controlled by pro-russian separatist they comprised as maximum 3% of the territory of ukraine. and about one third of the territory of donetsk regions. so that definitely in these regions which are controlled by armed separatist would be no elections.
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but as donetsk and the regions will vote and that's really important. one with more issue, so you mentioned in the report that three cities that separatist are going to take the three cities which now are under control of ukrainian authorities and where elections would take place. so i would like to stress that this is a clear violation of a cease fire. because this cities are not on separatist controlled territories. so the separatist are clear in their intentions to violate cease fire, and actually to continue to continue war with support of russia. >> okay, so speaking of war, then as you term it, let's say you said that polls show that the petro block, is expected to do quite well. is he the man and hi party the man to broker some sort of lasting peace with russia, and
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bring back stability to ukraine. >> well, the question here is not about intention of ukrainian political forces. because we would like to have peace, but the question is about intentions of russia. and actually, what we hear during recent days. it is not very optimistic in colluding the statements of separatist. >> but besides the intentions -- i'd like to know what the ruling party block is capable of doing, are they capable of bringing peace? >> we cannot bring peace if there would be no will from russia. ukraine can negotiation. but if russia continues
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aggression, there would be no peace. what would be the deterrent to prevent the escalation of the conflict? one of the ways is sanctions from -- but also japan, but also canada, and other countries. because putin actually is suffering from this. and these sanctions is one of the tools in order to prevent further escalation of the conflict. thank you for ever joining froes kiev. >> thank you. >> now relatives of cholera victims are trying to get compensations for their loved ones that died in the outbreak four years ago. a u.s. court is hearing arguments in a class action lawsuit that blamed peace keepers for bringing the disease. reports from new york. >>
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>> a country can where one in den have access to a public toilet, andless than half have access to clean drinking water, you can see how cholera spreads so quickly. >> into a nearby river. and why it now refuses to compensate the thousands who have lost their loved ones and their livelihoods. what we are trying to do is mobilize as many resources as we have. to make sure that we with can bring the outbreak in haiti under control. >> the education and imization efforts have helped reduce the number of new cholera cases by 76% so far this year.
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but they have done little to improve sanitation. >> as a practitioner who has been in this field for eight years. i have not per tent personally witnessed any projects that they have undertaken. >> denies responsibility ands that refused to hear the complaints who filed the class action lawsuit against the international organization. >> the u.n. argued that it can't be prosecuting under the peace keeping with haiti. but plaintiffs argue that that doesn't absolve the u.n. to compensate victims of it's negligence. >> young till is a shield not a sword. it protects you but it didn't allow you to cut down cut away legitimate claims. it was never understood
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that the claims would be barred or neglected. >> on behalf of the united nations. but several international human rights law experts prevented briefs in support of the victims. the u.n. did not show up in court. still ahead, brazil's run off vote, the social programs that are helping the president compete strongly in her opponents home state. plus. >> once the mobile technology, how the no kia cell phones have reached the end of the line. and in sport, the pakistan correct with with plenty to celebrate, andy will be here with that story.
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top stories. security forts have surround add house near the capital, that's where fighters have been hiding
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out since wednesday. the shoot out comes just three days before national elections. >> and the canadian prime minister says they will review security laws in and around the parliament. fellow politician saying the main goal was to instill fear and panic. the gunman and the soldier were both killed. >> u.s. fighter jetted have bombed an isil control center u.s. military says it also hit isil held oil facilities unemployment is still a huge issue, three years after frustrating by the lack of jobbens energized the uprising. reports.
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the music is about poverty and unemployment. they have a huge audience on social media. unglues you know why you are taking part in the elections. >> when you watch television campaign, they don't reflect the streets they are not aimed at them. and people running for election driving a porsche she travels to the job center every day. the education system hasn't changed for a countless number of years.
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the frustration that unemployment keeps rising. >> when you speak to young people, many of them tell you they don't know if they are voting on sunday. they feel like the parties aren't taking the issue seriously, and they also don't trust many politician. >> the government says it is trying to create jobs but the economic uncertainty has led to many young people traveling to europe illegally. and it may have contributed to the presence of more than 2,000 armed groups in syria and iraq. they say this can make a difference. >> we saw that the regime that we are fighting against did nothing for the jobless. and people in charge haven't achieved anything. that's why we with are pushing to be a part of the elections. >> this is what the young
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are connected with. talks about inequality and poor living standards. it has had 14 million hits. some campaigners can only dream 80. young were at the heart of the revolution, now it seems that many of them are let down by the democratic process. al jazeera. stephanie decker reports. >> this used to be the last government check point before you reach the main border crossing. it is now in rebel hans. >> the regime we are using this check point as 1st defenseline for the border crossing. and fought with heavy weapons we managed to take control.
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the rebels here are determined to take this crossing i would complete their control of the entire border between syria and jordan. the government air strikes are targeting the area, and they remain in control of the crossing. >> further north another battle. serious state and news agency show these pictures saying the government is making head way in the rebel held areas this is joe bad. >> and film from the other side, the reports that the government is advancing is not true. the reality is it is a slow moving front line with with no end to this almost four year war. the economic hub remains divided into two, and they are frustrating with local commanders. >> this man is telling the rebels to unite and do something to fight the regime, we with have been under siege for years he said.
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>> this war is now defined by many different groups not just fighting asaad, but also each other. a negotiated end, seemingly impossible. stephanie decker, al jazeera beirut. 1.1 million syrians have officially registered in lebanon, and that makes up almost a quarter of the country's population. the government says it will still consider what it calls exceptional cases. it happened after they addressed the gathering. he survived the attack as he is traveling in an armored vehicle. at least three people were with killed. this is the third attack in the past few hours. earlier eight were targeted in the city.
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>> the number of people who died from ebola has reached almost 5,000, that's according to the world health organization. the public health body says the number of cases in this outbreak is close to 10,000. the red cross says lit be at least three months before it is detained but only if all necessary steps are taken. it's part of the efforts to tackle the ebola outbreak. volunteers will set off treatment center in the liberian capitol monrovia. he was speaking at the start of an e.u. summit in brussells. >> all i hope for is we address the risks we face, risk number one with is obviously the crisis of ebola and it is very important we with take action at source, in west africa. britain has been leading the way in terms of sierra leyon, we have
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already pledged over 125 million pounds we have military and other forces going to that country to help. but we need other european countries to do more. >> parents of nigeria's kidnap girls are dend maaing that the government finally come good on it's promise to rescue them. it had been surrounding jested that the teenagers would be back home by tuesday, but they are still no sign of that happening. the youngest girl abducted in april was 14. the oldest 20. they are trying to make sure the more than 200 young women, aren't forgotten. >> three of his nieces were kidnapped that night. he has just heard of another attack in the village about 20-kilometers away. this time, another niece, maria, is missing. literally just it
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happened that maria was one of them. all he said was we with are just waiting in the truck, and this -- insurgence shot in the air, which is typical modus, and drove over lots of women, yelling. the government saying the missing school girls will be released soon. the government is engaging in discussion. are also permitted still constant contacts. i am aware of, so this is a free -- and i don't think that people are derailing the cease fire. family members and friends were told they would be released by
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monday this week. that didn't happen. they don't want to consider the possibility their daughters may not come home. >> i don't want to think about that, you understand. parents have waited, waited for over six months, to be told that finally their kids are coming back home, and then they get to hear that it's not so? i don't -- i just don't want to think about that at all. all they can do is wait and hope. >> al jazeera. well, it was one of the world's best known brand names but now they are about to go the way of the dinosaurs. at their peek in 2003, about one in three phones sold around the world but then came the smart phone made by companies like apple and samsung and no kia lost it's lead.
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computer giant completed it's seventh $.2 billion purchase. and now, microsoft has announced that it will start replacing the name with it's own, starting with with the lumiere range of smart phones. helen is an independent mobile technology expert, she says it is still not clear how long they stand to gain from that move. only time will tell, it and will be consumers who decide. >> i think the window environment that we with have seen microsoft come up with with is a really nice way to use the phone. and there is room for more sizes and one size does not fit all. watch it might be, but they are the third
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player. and they are small in comparison, and that means they will struggle. fortunately, they have the pocket, so it does mean they can get some traction and pay for the marketing that's needed. but i am not sure that the microsoft name will work. the lumiere brand is strong. and x box is strong for microsoft in the gaming world, but it is the x box name not microsoft. >> well with, the mexican government has ordered the arrest of the mayor and his wife. they are being investigated over the disappearance of 43 young people and the deaths of six others. thousands of people had earlier marched in mexico city demanding officials to more to find the missing students. they have been missing for almost a month. brazilians are heading to the polls in a run off vote to choose their president, and the second largest state. it will be crucial to the formings of the rival candidates.
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it's the home state of the opposition nominee. but as gabriel reports from a small town there, social programs have insured big support for the current president. it is small town rodeo, where this is all that matters. the last thing they want to discuss right now is politics but they don't have to because they have already spoken. i don't agree 100% with with what the government does. we have seen a lot of changes in rural areas. the workers party has been very good. >> in the town. they received 86% of and vote, in the first ballot. you don't have to look very far to see why so many people in this town agree.
2:44 pm
received the equivalent of 150-dollar evers a month stippen. that has reached more than 15 million families. they will also soon leave their run down home, to move next door to this new house provided to them by the government, and almost no cost. the new house will be much more comfortable, it is better for our children, and it will improve our lives. >> such programs have lifted millions from poverty, and kept support almost universal with with those that receive them. critics have often say government handouts are just a way of buying votes. and that it has putter tens of millions in dependency, but people here don't see it that way, they say it is just a matter of receiving a little help from the government that has made a drastic imbrumma their lives. >> in town that can also
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be seen where they are having her pain checks out by a cuban doctor, one of hundreds of foreign doctors in brazil at the invitation of the government to work in poor rural areas to meet a doctor shortage. the majority will see things the way they do to propel to a second term. gabriel, al jazeera. brazil. an egyptian court will consider mr. to allow an appeal of the three jailed al jazeera journalists on the first of january. peter greste, mohamed, have now been in prison for 299 days. they are falsely accused of helping the outlaw brotherhood, and are appealing against their convictions. al jazeera continues to demand their immediate release. still ahead, the campaign in india to boycott chinese products.
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the festival of lights. and coming up in sport, find out why baseball's world series was in danger of overheating.
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>> a festival that marks the triumph of good over evil, and the start of a new year in the hindu calendar. she is hopes the year to come is brighter for ever indian business. >> bubbling with energy and excitement, with this new prime minister, and the political situation. i think overall the sentiments is very very happy and positive. so i think the festival is even more happier this time. >> the government is trying to capitalize on the good mood with with the new campaign to promote products made in india. for years markets across the country have been flooded by cheaper products made in china. but now the government wants shoppers to consider not just the price, but who is really benefiting from their purchases. >> it can help increase the income. the indian protects they are better than chinese. they have discouraged
2:49 pm
people from buying foreign made lights and statutes. but they have an even tougher with the one with thing indianens can't celebrate without. earlier this month, they say the sale of foreign firecrackers can are mostly made in china, is illegal and punishment by law. >> in his store in new delhi, they sell firecrackers made in india, insist locally made products are safer and they help the national economy. it is a good thing the government is such porting us, because the chinese have already ruined our business, we need to make sure more inkeddians don't lose our jobs to cheap products from china. >> traditionally they played a game many believe brings good porch. the government certainly hopes so. it's betting that the made in india campaign turns out to be a winning hand.
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>> here with a update on all the days sport evers stories. >> after suffering her worst defeat since she was a teenager, has been resumed. at the finals on thursday, 33-year-old win as couple of games on that loss this time out. they help to finish the world number one, to be receiving the event to have any chance of taking the top spot. that she can win only five games.
2:51 pm
the season started off slow, but after the french open i regrouped myself, and i just -- i practiced really hard, and have had some great matches and it's nice to be in this position where i am here, and this was definitely a great bob news for me, and i am enjoying every minute of it. >> now politician say they are hopeful the country will get to send athletes to the 2016 rio olympics that follow as decision so grant the provisional recognition. they can now achieve full membership when the international olympic committee has it's next major meeting, they declared independent in
2:52 pm
2008 the international serenity, but at the same time it shows that serbia should have understanding. not blockenninging our clubs our sport clubs. or young generation. to take part in different sport activities in different culture events. rogers was furious that he swapped shirts walking off here in last night's champion league game. he is not having a happy time right now scoring just once in ten games. this is mario press conference i think it is something, that it is like every other player. he want wants to score they
2:53 pm
want to score goals and obviously at this moment in time he is not. when you are confidence you have more success, as cinch as that. >> level's baseballs world series they beat the san francisco giants 7-2 to make amends nor their hammering in game one. after chasing in the first, kansas city must have been hering another when they went with behind in the very first the home run, the giants building from the office after their 7-1 success in game one. san francisco one up in game two supporters had settled in their seats. they didn't get to the fall classic without showing fighting. billy butler evening the scores with with the game still in it's infancy, the home team doing what they failed to do in game one with, and getting on
2:54 pm
the board early. kansas city going in front in the second short stop. escobar, and the tables have been well turned. the giants back on level terms as brandon belt swings into the pit with all his might, sandoval scores two runs all. two innings later now the set in the world's cuffs and what happened has been a tight game, but they deliver with a game, lorenzo cain runs in making it 3-2, and then the moment gave them the breathing space they needed. with a great set and two runners make it home, the total is now five against van's 2 t. still in the set, and things got even better. >> they score.
2:55 pm
leaving they had milkens the celebrations just a little too much, for a moment things almost got out of hand, giving up his fifth r of the post season that was with probably danced at getting under the skin most of all. >> we have the look, i asked him -- like so he just tell me get out here. suffering the top scoring with one with hundred and nine coming in just 80 goals in the team over 450 and that's australia,
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they started well with in the fight. david warner has scored an unbeaten 25 and they closed the day on 113. >> is that's sport. >> now scientists have found the rest of the dinosaurs body and it looks nothing like they'd imagined. it measures 11 meters long and weighed six tons. it had an elongated head with a duck like beak, and a large hump ceylonites back. it means looking peculiar, so it means
2:57 pm
terrible hands that look peculiar. we are pleased we with have been able to confirm it's identity. >> the wreak through came when it discovered two complete skeletons. the dinosaur skull was recovered from a private collector in germany. scientists had assumed that it was a meat eater but the contents of it's stomach suggests it lives off plants and fish. >> it could create a great suction pattern to suck up fish or it could pick up dead fish near the lake. brack your regular programming, and for international viewers
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back in a moment with more news.
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>> like most people, i'm not an activist by nature. there's really not that many people whose greatest desire is to go out and fight the system. my theory of change was i'll