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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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us is is us id. >> tunisia's scefltunisia's cony looks defeated in party elections. this is al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. coming up, the most intense fighting for weeks as kurdish fighters battle i.s.i.l. for control of kobani. under arrest, dozens of people are rounded up in spain linked to a crungs case. dilmcorruption case.
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dilma rousseff narrowly defeats her opponent. three and a half years to progress. though it has not conceded defeat, senior party officials admit dmit to al jazeera that it is lagging behind. nazanin has more. >> waiting for official results before declaring victory. some unofficial results suggest the secular centrist party is in the lead. but even if it wins its members admit it can't rule alone. >> translator: we cannot talk about coalitions yet but we don't seclude anyone. and a main part of the political
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landscape in tunisia. >> want to be part of a new government and over the last three years has shown it's willing to compromise . anything we've said we stick to it. this is our country, in democracy we can be number one, we can be almost number 2. so the issues, if no issues, main thing is the program. >> for democracy campaigners the tunisian people are the real winners. there was an unexpected high turnout and now the possibility of a changeover without the other arab spring countries. >> we are going through an assignation of power. we don't have the same political party wing ove winning over andr again. we will be witnessing a smooth assignation of power.
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>> to create jobs and bring a sense of security, it will also need to win the trust of the people in the democratic system. before they go to the polls once again. >> in less than a month, tunisians will elect a new president. an historic moment for this country as it finally gets to choose its own path. nazanee mashiri, tunis. >> hashama barara, word of the official announcement. >> there might be an official announcement later on, but we're getting more clarity about tunisia's political landscape. we know that the conservative which was the biggest political party in 2011 election has been defeated by the centrist,
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tunisia alls call. now, there are two possible scenario here for tunisians. either they foornlg coalition and leave the country -- they forge a coalition and lead the country for the next four years or they'll have a very comfortable majority in the parliament. because both have combined seats of 140 in a parliament of 217 seats. if for some reason, that alliance doesn't work and it decides to go for an alliance with other political parties here's the problem: they will have to reach out to many minuscule political parties to are a national unity government. the only problem with this is that you have parties with opposing political agendas. and for example very liberal. the popular front that has come forth is staunchly leftist.
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it remains to be seen whether they will be able to agree on one political agenda. >> so hashim, do we expect these next steps to be as smooth or relatively as smooth at the parliamentary elections went? >> well, the statements that we're getting as we speak from differently political factions here, in tunisia, is they recognize it's been a historic moment, a milestone of transition towards democracy and that people's choice that is to be respected. but then again, the next government has huge issues to tackle. you are talking about poverty which affects 15% of the population, we're talking about the rise of radical groups and violence which has beset the country for the last three years. to be able to tackle these problems you need a very strong political government.
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the only way out is an alliance between other groups. it remains to be seen whether there is a general sentiment among all these parties that this is the only way forward. >> okay,ing hashim thank you, hashim el barra from tunis. a battle has been raging for 40 days now within the turkish border. as kurds defend that town against i.s.i.l. fighters. >> i.s.i.l. forces have on monday again tried otake control of the moship panna border crossing. we have heard gun fire all day and that follows one of the heaviest nights of fighting there has been so far, sunday into monday. again concentrated on that border. i.s.i.l. force he want control
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of the border because they believe if reenforcements come from the kurds, those reenforcements whether they be iraqi peshmerga or others, the reenforcements will come through border which is what i.s.i.l. wants it. the black smoke that you can see behind me from tires, both sides set fires on fire to create a smoke screen as they move around the streets. air strikes again on sunday night helped the kurdish fighters to keep control of the border crossing. they were essential and almost too late the kurds telling us, an indication on how much they rely on those air strikes but an indication of how much they need more reenforcements. the fighter jets flying overhead, they have to fly longest, often from the gulf, jordan or cypress before they reach this area, they have to fly back and refuel. so there can be large gaps between sorties.
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large gaps when the air above kobani is empty. that's when i.s.i.l. makes its move. >> the al qaeda linked el nusra front is making a coordinated attack on the town of idlib. follows a coordinated attack on the city early on monday led by fighters from the al qaeda affiliated el nusra front. >> several sides attacking idlib, took control of the government building before they withdrew. they numbered to kill a number of soldiers and snipers. >> government controlled syrian state television said syrian fighters managed to kill a
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number of how they got into the government building. from there they started shooting and throwing grenades. we quickly managed to control the situation. >> reporter: sources tell us that it was a serious attack that surprised the government. the nusra front has a serious presence. a video of their fighters there. strategically symbolically important. it would ocut off vital government supply lines and give opposition groups control of the city, draka now under the full control of i.s.i.l. there was an intense fight for idlib back in 2012. opposition forces took the city for a couple of days before the regime managed to take it back and it's been under their control ever since. this video from positions, a
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warning from the government, idlib remains in their eyes especially since this last assault. stephanie decker, al jazeera, beirut. biggest corruption crack down in spanish history. 400 bank accounts have been frozen and 260 companies investigated. and those arrested are accused of illegally handing out $300 million worth of business contracts. earlier i spoke to miguel antamarado, a journalist, and he says this case is going to complicate politics in spain. >> they were diverting public money for their own pockets using contrast -- using their capacity as officials they would divert this money to grand contracts to businessmen, who were part of this scheme. apart from that there are also instances of fraud, much
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money-laundering. so a number of different counts which police are now investigating. the timing of this operation not just the scale, the fact that it comes at a moment of turmoil in spanish politics, there is the conflict surrounding the pro-independence movement in catalonia but also we are approaching an electoral year that is considered to be very important because the traditional, the bigger parties are now very much in disrepute. precisely because of these cases of corruption. so this is one corruption case too many, perhaps. people are very angry with the main parties, including of course the ruling party, and that this is going to act to that anger and to the fluidity and the complexity of the political situation in spain. >> in ukraine pro-western parties look set to dominate parliament there after a big election win. president petro poroshenko's party is expected to lead a new
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coalition. barnaby phillips reports from kiev. >> reporter: this television station played a crucial role in the overthrow of president yanukovych. it is popular with the maidan generation, the young and educated from kiev and other cities who want change in ukraine. what does na natalia think? >> they are more or less like liberal, they are moderate parties, system is still not perfect but in general i think it's the result that is rather a good surprise. >> reporter: these elections were closely monitored abroad. russia says they were legitimate and now, foreign observers in ukraine are drawing their own conclusions. >> nobody can question the legitimacy of the european direction of the country. this is important. this is where the message from
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euro-maidan has received a political endorsement of the citizens of ukraine and i'm sure moscow will also have to take it into account. >> the majority of ukrainians who voted for this new parliament will expect it to fight corruption and push through economic reforms. progress has been slow in recent months. the government said that's because the old parliament was dominated by supporters of former president viktor yanukovych. the government will no longer have that excuse. and ukrainians will expect the pace of roorm t reform to letter accelerate. though the people of kiev are exhausted over the upheavals of the last year, this seems to be a new direction and must take this to the whole country. barnaby phillips, kiev. >> here's what's coming up on al jazeera. a deadly attack on north
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afghanistan. where the taliban has taken aim at a courthouse. plus. >> i'm robert mcbride, making a splash on the world stage with the wine makers.
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>>a violent crime.... >> people were shocked >> the guilty locked up >> he belongs in jail >> but it was not case closed... >> it was a cult >> allegations of intimidation... >> amish people were frightened >>torture... >> were you put into an animal pen? >> yes >> and worse >> is sam mullet sexually abusing people? >> yes >> the shocking untold story revealed for the fist time. an america tonight exclusive investigation rouge amish only on al jazeera america >> the top stories on al jazeera, tunisia's conservative ennahda party, is winning.
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syrian town fighting. biggest anti corruption scheme in spain, worth more than $300 million. we're getting breaking news out of iraq and we're getting reports of an explosion in the capital of baghdad, imran khan is joining us on the telephone to tell us what you're hearing about this explosion, imran. >> about 20 minutes ago we had a huge explosion here in central baghdad. came from a few kilometers from where our office is based. nothing as loud as this in the last two years i've been here in iraq covering the story. but we've spoken to police, who have confirmed that it was a parked car bomb in the el watic neighborhood in central baghdad killing five civilians and
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injuring at least 13. this is the initial figure we have gotten from police. this is a neighborhood that does get hit on a very regular basis. i've been speaking to people within that neighborhood over the last few months and not only are they devastated but they are also very angerrary that the iraqi security forces can't seem to stop the tide of violence that is hitting that neighborhood. it is somewhere that gets very frequently attacked. this is a residential neighborhood it is a shopping district very popular, full of cafes and shoe shops and other places, used to be very popular with iraq's ruling classes but isn't anymore. as soon as i have more details i'll bring them to you. >> you may or may not know this imran, since you're talking to police there, are they telling you who would have done this and why? >> well, there's no claim of responsibility so far. a lot of these attacks when had we see them don't get claims of responsibility however they
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follow apattern that we've seen time and time again. when i.s.i.l. fighters are squeezed in places across and surrounding baghdad they often send in revenge attacks here to the center of the city to predominantly shia neighborhoods. also some of the sunni groups that are anti-government, keep the sectarian sproinl violence g by putting bombs. allowing i.s.i.l. to rise in this country and the situation in syria as well was key factors in their rise. it is some things that both the i.s.i.l. fighters and the ones responsible for second terrible violence want, they want to see this idea. -- secon sectarian violence we w although we haven't had a claim of responsibility so far.
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>> okay imran, imran khan, reporting from baghdad. what the pentagon is calling a dangerous escalation of violence. israel has plans to build a thousand more homes in jerusalem. 600 in ramat sloho and 400 in another area. 300,000 israelis in east jerusalem alone. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, talked about palestinian efforts to end the occupation with a united nations resolution. mts taweb has honored the situation for us. >> future palestinian state would be through negotiations and mutual agreement would be met that would encompass israel's security concerns. he also addressed the news that
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the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is considering going to the icc or the international criminal court with war crimes charges. mr. netanyahu in addressing that issue spoke directly to israeli soldiers saying israel will represent them in court but perhaps more importantly defend their public opinion as well. so mr. netanyahu making it very clear that if israel is taken to the ic crf by the palestinians they will fight those charges. a thousand units will be built in occupied east jerusalem, a very significant expansion of israel's settlements in occupied east jurmt and tha -- jerusalemt puts into focus the sharp tensions we've seen over the past few months. we've seen frequent sir misheszs
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and -- this will not solve that issue any time soon. >> president dilma rousseff has promised to reunite brazil. won just 51% of the votes, enough to give her another four years of power. she fought off the pro-business aecio neves who got 43% of the vote. gabrielle alesando reports. >> dilma rousseff and her supporters breathing a sigh of re leaf that they were able to
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eke out this result. abstention rate, somebody who voted for nobody. who did not vote for rousseff or who voted for nobody, that's going to be a challenge for her but also the economy. we have already seen on monday that dilma rousseff is going to have very little time ocelebrate because the stocks of petrobras is down and the sign that international markets are very leery of dilma rousseff's ability to get the country moving again. the major reason she won is because she was able to convince the people even neurorow majority that unemployment is at record low lows and she would be able to protect growth that has happened in the last few months in brazil.
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the country is the seventh largest economy but that has given dilma rousseff four more years in office. >> 11 people have been killed in afghanistan after taliban fighters attackedden about. taliban has taken advantage of a security gap thus by withdrawing -- left by withdrawing international forces. >> symbol of afghanistan's justice system. the prosecutor's office and appeals board in kundu city. afghan forces fought against the attackers for hours as they defended the city. they used a familiar taliban method, a suicide bomber to get past the front gate then the fighters moved in. fighting as they went. the policemen and prosecutors among the dead as well as all of the attackers. the taliban say they targeted the court building because they believe government trials are unfair that they are biased against their fighters.
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afghan armed forces have faced fierce resistance from the taliban this year across afghanistan and they have taken heavy casualties. nato is wrawng. withdrawing. while a small nato contingent will remain until 2016 afghan forces are in charge here and the taliban is testing them with attacks like this one as well as on the battlefield. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. pakistani forces continue in tribal areas near the afghan border. pakistani officials say it has driven hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. an estimated 700,000 people are living in camps for internally displaced people and as winter approaches more supplies are now needed. al jazeera's kamal hydr has the
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story. >> it was peak summer the people of the area had no early warning and had to move out on an emergency basis with what little they could carry. however, it has been several months, most of these people have been living in camps which have been erected on the outcirts of banu. which is close to the border of north waziristan. what to remember is the fact that soon it will be peak winter and these people will need winterized tents, they will need warm clothes and they will need medical care for their children. however because of the ongoing crisis in islamabad which is of a political nature and the fact that there was a recent flood in the pun jab, it appears that the government's priorities have change. the people in north waziristan
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needs help and need it soon. >> new president joko wododo, of indonesia, and current ambassador to the netherlands is the first female foreign minister. china isn't usually regarded as one of the world's greatest wine producing facings but a remote region in the west has been surprising the world's connoisseurs with the quality of its vintage. rob mcbride reports from ming ja. >> this year's crop of merlot grapes is being harvested. a bumpy year. given its altitude soil and irrigation, ming sha is quickly againing recognition for its
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wines. thanks to wine makers like emma gao. trained in france, a country of centuries of experience she has brought some of that expertise back home. china has of course been making wine for years. just not very good wine. the problem for ming sha wine is production. not enough of it is being produced, so little reaches foreign markets. the opinion of chinese wine is based on the mass-produced, as they say in the trade, just a little bit ugh. ming sha is out to change that. wine experts gather to sample its offerings. a region some say could become china's napa valley. >> from the very beginning the strategy is from the small
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boutique wineries. many of these wineries they have their own vineyard so they grow their own grapes. and this helps a lot to improve or put a lot of focus on the quality instead of the quantity. >> reporter: back at silver heights a new cellar is ready for this winery's expansion but wine makers are conscious of maintaining quality, with a country with a rapid appreciation of good wine. >> we need to make good wine to influence our local consumer, not only bad one. >> reporter: throughout this remote province government collaboration with foreign wine makers are expanding production. >> what i have seen driving around in the number of vineyards that are going to be fronted, they are talking a really large vineyard. one vineyard is the size of a region. >> reporter: growing will mean that extra production will be
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eagerly scoomentd here, making sure thatting ming sha will be closely regarded. rob mcbride, ming sha. china. just a reminder, you can keep up to date with all the news at